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Cancel Tyranny - This app makes putting an end to tyranny easy. This is the only app that gives you all the information you need when dealing with the police and places it in one convenient location on your mobile device. Now whenever a cop tries to illegally ID or detain you, you will have the state law and case law right at your fingertips. The app is specifically made for any citizen who wishes to learn his or her rights as a FREE AMERICAN. It's also especially useful to auditors due to having all pertinent information readily available when you need it. Cancel Tyranny places the law at your fingertips and in your pocket.

Our app allows you to find and quote the law to cops in a matter of seconds. The app features different categories so you will easily find pertinent information that you need.

Commonly used amendments while dealing with police.

In App Pocket Guide

Major Supreme Court holdings.

Case Law that gives citizens the right to record.

Which states have stops and ID statutes which states don't. (Covers all 50 states)

Case Law on search and seizures

Gun laws for all 50 states.

Case Law on traffic stops.

Laws for passengers on traffic stops.

Break down explanation on public vs private property.

Break down explanation on probable cause vs reasonable articulable suspicion.

Case Law on roadblocks.

A Poster 7

Direction on what to do if you are arrested.

Cancel Tyranny App Comments & Reviews

Cancel Tyranny Positive Reviews

Disregard my last commentAfter going back into the app I found the rest of the content….There does appear to be quite a bit of content to help anyone looking to learn about their rights……Sorry for the one star review and would like to apologize for my quick and incorrect one star review..Version: 1.0.11

Well worth $5Incredible amount of time, money, and research saved by getting this app. So informative and honestly empowering. Very user-friendly and for someone who doesn’t have much time to do this research or even know where to go to do this type of research, this app is invaluable! Thank you We the People!.Version: 1.0.11

Pocket sized law encyclopedia.This app comes from a man very familiar with the laws. This easy to use functional encyclopedia on Constitutional Rights and the laws that apply to them is amazing. In a few short minutes and clicks I was able to find pertinent information on my state regarding my inquiry. Abiyah Israel is amazing! Thanks brother for all you do!.Version: 1.0.11

The information from his YT makes it worth itI have been watching his YT channel for over a year and this is just a small way to say thanks and get more great Useful information. Big Thanks!!!.Version: 1.0.11

As a brand new auditor this is amazing!!!So I’m new to the auditing world, this app has massively stepped up my game so I know my rights better than ever before! You really outdid yourself brother! Thanks for making this.Version: 1.0.11

Handy App to Have On YouThe app interface is clean, and well organized. It has State Specific Information; which is very important. The app is PACKED FULL OF IMPORTANT INFORMATION; laws, our rights, and court cases setting precedent. Absolutely; GET IT!!.Version: 1.0.2

This is SOLIDDownloading it now. We The People University knows his stuff. Get this app and share the info with your loved ones! It’s indispensable. How ingenious to put it at our literal fingertips! 🤩.Version: 1.0.2

Great and informativeLooking forward for future updates as laws are always changing! Thanks for creating this app.Version: 1.0.11

5 StarsThis is exactly what I needed! Straight simple and too the point. Seriously, good job on this one!.Version: 1.0.18

It’s ok.Minnesota information for showing ID is wrong. Sent feedback to get it fixed siting the law a bit a go and it’s still wrong. If this part is wrong there’s likely other parts wrong as well. Great idea for an app though..Version: 1.0.11

Best $4.99 out thereI NEVER spend money on apps, but there’s so many resources here it’s well worth it.Version: 1.0.11

Great info!!This was well-thought out and put together. A great but of info and case laws in your pocket!.Version: 1.0.2

Yes!!Love him and everything he does for the normal people that live everyday lives!!!.Version: 1.0.11

Great appOne of the best apps for information I have seen. Great study.Version: 1.0.14

Easy to use and very informativeI applaud Abiyah for making such an educative app. It's user friendly and informative. His Youtube channel We The People University has become one of my channel. I truly believe it is so important to know your rights and this app is such a useful tool to educate yourself on such subjects..Version: 1.0.18

Wealth of InformationThe value of this app is well worth the five dollars. What a great idea to put all of this information together in one place, and easily accessible on our mobile phones and devices. The UI is seamless, intuitive, and applicable. Great job, Abiyah! See his YouTube channel, We the People University..Version: 1.0.2

Kool App to have!It was priced at $4.99 and worth every cent! Glad I watch 1st Amendment videos to find this available by way of YouTube. Lots of information at your fingertips. Many features that are helpful. A must have. Now you can carry this against possibly a misinformed Cop that might try and pull a fast one on you. You never know until it happens to you….Version: 1.0.2

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