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Paint your nails in Augmented Reality! Come up with your own designs with the pattern creator, and apply stamps and colors with the painting feature.

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Clayton@NealCoolong @J_R_607 @BrandonThornNFL Football is easily the most difficult sport to put into numbers. Pass block/rush being the 2 hardest things to really measure. But I was using Bosa because you were comparing them in your thread saying Bosa hasn’t been as great. But I’d argue they’ve been comparable when healthy.

Sailor venus △⃘⃒⚯͛😍😍😍😍 Kevin is my supervisor and if you saw what I did at work with my nails you’d be impressed too .

Health & Fitness💪😎#Pinterest It's gotta be the NAILS! I thought you'd like this Board on Pinterest... LIKE ▪️ SHARE ▪️ FOLLOW.

V@gynellybeans @ItsTheMelMan Sis I told you I’d help you!! Lol and I ripped my nails off yesterday so we good..

RubansRougesDance®🎀fully vaxed😘Then the fingernails start falling off like the movie The Fly. There's intense burning pain in the process. It's hurts not to mention they're our nails we'd like to keep them thnX! We can't escape anywhere coz hotels gas us too. 13..

:)@Adam26s Fr my mum wouldn’t even ask or say eeedo, she’d start with dhillo and nails out.

🐇@badlandstyler @hot_lattae @theeblackusagii @BorbieVision FR like i’d do her nails for free if my bills were paid 😭😭.

This Is Not A Porn Page, Im Not A SlutHow do you fight the urge to not clip your nails. I’d have a coke pinky if I could master that.

Fill Your BootsIt words both ends of the spectrum “The blokes who runs FYB is fucking solid” Not fancy, Majority of C/D will get it - You’ll leave A assuming i’m hard as nails and B no idea what the fuck FYB is..

Lol my name is Red 🏳️‍🌈Lol i just ripped most of my nail polish off my nails feel so weird— also theyre a lot longer than what im used to this is so w e i r d.

Iouise 🌸Having long nails is so annoying bc I gotta hit the d pad buttons on my DS with the bottom of my thumb joint instead of my fingertip and it HURTS.

Jess Lee@roggys @Hillingdon @BorisJohnson @DSimmonds_RNP @johnmcdonnellMP HS2 might have been expected to pay for that as their aggregate lorries and power supply trenches put the last two nails in the worn-out surface. But you'd have expected the council would have negotiated some form of improvement at the same time..

Kiibo!Akamatsu-san and Amami-kun like painting each other's nails... Maybe I could try to paint your nails! If you'd allow me to, of course!.

Priscilla@ramenrhett 🙃I end up smelling like cars in a bad way, and can't seem to scrub clean enough (nails, face, arms)... so I look like this random filthy chick when I get on the bus after work. If I were a dude, I'd look like "an attractive hard-working man" *rolls eyes*.

My pronouns are SKE/TELI’d be lying if I said I haven’t been enjoying my natural nails but I’m not staying here 😭 .

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