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Yubo : Make Friends & Go Live Customer Service

Welcome to the Yubo Community! We’re a social platform where you can find new friends through live streaming and authentic interactions. All based on your own interests! Sounds good? It’s about to get better.

On Yubo, you can easily make friends – whether it’s from your local community or across the world and go social in no time through live chat… and it’s all for free! If you want extra advantages, you can power up with our Power Pack.


YOUTUBE STREAM: Share more fun moments with your friends as you watch and listen to all of your favorite content directly from YouTube. You can now stream and share your favorite music videos, top vlogger, gaming content or even DIY videos.

LENSES: In partnership with Snapchat, we can now present you Lenses! Turn on your camera and video chat to try on the new filters. Share your new look with friends or use them during a live! Lenses give a little bit of extra fun to friendship.


1) STREAM: Streaming is what we do! Here you can start a live video chat with up to 10 friends and even invite new potential friends to join you. Interact, sing, dance, talk about your day, send messages to the friends you love or play party games together.

2) CHAT: Use the chat feature to say hi to new people as well as reconnect with old ones. You can chat directly in the live streams or the people you’ve added.

3) SWIPE: This function is to help you find like-minded people nearby or from all over the world. Check their Tags to figure out if they have similar interests. If yes, go live and start a conversation!

4) FIND A COMMUNITY: Art, games, theater, beauty, yoga, sports, music, dance, travel, manga, cinema or LGBTQ+? Yubo helps you discover and connect with online friends and communities of all sorts, so you can focus on building friendships.

5) PLAY: Non-stop fun with our game To Be Honest (time to get real with this Q&A!), guessing pictures in our challenging drawing quiz, Would You Rather and Let Them Guess! Games bring communities together to talk, chat, and hangout. And don’t worry - we have more fun activities coming soon!

6) SHARE: Invite friends to join Yubo through Snapchat and other social media platforms and earn rewards. We are a community that loves diversity, so everyone is welcome! Sharing is caring.

Yubo is a free online chat to socialize. You decide whether you want to talk to friends you’ve just met or invite your best friends to the app. It’s your space to express yourself! We also offer an optional subscription package (Power Pack).

We have updates every month with live games, new cool features, and much more.

You can contact us directly on Instagram (@yubo_App).

If you need our help, don't hesitate to visit our Help Center (https://support.yubo.live) or you can also contact us via Twitter (@AskYubo). We would love to hear your feedback to make Yubo even better!

Privacy Policy: https://yubo.live/legal/privacy
Terms of Service: https://yubo.live/legal/terms

In-App Purchase information:

- Subscribe to the Yubo Power Pack for only $9.99 per week (amount in USD in US App Store).
- Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged $9.99 every week after you confirm your subscription.

- Save 66% by subscribing to the Yubo Power Pack for only $13.99 per month (amount in USD in US App Store).
- Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged $13.99 every month after you confirm your subscription.

- Save 77% by subscribing to the Power Pack for $21.99 for 3 months (amount in USD in the US App store).
- Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged $21.99 every 3 months after you confirm your subscription.

- The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your billing period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase.
- A current subscription cannot be cancelled during an active subscription period.

Yubo : Make friends & Go live App Comments & Reviews

Yubo : Make friends & Go live Positive Reviews

MehI love the app because i can meet people from all around the world. It has introduced me to many new friends that i can gladly say that are people in which i can trust. But you guys have some very strict guidelines which can sometimes be too strict. I once got banned from the app because of a picture i mean, i know i had my shirt off on the picture but i don't think it can count as nudity and if it does, it shouldn't be a ban from the app. Regardless of that, people have already started to leave because of your strict rules. This incredible app has the potential to gain many new people on the app but instead is losing many do to the overly strict rules and dumb, unnecessary bans. Ive also been trying to get verified but it wont take my drivers license do to it being from Puerto Rico. Many other people have had this problem. If you don't accept specific types of documents from specific countries then you shouldn’t have them as options because if because of my date of birth i cant get verified at least i suspect that the rules are less strict and more of a free and safe place where i can talk to people and not be afraid ill get banned for something as stupid as a picture. In conclusion, i've seen many people have given reviews and have never seen a change on the app so i hope yall see this and maybe think swith things around or there will be no more people on the app because of a new one with the same theme but less strict. I hope i see a new update sometime soon..Version: 3.50.0

YUBO is meant to find a “friendship”I downloaded this app because my friend told me to, but later on deleted it because I found the ONE for me on here. It started by me setting up my profile with cute pics and funny videos. And then the swiping...I swiped left on TONS of people and only swiped right on those who I thought were “cute” or “boyfriend material”. Every now and then when someone would swiped right on me I would do the same to them and text them a quick “heyyy”. Of course they would never respond and I lost hope. But then this one guy replied and I said this sentence that just meant the world to him, “yeah let’s see where this “friendship” goes.” He instantly loved it because he hates when people put a label on something they have not even fully explored yet. So from there I gave him my number and now we’re on the road to talking for about 2 weeks and we’re mad crazy about each other. YUBO helped me find someone when I thought there was no one out there for me. I will forever cherish this app and I owe my future to it. Now that I think I’ve found the ONE, I deleted the app, but if you were thinking about downloading it...DO IT! I know you may be scared of stalkers or creepy people, but if you are just know that you can completely delete your profile if you feel like it. But also know that I gained a “friendship” with the ONE and other friendships with lots of other lovely people. Just don’t put terms on anything before you explore the ins and outs of it!.Version: 3.53.1

More manage swipe settingsI 100% love this app. But there is one thing that bothers me. You should have a setting to where you are able to see people from your own state on the manage swipe thing. It’s awesome to meet and make new friends around the world but if you want to hang out with them it’s a hassle because they are across the country. I would love to make new friends in my state. I don’t know many people and would like to know more but I don’t know where they are from and I can’t exactly travel across the world in one second to meet them for an hour. Please add a my state only feature to the app. It will make everyone’s life so much easier and you will have more people coming and downloading the app. In my opinion it is a win-win situation. Please take this into consideration and update the app soon. I’m am not complaining about anything else. The app works so well and it is the best to make and meet new friends and people. But another downside is you won’t let me post a picture of my stomach because a quarter of my nipple shows. It’s super weird because it gets counted as nudity even though we all have a stomach and they all look the same. (Btw I am a guy) Please work on what I said, it will just make the app so much more popular and so much more useful. Thank you so much hope to see the update soon🙃🙃..Version: 3.41.1

Amazing, but could be betterHey yubo, I really love your app but I have a few suggestions if you guys are ok with that. Number 1, you should really look into group chats because so many people would love it. Number 2, being able to send videos to people. Number 3, give people 3 warnings before you ban them. Number 4 maybe have like an free power-pack time, like a certain time of week you can get the power pack for free for only about 5-10 minutes. Number 5 being able to post things like pictures and videos where people can like and comment, like a spin off of swipe and spotlight combined. Number 6 let people have stories like what snapchat and instagram have. Number 7 letting you have the option of deleting text automatically after a certain period of time. Number 8 having mini games you and your friends can play with it each other like truth or dare or 8 ball and icebreakers to start a new convo. Number 9 customizing quick with the line you want instead of just “hey” or the emoji. Number 10 introduce another way to meet and make friends. Well, this is all I have for right now. I know you aren’t probably going to read this but I hope all of these get implemented into this amazing app. Thank you for creating this, until next update. See you soon👋🏾..Version: 3.47.2

TerribleWhen i first signed up I made my account as a joke but actually ended up liking it. I put a random age with a random year just to complete the sign up process quick. Now I know i quite like the app. However I go to change my age because i realized the app is actually safe and now i feel comfortable and it is asking for my ID?! I paid for a week $9.99 for the membership or whatever now I try to change my age and my account gets locked. Absolutely baffles me. I wanted to make sure the app is safe before i put my real information in. Now for the last 2 days my account has been under review after i submitted my ID- birth certificate because i don’t have an ID. My membership should be paused or something. I’m missing out on the conversations i was having and making new friends all because i wanted to change my age. I checked today and It says my information was rejected?! It’s my state birth certificate how are you going to tell me my information is wrong. I got frustrated and made a new account and deleted the old. I’m already upset because i was talked to a bunch of people making friends now I have to start all over. After making my account it says my NEW account is locked and needs to be verified. This is beyond outrageous. I understand the need to check ID’s but it’s an app targeted towards minors. Most minors don’t have ID’s. Very stupid in my opinion. Waste of time..Version: 4.0.5

Thx YuboI would just like to say thank you to Yubo as it helped find a really special girl that completes me. I got yubo as a joke and I never thought anything would come of it you know maybe see a cute girl once in a while and get her snapchat. But one day I saw this beautiful girl named Madison and swiped right on her which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She added me back and we instantly vibed she texted with all exclamation points it was so cute and I felt a connection so I asked her to ft which one also one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. So after FaceTiming almost evernight for like a month we built a really special bond. So we decided to hangout and see where things went. And the second I saw her at mini golf I knew she was the one and that she was really special. Ever since we have been hanging out and honestly I fell in love with her personality she is such an amazing person and never fails to put a smile on my face and she is so caring and cares about others and always makes me so happy. She’s also the cutest girl that I have ever seen and I wouldn’t trade her for anything I’m the luckiest person alive and I’m just so glad that Yubo brought us together thank you so much☺️.Version: 3.49.2

Just becauseI want to start out by saying that this app is perfect for trying to find people to talk to when you’re bored. I have met so many amazing people around the whole world who I can genuinely call friends. If you’re getting this app for love, (I see you lonely teens😎), then it’s either hit or miss but right now I’d say it’s a hit. I’ve met an amazing person who I’m taking it relatively slow with but I just know that my time with her let it be short or long will be the best. She makes me feel excited to wake up in the morning knowing I have something to talk to, she has the same personality as me if not even more crazy and I love that about her. She is beautiful not only physically but in ways that I can’t even begin to explain. She has my heart I hope I have hers. Tho we may be miles and miles apart I know the wait is worth it. No relationship is easy especially if it’s long distance but when it’s with the right person then anything is possible. It’s all worth it for the day I can look at her face to face and tell her ......... we’ll leave that for when the day actually comes;).Version: 3.55.0

Overall a great app*Personal perspective* I got to honest say from my point of view of having this app since it was called yellow. I think it’s a great app all around the fact that you meet new people on here daily is amazing, I’ve met several people from this app and became great friends with them in person. Also when stream you have so many options to removed/ban or mute from chatting users who are not friendly or rude. In addition to that this app has a swipe feature where you can swipe right or left to add new friends. So it expands the variety of people you can meet. How ever it doesn’t give you a filter where you can just choose to match with people in your area. If that feature was added it would be great! In addition to all that the yubo team does Q&A to get the opinion of the users on the app and they gather those opinions and suggestion and put them on feature updates. Overall the app has great potential to it specially if you are patient. I plan to stay using this all and suggesting it to friends for a while..Version: 3.42.7

Pretty DecentI’ve been using the app for a couple of years now and i’ve thoroughly enjoyed it most of the time. It’s great if you’re looking for friends or a relationship with someone in your area, I met my ex on here. I’ve developed a lot of great friendships from this app and i’m grateful for that. Although, I was pretty upset when I saw that the option to add people by tags was removed. How am I supposed to find people to talk to with similar interests? I also wish that the app was more LGBTQ+ inclusive. As a transgender boy/non binary, I was disappointed with the gender options. I think there should be more options for that. I also think the app should add more settings to the swiping preferences. I’m personally most interested in being friends with other transgender males and it’s fairly difficult to find them when i’m swiping, especially in my area. I believe the app should add settings that are friendly to the non-binary and the transgender community when it comes to choosing gender and preferences for swiping..Version: 4.0.3

Nice app, cool to meet people, but...Decent app with nice features and it’s a safe way to meet people that are your age online. Only downside that is the most frustrating thing on my phone is the notifications for when people go live. I always get notifications for when someone I added or has added me goes live and it is the most annoying thing. My notifications fill up with only that and it takes up my whole screen and goes off so often that it interrupts everything that I’m doing on my phone and it angers me to no end. It’s a cool app and has been proven so far to be pretty safe and fun, but oh my god, make the notifications for people going live STOP. No one cares so much that they need to know every second when a person who friended them starts a live. It’s annoying and useless, so please change that and it’ll be a 5 star app from me because every other feature is fine and as I said before, it’s a pretty cool app..Version: 3.51.4

Great app but major issuesThis is a great app and I’ve met a few people on here that I’ve been friends with for awhile. Although, this app has some major problems, if there was P2W in an app like there is on games, this would be the headliner. You have to pay to make friends, you can’t swipe right more than 5 times within a certain time period or it gives a 15 minute timer, to do infinite you have to pay ELEVEN DOLLARS, PER MONTH, which is an insanely high price. Not only that but you can’t even see who’s swiped on you, you have to just go through and eventually hope you see all of them in your swipes, if you don’t, the only way to see it is with that same monthly cost as before. I get paying to boost yourself, maybe get yourself out there more or even to see who’s swiped you but limiting your swipes is absurd and it’s hugely overpriced. Not to mention the fact that everyone on there is between 13-18 so probably won’t even have a job and I doubt you’re gonna be on that app if you’re some rich superstar so idk who tf has enough money to pay for that.Version: 3.50.2

Please stop....I loved this app as it was a way to meet new friends and cool people, I had so much fun on lives listening to people tell funny stories and embarrassing times, now everytime the app updates I have to be afraid of worried about what else is it going to try to make me pay for? First it was to see who added me so I can talk to more people and now they took away the right to swipe right on as many people as you wanted and are charging you $6 dollars a week, $10 a month and like $20 for 3 months. That’s absurd, it shouldn’t have to be monthly to meet new people, the purpose of the app says it’s to connect people around the world and make friends who would be interesting, however all I’m starting to see are money hungry developers who are driving away the diversity and people who roam this app. I have many high hopes for this app and I hope they do a 180 and decide to calm down a bit but they also separated the community in two. 18 and below and 18 and up. You cannot add or contact anyone in the other community and I think it’s absurd..Version: 3.42.5

Fixing Security SettingsI have a lot of fun with this app considering the fact I enjoy meeting new people in which I did, but I’m frustrated with the fact that my account was security locked by the system or someone. Even if I create new accounts the only way I’ll be able to use the app is if I verify to Yoti. I understand they want keep people safe from scammers or fake users but quite frankly I don’t trust the verification system with showing your ID and it’s not an option I would like to follow to bypass the security ban. Yubo offers an option to change pictures and add new one’s but even then the ban will still be there, and from what I noticed, a lot of people tend to have this problem. I hope someone is able to help me out with not verifying my account and that I’m able to use the app again because it’s an app I actually really enjoy using..Version: 3.54.4

It’s fun but I have an idea or two.I personally enjoy striking up conversation with all the people on the app (barring the creeps and bots and what-not, which there luckily aren’t too too many of). You get to meet plenty of interesting individuals, and you can even make buddies with some of them. You can even meet people from around the world. If your good at taking to people you’ll have fun here, no doubt. So my complaint is that why can’t I scroll to the rest of the tags on not only everyone else’s, but even my own bio (yes I’m aware you can view you tags in a menu but that’s not I’m talking about in the bio you and everyone else can see. You can’t scroll or expand it or view the entire list of tags or something of this nature)? C’mon I put those there for a reason! I wanna flex my diverse music taste, but no one can truest grasp the scope of its diverse magnitude because they can see but a fragment of my tags post-scribit my tasteful bio. And no it isn’t just my own expansive list of musicians and artist that are threatened to be known by only a fraction of their existence. I see many lists of tags be cut short by Yubo’s short coming. Whether it’s because the list itself was lengthy or the the bio was lengthy to cut short an already short list. Which seems somehow more tragic. TLDR; you should be able to scroll on the bio or something so everyone can see all the things the user meant for everyone to see. Sounds good?.Version: 3.54.2

Poor dev choiceSo Ive been using this app for a minute and I really do enjoy the swiping mechanic, but why in the hell am I capped at 1k people? I want to use your app more but you are preventing me from using the key feature I enjoy about the app. I am never going to buy the premium, but I will gladly sit through the ads you put in between swipes. Just make the amount of people you can swipe on infinite and just let me watch ads and give you more revenue. It would be a win-win. A few other notes: Upon app launch, several profiles, usually 5 or 6 of the first that pop up to swipe from, display no bios this is a very odd issue. The other major issue is location algorithm, not exactly a fresh criticism. I input my location and a distance cap, yet I still get people on the other side of the country or in different countries entirely. Besides these things, it is a great app and I will gladly give it five stars if these are fixed, I will hail it as the greatest friend finder app ever made, march it down the street on parade, etc..Version: 3.32

“Pay-to-play”This app used to be so great back in the day. I would spend hours, and I sincerely mean so many hours, swiping and chatting and whatnot. But now I can’t do a single thing without having to pay. I can’t swipe on more than 900 people a day? Just yesterday that number was 1000, and even that’s ridiculous. This app is so fun to use and just relax with because it’s basically Omegle without the hassle. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it. I met my current boyfriend on this app and now we’re moving in together and we’re really solid, but still. It’s not only a dating app; meeting people and talking to them is still nice. It just feels like one of those games you have to pay to win, like Clash of Clans. It’s really annoying because this app used to be just so much fun. It got ruined because the devs felt the need to jack up their development costs. And the “power ups” are ridiculous. Stop it with this lol. Bring the old app back. Also Yubo is literally the weirdest name ever. Just bring yellow back 🤦‍♂️ smh.Version: 3.13

Too strictThe app is a great idea and a great concept but yubo as a whole is too strict. whenever you’re live you are constantly on edge that you’re gonna banned for “hate speech” when trolls go around spam banning. or constantly worrying that you’re gonna be randomly yotied and you can’t go on yubo again because you don’t have an Id. for example i was live and talking with my friends and then all of a sudden i had a screen pop up saying that i needed to identify myself and luckily i have an id. but majority of the users on this app don’t have an id and can’t go back on yubo and can’t go back to their escape. because yubo is like an escape, you can talk to people and make new friends and vent to them. it truly has been a positive outlet for me and when i got banned for no reason and another time when i got yotied i felt alone and sad because i had no one to talk to. yubo really needs to loosen up and be less strict because me and many others have been getting really annoyed at this app for a long time now. YUBO FIX YOURSELF.Version: 3.54.4

Ad watch? maybe. :)I really love the app, it’s a great way to connect with and find new people but i think that it’s way too hard to actually add people back once it’s from the swipe category unless you buy the swipes or send a link and get more than one person to open it at a time. I think a better way to do this for people to actually be able to add people who swipe on them would be you could add an option where you could put in ads for the user to watch to receive unlocks on the people who’ve swiped? i feel like it could be affective :) because sometimes people aren’t able to but the unlocks whether it’s because they don’t have the money or aren’t able to because of some kind of situation going on for them so if you added the ad watch feature to gain unlocks it might help a lot of people and be easier to add them back :).Version: 3.50.2

Great BUT...I think that the app is a really great platform for making friends and getting to know others, especially with the different tags you can include in your bio. Gives you an insight as to what the person you’re viewing might share in common with you interest-wise. I’ve had an overall positive experience on this app but my biggest issue is as follows: !! The methods of accessing people’s requests. I have over 200 untouched requests that require me to share a link on snapchat and per every person that clicks, I can access ONE SINGLE REQUEST. Do you guys understand how absurd that is? No one has enough friends to do this, much less ones that would even bother to click the link all on its own. I think this shouldn’t be a thing AT ALL but if it must as a form of promotion, it should be done so in an easier more openly accessible method. !! That one issue is precisely the reason I cannot give this app 5 stars. Apart from this issue, I love yubo..Version: 3.47.4

Good app but needs fixingI’ve been a user for some time, I found this app when it was called yellow. One of the problems I’m having is it says I have chats but all of them are open. The second someone new messages me old messages appear and by the time I reply, that person doesn’t want to talk because I replied so late. The other day I got a message from someone who sent that 3 months ago. Now the other thing I dislike and others seem to dislike is having the pay to swipe on people. I understand the limit but isn’t this app made for finding friends and new people to chat with? I want to say about 50% of the users are teens and most of us teens don’t have money. I love the app.. it’s great. It has those toxic group of people who bully others which I hate but other than that I like the app. I just dislike how I have to pay to swipe on more people. Just have us watch ads in between swipes or give a limit per day or week. Don’t make us pay :( I just want to make friendsssss 🥺.Version: 3.38.7

Swiping functionI understand that apps and such need money in order to stay afloat, but this is ridiculous. You expect teenagers to pay 7 dollars a week just to try and make friends that are not even guaranteed to be life-long or even last longer than a month. If you want your app to be popular and actually user friendly, then take away the payment portion of the app so we can actually see who added us as a friend. For the people who might read this comment, yeah, you have to pay in order to see who added you as a friend. Sure, you can send the link to friends and you can reveal who added you based on the number of people who opened the link, but that’s not only embarrassing but also frustrating. Again, if you want your app to actually be functional and well liked, then take away that payment option. If you’re so desperate for money, use advertisements in between swipes or when you’re scrolling through the recommended friends list..Version: 3.51.12

App rating &reviewI love this app, you can meet all kinds of different people from different areas and connect with them on a deep level. I made some amazing friends here and besides all the drama that happens on it, I’m on here a lot and it has helped me get in contact with people I wouldn’t see myself talking to. I’d rate this app a 4.5/5 their is some small things that need to be fixed but other than that, you should download it. It helps when you need someone to talk to the beat part about it is the live part, we kinda made little games on it that I don’t think will go away but the app is a pretty good way to get outta ur boundaries and y’all to new people. Download yubo guys I’m telling you it’s better than most these apps out here, it’s fast easy and able to understand after a few minutes of messing around on it..Version: 3.42.7

Adding people backThis app is a really awesome way to get to know more people around the world and it’s great. BUT the ONE thing that I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE about this app is blurring out the people who added you. Like I get this app’s one desire is to be known worldwide and it already is. I get that it’s for business but there really is no point in meeting people who wants to meet you or who you want to meet when you blur out the people who added you for business. Like again, it is gonna get your ratings up but it’s also gonna lower it cause of this horrible feature. Sure, it’s not a big deal when I just follow what it says so I can see one person who added me but no there are people who won’t open the link because they don’t want to, or people who don’t want to spend their money but are desperate to meet the people that added them. Please, I beg you to remove the blur feature on the update. PLEASE!!!.Version: 3.44

EhhI like it but it’s soooo strict with all the guidelines. I had a acc one and deleted it and made another one. When I made the second acc I put the same pictures of myself; and some others, it said that I have to identify myself now and it locked my account. I ended up identifying myself Buh I had to put a picture that I didn’t like of myself to do so (so that I’d be verified; wasn’t a choice). I wanted to delete the picture so I did but then it locked my account again. It’s so annoyingggg. I ended up making another account yesterday and I had to do the same thing 🤦🏽‍♀️. Now my account is now “under review” for verification and it’s taking soooo long to accept it 🙄. Other than all of that, the app is really enjoyable and a little addictive. I get bored and I hop on there. You can meet all sorts of people, most of them are real funny and nice. Ok I think I’m done, issa rap 😛..Version: 3.54.4

Why a Personal ID?I was really enjoying until they started implementing the thing from out of nowhere where they lock you out of your account and force to download yoti and take a pic of a personal ID in order to gain access to your profile. Yubo all i ask can we please stop implementing the most unfair features. Because for people who are new to yubo, they shouldn't have to first experience being locked out and having to show a personal ID to use the app. What i say yall should do is make sure they have a pic or video of their face at all times instead of locking them out and making them show you a personal ID because a personal ID is something everyone doesnt have. All i ask yubo is to kinda start think about the stuff you implement into your app becuz so far everything that has been implemented has become unfair and unnecessary..Version: 3.53.2

Good for socializing at a distanceI found it hard to make friend so I joined this app. At first I thought it was dumb until I found friends in my city who had the same interests as me. But with COVID-19 going on in the world hanging out with friends is very difficult. With the live chat rooms on yubo I was able to meet and connect with my friends rather than risking my life and the lives of others by meeting them in public. I have met a few in public and maintained social distancing (SD) and these people are not fake they are the age they say they are and no fake profiles to what I’ve seen. I’m always scared of a fake profile because Ik 5’1” and 80 lbs anyone can easily kidnap me. I love this app very much but I would prefer a cheaper version of premium or whatever you wanna call it. But over all this is a lovely app and I highly recommend.Version: 3.49.6

New updateDear Yubo devs, I have been a member of this app for approximately a year, if not longer at this point. When I first joined it was still called ‘Yellow’. Personally, I enjoy using the app, but as of recently, you made it so now the users of this app have to PAY to see who friend requested them. In my opinion, and I’m sure that I do not share this opinion alone, should not have to pay just to see who swiped right on my profile, as well as who friend requested me. This app was amazing, and I have made a few new friends in the time that I have used this app. I can understand paying to use the ‘unlimited reverse swipes’ as well as the ‘turbo’ features to boost visibility/popularity on the app. But in all seriousness, why should anyone have to pay to see who wants to be their friend?! I hope you take the time and read this review, because I am quite sure you may see more like it. I thank you for your time..Version: 3.8

DamnIt won't let me go live anymore.Version: 2.45

BddbbdI got called a egg.Version: 3.49.4

Why is this happeningIt’s making me Verify my account because it’s locked and i didn’t do any thing but live with friends but i can’t verify with because i don’t wanna show my passport information. Can someone help...?.Version: 3.43.1

YuboFar too many people trying to sell themselves. Spare yourself the temptation and consider doing something else to quell your loneliness. I know that’s what I’ll be doing..Version: 3.10.1

Good app, but...I think you guys should include a option for the swipe, that allows you to see people from your specific province or city, rather than just country.Version: 3.22.1

Plz no payI do not like how you have to basically pay to make friends like... and also the link sending thing doesn’t even work and now i have all these people that added me and i can’t even add them back and be friends with them.Version: 3.47.1

Good appGood app lots of friends fun too.Version: 4.0.2

CityThey’re should be a button where it’s your city only but other wise good app!.Version: 3.33.2

Won’t let me see profileAs soon as I tap on a profile it crash which is super annoying.Version: 3.49.3

It’s not badIt’s not a bad app for making Friends but you still have to be on a lookout for fake accounts but also. Instead of free 1000 swipes a day, there’s one thing that would make this app worth five stars. N that’s allowing us to see who added us. Allowing us to see who added us back is a better perk than swiping..Version: 3.47.3

I’m just Trynna make some friendsThis is my first day and the app is fun. But like why can’t I see the people that added me . Take in you said it’s a platform to make friends but you’re making us pay to make friends. You might lose a lot just by doing this..Version: 3.47.3

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What do you think Yubo : Make friends & Go live ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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