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discovery+ is the streaming home of Food, Home, Relationships, True Crime, Paranormal and so much more. Watch the best real-life shows from your favorite TV brands - including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, Magnolia Network, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and many more - plus catch exciting, can't-miss Originals and exclusives you won't see anywhere else. There's something for everyone.

With discovery+ you get:
• Your favorite shows and personalities from the best TV brands including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, Magnolia Network, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and more
• Must-see 90 Day Fiancé moments, with 200+ hours of exclusive new series and more
• Exclusive discovery+ Originals - can’t-miss, exciting new series you won't see anywhere else
• 70,000+ episodes and 2,500+ shows - more added all the time
• An Ad-free plan option so you can enjoy your favorites without commercial interruption
• The ability to download your discovery+ favorites so you can watch on-the-go and offline (available to Ad-Free subscribers only)
• Award-winning collection of the best natural history series from Discovery and BBC - including Planet Earth, Blue Planet and Frozen Planet
• Fresh new episodes and series added all the time - from lifestyle and true crime to home improvement, food, adventure and more
• Your favorite personalities like the Irwins, Jonathan and Drew Scott, Chip and Joanna Gaines, Bobby Flay, Ree Drummond, Guy Fieri, Giada De Laurentiis, Lieutenant Joe Kenda and so many more
• Full access to watch anytime, anywhere on your mobile device, tablet, computer, game console and connected TV

• Browse or search with ease across the best in: True Crime, Paranormal & Unexplained, Relationships, Home, Adventure & Exploration, Food, Documentaries, Lifestyle, Nature & Animals, Science & Technology, and Automotive
• Watch anytime, anywhere on up to four screens at once at no extra cost
• Family Profiles now let parents customize content ratings to create a safe, kid-friendly streaming experience with optional PIN protection
• Create up to five personalized profiles
• Pick up episodes where you left off across your favorite devices
• Save episodes to watch later with My List

Payment automatically renews unless you cancel your account before the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscription or cancel anytime by accessing your account. discovery+ is available to customers in the U.S. and U.S. territories only.

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Discovery+ | Stream TV Shows App Comments & Reviews

Discovery+ | Stream TV Shows Positive Reviews

Not user friendly….There’s nothing in the app or the streaming service that indicates newest episodes of your favorite shows. I’m a big fan of 90-Day Fiancé which has had many spin-off shows related to the 90-Day Fiancé originals. The only problem (which is very time consuming) is that the newest episodes of any of the 90-Day shows & spin-offs (which are advertised as containing all the newest episodes) are not showing the dates of any episodes - which makes it very hard to find the newest episodes of the series that maybe you missed. I usually give up because it is an exercise in frustration and one literally has to hunt for the most recent episodes. I can only imagine that this is the norm for all the networks. Can’t you come up with a more user friendly interface that makes it easier to find by listing original dates of the episodes that one is searching for? I’m extremely disappointed and frustrated by this and I’m probably going to have to cancel my subscription of $4.99 monthly for a streaming service I can’t navigate..Version: 1.12.0

Good catalog, playback features still lackingThere’s a lot of Discovery content, and a little History, to entertain for endless hours. There are some playback features and functions you might miss from other streaming services. 1. There’s no way to connect to Chromecast or another device on your TV until AFTER you start an episode. This means you have to buffer, load, and play the video on your phone before you can tell it to connect to a external device on your TV. It’s very annoying. 2. The streaming on your TV/Chromcast and the controls on the phone lose sync so you sometimes have to stop, reconnect and start again to change playback. You also my need to know the exact show and episode playing to click back into it to get the controls back. 3. My biggest annoyance is the app will not stop streaming on a Chromecast unless you manually stop it. There’s no “are you there” option to check in and save your data usage and stop streaming after a few episodes if the TV is shut off while still streaming. If you set the sleep timer on your TV while a show is playing it will play all night and all day until you turn the TV back on the next night…and it’s still streaming. Has happened to me several times. I like the service, but the app it’s lacking some of the refined user experience features that users expect from a streaming service day one. This was either rushed out and not extensively tested, or it was never extensively tested. Neither is really acceptable..Version: 1.12.0

Needs Some Kinks Worked OutOverall, this app is amazing but it still has to work out some kinks. The price is great, especially to have the ad-free version. I was hoping it was the answer to cancelling another streaming service I subscribe to but this app doesn’t have the original 90 Day Fiancé show, just a streaming channel. Also, random episodes are missing on some shows, so I again have to revert to my other streaming service to watch there. The app freezes briefly on Roku TV after pausing or rewinding, and will skip over the part it freezes on. I’ve had no issues casting from my iPhone to my Vizio TV. I can still use my phone while it’s casting and there is no freezing or glitching. The functionality of the home screen needs some improvement organizationally and to provide the ability to delete episodes in “Continue Watching”. When it auto plays or I check out shows, I don’t necessarily want them to stay in “Continue Watching” because then I have to scroll through those to get to what I really want to continue watching. The catalog of shows is exceptional and I do love that some shows are unedited - very refreshing to be able to listen to people swear instead of hearing “beeep beeeep”. I would honestly pay more to have them remove the censorship bleeps from all shows (Gold Rush, I’m looking at you). I was sure I would cancel after the trial but I’ve stayed on as a subscriber because we now watch Discovery+ more than our other streaming services..Version: 1.3.0

Great service, app function not so muchLove all the channels and shows we can get. This is the streaming app we use more than any other. However… you need to learn how to build an app there are some pretty pathetic rookie kinks in this app that only belong in one built by a tiny amateur company. For starters I should not still see every single episode of every show we’ve watched in my continue watching list. Secondly and I think partly to blame for the first issue is the fact that each episode we watch seems to scroll back several minutes after we finish it. So if we continue to the next episode then back out before we finish it, the previous episode shows before the current one on the list causing us to continue an episode we’ve already watched when we try to pick up where we left off if we don’t pay really close attention. It’s incredibly frustrating! I really hope your developers get on the ball soon. In conclusion… progress tracking of episodes needs to be more accurate and delete completed episodes from the continue watching list. I should see 5 or 6 episodes there but instead there’s over 100. It’s been this way from the start I know I’m not the only one to complain and I don’t think this is too much to expect.Version: 1.15.0

I love it, but it also can be frustrating.I love this app. I'm so incredibly happy with the selection of shows and networks. But I have a huge problem streaming anything to my smart TV. This app has a horrible system for streaming. It's almost impossible to pause/play your show while also browsing the app. I've found that I have to go back into the show I'm watching, click the exact episode I'm watching, and then the app with allow me to pause the show. I just wish there was a better way to control streaming while also using the app. Other big streaming apps have an interface that's on screen all the time while streaming to allow you to control your show as you browse the app. It would be huge if you guys added one too. Another problem I'm experiencing is the app not playing the episode at all, or with the sound only. The app will connect to my TV but won't load the episode or picture. The last problem I've experienced is sometimes the app will replay 5 to 10 minutes of my show over and over again. The only way to escape this seemingly never ending loop is to skip ahead past the repeated scene. Otherwise I love this app so much and I will continue to use it, especially if streaming becomes easier to use..Version: 1.3.0

App needs improvementI was initially irritated that people were being forced to get Discovery+ if they wanted to continue to watch certain shows. If I’m being honest, I’m still irritated. However, when looking at this from a financial perspective, in the long run this will save me money, as I will be canceling direct tv now that our contract is up. This may not be the case for others, so it is frustrating to know that this network is basically requiring you to pay more money for something that you are already paying for with cable. Yes I get it. It’s only $5, that’s not the point. Ok, that’s the end of my rant lol... I so far am enjoying g the content. However, the app could use some improvement. When you’re streaming a show to your television from the app and close the app it often times will shut the app down completely not allowing you to click back open to the app to rewind or fast-forward. And then have to go into your continue watching section where it restarts the episode in the wrong spot. It would also be nice to have the option to remove episodes from the continue watching section. Also I am unable to download this app on my chrome cast televisions. And PLEASE, when I have finished an episode, take it off of the continue watching section. That drives me bonkers!!.Version: 1.1.0

Great content- glitchy appI love all the different channels and content available- this app has become our go to over the last week. However there have been multiple issues while watching on Apple TV. The big one is if I decide to stop watching a show and try to back out of it, it takes a bit of time to go back to the menu and even then, the audio of the show continues to play, and I can’t scroll through the menu while that’s going on. I have to actually back the whole way out to the Apple TV Home Screen in order to get the audio to stop and wait a few min from there to get the Discovery app to “reset”. Next issue, not as major, is when an episode ends and is moving on to the next automatically, I get an error when it attempts to auto play. Once I click “try again”, it does move on though. The last thing I’ve noticed is on several occasions once an ad airs, when the episode comes back on, it’ll have reset the show back to a previous point. If it lets me fast forward (it gets hung up and almost laggy when this happens as in the previous situation of trying to back out of an episode), it’ll hit the same commercial break and just jump backwards in the episode again..Version: 1.0.1

Okay but…There really needs to be a settings feature to permanently disable automatically playing a related program. If I want to watch something else, I should be the one to decide what it should be, not an algorithm that gets it wrong 9/10 times. Trying to desperately click the menu button on an AppleTV remote in a losing battle to stop a different show starting is highly frustrating. For that matter, I want to be able to turn off automatically playing the next episode in a series. Not have it hang out in the continue watching menu. Speaking of, there also needs to be a way to clear the continue watching section that isn’t deleting my entire profile and starting over. There is a reason I stopped watching a given program and having it stuck there forever is not awesome. It’s not even good or mediocre. It’s terrible. Seeing it there is not going to convince me to finish it. I want those shows to disappear. Especially when trying to fast forward through it will automatically make a new program start! See the perpetual downward spiral we’re stuck in? The app has been around a hot minute, these kinds of problems should have been looked at and fixed by now..Version: 17.2.0

Pretty great but…1/9/23 update: developers added a NEW label to show icons when a new episode was posted but it has disappeared and I miss it! It was very helpful to see what was new content. If the NEW label didn’t work, could you maybe prioritize shows with new episodes to be listed in the Featured menu on the logged in landing/Home page? It would help so much to have new episodes called out somehow. I’ve seen other apps with banners on the show icons that read ‘New episodes Wednesdays’ when a new season is being added one episode at a time. Previous review: The app is not consistently responsive on my Hisense Roku TV which is probably just from the TV being old. What would really make this service great would be a label or banner across a show icon when there are new episodes being released each week similar to what you see on Peacock. This helps me know which of my favorite shows have a new season of episodes coming out weekly without having to click on the icon and go into the show’s main page. Food for thought! Great app otherwise. I especially appreciate the backlighting/border to indicate what your curser is sitting on..Version: 17.5.1

Great app but connection issues and no active watch barThis app has brought all my favorite channels into one place along with exclusive content and I’m delighted. However, there is room for improvement. The picture is sometimes blurry when I’m casting to my Google Chromecast. Its usually spotty or clears up after about five minutes but there was one day where it stayed blurry and pixelated the entire day. Maybe the connection to the server can be stronger. Also, I would like a “watch bar” at the bottom of the app for when I’m casting like Netflix has. If you go out of the show you are currently watching there is no bar at the bottom of the screen that shows what you’re currently watching. This is especially aggravating because the app auto plays to a different show if the one you’re watching finishes. So I’ve had to go searching in the app for the new show that’s playing, click into the episode, just to be able to stop it from playing. This is insane to have to do. What I’m actively watching (via chrome cast) should always be available in a bar right at the bottom of the screen. The shows and variety are great but the app could use some better functionality. Please think more of people who use Chromecasts..Version: 1.1.0

PIP🌟🌟🌟EDITED: THANK YOI for adding PIP after my review. I am so in love. Now, I have no complaints. I will continue my subscription without interruption now!! Thank you🌟🌟🌟I love Discovery+ and I’m constantly subscribing and canceling for the pure fact that I would probably watch entirely your content and not content on other streaming apps. The ONLY exception is that 9 out of 10 times I’m watching on my phone; and you don’t have the PIP feature. ALL streaming apps have now added the Picture in Picture feature allowing us to multitask on our phones while watching your content. You not having this feature is what literally makes me not watch your content or use your app. Multitasking is life now, if I can’t text my kids, friends, check the weather and multitask while watching your content in the upper corner of my screen; I’m probably going to cancel your service and go with another streaming service because that’s a super important feature now. Please consider keeping up with important app features such as this. Thanks.Version: 17.0.0

Technical issuesThe only thing that I’ve ever had trouble with in the almost 2 years I’ve had my account is sometimes opening the app on my Samsung tv just doesn’t work. It will say it’s loading for a second, then it will go to the grey “Discovery+” logo and just sit there. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the app (no luck), cleared the cache (also with no luck), and then cleared the data & cache and it still doesn’t do anything. I’ve done pretty much everything except for factory resetting my tv, which I’m not going to do because it’s only the discovery app that does this. Every other app works fine, and even the discovery app on my phone works with no issues. Eventually it will work again as this has happened a handful of times throughout my experience with the app, but it’s just annoying to want to watch a show on the tv and end up having to pick a completely different app. I love this app so much and I really believe that the price is great the content that is available and being add free, but it seems like they’ve *still* got a few bugs to work out..Version: 17.9.2

Great App!!We love this app! We watch a lot of the Discovery family’s channels. When we had to drop our regular tv package we immediately picked up Discovery + for the price and listings. The only issues that we’ve had so far is that during any program we watch, it will freeze for a few seconds anywhere from one to three times an episode. It wouldn’t be so bad if it picked up where it left off, but it doesn’t and instead picks up wherever it’s supposed to be (I hope I explained that right). Another is that sometimes we watch a few seconds/minutes of a show to see if we’ve seen that episode or not and in doing so it builds up in the “Resume Watching” queue. It would be nice if there were a deletion option so that you could find the episodes you actually do want to resume faster. Honestly, if those two problems were addressed, this app would be close to perfect! We love that we still get to watch most of our favorite shows with significantly shorter commercial times and for a great value price!!.Version: 1.4.0

Spotty connection to Chromecast AND Apple TVI always cast from my phone to watch on my TV. All my other streaming services work seamlessly. With this app in particular, I can’t watch any episode of anything without constant buffering, skipping, lagging audio, fuzziness, and crashing when I cast. When I don’t cast, the stream works with no issues. And even more frustrating, the commercials play as they should without any of the problems. My internet connection is strong, my device is not out-of-date, I’ve done the suggested resets and power-on-and-off, my TV plays everything else just fine, but when I try and play from the Discovery+ app, i can’t watch without a headache from the problems. At times the chromecast and Apple TV icon flashes and disappears. This was not happening a month ago and it goes on for several days before I get a “good day” where there are not any problems. Seriously considering ending my subscription. I’ve taken this issue to the help service and they took down my information of versions and an update came out but that did not fix the problems..Version: 1.7.0

Overall ReviewI find this very well put together and has almost everything you could ever want to watch from these shows episodes. I have noticed that some seasons are not included in some (shows?) not sure why that is🤔.. One thing I do wish is that I they would have mini series on this. I’m not sure if I just never found anything they have or if they just haven’t put that one out yet? Or will ever put it out.🧐.. I love the Paranormal episodes and I love the Historical stuff as well. One thing I do hope for is that they try to keep up better with adding new seasons to this. I’ve noticed some shows add them as they come on tv. But others are not??. One show being the Skinwalker Ranch show. I really love that show along with Ghost Adventures. I loved Holzer File’s but it don’t look like there will be any more of them??. They always start a good thing and then stop it☹️. Okay thanks so much for your time. I do love this Discovery + very much. I’ll be watching shows forever..Version: 16.3.0

Love it but there’s also some issuesWhile I love watching the discovery plus app I feel like there were some seasons of tv shows that were missing such as the crocodile Hunter and monster quest missing a couple of its seasons like season 3 and for monster quest and seasons 1 2 3 and 4 for The Crocodile Hunter as well as some things like Jurassic Fight Club not being on the history section and it was on the history channel 14 years ago. But all in it was fine but there have been continuous times where it would stop and act like it doesn’t have WiFi on the tv but also because recently the shows I have on list in there went missing and now can’t find any of my favorite shows on there even quite a lot of discover-plus original shows have went missing I hope you guys fix these issues as well as stopping the crashes on tv from happening and I also hope you add in the missing seasons from some shows and in shows that were on the listed channels that hadn’t been seen in years as well as the original episodes of The Crocodile Hunter too.Version: 15.1.0

Great service, but…For the most part, I’m really happy with Discovery +. It has TONS of content. But it doesn’t offer a lot in the way of setting options. I would love to see the following added to this app: 1) the ability to turn off auto start of a new show when I complete a show. Usually the new show (that the app chooses for me) is not anything I’m interested in, and it now stays in my “Continued Watching” list 2) the ability to remove items from Continued Watching. Mine is full of shows I’ll never watch due to the auto start feature and shows I’ve already watched that are just hanging there. If features like this are added, this would be a really great app! Update: response from Discovery+ is that I can fast-forward through an episode to remove it from Continued Watching. This is not a solution. Fast forwarding only makes the next episode show up, so you have to fast forward through every episode in the season. Then another show auto-starts and shows up anyway. No one wants to spend time doing this Discovery+!.Version: 1.22.3

Help it’s not workingHey y’all I do t know what’s wrong but I updated my app earlier and since then it has not been working. My subscription is paid for and I am not sure of what may be wrong. I love this app and usually am quite satisfied with it. I don’t understand since it’s a paid for subscription and not just thru a tv provider why it doesn’t include all the old and new shows on each channel such as with lifetime -Cell Mate Secrets isn’t on there and with Hgtv, lots of the classics are missing such as All the Sarah Richardson shows like Design inc, Room Service,Sarah 101, Sarah’s House(and cottage etc),Sarah sees potential, and the new Sarah off the Grid, Divine Design,Candace Tells All, Shop this Room and more plus on some of the others random episodes are missing. But other than that and the fact my app is not working at this moment (and I uninstalled and reinstalled and still not working ) I love this app more than any other I have.Version: 1.12.0

Some suggestionsI’m happy with the content of the shows on this app and it was very easy to set up on my tv, iPad, etc, but when I go to a category and select a show to be on my List, or just to look at the description, there’s no way to get back to where I was in the listings. I’m immediately sent back to the beginning of the Home page and I have to start searching categories from scratch. Also, I’ve messed around watching some shows and now these shows are stuck in the Continue list. There’s some shows I looked at and have no intention of watching to the end and I can’t get rid of them. I even fast forwarded one to the end and the next episode immediately came up! Now I have that one and the previous ep (because it shows two seconds left)also stuck in Continue! I’m sure you’re working on these things, and I look forward to getting bug fixes and improvements in the future, but it’s so annoying to have these shows clogging up the space. Netflix has an option that says “remove this title from this row”. It’s a very good option. Just a thought..Version: 1.0.1

Something I’ve noticed.I always thought Discovery was about science and adventure and just what the title says DISCOVERY. Unless it’s a cooking show baking contest or home improvement series, I’ve noticed in several series I’ve watched you’ve become a lot like Expedition Unknown or even Ghost Hunters that your team or host are in the field and Never Ever find anything and when they do, it is at the point where people are about to tune out so you have to find something (example) Expedition Big Foot. I know no one has ever caught an actual big foot on camera but 3 people covering 10’s of thousands of wooded forest for 2 -3 weeks? That’s impossible in itself. Now in the last 2 episodes of season 2 finds a huge very noticeable print and then bam forest fire. How do you guarantee these participants credibility so they can continue with their actual work? Don’t get me wrong I love the variety of shows but this seems to be the new trend hook the viewer then rip the hook out. This is just my opinion..Version: 15.5.0

Been a Discovery Network fanI’ve been a long time Discovery Network fan. I’m able to pretty much watch anything they televise. Since the pandemic started, I’ve been into a lot of true crime documentaries and shows; I usually set recordings for specific shows that I’m into, I’m not a fan of re-enactments, so I love the fact that I can sort through the shows and tap the plus sign and boom! It’s in my playlist, and the suggestions so far have been on point. The app itself, works better than the previous streaming apps I downloaded, it’s easy to navigate, it’s a monthly subscription price, however, at least you get what you pay for anddddd some; with Discovery Plus. The “ad-free” option is...guess what?!...actually AD FREE! No hidden lies with your hard earned money, especially during the pandemic. For a streaming app, I’m impressed financially and engineerly (😂) That’s all folks! Enjoy!.Version: 1.4.0

Can’t control the “continue watching” listI have contacted them multiple times over the last year, year and a half, about not being able remove things from the continue watching list without having to go through a million steps. They keep saying they’ll pass it on and strive to make the viewing experience better. Still nothing. I have episodes I have watched already show up in that list 3 or 4 times and I have to “watch” them again and that doesn’t always remove them or it does and then it shows up again, especially if I go back and forth between watching on my tablet or on my computer. The viewer shouldn’t have to “watch” episodes multiple times just to maybe be able to edit that list. We should have the option to just x them out. The library’s great, but this issue sometimes has me seriously consider canceling because it gets so frustrating having to through all that when every streaming service lets their users x shows off that list.Version: 16.2.0

Needs workOverall, it’s great, but there are a few things that are needed. A simple rating system (like Netflix’s not for me, liked it, loved it) would be great. More importantly, though, the app (iPad, Apple TV, iPhone - all of them) needs to track what you’ve watched and properly display it as watched. Yesterday I binged a show for hours. I watched episode after episode and just let the auto play go. Somehow, though, most of the episodes have only half of the progress bar showing in the episode list screen - making it look like I’ve only watched a portion of them even though I’ve watched all of every episode. It’s incredibly annoying to have episodes I watched to completion months ago show up in my Continue Watching. The next suggestion is related … allow us to mark an episode as watched - especially if the app is unable to correctly track what’s been watched on its own. Fix the Continue Watching issue and I’d update my rating. As it is, though, it’s 3 stars at best for me..Version: 17.5.1

Good app, not great yetUPDATE: It’s been quite a while, and there’s still no indication that it’ll ever get PiP. Picture in Picture is a huge factor for me in which streaming apps to use, so I’ll probably end up cancelling this subscription app when I do my streamlining later this month. Great content, but horrible customer service in that the developers appear to be responsive—responding to people’s comments—but then make no actually changes to a major flaw in the functionality. I’m hardly the only person who’s asked for PiP—I see half a dozen reviews right away—and pretty much all the other streaming platforms have it from the beginning. Disappointing. —— This app has a lot of great potential—lots of shows to watch. But, the browsing isn’t intuitive, and it hits my number one pet peeve for streaming apps: it doesn’t allow for Picture in Picture. Which means that you can’t multi-task while playing the app. Here’s hoping that they’ll include this functionality, but I’m not holding my breath..Version: 14.28.0

Nice app — one very annoying issue (AppleTV)App seems to be nice and stable on iOS/iPadOS and TVOS 15. Good catalog selection, and an ad-free version FTW, also excellent video/audio quality. My only gripe is that when selecting a program season (and episode) in the TVOS interface, even a momentary pause while scrolling through seasons bounces the selection back up to “Watch Now”. I can’t imagine how anyone would consider this good interface behavior. A touch/gesture-based app should never change the active interface element unless the user performs a deliberate click or gesture. I’m going to allow that perhaps the app UI was designed prior to the current AppleTV (with the newer remote) and may have different behavior with the older touch-pad remote. This is why I am awarding four stars instead of two — yes, it’s that bad. Please review the behavior against the current platform. The issue makes an otherwise stellar AppleTV streamer quite annoying to use..Version: 1.20.1

Good start, needs some workThe app is fairly stable and the service has a great library of shows. The areas it needs work are in app features and organization of shows within a season. App features needed are: Picture in Picture and easier access to resuming a show. Currently to resume, I have to either go to a show and then resume from there or on the home page scroll down to the bottom and find the episode I want to resume. It would also be nice to be able to mark an episode watched from the resume section because sometimes an episode is selected by accident and then you can’t get rid of it from the resume row. As for organization, the example is Gold Rush where the season extras called The Dirt needs to be played throughout the season for it to make sense but it’s organized at the end so events have already occurred when watching mid season episodes of The Dirt. But all in all, a good app for launch..Version: 1.5.1

Not sure yetI 1,000,000,000% love love love the ID channel and my TV never leaves it!! (Except for Oxygen)…it’s LITERALLY just ALWAYS on in the background…sometimes I’m watching it, sometimes I’m just listening to it while doing all my many single-Mom tasks (which I LOVE TO DO; don’t get it twisted 💯💯💯👩‍👧👩‍👧👩‍👧🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏), and sometimes it’s just on in the background or while I’m sleeping (doesn’t give me nightmares; although I’ve met people that swear it does them 🤷‍♀️). I find it empowering and comforting that people have been through such horrible circumstances and have survived and are thriving…mostly. It gives me courage, as I have been through some very horrific things in my life as well. 💯🙏 P.S. Lieutenant Joe Kenda for President of the United States…think about it…I’m just saying 😉💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 BUT HAVING TROUBLE WITH THIS WHOLE STREAMING THING THAT I FINALLY PURCHASED LAST NIGHT 🤷‍♀️💯🙁 It’s giving me so many errors & I can’t get a REAL customer service person to help me & it’s getting very frustrating & am about to cancel the service..Version: 1.22.2

NO Picture in Picture?? UGH!It’s a real shame, Discovery+ does NOT offer Picture in Picture. It’s my #1 and ONLY complaint. The fact that you’re unable, to do ANYTHING else, on your devices while using the app…is really frustrating. If you want to go through emails, check social media, google something or go to your texts…. YOU CAN’T! So. If you’re watching a show via Discovery+ …. That’s the ONLY thing, you’re allowed to do, on your device. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Hopefully, Discovery+ app developers will add the Picture in Picture feature. Offering Picture in Picture… I can almost guarantee that Discovery+ would hit the ball outa the park AND would be used more frequently by its subscribers. 🤞 *To end my review on a good note…. Discovery+ has a great selection of shows and movies…. There’s something for everyone. Definitely worth every penny to go ad free..Version: 1.22.3

Watchlist option pleaseLove the app and use it a whole lot, but I like to put together a watchlist on the iPad so when I open it up on my tv, it’s all set to go. So much easier to do watchlists on a device. There is sadly no option to do this when you do a search. While you can add a series to your watchlist, if I search for say “Christmas” and find something I want to see, it only opens it up and starts playing it instead of giving me the info and “add to watchlist” stuff. Have been loving finding all of the old programs that started discovery and TLC (back when it was the learning channel) and hope you open the vault for even more! Liquid Design, crafts shows and the original cooking stuff pre food network from back then and more were so much fun and what built the channels. Would be great to see them again. Please add these options to everything we search for and this app will be even better!.Version: 17.2.0

Best app, no connection issuesThis is the best App I have now. All the shows I like and new ones I’m enjoying. Especially Mike Rowe Six Degrees. I’ve read where some people are having connection issues. I’ve had the app since day one on my phone and Apple TV with zero connection issues what so ever. All 5 of my kids have been chain watching shows and all say the same thing no issues at all. Maybe delete the app and add it back. Or now with all the amount of data being used look into your internet connection. I had 300 MPs download but had so many things connected slowed it down and froze a lot. I switched to 1 gig download and all my problems stopped. I can watch 4K movies in multiple rooms all streaming with no issues anymore. It could also be your phones data plan too with certain low data things active you will get break ups. And I’m using a iPhone 11 Pro when I watch..Version: 1.0.1

Closed captioning can’t be turned offTried to research and troubleshoot using suggested methods via help site of discovery +, as well as individuals who have tried to fix, but cannot get closed captioning to turn off. This is the only app that is doing this currently, so does not appear to be iOS/Apple issue. Seeing online that others are having this same issue. I have only noticed it within the last month. I am happy the option is there for those that it helps, but EXTREMELY frustrating to have in on when you didn’t put it on, and the one direction to turn it off, per the help site, it not available. Please fix this. Love this app, but will delete and cancel my subscription if not fixed. Update, I did find that I was able to now see and get to a closed captioning button, and turn it off! Thank you..Version: 15.4.0

Stable but needs changeThe app is really stable, however you recently watched ( not finished ) episodes appear middle of the 'for you' page. His should be at the top, instead of me having to scroll half way down a list of trash TV I could give a sheet less about. When you're clicking on a show on desktop it doesn't take you to an 'about page' for the show, it automatically starts playing an episode. You have to hover over the show, wait for a little drop down bar to appear, and then click on that to get the 'about' page with the episode list. There is also no way to know what shows are currently airing. It would be nice if they would make that easily seen, some kind of dot, star, check mark, anything. I haven't had cable in 10 years, it's nice to finally watch shows as they are airing, but I have no idea what's been on TV and is still airing current episodes..Version: 1.9.0

Unable To minimize well watchingI just started using this app and I love it a lot I watch it most of the day but if I get a text or an email or anything else it does not give me the ability to minimize it and check other things. All of my other apps allow me to minimize it while still watching it or keep it paused however I want so that I can therefore check my text messages check my emails certain things like that that I need to do throughout the day it would be really nice if that future could be added to this app I know that it would be beneficial I spoke with several people about it and everybody has the same only one complaint that we cannot minimize it we have to go completely out of the app in order to check other things on our phones or tablets and devices. Thank you very much Adrienne Barrena.Version: 1.15.0

More accessibility featuresI love this app a lot but it would be nicer for VoiceOver user to be able to use player options there is a player you are a button accessibility by the close button but when you click it it doesn’t do nothing far as tapping on the main screen throughout the content it does tell you what episode or genre you’re on which is real nice about the app but if you can improve your accessibility features so you can either back up 15 seconds pause or play forward 15 seconds that would be real nice I would definitely rate it five stars i’m totally blind I use voiceover on my iPhone 12 pro max and I love streaming the Haunting The price on a monthly subscriptions are not bad at all I’m just asking for more accessibility features in your app if it’s possible thank you because I can’t get to the player options itself I just started a subscription and I love it keep up the good work and please make it more accessible.Version: 14.28.0

Love Discovery but app has issues.I love the shows on Discovery Plus! It took me a while to figure out how to get it to work with Chromecast because the ‘help section’ was no help. Support is actually great. They do respond and quickly. Issues. It’s hard to get a show to stop playing. Closing and disconnecting, I find the show often keeps playing. I’ll log back in to find it’s played through a few seasons of the show. You have to stop, disconnect and stop again. You can’t pause or rewind at the end of a show. Usually the option to go on to the next one starts after the show is over, here it’s 30 seconds or so in and very inconvenient. Also, if you stop a show at the very end it stays in your continue watching cue. Usually apps don’t do that. It basically never comes off either. You pretty much have to start the next episode. The shows are great. Worth the hassles of the app..Version: 14.28.0

New content is lacking somethingI subscribe to the ad free package. I love a lot of the older true crime shows and paranormal shows (before ghost hunting became all the rage). The new content must be aimed at a different age group/ mindset because it does absolutely nothing for me. I tried watching Crimes Gone Viral and it’s pathetic. I can watch a surveillance video and figure out what happened. Example: I started a random episode titled Grab and Go. After seeing a small portion of this surveillance video a talking head starts telling you how to perceive what you just saw. IMDB told me the hero of the story was David Mann - Fought off gunman. I knew the gun was either a shotgun or rifle from observations made while watching the relentlessly looping snippet of video. Searched for David Mann rifle, didn’t get much; searched for David Mann shotgun, found the news story. Watched the entire video and heard pertinent information from the man himself. I now feel fully informed. Took less than five minutes. Yes, it’s that terrible!.Version: 1.20.1

Discovery+ is working nowAt first people were upset the app was not working, but around 5pm MST it was working for me. So give it another try. Discovery+ was immediately worth the $7 CAD. I get to watch all my favourite shows on the network, OCC, Dirty Jobs, Joe Kenda, all on demand. Thank you for bringing this amazing service to Canada..Version: 1.20.1

Finally!I’ve been waiting for an app like this for years. I absolutely love reality TV, not talking real housewives type reality but real quality entertaining shows. Since it’s about 90% of what my husband and I watch and we refuse to pay the ever increasing prices of cable TV and are bored of the selection Netflix has, this app really fills that gap and also fills my need for paranormal TV shows as well!.Version: 1.20.1

🤗So happy to have acces to it 🤗🤩.Version: 1.22.3

Add a download featureIt would be nicer if we could watch videos offline like every other streaming service. Add a download episode/movie option and id give it 5 stars.Version: 17.7.2

ReviewThere should be a notification when there’s new shows.Version: 17.5.1

TOO MANY ADSFor a paid subscription service I shouldn’t be getting SO many ads, especially the same ones during EVERY spot! Sephora & Ford ads play every time there’s an ad break. If I wanted to watch commercials I wouldn’t have paid for this subscription & just kept my regular satellite TV!!.Version: 17.5.0

CommercialsDon’t know why I’m paying for commercials every 10 minutes it seems like!! Over that.Version: 17.5.0

No PIPI can’t believe there is no Picture in Picture for iPhone (where you have the mini screen playing while you do other things). I can’t watch to the show while I multitask. Will likely be cancelling my subscription due to this..Version: 16.2.0

WorthWell worth the full price, enjoy a lot of shows on here and new ones I’ve found.Version: 17.9.2

Love the material…can’t stand the bufferingNo matter what I do to my technology….Discovery buffers so much that I’m not sure if I will keep it going, or cancel the service I want to watch so many shows, but I get so sick of the lag, that I go to other providers.Version: 17.9.2

Good content, can’t watch offlineLove the shows they have available but I wish there was an option to download episodes to watch later..Version: 17.9.2

Better then NetflixAll the great channels love it !!!!👍👌🏼.Version: 17.9.2

Best App Ever!Love this App Discovery has so many shows to watch! I have many favorites..Version: 17.9.2

Almost 5 starsOnly thing I wish is that you guys had an app available for PlayStation users. I still have an Apple TV I just hate switching back and forth. Other than that great app!.Version: 17.9.2

I love this appI have probably watched every season of ghost adventures 30+ times🫡.Version: 17.9.2

AmazingSo many shows! Love it. Way more “learning” type of shows to have on with my kids as well..Version: 17.9.2

Happy with this app.I love paranormal stuff so delighted with the availability …. though I have to admit, I wish there was more selection outside of the always present Ghost Adventures..Version: 17.9.2

A must haveDefinetely the streaming app I was looking for. I previously had cable tv and loved watching shows from TLC, Discovery Investigation, Nature etc. The discovery+ has it all. I downloaded the app from day 1 that it came out, and i do not regret it. Makes a difference from other streaming services where here you can actually learn something new depending on your mood or curiosity. I took the no ads subscription and have no complaints. Please keep the price decent 🙏🏼🙏🏼.Version: 17.9.2

NeatFun 👍.Version: 17.9.2

Great contentLove the variety of content. Lots of Great entertainment..Version: 17.9.2

Needs minor improvementsOnly thing missing is any indication of a program having already been watched. It’s impossible to keep track..Version: 17.9.2

Enjoying the AppThanks for adding the ability to remove shows from your continue watching list. I’m enjoying everything about this app, but it would get 5 stars if we could download shows to watch without wifi/data..Version: 17.9.2

Perfect for watching my favourite showsSo far has been absolutely fantastic.Version: 17.9.2

Love itMy fav app of all time..Version: 17.7.2

My One Big DisappointmentDiscovery+ used to air some shows early, the same day as they aired on tv. For example, I could watch a show at 5:00 am (when it aired on tv at 8:00 pm). I’m really disappointed in this change..Version: 17.9.2

Auto playI wish they would do something about the auto play. I don’t love that when a show/series is over it picks a random show to start playing instead of just returning to the Home Screen.Version: 17.9.2

Not impressedI loved the app 3 weeks ago but unfortunately now there’s a few shows that don’t get added until after 5 like 90 day fiancé the other way 2 weeks ago I’d wake up Sunday morning and watch it but now I gotta wait till the evening time because it’s not uploaded early anymore Discovery you need to add shows the way you were before not make people wait all day.Version: 17.9.2

Need downloadingNeed downloading capabilities.Version: 17.7.2

More channelsWould love it if you added married at first sight.Version: 17.7.2

Discovery channelI’m totally addicted to this app so is my daughter there’s something for everyone my favourite is true crime I’ve gone through all the shows almost what I love is new shows added that’s a bonus I watch this app more then any of the others it’s my favourite by far.Version: 17.7.2

Landscape?Good app, can you Add the ability to watch programs In landscape mode when turning it to The side, without it switching g back to a small screen?.Version: 17.7.2

DownloadI would really appreciate it if I download option was available on the app like on the Amazon, Apple plus Netflix and other streaming apps. Other than that great options great.Version: 17.5.1

It’s a little glitchy.Sooooo it’s a little glitchy, I definitely notice a lag. HOWEVER most importantly I downloaded it thinking I’d be able to see the NEWEST episodes of 90DF, etc. The new episodes are not on there, SUCH a disappointment..Version: 17.5.1

ÉvaluationManque juste de pouvoir télécharger des vidéos pour écoute hors wifi.Version: 17.5.1

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