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CE5 Contact provides instructions and tools to assist you in making peaceful contact with extraterrestrial civilizations as well as locating others in your area who are interested in making contact.

The CE5 protocols were developed by Dr. Steven Greer, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and technologies, and initiating peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations. Dr. Greer’s relentless efforts towards the disclosure of classified UFO/ET information have inspired millions of supporters around the world.

App features:

Official training materials developed by Dr. Greer
CE5 Guide, which provides an overview of all topics surrounding CE5
CE5 Process, which walks users step-by-step through all aspects of initiating CE5
Built-in networking functionality for finding and messaging others interested in CE5
Comprehensive equipment list
Extensive library with video, images, audio samples, and meditations


For active use of the app outdoors during CE5 work where connectivity may be limited, version 1.5 and later includes offline mode for the CE5 Process section as well as local storage of previously visited pages or played/downloaded content.

Certain sections of the app require an active internet connection, including user sign-up / profile editing, networking, and messaging.

CE5 Contact replaces the older “ET Contact” app. You may continue to use the older app but new features and updates (including networking, new meditations, sounds, examples, etc.) will be added to CE5 Contact app only.

CE5 Contact App Comments & Reviews

CE5 Contact Positive Reviews

Basic good appHello app developers. This is a good basic app. Would you please create a feature that allows us to create chat groups!? That way we don't need to use a different app to organize our meetings. Also. When you are on the Network search screen, you see a list of people nearby. Once I click on a user name to chat, I send the user a message. When I back out by pressing the upper left arrow, the app takes me back to my chat screen, and not the network screen I previously was, with a list of people nearby. I think that's something worth looking into. Thank you for this app!! Keep up the good work 🙏.Version: 1.0.23

Amazing! True BelieverSo I watched the documentary last June and immediately downloaded the app! Well a few weeks later we went to Islamorada in the Florida keys. Very small island we were on with only 1 resort. So not very populated. Anyhow by the time we flew to Miami then drove down it was late. We were so exhausted when we arrived my fiancé found a nice huge hammock to chill in for a bit just to unwind. Well I opened up my app and was listening to one of the coherent thought sequencing and tones and about 10 min of pure relaxation a bright light slowly came across the gulf about 50 yards from me just over the water maybe 30’ or so. It ymade not a single sound. I thought it was a helicopter but again it made no sound whatsoever! So coming over from the south just overu the water it seemed to stop about 50 yards out right in front of me. The light got really bright just a beam because nothing else lit uhp in the area. As soon as it hit me the object moved backwards then up and left it joined two smaller lights moving around one another then they froze as if to mimic Orion’s Belt constellation. And it stayed like that for about a hour the Orginal light came back down and vanished in front of me out over the waters.Version: 1.65

Whoa….After watching the documentary, I was intrigued and the concept of this “new” paradigm connected with me at a basic level. That being said, I am an intense skeptic at heart. But I downloaded this anyway, more out of curiosity than anything. Just used it for the first time tonight, and after meditating for about 20 minutes, I went outside, between sunset and all out night, and looked to the sky, not expecting anything. About 10 minutes in, while looking above me, I saw three pretty bright flashes coming from an area in the sky where I couldn’t see any object or movement at all. I did see a few satellites earlier as well, but the light from these flashes was significantly brighter than any light I saw from the satellites earlier. I guess I am still skeptical can’t really explain what I just saw..Version: 1.65

Very Professional! Great App!I am very excited for this documentary! I hope many people see it and also get this app, especially the younger generation and teenage kids. This is a great app to launch with the CE5 documentary. It’s structured very well in terms of the information. It looks great for beginners and the common person who is interested in UFOs, ETs, and Making Contact. The app does a great job on explaining CE5 in simple terms to the average person. Of course experience is the greatest teacher. There’s only one problem. I know I got this app the day it was released, so it’s pretty early! The problem is that I tryed to make an account to connect with others in my area, but I’m getting some technical difficulties. I can’t create an account. And also, I’m not getting the verification email that goes with it. I hope that can be fixed..Version: 1.0

Great App! *AUDIO ISSUES FIXWhen I first downloaded the app I was having similar issues, as some, with the audio. Some apps have trouble playing audio when other apps are open that may also play audio/video. Even if they aren’t in use. Close the CE5 app along with any other apps you have running in the background. Reopen the CE5 app and the audio should work without issue. Hope this helps! As far as the app goes it’s great! Life changing. Would love if the networking section had a place where we could organize meetups and events. Seems like it inevitably would. Excited to see how the app evolves going forward!.Version: 1.64

If it has stopped working Please read my review!The app stopped working and I sent an email explaining the situation to the Main page of Sirius Disclosure and I got a prompt response from Anna that I was going to be helped. Michelle emailed me and told me to delete and reinstall which you have to go to settings and click Empty content. After a few minutes it rebooted and started working. Do Not get discouraged, Dr. Greer is working now with a different developer and making sure the App works at its Best. Thumbs Up for those who work with Dr. Greer and make sure We All can continue in our quest to make Peaceful contact..Version: 1.71

The tones in the library tab do not playSo I first downloaded this app last year after watching Dr Greer’s documentary, Close Encounters of the 5th Kind Contact has begun. And it changed my life! I literally used it 2-5 times a week and have had amazing results with picture and video evidence. But now the other tones in the library tab do not work, the Fibonacci, the logo in 3D, Mt Shasta. They will not play anymore. They used to play but they stopped playing a month or so ago. And I have automatic updates so it’s up to date. I wish there was something I could do because I love this app. So it gets 3/5 stars. It would get 5/5 stars if the tones would play! The tones are so important and have been a major contributor to my contact that I’ve made..Version: 1.51

User Doesn’t Exist ErrorI read many of them are writing about the invalid user error when account is first set up. I don’t want to give a bad rating for a new app which is but natural to have some bugs. Can you please fix my login issue so that I can use the CE5 app and then provide a real review based on using the app? I received the email verification email and did verify my email - FYI. Because I support Dr Greer’s monumental work I am giving a 5 star rating because this initial glitch of the App, cannot be the basis for a bad rating for his years of work. Thanks for taking care of the App issue..Version: 1.0

Right PathThe App is worth the 10. Didn’t really know where to start with this whole new feeing I have about ET’s and the universe in general but I definitely feel like I am on the right path with this App. The “Social side” needs a little more help on the app though. Maybe make the app able to upload photos/conversations of good areas nearby that are good for star gazing/connecting. Especially for people who don’t get out a lot and adventure around until they find a good spot. They can just look on the App and find places where other believers have been and go! Thank you for this 🙏.Version: 1.0.22

Informative Well Designed GiftCE5 is a timely gift to all of humanity. CE5 app is informative and well designed with important steps for the person starting this journey of contact. We are programmed to question content outside of the box. We actually need to question government, news media, and big tech for leaving out most of the population in regards to contact with other solar systems. Through this app we can bypass all gate keeping efforts. Think of this information as receiving a gift every single day for the rest of your existence here..Version: 1.63

Incredible💎💎💎💎💎The meditations are truly next level, and the meetup feature surprised me almost as much. i am stunned at the scale of this “invisible, unheard of” movement.🤔 of all the revolutions and people-led-changes in history, getting involved in this one has actual potential to benefit us WORLDwide—for only $9.99 (an adjustment from our standard payment of human lives🙄). if you're not sure about meeting up or joining any movement, i still believe the ‘cost’ of the app is an incredible INVESTment in yourself.🧘🏼‍♀️ i recommend it for anyone + everyone, especially if you have kids! 🌌🔭.Version: 1.51

Would have preferred an update to original ET Contact AppReally the only new function in this app versus the original ET Contact App is the networking feature. This would have been nice if you added it as an update for an already paid for app. If you’re not too interested in connecting with others in your area who practice CE-5, the original is fine. Exact same features, just a different platform. Issues I am experiencing is that you cannot change your email or phone number once you’ve set up your account. I am a fan and have contributed to CSETI and Dr. Greer since the release of SIRIUS. I’ll continue to contribute, but I did not need two apps that person the same functions..Version: 1.0

Confirmation eMails Not WorkingHey Folks: UPDATE: Downloaded the latest. Now instead of the infinity circle I get an error message that briefly flashes saying “We has trouble contacting the network. If this persists contact support” or something to that effect. An error message is better than the circle of infinity. Let me know if I can help with the networking issues. I am an iPhone SE user. UPDATE: Still getting the infinity circle. If you want to contact me direct please get my info from Miss Kramer. I’d love to help get this running :) UPDATE: Received confirmation email and followed instructions but I get the circle of infinity when trying to access the network. Been following Dr. Greer’s work for 10 years. Excited to be in a position to help finally. Confirmation emails don’t seem to be going out. I’d wager this is why many are having login problems. Feel free to contact me direct to help out....I’m in the industry..Version: 1.0.18

Wish listI love the app I already energetically connect to galactic energy and I’m trying to find those around me that are interested in the fifth level contact. I wish there was a way to do a message board or put a general message out there to a specific area versus having to message a person directly. So if I’m looking for people to get together I want to be able to post it in myArea versus having to message each individual. Let’s help shift the planet and get all the Muggles ready for contact..Version: 1.65

Works almost every timeI’ve done the process a few times and it has worked. ETS will give a fly by or even a little light show. Be patient if your curiosities are going wild. Try not to be over anxious and or nervous. Takes about 30mins to an hour but they will definitely give a fly by on most occasions. It’s best used late at night. Most of the time they will fly by at an extremely high altitude if your in a city. Out in the desert they will get a little lower if your not near any major city or military base..Version: 1.71

Excited to start but nothing worksHello I just downloaded the app but nothing works. I am excited to get started and have been following for a while. However, nothing in the app is working outside the recommended reading page! And even that has a page at the top that shows coding! I am on my own WiFi at home so it is not a connectivity issues! Please advise! Also thanks for doing this :-).Version: 1.71

Already forming my Group!I’m surprised on how many people are already using this app in my area. Just got in contact with some of them and is on the way of forming a group. Once the pandemic settles down, we are going to do it! On that note, there’s also some minor crashing while chatting with the app, which it would suddenly quit. I’m sure future updates will solve this (knowing that it’s just launched). Really appreciate your work Dr. Greer! Made a huge difference to the consciousness of humanity :).Version: 1.0

Is this coincidence?My wife and I watched CAPTURING THE LIGHT and were very intrigued. We stared at the light photos trying to absorb or mentally connect somehow. We talked a bit about let’s have a very open mind and try to make contact. We went outside and not shortly after noticed an incredibly bright light pointed right down on us. I actually squinted from the brightness then it turned off and there was nothing there. I have been wondering how can I make contact and today just started watching Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind because it auto played. So glad I watched it. This lead to me finding this app. I have not used it yet but I am super excited. Is it coincidence that these things have happened? I don’t think so and I am very excited. Thanks for the app!.Version: 1.65

Superb Life Changing App!The CE5 Contact app is an outstanding, user friendly, well structured (like our universe) app that has excellent resources to start your CE5 journey. Dr. Greer’s dedication to his life’s work and in developing a great resource available at your fingertips is greatly appreciated. I’ve had life changing results thus far. I will be exploring this app, the universe and making contact with our ET friends for a long time to come. CE5 is a life changing journey. All for $10 with no subscription. No fear. Thank you Dr Greer!.Version: 1.51

Good app, great support staff.I had been trying to verify this account for 2days. Total failure. Tried to create account twice, tried two email addresses. I felt completely ripped off, then support stepped in and resolved my issue overnight. I’m very excited about the possibility of networking, hearing people’s stories, and maybe even having some experiences. Based on technology, I’d give maybe four stars, but concept and support shoot it up to five. Seems worth ten bucks..Version: 1.0.22

Email Verification - Works Great Love itBefore purchasing I read all the reviews, was kinda hesitant at first because of the email verification bug, said heck with it, they will fix it if needed. Just purchased the app set up my account and verified my email all within 3 min while on the toilet! 😉 A lot of ppl in my area use the app, which is awesome, I’ll now get familiar with the app and get the tools needed, then start creating some groups, time to change the world!!!.Version: 1.0

Needs workSo I have had this app for a few months now. One thing that is still not where it needs to be is the networking feature. There are still issues finding people that I KNOW are on the app. Scrolling the map and even the list won’t bring them up. It is not even most user friendly to network and connect with other people. I still can’t find some of the people in our group on it, even when I hover on the map over where they live. This must be fixed and I will rate higher again..Version: 1.11

It works and I’m a skepticAfter watching the documentary, my daughter and I tried this app and followed step by step. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but it worked. What we both saw was the most amazing sight we’d ever seen. Clear, bright vessel traveling exactly where we both instinctively looked. We played the sounds into a phone that we dialed so the sounds would play through satellites. We will be doing this nightly from now on.Version: 1.0.20

So farPls update the app I’m not able To use anything, the contact process doesn’t work either I just downloaded the app and started talking to people that’s the only thing I wish was better !! I wish people could out profile pictures have a Bio perhaps and age, just because this would is a scary place the more we know the more we feel safe co texting others with a new app. That would be amazing ! If people had profiles other could check out.Version: 1.64

We have to pay for this app?I’m super excited to start using this app but was very disappointed, after I watched the CE5 movie and found out about this app, to find out they charged for it. I’m super broke, definitely living well below the poverty line, so just $10 took me a few weeks to come up with. I hope that $10 contributes to Dr. Greer’s work and not apple or some other sheisty corporation….Version: 1.71

Had a great first experience!I’ve done skywatcher for years. Just bought the app and started playing the crop circle sounds and within 30 seconds something popped up. Came across sky, stopped directly over me and then flashed out. Happened 4 different times. I came inside to actually read about the app and I’m heading back out for a 30 minute session. With all of the equipment. This is fun..Version: 1.0.20

Great except...Won’t let me verify my email address which is a shame. It also won’t let me edit my first account I made in which I messed up my email address and put yqhoo instead of yahoo by mistake so I tried making another one with a made up phone number but the right email which I also can’t get a verification. I’m about ready to NOT use the social networking aspect of it which is sad. Everything else is wonderful..Version: 1.0

Amazing app but having a little troubleThis app is amazing to say the least best purchase of my life. Ok so I can’t get the field meditation audio to play at all from the library section for meditation. It literally won’t even let me move the play cursor and play button glitches out. I have a couple screenshots if needed but would be nice to use the field meditation. Should I redownload the app or what?.Version: 1.51

Verification email doesn’t workLooking forward to using this app but can’t get the user verification email to come through. I reset my password but never receive a user verification email. I am also having a hard time finding a way to contact someone for help. Leaving this review is the only way I could Find to contact someone about this issue..Version: 1.0.23

Needs a couple of key featuresFan of the concept and a supporter of the app. Dr. Greer, I would add a star for each of these features when added. 1st, the ability to add groups and have group chats. 2nd, the ability to create events in the app. Otherwise, I’ve experienced some slowness to the app but functionally it seems stable. I will note that you can find people and dm them so you can manually network! Just getting started myself..Version: 1.71

Dr. Greer your amazingLong time non-believer who randomly stumbled upon your show and had his mind reworked/blown/amazed (simultaneously). Your work is not only first class (I’ve seen several of the more ridiculous/out there docs by others) but the way you lay it out and just present fact after fact is so refreshing. I’m sure the app is great but I thought you were 5 stars!.Version: 1.0.22

App seems pretty basicUI is pretty basic, reminds me of an early iPhone app. Many of the subjects you can tap on for info have only a sentence or two of further information. Video examples in library do not load. Was able to make an account and log in, all it does is give a proximity chat. Tones all seem to load and work, but no videos. Wouldnt say its worth 9.99 but at least theres no IAPs or ads or subscription..Version: 1.71

Networking Map Does Not Correspond to ListI see a numbered list of usernames close to me, but they don’t correspond (not even remotely) to the numbers shown on the map pinpointing their locations. It doesn’t make any sense. Also, even though there is only one #1 on the list of people close to me, there are numerous #1s all over the map. What??? I don’t trust that any of these people are near me, so why bother trying to network with them? A waste of money… very upset!.Version: 1.71

If I like to meditate.It is very good since you feel that you meet your other self, it is excellent. But I want to give a suggestion, they should also have the application in Spanish and other languages, since that way there would be more users who would buy the app..Version: 1.12

No response from messagesI have had no response from messages I have sent and I have sent several and gave ample time for people to respond. It just seems odd to me that no one replies. I have asked on social media accounts that are dedicated to CE5 if anyone else has has this issue and the short answer is yes. It is the whole reason I purchased the app. I wonder if something is not working correctly..Version: 1.71

Dr. Greer is an AMAZING PERSONI love Dr. Greer’s docs! They contain some of the most important information for our species. I really like the growing community of RED PILLED INTELLIGENT MEDITATION-DRIVEN folks. It’s nice communicating with adults and not brainwashed woke children who think they’re the only intelligent species in existence LOL. Keep doing you Dr. Greer, I really enjoy the positivity, peace, and love from this app, Dr. Greer’s docs, and this movement. God bless you all. Namaste..Version: 1.65

Finally an app with all the resources for CE-5This app has all the information and instructions to start CE5 and allowed me to connect with others nearby. I have used it to formed my own local CE5 research team and we have been meeting weekly with great results! We have also attended a state wide CE5 meetup with over 50+ people. More and more people are starting CE5 everyday!.Version: 1.0.24

Awesome but,It’s awesome that you can contact ETs and have there craft show up, but it would be amazing if you could have a meditation for CE4, getting on to a space craft, now that would be great. Also I think you should put more images and videos of people who caught UFOs on camera with CE5, otherwise it’s awesome👍..Version: 1.65

GratefulI find it wonderful that Dr Greer made these protocols available to anyone to utilize. I’m ok that the small fee allows Dr Greer and his team to continue their work contacting conscious beings as well as continue their message of unity in consciousness and the power we can all access to create positive outcomes among ourselves and our fellow truth seekers in all consciousness and all dimensions ..Version: 1.50

Great App! I already found 10 people!I live out in the middle of nowhere so I was really happy to find so many others in my area. The app is easy to navigate, clean and simple. Not overwhelming with too much to look at or read. It is just right! Thanks! Cannot wait to set up our first meetup..Version: 1.51

Past expedition attendee approved!This app has everything in one place and I’m so excited to use it and establish group coherence with you all. I absolutely loved my experience with Dr. Greer under the stars the first time he held an expedition in Oracle, AZ and can’t wait to share another one with him and my son soon. This app is the next best thing. <3 Renea A..Version: 1.0

Let the people make contact, not the militaryIt’s an extraordinary time to connect with our off world, galactic brothers in peace and harmony and this app allows that contact to be done. No longer is the deep state, industrial-military complex controlling how we think of our off world selves, WE are empowered to go forth with peace, with love and with light✊.Version: 1.51

A little invasive with location trackingI like the cleaner design and more information and ways to connect with other people. I am disappointed that you didn’t upgrade people that bought the old app recently, or tell us that there was a new app at all.. I’ve been waiting and waiting for an update to the other app but then just randomly saw there was a new one and I had to buy it again when I just bought it in late 2019 Next, I like we can connect with people near by, but so you have to show the actual location ? Can you not allow to generalize it to the city you live in and not the actual postal code or location tracking.. this is kinda invasive that I know exactly where people live and they know where I live with close proximity Aside from that I am looking forward to see who I’m my area participates in CE5.Version: 1.0.22

It actually worksIt works don’t really need the app it helps but if you watch the documentary you’ll be able to do it just have good intentions and positive thoughts I saw 2 circular white crafts that were the brightest things I’ve ever seen and they had holes or something in the middle I have vids as well much love my people keep rails your consciousness❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.64

Simple and Effective.I just arrived home from camping 🏕 I saw an UFO 🛸 I called them... I used Dr. Steven Greer’s protocol for CE5. After maybe one hour I suddenly saw in the corner of my left eye a yellow shiny metal type, kind of triangle shape in the sky... I turned on and off my flashlight 🔦 three times to let them know where I was, then right after the object started building the intensity of its light shinier and more shinier until it made an explosion, a burst of even more light! Wow!😮 It kept on flying, ...I flashed 3 times again and it did the same thing, I repeated other 3 times the flashing, and it kept building light and then exploding after every series of flashlight, until it disappeared from my sight because the trees🌲 ... It was amazing! I am so happy and grateful for the experience. Thank you Dr. Greer! —July 20, 2020..Version: 1.0.24

Communication process achievedNo issues. Excellent..Version: 1.0.22

UpdateThis is an amazing idea, but the networking feature needs a massive update..Version: 1.0

Thank you to all the team!The content is very beneficial to those who are newly expose to this new frame of perspective. The guided meditations are mind and heart opening and allows for creating space for an enriched and felt experience. Unfortunately for me, I have difficulty to access the community network part of the app. They are probably working on it as it’s fairly new and as the movie just released last week. Thanks for continuing building an aware and conscious community that can unify for a peaceful contact in order to bring communion within our futur galactic role. Can’t wait to be able to connect with fellow ambassadors of the earth : ).Version: 1.0

Great ResourceI love how this app has organized helpful tools for the beginner and veteran CE-5 protocols..Version: 1.0

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What do you think CE5 Contact ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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