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Text Viewer - Txt File Viewer Customer Service

Simple text based novel viewer app that can view text file on your smart devices.
Now, you can read E-book of text-based novel

You can directly transfer text file from PC to App under identical Wi-Fi connection.
If you are using iCloud app, the text file uploaded to iCloud can be imported into this App.
It supports FTP and iTunes.

Pages can be switched using tapping, left-right/up-down dragging, or scrolling.
Each switching gesture feature can be turned on and off in the settings.
It supports automatic scrolling (in-app purchase required).

It is compatible with iPhone and iPad, and it can customize view mode as horizontal or vertical in the setting.
In addition, it supports various features such as cutting file, and changing font, color, and brightness.

Text viewer app is designed for viewing text-based novels (books) easily.
It is being continuously improved for facilitation.

If you have any questions or suggestions after installing app, please send an email to [email protected], or click ‘send an email’ button located at the top right of your app's settings screen.
We will try to response and update quickly.
(It may take a day or so to answer if you ask using the comment system of Apple. If you need immediate response, please email us.)

- txt file extension
- UTF-8 and multilanguage encodings
- Writing direction: Function for languages that are read in the left direction (iOS 14+)
- Enables to upload using PC web browser with Wi-Fi
- File import from cloud apps such as iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega, and Box etc.
- FTP: search, download
- Secure FTP not supported
- Enables to upload file using iTunes file sharing
- File copy in the cloud app or mail attachment
- Enables to set text size, space, and thickness
- Adds page transition animation effects
- Locks app and file
- phone/tablet
- Choose font types
- Adjust screen brightness
- Upload and search the compressed file including text file
- Cut file feature: split file over 2MB into files of fixed size
- Left / Right margin settings
- Background / text color settings
- Horizontal and vertical rotation for phone / tablet 
- iPad multitasking screen support
- Create / delete / rename of folder
- Move / copy / delete of file
- Select multiple files
- Move the pages by tapping and left-right/up-down dragging
- Search and view the text file from compressed file
- Align text (left, right, center)
- Search
- Bookmark
- Insert / delete a blank line
- Turn off screen option: Automatically turn off screen at designated time when activated
- Start view from the last viewed
- Vertical scroll feature: User can scroll down the viewport
- Next book auto-switching options: If you automatically change the next book switching option in Settings, tabs on the last page will automatically switch to the next book.

- Automatic scroll feature (text file): Enable to scroll down automatically / Enable to set scroll down time from 1 second (fast) to 30 second (slow). (In-app purchase required)
- Bluetooth keyboard: Supports page switching and screen closing function, direction key (asdw) page switch, ESC key viewer screen close (In-app purchase required)
- "Two-page view" support in pad: left-right, right-left page direction also selectable, please adjust page interval to "left and right margin" value. (In-app purchase required, pad only)

** To import file from cloud, you need to install and login the cloud app.
** For the “file share” of iTunes and the “app file share” of ifunbox, the file should be uploaded using Text Viewer.
** Advertising: Text Viewer includes banner ad. When you watch the video advertising (less than 1-minute length), you can use ad-free Text Viewer for 24 hours per every day; or you can use permanent ad-free Text Viewer by in-app purchase.

Text Viewer - txt file viewer App Comments & Reviews

Text Viewer - txt file viewer Positive Reviews

The customization features are richThe customization features are rich, and all aspects meet my needs. I hope developer could add the ability to copy a single word or select parts..Version: 1.159

Excellent appSimple, neat and has various functions. 10/10.Version: 1.24

Large filesI’m sure this app is great and all, but I specifically downloaded it to open a really large txt file, and the app cant even initialize the file. Gonna have to find another solution.Version: 1.210

구매했습니다좋은 앱 개발 감사합니다. 한 가지 건의사항이 있습니다. 게임기용 조이패드로 페이지 넘김기능 추가 가능 할 까요? 그 기능 때문에 안드로이드 패드에서 타 중국산 앱을 이용해 텍스트뷰를 하고 있었습니다. 여건이 되신다면 부탁드립니다. 제가 사용한 게임패드는 저렴한 vr용 한손패드입니다. 고맙습니다..Version: 1.202

Does not import from the iOS Files app.Does not import from the iOS Files app..Version: 1.228

다 좋은데두쪽보기 안되나요? 스샷엔 두쪽보기있는데 설정에서 못찾겠어요.Version: 1.191

TTS기능이 시급합니다!!너무나 좋고 즐기고 있습니다. 하지만 여기에 한글 tts기능만 넣어주신다면 돈 무조건 주고 삽니다 ㅜㅜ 기능 추가 안될까요!?!?.Version: 1.120

GoodGood.Version: 1.265

Exactly what I wantedI looked for quite some time to find a way on my iPhone to simply look at and read a text file. This app does exactly what it says it does and it has plenty of options to customize the font size, colour, etc. In addition to all that, it makes it very easy to copy files from your PC to your iPhone using your Wi-Fi, and it’s very easy to do. So yes, if you just want to read a text file on your iPhone without any fuss, I’d highly recommend this app. Oh, and additionally, for a very low in app purchase price, you get an automatic scrolling feature that makes reading your text file super easy. I also recommend that..Version: 1.28

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