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Adobe Fresco: Draw & Paint Customer Service

Adobe Fresco is a free drawing and painting app built especially for iPad with Apple Pencil and iPhone, and designed for artists who draw professionally or paint for passion. Want to take your artwork to the next level? Upgrade to the premium version through the App Store and you'll also get Photoshop on iPad, plus all the premium features of Adobe Fresco, including thousands of exclusive brushes that get updated seasonally.

Adobe Fresco combines the power of your favorite Photoshop brushes with the precision of vector brushes and the revolutionary technology of Live Brushes, for unlimited expression. Paint with watercolors and oils that blossom, blend, smear, and smudge just like the real thing. Work with infinitely scalable vector brushes to create crisp lines, ready to print at any size. With the premium version, you can also easily import all your Photoshop brushes, or choose from over a thousand natural brushes created by celebrated master Kyle T. Webster.

Adobe Fresco reimagines essential tools for illustrators, including modernized selection and masking, and a flexible UI so you can draw faster and without distractions. Premium features add Photoshop integration with automatic cloud syncing. Brushes and projects follow you across devices, so you can work wherever inspiration strikes.

• 50+ Photoshop brushes, vector brushes, and exclusive new Live Brushes
• Access to your custom brushes from Adobe Capture and other libraries
• Powerful tools for creation, including selections, masking, layers, and layer groups
• Automatic migration of Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Adobe Illustrator Draw projects
• Time-lapse video that you can export to replay your creation
• Easy export of your files as PNG or JPEG
• Step-by-step learning content

• Access to Photoshop on iPad
• An expanded library of 1,000+ brushes
• Roundtripping with Photoshop on desktop (requires Creative Cloud plan with Photoshop)
• 100GB of cloud storage
• New quarterly brushes by Illustration evangelist Kyle T. Webster
• Ability to import brushes (ABR files)

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Adobe Fresco: Draw & Paint App Comments & Reviews

Adobe Fresco: Draw & Paint Positive Reviews

The best painting experience ( free version )I am a student and learning painting as a hobby. I have been painting when I was 3 years old, I am not professional however drawing/painting has been part of my life for nearly 4 decades. I am trying to move to digital painting for sometime now and used different softwares like photoshop with stylus, procreate etc. I wanted an app which can provide real painting/drawing experience and adobe fresco fulfills that dream. The live brushes are just amazing. There are reviews which talk about not having many tools but I don’t think we really need them unless you are working on a time constraint production. Real painting is not about having multiple tools, it’s about the experience. I am glad that there is a eraser option as in real media you don’t even have that luxury. I used procreate it’s a great app for digital artists but does not mimic the experience of real painting. So don’t go by the bad reviews and try out this app. I really really don’t want adobe to kill this app just for bad reviews. Also there has been a lot of feedback on high prices, however I think they are just for professionals who are mostly already paying for creative cloud. I just have the free app ( didn’t register for 6 months ) and I have access to all the tools I need to learn and practice. I believe adobe did a great job here and should be appreciated..Version: 1.0.3

Another amazing Adobe app, that will become the standard.I’m an amateur artist. Have been drawing/sketching since I was a kid. I got an iPad Pro a little a year ago, because I had become temporarily disabled, and needed something to keep me busy, for I would be confined to a bed for a long time. I of course got an Apple Pencil, and started doing the “paint by numbers” apps on here. Then of course, I downloaded the the Adobe Sketch app. It was okay. I literally have no idea what was/am doing, so I was very limited. Then Fresco was released. At first it still felt like the Sketch app, just a bit more customizable. Then when you guys finally released the big update after the 6 month trial, it opened a whole new world for me. Everything became more streamlined, and super easy to understand. Adding Brushes from PS super easy, but still limited. But over time, with more updates, it has become something special and unique. I bought and tried Procreate, several times, but I always end up going back to Fresco. Watching, and experiencing this app evolve, while I’m learning and evolving with it, has been amazing, and with so much time in the future to refine it, and better integrate PS with it, it will become the new standard. I’m so excited to see it happen, knowing I started from the very beginning. Thank you to the whole team over there! SeanieDee.Version: 1.9.0

A Work in ProgressAfter hearing much talk about Fresco, I wanted to try it as an alternative to Procreate and was pleasantly surprised. The most attractive feature to me is the pencil brush and how real it feels by default. I have not been able to find something as natural with the perfect amount of noise yet for PC even though I’ve been using it for years. Yes, the default pencil is beautiful so I have been using this for ideation. I am only giving Fresco 3 stars, however, because in 2 days of using this app it has already crashed 10 times. That makes it really difficult to keep a steady workflow. The files aren’t particularly big, which makes me raise my eyebrows. Also, the lack of being able to distort or warp images in perspective, which is essential in both Photoshop and Procreate, makes it difficult for me to use this professionally. I am subscribed to CC so this comes with the bundle, but unless these very basic essentials are fixed, it will be hard to compete with Procreate 5 in my opinion..Version: 1.2.1

Decent. Not bad, but not greatI’ve been playing around with Procreate for a while now and fresco just didn’t match the quality in their UX or execution of brushes. A lot of brushes do not pick up/mix with colors underneath. And the live ones feel more like blending brushes rather than painting brushes because they mix more of the initial color already there than they put new color down. The oil brushes have this odd bevel and emboss effect that reminded me of the early 2000s days of photoshop effects. And only like 4 brushes could tilt. I was impressed with the halftone brushes. They worked very well and is something Procreate doesn’t come with. You can buy brushes from other places for Procreate that work just as well though. The lack of blending brush mode is the most frustrating experience as that is what I use most to create my work. The eraser is just one solid circle. A massive drawback. -SUMMARY- In general the brush selection was underwhelming and not as impressive as one would hope for considering there is another app with a one time payment of $10 instead of a monthly creative cloud subscription for the rest of your life. I’m hoping as time goes by there will be major improvements in store..Version: 1.0.2

It’ll keep getting betterI love that the market forces Adobe to first come out with a competing product, and secondly, race to be better than the competition just by sheer force. I said this about XD when it came out. It stood no chance against Sketch and now I think it’s getting so much closer to being a peer (in some ways, it’s far surpassed Sketch). Fresco is used by different types of artists, but I like whiteboarding on it with my product team using the vector tools. We can get requirements written up and then draw through flows or UI speedily. Copy and paste an element - form field, for example - and you saved even more time than if you were on an actual whiteboard. It’s been missing features like shape detection, but I’m excited to try the latest set of features which does include creating shapes in a method similar to Illustrator’s..Version: 1.6.0

Good start...disappointing updateSo Ive been eagerly awaiting the straight edge/shapes update..and I get that fresco is likely trying to differentiate themselves from procreate, but I think it’s fine to acknowledge/adopt some of the features that just work. The shapes/straight lines are much more intuitive in procreate if fresco’s solution is really this draggable ruler thing...? (Maybe I’m missing something?) I totally understand that a new app should have time to work out the kinks and update their way to a more robust tool. But this ruler interrupts the drawing flow and requires too many taps to get one simple result, tainting what is otherwise a pretty good UI. And we still can’t make a circle/arc so I guess we wait for yet another related but separate tool that could have been solved in one gesture. You guys already won me over with the vector brushes (and I’m already an Adobe user thus nothing beats an interconnected ecosystem) so there’s no need to be different for the sake of being different when the market has already shown us a more efficient solution. Please employ the drag and hold for perfected lines/shapes 🙏.Version: 1.1

It’s Great! But Still No Magic😞Good Afternoon, To All adobe fans. Yes fresco is another great adobe app with killer features and versatility, but once again they created another app where the the selection tool is still to in simplest words, basic. Not sure if there are many who can relate, but those of us who spend quite the time with line art and block out areas freehand and just want that simple, quick, right to the point deletion from an area would probably agree that Quick selection tool and the Magic Wand need to make an appearance. Now I know Fresco is new and there have been some who’ve yet had the chance to check it out, but I think quick ways to delete white space should be available on these awesome programs, meaning I should be able tap the area I want to be deleted and delete that area. Similar to the selection tool in Autodesk Sketchbook which is similar to Photoshop in so many ways it’s not even funny. Just my thoughts..Version: 1.0.2

Good software.. but I'm not taking the bait anymoreWhy can they not charge up front for the work they've done & that's it? I refuse to subscribe to this method of payment, although would pay more for apps developed by reputable companies than what is currently the avg. price. I know it sounds crazy but with Adobe's current offerings you could be close to a car payment or mortgage with they're monthly subscriptions. Computers used to be my thing, until this business model came along, now I use pencils & pens more often. Ironically those companies who require digital proofs or samples and insist on me digitizing my traditional work, are not companies I'm thrilled to work with and ultimately I do not submit anything to them. It's worth the extra gas, time, hassle, to drive for me to meet with the company & show them my artwork. I have yet to lose a job in which that was the case. Adobe lost me as a customer. I don't see the incentive for Adobe to innovate & update when they have a constant stream of income every month from mediocre Apps in the appstore. Come to thing of it, how many apps has Adobe abandoned in the Appstore? All the money Adobe funneled to themselves from my account while I worked that much harder in order to pay for it, I stopped & decided less is better, it saves the wear & tear on my body & I have more time for myself to enjoy life. Hell with it, I'm not going to bust my rear just to make them more money..Version: 1.1

Adobe knows what we like.I’m glad Adobe finally fixed the undo/redo issue, now I find myself getting excited to draw on this app again and that’s essential going from start finish on any project. I’m sure using an application others are equally excited over and are also using exposes each individual to that mana artists thrive on for inspiration. It’s nice to be apart of something while drawing, it’s possible that I may get more work done here on this app art-wise than anywhere else, and that’s been the case with me on Adobe products for a long time now. I’m very excited about Fresco once more and moving forward, I may actually start doing more art regularly again. Thanks Adobe, please continue to tighten the app..Version: 1.3.1

Drains battery while not in use.Great app for drawing overall. It’s really good for what you get for free, and i’s even better if you have a creative cloud subscription. However, the app drains a lot of battery when not in use. I went to sleep with my iPad at 70%, and woke up to it being at about 60%. When i checked my battery settings, I saw that adobe fresco was draining it all night. This never happened to me before. I usually leave my iPad on, unused, for days and it stays at the same percentage. I don’t think you would have such a problem if you closed the app every time you used it, but that’s not very good for the battery’s lifespan. As far as I’m concerned, this stays the best app for realistic oil/watercolor digital paintings, so I will continue using it. Until the problem is fixed, i can’t recommend it to someone with an older device and a shorter battery life..Version: 1.4.1

My issue got resolved by itselfLoving the app so far, Im curious to know if this is what it was promised to be photoshop for ipad and the name was changed. Other than that pretty cool that I have all my cloud documents from adobe sketch and my creative cloud. I pay for the creative suite so having this app with no additional cost is great. Im used to the simplicity of procreate but I understand with all of the features the compromise that has to be made, maybe the layers panel can be a pop up from the top bar, that way the right bar can be removed. It would also be nice to have more photoshop tools, that why I asked if this is a new name of what photoshop was going to be :) The issue that I had with the 3.0GB storage got resolved the next day so I deleted my one star review. If theres still action I should take let me know..Version: 1.0.2

A great start!I think this program has some amazing potential. The live paint layers provide the best digital watercolor I’ve ever seen on any platform. Working with the flowing watercolor paints feels great and produces some good results. I really hope Adobe focuses on continuing development, because as good as it is, Fresco isn’t a complete package. I had a difficult time getting beyond just playing around, as there is a lot of missing functionality and precision required for a full drawing and painting experience. It’s impossible not to compare this with Procreate, which has a very full feature set. Fresco’s live paint is really it’s only advantage. I can’t imagine who would pay the monthly fee on its own. But Adobe’s UI is pretty solid and there are the bones of something really special. I hope they put the pedal to the metal and evolve this program to fulfill its promise soon..Version: 1.1

Great start!Coming from many many years of Photoshop, Digital Painting and also Procreate I have to say that Fresco brings me back on the feeling that I have with Photoshop on my bigger Wacom Cintiq. Also the easy way of importing my brushes is great and they react as you would expect. Since it’s still a new app it has a lot of stuff that’s missing that would complete it for me, like the absence of the smudge tool, curves, color balance etc as well as minor stuff like the color picker that always needs to be dragged from the center and little things like that. I have a lot of fun painting with Fresco and it has my support for future releases..Version: 1.0.3

So far so good I guessGreat if you haven’t purchased procreate already. Procreate functionality with photoshop is the same as Fresco if you have photoshop on a Mac or Pc with iCloud. Procreate I say is still better for work with raster projects. I was interested in the vector functionality of this app but this does not play nice with lllustrator, making this app useless for me. 95% of my work is vector. If I can bounce projects back and forth from Illustrator to Fresco that would be great. I guess that’s what illustrator draw is for? To sum up, I need better vector functionally and a way to take my excising .ai files to this app and vice versa. For now procreate is still miles ahead. If Adobe can bring me full (actually full x86 app) lllustrator and Photoshop to the Ipad with the new mouse support I would be a very happy camper, and I could replace my Mac with iPad. For now I’m stuck at my desk..Version: 1.4.1

Premium version aside, the free version is great.I’m getting tired of hearing people complaining about the price when we all know Adobe isn’t going to drop their monthly subscriptions fees from any of their products. It’s just how greedy they are, we get it. Now onto the features for the free version of the app.... in all honestly, it’s great. If they add a non destructive flip view horizontal feature, some gradient tools, sharpen, blur, and a few basic color adjustment features I would have given this app 5 stars. Still for those who don’t want to pay for premium and want a wider range of brushes, stick to your favorite which I’m assuming is procreate. Still, the free version of fresco is great for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a dime on a great drawing app..Version: 1.2.1

Okay I guessWhen I first got this app it was really nice and I had the ability to do a lot of things I couldn’t do with the other apps I tried. After my school started I didn’t have much time to draw or even use the app so I took a little break and deleted it. Well one day I got bored so I decided to re-download the app, well it saved all the previous work I had which was great and all, but it kept on saying you don’t have any available storage to make art I got really MAD. I already checked my available storage and I had enough to at least make a couple more drawings so I didn’t know what this thing was talking about I cleared most of my files and most of my other thing but I kept on saying “you have no storage” I was really disappointed and confused I expected much more.Version: 2.0.4

A great and easy to use app tailored for iPad with Apple Pencil but lacking important featuresPlease please please add perspective grids in Fresco, for me its a necessary feature and unfortunately at the moment I am not able to work with Fresco. I am looking forward to be able to use Fresco exclusively. Heres my request, adding isometric, symmetry, perspective, single and multi point grids as well as a guided drawing option. Aside from this, its amazing. Fresco works near seamlessly alongside Adobe Photoshop and is tailored for use on iOS. On my iPad, with Apple Pencil it is smooth and responsive, easy to navigate, intuitive and user friendly program with great new features providing a simple and seamless iOS experience. I hope to start using Fresco exclusively as soon as possible!.Version: 1.6.1

Enjoying learning the app!Finally, I bought an iPad and was surprised to learn Fresco was an accessible app in which I could start drawing. I thought of purchasing Procreate but if Fresco works for what I need, what is the need? So far so good; I am still learning. What is frustrating at the moment is the limited file types that can be imported and exported. PSDs are one of the file types that can be opened but I couldn’t verify that. My files are on Drive but Fresco only wants to open them from the Adobe Cloud. Although there are many features that help me get the results I want, I haven’t found a way to import or copy in my existing files. That is what limits my review to 3 stars. I am creating lots of new pieces but I had to continue working on my laptop to work with existing it seems so far..Version: 1.4.1

Two Things - Shapes and SelectionsThe brushes, UI, and lifelike feel of drawing, painting is amazing. I do wish some of the Sketch layer capabilities were available. Well...I actually which Sketch and Fresco were just one program. I think myself and many other are missing the selection shapes, magic wand, and shapes tools that can provide so much to our workflow and abilities. I am trying to hold of from getting Procreate, I really am. But they have the tools I am looking for in a program like this. Come on Adobe! For the monthly prices people are paying for the program subscription either for this or CC, give the people what they are looking for AND things they didn’t know they wanted. Don’t hold out because someone else already did it..Version: 1.2.1

Clunky but beautifulSo here’s the thing, this app has the BEST digital watercolor experience I have come across. I LOVE it, it feels so close to the real thing. That being said this app is pretty clunky. It takes forever to load my files (regardless of the layer count or size), response time of features are sluggish and the app has randomly crashed on me more than once. So I really want to give this app 5 stars and it would be a real contender for procreate for me but I have come to expect better from adobe. If they could work on the smoothness of the ins and out of this app it would definitely become one of my go tos and get 5 stars. For now, it just much more enjoyable to use procreate on the reg and fresco as a secondary app for the live brushes..Version: 1.6.1

I can't seem to login to suggest featuresThere is promise to this app, if the price is significantly reduced, but even before that, at the moment it's largely a gimmick. For example the app is missing some really basic functionality like being able to paste into it. I loaded in a psd, which shows up as a group of layers, but I can't access the layers individually. I can group other layers together and access them individually if I wish, but not the ones that come from a psd, which is really odd to me. The modifier is pretty cumbersome to use as well... Anyway this is like version 1.0 so I expect these things to change and improve. And the price... I really can't imagine a world where this app will be so feature rich to warrant $9 a month..Version: 1.0.2

Fantastic BUT...😏😏😏Ok I love this app but there are some things that need fixing.😁Ok 1. Text-we need to be able to put text on the art. Like say we were making a digital card. Some of us are not that good at symmetry. No matter how much we try we just can NOT get the stuff to be the same. Text would make it easier and save us 15 hours out of our lives. 2. MAKE THE APP EASIER TO UNDERSTAND!!! (Sorry for yelling)...- This app is just so complicated most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing🤷🏽‍♀️. Make it like when you first start adobe photoshop sketch. It teaches you all of the tools and stuff and makes you do one project before you are even allowed to do anything. Those are all of my comments on this app so I hope you can find the time to read this! 😊.Version: 1.4.1

A great app but very buggyI am used to using Adobe sketch alone with Adobe draw and integrating with my workflow with the Adobe suite on desktop. I have been using fresco since it’s release but I am hesitant to use it because of the issues. When I rest my palm on the screen it will create a straight line from where the Apple Pencil is and where my hand rests which I have never had an issue with their previous apps. Also when I use the tilt function for shading it will sometimes remain in that mode even when the pencil is not longer tilted. While the app is rich of features and great things I still await a stable version when I can use it confidently..Version: 2.1.0

What an elegant user experience!For a first release Fresco is very polished. Very clean and intuitive user interface. Easy to figure out without a tutorial. So enjoy the feel of the brushes. Especially enjoying the vector tools. Also enjoy playing around with the new watercolor and oil emulation brushes, so realistic! The selection and transform tools are the easiest to use compared to other drawing tools I use. Just love that I can pan/zoom the canvas while having a selection. Other apps I have to first clear my selection and then pan/zoom the canvas. Far less frustrating in Fresco..Version: 1.0.2

Needs some tweakingI was excited initially about the integration of adobe sketch and draw, but fresco is still obviously in its beginning stages. one of the first things I noticed is you cannot open the file in CC from the cloud, your only option is to save as a PSD if you want a working document. secondly, I have only been using it for a few days and one of the few files I do have was suddenly corrupted because I can no longer open it, it opens to display the grey “workspace”. finally, I am trying to download more brushes and it will not let me sign in using an enterprise id, it just redirects me to the previous page in an infinite loop... I’m excited to see where this app goes as it is still in the beginning stages..Version: 1.0.2

I like it, a few suggestions thoughFirst off, I like this app. I have quite a few painting and vector apps, but this is the one that I use the most often right now. I only have two complaints. The first is with the Apple Pencil integration and gestures. About half the time when I put my hand down on the screen to draw, it undoes my last action. It’s not annoying enough to make me stop using the app, but it IS annoying. The other thing I’d appreciate is the ability to edit an individual stroke when drawing in vector. Right now I can adjust the entire layer, but not individual strokes. Overall, great app, but could use a few upgrades. :-).Version: 1.1

Great but not intuitiveAfter using Procreate the last year and a half, I was looking forward to seeing what Adobe had in store with Fresco. I saw the demo at MAX last year and was excited for the always wet watercolor feature, Kyle Webster brushes, and other drawing tools. Although the features I mentioned are great, the interface is a little clunky and there’s far too many steps to take for simple tasks and that’s where Procreate succeeds and Fresco fails. There needs to be a feature where your palette can be used over and over again in new documents instead of working from scratch and mixing a new batch of colors each time I start a project. Adobe needs to keep it simple, easy, and seamless..Version: 1.2

Pretty amazing! But a few minor things...I’m an illustrator and I was so excited when Fresco was released! I love that it echos it’s sister programs on the computer but is also so iPad friendly! I love that I can import all my favorite photoshop brushes. There are only a couple things I feel like need updates. The layers get so confusing especially since you can’t label them (unless you can and I haven’t figured it out yet). My biggest issue with Fresco is the organization of files isn’t intuitive and user friendly. I wish it was simpler to make folders of work and to select and move your files around in the app as well..Version: 1.4.1

Really great but has its glitching momentsI love love using this but sometimes I’m not sure if my file is just so big or what but it’ll glitch and exit out of the app. Sometimes it’ll freeze up. It has never deleted anything and it has always been saved. It doesn’t do it all the time but on files I know have lots of layers. Other than that I love that it uploads to the cloud and I can use it in Photoshop. Sometimes it’s a little delayed in uploading the file I just saved on the cloud to show up in my Photoshop but it’s not bad. I can’t wait more things that will show up hopefully a saved color palette like in Procreate..Version: 1.8.0

Fantastic for trad artists venturing into digital!This app (as of Dec 2019) has fewer features than Procreate, but this makes it simpler to use for me as someone who started as a trad artist and is learning digital media. Brushes behave exactly like analog paint. The number one advantage of this app over procreate for me is the ability to draw vectors for immediate use in Illustrator. Everything syncs seamlessly with the Adobe cloud, so no airdropping / drop boxing stuff to yourself. The only thing I REALLY wish this app had is clipping masks as I use them a lot in procreate. But I understand those are on the way!.Version: 1.2

Little to no lagThis app has fantastic brushes. The default pencil and watercolour brushes are a joy. I love how much control there is when rotating the canvas (can either rotate in app or just turn the tablet and the canvas itself doesn't move while the interface reorientates. Very nice.) However, the app doesn't like lots of layers, starts to go slow and glitchy. I rarely use more than 10 layers, and most of those are rejected sketch layers, so that's fine. Masks are super easy to create and copy/paste to other layers. I'm a graphic designer by day so I have the adobe suite for illustrator and indesign, and this app is fun to play with at home..Version: 1.5.0

Great startFirstly, to those wanting to try it out there's a 6 month free trial of all the features/brushes so it's worth trying out. I've been doodling around for the past hour and so far so good. The brushes feel great to use. I really like the fluidity of the live brushes. One thing I'd like more of is more blending tools but I guess I can always import my own or make new ones. Another thing is that it seems it'll be subscription based... If it comes with my CC subscription it'd be better. It's too soon to say if this would become my main drawing application but I can't wait to see what's added in the future!.Version: 1.0.2

Best yet I love thisI hated that adobe draw didn’t blend. But with these live brushes the effect is fantastic. I always wanted a Corel paint experience on my iPad. I use this with the Apple Pencil and a textured screen protector like elecom. The effect is life improving. I use it to do no mess sketching to practice drawing and sighting. I have tailored the sensitivity to feel like my favorite pencils You can use this to paint photos or to draw or trace. It has actual layered vector export (pdf) and raster (psd) so you can go between hand touches to things that are more easily done on a computer..Version: 1.6.0

Plz one time for buyI think fresco is good app & very nice option abr import & export PSD hq, different brush vector brush & painting brush but some bugs when I create new artwork and crash plz fix it, and I had one problem adobe is good company but fresco in-app every 6 month 9.99 buying not good because all designer they use procreate app and one buy 9.99 and then procreate 5 coming is better than fresco all adobe brush on use procreate 5, plz adobe change your rules and one time for buying this app...& plz support Iranian designers. Don't be racist And I want to thank u for first 6 month free🙏 & fresco is better when is change rules.Version: 1.0.2

Fresco reviewApp is okay. I am using an iPad with the pencil and the features overall are OK. I’ve used other apps such as moleskin and I find the pencil and paint tools are a little more clumsy and not as intuitive in the fresco app. I would like to be able to customize the tools that I’m using such as the pixel size and shape, but the only thing available are the presets. That said I’m not a professional artist so I’m just doing things for hobby and small side projects, but the finished products i’ve done so far have turned out really well and quite impressive. My biggest recommendation would be to improve and expand the pencil and pen capabilities in the app..Version: 1.9.0

A great startI know this is just the beginning for Fresco, but I’m a huge fan. Having an app with unique brushes and vectors all in one is a huge plus for the iPad Pro user. I was solely a Procreate artist but I found the app had a ceiling for crisp art work. One thing I wish this app could improve on is it’s overall enhancements of layers. I suppose I could move it to Photoshop or Procreate just for that before finishing vector work in Fresco, but the potential for this app is trailing behind Procreate because I could do all of it in one. But thanks again!.Version: 1.4.1

No comparison.... I say this because I started with their prior program. I would tell you don't need tolook anywhere else. This program is where it's at. *** I do have a suggestion and I didn't know where else to suggest. Perhaps the layer we are working on or want to work on it could show color highlight maybe. Just a way to see what layer your working on. *** Thanks for such a great program. I'm always very excited when I find out the next thing you add..Version: 1.6.0

Needs to be more compatible with illustratorLove the app but it needs to be more compatible with illustrator. I need clean line work to be translated over..Version: 1.9.0

Seriously the best efing drawing app for Adobe yet!This is everything you could ever want in a digital illustration app. To be completely honest I’m buying a 10” iPad just because of how great this app is! Seriously if you have a Bē Account this is a great addition to the other apps released so far or even a replacement!.Version: 2.1.0

Preferred Adobe productA coworker suggested this program. I was skeptical but now has been my main choice everyday! There are things I miss from the desktop version of photoshop as I work in this program... but for concepts and quick exercises it’s wonderful.Version: 2.2.0

Premium a one-time or monthly charge?App Store listing shows an in-app purchase for “Premium Features” but doesn’t mention that it’s a monthly charge. Is it or not? Also, you can’t even try it without signing in..Version: 2.1.0

It’s realFresco flows down watercolours just like on hot press. I can’t tell the difference absolutely amazing. Adobe does it again, simply the finest paint app available..Version: 2.1.0

This app Works wellIn adobe fresco you can use lots of different colors and brushes. If you won’t use it much I don’t recommend getting it because you have to pay quite a bit..Version: 2.1.0

It’s on its way to being one of my most used design appsThe last few years I’ve been using sketchbook for iPad Pro and then saving out via sketchbook desktop app to photoshop to do any prepress work. Just recently I finished a very large project I realized I needed the photoshop design transition to be less problematic and more seamless. Although I think there’s more needed in fresco to make me step away from the other apps (which limit file size and ppi) the use of vector drawing tools AND raster drawing tools in this app is immensely helpful and they’re very easy to use. The photoshop-like curve adjustment for brushes is very handy. I can pull my work files into my MacBook Pro for photoshop from the cloud and do whatever I need before I send it to the printers and whatnot. It does not seem to have a symmetry tool which would make me seriously consider switching over completely from the other apps. Adobe is the industry standard and since I already use illustrator and photoshop this will be a welcome addition to my work tools..Version: 2.0.5

LostI had math notes on there for some reason and I went on there to check and they were gone. I lost all of my notes. Other than that, this is a very good drawing app. Thanks for your time..Version: 2.1.0

TutorialsCould use more! Detail on how to layer & draw etc.Version: 1.8.1

Nice app, but...Adobe, seriously?!? Why do I need to create some iron-clad account to use this app? You made the set up process as painful as possible. Your password criteria is stingier than my bank. What are you trying to protect?.Version: 1.9.0

Cool but you have to press hard on charcoal brushesFor some reason Apple Pencil sensitivity is on that great on charcoal brushes, I had to press super hard, even after I adjusted pressure in setting it’s not great otherwise good experience.Version: 1.9.0

So Simple, Yet So CapableOnly just starting the scratch the surface of what Fresco can do, but it's already one of my favourite apps. Drawing is a great stress reliever for me, and the simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to pickup and go. I look forward to learning and improving my hobby sketches with time, and I hope others find similar joys with the app..Version: 1.8.0

ConvivialExcellent pour débutants et professionnels.Version: 1.7.0

Fresco le magnifique !Génial et indispensable comme Adobe Muse !.Version: 1.7.0

Perfect appI did not buy it,and I am getting every feature I need. You can even erase parts on a picture for free. You get every too,and you do not have to pay. There is just one thing I would change and that is that I wish you could download it on iPad Air 2. Right now I have the latest iPad.I have an iPad Pro..Version: 1.7.0

Fresco dominates with watercolourThe watercolours in Fresco as as close to the real thing as I’ve worked with, only with enhancements..Version: 1.7.0

Love itCan’t get enough what a program, !!!!! *****.Version: 1.6.0

Just what I was looking for!This app is everything I have been looking for. It’s intuitive and easy to use. I love it!.Version: 1.4.1

Mediocre(I’m reviewing the freemium version off this app) I think it’s a very good drawing app but they could improve some things. For example, they could add smudge tools so you can blend in app. This is the main reason I switched to procreate instead..Version: 1.4.1

Great for BeginnersI downloaded this app right at the start of the Covid-19 quarantine as a way to get into the practice of drawing/painting. I really liked learning how to use all of the different brush options and experimenting with other tools. I especially have appreciated being able to import pictures which I can then trace as I gain confidence in my drawing ability!.Version: 1.4.1

Bien, mais crash très souventPremière semaine d’utilisation a très bien été et j’adorais utilisé l’app, mais maintenant c’est beaucoup plus de frustration que d’autre chose car l’app crash constamment....Version: 1.4.1

Good, but crashesI really like this app. The brushes are great for the kind of work I do. But after a week or two, the app crashes during drawing. This often happens when using fingers instead of the pen, but sometimes drawing with the pen does it too. The most recent file goes dark, and is completely unreadable. I unistall and reinstall, but it makes things though because it then have to re-download the files I want to work on offline. Fix this bug! edit: Crashed again!!.Version: 1.4.1

Great iPad Pro 2018 app!With my Apple Pencil I just escape into creating artwork with a very simple to use yet sophisticated design that has SO MANY different free brushes and layering options. The best drawing app for iOS bar none.Version: 1.3.1

Okay, but keeps crashingA pretty good app overall. The lack of storage is incredibly frustrating, and the fact it keeps crashing at a point once you get to too many layers is exhausting. I prefer it for certain features over procreate, as it’s more relevant to the work I use it for, but certain functionalities just make it so annoying to use.Version: 1.3.1

Great program with one blatant problemThis is the best drawing program I know of on mobile and I’ve been using it since it came out, but: the functionality of saving ALL art to the very small cloud, with no option to just use the memory of the device itself, seems much less like a feature than a gimmick to get more people to pay for more storage. surely I’m not the only one who finds this suspicious?.Version: 1.3.1

Pretty good.I enjoy drawing in this one. Please keep it up ;).Version: 1.2

ToolsI wish you had a smudging tool.Version: 1.3.1

Great graphic app. But....I’m not a fan of subscription apps. When I pay for something, I want to actually own it. So, I gave four stars for the creativity, subtracted bc of the subscription model. Bye..Version: 1.2

Gestures shortcuts are ruining itPlease add the option to DEACTIVATE GESTURES, that undo double click is ruining the experience. Keep going it by accident every 2 minutes. I loved your app but now starting to hate it....Version: 1.2

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What do you think Adobe Fresco: Draw & Paint ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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Adobe Fresco: Draw & Paint iPad Images
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  • Adobe Fresco: Draw & Paint ipad image 2
  • Adobe Fresco: Draw & Paint ipad image 3
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