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Themify - Widget & Icon Themes Customer Service

Aesthetic themes for iPhone: widgets, icons, still and live wallpapers!

Express yourself with the Lock Screen customization options offered by iOS 16! Choose a Depth Effect wallpaper that suits your style and grace your Lock Screen with a cinematic, multi-layered effect. Add a stylish quote widget and voila, a unique design to inspire you every day is ready!

COMPLETE MAKEOVER of your device! Easy setup and regular updates!

Themify gives you a wide range of tools to express yourself. With our app, you can enjoy state-of-the-art content and unleash your creativity.

Key features:

■ 3-in-1 Themes

Want to marry convenience and aesthetics? Themify has your back. Perfectly matched iOS 14 app icons, widgets, and wallpapers will make your iPhone look neat and stylish. Explore an abundance of themes to choose the one you like most and set it up on your Home Screen with a few taps.

■ Theme Customizer

If you’d like to add a personal touch to your Home Screen theme, use our Theme Customizer. Change whatever you want and create a one-of-a kind design for your device.

■ Vast Widget Collection

Time, clock, calendar, quotes, weather, countdown, mixed—pick any widget and get the info you need right from your Home Screen. You can also create a unique widget by adding photos and changing backgrounds, fonts, and colors.

■ 10,000+ Icons

For those who are bored with bog-standard app icons, we have an array of custom icon packs. The best part is that you can install the whole pack at once! Just follow the simple and clear instructions.

■ Still And Live Wallpapers

Anime, Animals, Urban, Nature, and more—we have wallpapers for every taste. Liven up your screen with awesome live wallpapers. And if you love classics, try our irresistible still wallpapers.

• You can subscribe to all features within Themify for unlimited access.
• Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.

All personal data is protected in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

Themify - Widget & Icon Themes App Comments & Reviews

Themify - Widget & Icon Themes Positive Reviews

Great! People are StupidSo I have been looking in the Reviews and people are saying you can’t use it without paying? THAT IS NOT TRUE! When you first open the app, YES is says you can get premium but OPEN YOUR EYES there is an X in the upper left corner! Anyway, Amazing App! People are saying that you can’t get any good ones without paying, But there are several AMAZING free ones if you ACTUALLY bother to scroll for one. Oh and the creator should be VERY proud as it actually connects to the settings on your device and as long as you only remove the normal apps from your Home Screen and won’t delete them, you can access all the apps! 😁 I love having an Aesthetic background and this really took it to a whole new level where I can change what my apps look like! I HIGHLY recommend unless you depend on the apps having different colors so you can find them quickly, but even THEN there are several options that are very colorful! 🤩🌈 Anyways, NOT A SCAM and don’t listen to the Reviews that say you gotta Pay, THERES AN X IN THE CORNER WHERE YOU CAN ACCESS THEM! Sorry if this Review is long, but I definitely give 5/5 also, It’s fun just looking through the options.Version: 1.60

Positives and NegativesThere are many different things about this app that make it good and bad. There are some great things that you can use without paying but not a great amount of them. Also when you find one you like, you can only use like 5 app icons. This is very frustrating but I had to go back and forth selecting adding deselecting reselecting and adding all over again. And after all that I find that they don’t even have all the apps!!! Like are you kidding. I had to go on shortcuts and try to exactly color match all the apps they didn’t have which took even longer. Another negative is that there is literally no search button for anything. You have to endlessly scroll for what you want. And even if you find what it is you are looking for. You probably have to pay or spend hours trying to add it to your phone. A good thing about the app is it has like 0 adds. Adds can be annoying so that’s a great thing contributing to the app. One really sketchy thing and mainly the reason I gave the app 2 stars, is that whenever you paste the apps on your Home Screen and click on it, it goes to safari to some website before it goes to the app. This is really questionable and I recommend fixing it. All in all the app is not that great and I would not recommend it..Version: 1.61

Pretty pictures, but always leads back to money.I honestly downloaded this because I was hoping to change my aesthetic I already made without all the hassle. Yes, the themes are very pretty but it seems like it’s almost required to pay for the themes. Even if you choose one of the “not premium” choices, you can only use 5 widgets otherwise you have to buy the premium. While they aren’t asking for a lot of money, this is something you could do by yourself for free with some extra finger grease and not have to worry about paying the 10 dollars a year or else your widgets disappear. I think this app could go a long way if it had some more simple designs to just give for free. And not in the way of “oh the crown one you have to pay for but the non-crown one you still have to pay for if you want to really use it.”, you know? Overall, not really terrible, some of the themes could be better, but the marketing seems really sketchy. I almost thought that the premium pop up ad was just the app demanding I buy premium or else I can’t use anything at all. I’m not saying to get rid of the premium, I understand that people put a lot of work into these widgets and possible drawings, I’m just saying that if you advertise something as the free option, actually be truthful about it..Version: 1.47

Awesome!So I thought this App just changes your icons and your icons only. But there’s actually much more to it than you think so you can change your backgrounds, your themes, and your widgets. And the apps like MyICON and MagicWidgets say they do the same but they really don’t.And Bogo live it isn’t the best as most people say. And this is the first I got an app that actually works that I have gotten through my last few years. And so I installed a you speech icons with the beach background and widgets and it made my phone look gorgeous! As you see here I love the beach . So if you think about getting this app don’t think get it! Trust me it’s amazing! I thought it wasn’t gonna be that great at first but actually try think icons and they actually work and it makes you actually understand it and not actually having you put an information you don’t feel comfortable with. So I really like this app you don’t have to like it if you don’t but I love this app! So I may to just download it..Version: 1.62

Just App Information!It’s an ok app, wasn’t expecting anything better but the reason I gave a 3 star review is because I liked this theme of widgets but when I looked at the list it gave me there wasn’t everything to match the widget with, like example when I hit the setting widget the settings app wasn’t on the list they gave me. Another things is that when I wanted to add a big widget for just some photos on my Home Screen I didn’t know how to apply it to my Home Screen, when I hit the help button it didn’t really tell me how to add it to my Home Screen it just simply said to hit “Set” and it’ll be there but it wasn’t. Just wanted to come on here to give you guys some suggestions to change around the app so myself and others can be happy with there Home Screen and how it looks! Thank you for hearing me out, if anywhere in the review you can help me please do, Thanks You! A more detailed review I would say is there aren’t enough apps on the list or as the widgets, I want my whole phone to have a widget, if that makes since! And for the picture widgets to add space on my phone is to add more detail to the help button in the corner, so I can apply the larger widgets, Just reply again if you need MORE detail!.Version: 1.7

OkaySo this app is great: I love it. Just one thing that confuses me and one thing I need to report. The thing that confuses me is in the beginning when you first download the app it asks you to choose three or more categories so it can customize your content. That’s not unusual for apps like these. But then you choose your categories and your win the app ready and excited to see what they got for you based on your choices: but they give you all the categories anyway! So why are you asking us to choose three or more categories when you’re going to give them all to us anyway? Okay, now for the other thing. I was super excited to have new icons, and I had chosen which icons I wanted to install. When it came time for me to click Install All Icons (which means install all the icons you chose) it said I couldn’t do it bc it wa so my for premium! Why!? So then I thought I had to do them one by one. So I did one app icon and went to do another but found you couldn’t. So plz change this to where it doesn’t have to be premium to install the icons, bc all the icons are really amazing! Please take this into consideration.Version: 1.62

Glitchy but really prettySo after 2 hrs of decorating my homepage and organizing them. I finally finished and really liked the final look. The issue is that there are no notifications on these and when accessing the app through this specialized icon, it opens up two apps and also takes me to a white page before letting me go on the app I want. So let’s say I want to open Instagram. I click, the screen becomes white for a sec, then the app starts to load. But it’s kinda slow and only once it has crashed in the 3 hrs I’ve used this app with all the decorations and whatnot. It also opens the app twice. So the first one would be the decorated icon, and the second would be the original one. Also. I’m not sure if it was because of the amount of icons I had to replace and change, but my phone also went black while I was going through my home screen, and just rebooted itself because of how much power this app was taking. Overall, this app made my phone look gorgeous. I’m a little skeptical since it made my phone act a bit weird but I was bored when I downloaded this so it’s okay ig..Version: 1.63

Great app!!😁😁I love this app so much and I definitely request it! But, there is a thing that bugs me! Idk if it’s just me that it bugs or other people too. Anyway, first let’s focus on the good stuff! One: I love being able to have super cute and customizable keyboards instead of a plain one! Two: You can also customize your Home Screen!!! With your apps and wallpaper and make it SUPER cute! I also like how in the start it asks you what type of themes you like so your wallpaper and apps suit you. Ok well, there’s so much good things to say about this app but now, I have my one thing that bugs me. If you have one of the customized keyboards on then, your keyboard doesn’t auto correct! It’s really annoying because than it takes a long time to type and it doesn’t auto correct like your normal plain keyboard does! Ik this is a really small problem but it annoys me and I would LOVE if you changed that! Please write back to me! Thank you!.Version: 1.62

Please helpI really liked this app because it use to work very well and I never had problems but today I got problem where it said I couldn’t open the apps through the icons because “ Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.” I never got this I even powers off my phone and it still didn’t work if this is a big please fix it or if this is just a glitch can someone please help me fix it I can’t get into the app and I have to personally type the apps I want to get in and I would really like it if I could find a way to get it back to normal please and thank you. Update : I was just about to email and hope for a response but I think it might of been a glitch on my phone because when I went to go take a screen shot it fixed it by its self and this app is an over all great app for free too and only take a couple steps!.Version: 1.62

Mostly PaywalledI do love how compatible the app is with the iOS device, and it’s better than most other apps as you can download the icons to your Home Screen directly through the app, however only 4/5 stars because while yes you can download the icons to your screen through the app, you can only do 5 at a time for free. And even doing 5 at a time it’s such a lengthy process to download the modules and allowing your device to install them then going back and doing 5 again over and over.. if you have the money I say the premium is definitely worth it if you really wanna change your screen, it doesn’t go through shortcuts it goes through safari if you do it 5 at a time and individually it goes through itself? I’m not sure on that one, I’m just not willing to pay a lot for the premium, worth it if you’re super into aesthetic screens though most definitely the low hassle and ability to change it quickly at any time is worth it..Version: 1.62

Pretty great app!Pretty cool app. Easy to use and you can get a lot out of it without having to pay which is great. I really like the fact you can add your own pictures for the widgets and even though I haven’t tried out the icon maker feature it’s still a really cool thing to have. Small bug I had at the beginning was that I could only add two widgets and after that all that would show up when I went to add a widget was a grey box. I had to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work correctly again. Which also lead to my next minor im inconvenience. Even though you can sign in with a apple account, the app doesn’t save the widgets you have added or have customized. It would be really nice if that could somehow be implemented. Also some really small annoyances is that in ads they advertise a music widget which is not actually in app yet. Another is that there’s no dedicated weather widget. Other than that this app is great and definitely worth it.Version: 1.63

:D I LOVE ITHello, I love this app. It has all the tabs for packs, icons and widgets, just how I like. I don’t have to pay for much and it is super easy to set the icons instead of having to do it to through the shortcuts app where it takes like 20 hours (OK, I am exaggerating but it feels like that long). I love all of the available themes and I just absolutely love this app. I don’t normally write reviews this positive but this app deserves it. You guys did good on the development of you app just 2 problems.. why 30 BUCKS a year? Thats money I could have used to pay off my phone.. lol, but it is still worth it!! And 2, you give us SO MANY icons COVER choices, but when you pick a cover then go to put it on the home screen your options for apps are low. For example I tried to add a safari bookmark but safari was not available on the app list for apps to open. Please fix this :D.Version: 1.11

Eh it’s alright.I had trouble finding a Home Screen that you didn’t have to pay for. I eventually settled for one of the “popular” ones. I don’t really care what my Home Screen looks like, and just the four apps that have been decorated was enough for me. (BY THE WAY FOR OTHER PEOPLE READING YOU NEED TO PAY FOR MORE THAN 5 DECORATED APPS!). It is annoying though, because the decorated apps don’t even work! They just send you through a portal from Safari. Whenever I click on it, it says, “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.” I have no idea what that means, but it looks as if a lot of other people have the same problem. I have to manually go to the App Library every time I want to use the apps. According to one of the reviews, you have to look for one of the ones that you don’t need to pay for. So, if you want your whole Home Screen to look as it’s been shown on the app, apparently “you’ll need the patience”. Or pay, which to me, is ridiculous.. So, it’s a solid 3 out 5 for me..Version: 1.63

It's soo goodThis is such a good app but here’s one thing that nobody knows when you enter the app and you keep pressing continue you will stop to a page where you have to subscribe to some thing but there’s an X on the top and you’re gonna press it and whenever you’re editing or something and like a payment comes up you’ll see a X again and just press I have a Stranger Things wallpaper right now so thanks to this app♥︎ oh so some you have to pay for some don’t the ones that have a crown you can’t get it you have to pay for it but if the ones that I don’t have a crown you don’t pay for it and you can edit it! Just follow the instructions once you’re done with all your widgets and stuff It will tell you to like put it on your home screen go to Safari all of that stuff✨.Version: 1.62

Great app with consIt is a great app and has amazing widgets icons and wallpapers. My main problem is I am only able to add one widget. If I find a widget I like and I save it. I add it to my Home Screen then I decide I want to find more widgets. Once I find a new widget I save it. I get an option to save the widget as a new one, or replace it with my other widget. I save the new widget as a new one because I like them both. But then I can’t add the new widget unless I replace it with my first one. Second is the app icons. Once I find one I like I start replace the new app icons with my old apps. But whenever I click on the ones with the icons, it has to go through safari before entering the app which isn’t great when internet is slow. Plus I can’t add the icons to all of my other apps, if the apps aren’t VERY popular, like tik tok. The wallpapers are great I would love some more options😊. No hate to the app, just needs a few changes.Version: 1.63

Great App!! Just some little issues. :)It’s a great app and I love using it! There’s a pretty good selection of backgrounds, widgets, and icons but I still think there should be a bigger selection of free ones. One think that I think would be useful, is if you guys added a search bar so that people could search up a color, theme, etc. For example, if you search up “blue”, then any blue icons, backgrounds, and widgets will pop up! This would also make it easier for people who want to find free things because you could just search up “free”. One problem that I had with this app is that I wasn’t able to add multiple widgets to my phone. I have this app a four out of five because of the few issues, but overall I give this app a thumbs up, and I recommend that you should download it!! 👍😁 I was able to add multiple widgets now so just forget about what I said about the widgets lol 😂..Version: 1.56

Good app, but inaccessible to non-paying users.First of all, I just want to say that this is a fundamentally good app, and it’s a cool way to aesthetify your home screen. However, this app is very difficult to use without paying. You have to replace icons and widgets one by one if you don’t want to pay, because the “replace all” feature is locked behind a paywall. Unless you have a ridiculous amount of patience and unlimited time to spend clicking on the “export” button, you have to pay for this. (There is also no search feature despite the heaps of content on the app.) I understand locking certain content behind a paywall- the developers, artists, and programmers that worked on this app are talented and deserve to be paid for their work. However, making the app inaccessible unless you pay is not the way to do things in my opinion. Will be deleting Themify after this, as I cannot afford a subscription to this service..Version: 1.60

Please bring back short cuts!I love this app and all of its themes and aesthetics! My only real request is to bring back the option to save icons as images so that I can just create the shortcuts for them. I’m sure that’s not a popular request, but I liked having the shortcuts. It’s frustrating that bookmarks don’t show notification badges, but the shortcuts do. It’s also frustrating that the installed apps have to redirect through safari. I understand why, and I have reduce motion on, but if my internet is slow, it means it can take time to open the app. Plus it means safari is always open in the background. I know asking for shortcuts wouldn’t be very popular. Most people don’t want to take the time to create them. But making in alternate option would be great for me! Otherwise, great job on the app. Can’t wait to see what other designs are added :).Version: 1.45

In love <3This app actually works, to my surprise. I love it so much! I’ve been on a quest to find an app that works! I fell in love with ALL the designs quickly. Most of them were FREE, which never happens :l But, this app has flaws. I think we should be able to download all of them at the same time without having to pay. Of course, you need to make money, but it’s kind of unfair. On the bright side, you can save multiple and make a TRILLION DIFFERENT ICONS TO GET A... dun dun dun... Rainbow screen! :DD Anyways, I highly recommend it. There’s so many icons, widgets, and more to choose from. This is probably the best app out of the others I’ve tried, and if you want a cute galaxy screen, a Kawwai anime screen, a aesthetic cottagecore screen, a dark academia screen, or anything else you can imagine, they will have it for you!.Version: 1.57

Such a good app! But like maybe you can like…Ok Hi! I have this app and I think it’s really good! But I’ve been looking for some lavender wallpapers and they’re all money! Look I’m sorry this app is super cool but maybe make some of the wallpapers free and like not for money? The ones I want don’t even move! And like why would I buy it if the sub only lasts for like a year? It’s honestly not worth it. But otherwise I think it’s a good app and ofc I know this was the creators Decision and all that but maybe make some good wallpapers free instead of spending money for wallpapers? Like I would get it if they move but they don’t so like pls maybe have a update when you can make some good (maybe lavender) wallpapers free! Ty for reading my comment and if the creator gets a hold of my comment then cool! Anyways ty for reading again and Ik my comment was kind of long for no reason but yeah. Cya! ✨⭐️🌟.Version: 1.62

Best app i’ve tried!This app has been the best app i’ve tried so far. Of all of the apps i’ve tried this is the easiest to work with and figure out how to use. If you’re looking for something that you can get good sets without paying, this is the app for you. All of the sets are so cute including the ones that are free. The icons are also way easier to download than any other app i’ve had. All it does is take you to safari (if your an apple user) and you download it to your home screen from there. They also have separate widgets, icons, and even wallpapers that you can use. (i like to use sets better just to get a glimpse of what it would look like on my screen) In all, pretty nice app. :).Version: 1.56

Be carefulWhen I saw this app I was really impressed with all the patters and themes. There is free thing u can use without paying. There is an x in the top left corner of your screen. When I got this app I was so excited to get my apps customized and after I choose some that I liked I put them in my phone then I realized there not actually changing how the app looks it’s just basically just like banners that u can customize. I do however like the wallpaper choices they have. The wall papers and wedges are nice. Some wedges hav time, calendar and battery percentage. The app is nice but it made me sad that your not actually changing how your apps look. I still give this three out of five stars because it really bummed me out that you can’t actually change how your apps looked. If Themify changed it so you could change your actual apps I would give this a five out of five..Version: 1.62

Love the concept, needs more featuresI love the app. I wish there were more themes to choose by. I also wish there was a way to save the icons to our photos so we can use them for other apps that it doesn’t have on the list to download. I had to make my own that don’t match right. I also with there were more widgets to choose from with the theme of choice. And when I download a theme and apply to my phone I click an app it opens safari and then the app. Which I’m thinking it’s a phone error maybe not the app? But I don’t know? One more thing they should add is to where we can “favorite” the themes we like so we don’t have to keep going back to find it. So add more themes, widgets and features such as adding a “favorites” option. Add a way to save the icons for apps so we can use for others that may not be listed to install. (Or put more on your list to install).Version: 1.39

Read before you get app! :DOk, so heads up this review might be long but read it through. This app is ✨AmAzInG!✨ The people that say “Oh, yOu hAvE tO pAy! 💰” Umm 🤔 no you don’t! I have this super cute aesthetic widget, icons, and wallpaper for FREEEE! All you need to do is find the “X” on the left hand corner click it and boom you don’t need to pay! My Lock Screen is a live quote from Mother Teresa! So it moves and omg it’s sooo cool…. FoR fReE! So if people just scroll and look with there ✨E👏🏽y👏🏽E👏🏽s✨They can find super cute stuff! But there is one problem that I didn’t give it a ⭐️5 star⭐️for… when I click the icon it takes me to safari then to the app. I just wish that you guys fix that and it will take me straight to that app! :) But I think this app is way better than others! Hope this helps!.Version: 1.61

Fix my issue!! PLEASE?!?!I love the app!! A LOT!! But will you PLEASE?!?!?! Fix the issue?! Where it tells you what to do which is download the file then go to your settings and it shows you the download is supposed to be on the top under Apple ID thing above the airplane mode!! And it’s not!!! Then it shows where to install it and it’s not even there!!! I picked my theme saved it saved the widgets selected all the icons and still NOTHING!!!! I’ve tried different themes and followed instructions!!! How is it ppl that have this app?! Had no PROBLEMS?!?!?! With downloading their themes installing them where it’s easy for them to follow instructions it tells you! FIX THIS PROBLEM?!?!?! I WILL NOT USE SHORT CUTS FOR MY ICONS!!! IF YOU SUGGEST THAT APP IT IS A USELESS APP AND ITS ANNOYING!!!.Version: 1.35

Love it! Could be better thoughSo I love this app of course, I just have a few minor recommendations! This app made my Home Screen look amazing and cute, but I saw a few things I kind of wish was in the app. When you try to download icons you can only download about 5 at a time till they say start a feee trial to download multiple at a time? 😕 when I also download the icons, they open my Safari to take me to the original app I wanted to open. Maybe if you can download the Themify icons like you download the widgets, so we can put it in shortcuts and it’ll work more properly! These were only suggestions that I really wish the app would have, but either way I still think it’s a good one!.Version: 1.49

Love it, u can actually use it without paying!This app is perfect and I love it. It’s easy to use, even if some themes are premium only they’re all great quality! Unlike other apps where it FORCES U to pay, YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY JUST CLICK THE X BUTTON AND THERE ARE MANY NON PREMIUM GOOD CHOICES. I would definitely recommend this, only thing is that when u try to download multiple icons it gets confusing for me. Besides that, if you want an aesthetic phone, this is a must have. So many choices premium or not, and easy to use. For devs btw, maybe put more widgets? Btw, I saw in another review saying u have to pay for more then 5 app covers. YOU DONT. If you do one at a time, it’s all free. As I said, a def must have app. Thanks for reading!.Version: 1.61

Good! but some annoying stuffSo i downloaded this app bc my friend had this app on his phone so i thought i would download it. i didnt mind buying premium since it was fairly cheap. its got a lot of really cool set ups i gotta say! but, when you put the shortcuts in, you still have all the original apps, therefore i had to hide all my games and apps in a group together. another thing is that it takes you to safari and then brings you to the app? its not that big of a deal but i would love if that could be fixed somehow. overall though, i would recommend this app! even though it only had shortcuts for some apps, (which i would love for the amount of apps you can customize be expanded) i really liked how mine turned out! :D.Version: 1.62

There lying -.-This app is ✨AMAZING ✨ I got it today and let me tell u it is so good at making ur iPhone wallpaper Amazing mine is so nice I am in love the creator of this app should be proud people are giving it a 1 or 2 star review just because they think the app cost money IT DOES NOT when u get the app it says the pay for premium NOT to use the app there’s a X at the top left corner and then u can use the app so no it does not cost money so don’t believe them and I can’t wait to show my wallpaper and phone to them! And like I said this app is amazing I can’t even believe that an app can be this good even tho it’s not a game that I can play it’s still one of my favorite wallpaper apps now! Sorry this is so long 😅.Version: 1.62

I don’t really knowI would start off with yes it’s a great app however just like all the others it lets you download the icons then says you need premium so what I don’t understand is why you have to pay just make us watch five add and then we get the the option to use it cause imma be honest the ads is where the money is at nowadays one ad if watched is about equal to an subscription so all you have to do is set it up where every time you want to use the icons it says however many add you’ve watched out of whatever amount now I would go with five but that’s not the point all I would like the creators to do is make it so you don’t have to pay for every little thing ever so if you read this I’m sorry for complaining I just feel that this should be heard to everyone have a blessed life..Version: 1.55

I love it but have a few questionsJust downloaded the app today and love it, but ever since I have access to settings my phone started acting strange and glitching a lot. I have done all of my updates so I don’t know if the problem is from the app. I just found it weird that my phone started acting up after I downloaded the app. Also, I feel like there should be more options for other apps especially games. I say this because I’m a gamer (for fun) and don’t really use other apps very often. I’ve also noticed that whenever I save a widget from the app it doesn’t save to my photos. Thank you so much for understanding, other than that I have no complaints.☺️.Version: 1.47

BEST app for screen and phone customization out there!!!I love customizing my screen to fit my personality and to just make it cuter. I would like to say to anyone looking for a better app to use for this, it’s the best one I’ve ever used. It’s easy, adorable themes, not blurry or glitchy like other apps, and it’s good even without premium. Which I love. Most of these apps aren’t as good quality. And in order to get good things or to even download a wallpaper, you have to pay tons of money. As a teenager with not enough money to spare, I love that it’s cheap yet very well done. I recommend that you get this app. It’s really nice to use and it’s just so adorable 🥰 Thank you, keep up the good work <3.Version: 1.49

Cool but some issuesHi! I really like the idea of this app and the themes offered, they all are really cool! However, there are multiple issues with this. 1. When trying to download multiple selected icons, it asks you to install the mobile configuration to download a profile from the settings. I download it from chrome and nothing happens. I have not tried to use safari yet, but I figured that bug was worth mentioning 2. As someone else mentioned, not all of the apps on my iPhone are showing. Such as there is a replacement for the eBay icon yet it doesn’t see my eBay app on my phone. So the icon replacement doesn’t have a directory. Even when I search for the app on the search bar, it does not show up. Same thing goes for my McDonald’s app. These are the only issues I’ve seen thus far, I hope these issues get fixed soon. And in case using safari instead of chrome still doesn’t activate the setting to download a profile, I would suggest checking that too. Other than this? It’s a great app! It has a great layout and the offered themes are great, I thoroughly enjoy that it doesn’t force you to buy some vip or premium thing to use most of the themes. Please don’t change that!.Version: 1.35

Love this app but…🤗I love this app but I don’t like how you need to pay for most of these themes also when you download the shortcuts and you click to app them to Home Screen all at once you have to get pro and I don’t like how I have to download the shortcuts all individually it takes me 10 minutes to download everyone of the shortcuts and I could be doing something better than that in that time but other than that this game is pretty cool and works like they described it to work it’s cool I only give 4 stars bc there is issues but overall this app is pretty cool if your deciding to download this app this app Is not bad and tells you how to set up the themes. So you should not have a problem with setting the themes up at least 😁.Version: 1.60

Not too great….So I’ve only had this app for a bit but there are some things that aren’t great. I don’t actually mind that you have to pay for more things, the free version is pretty nice. I just don’t like that you have to pay to be able to select every app icon, which is really annoying and makes it very tedious to re-theme. I also find it pretty annoying that we can’t change the app icons for every app, so now I have an entire page of just apps that I couldn’t theme. I also don’t like how it sends you to the app through google or safari because my internet is pretty sucky, so it makes it difficult to get to a lot of my apps now. Otherwise every other feature isn’t too bad and I don’t mind it. The themes are cute and aesthetically pleasing :).Version: 1.64

Cool but only apple?This up is really fun and cute even without paying which I haven’t, I have gotten lots of compliments on how cute my phone and icons are. I was just wondering if you could make a similar version for Samsungs because my sister was very disappointed to find that she couldn’t have a fun screen like mine..Version: 1.63

Great app!I love the app but sometimes it glitch’s but everything else is amazing!.Version: 1.64

WidgetsIts good but the widgets are really confusing and tricky..Version: 1.64

Safari App Not Showing UpI’m using the black and white vip app icons and there isn’t one for safari which is the main search engine. Why?.Version: 1.63

Icons often wont openI try to open my apps with the icons and alot of the times i cant.Version: 1.63

WowYou are so good.Version: 1.63

It’s good and I swear I’m not being payed for this.I saw this app when I was looking for something of this sort and downloaded it. I read the reviews and still decided to give it a try. I like it. I didn’t pay any money but it still gave me good Home Screen ideas, really good in fact. I downloaded the wallpaper onto my photo library and put it in. I downloaded the widget and added it on my Home Screen. I still like it. To get the app icons I took a few screenshots then went to shortcuts (an app) to add the icons onto my desired apps. It’s going great. It turned out really nice. I just started using the app but right now I’m really happy, the reviews talk about money problems but I haven’t spent a single cent on this app but it’s going great. If anything pops up I’ll add it onto my review. - some girl.Version: 1.63

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