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Google Meet is a high-quality video calling app designed to help you have meaningful and fun interactions with your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates, wherever they are.

Meet lets you connect in whatever way works for you: Call someone spontaneously, schedule time together, or send a video message that they can see and respond to later.

Meet also helps you get things done. It integrates with other Google Workspace apps like Gmail, Docs, Slides, and Calendar and offers a number of features to help you run smooth and engaging meetings, like emoji reactions, recordings, transcripts, and breakout rooms.*

Features to forward to:

Make spontaneous calls or host meetings with your friends and colleagues, all in one app.

Exchange video messages with small groups or one-on-one.

Access on any device: Meet works across mobile, tablet, web, and smart devices,** so everyone can join.

High quality video: Show up looking your best with up to 4k video quality video***, light adjustment, and stylized backgrounds.

Use live sharing to watch YouTube videos, listen to music, and play games together from anywhere in the world.

Make your call fun with family friendly features like effects, backgrounds, and reactions.

Enjoy one-on-one video calls for up to 24 hours and host meetings for up to 60 minutes and 100 people at no cost.

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*Meeting recordings, transcripts, and breakout rooms are available as premium features. See for more details

**Not available in every language.

***Bandwidth permitting. Google Meet automatically adjusts to the highest video quality possible based on your bandwidth.

Data charges may apply. Check your carrier for details.

Specific feature availability may vary based on device specifications.

Google Meet App Comments & Reviews

Google Meet Positive Reviews

The Technologist has stepped it up in our system blessings and blessingsWell it was wonderful this morning to see my love ones but the towel sometime messes us up on the phone so I’m hoping that you can do the towels a little bit better so we can get more better signals you deserve the five star ⭐️ what five star for the wisdom and the knowledge and the technology that the Lord put in your mind to be a provider for us in this world technology is such a amazing how it has increase in stepped up inside of the word system is Well it is wonderful this morning to see my love ones but the towel sometime messes us up on the phone so I’m hoping that you can do the towels a little bit better so we can get more better signals but you do deserve the five star for the wisdom and the knowledge and the technology that the Lord put in your mind to be a provider for us in this world technology is such a amazing how it has increase in stepped up in system is moving fast to me in my side of town my area we have wise underground so so sometime that’s why I say they mess up some time we have no problems but thank you for allowing me to share my review with you thank you for being in a position early this morning that we can use these phones the way we do have a great morning!!! Thank you 😊 thank.Version: 170.0.0

The bestI’m always on the phone with my friend there’s no lagging or glitching it is the best Abby and if you were looking at this right now I think you should get it because if your phone search gl ing up when you’re a regular call go to this app because you can actually see your friend if your friend can’t isn’t able to call or FaceTime then you should get this app because this app helps me Facetime is my friend cause my phone is not able to FaceTime and regular calls so that’s why we got this app and I FaceTime with her every single day I see what she actually looks like then just hearing her this is the best app in the world and I think you should get it so if you were reading this please get this app and give us this app five stars OK because I really love this app and I am really able to call and talk to my friend and if you don’t want to show your face you can keep your camera off if you don’t want to talk you can turn the volume off the mute button on I’m able to talk with my phone and this is the best game in the world what app because I’m actually feel like my friends with me and it’s just the best game in the world I mean app because well let’s just say I can actually see my friend.Version: 162.0

Could be AWESOME if…My boyfriend has a Google Pixel and I have an iPhone, and this app is central to our relationship lol We send each other video messages throughout the day, and on nights we can’t be together we video call every night before bed. The video calling feature on its own is great, and we rarely have problems with quality. However, the video messaging is where this falls short. For one thing, it can take forever for the messages to load sometimes. For another, there are features available to him on his Pixel that I do not have but wish I did — namely, being able to flip the camera during a video message (I have to record an entire message either forward facing or self facing), and the ability to leave music running in the background, like Snapchat does (sometimes you want to send your boo a video of you singing along with a song!). Maybe these are features Google has decided to keep exclusive to their products, but I wish they wouldn’t. Also, speaking of the forward facing camera — it didn’t used to do this, but now it reverses the image! (Although the bf reports it shows up normal on his end.) It’s only happened recently so I’m hopeful it will be fixed soon. It makes it too disorienting for me to even bother using the forward facing camera..Version: 166.0

It’s wonderfulIt was you talked to your friends in groups ain’t gonna talk to all of your friends at the same time it’s so fun and everybody should get it I can talk to all my family at the same time and even when you have virtual Christmas you can talk to everybody they can all be at your virtual Christmas party and watch you open all of your presents you can see your mom your dad you can see everybody this is the best FaceTimeApp I have ever been on you can send messages just called regularly there’s filters so fun everybody should get it and if you have them in your contacts and they have Google duo then they can talk to you too and just like I said before you can talk to your family and friends whenever and if you can’t talk right now then when they call you can say remind me an hour in making groups is so fun like I don’t I love putting all of our friends together the one thing I wanna do is if you and it three other friends all fight together don’t put them in the same group but you can talk to just individuals two or two people it’s so fun it does glitch out sometimes But it is the best face timing app ever.Version: 168.0.0

Duo ReviewI am still a bit new to this app thought not that new to video calling I was fortunate enough to be able experience it as far back as the early 1990s using radio shack technology. I would prefer a not so cookie cutter response as thought generated automation is so conformed on this type of review. Using this app to be able to experience and enjoy the usefulness and convenience of being able to see the person on the other end is great but I always wonder who else is watching and making a mess behind the scenes of are personal communication devices as privacy and piracy are a huge concern , as long as are personal welfare and information is safe beyond the scope of what myself and the individual on the other end of the camera are safe I would say this app is great and I enjoy it. If this app is going and spying on us well I would have to say I dislike it and would not use it. In the mean time I will continue to enjoy it and hope it does not become bugged and infected and strung together were many people begin to become locked into what other are doing or else it may have to be disassembled..Version: 143.0

AdviceYou guys need to work on your video quality with only one bar of Wi-Fi on Facebook the video call is still great you have to have a full signal of Wi-Fi to even get a crappy video on Google DuoAnd it’s still blurry and has a lot of digital squares in it even with a full signal and I have a mazing Internet I have Cox communication I pay for high-speed data the best package they have and every app I use has amazing quality with your app is the only one that is not that way you guys are worth millions of dollars you can afford to fix the situation but you guys choose to just take everybody’s money and not spend money unless you have too The biggest problem with every company in this entire world even companies that aren’t Internet related is the fact that every small company puts their heart and soul into financing the best thing they can for a little company until they get big once the company gets big they provide less and less effort financially to fix things because they’re filthy rich already.Version: 142.0

I love it but a few things.....I absolutely love this app and I use it daily!! My friend has a Samsung and I have an iPhone so I can FaceTime her with this app and also send videos and fun things like that, one thing I’ll consider is that I cannot flip my camera when I’m doing a message while my other friend can... please fix this Edit: I just updated Duo today and I do t have the choice for Family or the doodle things. A lot of other things are updated but the one I am most excited about is not showing up!!! Does anyone know how I can fix this? Edit #2: So, I am guessing that a lot of people have the same problem. I can’t share my screen or use the Family or Doodle options. Otherwise I love the app and it is very very nice to have. I have an iPhone 8 and I read that it needs to be a newer iOS phone. I am really bummed about this. My friend has a Samsung and she has the doodle and family options and I don’t. This sort of makes me annoyed when I want to share my screen but I can’t. Could you guys pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase fix this if you can 👉🏻👈🏻🥺.Version: 129.0

Awesome but VERY glitchy for me…Dear Creators and Moderators of Google Meet, This app is phenomenal. It lets me talk with my friends who don’t have iPhones, and it’s a lovely way to communicate with other people. Although I experience some difficulties along the way, this glitch started happening to me today. Whenever I’d receive a call, and even though I excepted it, it would glitch it would kick me out of the call before I could even connect. I found this very frustrating and annoying that I couldn’t join the meet. Also, even when everyone else was in the car, it would say that none of them were on a meet. Also, when I started my own, it said it was ringing somebody, but it never actually was. It and when I tried to end the call, it wouldn’t let me. It kept making this weird sound. I would either need to close the tab or hit the X button in a completely different tab. Please help with this glitch. Kindest regards. -Lilcringe.Version: 196.0

GoodThis app is really bad sometimes but I really like it but the only problem I have with it is that if I want to do family mold it doesn’t work and then if I want to do something else doesn’t work either and like it’s so annoying and one timeI tried to do some thing and it just wouldn’t work correctly and like I want to figure out how to share my screen with then she told me to go to click on the three dots but I was on a phone call it really didn’t work and like all that showed me it was like three things that didn’t help me at all and then like I like the game is really good nothing bad about it it’s just that if your new to the app it’s hard But I would use Duo instead of other apps because other apps they can track you down and they can go through your Wi-Fi and you know how I can I just don’t like that so I like using this app but I would prefer something better though but this app is an amazing app Thank you so much to do a creators for creating such a good app that has high-quality and you can even FaceTime but yeah this app is amazing.Version: 167.0

Google Due - Excellent Video Call AppGoogle Duo is an excellent video call app! Video reception is crisp clear and audio has excellent quality. The app makes it very easy to make video or audio only calls using your contacts. I use Google Duo on my IPhone to make calls to family members who have Androids phones, as Google Duo is cross-platform. The App is very compatible with IPhone users and does not cause any conflicts with FaceTime. When you view your contacts on IPhone you will see that you still have the option to use FaceTime or Google Duo. Having family members all over the country across the miles, Google Duo has been a lifesaver to keep in touch and video calls is the next best thing to seeing family members or friends in-person. The only downside is that I would like to use the Google Duo app for international video calls without worrying about if the international caller is billed for data time use or carrier charges..Version: 130.0

Good but needs to fix some major issues.First off I use this app all the time. It’s a fun way to talk to my friends and I’m able to video chat with ones that don’t have iPhones. I do have some issues though. 1: Whether I’m calling or using video there can be an echo or a 7-10 second delay with words/video. This can get really annoying when my friends and I are trying to talk but we either have to wait awhile to respond or you hear yourself talking back at you and you can’t hear the other person. 2: This just happened recently but it’s a major issue. Usually when you go onto the app there is a list of your most recent conversations. You can click on previous chats and look through them. Now mine doesn’t do this anymore. I don’t have a recent activity and when I have to talk to someone or find out if someone sent a message I have to go through ALL of my contacts, whether or not they have the app, and find the people I’ve talked with. This is really troublesome and I’d really like if this got fixed. 3: i wish there was a way to text or have group chat threads. I’ve been in groups using the app and it’s hard to follow the conversations using the notes or pictures that people send. I do like that we can do that but texting would be and easier way to send messages. Other then these issues the app is really good. I do use it all the time and highly recommend it for anyone who wants to talk to people without iPhones..Version: 169.0.0

Puts a smile on your face & twinkle in your eyeIn this day and age, communication is no longer a simple phone call. So with the next generation growing up with all of this new technology at their fingertips, they learn to manage with bad connections, Skippy voice and dropped video feed. I am old school! If I’m on a video chat and the service drops or the phone is choppy or the app blinks in and out then I’m mad...I’m highly upset! I would just rather dial the digits and hear a voice. I have recently switched to the Apple line of cell phones. And have had a little experience with FaceTime. I don’t feel like it’s any better than Facebook messenger which is a joke when it comes to video calling. The Google duo on the other hand has exceptional exceptional video feed message feed and it really does put a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye to pick up my phone and have a video message that I can see just as clear as if they were standing in front of me from one of my children it just makes my day..Version: 93.0

Love itI love this app so much I use it to talk to my friend all the time! But there is a little problem. My audio stopped working so I left the call and then joined back and it still did it. So I thought you know deleting the app would be a good idea because I’ve done it many times before and it fixed all the problems! But when I went to go download it again it wouldn't let me! It said it’s not compatible with my device! I got really sad because most of my friends have androids so they FaceTime with me and I haven’t been able to call them for three days! All I ask is if you could update it to make it comparable with the IOS 15 update. My friend recently got the IOS 16 update and it is still comparable with her phone. But I updated my phone to the 15.7 update and I haven’t been able to get duo/meet since!.Version: 176.0.0

I like itI like it that it has all video call services. You do provide privacy if not added, and if needed to call. It’s on point. Only problem is that as I’m calling I can’t snap a photo. I’d like that a lot more since I’m very nostalgic when it comes with memories. Only feedback I have is that, I used it so much and I’ve forgotten how to get around. So one, a Tutorial button if forgotten how and a little button to take photos, video of convo that I wanted to remember. But overall. You are on par with Apple, aside from group calling. You are on par with Skype aside from screen sharing. You are on par with discord. Just almost all expect chats. I understand this is for family or friends calls. I wondered how far it’d go if you expanded your world within google. There’s several apps I’m often confused with this to google hangouts. Thanks for taking your time to read this review and do hope that you take few things into consideration..Version: 143.0

Important request! Please bring these filters back!Google duo is an amazing source of communication between friends and family, and i’ve been using it for years—however, i have recently been saddened to discover that a few of my favorite hilarious filters were removed from the app!! Even if they might seem low quality or have bugs, that’s what makes them good filters!! The humor factor!!! My favorite filters that were recently removed include: The lips filter (it adds a red lipstick onto your face), the filter that inserts your face into an animation of a character swimming, and a filter similar to the previous where the character is running on a track. I have heavily enjoyed using these filters while calling my friends, laughing and joking throughout our week from these delightful add-ons to the app. My week has been saddened by a very large portion due to the recent removal of these filters, though…Please fix it!!.Version: 148.0

Screen ShareDuo is great don’t get me wrong. I enjoy using it to talk to friends who use different devices as me. I use an iPhone and update the duo app and my phone when needed. I for some reason cannot ever get screen share! I open up the three dots with the options (in this order): Bluetooth, effects, portrait mode, and low light. I click around and swipe and never find screen share! I’m not sure if it’s because I am an iPhone user, but I go searching on Google and Safari for how to open share screen. It will say start call and click the three dots, so I do that. Then it says swipe left and you see screen share. Uh well I can’t swipe any directions! Please please tell me how to get screen share. I have even asked my friends as we were on a call to do a screen share and then show me how to do it. Please help me with this! No idea what to do or what I did wrong. Thank you for reading. Wiedersehn.Version: 159.0

Good reception !!!!.My family member lives in Fredericksburg Virginia and I live in Washington DC the reception was so good I almost feel like they we’re sitting in the same room with me. I have a iPhone and as everyone knows that comes with FaceTime but My Family don’t and thisService is just as good if not sometimes betterThen a iPhone so if you don’t have Duo you definitely need to download it on your phone so you can reach out to your family and Friends.I would definitely recommend Google Duo to everyone .So don’t wait download so you can start having fun like I am !!!!!!.Tomorrow we’re having a Duo PartyWhat we’re going to be listening to music have a nice snacks and drinking a few cocktails don’t be left out You ,Your Family and Your friends can have the same kind of Party !!!!..Version: 116.0

Great app but sometimes WHAT THE HECKI mean the app is great sometimes but like when someone is on an airplane or something the quantity is just terrible I mean do they have to be so so so I don’t even know really. And then once the sound just cuts off and I have to shut my device down and do it all over again and it was just annoying. But I'm not sure if I have anything to do with Google duo I'm not sure if I head to update my device or if it was just a Google do a technical problem but I think I had to update my device because the same thing happened to FaceTime but anyway that was really annoying. And then they go and ask me how was the call or something like that and so I thought if I just wrote a review this would leave me alone. So this is my honest review and I hope you won’t ask me anything else like that that is also super annoying. 😑.Version: 169.0.0

Good app but a few downsides…I really like this app for my friends that don’t have the same phone as me but there are a few things that can be annoying to a lot of people. They don’t specifically annoy me too much but they are frustrating sometimes. So sometimes I’ll be on the call and all of a sudden the whole screen goes green for like half a second. I don’t know why it does this, I thought it might have been my internet or something but then my friend said she started noticing that happen to her too. Another thing is, sometimes the sound cuts out a bit and freezes I’m not sure if it’s the app or just my internet though. Another thing is sometimes the mute button goes on for no reason and I hadn’t pressed it at all. My friend also said that was happening to her too. I hope this review was helpful for you!.Version: 155.0

Sound issuesOk so I use this app a lot, and I mean a lot to talk to people, mainly because I have friends who don’t have the same kind of phone as me and stuff like that. It works great most of the time but there have been times where I’m trying to call someone and it won’t go through for them and they try and it won’t go through for me, or if I/the other person try to call each other if I try and answer it won’t let me, and same with them. Also sometimes I can’t even call the person! It just sends me straight to making a little video message. And, now it is sound I have turned my phone on and off and same as the other person we have tried EVERYTHING...well mot deleting the app, but I seriously don’t want to feel like I have to resort to deleting and reinstalling it. Not that it’s much work it’s just I feel these issues need to be fixed, I hope someone sees this because it is beyond annoying..Version: 116.0

Love it, use it everyday, amazingOk, to start off, this app is amazing! I use it everyday with my friends. I definitely 100% recommend this app. But there is one thing I wish I could do; zoom in and out. I like to sit in a chair I have in my bedroom while on the phone, and my dog has a spot on the other side of the room where she likes to nap. My friends love to see my dog so I always show her on camera, but in order to see her good, I have to stand up and walk to her. Which doesn’t seem that hard, but I feel like if you use this app a lot, you have tried to show something off and I think that it would be way easier if I could zoom in. But whether this gets added in or not, I’m very happy with this app and I hope that it does well business-wise. If you read this, thanks!.Version: 130.0

Okay.. but a couple little thing!So I just got duo a couple days ago because my friend can’t FaceTime on her phone so we tried this. When I first got in the app it was very very confusing! I had no idea what I was doing maybe it’s cause I just got it! But I thought it would be a little easier! Second when I finally got on a call with my friends the audio is awful! I could hear a thing and it kept on freezing and breaking up and sometimes we would have to leave the call then I can’t join back unless they ring me! And I would like where I can see my friends the whole time! Because on my phone (iPhone 11) you can’t go out of the app and see them! But on the other hand on my friends phone (some none apple)she can go out of the app and see us! Please take this to mind! I think if all these changed this could be the one of the best apps!.Version: 92.0

Solid program for video calls.GoogleDuo has been extremely useful during the last year and a half for video calls. I have an IPhone but during the Pandemic I have needed a solid cross platform app that I could use with the non IOS users I need to talk with via video call. GoogleDuo has met that need and has become even better over the past year and a half. The video quality is noticeably better. I have very few dropped calls compared to FaceTime over the same connections. The cost is of course great and it is quite stable in start up and in use. FaceTime more than occasionally will need to be shut down and reopened due to ‘internal failure’. That never happens with GoogleDuo. Thanks for producing a great app. Jim S..Version: 145.0

Phenomenal call qualityDownloaded this app because I have ZERO cell service in my house and apple didn’t enable WiFi calling. So instead of stepping outside in the rain or freezing weather whenever someone wanted to call me at home, Duo has solved that. Call audio is the clearest I have ever heard on a phone call, like the person is on the other side of your phone talking at your ear. I have strong WiFi so I can’t say how it would perform if WiFi is spotty. I noticed that when you are not on WiFi and take a duo call over your cell service there is a bit of a delay between accepting the call and when the caller can hear you which can lead to some confusion, but still great call quality. Very simple interface, no bells and whistles, just works, and works great..Version: 21.0

I love itI love this app because it is so much fun and I can talk to my friends that I’m not able to FaceTime with and it’s kind of stupid how different phones do not allow you to have the authority to call FaceTime your friends that have different type of phone Apple phones more like iPhones allow you to FaceTime your friends but Samsung galaxy phones do not allow you to FaceTime your friends that’s why my review is so much better with this app so I will tell everybody to get this app it’s the best one ever please get it if you don’t you’re gonna make my poor cat die and if you do get it then you’re going to help her live a long and happy life goodbye friends I took this all in one minute byeeeeeeeeeeee.Version: 175.0.0

Great app but…I love this app and I use it to call my friend(s) that have androids or just to call my friends in general. I love how they have filters but that’s where my trouble is. My friend had all the filters meanwhile I only had at least two of them. This makes me kind of upset because I would love to have the same amount of fun filters as my friends have. Now it might just be my phone type but I would there to be more options. Other than the filters this is a great app for calling. It feels kind of like Snapchat in a way because you can take pictures with the filters and send them to your friends. But a little different.. Anyways I love this app and I will keep using this to communicate with some of my friends. I hope this helped..Version: 227.0

Great Job?!!! a little help🧐😎Overall great platform and FUN! Really enjoy the backgrounds and my favorites “Panda -sprinkle 💕💕on my head⁉️”🤣 ohhh and the “Lightbulb😃” so clever! Hot dog!! I got it⁉️ Connectivity has been hit or miss and unlike “FB/Messi’Ngerr” you can not send multiple pictures at once!?? Unless I hadn’t learned yet, which is what you’ll need to be ready to do. Yes. User friendly only after you master the variety of long, short .. wait there’s a short cut🧐.. 🙄🤓 I had a headache teaching a friend- using only my screenshots and writing step by step instructions (like reading hieroglyphics) as they were not able to access their video, microphone is missing or muted⁉️ “Rut-Roww shaggy, I’m about to change my “Title⁉️”🤨 let’s do better Google, surely FB MESSY and “❓’s👩🏻‍💻” isn’t all we have⁉️.Version: 191.1

Okay for an iPhoneMe and my entire family had androids for the past decade. I recently decided to switch to iPhone when I moved across the country for the military. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be able to FaceTime with my family anymore so I downloaded this google meet app that always came with my androids over the years. The quality is mostly good depending on the service obviously, but my family cannot initiate a video chat with me and it’s frustrating. They’ll call me through the app and it’ll ring on their end but it doesn’t go through on my end until they regular call me and ask me why I didn’t pick up. That’s the only downside. It’s not just with bad service it’s 100% of the time. Im glad I’m able to use it though ☺️.Version: 212.0

Get this app it is sssoooooo goodSo I got this app December 3 the day after I got my iPhone so I was excited to see what it will bring. And yeah I liked the app it helped me stay in touch with my bestie cause she barley moved away 😭 and she has a Samsung so she can’t FaceTime with a iPhone so this app is amazing it is really good you can go to affects and mess around and you can capture moments and have so much fun the only thing that I kinda have wrong with the app 🤔 is that it freezes 🥶not actually freezes just the camera it only happens when WiFi is down no other problems I really recommend it please get it thank for creating this app and please put this one at the top so people can read it.Version: 146.0

Very good video calling appMy mom is Deaf and so we have used Duo to communicate when we are not at home together, especially since I have an iPhone and she has a Samsung. In my family, we have used many video chatting apps but none have worked as great or smoothly as Duo, especially since there is the option to leave a video message! One feature that I wish the app had is to mute the other person— sometimes when I am on a call with my mom, I am in a public place, such as at a grocery store or salon, and I have to ask my mom to mute herself on the phone since lowering the volume and turning the ringer off from my phone does not actually turn the volume off. Other than that, Duo is really good for video calls!.Version: 56.0

Great app, but drains batteryThis is a great app and all, and I love it, but I was on it with my friend for about 5 minutes, and my battery totally almost died. Before I started this call I was at about 50%, but I had to end it because my phone was at 1%. I told my friend about it though, and she said her battery wasn’t dying at all. It may just be the phone company though because she has a Samsung and I have an Apple. Trick for Apple users: if you power your phone off, wait ten seconds, and then power it back on, it gains a lot of battery. I like now that you can do group chats. That’s a cool new feature that was just added. Also, I can Google Duo my friends that have Samsung’s. I love that you can send videos and I just love it!!.Version: 54.0

How Google chat is so funYou don’t like people who have androids don’t have FaceTime in it’s really hard to get in contact with family or friends. This apps really helps me understand how there’s other apps and other ways to contact with your family members or friends, or any kind of people that have androids even iPhones can get this this is how I found this is you should definitely download it. I really love this app and it is so. And you get to send your friends and family videos and emojis which is so fun download this game right now takes a few click of a button and to get this in your phone it’s very fun to do I love this game Kendall White. ❤️❤️❤️❤️💡❤️.Version: 191.1

My review google duoI love Google duo my friend has a Samsung phone and I have a iPhone and I could FaceTime her ever and I was voice calling and she sent me this app it is amazing and she said now we can see each other and face time I love it and how I can see her the only sad thing is I can’t share my screen but she and everyone else can do idk why but it just won’t let me but other wise I love this app I get to FaceTime friends that don’t have iPhones I get to see my grandparents through FaceTime too!! So thanks to this wonderful app I get to talk to family and friends! I give it 9.5/10 I 100% recommended getting if you can’t FaceTime friends bc of they don’t have or you don’t have the same phone so get this app it’s a life changer!!! ❤️.Version: 181.1

This is a great app!Thia is a great app! It allows me to video chat with friends that don’t have apple phones and cannot facetime. The only thing that will not make this review 5 stars is that when I went call my friend that had Google Duo if said they did not have it and that I would have to send a suggestion to them to have them download the app. I myself watched them download the app and I know for a fact they did not delete it so I want to know why it said they did not have Google Duo and why I was unable to call them. This only happened one time and the app has gone perfect since with clear calls and direct messages that are always delivered. This is a wonderful app but I have no idea what happened that time..Version: 168.0.0

Just three thingsI this is amazing there’s just like two things. First can you make it so you could see when your video messages are read because I want to know if my friends read it or I have to call them and tell them, Second and you make it so that if you want to remove someone from your group chat that you made you could because I by mistake put some people in the group chat that I don’t want. And the last thing can you please make the app so that you don’t have to use it with internet because sometimes I want to talk to my friends and I have no internet so I have to wait till I get home to call them and see there video messages so can you please please fix it!.Version: 76.0

Under ratedThis is one of there most under rated apps of 2020. I know it’s very simple and doesn’t do much. However it’s super simple to use to the point where even a little kids can use it. And he usually works very well if you have a half decent Internet connection. I mean you can be in the car cruising down the Dallas freeway and still have a decent enough connection. At this point in the Covid crisis I’ve probably used about six different video talk apps. From zoom to FaceTime to duo and a couple others I can’t even remember the name of other than teams. And this just fits in there nicely for simple meetings. So anyway it’s just quite the app..Version: 116.0

Get itttt ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️If your friends or your family members have a different friend than you and you don’t wanna download the WhatsApp app or you don’t wanna download what they have Google duo you can share your screen you could draw with them and you can turn on captions if you’re hard of hearing and you can even call your friends you can put on filters you can’t and have a phone number or do you have an email or you can have anything you don’t just need a phone number so get it it is amazing I love it my best friend has a different phone than me and we can’t text I can send filters videos Photos so get it if you can.Version: 174.0.0

Excellent app!I’ve been using Google Duo since last year’s pandemic to teach piano. I’ve been teaching piano for over 30 yrs, but had never taught online. A fellow teacher recommended this app, and it’s been awesome! I’ve even taught piano while traveling in a car, when someone else (!) was driving. I love how there’s no delay between the student’s finger pushing down on a key & the sound the key makes from their piano or keyboard. While nothing replaces teaching in person, this has been a wonderful & welcome close second. I now have students who prefer using Google Duo, because of the convenience of not having to drive to their lesson. Thanks, Google Duo!.Version: 137.0

It’s okGood but I’m not a big fan of how do you like you know click on the screen you can get big you but it’s gonna make the other person in on the call small and I want it to be real I have a big screen of me and a big screen of her it’s because I feel like it’s too small to see and I don’t like it and I know you can do that with calls chat thing but what if we doing something nasty and then someone joined but isn’t supposed to join most of my friends don’t have Apple phones but overall great quality and I like the filters and all that stuff it’s good I love it except for that one problem and I hate how sometimes also the voice will really speed up that gets annoying and please do stop asking for the rating it gets annoying.Version: 140.0

Writing a good and a bad reviewI downloaded this app and the first time it was like amazing. I love this app so much and but one thing I don’t like about this app is that I need to hang up to send messages or to look at the messages that’s the only thing but I would like I would love it if you guys can I please fix that and like let us be able to like call and look at the messages at the same time and another thing is that for me it doesn’t let me send the pictures I tried to like send a picture a picture from my album and it didn’t let me so if you guys could please pick that fix that but but anyways, this is a very good app.Version: 209.0

Connect with people who don’t have i-phones!Overall so happy to be able to complete video calls with my sister clear across the country. I am used to using FaceTime for everyone else in my life, but she has a Samsung, and this finally made it possible to see her. Overall great quality, but sometimes the call will drop just sitting still in our respective houses and when we try to call back multiple times, it just says “connecting” with no explanation. An error message or explanation would be a very helpful modification. I have no use for all the stickers and funny faces, but after our father passed away, group calling has been very important. Thank you for this platform..Version: 130.0

Chat/MeetI am new to Chat as well as Meet. However I’ve use Voice in the past. Somehow they seem to work together but I’m not sure. When I was first requested to download the Chat app my friends were calling me on video chat but on my iPhone I could not find the icon to chat it took me over a week to figure out that I need it to use Meet in conjunction with Chat and somehow they just worked together. Perhaps if they could be a very clear statement that chat does not allow for video calls on some devices it would save a lot of time and maybe even frustration. Someway somehow chat in Meet is working now but I don’t understand why or how..Version: 173.0.0

Great but a glichSo guys I love this app but when I have math classes it’s glitching so if your reading this please stop the glich I don’t mind glitch’s but it’s to much I can’t hear my teacher and when she’s wearing headphones I can’t hear her but she can hear me perfectly so please make the glich stop also one more thing the screen is not clear like sometimes her video is off and I can’t see her video idk why but she does not know why to but when her camera is on it’s not clear and I wish the the camera is clear but it’s ok if you can’t do it and sorry If this was to much it’s my problems of this app and hopefully you can do the things I said but if you can’t it’s ok thanks for reading this.Version: 190.0

Meilleur que FaceTimeLa qualité d’image et de son est juste génial. Mille fois meilleur que FaceTime, Messenger ou Skype ☺️.Version: 21.0

Google duo is amazingI love this app it is amazing I give it 5 stars get this app.Version: 69.0

Speaker phone does not workI live in Eastern Canada & called my cousin who is in the US Navy based in Florida. To my surprise, the speaker did not work & we tried using the app back & forth 4 Times but had the same non functional speaker issue. A minor bug I am sure but an important issue just the same!.Version: 22.0

Nice appSound quality is great but I can’t put a voice call on speaker for Some reason..Version: 19.1

Crystal clearCalls are always crystal clear..Version: 18.1

Easy lite and fastI love this app. Made it easy to communicate with parents overseas.Version: 69.0

Google duoI honestly cant live without this app it’s to good ❤️.Version: 67.0

Waseem KhanAs of today, it’s best of all web based voice / video call tool..Version: 68.0

Great receptionI was at home, my son was walking through Middletown New York. Reception and the quality of the call was fabulous.Version: 64.0

Amazing appI love google duo so much I can chat with all my friends five star is because it is just amazing and there’s so many new people on it that I can meet.Version: 161.0

Google awesomeThank you soooooop much.Version: 68.0

Great appVideo quality and sound are excellent. It is as described..Version: 65.0

Perfect Duo:)Easy to use, crystal clear sound, an joy to use!.Version: 58.0

Great but...It’s everything you would ever wish for specially when you have and Apple iPad and your parents have a Samsung phone but to sign up you need to put a phone number so I used my dads but now I can’t call him and my sis used the same phone # so now e can’t call each other but I can call my dad on HANGOUTS an other wifi chat thing by google but overall that’s all u could ask for..Version: 58.0

B.samoelPerfect for long distance calls and video calls…thank you google team ❤️.Version: 140.0

Les appelesOn ne peut pas appeler des adress imail on peut seulement appeler avec des num 😕🙁.Version: 43.0

ImageQuelques fois l’image fige Mais en général j’adore cette application Merci.Version: 54.0

Re the phone callVery clear and had a very good conversation Thanks.Version: 51.0

NiceClearest video chat I’ve ever experienced, hard to focus sometimes when looking at text, but all in all a great experience..Version: 23.0

GarbageConstant connection issues between other phones, at least it was free 🤷‍♂️.Version: 155.0

Google MeetMy family and I are very happy since using this App we appreciate the very good connection voice and video call all of it are excellent.🙏👍😘.Version: 227.0

TansuThank you so much you are the best!.Version: 226.0

L’appel avec mon pèreLa qualité de l’appel était géniale ! 😊 J’adore Google Meet !.Version: 225.0

HehehBbvn.Version: 221.0

Do not support group callPerfect app but don’t support group calls.Version: 225.0

GoodGood.Version: 220.0

No picture in pictureI use iphone and I can’t get access to picture in picture for Google meet during calls.Version: 220.0

What a wonderful app to talk to my daughter withI just said it all.Version: 218.0

My reviewThe quality was perfect. Without disconnecting and noising . Again, this was great..Version: 217.0

Good video appNeed background video-call support, need multiple people support, need messaging.Version: 217.0

Good service no complaintsWorks well.Version: 217.0

ExcellentExcellent.Version: 217.0

Reminiscing.I remember watching Star Trek episodes as a child thinking someday …….Version: 217.0

SORAYAPerfect.Version: 217.0

Good connectionVery good quality of sound and picture to a country with one of the worst internet speed..Version: 216.0

Clear voice and videoThanks to google for connecting me with my mother easily. Like it ..Version: 215.0

A must-have communication toolAn essential quick, easy and effective business app for our company!.Version: 214.0

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 228.0

What do you think Google Meet ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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Google Meet iPad Images
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