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Best Stalker IPTV with complete support for iPad and iPhone, the way everyone wants to watch tv on their iPhone and iPad!

Great user interface that will also allow you to manage your portals. You can maintain multiple portals using this app.

StbEmuTV offers you the same UI feel as provided by your IPTV Service provider for your TV. Now you can easily use your stalker portal if you have an iPhone or an iPad.


- Stream video from multiple protocols (HTTP, RTMP, RTSP, TS, MMS)

- EPG support

- TV (Manage TV channels)

- VOD (Video on Demand)

- Series (TV Series)

- Add, Edit, Delete, Share, Duplicate, Select Profiles and (Fast Switch)

- Favorite List added (TV, VOD, Series)

- Autoplay first channel of tv group.


- StbEmuTV does not provide or include any media or stream content
- Users must enter their own portal details
- We do not endorse the streaming of copyright-protected material without the permission of the copyright holder.

StbEmuTV (Pro) App Comments & Reviews

StbEmuTV (Pro) Positive Reviews

Basic features don’t work for tvOS appThe app is laid out well and I am happy that I don’t have to switch to fire TV to use this app. Also the search channels function is fantastic. But it definitely needs refinements - the channels cannot be marked favorites as center button on Apple TV remote (2022 model) does not work - same with catchup feature. Can select but cannot click on it with the remote. Gets annoying since you are paying to download the app. Hope there is an update soon.Version: 4.4.2

Good AppThe best stalker IPTV app I found for iOS. Though after the recent update, the app is bit slow and buffers a lot than before. Hopefully it gets fixed in the next update. I used this app on mobile and Apple TV. On mobile everything works fine but on Apple TV the catch up doesn’t play at all. Also would be better if we had more setting options on the player. Overall a very good app and frequent updates from developer..Version: 3.6

ExcellentI’m very happy with this App. It’s easy to work and set up with playlists and has logical, clear and functional controls that all work well. The latest version for ios15 appears to be stable so far. Best of all it mirrors perfectly on my Airplay compatible TV giving a great viewing experience. I have no complaints about this app whatsoever and recommend it highly..Version: 3.5.1

Great potential - needs gesture control for Apple TVGreat app. Excited to see StbEmu on iOS and tvOS. However, it needs a bit more refinement, especially for the TVOS version. Refinement such as gestures for changing channels, shifting from full screen to menu view while retaining video playback. But overall, its a great start. Looking forward to further improvements..Version: 1.6.2

Live stream content not playingWhen I plays live TV content, it stops playing after few seconds. Works fine after software update..Version: 3.6.1

Great potentialPlease add the capability / option to increase the amount of buffering as that will help on WiFi or Mobile networks. It works great on directly connected Ethernet network to the AppleTV..Version: 4.4.2

StbExcellent, but why is there no option to change the screen size?.Version: 2.6.1

Works wellI think stb channel menu can be compact. It will save space and can see more content in one page. Perhaps a compact small font toggle. App works well for now..Version: 4.0.2

Excellent AppThis app works way better than firestick version.👍. Also tech support was great. Thanks gor all the help to make this work..Version: 2.6.1

Does the job, missing key features.Need this to have a must have option of playing videos If needed wirelessly..Version: 3.8.1

Last patch update broke streaming please fix itAfter updating software the streaming stopped working facing error with gateway please look into it..Version: 3.7.2

Bug fixes neededCan’t pause the TV movie or shows in Apple TV. Freezes sometimes Need regular updates to App..Version: 4.4.2

It would be great if it update on iMacSo far great Thank you for your effort. Stay safe.Version: 3.5.1

Last update broke my audioPlease fix the stbEmuTV app. Your last update on my Apple TV broke the app. Video is playing but no audio.Version: 4.3.1

Will not work with 16.1.1Was working great but once the phone was upgraded the app stopped working. Waiting on fix.Version: 4.4.2

Does it have fire tv version?The app is nice. Is there a version for fire tv?.Version: 4.4.2

Was working fine until yesterdayUsing since last 9 months, had issues but worked and now not working on wifi... works on Data only, error says "A server with specified hostname is not found". sent you email twice but still no response.... Fix it at the earliest.....Version: 4.4.2

ExcellentGood App. Lots of room for improvements, could be the best on App Store..Version: 4.4.2

Great.This application works well and they have a good support also. Continuous improvement. I like it, thank‘s..Version: 4.3.2

It woks back !!Today december 11tb the apps work back !!!.Version: 4.4.2

Starts in the middleWhenever i play anything it starts from the middle , is there any solution for that.Version: 4.4.2

Casting or airplay supportHi can we look and adding casting support or airplay support from apple devices Thanks.Version: 4.4.2

Air play doesn’t workEven though my local access network is enabled for the app, it says no devices available to airplay. Airplay works fine with other apps..Version: 4.4.2

Not family sharingThe App says it supported with Family Sharing but it is not. Please fix this. Otherwise so far this App is great.Version: 4.4.2

Worth every penny!You need to know what this app is and how to use it. Don’t just give one star and leave..Version: 4.4.2

A Very good appWould be an Excellent app is it had a pip ( picture-in- picture) support..Version: 4.4.2

Good App But Casting Stopped WorkingHello, I have been using Stdemutv Pro app on my iPhone for more than a year and I have been able to cast the video to my TV with no issues. In the last week it has stopped working. When I try to cast the video to my TV, a white loading circle appears at the bottom of the TV screen but it never loads the video and eventually disconnects. I am still able to cast Youtube to my TV so I don't think it's a network issue. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app. I have tried resetting the wifi router and modem. I have tried re-adding the network to my phone and TV. It still does not work. Can you please offer other possible solutions or advice. Thanks..Version: 4.4.2

Does not work over Wi-FiThis app does not work over a Wi-Fi connection for some time now. There has been no response to request for support via email. The app used to work fine and is a nice app but now it doesn’t work..Version: 4.4.2

Works greatUsing it on apple tv. Works perfectly. No issues so far. Thank you developer of this app. Just one minor annoyance i have noticed. Is there an email address i can forward that video to you. Please provide it in a reply. Appreciate your effort.Version: 4.4.2

Online subtitle neededHello, I use this app on apple tv. The app is good but need online subtitle integration or allow third party players to be used to play so we can download subtitles.Version: 4.4.2

Perfect App on Appstore for Iptv LoversI bought this app few weeks ago. I used it every other day and happy to see how reliable it is. Developer did great job on UI interface as well as with media players. My one and only advise to the team is to add subtile online search integration into media player would make it great:) Overall happy with this App.Version: 4.4.2

Unethical developerForcing people to buy another version of the app. Do not waste your money!.Version: 4.4.2

Wonderful InterfaceI love the app. Recently purchased it on my Apple TV. I’m so happy that it’s a one time purchase and the setup was very easy. I’ve had my providers for 3 years now and they recommended me this app. So far it’s awesome, the interface is a great upgrade from my standard streaming box and Bochum was slow and non-interactive. This app combined with Apple TV is phenomenal. I hope that you guys keep up the support and improve it in days to come..Version: 4.4.1

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