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Pocket FM is an audio series platform pioneering audio entertainment with millions of listeners worldwide. It features various audio series in multiple genres: romance, horror, thriller, and drama. It has an extensive library of audio series delivering whole new entertainment experiences for audiobook and podcast lovers.

Pocket FM enriches millions of listeners with the best entertainment experience with its audio series, delivered by its large creator community, including the best authors, storytellers, voice-over artists and writers. The app has a vast content library for everyday entertainment, with stories ranging from romance, drama, fantasy, thriller, horror and more.

Pocket FM has a library with more than 100,000 hours of content, introducing a new binge factor with non-stop entertainment. Listeners spend an average of over 110 minutes daily on the platform, binge-ing new episodes of their favorite stories from a diverse range of titles in the library.

The genres include -

Fantasy & Sci-fi

With Pocket FM, you can listen to your favorite audio series anytime, anywhere. The user-friendly interface makes browsing and searching for audio series easy, and its built-in player allows you to listen to them with just a tap. Our offline listening feature lets you download episodes and listen without an internet connection. And with adjustable playback speed, you can listen at the pace that's most comfortable for you.

We have replaced screen boredom and fatigue with audio series that can be consumed 24x7. With the unique storytelling, Pocket FM has introduced a new entertainment format that can be consumed while commuting, driving, at the gym, cooking, at bedtime or even while working, whenever your ears are free.

Every click on Pocket FM brings entertainment with fresh and new stories. So, stop getting bored with repetitive music numbers or the same old audiobooks and podcasts and get into the next era of entertainment.

What you'll love about Pocket FM:

1. We keep adding new audio stories and other audio content all the time. You can browse or search your favorite series and listen to them anytime, and anywhere you want from mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop etc
2. Experience listening to your favorite audio series with a fun-loving and active community of listeners
3. Smooth navigation between episodes and chapters and quickly going back and forth by ten seconds in our player, which is specially designed for audio content.
4. The delight of having a great sleep while listening to your favorite audio series with our in-built sleep timer.

Listen to Audio Series on your mobile, tablet, desktop, Chromecast, TV or wearable device.

You get free episodes of your favorite audio series everyday. However, the premium experience has been beautifully designed to elevate your listening experience, without any additional wait time.

Wondering why more and more listeners are opting for our unique micropayment model? Here are the reasons

1. You don't have to pay for the content you don't want. On Pocket FM, you only pay for the audio content you want to consume. Freedom is in your hand.
2. No lock-in period. You only pay when you exceed the free episode limit.
3. Zero waiting period for new episodes. Binge-listening is the only way forward.
4. The choice to unlimited download and listen offline
5. Eliminate ads with 'No-ads' pack

Pocket FM is the ultimate entertainment destination that offers a wide range of best-selling audio series to keep you engaged. With our binge-worthy library, you can immerse yourself in the world of storytelling and experience the thrill of unlimited entertainment.

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Pocket FM: Audio Series App Comments & Reviews

Pocket FM: Audio Series Positive Reviews

DyslexiaI ran across this app on Facebook. I listen to the episode there and became interested in it. This particular book call, saving Nora. I was so engaged that I decided to give the app a try. So I found it finally saving Nora. I have a listen to up to 12 episodes and I’m hooked. I can’t wait till the next day to listen to a few more episodes now I am dyslexic. I found this out in college. I have always been hesitant of reading books to the very end. So now that I can listen to audio on audible app, and Ashley, see a picture that details the storyline it’s just a cool thing to be able to do. I’m also a two time author in to anthology books. So now I am beginning to write my own book and with that being said, I definitely want to be able to offer audible to my followers and purchasers in the near future. Thank you so much for this introduction and I can’t wait to get to the end of saving Nora to find out if everything will be happily ever after. And then move on to my next selection. I give this a total of 12+ stars if I could..Version: 2.5.3

It’s pretty okay, pretty good 👍Okay so this app is okay. The stories seem interesting and I love listening to these when I do dishes, but I have a question. So I clicked on a vip story and I thought I had to pay like coins because I read some reviews, but it didn’t charge me anything. Im a bit uncomfortable because I don’t want it to charge me after the whole story finishes. So please let me know if I pay or not. Okay now I have a problem. So I read review of someone who had the same problem. I clicked on the app one day and all the stories including the free stories on my for you page were gone. Nothing showed there and now I read the vip stories. I still have a free story i’m reading though, but I need that to be fixed. I tried deleting the app but that didn’t work and now I’m upset. I kept the app and still listen to stories but it would be amazing to get that fixed. Im not logged in so maybe that’s the prob but I don’t really want to log in. If that’s the case, let me know please. Thank you for listening and hearing me out. Edit: I found out that I need to pay with coins to listen to the whole story. I can also listen to vip stories. Edit: I don’t think I wrote this but I actually really like this app and all my problems are solved, I have no problems in this app so yeah. Thank you for responding to me!.Version: 1.9.6

Love it but….I am totally hook with this app! Love the stories that are played!! Love listening to the stories/episodes.. Saving Nora, Trading up, the Return and Crowns Obsession are my favorite stories to listen to plus several more stories. I’ve had a hard time reading books but these audio series are perfect for me, giving me the chance to envision what going on! The disappointing part of this app is now that I’m so engaged with these stories they start only releasing one episode a day vs the 8-10 a day!! I’m almost wanting to stop listening to the stories all together! I don’t like the fact I can’t stop the stories that I don’t want to listen!! I’d prefer to let the auto play continue the stories that are in my library not just random stories that I’m not interested in. I just wish that I could listen to the stories that I selected. This one free episode a day is really frustrating. Please do something about the auto play and only releasing one to two episodes per day! By this rate it will be two years of listening to one story! Absurd that it takes this long to listen to a story! Please please help fix this! I don’t want to lose my interest in listening to this app! This is why I have 3 stars and not 5 stars!.Version: 2.5.5

Too many adsWith this new update I am getting ads randomly that pop up before a chapter plays that is unlocked with coins. I thought the point of using coins would be to unlock chapters and not unlocking ads. I would randomly have ads with audio that pop up in the middle of a chapter drowning out the story I used coins to listen to. Also some of the ads hide the button to close it above the usable space on the screen making it tricky to close out. There also needs to be a way to remove stories that have auto played that you don't want to follow. I don't want to be listening to one story and then at the end of the chapter, it jump to another story I am not even interested in. After this update, ads still play randomly in the middle of a chapter and some of them are obscurely loud cutting out the ability to hear the story, and your ability to hear if you are wearing headphones. I would understand if ads play in between chapters but not in the middle as the story is playing. Also after the ad for the pop up play and you get back to the story, the playback controls disappear. You need to exit out of the story and back in to it to be able to play..Version: 2.4.9

GreatThe stories are great. A lot of them (5 so far) though are very similar in storyline some differences is the author and character names. Another issue is they are not consistent. One chapter says the kids age is 4 the next chapter says 3 and then you get another on that says the kid is 5. It says the story takes place 4 years ago and the child is 3 then it says the story took place 6 years ago and the child is 5. All of the stories I’ve read so far have the same inconsistencies. Because the stories are good I was able to overlook them because it’s not really a big deal. I just think it should be looked into and proof read before posting it. I also wish there was an option to read the stories not just listen to them because there has been major issues with the stories skipping every 5 or 10 seconds which is really annoying. Also a lot of the stories have 600+ episodes and just seems like it’s just dragging on to make people pay more. Some of the stories shouldn’t go on forever and just gets boring after awhile. This is all just something to look into and think about..Version: 2.4.5

Dissatisfied, but Satisfied!!!OK I do like the fact that this app is free and it’s up to you to purchase coins to continue the stories you are listening to. My problem is, I purchased a couple of chapters from a story and now since I’ve been waiting for the “FREE” updates, it is no longer updating the storylines episodes. It stopped at episodes 300, and there are 373 episodes. I guess it wants me to purchase the last 73 episodes of the story which to me seems very odd and it has been like this for the past three weeks any news episodes opening up. Needless to say it is a great story that I am listening to, but if this is how book is where you have to purchase the final episodes to finish the story, then just make it where you need to purchase the whole book or a subscription or maybe I just need to look for a better app and I really did like this one even though you have no control over the next story that plays it just plays automatically..Version: 2.5.3

Why?I give you a three stars because I do enjoy a few stories however what I do not enjoy is the way the you get they give 5episodes to read everyday but then whenever you want you will serve one episode per day like really its like if you need to add more episodes just add them why are you doing us like this. Maybe you still writing but why nit just complete the stories before uploading them. Just asking you to please stop giving one episode a day. Everyone’s not but for the ones that do. Please stop. The way that yall get money is a total ripoff… instead of just writing another book you just keep adding this one… just make it a series and be a new book, many people will still purchase entire book.. ive paid sooo much money or a book and still reading it… wow apparently we all have the same complaints… i will say after a while this will be obsolete because ppl will get tired and delete the app.. one story a day and I’ve already spent 100’s and still not done almost a year to read one book and still paying toooooooo much to for them… i think after I finish this story probably 6mons from now im deleting this app.Version: 2.6.2

I love the stories but …My sister and I listen to this app and I love the stories. So here is my problem with the app. It doesn’t let me buy the chapter ahead of the unlock ones. So my sister have her app on her phone and I have mine on mine. We don’t live together but when we go on road-trips we listen to the app (usually on her phone). When I get home and I want to start where I left off at it doesn’t let me buy where I left off. I have to buy the whole chapter that I haven't bought yet, to be able to continue listening where I left off. Which i don’t need. I feel like it’s just trying to make me buy more coins. Why can’t we buy chapters ahead. I don’t know if you understand me or not. I feel so frustrated. Let’s say I unlocked chapters up to 100 and then listen with my sister on her phone up to 150. Now, I want to continue listening on my own but I can’t since the app won’t let me buy 151 unless I buy the 50 chapters I haven’t unlock yet. Like what’s up with that? Please fix this so we don’t have to use up coming on chapters we don’t need. Please 🙏.Version: 2.0.3

Doesn’t give free episodes dailyUpdate: I deleted this app. It is not giving the daily free episodes. The story I was listening too is just ridiculous. As the reader, you know what’s going on with the characters, but after almost 500 episodes, they haven’t figured anything out and they keep doing the same chaotic things over and over again. I’ve been cheated out of my free episodes on multiple occasions. This morning I had not new episodes. They still say free tomorrow. Some days I listen to other stories and allow a few episodes to build up so I can listen to more of the story. That doesn’t happen anymore. If I don’t listen to the 2 episodes, I don’t get the 2 new ones each day. This is a huge disappointment and I’m considering deleting because I’m not getting the free episodes. I also don’t like how it now says the next episode will be your last for today. I just want to listen to the story. My biggest complaints are that it charges me for coins even when I click use your wallet money. This has happened twice. I used to get 9-10 episodes free per day, now it’s down to only 2..Version: 2.5.9

Love the App! Struggling with glitchesI’ve been using this app for nearly a month now. I absolutely love it and love the stories. I am constantly having app issues though. When the stories automatically switch to a different story once the free episodes are done, it sometimes switches to a story I’m already listening to and will start the whole thing over and I’ll have to scroll forever to get back to where I was which is frustrating but not impossible. Latest problem is now every story has been added to my library and won’t delete out. I try to delete and it just re-adds it within seconds. Is anyone else having this problem? There’s like 25 stories now in my library and i have to search to find the one I’m listening to. I tried to find troubleshooting on the app and on the site and nothing has worked so far :( Other thank these two aggravations, everything else on the app works fantastic, stories are wonderful, readers are clear to understand, and the rest of the app is easy to navigate:).Version: 2.4.0

Better listening of audio then using your own hands or eyes when u r a busy with somethingThis app of audio stories is really good, you can do anything when are you are so busy at something but it’s easy for u to do something. Because that way u won’t hold a book or read a stories with yr own eyes, when u r busy with something else that u gotta do. It’s really helpful for yr freetime of yr hobbies, if u get bored of busy life; maybe get some sleep but don’t forget to put yr sleep timer, n that way u won’t miss some of the chapters that u didn’t hear of the audio when u r in deeper sleep. I recommend this story better then other apps. Cuz it make me worry that I gotta pay of something, but this app is good, if u want to ready more chapters u need to pay, if not, u must wait for the next days to come n the new chapters will b u lock. Don’t believe me, try it for yrself..Version: 2.4.0

Decent but be carefulI think the app overall is decent and worth having however a couple things users should be aware of. Most stories, although they have different characters are essentially the same story line leaving you feeling like you already knows what’s going to happen. In addition, if you purchase coins it will no longer tell you when it’s your last free episode for the day. The time between episodes is short and the next one que’s up, plays and charges you before you can even hit pause. I’m pretty sure this is by design and a quick way to take your money. I purchased $50 in coins thinking it would last me a while since I only listen to the free episodes and occasionally want to go a little further when I have a heavy workload. Not the case…$50 wasn’t even enough to finish the book. I could’ve purchased 3-4 books for that price so I won’t be investing anymore money into this with the setup they have and will probably search for an app that allows me to use my “coins” at my discretion instead of depleting them on the down low..Version: 2.5.1

EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE !!Let me start off by saying I do like the stories and most of the narrators I’ve heard. My issue is the cost of listening if you decide to purchase. Each chapter requires an average of 6 coins to unlock. If you purchased an entire story you’d pay well over $100 for just ONE story. I do like the stories, but I don’t see how any sane person would pay more than $40 for a book or movie. I understand it’s a business and we pay for entertainment however that’s more than someone’s internet or phone bill. Also with regards to purchasing coins, the higher the coin amount is the more you pay per coin. The 20 coin option is 10.5 cents per coin and the 900 coins are 11 cents a coin. I have purchased coins but once I realized how much it would cost to listen to just one story I stopped. I do like the app and the service it provides however I’m not willing to listen to a story over at least a 3 month period nor am I willing to continually purchase and endless amount of coins. I really hope you figure out a way to provide a more economical service..Version: 1.9.2

Price gougingI started out loving this app. I realized that the goal is to have you pay hundreds for one complete product. I don’t feel any fictional book is worth more than $30. After I stopped paying, I began to be limited to how many videos I can watch per day ( equal to no more than 4 episodes, which are like 6 minutes long). Once I didn’t purchase from that intervention, I lost my free episodes for the day. This puts my in a very tight situation. I will not be manipulated into giving away my money. There are so many ways to listen to a book. I hate that the app is basically designed to force you to pay. I will not spend one more dollar with this app. Let’s see how long I will stay interested in it. I will simply go back to to my originals (Kindle, google play, and Audible). I have the app a 3 because I liked one particular book on it and that’s it. I’ve had the displeasure of having this app cheat me out of episodes on multiple occasions and if it wasn’t for the fact that I liked the book, I would rate this app a 1 star..Version: 2.6.5

Good customer serviceThe book that lead me to this app is long and I’m still listening to it. I find myself wondering why I’m still listening to it because it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. They talk about cell phones and Facebook, but then refer to contracts that parents made at birth to marry their daughters off, and it’s supposed to be set in America. It’s weird, but never the less, has me hooked. When I purchased more coins, apple showed me the total that was purchased that day, which included another app I’d purchased. That happened two days in a row, so I immediately thought it was pocket fm charging me more than 50% in fees. I emailed their customer service and they immediately replied and were eager to get to the bottom of what had happened. I didn’t respond for a few days and they emailed me again, letting me know they hadn’t received my response yet. I gave 4 stars for customer service and the one star I left off was because the book I’m listening to is so weird..Version: 2.4.9

Great app with great material but some glitchesIt’s hard for me to get entertained and listen long enough to even start books but this app has had a few good reads so far that have peaked my a.d.h.d interest. I did purchase a coin pack to dive further into chapters of a book faster instead of waiting for chapters to open tomorrow for available reading. This is where my glitch comes in…. So each day they open let’s say 4-6 chapters in a book but my issue is if I do not read all 6 chapters(say I only read 3 out of 6) that were given then my free chapters for the following day will not be given. So I have to read all chapters til the notice comes on saying this is the last episode for the day and next chapters will be free tomorrow. It shouldn’t matter how many chapters I read, if chapters are free for tomorrow then I should be given those allotted chapters no matter how far behind I am. Sorry for book I wrote but honestly other then that issue/glitch it’s a good fun easy to use app.Version: 2.4.5

ConfusedI saw your app on my phone open it up saw the titles and I like them. So I started listening to one of them. Just when the story got really interesting it stopped and another story were introduced. And then it said that I should get coins. Now I have no idea what coins are, so I started looking for coins. So I found the coins, still have no idea what to do. Then it said if I want to buy I should go to my Apple Pay or something like that. That did not work because they did not have any of my payments information. So I waited three days. Then the story started again, so now I’m all excited so I started listening and enjoying again then the very same thing happened again. So I started churching then I saw were I can buy for 199 so I did that and I still could not get my beautiful story back. What is this really, why can’t you just make it easier for people who are interested in these stories. I really wish that you would..Version: 2.7.1

Pocket FM ReviewHi, I’m a younger reader who loves and is obsessed with the stories on this app. Not going to lie, the waiting for each episode to update isn’t really a big problem for me, but after a few months something happened. I went into the app like usual and when I tried to click on an episode of an amazing story, it wouldn’t do anything. It would just not un pause, after ten minutes of trying to see what the problem is, I failed. So I deleted the app and got it again to see if it would work but surprisingly, it didn’t. I have been trying to deal with this problem for about a month now and this is me typings this review one month later. In that space of time, I have deleted the app seventeen times and nothing worked. I’m not full on hating on this app because it seems that no one else is having this problem and I also love the stories. If this is a problem with the app then please let me know. If it is just me then I’ll try to fix it myself. Thank you for your time, and I hope you don’t take this review the wrong way..Version: 1.2.1

Addicting!Thanks for this app! Free if you just wait for daily free episodes but you can also purchase coins to listen more if you don’t want to wait. It keeps me hooked to look forward listening every day. Its like watching a TV series, some stories are still on-going (not done), but you can walk around or do chores while listening! There are a lot of stories to choose from. The following observations are based on the stories I am listening so far. The free daily episodes vary per story some gives you 4 or 8 episodes a day. Note: additional episodes will only open if you listened to the prior available episodes. Each episode is short average 6-12 mins each depending on the story. You can rate each story/episode separately within the app. This 5-star rating is for the app and it is a Great app!.Version: 2.4.0

Much much too expensive!!I really like this app!!! The stories are awesome and I’m active in like 5 daily stories. BUT, the amount of coins it takes to listen to these stories is absolutely RIDICULOUS! You can get around 160 coins for 20$, that’s far too expensive! If you do the math and you listen to several stories and you wanna listen ahead you could end up paying well over a hundred dollars for just one story or you have to wait a day to get at most 10 episodes for free!! Trust me you can go threw 160 coins in one day on one story it’s so costing! This is a big big big flaw in my eyes!!! Some episodes cost 7 coins and some 2 coins!! They seem to be priced on how long the episode is in minutes! I’d pay for a subscription if you got many many many more coins!! So I won’t be putting anymore money into this app. If it were much cheaper I would but you guys charge so much for stories that are exactly the same just different names and different order of events...Version: 2.4.9

A disappointed FanI have been absolutely enjoying three great audio books until I decided to buy coins. Since then instead of the 9 new daily episodes I was normally getting, I am only allowed 2 a day. I thought well maybe it was because I had open a few episodes because I just couldn’t wait to see what happened and the 2 episodes were the end of that particular chapter. No not the case. Myself and other family members have all been listening to the same books and they are still getting the 9 free daily episodes. I guess since they got me one with making a purchase they will try to force you in another purchase by limiting your access. I tried messaging the company on their Facebook account without any response over 3-4 days and still waiting. There is no customer service number to correct any issues. The lack of communication made me rate it a 3 but the three audiobooks are a 5 start!.Version: 2.5.3

DisappointedI listened to the beginning of a few stories on Facebook before deciding to downloadthe app. I did download and got up to episode 84 or 85 of a book. I actually had money in my wallet to purchase more coins. Then one day while looking through the titles and was getting ready to purchase more coins so I can finish the book I was listening to & purchase another one, it asked me to sign in. Being that I had never signed in before I signed up, and when I did everything was lost. The same book that I was on episode 84 or so, was locked at episode 13. Also, the money that I had in the wallet was not there. So I signed out and tried to just go back to where I was before signing up. Still no luck. I am not going to pay every listen to the episodes I've already paid for & heard. And now I'm disappointed I will not get to finish my stories. And it will not allow me to purchase from ep 84 ..Version: 2.5.7

Stingy appGood stories. And some are blah but to each there own likings. What I dislike about this app. Is that it’s stingy, now I’m on a very tight budget any extra spending outside of my main bills and necessary things is then hurting my gas money or whatever. Anyway, probably this is why this is such an issue with me practically. Each episode is 3-4 coins but after every 24hrs you get so many free episodes to listen to. But when your left at the edge of your seat and have to wait or either buy some coins. And if you only purchase some many coins but not enough for the whole story. I can’t simply save my coins and also receive my daily free episodes. Until you use up all your coins you paid for. It will give you free episodes again. But why can’t I save my coins for when I really need it. Oh well, I’m gonna finish my story and then I’ll delete the app and my account. Can’t have this as an extra stupid expense..Version: 2.4.1

Love the app but….I have finally found an app to listen to some fun and interesting stories, the narration is well done, i am hooked! So much so that i decided to purchase the vip subscription…. This is where the But comes in… i am extremely disappointed with the subscription, there is not enough value for the cost of the subscription. It truly is better to listen to the stories in the free version. The subscription only removes ads and gives you 150 coins a month… this is sooo very sad as i was hoping to be able to listen to the entirety of the story i am hooked on. But to mo avail, the app uses the 150 coins to unlock the episodes as you listen and when they run out you are stuck waiting a whole fackin month to be able to continue listening, this is wholly unacceptable. I wouldent pay anything more than $1.99 a week for this level of subscription. I will cancel this cash grab no value subscription..Version: 2.5.7

Keeps restarting the same books1st the key to being happy with this is NEVER use credits even if they are free! Because it will reduce how many FREE episodes/chapters you get each day. Also after you leave a review this happens too. (This is an update to my review as i discovered only getting 2 free daily episodes on each book instead of 4-5 free daily episodes that i was getting for over a month) My biggest complaint is i listen to the free episodes of 3-4 different books each day. At the end of the free chapters, instead of starting you on another book that your listening to at the next chapter available… it either starts a new book or starts you at episode 1 of a book your already listening to. Then you have to stop and scroll through all the episodes to get to the next one. That takes time to scroll through especially if your at episode 300 or higher..Version: 2.5.3

Very good storyI like it. But hate that you make we wait longer for a bit more story..Version: 2.4.9

Amazing.Too many things to say at one but I’ll touch the surface. Awesome content. Knows how to hook you in. Reel you in. Build excitement. Become invested in fictional characters. Great escape from reality. $1.99 for some coins to unlock story or simply wait until the next day. Which I clearly can’t do thanks to them I’ll be broke. I feel cheated because there isn’t any animations. But to be honest the lack of animations make the imagination run wild..Version: 2.4.4

Price’sIt’s an amazing app, but I can’t listen to all the episodes 😩😩😩😩.Version: 1.4.4

OMG LOVEE THISS APPI love this app I use this app every day. Love the characters and the story on this app. The only thing I have to say though is I don’t like all sometimes they give us one chapter a day, but other than that this app is absolutely amazing and I highly recommended.Version: 2.7.1

EpisodesLove the books in pocket fm but I wish when you bought coins it would show his much you pay in total because when I purchase it’s a bit over what they show also I wish all the episodes are released at once! Since I already have to pay for coins why do I have to wait for new episodes of the book!!! All in all it’s good and I love the books!!.Version: 1.9.8

Good contentWhile I enjoy the content I’m disappointed by the 2 episodes at a time Then I watched 12 ads for 2 additional episodes which I didn’t get Content should be at least 4 episodes The use of Coins is just money making as well as ads it’s very disappointing.Version: 2.7.1

The returnI find it very entertaining, I love it.Version: 2.7.0

GoodGood.Version: 2.6.9

Saving NoraLike listing to it don’t have sit and watch. And I can do other things.Version: 2.6.8

AnnoyingIt’s annoying to have to wait 2 days and then only get to read 2 chapters before having to wait another 2 days😡 it makes people want to give up on this app. You’re getting lots of revenue from the ads so we shouldn’t have to buy coins😡.Version: 2.6.8

A male and female readerA male reader for the male parts would be better.Version: 2.6.6

AmazingI really love this app. I could listen all day long. But It would even better if we could have image during each chapter..Version: 2.6.8

Would get more than 3 if it wasn’t for the coin systemBeen bingeing for a couple days. I enjoy insta empire and shadow billionaire. Hate the coin system I’d rather listen to an ad between eps. It may be the reason I move on to a different source..Version: 2.6.8

So much fun!I started a series with over 2000 chapters so you won’t hear me complaining about release dates. But super cool app, free, and love that sometimes it comes with a WEBTOON. Anyone who complained about waiting for the next release has clearly never read manga.Version: 2.6.5

KevinLove listening to Pocket fm..Version: 2.6.4

The ReturnIt's a good story but too many episodes. I have spent quite a lot just to hear the next episode. Is there a way you can charge less? Waiting for the following day to get free and limited episodes makes me feel like stopping to follow the story..Version: 2.6.5

Stop working since last SaturdayI would like to know if this app is still working for others. I love my stories and would love to finish them. What happened? What can I do?.Version: 2.6.4

The returnCan’t wait for the other episodes I like how it’s playing out.Version: 2.6.4

I love itI love the app it should have longer reading not just 10-16 min.Version: 2.6.3

Ads are way too loud!!!I like the stories, and am willing to watch ads, because I don’t want to pay, but… the ads that come on during the story are so loud! I use earphones often and the power of the sound hurts my ears so much! Please even out the sound!!!.Version: 2.6.4

It never added episodes anymoreI love listening most of these stories but im not sure when and what time the next episode comes because everyday I check it’s saying tomorrow i came back next day it saying the same thing. Also, missing the day or not it will be the same number of episodes, hope they open more episode while you missed some days..Version: 2.6.3

Saving NoraThis story is one of the best of every read in my whole life and I’m 70 . I have read since I was 4 years old Thank, Maxine.Version: 2.6.3

Great AppI love this app do much. Your stories are captivating. Can't one get all at once instead of waiting for a while for new episodes?.Version: 2.6.3

Love the storiesGood stories available for free :).Version: 2.6.2

FreeIt’s great that it’s free, but with that you have books that are not necessarily well written or famous. But all in all, I’m satisfied with ot..Version: 2.6.3

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