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On the bus, on your break, in your bed—never be without a book. Kindle books you have purchased on Amazon will automatically appear in your app. Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can select and download Kindle books directly in the app.

• Read the books you buy on Amazon in the Kindle app. Choose from over six million Kindle books (including those with Audible narration), magazines, and comics and start reading in seconds. Explore Amazon Charts best sellers and titles across genres like romance, science fiction, children’s books, self-help, religion, nonfiction, and more—and try any book with a free sample straight from the Kindle app.

• Kindle Unlimited members can enjoy unlimited reading and listening, with the freedom to explore over 1 million titles, thousands of audiobooks, and current magazines.

• Over 1,000 books, magazines, comics, and more included with Amazon Prime.

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a book with the free Kindle app—so you can read anytime, anywhere. Explore these reading features in the Kindle app:

• Read your way. Customize your text size, font type, margins, text alignment, and orientation (portrait or landscape)—and choose whether to turn pages from left to right or continuously scroll. Read comfortably day and night with adjustable brightness and background colors. Go to the Aa menu in your book to get started.

• Look up words, people, and places while you read. Breeze through words you don’t know and characters you can’t remember with the built-in dictionary, X-Ray, Wikipedia lookup, instant translations, and search within your book. Simply tap and hold a word to view its definition, or use the Google and Wikipedia links to get more information.

• Track your reading progress. See what percent of the book you’ve read, real page numbers (for most top titles), and how much time you have left in the chapter or book based on your actual reading speed.

• Bookmark places you want to revisit, and make highlights and take notes throughout your book. Open My Notebook to see all your notes in the same place.

• Hop, skim, and jump with Page Flip. Flip between pages or get a bird’s-eye view of your book with Page Flip—don’t worry, we’ll save your place.

• Zoom in on high-definition color images in Kindle books, magazines, comics, and manga.

• Sync your books across devices. When you’re reading a book, the Kindle app will automatically sync where you left off—along with any bookmarks, highlights, or notes—so you can start reading on one device and pick up where you left off on another.

• When you can’t read, listen. Switch seamlessly from reading your Kindle book to listening to the Audible book, all within the Kindle app.

• Get notified when authors you love have new releases.

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Enhancement suggestionsI really like the kindle app and am an avid reader. With that said there a number of enhancements that I would like to see. I have had 4 different kindles (keyboard, touch, paper white, and oasis) and an early Sony E reader. I read primarily on my iPad. Although the dictionary and highlighting are occasionally helpful. It would be nice to have a user setting to turn this off so I don’t constantly have this show up because my hand slips when holding my tablet. I still think you need a better collection hierarchy. I have 3000+ books in my library and it would be nice to organize by author or genre and then have one or more specific levels. Some authors write romance, mystery, and paranormal. This should not be too hard with the database capabilities available. It would also be nice if there was an easier way to add multiple books to a collection. A setting to automatically remove a downloaded book after completion would also be helpful. Just a few ideas. I have a current big investment in kindle but if somebody else has a good library organization capability I might move on since this is really holding things back. With hard copy books I can organize my shelves how I want, electronic organization should be even easier..Version: 6.22

HighlightingI have been a kindle app user for many years. There have been improvements to the app that have kept me as a loyal user. Here’s one request I have (and I know it’s an atypical request and it may not ever be fixed but it’s worth asking): I browse titles, download samples, read samples, and naturally highlight and make notes as I read, whether the book is a sample or owned by me; if I like a book and want to read the full book, then I proceed to purchase it; the problem for me (and maybe no one else?) is when I purchase a book, my notes and highlights get deleted because the sample book is removed from my library and replaced with a full copy; but how can I transfer the highlights and notes? Is there a way, and if not, then can I keep the sample as well? The only workaround I can think of is to copy and paste to a document or to screen capture my notes and highlights to transfer to maintain a copy of them. These are tedious workarounds, and would love a solution. Yes, someone might ask, But why are you highlighting and making notes on a sample book? To which my response is, if I’m really into a book, I tend to make notes and highlights which means I will in turn want a full copy, which means I’m losing out on my notes and the moment I had going with the sample copy. This isn’t a high priority request, but would love an alternate workaround or solution. Thanks!.Version: 6.30

Been using since Kindle began no problemsI am a long term user of kindle. It was the first truly successful e reader. I had searched for and tried other systems. Electronic publishing seemed inevitable and an excellent use of resources. I had a library full of books and was often on waiting lists at the public library. Our family fought over special books and were always losing them. When I found out one book could be read simultaneously by several family members I was hooked. We bought the special kindle readers for all four of us and then added the apps for phones tablets and computers. I have never had a problem managing my library with both free and purchased content. Kudos. Just hope the authors are getting a fair share. Editing at publishing houses is still important but publishers costs should be very much lower with no printing, no paper, no delivery costs. All ads are media driven. Lower production costs should mean lower prices without penalizing the author, maybe even increasing the payments. In summary, the kindle system has been efficient and bug free for me ever since it began. I still use kindles to read outdoors, and love always having my library with my phone when I am stuck somewhere and need to wait..Version: 6.8

My Favorite Reading AppI love the Kindle app. I am an avid reader, and have three reading apps. I have iBooks and the Barnes and Noble app called Nook along with Kindle. Of the three apps, I find I like the Kindle app the best because it is the most intuitive. It is the easiest to annotate i.e., highlighting, entering notations (which I frequently do when I look up the definition of a word I’m unfamiliar with), and determining where you are in the book or how much more time it will take to finish a chapter. The new feature of zooming out and flipping through pages is really helpful too as well as the ability to tap the icon that will return you to your previous location. The three things I would consider improving are: 1) when I’m reading with the screen brightness turned down because I’m reading in the dark, when I look up a definition of a word, the print is so small and dim that I can’t see it. I then have to get out of the definition, increase the brightness, and go back and highlight the word and look up the definition again; 2) sometimes the dictionary isn’t available and when I am told to download it, it won’t download, and 3) I really wish it had more colors available for highlighting the text..Version: 6.3.1

Great perspective on living with a disabilityShane Burcaw was dealt with a tough challenge at birth. He has a form of muscular dystrophy that has confined him to a wheelchair from a young age. Instead of feeling sorry for himself and the challenges he faces he has taken a very positive outlook on the situation. In fact I’d say it’s an amazing outlook considering the difficulty he faces In doing even the most badic things. Rather than focusing on his differences he has just adapted and finds a way to Join into the typical activities of his peers. He learned early on that humor and laughter break down lots of the barriers many in wheelchairs face. He uses humor and his personality to demonstrate he’s just a typical guy with a great attitude. He is physically disabled but not mentally or socially and he wants others he meets to realize this as well. Shane is inspiring and I wish him all the best with his non profit and hope he continues to inspire and provide hope through his speaking and his blog. The book is very well written and his anecdotes will have you laughing at loud This book is a pragmatic and positive outlook on dealing with an incurable disease. It is poignant at its truths but doesn’t leave you feeling depressed but rather inspired and hopeful.Version: 6.38

Never thought I’d enjoy reading a Kindle—how little I know myself.As I grow older, I find my sleeping habits changing. I often wake up around 2:00am and simply take out my Kindle reading myself back to sleep. I could not do this we’re it a book. One would have to use a light which would disturb my husband’s sleep. As I wear glasses I’d be uncomfortable with one of those neck/head lights one can buy and possibly never fall asleep again. Now the best part of the Kindle is when reading any vocabulary one is not familiar with one can tap on it and a definition supplied there and then. If not enough one can simply go online and find the meaning, see the item and thus enrich one’s own vocabulary and knowledge base. The other aspect of Kindle I love is the number of books one can carry, almost weightlessly when traveling. If I feel like reading something serious, I can. Should I become bored I can immediately find something else. No need to try and find an English bookstore in say Romania simply click on one’s saved library and enjoy. I have around 200 books on my Kindle thus my library is in my handbag—what could be better?No bulky, heavy book to burden me, no confinement to that book—talk about freedom..Version: 6.10

If only...Your app has improved over time. That is good. But one major issue I have is the fact that, when writing notes where sections are highlighted and I have to leave the app for whatever reason, if the “SAVE” button isn’t pushed I loose ALL of the previous entry. What a terrible waste of time and effort!! Why can’t the text entry remain in place and be there right where I left off? Or, if that seems to impossible to do, why isn’t there a simple auto save? That is ultra simple logic. This issue is extremely frustrating! This seems so intuitive that it’s hard to imagine why it wasn’t addressed right from the start of note taking design, or at least why it hasn’t been dealt with yet. So basic that it just doesn’t make any sense!! UPDATED: Quite seriously?!?! While writing another note, I wanted to reference another app in order to more fully expound on a specific thought related to a passage in a book I was reading on Kindle. I switched apps for only a second. ONE SECOND! And a paragraph I had written evaporated just like that! GONE!!!!! Good grief how obnoxious!!!!! This lack of basic, intuitive feature alone deserves 2 STARS!! Fix it and boom! 5 stars!.Version: 6.34

Voiceover issues..I have a hard time reading visually, so for years I have been using the iPhone's Voice Over (two finger swipe down, once you turn it on in iPhone's Accessibility settings located in General), to read my my Kindle eBooks, but in the past year or so it won't advance to the next page unless you leave the screen on in your pocket, and there are so many things that seem to randomly stop the voiceover from working properly, and sometimes cut out words here and there, and other times it just stops working altogether. I wish this feature worked more seamlessly. Other than that, I also find it harder now than ever before to find my own books that I've already purchased. There used to be an easy section to see all the books you own that are on the cloud, and another section to see all the ones that have been downloaded to your device, ready to read. Now it's really confusing and I have to search for my books. Much less user friendly and it looks like it's an attempt at trying to get you to buy more books. I hope they change this and make it easier or more straight forward to just see your own books, and not force you to look at all the books you don't own yet..Version: 6.28

Mostly goodDefinitely the best source for a wide selection of books but since kindle has taken it’s toll on most local book stores, the kindle prices have escalated proportionally. Also, as kindle expands the options available, caution must be exercised to avoid ordering something other than what your looking for, ie you want a book but you end up with audiobook or sample chapter or some other new and improved offering. Question for Kindle: why do you not list books written as a series in numerical order and why do you not list books written with the same lead character by publication date? It’s an ordeal to find the latest release of a Jack Reacher novel if you don’t know the title as it may be anywhere within the twenty or so previously released JR books. If the author of a series of six or more books is also the author of a large number of novels other than the series the books in the series might be scattered indiscriminately among all the releases. These are just inconvenient irritants but one would think they could be easily resolved. This does not prevent Kindle from being the best choice available and their customer service is second to none..Version: 6.13

Kindle AppThe Kindle app for the iPad is a good stable way to enjoy reading. I like the options for font size and screen color. I can up the font size if I can’t find my reading glasses and tone down the light if I am reading in bed at night. What I don’t like is two things. 1) When I got my iPad last Christmas I had over 400 ebooks already. When I added the app, all of my books came over and I had no way of sorting between the books I had read and the books I hadn’t. 400+ books is a lot to try and sort through to see if I have read them or not. THEN, once I locate them there isn’t a way for me to sort them or keep them separate. I would pay for the app gladly if you gave me a few more choices on sorting and storing my books! 2) I am always buying new books but purchasing them has become a nightmare. It seems like every way I try and buy a book I am not able to. I can’t seem to find the “store.” I get to where I think I can buy and the only choice I have is to download a sample. I don’t want the sample, I want to buy the book! If anyone knows what I am doing wrong or how I can fix this, I would sure appreciate some feedback!.Version: 6.8

Still needs fixing!I’m not sure if it was the Kindle App or an IOS Update, but around the turn of the year, either when Kindle was updated, or when the IOS System Update happened, the Accessibility option of turning Text to Speech (TtS) stopped working correctly. It would crash the TtS capability, or just stop working, or skip half a page or more, then continue. With the latest update, they seem to have fixed the crashing/quitting problem, but not the skipping half a page, or more. It will be reading along, correctly, and then skip 4 or 5 paragraphs. It is quite abrupt, and makes the TtS feature unusable, which is very disturbing to those who need that capability, and really inconvenient for those who used that feature of IOS to turn the Kindle App into the next best thing to Audible, and some books just aren’t available on Audible. Besides, it is a Safety Hazard, because you would have to keep an eye out that it hadn’t quit or skipped! But the main reason for fixing it is the commitment they have to the non-sighted community. It is a great disservice to them, from a feature that had been working fine, until the updates that happened early this year! Please return it to functionality!.Version: 6.4

LOVE my Kindle!!! BUT...last upgrade for it changed it!The last upgrade was again, a group of many improvements which will hopefully improve many users experience with the app. AND, I do realize that mine problem with it is going to be very minute to most. Please do bear with me. I've tried support, but they suggested I try through review. I am VERY hearing impaired! I've been this way my entire life. I've learned to adjust, but this one is a pain! At this point of life, I have HUGE problems hearing typical female voices, because they are typically in the treble range. I only hear base. I'm not the only, since this is typical for hearing loss, so there are more "baby boomers" on the way, who will also have this happening to them. So....what's the deal here, you ask?! Up until this last upgrade, the voice for "translation" of dictionary words has been male. A day doesn't go by that I don't look up at least two to five words. I LOVE learning new or odd vocabulary words, AND how they are pronounced. Now, even if I were to stand on my head, I cannot hear the voice you're using. Is there ANY help here for my problem?.Version: 6.3.1

Don't like the changesFirst let me say I have always loved this app I prefer using it to read my books but I don't like the recent changes to backgrounds. I'm an older reader and these changes have made it very difficult for me to use your app. I read several hours a night and used the black with white option most of the time including during the day. I cannot use this background since the change to blue lettering. I can't see the lettering. Yesterday I had to use Libby to read my book. In past I have only used Libby to read books published only in epub form. With these recent changes I'm sure I will need to use Libby more. Hope you will change this background back or at least give another option that would have the black background with white lettering. Also have found that I can't change the layers option. The color on the background I seem to be locked in doesn't stay the same the longer I read the lighter the background gets. This is not working for me any more. I have always recommended this app but probably won't until becomes more useable for me..Version: 6.33

Reading for FreeWell not exactly for free but almost! I joined the Kindle Unlimited several months back. Let me tell you it is worth every penny, By spending $15 a month reading your favorite books has never been easier. You are able to choose up to 10 titles at a time and after you read one of those 10 books you just exchange it for another title. How easy is that? It’s like having a library card without having to worry about those pesky late fines. And by owning an IPad I can carry all to tiles with me everywhere. My health is not good. I hurt 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I don’t leave my house so going to a library is out of the question. Reading is a wonderful friend when your have to deal with that. Reading gets my mind off of how horribleI I feel. So I can say that reading has saved my life. If you are dealing with something that has the ability of stealing your sanity, join Kindle Unlimited and let a book take you on a journey into someone else’s life or read those titles that help you deal with your problems. Yes Kindle Unlimited is a life saving fantastic friend..Version: 6.13

Needs improvementI like reading books on Kindle, but I read A LOT. I mean, A LOT. Over the years I’ve accumulated a ton of books. And even if I’m caught up in a series, if I stumble over a book that I want to read, especially if it’s on sale, I’ll add it to my library. It is hard now to scroll down through the books in my library and find the ones I’ve bought but haven’t read yet. It’d be great if we had the settings option of automatically archiving books once we reach the end. Or at least sort books so the new ones come to the top. I shouldn’t have to suggest this. It seems like common sense. And I even registered a request for it years ago and they still haven’t done it. And also, for some reason my app keeps adding Kindle accounts. I think I’m up to six or so, even though I only use Kindle on two devices. So my iPhone app no longer syncs furthest read with my iPad app. Argh. Why does it do this? I tried emailing for support but they tell me I have to call. Calls for help force me to sit there for ages on hold until someone picks up, and it seems like it takes MUCH longer to get things sorted out than if I could just get some simple written instructions. It’d be great if they valued my time..Version: 6.31

Took me a LONG timeTo become an ebook user and ultimately a Kindle kween. I was one of many vp merch’s at that NY based bookseller during their heyday years. Quite frankly, I still purchase a few hundred used books each year as I’m a voracious reader and when I find something particularly fabulous via Kindle, I’ll often seek out a “real” copy for my library. Yay! The Kindle app allows me to go on vacation for a week, month or whole winter by just packing my IPad. Brilliant! I used to need to box up and lug boxes, (yes BOXES as I read 7-12 books a week), of books to support my vacationing pleasure. So, you haul an ATV or surfboard? I read at the open or close of my day! Finding a library or bookstore while on vacation is often a daunting task. As my students would say, it’s now “easy peasy”. I’m also a Prime member which gives me access to 1000 free titles each month across every genre and product type (magazine, graphic novel, kids books, games, etc.). Add that to online reading clubs like TheEReader, BookBub, FaithfulReader, GoodBooks, etc. and Kindle is the gateway to bibliophile Nirvana! Come, get your read on and Kindle!.Version: 6.8

Please fix end-of-page highlighting & Notebook font sizeHey Kindle dev team! You guys have done a fantastic job here. Love the app, and have used it to read and highlight hundreds of books. It works nearly flawlessly, except for two things: 1) When you want to highlight text that extends beyond the end of the page, the cursor either sits at the bottom of the page and does nothing, or it jumps ahead and highlights the next page or three. You guys have elegant solutions for this on the Kindle devices (it automatically highlights the rest of the sentence on the next page) and also with hyphenated words (it highlights the rest of the word on the next page). iBooks also just highlights the next word on the next page. Any of these solutions would be preferable to the haphazard way the highligting feature works right now. 2) In the Notebook for highlights, the font is teeny tiny headache-inducingly minuscule. Would it be possible to either make the default font bigger, or to have a font size adjustment feature like in the main text? That would be amazing! Thanks for your attention!.Version: 6.29.1

TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFOREI first got interested in the Lara Jean saga through the movie, and then my daughter got me started reading the books. I loved the movie and now I am so enthralled with the books that I have read the trilogy, three times. I just can not get enough of Lara Jean and her exploits. I can go back (in my mind) to the days when I first started dating and all of my ‘firsts’ like Lara Jean is always talking about throughout the books. A smile comes to my face every time I think of those days, over 50 years ago. So many wonderful memories, I can’t even count them all. Plus, unfortunately, some bad memories. But ALL the good and the bad memories taught me something about myself, and I think that is why Lara Jean’s story has ‘hit’ home with me so much. I have dated a few Peters, and a few Joshs, and even one Lucas, many years ago, and I can honestly say, each experience STILL brings a smile to my face, because they ALL taught me things about myself. I, personally ended up with my ‘JOHN’ (his real name, BTW) and we have been married for 37 years, so I believe you could say we are our own success story!!.Version: 6.23.1

Kindle Fire vs Kindle app on iPadI’m fortunate to have both a Kindle Fire and an iPad. Rec’d my old Fire as a gift in 2012, and have gone almost completely to e-readers since then. I thought I’d miss the feel of the book, but my arthritic hands are grateful for the change. My new, 2017 Fire is lighter and easier to hold than the old one. I have books for my granddaughter on it, and I’m comfortable handing it over to her because I don’t have a lot of other ‘stuff’ on it. We do occasionally watch videos on it, and that’s easy. The app I have on my iPad works well - probably equal to the Kindle, itself. I tend to read it from the horizontal position, and enjoy that the font size is so easily adapted. It’s a little more difficult (for me) to use to read in bed - extra weight & bulk - but if my granddaughter & I are both reading, it’s not a big deal. I guess the bottom line is that I’m a confirmed e-reader and doubt I’ll go back. Convenience, ease of book purchasing, better price on books, being able to sync between the two readers... it doesn’t get much better than this..Version: 6.8

Almost perfect!I love reading since I was a child and have read thousands of books in my almost 50 years of living. I always have a book and often 2 to 3 that I read at same time. The Kindle app makes it all so easy to pick up exactly where you left off and on my phone or tablet I have access to everything without the weight or bulk of paper or hardcover. I travel for business almost weekly, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I am pretty much on a plane 36-40 weeks annually and often would read a 10-15 dollar paper back in that one day, no less than 2 a week. Having the Kindle unlimited account (10$ monthly) and app has allowed me access to do much more with nothing but my phone. The only caveat is it doesn't synch well between devices. If you don't manually synch from phone and go to tablet you must synch but it doesn't seem to find the page you last read. I cannot find in settings a Auto Synch that would do on day, opening app, but it's not a big deal and I still think it's a 5 star app, especially coupled with Kindle unlimited reading subscription..Version: 6.7

Linda Bridey Westward/Dawson Chronicles/Echo CanyonThere are no other books that I love more than Linda Bridey’s. I become so captivated with each character and it’s very important to me that there’s chemistry between the characters. Wow! The chemistry is so powerful and different with each person, what an imagination the author has. I find I need to take a couple days away from reading after I finish one of Linda’s books as I reminisce about the characters and story. I can’t let go before starting the next one..... which brings more excitement! I just finished Dawson Chronicle Book 4. Since it’s been awhile since I read this series, I appreciated it when little reminders of who certain characters were was mentioned. I also like reading clean romances, but with a little spice, just no sexual scenes. The author delivers on this very tastefully and goes the distance just enough. I have Kindle Unlimited but I purchase Linda Bridey books. If that says anything about how much I love her books. Oh boy, I’m going to search right now for any of her books that I haven’t read...... ♥️.Version: 6.23.1

Good. Except For Dark Mode And Hyphenation.I used this app, then tried iBooks, and have to say that the Kindle app is a lot smoother in terms of its functions (such as defining words immediately when selected) and customization. And I like that you have the option of reducing clutter, so that you can have a truly minimalistic reading experience. The only thing I have to point out is that the dark mode isn’t consistent. I read at night, so I use black pages and such to help reduce eye strain. When I go to add a note to a highlighted passage, the screen goes glaring white. And when I go to the settings, the same thing happens for me to update my preferences. On iBooks, when you have it set to dark mode, literally everything is darkened, so there’s no sudden “blinding white light at the end of the tunnel” syndrome to detracts from my midnight readings. Oh, also, there’s a lot of hyphenation. Like, a lot. The Kindle algorithm seems to really prefer hyphenating words over some other reading platforms. I wish there were an option to customize that feature. I personally would like to have zero hyphenation (like on Wattpad, for instance)..Version: 6.24

I'm an old school book lover who loves KindleAs long as I can remember, I was always reading at least one book at all times. Usually I would have two going. I had no desire to give up my beloved books and start reading on a Kindle. But when my eye sight wasn't perfect anymore it became less and less practical to avoid it. Good lighting became an issue, and if for no other reason, the Kindle app on my iPad and iPhone has given me the back the ability to pick up and read whenever the urge or a few extra minutes presents itself. The ability to have so much reading material on hand is the cherry on top. And as much as I love spending hours in a book store, there just aren't the kind of book stores around that there used to be. So being able to buy most titles I'm interested in with the touch of a button makes me even happier. I still read books when I can, but far more often I read on the kindle app. This is time spent reading that I would be missing out on. I think it's the greatest thing, and it's by far my most used app..Version: 6.7

Love my KindleIt am a voracious reader. Just like my family I never go anywhere without my Kindle. I love the smell of a new book, however I was very limited on the the number of books that could travel with me. Years ago I even built a small bookcase to hold the books I wanted to take with me whenever we traveled. It could contain maybe 10 books. I knew there had to be a better way and then I discovered Kindle. I now have two Kindles and have downloaded the Kindle App to every electronic device, laptop, desktop computers, and iPads, iPhone, that I own. Kindle syncs seamlessly with them all. With highlighters, and notes features, I can thoroughly study any read, and quickly review all. I now take roughly 200 books with me wherever I go. Not to mention the money I have saved, when comparing the “print” price to the Kindle price of a book. I highly recommend it for young children, and young adults because it actually encourages reading for pleasure, or research on any subject. How else could I carry over 200 books in my pocket(on my iPhone) everywhere I go ?.Version: 6.36

I’ve got my library in my purse.I love the kindle app. No matter where I am I always have a book or magazine to read. I love that I can adjust the type to make it more readable and at night I use white type on a black background so that the light from the book isn’t overpowering. If you come across a person or word you are t familiar with all you have to do is put your finger on it and either the definition or the Wikipedia page comes up, then tap the upper left and you are back on your page. You can also highlight things and take notes. There are a lot of great books on kindle that are very inexpensive. My only complaint is that it’s difficult to categorize the books in the app. It can be done but I wish it was a matter of highlighting the title and dragging it over to the category. I’ve been able to get some of my books into categories but I never seem to remember what to tap and how to get the title where I want it. I’ve got hundreds of books so it’s a lot of work. Other than that I highly recommend this app,.Version: 6.26

Facilitates Reading!Whether I’m at the doctors office, having a mani/pedi, in a car as a passenger riding for a bit... I find myself enjoying book after book because I always have access to reading. It’s an easy process to purchase and download whatever book I choose to read (a bookclub selection, a friend’s recommendation, a personal find, etc.) Before I tried kindle, I would start reading a book, but inevitably never finish for ages because it was just never with me when I would have the time to read :( Now, since I have my phone with me wherever I go, it’s easy to turn it on and pick up reading wherever I left off. A great feature is that I can also mark any passages/pages that I want for future reference and also love being able to look up definitions if needed. Book is always opened to the last page I was on and if I ever leave that page to make adjustments to size of font or brightness of screen, etc, page is marked so I go right back :) I could go on, but think you get the picture.... I love using kindle!.Version: 6.8

Vertical CityAs my first short story collection of Fannie Hurst, this is an impressive compilation of the talent of Fannie Hurst. Her mastery of language in the inventive use of phrase and the deft lightness of touch brings a tone reminiscent of Vonnegut. Her saturation of the era, particularly the disenfranchised voices of diversity, of women and of the down-and-out, excels beyond anything produced by Edith Wharton. She is unafraid to strum the chords of tragedy and heartbreak. I have not enjoyed so much of an author’s body of work since encountering John Steinbeck as a teen. The fact of her commercial success never offset her wish to be recognized as a great writer. It’s time she was a fixture on many a syllabus. Read the stories of ‘Vertical City’ in order. Save ‘Roulette’ for the last then talk about her to a friend. ‘Lummox’ is her masterpiece. ‘Imitation of Life’ has survived through the films, but the book, beyond the brilliance of the story, has an eerily prophetic vision of the Starbucks business model. The mystery is how she can echo the heart of her diverse characters. In the current climate of cultural appropriation phobia, Fannie Hurst makes a strong case for what a creative writer can achieve..Version: 6.17

Good but could be betterThe app runs smoothly and beautifully. Everything is easily accessible and I really enjoy the app with its in built dictionary that makes it convenient to search up unknown words. The flash cards allow me to review past terms and expand my vocabulary, but at the moment it is quiet tedious having to go in, create new cards, and define every word. It would be wonderful if there could be a function that would automatically create the card for you. For example, highlighting a word, clicking a symbol, and then finding the card in the flash card section. The use of flash cards are limited to the books in which the cards are created. If the decks are accessible separate of the book, capable of being used without having to go into the book/ stored in one huge deck, it would be more useful. Also I’m not exactly sure of the purpose of collections if I am unable to search in those collections. These new additions would make the app much more efficient and user friendly, but at the moment it is still very well done..Version: 6.26

Love reading on a KindleWhy? I can look up definitions of words by highlighting. I can search for the name of a character I have forgotten. I can bookmark an important page and return easily. If I look something up within a book, the page I left has an icon to return instantly to the original page. If I’m reading in the dark and I don’t want to disturb my partner, I can switch from white to black background. With a paper book, I have to have a light on. With a paper book I have to have a bookmark but with a Kindle it opens automatically to where I left off. I can share books between my other electronic devices and the program asks me if I want to go to the furtherest page. When planning a trip I can load as many books as I think l read and only have to carry the one device. Some books are cheaper, I won’t purchase a Kindle book for more than $10. I read very few magazines or books with lots of pictures because the graphics or pictures are just too small. But that doesn’t matter with so many books to choose from...Version: 6.7

Great App, would be even better with a few addsSince I have almost a thousand books in my library, I obviously love the app. I have suggested several times that they add a few features - I would love to be able to create “folders” for my books, to classify them by category - mystery, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, motivational, paranormal, romance, cookbooks! So if I want to find a paranormal in my library to read I don’t have to “hunt and peck”. Another great feature for me would be able to easily mark a book as “read” in my library not in the books I download. I remove books from my downloads once I’ve read them so I don’t eat up my storage and once they’re just in the library you lose the ability to know if you read them or not unless you download them again. Just some features to make my library more user-friendly. Last, a way to rate books in my own library so at a glance, I could look up the books I’ve already read and see that “this is one I’ll want to re-read in a while!” Pretty, please!?!?.Version: 6.8

Reader’s NecessityI started with a Kindle device several years ago and was absolutely thrilled when the app became available. I no longer have to carry an additional device now that I read whenever I want from the convenience of my phone! It is my most used app. I wasn’t pleased with the update that no longer placed recent books on the opening page (including pre-purchased). I have so many books in my library that I sometimes forget which I’ve read or what I’d like to read next based on the most recent in a series. It’s inconvenient to have to go online to review my account. If you are an avid reader, Kindle Unlimited is a must have. I can’t imagine not having my books readily available. With the Kindle app I no longer have to find space in my home for books. I especially like that I can share some of my favorite books with friends with the book loan feature. The Kindle app also allows you to sample books and search through their vast selection of genres. The Kindle app is a must have for readers of all ages..Version: 6.8

Amazing and CaptivatingThis is the first book in the “True Lies of Rembrandt Stone” series. It is written by three authors, Susan May Warren, James L. Rubart, and David C. Warren, under the pseudonym of David James Warren. I have read all of James L. Rubart’s books and a good portion of Susan May Warren’s books. This is a debut for David C. Warren who is the son of Susan May Warren. This book has it all between cold cases, romance, and time travel. I believe it will appeal to a wide variety of readers. This book is so good that it drew me in not from the first page but from the very first paragraph of the book. This is definitely a series that you are going to want to read from the beginning. I like that they made Rembrandt Stone, who is the main character, an author that writes books based on what he knows about being a police detective. However, this is just an interesting side story. By the end of this book, you are definitely left wanting more which is why it is so good that they have all six books scheduled to come out in 2021. Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for an honest review..Version: 6.37

Kindle is a great way to read.I am a mathematician. When I am studying a book on mathematics, I prefer to use a traditional text. For almost any other type of literature, however—fiction, philosophy, or spirituality, for example—I like to do a great deal of highlighting and note-writing. Kindle is perfect for either of those activities. Highlighting is a snap, with Kindle’s choice of three highlighting colors giving me the power to categorize passages as interesting, important, or supremely important. Note-writing is equally convenient and effective. Kindle enhances my reading of fiction, as well. As an example of this, suppose that I’m on Page 250 of a novel when I encounter a character who, I am certain, has appeared before but about whom I’ve forgotten. All I then have to do is to search on that character’s name to be shown every spot in the book where he or she appears. In short order, I’m caught up on the character and his or her role in the story. Kindle has revolutionized my reading and studying. I recommend it to all readers..Version: 6.23.1

Kindle App for use with iPadsI thoroughly enjoy using the Kindle app with my iPad. I appreciate having the ability to increase the text size and darken and lighten the background lighting. I utilize the dictionary features when I come across a word I’m not familiar with instead of having to look it up in another application. I read on both my iPad and my iPhone and love the fact that I can sync my devices to the farthest page read. I also like the way that many venues utilize the Kindle application as I have been able to check out books from the library using the Kindle app. The only negative is not being able to borrow digital books from other Kindle users like you can with hard copy books. I have actually loaned my Kindle Fire to a friend so she could read from my library, however, this is not really practical as the electronic devices have so much other data which you may not want others to have access to. If there was an option to share electronic books with others, I would give the Kindle app a 5..Version: 6.8

Good appI wish it was easier to buy a book from the kindle app when on an iPad but I’m sure this is an age old complaint. I also wish you were able to take more notes as you read. Can’t we notate on the margins on a Kindle yet? You would think so 2018 but alas no...Otherwise I use the Kindle app every day. It’s my preferred form of reading. Easier purchasing and notating would be appreciated. But it is generally bug free. But, shouldn’t every review of a book be a verified purchase? Seems like some reviews are just from people who are having a lousy day and would like to make someone else feel lousy. The logic seems to be: if you cannot create, why not destroy? And another gripe: some of the recommendations for me are beyond ridiculous! What is the algorithm here? Romance novels with buff bods on the cover?! Puhlease! This is because....I read so much.....contemporary literature!?? This is puzzling. And can we not set up a preference stipulating the type of published material? Generally I prefer books from publishing houses, as opposed to self-published works because of the editing etc..Version: 6.8

KindleI read every day, so naturally I enjoy my kindle account. It’s so handy, easy to take 20 books with me when I travel. I check my free book clubs every day, and if I find something I want to read, I easily download it with a few clicks. Same with library books. It’s easy for me, and that’s saying something for it. At the age of 81, I’m not exactly a computer whiz. It easily adjusts to the lighting and font size I want, so my eyes don’t get tired. At night, my pad rests on a pillow, a touch of a thumb turns the page. I don’t have to hold a heavy book up, or fight the crease in the middle. When I go to sleep, the book doesn’t fall and lose my place! Some people say they don’t want a screen, they have to have a real book and turn real pages. Real bookworms don’t care about appearances, they want the content, what the writer is saying. I just finished “City of Girls”. It was so well written, the characters so real. I got lost in New York in the forties, among the actors in a small dilapidated theatre. Kindle is a real book....many books..Version: 6.23

Forever DevotedThis is one of my favorites of the Forever Bluegrass series, though they are all wonderful, enchanting, and so realistically unrealistic. I read it at least three times before the audible version was released, but since then I have probably listened to it twenty times or more. Eric G. Dove’s narration so perfectly captures the various characters, the emotions, and the whimsy of the adventures of the denizens of Keeneston. Layne and Walker are both wonderful characters, strong, forthright, motivated by honor and courage, without a trace of self-consciousness. They do the right thing in every instance. While that might sound as if there is not enough conflict to hold the reader, it is the exact opposite. You root for each of these characters to triumph over danger, adversity and misunderstandings, all the while admiring their actions, thoughts and motives without doubt or reservation. This is a real “feel good” read, which for me never loses it’s appeal. Mature, thoughtful, intelligent main characters, self-reliant and self-assured, finding the even greater happiness of “forever love” and a very happy ending..Version: 6.10

Kindle UnlimitedI love Kindle Unlimited, as I read a lot of books monthly! There’s always something to read in any category one could possibly imagine. You can download 10 at a time and return at your leisure, either as soon as you finish one or after completing all of them and then download 10 more. This has been the best app for books I have ever had! I and my family have been members for several years now and plan to continue being so! As many books as I have read through Kindle, I would have otherwise had to spend thousands of dollars on buying the books (if I could have even found them) and then had to find a way to store them or donate them like I had to in the past. Kindle makes suggestions for books for you based on your history, but you can always find others that you may prefer; each title also gives a brief description of book, and if you’re not sure you can download a sample of the book first. Thank you Kindle for this app!.Version: 6.28

Device Within the DeviceHello, my name’s Iqbal, and I’ve been using a Kindle that my sister Farah gave me for a few years ago for Christmas. I wasn’t totally sold on it at first because I was used to regular paper books and newspapers, and I still do read a mixture of digital and paper reading material, but I definitely like that the kindle saves travel space for reading, and the app even more so because it means I just have to carry my phone and that’s it. The graphic for the app is a good one. I like the silhouette of a person reading under the stars. The user interface is good and is pretty close to what it’s like using a kindle. I really like that I can highlight and annotate books and look up unknown terms in a dictionary with ease as I read. That’s probably one of the nicest features. I haven’t used the color coding highlighting but I can see how that would be very useful and instructive if using the app to teach a class from personal annotations in a favorite volume. That’s all for now. Bye everyone 🙂🌳⭐️🌸.Version: 6.23

MykindleI love my kindle I don't know what I'd do without it!!!❤️❤️❤️ I use it every day, it’s so worth it to get kindle. It has everything I could possibly ask for the only thing is it doesn’t tell you how many books you have total... but I have hundreds and I’m always wondering just how many I have, but if your just using this for casual use that probably won’t matter to you haha! The book selection is stellar, they have kindle unlimited which is like $10 a month and you have a whole selection of books opened up that you don’t have to buy but can borrow and it’s great if you just wanna try it out and aren’t sure if it’s as good as it sounds. (Far faster than a library) kindle books are so reasonably priced and usually the cheapest option though you don’t get the amazing book smell or the feel of the pages but it’s great when your waiting somewhere or bored out of your mind somewhere out on the town. Best thing that ever happened to me was when I was gifted a kindle :) I highly suggest it.Version: 6.7

Will never read a paper book againI'm an avid reader and to have all the books I want on hand wherever I go is awesome! Purchasing books is such a simple process and there is an infinite amount of books for any income level. Kindle unlimited is also an excellent program, especially when you can read and listen on Audible for free. There are only two improvements that I wish were made. Once I read a book and delete it from my device I really wish it would have a symbol on the cover in my library that its been read. I know it shows new with a check mark when not read but if I missed downloading a book I assume I read it since it's not marked. And the other thing is no matter how long ago or recently I've borrowed a book from KU i wish it would let me know that when I'm shopping for books like it lets me know when I purchased a book, which is a great thing btw. Overall I would give the kindle and the app 10 stars if I could..Version: 6.7

Pleasantly surprisedBeing this book was free under Prime I wasn’t sure what to expect. As an avid psychological thriller movie/book junkie I thought I had the plot pegged 1/4 of the way through. By 1/2 way I had changed my mind and had formed another idea of where it was going. Although I may have gotten part of it correct, the ending gave a nice, unexpected twist. I read rather fast, and completed it in 2 days with intermittent reading. It’s an easy read that keeps you on edge, making the reader want to get to the truth of the story. There were times where I wanted to skip to the end to satisfy my need to know, but of course that wouldn’t have made it as enjoyable ;) It offers a nice balance of suspense and confusion, and I found myself tearing up at the end. That was a truly unexpected bonus! When a book draws me in that well, I consider it a worthwhile read. I could see this as a movie for sure. It had that nice of a twist, but one that is also quite believable. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did :).Version: 6.14

Wonderful AppTo be able to have so many books in my iPad is so great. Wherever I go, having it with me, I know I can read to my heart’s content, listen to music, stay in touch with friends and family. The Daily Deal and BookBub enable buying many terrific books at very low cost or free. Although I am not familiar with many of the authors, I can read enough description to know if I might like the book. The number of stars indicates worth of the book. If a book is expensive, I can put off buying it until I am ready to read it, getting a free sample to remind me of my interest in it. I am protecting trees by not using paper, have no need for many bookcases to store books, do not have to limit the size of my library, and can download books immediately. As a retired person, can live in a smaller space and still have what I love available to me in my iPad, and do not have to get up and go to the store to get a book I want. Holding my iPad on a stand, my hands and wrists are not as painful as holding the weight of a book. I need no light to read, as it is built-in. I can make the brightness and print size whatever I need it to be, a great boon for seniors who often stop reading because of print size and their cataracts. I am not aware of dangers from spending so much time using a digital device. I hope that we are safeguarded, so that the many advantages of reading in the Kindle app are always available. I can’t thank Kindle enough! Love it! Would recommend it to everyone!.Version: 6.8

Boom by Cathy RichardsI am delighted that this book came to me as I turned 75 and needed more assistance to work important changes into my activity level in order to be more physically comfortable as I focused on healthy aging. Cathy Richards has created a clearly written guide to care for our bodies through time. She is supportive and clearly demonstrates how best to maintain our motivation through the variety of challenges the older years may bring us. Providing ideas on how to fit in the actions we need to embrace while enjoying and living a satisfying, life full of varied activities. Cathy has laid out all this important information in ways which help the reader utilize it and fit it into a happy lifestyle. She makes her suggestions accessible and flexible so you can grow with them. The realities of the variability of constraints of time and energy in my life are accounted for in a totally doable way. Thank you, Cathy, for your positive support and wonderful guidance in my journey. Enjoying 75 years.Version: 6.23

Well readI use the kindle app on my iPad and iPhone for the majority of my reading. I love that the books will sync and I can pick up right where I left off between the two devices. I do wish that when I finish a book on the iPhone, that the iPad would automatically update without having to open the book again on that device. I also think it would be great if when I categorize my books by shelf, that the books would no longer appear in the main homepage/shelf. I read so much that I sometimes forget which books I’ve read until I open the book and the app either syncs up, or I read a few chapters and realize that I’ve read the story before. (When covers are replaced or some further editing is done, the books sometime reset and my place marks are lost or it resets and categorizes as a new book, when I’ve already read it.) Overall, the apps are great and I love having thousands of books literally at my fingertips and readily available to me at any time. I would definitely recommend the Kindle app..Version: 6.8

Great appI really like the app. There is very little I don't like about the app and only a few items I wish it had that it doesn't. I love the fact that I can carry my library of several hundred books on my belt, cross reference my reading instantly with a dictionary, Google, Wikipedia and translation services. What I really wish it had was a feature that would sort my library by "not yet read". I find I miss reading books I bought long ago because they got buried way down the list. I wish it would translate even more languages. Especially Latin. I wish they would add a "Bookman" font to the choice of reading fonts and I wish the controls were the same between phones & iPads. But really these are quite minor complaints/wishes. Basically it's a good, solid, well working app that makes reading a pleasure. I’m big problem is the book review function is broken. I get a lame error message with no useful information to fix the problem..Version: 6.10

Great except for one major flawI like the kindle app in general, but there is one huge UI issue. It’s the biggest inconvenience for me and frustratingly odd. You can only select/highlight between spaces, so you cannot highlight part of a word, or a word which has a dash after it. I would use the search and define functions a lot but this dramatically kills the whole use ability of both features. For example, a text will have something like fig.1.4–explaining phrase. It’s only possible to select “fig1.4–explaining” and not “fig1.4” or “explaining” separately. So to define the explaining word one must exit the app and go online. To search for the figures’s other instances, it’s necessary to open the search menu and type it in manually. It’s really frustrating as a user, especially before I realized it wasn’t just me but the way that the app works. I wish you could turn off this “snap-to-grid” style selection. Then, I would give 5 stars and my reading experience would be faster and more pleasurable instead of leaving me annoyed..Version: 6.36

“Flaws and all”I use to really love this app. I remember there was a time when the app use to read to you with out having an audible account. I also remember a time when you could get books that helped pass the time just for a few bucks. Even with all the changes and upgrades I can still stay I enjoy the app. My only issue is the updates to old digital books. I don’t like how books have made media updates to old settings of these stories. Or, how they have been allowed to add words. I think it changes the integrity of the story. I’m not really a fan. I miss actually knowing the book and it’s all parts. That’s all. I know hard copies of books are often republished and updated but I at least in, that instance, you still have the original copy you first ever read with these digital updates you can’t compare in the same way because the updated copy becomes the only copy. What if the flaw was the thing I loved about the original? Either way I do love the this app in all its other ways..Version: 6.37

I love this appThe Kindle app has been a mainstay on my iPhone. Works perfectly. The only downside is that you still can’t shop for books directly through the app but rather have to purchase via Amazon..Version: 6.3.1

KindleIt works great once you figure a few things out! Better than I suspected. Will get more digital books for my study!.Version: 6.32.1

Handwriting with Apple PencilI hope you guys would consider to support handwriting with Apple Pencil. This would be very helpful to take notes just on the book pages. Would work well with study books. And please improve stability when working on split screen. Every time I come back from other apps, the kindle app would crash and have to restart..Version: 6.16.1

Page NumbersI love the syncing capability between devices and use it often. Thank you for changing the notations shownat the bottom of each page. I find this information most useful. I still wish one option was to show page numbers at the bottom of the page! Please consider this option! Kindle is a great app..Version: 6.3.1

Were to fined booksIt is a bit hard to find books. I have to go to amazon and get them. I wish I could buy them here but I just started so you might be able. But over all it is an amazing website and I recommend it to all!.Version: 6.30.2

Hundreds of books……on my kindle. Absolutely love it!.Version: 6.43

Great AppIt’s a great app, but you can’t buy books on it... you have to buy them on Amazon first.Version: 6.33

Functional and Fun but unpolishedLike the app I think it evolved nicely through the years but I do think that company amazon could put it further faster in my presumed perception of their available resources. it is fairly functional but often feel a bit clunky and unpolished. I would like the UI of the library to be a bit more refined in it’s presentation like the IBook shelf. Any treatment that would leverage a sense of collection and beauty of the covers. I would love to be able to view art books in two page/spreads mode. It works with columns in standard books but not for art books which a shame. I think that having art book available in the store is great and there should be more of them available. :) Having my book library available on my devices is great and the app certainly does a good job at that..Version: 6.24

Jumping pagesI keep trying to go to specific pages according to table of contents but the app never remembers my spot and keeps jumping to past pages.Version: 6.43

Great AppThis is such a convenient way to read all of my favourite books without having to purchase another electronic device. Thanks Kindle!.Version: 6.42

ConvincedI’m just thankful to read my book anywhere I go..Version: 6.43

Needs more font options.I mean, it’s not that hard. Enough of the garbage fonts Amazon. It makes e-reading gratuitously painful. We know you can afford it, so please, give the people what they want: fonts..Version: 6.43

AwesomeAlways a new book to read, or author to try. I have read at least 3-6 hours a day so I need a constant influx of books to keep me going. This is the best way I know to have consistent excellent books by wonderful authors at my fingertips..Version: 6.42

The RancherI have a whole library of Diana Palmer’s books and always on the look for more- keep a list to add the ones I haven’t found yet. This one is hard to put down as all of Diana Palmer’s books . I call it “Me time”. 🙂.Version: 6.42

Kindle App for iOSLove the kindle app because I am an avid reader and own thousands and thousands of books and they are easily stored on the kindle cloud and sync to all my devices. Sometimes the app is glitchy but it usually gets sorted quickly with updates. Only wish I had known how to use this when I first got the app instead of Apple Books. Highly recommend kindle app..Version: 6.42

Thoroughly enjoyable readVery interesting underlying premise! The author did a great job of building the story to a unique twist. Enjoyed it very much and look forward to reading more of her books!.Version: 6.42

Kindle ReviewAs a way to read books Kindle is excellent. It has a variety of features that make the experience of reading your books very customizable, such as changing fonts, changing letter size, The community highlight feature, Page turning animations, and others. It has been a good experience reading books using this app but unfortunately it has two major problems. Number one is that you can’t buy books through the app, it’s very inconvenient having to go on Amazon to buy the books through that site. Number two and the bigger problem is the inability to download the books that you buy for this app. There are ways to get around the restriction but if you’re the kind of person who always likes to download digital media to make sure that you own it forever this app is not going to be convenient for you. That being said if you don’t care about that this is a good option for reading digital books..Version: 6.42

Love this bookIt’s pure gold puts me into bliss reading it over years and each verse is like a seed that grows and empowers one to peace and love.Version: 6.42

HiKindle brings the best entertainment to me whenever I need it. Couldn’t be without you all. Thanks.Version: 6.42

What happened to the Dark or Light Choice?Was five but now four as the choice to have a light or dark background is gone. 👎.Version: 6.42

You’re Not BrokenEasy to read step by step instruction on how to live the life you love today and everyday!.Version: 6.42

Kindle App is greatThe app is easy to use and navigate..Version: 6.42

Love it!I absolute love this series. I got the first book in paperback for Christmas and was immediately hooked. Got the next 2 for my birthday on Kindle and when book number 4 came out got it for Christmas (also on Kindle). Defiantly a great series for all ages. Love the bravery and loyalty and the clear line between good and evil. A good quality that is missing from a lot of things..Version: 6.42

Page turn animation not workingDid you mean to take away the page turn animation with the most recent patch? It was the part I liked best compared to other ereader apps. Nothing to distinguish it from the others now..Version: 6.42

Great for note taking.I love having all my books in one place. Makes it so much easier to manage and read more often. I always write all over my books so I’m pretty fond of the note taking capabilities..Version: 6.42

The Best Way to Enjoy a Book!Wonderful app that is best enjoyed on an iPad - the bigger the screen, the better!.Version: 6.42

VisualsThe app doesn’t have the most entertaining layout. Pretty straightforward, does the job I guess...well %80 of the time lol..Version: 6.42

User friendlyI love kindle but it needs to be more user friendly, the way you can use apps and the chapters are seperated not one long scroll.Version: 6.42

Great!!What’s not to love? Amazon Kindle allows you to read all of your ebooks on your phone, tablet, pc and/or kindle. It’s user interface is very convenient and can customize your font, font size, page colour and many other features. Amazon has a vast library of kindle ebooks at remarkably reasonable prices. I have one tap purchasing set up on my devices. I just go to Amazon’s kindle books, browse the, virtually endless catalogue, or search by title or author.If you opt for one touch payment, you simply click the button under your chosen title and its automatically sent directly to your library within seconds it is ready to read..Version: 6.42

It's got a *new* glitchAs of version 6.42, Kindle for iPad reports all books, docs and samples as being in the 'Uncollected' folder. Mine currently claims 707 items. When this folder is tapped, it tries to open and immediately closes again. Not a big issue, but it does look mighty strange! For those reviewers complaining of the inability to purchase from within the Kindle app, that seems to be an Apple thing..Version: 6.42

Needs a little more workI like the app but it would be more convenient for those of us that would like, the app to read to us so to hear how a word is pronounced or look up foreign words ..Version: 6.42

Great app but...Great app but I wish you could purchase from Amazon directly while using it..Version: 6.42

Kindle=goodYes I like it.Version: 6.42

Where is the alphabetical side bar? It has disappeared? It is making my searches harderThe usability has diminished ☹️.Version: 6.42

I love this appThis app is great for me and my kids to read with! Best app ever! Keep up the good work!! I love this app!! ❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️.Version: 6.41

YeeLove it.Version: 6.41

I love this appIt’s awesome, the only thing I wish it could do is read to you so I can work and still get the action. #Loveit.Version: 6.41

It’s convenient and does the jobIt’s dictionary is convenient and it is very convenient when it saves where I left off on a book and the interface is simple to use.Version: 6.41

OkIt’s not the quality or attention grabber of “where the crawdads sing” - with a worse form of dark female adolescent brutality. I’m not sure I’d recommend it..Version: 6.41

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What do you think Amazon Kindle ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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