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The wildly popular Toca Kitchen is back! With new guests to cook for, more tools to play with and new food combinations to test out, Toca Kitchen 2 invites all chefs to get messy and start playing!

Who said dishes have to be pretty and tasty? In Toca Kitchen 2 you can cook however you want! Juice tomatoes, boil the salad or make a burger. Come up with your very own recipes and treat your guests to something special.

With five different kitchen tools to choose from, you have the perfect setup for preparing fun foods! Load up with your favorite ingredients, add a squeeze of messiness and finish off with a pinch of weirdness. Time to let your guest have a bite! Was it a winner?

Discover your guests’ preferences by watching their reactions. Oven-baked fish head with fried leftovers and lettuce juice coming right up! Oh, they didn’t like it? Try adding some salt. It’s fun to get the “ew”!

- New ingredients in the fridge
- New characters to feed
- Stronger character reactions
- Five kitchen tools to cook with
- New juicer and oven
- No rules or stress - just open-ended, kid-directed fun!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases


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Toca Kitchen 2 App Comments & Reviews

Toca Kitchen 2 Positive Reviews

Great Game! but needs some improvements…Awesome game but I need some improvements oh my god why did I just say that you’re probably wondering why I just said that because literally it’s in the tie we don’t I just said that anyways so I think it needs stuff like eggs and stuff I also want like the pot to make soup and stuff and there can be a recipe book so that you can make recipes from other people or make your own recipe and share it with the world! I was just wondering but I will be very happy if you do that because I need some improvements like I’m tired of playing the game and wishing that there were some eggs so I can make like recipes with eggs and just like the another review I want us to me to be able to make stuff like cupcakes and cake and ice cream I also want there to be a freezer so that you can make Popsicles with the blender I was just wondering doesn’t this sound fun if it does please add it to the game please pretty please 🥺🥺🥺.Version: 2.1

Amazing App! Just some suggestions.. 🍟Hello! This app is a huge improvement from the first Toca Kitchen, which I’m very proud of to say that, unlike the many other reviewers, I am in love with both of your Toca Kitchen’s. I have seen nothing similar comparing the 2nd app to other apps, because it is uniquely awesome that there is several ways to prepare dishes for the people who enter Toca’s restaurant, funny reactions from them after munching on gross food, and many more ways to love this app. But I have more suggestions to update the app: I think it would be fun to have more foods, but with these foods you would be able to.. I don’t know how to explain it. With an egg, you could be able to crack it, and make an omelet or scrambled eggs. With flour, batter, and etc you could make a cupcake or cake. That’s one food suggestion. The second suggestion is more than one restaurant. There could be Chinese restaurant, an Italian restaurant, and many more with the food I suggested above these words. I think that will make a fun- food update for Toca fans, and I will enjoy it if you look into making these suggestion reality. Thank you for reading this suggestion!.Version: 1.2.2

Amazing!!! I recommend this app (:So I love this app like a lot there’s lots if different things to do in this app. I like that you can choose the customer and how to cook the food you want. One Idea I have for this app is if you can make a peeler station. Like you can peel fruit, and potatoes etc. I don’t think my customers like eating bannana peels and orange peels. Just an idea but it would be amazing if it was added to the game. Overall the creativity is amazing, and the realistics of the food is great, too. I would also LOVE it if you could add more food options. Don’t get me wrong, the app is already amazing, but it gets a little boring cooking the same food. I can still explore more possibilities, but you can only see them spit out your smoothie on the screen so many times. So yeah if you are reading this people I definitely recommend the app it’s worth it to pay $3 it will keep you entertained for a long time, especially if you’re new. So yeah thank you.Version: 1.2.3

Awesome Game! A few suggestions...This game is great to keep young kids busy, and I will admit that I actually enjoy it! It was a free app of the week a few months back, and it made me happy to think of when I was younger and I loved Toca Boca games, so I installed it. It was great, (still is) but I think that you should add a few things to make it more interesting for older people (but still fun for younger kids)! You could add more characters, more ways to cook, more reactions, more food (I think an egg would be useful) and just some cool new features, like, maybe add the ability for players to mix foods together in bowls, then serve it, like salads or soups! Also, I think adding a burger and a way to turn things into soups and not just smoothies and juice would be fantastic! Please take this into consideration, as I think that this game is a wonderful and lovely game for children, but it may be just a little bit more fun to have some more cooking options. :).Version: 1.2.1

I have suggestionsThis is a great game with endless possibilities but I think you guys should add more to it. For example, add more food. Also if we blend different things in a mixer or something that we don’t have yet which are ingredients for a cookie recipe, we would then put it in the oven and they would come out as cookies. I don’t just want to change the food, I want to evolve it. Also if you run out of food you should be able to go to the grocery store and choose what food you want. This goes back to the more food idea. You could have flour, bananas, chocolate chips, a cook book, a mixer, and many more. Please consider my suggestions and change the game a little bit. It hasn’t been updated in a while. Thank you. Please consider my ideas..Version: 1.2.2

Worth the 💵This app is a lot of fun! Maybe you could add mixing ingredients together instead of having it just all on the plate. You can also add more food and ways you can cook it. All in all, it is a great game that I recommend. Suggestions for future Toca apps; have a multiplayer medieval town! You could train, hunt, farm, rule, fight, etc. Maybe have it be free roam and have towns and shops. Once you get in the game and sign up you get put into a place, ( farmer, knight, ruler, doctor, etc ) you could also work your way up. You could die and come back as a different person. Have tons of different kingdoms that have real people as citizens and rulers. You could travel by sea, horse, foot, etc, and get money that you could steal from other people or earn it. You could get in prison and people decide your fate, (or you break out ) Just a suggestion 😜.Version: 1.2.1

BUYI have zero suggestions it is so good it is perfect for ages (4-11 ) I’m 9 and I’m obsessed you can pretend to be your own chef while seeing the customers reaction it is so great I love it love it love it love it zero suggestions it is great it is worth paying 399 for buy it it’s 150% worth it it’s 1,000,000% worth it it’s 10,000,000,000,000% worth it it’s 500,000,000,000,000% worth it it’s 900,000,000,000,000% worth it buy it by it by it by it if you have kids it would entertain them for hours so buy it it is so worth it it is one of the greatest abs I’ve ever bought it it is so good so nice entertains children 150% it is so good I love it so much it is literally the best app I’ve ever gotten and you’re actually learning so get it your kids will learn so you need to buy it like now I said now bye it’s so good love Zoey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 2.0

Good old times but weird glitch-I’ve been playing this game since I was 6 it’s been a while since I’ve played this old game and well…I’m 12 now. I decided I wanted to play while I had some screen time left and oh GOSH WOW this game needs some UPDATES DEARLY. Seriously the carrot when through the chicken on a plate. When I tried to move it to make my tiny little brain feel better, it glitched and made it face straight up. Erm…what? Confusing stuff here….over all that’s all I noticed. Though I understand…has that happened before since it’s an old game? (Like over 5 years old in case you’re wondering) Anyway nothing else changed and its great for younger kids. Just the carrot is erm…it needs a doctor and help FAST xD. -CB.Version: 2.0

Wow!God this is a good app! I suggest people to get this if your addicted to food. I have some suggestions that I wanna add to the game. 1. More people. The girl, boy, yeti are fun! I want more people. do a rude karen or a black person. 2.A stacking machine. So you can make Sandwiches and Burgers or stacked pancakes! 3. More Food, I love the options but I would like....Kelp or Sashimi, or......Cheese, porkchop, etc. 4. Eating the food at the same time. I would suggest making a mixing machine to mix like... chicken and rice, Then they can eat at the same time. 5. Sushi Maker. I would get seaweed,rice and fish for it. We can make sushi or sashimi. 6. More Sauces. The sauces are great, I just need more like..Tomato Sauce and....that sweet sauce for banhxeo. Thats all. This game was great! Sorry its long..Version: 1.2.2

Excellent game! Wide variety! Perfection!This game is outstanding if you are beginning to learn to cook, or if you just want to have fun and create a mess. There could be some more additions though, like more food or contraptions to prepare it. I actually have no specific ideas, but if this game is made to the fullest, it could be insanely good. People keep saying to have currency and stuff to unlock, but in my opinion, this is the first company that can make good games that are just go in, have fun, do whatever. Please don’t turn this into anything else, being a sandbox kinda game gives it its charm, like all the Toca games After like.. half an hour of playing, I got bored. Like I said before, there is barely anything to work with..Version: 1.2.2

SuggestionsHi! I really like your apps (even though I am 13 xD) and I thought I might give you some ideas for this app. -A stacking station. This will allow you to put foods on top of each other, which can lead to sandwiches and burgers. -A peeling station. This allows you to remove the skin of a food item, for example, you could peel a potato, chop it up, and put it in the deep fryer to make French fries. -More food areas. Maybe there could be a pantry or some cupboards, where there are different food items. -A mixing/combining station. You could choose to use the countertop or a bowl, and you can mix different things together to create new foods. There could be eggs in the fridge and flour and sugar in a pantry, and you could create cake by mixing those, or with the countertop, you could get fish and rice, and you could combine those to make sushi. -More characters. It is always good to have extra characters to feed. Maybe there could be the cat from the first game, or maybe one of the monsters from the monster kitchen. I really hope you read this and consider adding these in..Version: 1.2.2

This is awesome!This is an amazing game. You can play it when you are bored or even get some free time. You can make lots of fun foods for the characters too. You can use the condiments to make it super hot or salty. I love this game and would totally recommend it. I just have a couple suggestions. Maybe you should add more characters to feed. Also the character should come in and tell you the food they want, and they give you a rating on it and pay you. Once they pay you maybe you could buy new ways to make food/new food itself. Also, unlocking levels would be cool. So you have to step up your game for more picky customers. Thanks for reading my review! 😁.Version: 1.2.2

One of the best cooking games! 🍗Another beautiful edition to the long line of Toca Boca games. I've played Toca kitchen before and the second edition is definitely an improvement. More fridge space, more ways to cook, even a different way to cut, with of course, more condiments. The characters are more reactive than the first. No constant adds or in-app purchases to disdract you from gameplay. I also love how the game doesn't bug you with notifications telling you to play. Overall this is an amazing new cooking game for me and I hope that more of your games have second editions. Thank you for reading this review, and if you are considering bying this game, I have nothing against you. 🙂🍐.Version: 1.2.1

I absolutely love this!I absolutely LOVe 💗 this game! It’s so fun! You can do whatever you want whenever you! And that’s what I like about it! Because most games you have to cook what the customer wants. But in this game you can do whatever you want! I just wish it was more like the sushi kitchen and I wish there were more character to cook for! But other than that I loooooove this game it is soooo amazing! It is easy to navigate and I love to see the character’s reaction to what I cooked! And I think it is so cool that you can also prepare drinks! Also I have to add I love a lot of Toca boca’s games they are so fun and creative! Thank you for making such awesome/epic games! I look forward so seeing/playing more of Toca Boca’s games! -Toca Boca Fannnnn 😆.Version: 1.2.3

Awesome! 👍🏻👍🏻I love this game! I love the idea of cooking but never actually want to cook with real food so this was just the game for me! It's really realistic and you can fry, boil, bake, cut, blend, grill! And you can do whatever you want! It's not like those cooking games where someone orders something and you have to make what they want. You're making what you want!! It would be cool though if there was an option to make a sandwich because when you try to put it on the plate in the shape of a sandwich it just doesn't look like that. It also would be cool if there was a way to make sauce or something liquid in the actual cooking part not having the liquid be only in the blending part..Version: 1.2.1

To the makers of toca bocaNow I know this game is ment for little children but the potential for this game has so much if you the makers of this game could make a version for old user then it would make hella money now I know that your like why is a 15 year old playing are game but if u could cut properly and make sauces for your dishes like for instant have a pan to bake things together and have thing to what you could fry things in this game like flour and make it more realistic were u can blend somthin and make a soup or put it in the frying pan or somthing that make this like real cooking and keep the orignal graphic this game could be selling a lot more.Version: 1.2.1

Just FeedbackI absolutely love this game! I am a little childish so this game keeps me busy. A cousin of mine, 24, also loves this game. I think updates should come more often though. For example, with some updates, more food or appliances could be added. And with others, maybe we could mash potatoes or create jam for toast. 😂 I understand if this takes a lot of coding and stuff, and also, you might be busy with another game. Thanks for reading! Ps. To people who are wondering if they should get this game- To sum it all up, this game is really fun and can keep you busy. I didn’t mind the cost because it was all worth it. Once again, Thanks for Reading!.Version: 1.2.2

I Love this gameTocakitchen2 is my favorite you have three people to pick and Aunt gives you some items for you to make as a drink wise food it’s funny of the refraction when you give them some thing they don’t like spicy food if you do feel generous give them their favorite food and give them a nice drink and if you feel evil get something to eat don’t like either put it in the blender once it’s done blending before you give it to them get the hot sauce and put the catchup and then I’ll put it in the cup over a cup and then you give him once again the reaction ❤️.Version: 2.1

Great for multiple ages!I'm a 16 year old girl & every once in awhile I do reach for this game. The real reason I have it on here though is for my younger siblings. I would say this game particularly reached out to ages 3-8 (of course ages above can play at will 😊). It is perfect for my little siblings when they're a little whiny in the car, being loud & distracting in public, being annoying when I babysit them, all the essentials! This is a fantastic game, I would say it is worth the few bucks you pay for it! Would highly recommend to parents, older siblings, and babysitters.. (But don't feel obliged to only get it for kids 😉).Version: 1.2.1

Pls add these things!First of all, there is nothing wrong with the game, I LOVE IT! But it would be cool if: There were more food options -Nothing wring with these ones, it would just be cool to have things like eggs/cheese/etc. I also wish there were more slides that home, a fridge, and the cooking area -I don’t know what those slides would be, maybe a pantry. Idk, but it would be cool Also, it would be cool if there was bowls. -so we can make soup!!! It would also be cool if we could have the option to have an up top view of the food, but still able to go back to its original view too. and if you could stack foods on top of each other. Also, sometimes you can only put 3-5 foods in a pan or something, or how you can only put one kind of food on a plate... also, it would be cool if you can have more people and set op a restraint or a kitchen or something. And utensils! And the rice and spaghetti need to be, the actual look of rice and spaghetti Idk just things to consider, thank you!.Version: 1.2.2

Good game, but room for improvementSo it’s a good game especially if you like cooking and don't get to do a lot of it in real life, but for me it eventually gets boring. First of all, I really wish you had a wider range of foods. Second, I really, really think if you could make desserts, this game would be awesome. Like cupcakes and cakes and cookies and chocolate.....🍪🍫🍭🍩🍦🎂🍨🍧🥧 Third, you should be able to make things into a sauce, like tomatoes so you can put it on spaghetti. Especially because when I put ketchup on spaghetti as a replacement, the girl spit it out and acted like it was the most disgusting thing in the world. And lastly, if you could customize the people who you feed, that would be good. Don't get me wrong, I 💖 toca boca games..Version: 1.2.2

SuggestionsI have some suggestions for maybe new game that could happen, toca kitchen 3. Or these suggestions could just be added to this game toca kitchen 2. Let's start with the sauces/Seasoning. Maybe there could be something like you could put ketchup on the side or something like that. Now food. I saw this on another review someone wrote where they had an idea for recipes and I also think that should be added. And some more food too to work with. Like a recipe book. Maybe some more ways of cooking or making drinks. I hope you consider any of these suggestions. Thank you!.Version: 1.2.2

You should adds thingsLike you can add flour sugar like ingredients for things like some more foods like more fruits vegetables and like some eggs and more appliances like a mixer and like a pan to make something to make apple pie or desserts and a ice cream machine and a microwave like you can add meat balls or things like cereal you can add milk and every cereal or something like where you can make cakes and cookies and taller cups like you can make chocolate bars cookies in any holiday like some candy and my like some coffee or like macaroons and like new spices that’s it sorry if I said sorry too much.Version: 2.0

I made the craziest foods in Toca kitchen!I love this game because it has weird sound affects and sometimes people eat raw food like the monster. And the music is very not annoying. You can make your own food in Toca kitchen and you don’t have to make in real life and burn yourself when your kid you get to make food! One time I remember I put hot sauce all over this food and then the monster or the person made a weird face expression so that’s also one thing this face expressions are awesome! Everyone you have to buy this game it’s full of cool foods..Version: 1.2.3

The game is good but..Why can’t u put two steaks in at the same time?and then u can put the other steak in when the first steak was done?! so and this game is still good at least there is emotions like other games I played don’t so I gave this a four stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ also…I want there to be more foods like more fruits like apple bananas lemons and there is only the lemon thing not the fruit u can cook with. I’m just saying these I don’t hate the game because of that lol but I do want more fruits to be added.Version: 2.0

Awesome game, could use some updates.This game is AMAZING. Even people older than eight may enjoy it! But you can update some things, like, for instance, more foods to use. The spaghetti should separate when it's boiling. Make it that you can make sandwich. Add a grill or something, or add a thing where it says it's time for dinner, lunch, or breakfast. Add missions, like "Can you make a breakfast using only these ingredients?" Add more characters like some animals and MAYBE you can make it that people can take there own pictures and have there own characters! You can do any of these, or all of them! Sorry for the long paragraph. 😂😂.Version: 1.2.1

Download this game now!So I’ve had this game for about 2 months or so and it’s really fun!but maybe some ideas,first maybe you can make more foods like waffles and ramen!,second maybe another person like a white boy with brown hair. Lastly maybe make some French fries, and if you leave the food in the pot and pan for 10 mins then maybe you can make it start a fire and when you give it to the people they fall down for 2 seconds and the fire stops! It would be really nice if you added those,.Version: 2.1

If your looking for a great cooking game this is the game for youI love this game but I was sad when I didn’t have enough money for it eventually I got the money and bought it and I’m an obsessed with it plus no ads! I just wish there was more food or people that’s my only complaint most of the time I tell what’s on my mind about things and other cooking games don’t seem as good ( I still play other cooking games) I always do little role plays with the characters and food I admit I’m a weird person.Version: 1.2.3

You dont have to readThis is a super great game and i love it the only thing is that it costs i was lucky that i got the game before it started costing money but my brother did not and i now the reviews are supposed to be all about the game itself but i don't think the game should this much money for something that has a older version. the only thing I'm saying is that people wont bye this if they see that their is a older version of the game thats very similar to this one and it doesn't cost.Version: 2.1

Um it is okHi I like this game but I feel like it should have a update on it because all you do is cut with a knife and boil food and make smoothies for them but put the negative stuff behind us anyways this is a really good game you should get it and also there are 3 people you can choose to feed I always pick the monster I think he looks cool and the other to players like hum that makes me laugh haha because it is also really good game other than the update you should get this game it is really funny and it helps you if your stressed out so make sure to buy it 🤪😃🥳😁.Version: 2.1

AwesomeToca Boca did a good job on this game! I like it a lot but, I would like to recommend some features. Either make toca kitchen 3, Or add to this game the following: A mixing bowl where you can make salad, soup, etc. Add new reactions and new food like apples and eggs and lettuce or lemons and maybe ice for drinks, etc. You should also add a toaster maybe like where you slice bread and toast it and be able to like add jelly or peanut butter on it. And the deep fryer you should have to batter the food first before you fry it so it’s realistic. I think these features would be really cool! Thanks for reading my review..Version: 1.2.1

Great Game! 👍 but please add...I love this game. I play it as like a clicker game, or as a stress reliever. It is fun and entertaining, and the animation is superb. I only wish that it included a station for peeling food. It would be best for preparing onions. None of the characters like the onions because they have skin on them. With said peeling station, skin could be removed, the onions could be cooked, and the characters could properly enjoy them. The station would also open up more possibilities for cooking in general with the app. Thank you for reading my review love your games! 5⭐️.Version: 1.2.2

Pls add more foodHere’s what i think food that should be add in game 😋 1.Banana Fruit that monkeys like 2. Lemon in the monster edition and the Toca kitchen 1 has lemon but Toca kitchen 2 was now used as a topping but i still want lemon to be add i could just pour water and squeeze the lemon to make lemonade but i want lemon back 3.Add Tofu !!! Tofu is made out of soy! Update Idea: Make food stand on other food so it look more cool 😎 Like when you try to make a hamburger but the onion the tomato bread and meat doesn’t stand on the food i want it to be on! Also Make it flip like the meat the meat was in a 2d way and i want to flip it to make it look better in food That’s all Great game i been playing this and wanting this game for a very long time ago! and now i still play it Hope you can add the food and the update if you can’t that’s ok! It’s fine to have foods or cool update. Hope you can add it!.Version: 1.2.2

AmazeThis game is pretty amazing but you could add a few things to it like a blender, and more foods , maybe more characters and things like recipes so if you don’t want to just cook you can make like a pizza and cookies and the cake stuff like that and you know how they do those animations when they finish their food well can you add one that’s like when you give them too much smoothies they have to run to the bathroom like 4 to 5 smoothies, please I really hope you read this and update the game plz..Version: 1.2.3

10/10 just cook wellThis is the best cooking game i’ve EVER played. I looked up cooking videos and did the recipes and the characters actually liked the food. I even changed their lives by giving them food they didn’t like, cooking it well, then they liked it. The emotions were high when I gave them the food to see if they liked it. When they did it was the best feeling ever. You should definitely get this game. I love it. I was so fun to play!.Version: 2.1

BEST GAME!I have been playing this game for a long time, and it has never let me down! I play on a iPhone, I wish you guys could add the new updates onto the iPhone version please! On another note, the only thing I wish the developers would add is soup. The game already has so many ingredients, since I was younger I’ve always found it a bit, peculiar, how you weren’t able to make soup in the game. But other than that this game really jogs the creative part of my mind! Keep up the good work!!.Version: 1.2.2

WE NEED MORE CHARACTERS!!,Now I know that like it is cool that we have all this food for this game but like maybe we could have like a few more characters because this might be a game for children I don’t know because I haven’t seen the rating yet but if this is a game for children I want l I want to speak for the people maybe the children want to see more reactions to more characters in the game! And yes i know you can just open another kitchen game but what if this is the only kitchen game you have?.Version: 2.1

Amazing app! but, it can add some things.Hello, this is a amazing game I love it so much! But, I have some suggestions. Can you add more characters? There is only three characters and they are really funny, and cute! But if you add more that will be great! Also, more food, and utensils? Like, forks and spoons that would be awesome! And for more food can you add cupcakes, whip cream, cookies, and more! That would be great to add desserts and maybe add some pizza! And if you can add a microwave? That would be great too! Anyways, this game it is amazing! Thank you 😊.Version: 1.2.3

Hey great game!!! Just a suggestionsHi I really like your game but I think you should add in some things, 1: Cheese (because cheese is good) 2: Eggs, and the ability to crack them 3: Being able to melt, or combine foods together to make other foods. 4: Ice cream :0 5: Butter, flour,milk, pretty much what you would find in any other fridge I guess 6: Blueberries, apples, mangoes 7: How about a peeler? Can that be added to the kitchen tools? 8: More guests to choose from 9: Add a Hard mode where you have to cook exactly what the guest want 10: Be able to change the scenery 11: Be able to earn coins from the Hard mode where you can buy different sceneries and characters I also have one question: The clock in Toca Kitchen... Does it show the actual time where you are right now?! It is 10:32 and I saw that the clock was in the same spot..Version: 1.2.1

Great app but it won’t load :)Hello! I played this game when I was little and it was my favorite app on my iPad! I tried re-downloading it for fun and It was just a white screen.. I waited a couple minutes waiting for it to say “toca boca!” But it was still a white screen after minutes of waiting. I don’t know if this is a problem on my iPad or this is a problem with the app. If you can, please try to fix this if this is a problem with the app. Thank you for taking the time to read this :).Version: 1.2.2

Good game 🤗 suggestions😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏One of my best games well I shouldn’t say my best games I just really like it no for that suggestion part I think there should be new utensils tools whatever you wanna call them oh yeah and I saw thisOne review and I do think they should be cookies but grocery stop shop but why do I say shop why am I writing this down I don’t know and yeah no grocery store just cookies maybe utensils tools whatever you wanna call good game.Version: 2.0

Please make a new updateHi! This app is so cool and awesome and has been there my whole childhood. But to make it more fun can there be a option of making your own character like any animal or human. I love having animals in a game and it can be cool if you can make your own character and your own accessories! I would also like to add the fact that you can add more food? Such as yogurt, crossiant, and others! Will you also make a option of making a hot cocoa? Thank you.Version: 1.2.2

It's awesome! But I have some ideas...I read a few reviews and all of them had great ideas i. e. More foods, juices, mixing ability, reactions, etc. I was thinking you should also have foods for every time of day. Including cereal. Then, if we had the mixing ability, we could mix cereal and other foods together! This app has been very entertaining, but this would make it even more entertaining! And, I am a kid, so you should take this into consideration. Thanks!.Version: 1.2.1

This is a great app butI love this app but there are some problems about it. First of all the chopping board does not work maybe it’s my phone but I thought I should address it. Second it would be cool if the noodles and the rice could be separated because when I cook it it just looks like a block of rice or noodles. This is more of a suggestion I think that they should add something to where you could creat your own sauces. This app is very awesome but those are the problems I have experienced and I wanted to share it..Version: 1.2.2

Good but wish there was moreI love this game! It’s very fun, and I really wish I could give it a full 5 stars. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I wish there was a bit more to the game. For example: adding the option to make desserts, being able to stack foods to make like sandwiches and such, and adding more drink options. I think with these changes the game would be perfect! Keep up the great work and I hope you see my review :).Version: 2.0

Great for little kids!Very nice, I love how it’s interactive. If you are a parent consider getting this for your little one! It has no ads and you can make ANY food! You can even make a potato and strawberry smoothie! 😂 And the reactions! 😆😆 It’s so funny and you can even create challenges like if a character doesn’t like a food you can try to cook it so they will like it! It’s worth the $4. I hope this review helps! 😊.Version: 1.2.3

UpdateI play this game mostly everyday and I love it! I always try to make new recipes. something I wish that could change is if there are more foods because I’m running out of ideas of what to cook and make. Maybe add a grocery store or something. Another idea maybe is like you can unlock foods like if ur character likes shrimp then u earn points and can go to the store and choose from a few different foods or drinks..Version: 1.2.3

You pay?I'm going to be completely honest right now, I got this game for FREE, yeah. Either it was bugged, or it used to be free a year ago. I got this game a year ago, and now that I'm looking in the 'paid games' category, I see this. This game is honestly completely pointless, unless you like doing random stuff with the foods your given. There really is no storyline for this, and I don't understand why it costs. It should be free. This game was quite fun, but after trying all of the things and eating all the foods with the characters, there's really not much to do..Version: 1.2.1

Update PleaseAdd more foods and make recipes and more ways to cook!! That would make this app 5 stars.Version: 1.2.1

Very cool 🤘Awesome you can make food ,drinks,yucky foods and drinks.Version: 1.2.1

Awesome game!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Awesome game but I think the that it needs more foods and ways to cook so it does not get boring after you cook all of the foods and put sauce and salt and pepper on them. Otherwise it is a great, fun, 5 ⭐️ rated app.Version: 1.2.2

Fun👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼Great game could use more food options Also can you please please please make a sushi 🍣 game.Version: 1.2.1

Fun butCan you add more food it just gets boring doing the same food can you add pancakes or maybe even cookies that would be great then I'll give you 5 stars keep up the great work.Version: 1.2.1

Still goodHad this on old tablet so good good job guys.Version: 2.1

Awesome!It’s really fun and you could play this for a while, definitely worth $5! There is this thing though, the fridge door keeps opening when nothing is touching it, does not chock it down to 4 stars though. Like I said, it’s a great game for all ages and early chefs to just have fun..Version: 1.2.3

Wow!I made a drink that made one faint!.Version: 1.2.2

UpdateIt needs more foods and more stuff to cook it and to be able too make cake and pancakes and muffins it just needs more to make it better.Version: 1.2.1

GoodThis is……………good………just good.Version: 2.0

Plz addCan you add bowls for soup and washing dishes in their i meen you can’t eat on a dirty plate every single day right? I’ll give 5 stars if you add:)👌.Version: 2.1

Cool game but…The games needs more food it gets boring feeding the same thing add pancakes add pizza and apples add bananas add bacon add those stuff then I will rate this game 5 stars..Version: 2.1


More peopleIt’s fine for the first few days that you play but after a while it gets a little annoying because you never get new people to feed new foods and I feel like kind of boring so developer if you could’ve had a few new people I would be very hooked.Version: 2.1

Amazing game!I love this game so much but I think you should add more food because it could get boring after like a little bit and yeah so you know I think you should get like more foods like for example Lemons cause there is no lemons and lemons are food too.Version: 2.1

Love the app so much!I love this app. I am 13 and still play it. I love making a carrot smoothie for the monster (it makes him fall over- so fun!), making four-course meals, and just having fun. I do wish that there were some basic foods like eggs, cheese, taco shells/tortillas, etc. thanks!.Version: 2.1

It’s something...I used to love this game but after a while I was bored serving food to the three customers there. Maybe if you add more foods or different customers then I would play this game more often. :/.Version: 2.1

MORRE FOOODCan you add more food for example-cookies pancakes sugar pasta Tomato sauce meatballs garlic and also more expressions and characters.Version: 2.1

SuggestionIt would be nice if you added several new ingredients into the game, and more mechanics. Although, other than that I think that’s what you need to improve on..Version: 2.1

Toca is the best 🥳I love all of the Toca games I like this app too..Version: 2.1

Good And fun but…I think the game is a fun cooking game but I wish you could have other things like peppers,eggs cilantro and maybe other seasoning s maybe other fish like King fish salmon sardines but the game is very good I just hoped there could be more stuff..Version: 2.1

Why:(It used to be free now it’s not!? Sad for me :(.Version: 2.1

Fun game!I love this app but I think it could use an update that way it would make it five stars.Version: 2.1

Love the game...I LOVE this game. It is great. My only complaint is that there is only three people to cook for. Please add more people to cook for..Version: 2.0

Really goodI think I killed my customer..Version: 2.1

Super fun app I love it a lotLol.Version: 2.0

Awesome! But update! Add more!This game is awesome! Just needs an update with more additions and food options!.Version: 2.0

Plz more foodThis would have been a 5 star but can you add more food plz because not everyone eats that type of food: you should add... . Sugar . Duck . Apples . Celery . Pecan . Cheese . Pasta . Actual lemons And: the ability to combine foods to make pies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and much much more! Thx 😊 TOCA BOCA IS THE BEST!!!!!.Version: 1.2.3

Totally were five dollars butMaybe you should update it and add more food I really like making them food so maybe update it but it’s totally worth five dollars😀.Version: 2.0

Childhood game!This was my favourite childhood game! And today a re downloaded it today and it’s just the same as I knew it before! Thank you for making my childhood awesome!.Version: 1.2.3

FoodAdd more food please but great work.Version: 1.2.3

AWESOME GAME!!!!I love it!!! So creative!.Version: 1.2.3

Put new modePut soup mode plz.Version: 1.2.3

This is the beST GAME EVERBEST DANLOD NOW👇.Version: 1.2.3

Love it!I love this app I used to play it when I was 4 and I still play now I never knew this was 5$ tho but I don’t care!.Version: 1.2.3

Update pleaseGreat great game I’ve been playing for years on and off but it needs more updates!!! It been the same for years!.Version: 1.2.2

Okay so..This game is not really my type but I do like making smoothies and chopping up foods to make it look like my dinners I would like it if there could be more people to feed because there is no girls like me Other than that it is a great ap and I definitely recommend it to anyone !.Version: 1.2.3

It’s goodWhy is it that it is on the app section and not in the game section????.Version: 1.2.3

YeIt’s great! can you add more foods please?.Version: 1.2.3

Good game but...There is a glitch where the loading screen will just keep saying Toca boca and doing the intro and you can’t play it just keeps loading please fix this glitch otherwise it’s a great game.Version: 1.2.2

Goooood game🤩but😕Could you add more food like pastries 🥮 like cake 🍰 and muffins and pancakes 🥞. Also ice cream 🍦 and for the drinks 🍹 could you put ice 🧊 for them and more cooking 🥘 supply’s and more sauces. And more characters but otherwise it’s great 👍.Version: 1.2.2

Really funI do get bored of it it’s just when my friend is over so we can do challenges would be five stars it’s not enough foods.Version: 1.2.2

Awesome game but...I really love this game however, it could use more ingredients to cook with and more ways to cook the ingredients. Please update the game because it gets a bit boring when you have to use the same ingredients over and over again 😄👍.Version: 1.2.2

More foodI love it but can you add more food and characters and sauces and ways to cook but without all that this app is 5 star.Version: 1.2.2

I love itI love it and it’s fun but can you make it able to put food on other food and then they can eat it all at once? Also can you put and option to make sauce please? I would love it even more!.Version: 1.2.2

I love Toca BocaI love this app and all the others because it is so fun and no mater if you are a girl or a boy, this game is for bolth genders. There is also no adds and no in app purchases. You can create every food and drink. There is carrots, steak, potatoes,lettuce, and so much more. You can also boil it, cook it, cut it, fry it, and roast it. You can feed a Man, a Woman, and a monster.This might sound like a message from the creators, but I am actually a 10 year old girl.I think this better then the first one because I think the people you feed are kind of creepy. I think for your update you can put more food please. And please tell us what the spike blue food that the monster likes. I think you should totally get this app. It is for 2+ and is SO MUCH FUN. If there where 100000 stars, I would put that. Thank you for creating this app. - Serena.Version: 1.2.2

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