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How Old Do I Look. Customer Service

How Old Do I Look?
This is the application to let you know your exact age. :) You can check it with your family members, colleagues and told their age confidently. Upload an image and the app will tell you how old do you look. Extracting the gender and age of the people in the uploaded pictures.

Face Swap
Select any multi face image. Click on Swap button and it will swap faces from your selected images easily.

Celebrity Look Alike!
Select 1 photo of celebrity and another any of your photos. You need to wait for few seconds and app will tell you the match between celebrities.

Share your photos via Facebook, Twitter, and email and spread up their confidential ages globally.

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- Once you subscribe to any of your preferable options, you can enjoy all the features of the app.
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
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- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.

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How Old Do I Look. App Comments & Reviews

How Old Do I Look. Positive Reviews

Old am I reviewing pagesI Jessica, nine years old. This is so absurd...but funny at the same time! I’m writing to tell you that this said I was 8 years old, very close! Like I said before, I am nine. My mom is a lot older than 27, and my dad is younger than 67. When my mom saw she was this young looking, she giggled, and when I told her my dad looked like a 67 years old, she chuckled, but the chuckling turned into laughing for me my brother and my parents. My little brother is turning 5 next month, and the old am I age scan was like so so so SO close. They said my brother looked like a five year old already. Nice, unity! Keep it up!!!.Version: 1.6

I am 9:)I just played for a bit, i choose to do three. 1. The first one was actually correct I am of the age of 9! 2. Well...they had a change of heart😅suddenly they said I was 5?!?What in the world😂 3.Ok not too crazy I guess...they said I was 7 but I still can’t forget about how it said I was 5... It’s not really “accurate “ per say but it sure is amusing! Here’s the “problem “ I had with it. For some reason it tells you how pretty you are?!? Like for example mine always said “94 percent “ thanks I guess???🤨That is really personal!That could really easily break someone’s confidence! Don’t just straight up say how pretty someone is!IT’S RUDE!.Version: 1.7

It’s great but...It’s great and all but I’m 10 and it said I look like I’m 20, so I tried again and it said I look like I’m 12 and I tried another time and it said I was 17! I used the same picture so I have no idea why it did that. Also, with the timer, it made me share the app to be able to skip it which personally I think is crazy because I’m the only one in my family who would use it. So like I said, it’s great but it has a few issues. One more thing, it keeps trying to make me rate it to save the picture and that is really annoying..Version: 1.7

2\18\2020I mean the app isn’t that bad but I took a pic and it said I was 18!!! When I’m 9 yrs old so I took another one and it said I was 42! So again I took a pic and it wouldn’t load. Another thing is all the adds like I just opened the app and I already had to watch an add. Also I was in the middle of taking the first pic and I had to watch another add! So all I’m saying is that they shouldn’t have so many adds and that they should try and fix the age guessing..Version: 1.5

GREAT for my ConfidenceThe app put my age @ 20 for the first pic I submitted ...I then submitted 2 more pics just to see if the avg age guessed was roughly the same & all 3x the app guessed w/i a yr of the previous pics 1st pic app put me @ 20 ... 2nd -19 & 3rd - 20 again ... talk great for the ego ! I’ve always been told I look (a lot) younger than my real age but this was great.., lol my real age ... well it’s somewhere between 29-40 lol.Version: 1.6

HAH? HUH? WHAT! Way off...OK so I’m almost 10 years old. (Yes I try to make it sound like I’m a year older lol) One time it said I look like I’m 18 years old! That is really weird. I look like I’m ten probably, honestly. Then I tried again and it said I look like I was FIVE! That is very strange because you say I’m 18, now 5! Also had to wait like four minutes to do the next one after a couple times. Overall it’s umm..... odd! But it’s pretty fun also..Version: 1.6

EhhLoaded with adds, I read all reviews and they said it would not get your right age... they where right. I tried and it said I was four, then six, then seven. I AM NINE... this is pretty crazy but I think it could make some laugh or burn some time. But seriously can. U get rid of the adds?.Version: 1.4

Wow! Best “how old” app I’ve used!I agree with the other reviews. This is easily the fourth or fifth app I have used. All the others have been excessively wrong. This is the first one where the ages are anywhere close to being right. Definitely recommend for games, fun and such..Version: 1.2

It’s overall goodGood app but could be better. I think it guesses your age pretty good and is often spot on. My only complaints are that when I use a group photo to guess ages it’s usually far off. Another thing is when it says “watch an add to unlock timer,” it often makes me watch more than one or share more than one time. But overall good app..Version: 1.7

I’m not 24This app is absurd I’m 11 and apparently I look 24 which is not true at all I live how inaccurate this app is it made me laugh it said my mom was 26 who is actually quite a bit older and she is very pretty but looks male?! It’s a dumb game to help pass the time but it’s fun because it’s so insanely entertaining cause it’s almost always wrong overall it’s an okay game..Version: 1.6

It’s just funny.Other reviews are hating that ‘it didn’t get my age right’ or ‘it was way off’! dude! it’s a game! i downloaded this for my friends and I, we just messed around and had fun with it! my little brothers loved it too. i’d say just try it out!.Version: 1.7

Luv it!!!Ok I feel silly because I’m in my 50’s and am addicted to this app! My daughter introduced it to me and now I just love it .. ha ha 😂It always says I look 10 -15 years younger!!! Even using various photos .. different looks etc. ! Super fun best app ever ! Remember it’s just for fun and games.. Lol.Version: 1.7

Ok, but not the bestThis app is good and all but, it said I was a male, and 8 yrs old when I’m 11 and a female. Also you have to pay cash to try a bunch for different people or photos. BAD APP in my opinion, no hate coming from me, I feel an update for this app would be great, such as improving the face reader. Also thank you so much for saying that I look good!.Version: 1.6

Good gameSo when I first got this I thought it would give u a random age but I was pleasantly surprised it told me I looked younger than I really was so that made me feel a little bit better over all just a fun game to play around with.Version: 1.4

Amazing totally worth itAdds help fund it so that it can be free!And it is so cool I shared it too my cousin and friend sure sometimes the results aren’t right but hey nobody’s perfect.J am ten years old and it only took them two tries to figure it out!Totally worth it!.Version: 1.6

They Thought I was THREE I still like this app thoughSo the first time I did this they said I WAS THREE but once I did it more it got better they said I looked 12 even though I’m ten I was so happy they also said I was 98% beautiful ☺️ there gonna make me blush.Version: 1.7

Pretty goodWell first of all I’m 8 and when I put in a picture of me in make up after a MSDA competition then it said I was 4but when I took a pic of my 2 month sister it said she was 27 like what that must be random numbers but it is still cool kinda.......Version: 1.4

Pretty entertaining but definitely not accurateIt’s entertaining but nothing close to accurate.I tried myself so many times but they would not make me my normal age!! I’m almost 11 and it kept saying either 7 or 6. Just cuz I have a bit of chub chub on my cheeks doesn’t make me 7!!!.Version: 1.4

Nice appI’m 10 years old. First it said it was nine so so close then I had to watch an ad or wait for a timer to try it again when that was all done it said it was 14 not very close but I like it..Version: 1.6

Great gameI like the game but I wish you didn’t have to wait for the next time you can do it so that is the only problem but great game overall ..Version: 1.7

Make the game true😢😢😢This game is really fun but it doesn’t guess your age correctly well at least that is what happened to me I would normally give games five star but this time I didn’t so “How old you are “ please make the game really guess my age I am not eight or eighteen tíbia sad to be old and that is my essay.Version: 1.5

So so but great!!I like the app but sometimes it makes you look older. The first time I did it, it said that I WAS 16!!! I AM OLNY 8!!! But then I did it again, and it said I’m 8. But it also makes you look younger too. My dads 41 and it said he’s 35..Version: 1.4

Great AppThis is SO funny it said my 4 year old sister was 16 it will make you laugh definitely should get great app just adds are kind of annoying but overall it’s a great app.Version: 1.4

4 starsHonestly I love this app!!! But maybe not as accurate people have said I look like I’m in high school and not 7th grade at age 13 but in here I wasn’t surprised so to say that it said i look like 24 lol besides that I love it!!!.Version: 1.7

HahahahhThis game is so dumb and funny. It sed I was 31 when I am8 my sister is nine and it see this31 and my mom is 41 and it sed48!! Love the game! I cracked up because it kept on saying the wrong ages. If you are one who dose not like to be called the wrong age do not get it but if you are not one who dose not like to be called the wrong age... GET IT!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.5

Decant if bored :DI recommend if u think ur growing up or act like ur older or just wanna tell ur family-friends that u were right what u look like. XD I’m 8 and it sayed I look 14 which I agree ._. #ima Taurus :>.Version: 1.7

Perfect it works greatI absolutely love it it helps if you look young or old mine said I am 30 and I’m 35 and it get my real age almost every time it works great 👍😄.Version: 1.7

Great review.😍😁🤘🏻😁I thought this was gonna be a very fun app and it turned out to be very great at so I am very happy and I am nine years old and it told me that I was nine so I am happy so ever made this game you are awesome..Version: 1.6

Awesome 🥳I love this when I first saw it it was amazing you have to scan your Face and then it guess how old you are I really like this game you should get it.Version: 1.4

Great appAlthough I’m only doing this to unlock save pass it is a great game but I recommend don’t read THIS reivew read an other review.Version: 1.6

You guys are the bestYou guys are the best because you guys got my age right on the first one. I’m 8 years old. I’m almost 9 years old but right now I’m just 8..Version: 1.1

How Old????I like it because most of the tome its accurate but sometimes it can be crazy and silly. So thos is my reason why I like this app game..Version: 1.5

This app...The only true issue with this app is that it has SO many ads. Tbh it’s more entertaining to read all the reviews on this app instead of using it. The best reviews are the ones that say “I am almost 6/7/8/9 and it said I WAS 5!!!” 😂😂😊.Version: 1.5

I love this!I literally thought that they would get my age wrong and they didn’t! I put up a pic it was very cute and I’m 8 and that’s what it said! FIVE stars.Version: 1.0

I’m not 27 🤦🏽‍♀️👋 I’m nine and this thing was like GIRL U NOT NINE U TWENTY ZEVEN! And it said my 7 year old sis is 5 and a male! But it did get me right once. And never got my sister 😂 but it got my dad! So this game is just so funny though LOL 😝.Version: 1.7

Works great.Makes you give 5-star rating before you can save the photo showing age..Version: 1.2

Pretty GoodI thought It was pretty good, it did say that my 11 year old BFF was 20 and that me,10 was 14 and it also said that my 5 year old brother was 2 but I think it’s funny. I put in a picture of Elsa from frozen in and it said she was 35 but I love this game, gave it 4 stars because I hate how it gives you a timer until you can do the next picture and that there are so many ads but it’s an ok app and I totally recommend it..Version: 1.6

AmazingIt was so good like how does it Know what we Will look like it’s just Crazy.Version: 1.5

Great gameBest game ever.Version: 1.5

HeyI like it but it takes me along time to load but other than that it is great.Version: 1.4

WoWThis game is so cool and funny I really don't now what everyone else is saying cause me and my friend love this app so much it’s a real WoW!!!!!!.Version: 1.4

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