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Brought to you by the same team who pioneered remote ham radio exams in the United States and Sponsored by Icom, HamStudy is driven by the same backend database and so the question pools are *always* up to date. When changes are made or new pools released they will be available on the pool list screen of the app if you are connected to the Internet.

This app does not require an active internet connection to use, but when you have one it will sync your progress with the HamStudy.org website and download updates for all content.

HamStudy is a question pool based study tool designed to supplement your existing study methods, whatever they may be! HamStudy is not designed to be a full instructional tool but you can learn a surprising amount with the included explanations for all questions, courtesy of our many wonderful users!

Designed and written by hams with volunteer examiner experience and Sponsored by Icom, this is not your typical study app -- most study apps will focus on practice exams, which is somewhat like studying for your math test by throwing darts at your textbook. HamStudy is focussed on providing you with the tools you need to study the parts of the question pool that you most need to see.

Our intelligent Study Mode tracks your progress as you move through the pool, providing you with full statistics on what you've seen and giving you the visibility into where you need to study. It will automatically repeat questions as needed. When you don't understand something you can tap the "explain" button to view an explanation of the question. Practice Exams make it easy to see how close you are to passing and see what areas to focus on in Study Mode.

Share your progress with your friends or instructor and study together!

* Study *all* current US Amateur Radio question pools (Technician, General, Amateur Extra) -- updates can be downloaded for free when they become available. Additional pools, such as the FCC commercial pools and several international pools, are also available for download in the app. For a full list go to https://hamstudy.org and click the "other" dropdown.

* HamStudy's revolutionary Study Modes work with you to ensure you learn the questions; they automatically track your progress and adjust the pace to keep you challenged but not frustrated. User-submitted explanations help you avoid the pitfall of just memorizing answers. Synchronize with your online HamStudy.org account to prevent data loss and be able to switch devices easily.

* Share your progress with other HamStudy.org users and help each other keep progressing towards that next license exam!

HamStudy.org App Comments & Reviews

HamStudy.org Positive Reviews

I aced my General Exam because of HamStudyI had previously used another app to study for the Tech exam and I got two wrong. I couldn’t understand how that could happen because I had memorized everything. As I studied for the General using the same app I started realizing a few of the answers were WRONG. Typos were everywhere in the study sections and practice test sections, and then I found on one question that the answer in both A and C were identical. I paid for HamStudy and don’t regret it one bit. I got 100% on my General exam and that was the best 30-some-odd-bucks I could have spent. Don’t waste your time on a free program with errors. If you are struggling through a test and you answer questions with “wrong” answers, not because you didn’t study hard enough but because you studied to perfection and memorized incorrect answers, that is just cruel and unusual punishment. Pay the bucks, get the right answers and pass your exam the first time..Version: 1.4.1

The best $4 you can spend to go from Tech to ExtraI just sat for my exams yesterday. I took all 3 in one sitting. I passed them all; in fact, my highest score was on the Extra, 92%. I started by using the free online version and found it extremely helpful. But then I decided to spend a few dollars to get the app on my phone. I found that I had a lot of free time when I was away from home, away from the computer, so I knew that this app could help me to study when I had free time to spare. The great thing about using the free online version along with this app is that it syncs your progress between both platforms. My background, I have no experience in engineering, and I would rate my math skills as being just average. If you are planning to get licensed, do not stop with just the technician and/or the general license. With this app, you can go from 0 to Extra if you are willing to put in the time and effort..Version: 1.0.9

Excellent: Quick thorough studyBought this app b/c thirty days to study and pass test. Easy to use, feedback loop makes its use addictive and fun. Most importantly, the explanations enable one to understand how to arrive at the answer using one’s own reasoning (vs. rote learning of Q&A). And the explanations are written by people. I feel as though behind each one is a grizzled Ham operator with their hand on my shoulder, drawing me a picture even I can understand. One answer actually points out that the question omits a key element that would enable reasoning one’s way to the answer. Another tells you that 80% of students get this question wrong because they fail to look at key information supplied in the multiple choice answers. Doing the test portion is great: progress is tracked, and you are given the option of studying only questions in the sections in which you scored lowest..Version: 1.4.1

I only used this app ... and passedThis app and the material in it works. I only used this app to study, and I just passed my technician test. I studied for one week, and I took a day off here and there. I did the review for a few hours at first before taking the practice exams, then mostly took the exams again and again. I took the real exam online, and it was exactly like the practice exams in the way the questions appeared, how you choose them, and moving on to the next question. Honestly, the online checks from the volunteer examiners took longer than the actual exam. I took maybe 12 minutes to finish the exam, and my comfort level was purely from using this app. It was well worth the small purchase price.Version: 1.4.1

Most efficient way to prep for all levels…especially ExtraUsed the HamStudy app for all tests, got perfect scores on the Tech and General, and missed only one question on the Extra. I’d recommend actually learning all material for the Tech and General with the ARRL books (in addition to using this fantastic app) as most of the material is directly applicable to the everyday operation of the radio. But the Extra is more like a bar exam, full of largely useless information. For the Extra, I simply drilled one element a day for several weeks with this app, never, ever looking at the wrong answers/distractors and used no other resources to prepare. Excellent, non-glitchy interface. Highly recommended..Version: 1.7.1

BUY THIS APP! If you want to get licensedI recently decided to get my amateur radio license and ordered books to study. I normally like to read physical books so I can highlight and make notes in the margins. While waiting on the books to arrive I found Hamstudy and liked the way it worked so I bought the app. By the time the books arrived I realized that Hamstudy was all I needed. I originally planned to get just the Technician level but with COVID and the difficulty I had finding an exam session I had time to study for the others as well while waiting for my test date. I passed all 3 tests in one session and other than an occasional Wikipedia search I exclusively used this app and their website to study. I cannot find a high enough rating for this app. It’s all you need! I highly recommend clicking the corner of each question and reading the explanations. Sometimes they are quite technical and lengthy and other times they just offer hints and tips for remembering the correct answer but always helpful. Great App Hamstudy! Thanks for helping me get my ticket!.Version: 1.4.1

Best App by Far!I used multiple purchased apps to study for my General, then once i become proficient started working on my Extra before taking the General test. I downloaded HamStudy to study for the Extra class license and after using it for a couple weeks decided to go back and go through the General on HamStudy because I found the study methods so much more effective and wanted to increase my proficiency even further. I wish I had started with HamStudy it’s such an excellent well designed app and study tool. I am now ready to pass both exams once testing sessions are being offered again in my area. The app will help you get up to speed to pass your test(s) in the most efficient way..Version: 1.4.0

Passed every exam!There’s no reason anyone should fail a Amateur Radio Exam if you study using this app. I passed my Technician & General both during one sitting and went back later and passed my Extra. It was all due to this app. The app has a sense of intelligence, drilling down on the material that it finds you are struggling with. The study mode and practice exams really help prepare you for the actual exam. The “explain” tab that shows up on questions missed in study mode provides explanations and hints to help you remember the correct answers. If you put forth the effort and use this app, you will pass! Hands down the best app to prepare for the Amateur Radio exams!.Version: 1.6.0

Excellent!Don’t waste your time and money on any of the other apps, books or study guides out there. I used Ham Study to pass the Technician, General and I aced the Extra yesterday. This app lets you review each set of questions and shows you only the correct answer or you can select quiz mode and it will show you the questions and multiple choice answers just as they appear on the exam. It took me about 2 months of daily practice with this app to pass the Extra. As I got closer to test day I started using Ham Study practice exams daily and was consistently getting 47 (or higher) out of 50 correct..Version: 1.7.2

Get your ticketIf your reading this you already on the right path. For a very long time I wanted to get into ham radio. But I never did. Life got in the way. But here I am at 50 years old and ready to go. So on the advice from a friend I bought the app and dived in. I jumped straight into a Technician test. Scored an 18. :(. Terrible!! In my free time I would go into a sample exam and see how I did. I got better and better answering the questions correctly. I never did use the study section. So today I scheduled a test and off I went. I had about 10 hours of study in. I got 31 out of 35 correct!!!!! It works!!.Version: 1.7.1

Awesome app!This app does an excellent job of running you through the questions pool. If you get a question wrong, it tells you the correct answer and offers an explanation. It will cycle the questions that you got wrong back into the mix until you get them correct a few times. After using this for a while, it suggested focusing on my weak points, which I did. This app, alongside of the ARRL study book, made passing my technician class test much easier. I will be using this to study for the General class test. You will not regret paying a few $ for this app..Version: 1.7.1

Ace’d it!!I poured over the App Store and web browsers and there is a lot offered out there for Amateur (HAM) Radio study / test prep. I found this one to be the easiest to interface with, clear to read and understand instructions and well............... it just worked and I liked it the best. If you wanna avoid what I did and but other things that are not as good it’s a waste of time. Get to studying with this app you’ll be far ahead. I used this app almost exclusively and got a 100% on my technician ticket. I’m gonna get right to study for my general since it’s all fresh in my head and now I know I’ve have no problem with this tool!.Version: 1.4.1

Awesome App!Ham Study is the sure fire way to pass any of the exams. It literally hammers the info into your head. I found the best way to study was to find a test date about 2 weeks down the road. Get the HamStudy app and try to spend an hour a day with it. At the end of each hour, take a practice test. Keep tract of how much material you e covered and your aptitude. after about 8 or 9 days you ‘ll have seen Every question on the test. Now keep going; work on your aptitude. Once you e gotten into the high 80%, you are close to being ready. Keep studying until the last day. You’ll pass the test..Version: 1.4.1

Best Prep tool availableUsing this application along with reading the technical submissions associated with the questions, will prepare you to easily take the licensing exams. I used this tool for all three tiers of the licenses. I blew through the tests and scored very well. You do need to put in the time and let the tool guide you to focus on areas it identifies as lacking. Put it on you phone and computer. Launch the software every chance you get and keep at it. Repetition, repetition, repetition is the secret to success. Buy this app. (BTW - This group also sells Signal Sticks for HTs - Another great purchase).Version: 1.7.1

Wonderful AppI used the website to pass my tech. I didn’t care much for the website as I’d spend more time logging in every time then studying questions. This app is wonderful! Syncing the online account seems to be impossible but I just started fresh (not logging in other then my apple account) and it has been great! I passed my general because of the great key word highlights and brief summary of questions I don’t understand. I’m 40% into the Extra pool and after that, this app even has the commercial license exam’s! WOW! What a great app! Even has the Canadian question pool! Absolutely worth the money!.Version: 1.0.9

Amazing appAbsolutely amazing app. I used the website to pass my tech, now I’m using the app to pass my general. The way the app highlights key words is helping me tremendously. My only complaints, a night mode would be great. Also when studying flash cards a “I don’t know button” would be helpful. Sometime I genuinely have no clue so I just tap the screen and I happen to hit the right one, then I worry I won’t see that question again. Otherwise, thanks for the great app! Update: the dev added the idk button. Also passed my general, which I give 100% credit to this app. Thanks again..Version: 1.0.7

Worth itFantastic app that exceeded my expectations. Whoever made this knew what they were doing when it came to UI/UX. Seems like each time I want a feature it exists and is accessible and intuitive to use. Which is… very satisfying. To name a few examples: options for focusing the questions being asked in study mode, feedback on weak spots after a practice exam, detailed explanations are available after answering questions (whether answered correctly or not). If you’re studying this material, this app is well worth getting..Version: 1.8.0

Want to Pass Your Exam? This is the Way!I used the HamStudy app on my iPhone and iPad. I passed the Technician exam, and later the General exam. I studied a lot, and I used all features of the app. If I did not understand something I researched it on the internet. Again, the app was my main tool. When I felt comfortable, and after passing 30 practice exams using the app only missing zero, one or two questions out of 35 I then setup an exam date. I studied up to exam day. I selected an exam session though HamStudy, and tested using Columbia University ARC VE Team online exam. They are a wonderful group. I hope this helps you to become an Amateur Radio operator (Ham). It is an exciting hobby as well as a serious back up communications tool to help your Community, i.e. missing child search, disasters, SkyWarn, and so much more! Update - 09March2021, I passed the Amateur Extra exam! The sky is the limit. You can do this too at any age. Good luck! 73 Gary.Version: 1.4.1

What a Great Tool!I successfully completed testing for my Extra and HamStudy was key. I completed the book I purchased for the license and then started with this service. A test a day and reviewing questions got me ready in about 2 months. The study and test modes worked great and the ability to sync between my devices worked flawlessly. Also, the I found the explanations by the community was really helpful. Will be using this again when my kids want to get their tech..Version: 1.8.0

Glad I bought. Sad I waited.Purchased solely because it was an easy way to support ARRL, who are more than generous with their online study guide and their over all Elmerness. It behooved me to show my monetary support so I bought the app and man it is slick. The ARRL manual along with Ham Study plus some work and I now have an understanding of how radio works, which I (and I’m smart imho) just assumed was beyond my comprehension, as well as electronic components and basic electricity, which I just feel silly for not learning sooner. Suffice to say I’m now highly overqualified to operate an FPV quadcopter..Version: 1.4.1

Excellent review toolI spent a week or so with an excellent study book which helped me gain necessary knowledge. But as to review, this app blows away the competition. It allows you to review the questions and answers together. You can get an explanation for any question you don’t understand. You can take quizzes on each section, and of course take practice exams. You can review the questions after an exam. The app lets you know which areas you were weakest in. One of the best apps of any kind. Definitely the best app for preparing for ham radio license tests. Bravo!.Version: 1.4.1

BLOWN AWAY!I thought I had studying mastered with a flashcard app that I was using. I thought that this app would be a poorly thrown together flashcard engine with very little customization but the developer. I thought all wrong. This maybe the first time I've ever written a review for an app. THIS APP IS AMAZING! It is 100% better than the flashcard app that I was using, and that involved building the question databases MYSELF! This app is aesthetically beautiful, the layout and flow is simple, and the functionality is genius. I can't believe how much this app has helped my studying! I LOVE IT!.Version: 1.3.1

The Right App for SuccessI recently attended a local Ham fest with a friend and one of the attendees told me about the Ham Study website with this partner app. I had already purchased the ARRL Technician study guide but went ahead and got this app too. It is worth every penny you pay for this app, that is if you want great study app that is accurate. I just took my technician test and passed with ease. Prepping for my General now. I would HIGHLY recommend this app if you are studying for any class of Ham license. You can’t go wrong..Version: 1.4.1

PerfectWell set up and put together. Focuses on questions you get wrong so you learn them quickly. I knew nothing about radios/ham/fcc laws going into this. This app got me to pass my technician class test on the first try with ease…. Now thinking about studying the general class and going for that test next. Highly recommend! 4 bucks well spent! I spend more on coffee in the morning than I did for this app. If your reading this. Just stop and get it. You won’t regret it..Version: 1.6.1

Where have you been all my life!!!This app is absolutely amazing! I downloaded the Kindle ARRL study guide and read it. Then I ordered the spiral bound book and read it completely. Each was better than the other and I highly recommend you do one or the other. This app is far and beyond the best way to prepare for the test. It’s like flash cards on steroids. Choose the answer, if you’re wrong, hit the explain button and you get a very clear explanation. I can’t say enough good things about this app. Well done guys!.Version: 1.4.1

Great app! Helped me learnI used this app for about a couple of weeks when I was studying for my Technician license. I really like how the app re-asks questions you get wrong to help reinforce the correct response. I also like the analytics that show aptitude percentage in specific areas as well as overall aptitude. Lastly, I like how this app syncs with the HamStudy website. When I took the real technician exam, I had absolutely zero test anxiety and I passed on the first try. I recommend this app to anyone who wants to get into ham radio. 73.Version: 1.4.1

Only study guide you needAt first look I thought this was a bad design. I mean I’ve never seen a study guide that worked like this one. But in less than 24 hours of using it off and on I started with the practice tests and after doing 25-30 practice tests I’ve passed every single one. While I’m not sure you learn a ton on the subject you do learn the questions. I dont think there is anything that could prepare you better for this test..Version: 1.7.1

Crushed itI used only the hamstudy app for my tech exam and absolutely crushed it. Finished in like 3 minutes with a 34/35 (rushed through a question a should have got correct). Added bonus is the ‘explain’ option actually provides enough info around the content to gain some understanding but not too much info to become overwhelming or burdensome so I actually learned a lot. The app is easy to use, intuitive and in the context of ham radio, is lightyears ahead of most ham radio related software. I can’t recommend this app enough, best $ spent in a LONG time. Using it now to study for my general... Jan 9th 2022 EDIT: Just got a 35/35 on the general. Used only the hamstudy app for a few days. Absolutely brilliant app. Thanks gents. Also, I experienced zero crashing, no glitches, extremely stable (11 max pro). W0CSK.Version: 1.6.0

Excellent App to Pass your HAM Test.Thank you for making this app. This is an excellent app to study for the HAM radio test. I started studies with your website and downloaded this app because of convenience for using it anywhere. I was able to pass my General within 3 weeks of using your website and this app. I highly recommend anyone to use this for your Ham studies. Update: I was able to pass my Extra after 2 month of getting my Genaral using this same app. Thanks again..Version: 1.0.9

Fantastic!!Used this to study for my extra class. Studied hard for a few months and was able to pass my test today no problem. Only missed 2 questions, one was my fault for not paying attention (answer was very similar to the wrong answer). Best 3 dollars I ever spent!!! Thank you for putting this together. Wish this was as around 30 years ago when I first became a ham at 13 years old..Version: 1.8.0

A great companion to the websiteHas a very clean design that is really conducive to study and learning. There are some neat, nice-to-have, quality of life features here as well, but nothing that one couldn’t live without. That being said, if you don’t want to spend the money on this app, the website is functional and FREE: there is nothing wrong with it. I just considered this app to be akin to a (tiny!) donation to keep the great service going..Version: 1.7.1

The BEST Test-Prep App for Amateur RadioFulfilling a long time dream of mine became a reality thanks to this handy app. I was able to study anytime I had a free moment and track my progress with ease. Each question presented has an explanation button that provides the information related to the correct answer, making it a breeze to understand the material. The app has a great interface and is worth the download. After 2 weeks of studying I passed both my Technician and General license tests in one shot. Thanks!.Version: 1.0.13

Love this app and study methodsI love the ham study app and their study methods. I find it particularly helpful that I can create a custom bank of questions that I'm struggling with. I wouldn't have been able to pass the technician exam without this app and I have recommended it to all of the people that I know that are wanting to take the technician exam. Now that I have passed the tech exam I'm working on my general then extra. Thanks ham study for such a great product!.Version: 1.4.1

From zero to extra in no timeThis app is a brilliant tool for studying for the exams, it helped me to work out what I needed to study. The best feature in my opinion is if you get a question wrong during study mode, it will ask it again later. I started to use this and in a few days got my tech, a few months later I passed the general. Now I am using this to work towards the extra..Version: 1.6.0

Best study aidNot only did i pass my exam, i had a blast doing so with this thoughtful and relatable test-taking format! The UI is superb. Also loved the honest and practical explanations for each question. I really felt that a community of friendly fellow radio geeks had my back, encouraging me to keep studying! one note: sometimes when i took a practice test on the app, it freezes and i had to reload the app..Version: 1.5.0

Absolutely OUTSTANDING!Whoever developed this app is an absolute genius. Incredibly user friendly, totally intuitive. The questions all have explanations that include not only why the correct answer is true but why the other answers are wrong! App automatically remembers where you were and what you e learned but will quiz you on some earlier material to reinforce it. I’ve learned an incredible amount in a short time. A MUST buy this is the best app I’ve ever purchased..Version: 1.0.9

FantasticJust passed my General exam. This app was instrumental in my success. My favorite feature was the repeated exposure to the questions I had failed once I had gone through all the questions. Really gave me time to memorize the answers. The memory tips were very helpful. The explanations are great because they can help solidify what the question is really asking, and therefore the answer..Version: 1.7.2

100% RecommendThis was the most useful app to help prepare for and be successful in passing my HAM license tests. It provides various study options, the ability to take practice exams, and explanations for questions you don’t get right or need to learn more. With this app, I successfully passed both my Technician and General exam today. Thank you to the developers for providing a great way to study and learn!.Version: 1.6.1

GREAT STUDY APPThis is one of the better apps to learn Ham Radio. It gives an explanation to why the answers are what they are. The other help you memorize the answers to the test questions. The only con is in study mode you have to do too much to move to the next question. You have answer a question on if it was easy or difficult and sometimes to select an answer you have to tap it multiple times..Version: 1.4.1

Best App for Ham License Exams!Thank you so much for your app! Yesterday I managed to get my Amateur Extra in the same sitting as my Technician and General. Only missed 4 questions out of 120!!! Great App!!! Best $3.99 I ever spent!!! Of course...I won't have too much need for it now unless I try to get a RadioTelephone License as well! (which I think I might) 2 weeks with your app is all I needed to pass all three Ham Exams!!! Out of 120 questions, I missed 4!!! Thanks again!!!.Version: 1.0.7

Great study appI was studying for technician. Went through all the questions one time until I’d seen all of them. About 2 weeks from the test, I started taking practice tests. My routine was to take the test, review the questions, learn any I missed, and immediately retake the test. I found I would easily ace the second try. After a few rotations of this, I rarely dropped below 30 of 35. I passed technician with 34/35. It works..Version: 1.3.5

Best app for ham studyI tried a few and they were either expensive or had less features. The most important feature is to be quized on sections you missed and questions you missedduring practice. This app keeps track. It also can be fully offline and sync with the web site..Version: 1.8.0

Got my Extra!HamStudy is a well thought out and easy to use study resource for any class of amateur license. I have both the iPhone version and the MacBook version. I was originally licensed over 50 years ago and although I kept my license current during those years, I have not been active in the hobby since 1995. HamStudy was instrumental in getting me up to speed in regards to changes in the hobby as well as the FCC regulations. I also used the ARRL License manual as a reference but would estimate that 85% to 90% of my study time was using HamStudy. I passed my Extra exam on the first try (96%) and I felt very confident during the test thanks to my preparation using HamStudy. Pass your Amateur Radio exam(s) with the HamStudy apps..Version: 1.4.1

Well put togetherAll it is is pounding into your brain the test questions. There are a few ways the review the questions for your learning style. Read all questions a few time and you’ll pass. And if you want more info on question to get a better understanding, you have that right there too ! Only downside- close app when done, eats battery..Version: 1.4.1

FantasticStudy for the exams, track your progress, sync across devices, dark mode, updates, this app is well designed and makes study time productive. I love that you can auto advance after answering, but can still swipe down to see the previous question for review. The explain feature is simply awesome. Highly recommend for studying for the amateur radio exams!.Version: 1.2.4

Great!This app is really helpful. I took a class and bought the license manual, but the app really shows up where I needed more study. It’s also good practice for the actual exam. The explanations of questions I did not understand were also helpful, some with links to even further information. The only imperfection is occasionally some explanations could be clearer or more fully developed. Highly recommend this app for would-be hams..Version: 1.4.1

PassedI spent a week studying for the Technician Exam and a week studying for the General Exam with this app. Took both in the same sitting and passed both with a 34/35. Couldn’t have done it without it. Just go through the study section first to ensure you see all questions. Then start taking tests until you are comfortable with them..Version: 1.8.0

This is the BEST app!I turned to HamStudy after making little progress elsewhere. My progress and retention were unbelievable, and within a few weeks I was ready for my General exam. How did it turn out? Not one wrong answer. I cannot recommend this strongly enough as the perfect tool for getting prepared for your exams..Version: 1.6.1

This made it painless.To the makers of this app, thank all of you for making a winner of a study app. It was worth it! To the readers of app reviews. This is the only one I found that didn’t contain erroneous info. I had to retest after letting my license lapse. I used this app for 2 weeks and tested and missed only one and was the first to hand my test in. This one works..Version: 1.6.0

Slick and effectiveNo-nonsense app that helps you study with no distractions..Version: 1.6.1

Excellent Study AidI used this app to complement my studying for the Canadian Basic Qualification exam and it was excellent. I passed today with an 88%. Being able to do a mix of practice tests and just go through possible questions is helpful. The explanations are usually pretty good for helping when you get something wrong or don’t know.l the answer. Seeing your weak areas and being able to focus on them is also helpful for more efficient studying..Version: 1.6.1

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