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Use Spirit Talker Communicator to test if your house or, whatever the place you are, has ghosts or paranormal spirits.
Use it to communicate with the spirits as you can heard itc voices mixed with some frequencies. The meaning it's up to you as it is subject to personal interpretation. Those are called evp sounds.
Artificial intelligence has been integrated into the Spirit Talker section. After a question-and-answer session, the user is asked if he would like an AI analysis. This way, the user gains a better focus and an objective way to understand the session. Artificial intelligence analyzes the context and semantic coherence to draw its own conclusions, presenting them to the user for better comprehension.
It's a modern form of ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) very simple to use. The Spirit Talker works in a similar way to the world famous Ovilus device.
The device shows relevant words and responses to questions during a paranormal investigation.
One of the features is that the device generates words and speech based on what the sensors in your phone are detecting.
ITC Spirit Talker pretends to scan frequencies and magnetic fields and detects high frequencies. Those could be called cold spot in ghost hunting. You can store your measures and it will contain the place, the date and hour, and the measures.
Enjoy the Electronic Voice Phenomena. It could be defined as a necrophonic functionality, which content has an enhancement of high, mid, and low range frequencies. It was also applied other filters to create unique sound characteristics to help layer the audio and create an environment suitable for spirit communication. The audio itself is made up of phonemes, partial words, reverse audio, foreign languages, and other parts of speech that can help spirits communicate. Besides some basic phonetic sounds such as ne, na, no, da, do, di, ma, tan, etc. There are NO REAL WORDS of phrases contained in the sound banks. The first screen is an independent functionality for ghost detector perception.
This Ghost Detector measures frequencies, so it will not actually detect if ghosts are around you.
Please note we offer no guarantees of accuracy or any warranties, therefore, since results from this application cannot be verified scientifically the app should be used for entertainment purposes.
This app, at the spirit box TAB, has a spirit box, commonly referred to as a ghost box or Frank's box, is a tool believed by some to facilitate communication with spirits. The device operates by swiftly scanning through radio frequencies, producing a white noise backdrop. Some paranormal investigators and enthusiasts posit that spirits can manipulate this white noise to construct coherent words or even sentences, enabling real-time interactions. During investigations, users pose questions to the spirit box, attentively listening for potential responses amidst the white noise. However, the authenticity and effectiveness of the spirit box remain subjects of contention. Critics suggest that the perceived responses might merely be random radio snippets or a psychological phenomenon known as auditory pareidolia, where individuals discern familiar patterns, like voices, in random sounds. Conversely, some users are convinced of its efficacy, citing clear and contextually relevant replies. Various models of spirit boxes exist, each with distinct features. While some find the spirit box intriguing, it's crucial to approach its use with both an open mind and a discerning ear.

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true ghost detecting, communicating or scanning functionality. The paranormal is not a proven science and is considered theoretical. Accordingly, words or phrases generated are not intended as requests or instructions, and should not be used to make legal, financial or other important decisions. The words and phrases generated do not represent official guidance from the developer.

Spirit Talker Communicator ITC App Comments & Reviews

Spirit Talker Communicator ITC Positive Reviews

Best Sound Back for App Evp workSpirit communication apps have come a long way and there’s a pretty extensive sound byte library and words that spirits can access . I believe that they can influence the random generation to have the words closest to what they want to say come. And that’s really cool, I’d you ask me. And if you find it hard to interpret words or it seems like spirits find you too boring to speak with, keep practicing. It takes practice and just when you think “oh, what’s the use, this app is bogus!” That’s when you’ll realize you are better at interpreting and you’ll you will start getting intelligent responses from the “other side” My advice, whether you’ve contracted something or not, begin and end your sessions with clear respect and thank them for their time and assert that under no circumstances is anything allowed to remain with you or follow you. I’m honestly thinking the phone calls from the app are just an entertaining amusement and I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. Pretty clever. But if there is a spirit calling, just be careful. The last thing you want is an attachment . Research various ways to prevent this by using proper predictive techniques, which are easily found and demonstrated in online … Happy investigations!!.Version: 4.8

The best App by far!The first day I downloaded this app, I clicked on talker and the second set of words was (where are my ashes?). I about swallowed my tongue, we still have my mom’s and my brother ashes and have been placed where nobody can see or get to. The second day of using this app the name “Fred” was said and again another time. Fred is my little brother who committed suicide September of 1996 in this house that I live in today. So do I think this app is real? Yes I absolutely do why? Because I turned off my wifi so I had no internet. I wanted to try as an experiment to see if any words or sentences from spirits could still come through and without disappointment they did. Update: I have the spirit talker app on and I am listening not talking, all of sudden the name Mildred appears now this is my husband mother’s name. She passed away in 2015. Right after her name our grand children names start appearing, Katie, Eli then Mildred grand children name, Jason and Kim his wife. I think she was wanting to know about them. She loved them so dearly. This is a awesome app very pleased with it. From time to time I will update my experiences..Version: 3.5

This is great!I am a professional investigator and this is a very good app to use it really has so many options to choose from and you do not have to pay a ton of money. I am actually pretty dam impressed. There are a few apps that I think are decent and this one I would put in top 3 no order that I would use in my investigations. I don’t think kids should dabble in things they are not able to under stand always approach things seriously and close out anything you are trying to communicate with. And let the person you are speaking with know your only want to speak to someone who is of love and light, that no negative energy is allowed to speak to you. Don’t play with things that could wreak havoc on your life, there are things in this world that should not be played with stay within a safe place always always close out these are not games..Version: 5.1

One of the best, multifaceted tools for paranormal research!!!This app is actually the best tool I have used with my iPhone that’s not just a bunch of random strings of words, and or static white noise that seems to get nowhere as that’s been my experience with other paranormal research apps in the past, this one actually seems to have a legit access to the correct sensors in our phone to monitor the surroundings and give a real feedback. A must have for new and pros alike!! Thanks for upping the ante 🥳👻☠️…. Just a warning for your newbies. Always remember to keep your self protected because it isn’t a game and you could accidentally attract/absorb some real devilish entities if you’re not careful and keep yourself grounded/protected ;call on your angels and guides before you start asking spirits questions that’s for sure.👹👿👽.Version: 5.1

ITC Investigation AppTo be completely honest, I accidentally downloaded this app thinking it was Spirit Talker by Spotted Ghost, after downloading I realized that I had downloaded the wrong app. So instead of just immediately deleting it, I decided to try it out. As we all know when it comes to these apps a small percentage of them are actually legitimate and can be used to research the paranormal. I have to admit that I am actually very glad I did download this app because it is legitimate. Not only is it a real ITC research/investigating tool the developer offers it completely free to download and use! It does take sometime to get the hang of using, nothing too complicated but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be your go to tool to use while investigating the paranormal!.Version: 4.8

😳Ok this is weird- so I decided to get the app just for fun. I have heard voices coming from the same area I used the app, and I got words. first of all she said the name and I thought that was weird because the voice I heard was female, and the name was female. I heard a rock fall, and thought nothing of it because I was near a rocky cliff area. But then she said “I threw something” and that was strange so I stopped the session. I started a new one seconds after and it said “she screams” and I said “who screams?” It said “there’s a curse” and my dog started to growl. Then I started another one and it just said names and I heard walking. So that was weird and I might believe this is real but maybe not, im not sure myself. If you want a good app to at least scare you, this is it. These are true stories im not a person who lies or make things up, I promise. Thank you to the creators, God bless..Version: 3.8

This is a real ghost communicator this author lies too u on purposeThis is a real deal ghost spirit talker I asked my pappy three times about me the first question was pappy acey do u know my name if so say yes renin I do love u and he said it yes I do love u renin my pappy acey said that second question do u love me pappy acey my pap said yes renin I do love u and third question I asked my pappy acey was u knew I od on my pills my pappy acey said yes yes renin I did know and so thanks too who ever made this app thank u this is diffelny a real spirit ghost communicatior thank u I got some of my life back thank u for that they lie too u so that u don’t sue them if u get scared so don’t let the author of this app lie too u ok because it’s real I talked to my pap for about 49 minutes so yea.Version: 4.2

Four starsI thought I did this Sure! But here is a more detailed review If you believe in the paranormal and are looking for a way to communicate with spirits, then the Spirit Box app could be just what you need. This app uses various audio sources, such as white noise and radio frequencies, to generate random words and phrases that spirits may use to communicate with you. The app has a simple user interface, making it easy to use. You can choose from a variety of input sources and adjust the volume and speed of the audio output. The app seems to be lacking a recording feature that allows you to save and review your sessions later, but I’m just starting to use and might not see where u can do that While the Spirit Box app is not guaranteed to contact spirits, it can be a fun and intriguing tool for those interested in the paranormal..Version: 3.9

Wow!As soon as i opened the app the first time i heard a male voice saying “yes, yes”. And then, i was contacted very directedly, given a name and some other info, im talking, This dude gave me the lady's FIRST and LAST name!! Told me how he died, and said “Run”. Im not gonna lie, it was a little freaky, but when i said out loud that i would reach out to her, i got FULL body chills. Like he was SO grateful! Then, he unplugged my vacuum! And i laughed and asked if it was him that did that, and he did it AGAIN!! I was too chicken to open the app back up, but as i was leaving the building i said out loud “I got you, and i absolutely WILL give her your message”. And i got the chills again. I cant wait to contact her. And i will be chatting with him again..Version: 3.8

Something was talking to me.I decided to download and use the app while I was at work. I was told by the builders the property was haunted. Our newly installed automatic gate was opening on its own last night. As I was sitting watching it do its thing I downloaded the spirit talker and as I was using it it said that a woman by the name of Beverly was with me. That she used to live on the property. Then it said Glynis was with me and starts answering question but not with any relation to what I asked. The AI translated the conversation as I may have been speaking with someone who was lost is confused. It made so much sense. This app could really be a good tool during my investigations. Well done..Version: 4.8

Most of the timeI’ve had very accurate results when using this app. Something is in the house and I know it. It throws things sometimes and I hear it whisper. I turned this app on to communicate and while letting it sit there to see if it would give me words that were relevant, I decided to try and teach my dog to stay. My phone went off and when I checked what it said, the word was dog was there. I asked if it liked communicating with me as I use it frequently and it said this is fun. It also has said names that are way to close to home such as my ex’s. Which are not very common. Sometimes when it’s on it is not very accurate or relevant in responding. But most of the time it’s on point to where it’s creepy..Version: 5.27

Used this on the Queen MaryI just recently learned about this app and decided to use it on the Haunted Encounter Tour of the Queen Mary. This app worked just as well as my spirit box. I received a lot of intelligent responses and had many back and forth conversations with spirits that still haunt the Queen Mary. The EMF reader was also just as accurate as the one we brought along, it was consistently picking up the same energy as our own device. I was very impressed with this app and recommend it to those who want to start off Ghost Hunting and don’t have all the equipment necessary for it. Excited to use it at the next haunted location!.Version: 4.2

AmazedI was n Mn it sure this was real and questioned it. The words that were returned made me believe that someone I know was actually present. My husband passed away from a horrible farm accident in 2001. I moved into a new build about a year ago and have been having some odd occurrences, so I found out about the app. I asked the basic question of “who is here with me?” It said a few random words, then Steven. I almost bawled. Steven was my husband. I’m not entirely sure this is real, but in my heart I want to. Either way, it made me believe. I didn’t sense anything negative or frightening, just happiness knowing that he is here watching over me..Version: 2.8

This app is intriguing, and their details about how they work make this funNot sure how long this will continue to entertain me, but in don’t see myself deleting this app, as I would with unused apps. I switched the color on the meter reader, and I realized my colorblindness was limiting the scope of the meters working individually. That bumped op the fun, right away. I catch globes of blinking light in two bedrooms of my house on IR security cameras. I wouldn’t have even been interested, but my security camera notifications to my cell phone in the middle of the night did just that. That Ghostbusters #800 was disconnected. So, in downloaded the app for it.Version: 4.4

Best Spirit App!!!I tried several apps like this but this one is the best by far. I’ve had so much more interaction then others. My kids father passed away a few years ago and countless family members so I used this to see if I could connect. It’s never been fully understood if he did on accident or suicide but after a few minutes I think it was him and he asked if he died then said don’t mess with me Gloria! That’s something he would say and Gloria is my middle name. He also said it was an accident so everything I asked had answers to those questions. This app is awesome!!!.Version: 4.2

This app is fakeSo the reviews seem good seems like a real app right? That’s what I thought too and there were a few times it seemed real but the things it always talks about are shapeshifters and demons and they always said that I’m next! It never answers my question and also it said it can make it cold and I said okay make it cold and the temperature didn’t change! But there was a time it said “many deaths here” and my dad said that lots of people died in that place “btw we were on the road” So that made me think it was real but then it started talking about demons AGAIN so I kept thinking it was fake my friends say it’s fake and they can literally see ghosts! But this is why I think this app is fake.Version: 4.5

I’m a believerI asked if my sister that passed away in our mothers house was there and the reply may have taken a little bit but when one did it was crazy I started watching tv because nothing was happening and a min or two went by and my phone made a noise I looked at it and the screen read “I DIED HERE” this is the first spirit app that I have not deleted out of disappointment several other moments have happened since I started recommending this app to friends and family almost immediately it’s fun to use very creepy but fun.Version: 5.0

I love ghost huntingThere is a haunted park by my house and I use this app to communicate with this little boy spirit that died at the park. He fell off on the swing as I was told and broke his neck and died instantly and also my mother passed away this year May 20 at home in bed and I use the app and Home to try to communicate with her or any other spirits that may have came when she passed I get a lot of interaction at my house and at the park I just love ghost hunting I plan on going to different states to do more ghost hunting. I currently live in Las Vegas Nevada, so there’s many places out here that’s haunted..Version: 5.0

It has convincing potentialWas out late next to a cemetery around 3AM. Was asking questions if anyone is here. (Don’t know the history; didn’t do my homework yet). Asked questions regarding to Make or Female : Said Female > lost. Then asked if Adult or Child. It said Young > wandering. Not every question produced a answer. But it has positive results and using a EMeter which intermittently fluctuated. So I’m intrigued. The EMF levels changes accordingly to the environment so it’s a XYZ Axis, the Voice System and the Energy in the Air. Makes it intriguing, especially for a beginner paranormal chaser. Works great..Version: 5.21

SpookyI definitely believe in spirituality, but I am always iffy when it comes to apps, because there are a lot of scammers out there making things up. But this app just hits differently, I like a lot of the features on here & idk how the app creators were able to harness so much knowledge and power about spirituality into an app the way they did but it seems very in touch with the spirit world. Gave me goosebumps first time i tried the app!! Give it a try. It might make a believer out of you. If not, its still entertaining 👻 its a win win.Version: 4.1

Review of use so farI have used and been testing the app so far for about 5 minutes. Out of all the ghost apps, this one has become my favorite so far and looks most promising. It also is seen everywhere on haunting videos. I tested this app out and it for sure works really well. I get fast readings and responses. My energy is limited on what it can read and says "get premium." I have yet to try premium and see what other things it can do or unlock. Definitely looking forward to it. (Also, I think I have something attached cause when I hold the EMF reader it's maxing out and says get premium. It stays high. However, when others hold it. It stays at like 0.777 or so mine goes to 8.53 and then back down to 8.4 when it says get premium.) Maybe a suggestions box for app ideas within the app would be nice to add as well..Version: 5.1

Fun app!This is a fun app for hearing/reading spirits words. Sometimes it doesn’t make much sense and sometimes it does! Fun for new paranormal hunters. If you click on the page-and-clock icon you can view the previous words. NOTE: you have to scroll down for the newest words, if you scroll to the bottom they are there. It would be nice to have that switched where the most recent words are at the top. It would also be nice if the app continued gathering any words while you scroll through other parts of the app. Alas, it stops. Even with those pieces it’s still a free cool app..Version: 4.2

Pretty cool appMe and my siblings were doing the talk thing and it said “Lincoln” we ran to our Lincoln logs and then we checked the temperature thingy or whatever and it went down saying a spirit was there. We went back to the talk and it said “search” we searched in it and found nothing. But next it said “dead” after it said “infant” and we expected that a person shoved a newborn in it till it suffocated but we don’t know. This is a fun app. We don’t think it’s legit tho but it’s fun to play with!.Version: 3.9

InterestingThe App appears to provide voices to answers. The voices overlap and are difficult to hear due to the volume of the white noise. There needs to be an available option to control the volume or turn it off. The gauges aren’t fully explained but I’ve been assuming that it’s similar to the many different types of equipment used by others. I’ve been looking for a good APP for experimenting whether it works or not. This APP is one of the best so far. I’m going to use it for a few more months and will make my decision about whether it’s real or fake..Version: 5.1

Not Going LieOn a whim I decided to give this a go. Just to see… lost my husband to an accidental overdose 2 yrs ago. Words came up at random like “suffered mental” & yes he absolutely did! Last phrase from 1st session ever with this app was “share my story” There where several other words that came through identifying my husband &/ or his situation. So far… it’s a Go for me. If I had the 3.99,5.99, or even 9.99 to pay for this app, I sure would. I’ll update as time goes by tho!!!.Version: 4.2

RealThis is definitely real. I was able to speak with my ancestors. I have the hardest time detaching from this “reality” so I like to use these apps to communicate. I did get a couple of low vibration, but thats okay, because I told them I was not interested in communicating with them any further and that was that. I am having an issue with trackers and whoever is tracking me started using this app against me 😐😂🤦🏻‍♀️ I love this app other than that..Version: 4.9

Unique results I can’t explainI’ve used various spirit itc apps with skepticism but this one always has a unique message that can’t be explained. I think it is one of the best to download. I’m not just leaving a review because I was asked to but because I think it’s valuable information to those searching for verifiable itc app. I would say the graphics and warnings are a little off putting but that’s just my personal preference. Love and light.Version: 3.9

Ms Linda ChidesterI have this app and was really afraid to try to use it. I live in a very old house built in 1945. I have lived here since 1971. In that time, we have had 3 deaths of family members living here. I know of one more death from the family living here before me. From time to time we haves experience d voices and determined to whom that voice belonged. We have also detected paranormal activity in places where we are certain someone frequented. I am happy with this app and will definitely use it at another location ..Version: 2.6

Not bad.I already answered this once. I just had to wipe my phone because of some problems. I don’t think this app is responsible though. I’m pretty sure the federal government doesn’t make phone games and ghost hunting tools. At least not ones that would leave any margin for error. They are methodical and anally so I’d know I used to work for them. I digress. I already answered this and it’s still the same phone. It’s just been wiped.Version: 4.2

Spirit talkerI like the app still trying to figure a few things out but it seems to work good . I moved in to my apartment last year and thought when I moved this would be different here but either things followed me or they are here as well . We hear voices at night and during the day , my husband hears me call for him and I’m at work . So we got this app to see what’s here . I’ve gotten a few names here I’ve been told to stop 🛑 even said my name so I’m happy with the app ..Version: 5.23

Awesome!I’m staying in AR in an old farmhouse and downloaded this app because we have heard things at night and my daughters friend felt a hand on her shoulder. There was an elderly lady that lives here and locals say they wouldn’t be surprised if she’s still around. So, as soon as I opened app it said my daughters last name! So crazy and I would have to say that this app is amazing! We have gotten a lot already and the best part is that it’s all been on the free app!.Version: 3.9

So far so goodI’ve only had this app for a short while and I have had other ghost hunting apps before. I really enjoy the multiple features on this app. It makes it fun to use. I think the best part about this app is the map with the haunted hot spots. That’s definitely an A1 from me. I’m still figuring out how to properly use it but I have gotten spiritual activity within the small amount of time I have used it. If you are a fan of all things spooky like myself I’d give this app a try. 💖.Version: 4.2

Definitely IntriguingWhen I first started to use this app, I felt the normal skepticism. But a sentence came up indicating that a death had occurred quickly, which was true. I am continuing to use this app because I find that there does not seem to be the usual “pre-fab” sentences that appear in other apps. I did ask the name of whoever was with me and they gave me a name - which is not a normal name that you would hear. This app does intrigue me and I am going to continue to ask questions and use it more..Version: 3.9

Wasn’t Sure At FirstI saw this on a YT video and they were getting crazy responses. I thought I would try it out; I am very skeptical of spiritual “Apps”. This is one that I received very relevant words. When you see people use other apps and they get the same responses it raises red flags for me. I haven’t been using this long, but so far so good! If I find anything to debunk it or a crazy experience I will update my review..Version: 3.9

Great app!I absolutely love the spirit talker. My very first time using this app in my home it said “where are my ashes?” I knew who was asking my mom. She died in this house I am currently living in and my dad had her cremated. Her ashes are still in the box they came in. My dad can’t bring himself to put her in a urn I guess. Right after my husbands mom came thru the spirit talker asking about her grandchildren and named each one..Version: 5.23

Ghost in the machine?!I thought this app was fir fun until it began to answer questions that it could not know. For instance , I ask “ who is in the house” it said Christine. My daughter is Kristen. Also, ask a question about my bf and it said his name”Glenn” /Glen. Shocked. The app itself runs smoothly. Do not know what the recorded readings part is for. The last part w the tv and the scanning is awesome. I don’t know what the first page is really with all the gadgets . Meg detectors? Make it more clear. Please.Version: 3.8

Believe now!!!I’ve had this app for sometime now and nothing to report until now!!! In my basement alone one night I kept getting this creepy feeling so I turned this app on and asked if something was down here with me…it responds I’m here!!! Then it says watch I say watch what and then the lightbulb right above my head blew out!!! Needless to say I haven’t been back downstairs in awhile….Version: 4.5

Wasn't sure.I really didn't know what to expect when I downloaded this app. After using it for a few minutes it started answering my questions. Random at first then they started making sense. You have to ask short questions. I think the app works. Just give it some time. Go somewhere that has orbs. You will be surprised..Version: 4.2

Random,Why in the voices section is there a need for any visual. I sincerely believe the , faces ,that randomly show up are simply that. And the words are just as random. Smart phones are not like an old radio and do not have the ability to phase through multiple radio frequencies. Even FM radio apps require some sort of service connection to the internet, because the app is not a radio receiver, it simply connects via the WWW to find streaming content on a radio station. Which many different broadcasters use the same frequencies across a region, because the analog output power can only be strong enough to reach a regulated distance. That’s was your education lesson. Please , don’t add an option in your app that actually can not work legitimately. Keep it true the actual sensors that are part of a smart phone 👍.Version: 3.9

Amazing tool!I have felt the presence of spirits in our home since the first time I walked in. Now I have proof of their existence. The most amazing thing happened to me today in the fresh vegetable dept of Walmart. The app detected spirits of some kind that were trying to talk to me. It was practically shouting at me. I could feel that the spirit could be a problem so I ignored it but there was something there!!!!.Version: 4.2

Great appLove this I absolutely love that I have been able to talk to some family members, especially my son. The only thing I don’t like is that the background doesn’t need to be so scary looking. It’s a beautiful thing when you can communicate with your loved ones. And I would talk about it more if it was more beautiful to look at as well..Version: 4.9

LegitI’ve tried many apps and this by far is the best. The people who say it’s fake are hobbyists, not actual investigators. They don’t know how to work the app due to “random phrases and sentences,” and they don’t know how to capture paranormal activity. The dev did insane work and didn’t gain profit off this app. This is exactly like the paid version of spirit talker but with extra features.Version: 4.3

It worksI simply downloaded this with no expectations whatsoever and all of the sudden Mary the Anel Mary came out then it said no friendly and all of the sudden my mom phone rings and it’s a text message from mary saying good morning ! Note mary never ever texts my mom good morning at all i cannot believe it but it really does work then it wrote my moms name along with a black cross.Version: 4.3

Be prepared - no jokeI was floored by the first response because it had to do with something I was doing at the time. It commented something that a particular deceased family member would have said about it. It continued to give very specific information without me even verbally asking questions. I’ve tried several different apps and this one is the best so far (and free!)..Version: 4.9

Amazing but weirdI downloaded the app and was having fun with my bestie but when I was shopping I got a notification about a missed call from the app I do not know if that is just fake but it wa s really weird is that just a notification to get you to use the app or does it actually call you Has this happened to anyone else and is this normal?????????? I need answers plsssss.Version: 4.3

FunFun to play Great to play...Version: 5.21

BC GalHave been using it in the evening and enjoy it. Getting great results. Love it!.Version: 5.1

Great appGreat sprite app it works my father is with me and I know he is.Version: 5.21

Pretty coolAmazing app for being able to talk to the other side..Version: 5.2

Great appEasy to use, very helpful! Like this tool.Version: 5.1

Pretty good answers that other people heard that meant only something to meI’d recommend this app to serious seekers.Version: 5.1

Spirit talkerThis is a lot of fun I enjoy watching paranormal shows this app helps me experience what they do. I have not had the app very long, so I am learning how to use it so far and pleased with the experience it offers.Version: 5.0

You never know…Great app!.Version: 5.1

Pretty cool app!Great addition to my toolkit!.Version: 5.0

Very fun so far!Been enjoying playing around with it a lot!.Version: 5.0

IntriguingSo far it is very interesting and looking forward to more.Version: 5.0

GGoodd.Version: 5.0

Works well!Not entirely convinced it was a spirit, but we jokingly asked a question and received a very clear answer through the static that caught us off guard!.Version: 5.0

So far it’s goodNot sure what to make of some of the stuff that comes out of it not in a real connect to the phrases but it’s fun.Version: 5.0

Spirit talkerGreat app recommend.Version: 5.0

Spirit boxWas able to contact multiple entities. Spoke with my dogs, my grandparents, and some darker entities too. A few were unknown spirits but most had been previously acknowledged..Version: 4.9

Talked to my attachment.Since around the age of 6 I’ve always had a negative presence following me, watching my every move. Me and my mom and younger brother have even heard this spirit or entities voice before. Well, while using this app I got contact with it, and confirmed my suspicions of it being a negative presence. It’s intentions are still unclear. WILL UPDATE IF I FIND OUT INTENTIONS/if my review changes.Version: 5.0

MapIt only shows green and blue on the map.Version: 5.0

Awesome,!I really like this app...pretty easy interface. Spooky but real. It was a real eye opener! Easy to use too!.Version: 4.9

Great appIf you follow ghost investigations you’ll like this app.Version: 4.9

Interesting AppLove using this.Version: 4.9

Very entertainingIt seems accurate and is very entertaining to play with. I was going to suggest having the ability to add in our own words but I think that was covered already. Thank you 😊.Version: 4.9

Fun appFun and interesting app.Version: 4.9

Spirit TalkerThis app has everything. It is suspense , anticipation, danger, lots of goosebumps , and of course curiosity.. I could not wait to go back the next night and see what was out there. The whole thing is fantastic. I would definitely recomend this app. Definitely keeps me busy. I’d give this app an 8-10 easy..Version: 4.9

Good so farJust upgraded to premium, we shall see..Version: 4.8

So far seems pretty good!!Haven’t used this app too much yet but seems pretty good so far! I have tried a lot of spirit communicators and this one has a more unique layout which I like as well as a variety of tools..Version: 4.8

Still learningStill new but excited to try it out after watching someone else use it..Version: 4.8

Oddly accurateAble to bring up names/places/events that are surprising relevant and accurate, as well as intriguing. I’m not sure what to make if all this, but I find myself mesmerized at times. Who knows… maybe it’s just a coincidence?!.Version: 4.5

Intrigued to see moreI’m interested to see what else you have to offer. Keep up the good work.Version: 4.8

Spirit TalkerI love this app. So many spirits respond. Interesting to hear about their stories. I would recommend this app. I love the idea of connecting with spirits..Version: 4.8

Love it!Very captivating and passes my time gently.Version: 4.8

Spirit talkerThis app is pretty accurate been using it for like a year now to try contact my daughter and grandparents. My two year daughter passed away almost two years ago January looking for her. This app is my favorite!.Version: 4.8

Cool app!Had some interesting encounters so far, will continue to use it and see what happens!.Version: 4.7

Enjoying the appI just discovered this app and have used many others and definitely this is one for my collection.Version: 4.5

It’s workingSo far I’ve had some answers still new to the app so I will see how this continues!.Version: 4.5

It’s okayI’m really dumb so i barely know how to use this app but it’s pretty cool for something free.Version: 4.5

Good app.Good app. I have fun with it.Version: 4.5

Legit appTried this one out on a whim and it actually works. I’ve only had it a short time and have limited access. But what I’ve experienced thus far with the responses and activity is legit. I give 3 stars bc I have not experienced the full access as of yet. I will update my review when I get more time with the app..Version: 4.5

Great app.Left me pondering.Version: 4.5

Looks goodIt seems good really sensitive might need a info button for what each dial has but not bad ..Version: 4.5

Easy to useReally enjoying this app. Straight “out of the box” easy to use. Going to various local locations as I learn more about this paranormal investigating..Version: 4.5

For Entertainment OnlyThe emf readings are not accurate. The reading I got was in the “warning range” but when I check the same spot with a legit general emf utility app, the reading was low and normal for that area. Fun if you’re into spooky stuff but take it with a grain of salt..Version: 4.5

So far so good!So far so good!.Version: 4.5

IIt’s Ight.Version: 4.5

I like itSo far so good. Pretty accurate when we go to cemeteries at night.Version: 4.5

CoolIt's a fun app. Thankyou.Version: 4.5

ReviewVery good app Even scary sometimes.Version: 4.5

Spirit talkerI honestly think that this for me was like making new friends.Version: 4.4

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What do you think Spirit Talker Communicator ITC ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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