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Are you ready to redefine convenience?

Step into the shoes of a convenience store manager in this charming business sim. Arrange and customize the store using a wide variety of products - candy, drinks, even hot meals. The choice is yours!

Add a news stand to sell the latest magazines, comic books, and more. Just remember - this is not a library!

Sometimes the fastest way to your customers' hearts is through their stomachs! Stock hot snacks to entice passers-by to fill their bellies and lighten their wallets.

Running a good store is a team effort. You'll have to recruit new employees to make the most of your working hours. Before you know it, you'll be offering 24-hour service all year long!

It takes care and attention to take your business to the next level. Listen to your customers, help them find what they're looking for, and they might just become regular shoppers!

When the time comes to expand, cooperation is the name of the game. Negotiate with suppliers and other companies to discover new products and unlock your store's true potential!

You may not be the only store on the scene, but a little healthy competition never hurt anyone! Crush your rivals to take over their territory and become the most successful franchise the country has ever seen!

The beginning of your journey to service industry domination is just a short step away. Stock your shelves, ring up your register, and start building the store of your dreams!

Why not try running an amusement park, a hamburger restaurant, or even a campsite?
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Convenience Stories App Comments & Reviews

Convenience Stories Positive Reviews

Addicting!This is my second Kairosoft game. The first I’ve played was the game dev one. If the grocery store theme interests you, get this game! Setting up the stores and choosing how to stock the shelves is pretty fun. It’s a little difficult to make money in the beginning, so you really have to pay attention to the various features so that you can stay afloat. My biggest tip would be to take advantage of the “special event” and the advertising features, as they bring more customers into your store. One gripe I do have is that reorganizing your store can get tedious. Once you expand the store, you have to move things around again. Unfortunately, there’s no way to select multiple objects at once. Also, saving enough to research new products can take quite some time. I also wish we could stock vegetables. There’s one indoor fixture for veggies, but I would like more variety. Overall, though, the game is really fun! I’ve spent a lot of time playing this game, so it’s definitely worth the price..Version: 1.16

FantasticI’ve been playing kairosoft games for over 15 years and their games have improved tremendously since then. This game is a little difficult to get the hang of, it took me 3 playthroughs to fully understand the game. You can open stores in many different locations, each with their own products and partnerships to be created. Has a intricate stock management and product display system that allows you to micromanage your store. One of my favorite kairosoft games, I’ve already played through it about 5 times. When you beat the game, you can use your high score to transfer some benefits into your next playthrough..Version: 1.16

The game I’ve been waiting forI’ve been a Kairosoft fan for the past 15 years. I’ve played every single one of their games (even the freemium ones). They’ve had hits and misses, but man are the hits rea time sinks. I’m glad to report that this one is a veritable hit. It has everything I like in Kairosoft games (inventory management, combos, customization, cute graphics, fun system messages/dialogue) and a good pace of progression, without overwhelming you with things to keep track of like some of their recent games did. If you like management sim games please do yourself a favor and try this one out!!.Version: 1.15

Love it! But I wish it can more adjust on phone versionOverall, I love this game so so much! Amazing balance and fun to play. But as a cell phone user, it got me a bit frustrated when I have to find a tiny spot on my tiny screen with my big finger to click the [restock] so tired and so hard. The cleaning trash at least I can wait my employee to clean them, but restock only have one way to do it, it just way too tired. I wish there’s a button to restock all existing empty shelf instead of I keep misclick the other block to open a irrelevant shelf or no respond in an empty spot..Version: 1.16

Amazing!I’ve played almost all of the Kairosoft games. My first and favorite will always be Pocket Academy. This new game for the convenience stores is one of the better games in a long time. It’s probably top 3 for me. Basically you run a store and level up staff, and items and unlock more along the way. Placement of items and staff matter, that’s where the strategy is at. There are contests and all kinds of things. If you liked previous Kairosoft titles you will like this one..Version: 1.16

I love Kairosoft!This is the fourth game I’ve ever played from Kairosoft and it’s just as fun as all the others! I love the art and how it’s so different yet similar to all the other games I’ve played from them. There’s a bit to learn in order to cultivate a well oiled convenience store but I’m getting the hang of it! It’s super addicting!!.Version: 1.16

Great, kind of confusing, game!I love kairosoft, they are the only mobile company I keep up with. I don’t think there are any games they make that I hate. That said, there are definitely games that stand out a lot more than others. This isn’t really one of those games. It’s still really fun, but I haven’t made positive profit a single time in game and I don’t really know how because I keep making money but the game says I didn’t at all. Oh well, fun game!.Version: 1.16

Pretty adorableI really like how realistic it is with money, I don’t really care for the sudden extra money from random people, I like to make it hard on myself. The game reminds me of a simulator we used in business class where you’d start your own business and have to juggle all the bills and running out of money and having a goal you have to hit to finish..Version: 1.16

FunA few times you need to wait for the next big thing to happen but overall very fun. Wish I could jump back and forth between stores any time to manage while time passes. Thanks for not making this freemium crap. Happy to pay..Version: 1.16

GoodOverall I like it. The customizable new game plus is really interesting for replayability. My only complaint is that if I forget and open it in landscape mode it goes wonky on the startup screen and cuts off the top and bottom of the game and requires me to restart the app in portrait mode..Version: 1.16

Love This Game!I’ve been playing Kairosoft games for YEARS, every single game they make is a smash hit! The adorable graphics, the addictive and rewarding gameplay and the ability to play without pay keeps me a Kairosoft gamer. Please keep up the amazing work. Sincerely, - A Die-Hard Kairosoft Fan.Version: 1.16

Fantastic!I’ve been a huge fan of Kairosoft works and have had to play many of their game. I feel in this game, they are improved some of the gameplay (like there are two little minigame) So far, it is an addicting game with an affordable price.Version: 1.16

Kairosoft always gets it rightThis game is just the right amount of stimulating and relaxing. The artwork is super cute and I enjoy all the sweet details. It’s clear that a lot of care and attention goes into every Kairosoft game, which is why I keep coming back..Version: 1.16

Fun, but confusingI enjoy the gameplay, but the tutorial doesn’t really seem to cover much beyond the bare basics of gameplay. Earnings can seem rather slow and I find myself getting frustrated at how I’m supposed to upgrade and make a profit. Enjoyable, but not the experience I was expecting..Version: 1.16

Another great kairosoft gameThis is my seventh or eighth kairosoft game, as I love to play their business sim games while listening to music. A lot of their games employ similar mechanics so if you like one of them, you’ll likely enjoy many more of them..Version: 1.16

Very GoodClassic from the devs. very solid game. controls are alittle clunky but you get used to them. tool tips are at a premium as well. but all stuff you can work around. hours of content, def worth it.Version: 1.16

Beyond amazing!I’ve spent tons of hours playing kairosoft games from prior releases. It’s been a while since a good one came out. I must say that this one right here is a banger! You won’t be disappointed!.Version: 1.16

Can’t put it downI’ve started my C-store empire over about 5 times because I keep learning about a better way to do it. This game keeps me coming back.Version: 1.16

AddictiveI have been an avid player of Kairosoft games for years now and this one is definitely in my top 5. I just can’t stop playing!.Version: 1.16

ContestsIt’s very fun and addicting I do hate that I train up my staff for contests and can never use them to enter other contests in the future. Now they are paid so much but can’t be very beneficial for contests anymore. What was the point in that system?.Version: 1.16

Fun but challengingI love this game. Once you learn how to play, it becomes a fun management game of inventory and stocking and staffing. My advice is look up some tips on gameplay as the game itself doesn’t give enough info.Version: 1.16

Addictive!Simple game once you get the hang of it. Definitely something you play then realize you’ve spent 10 hours on your phone. I love it!.Version: 1.16

They’ve done it again!Every time I play these games I’m so addicted and play them for hours. This game is great, looking forward to the next one..Version: 1.16

Great game love it…buttWonderful game finally nice to see this company get back to the style that they do great. Game is fun and lots to do however, having a hard time with hitting the restock button and my staff won’t restock for like half the day. Please fix.Version: 1.16

Lots of funI’ve been a longtime fan of Kairosoft games. At first, I was unsure if this particular game was for me, but I’m glad I gave it a chance. It’s a great game when you’re waiting around traveling..Version: 1.16

Super fun one of my favorites!I love this game. My favorites are Mega Mall story and Ramen Sensei—it has just enough difficulty and variety to keep me interest for hours. Well worth the asking price and more..Version: 1.16

Surprisingly AddictiveVery fun and addictive. There are no additional charges once you pay for the game which is refreshing..Version: 1.16

Love this!!Worth the price! love how much easier it is to rearrange in this one compared to some of their other games because you don’t know what you’ll get and sometimes you end up with an ugly design so it’s great how much more flexible it is! also such long game play as always but this one seems even longer im not even done yet so i’m super excited.Version: 1.16

Perfect additionI’ve played almost all the kairosoft games and this is my favorite new addition for sure.Version: 1.16

Love love loveThis is definitely one of kairosofts harder games once you get farther in and I absolutely love that. It feels more like a fleshed out game and I think it’s one of kairosofts best so far.Version: 1.16

Great management game!I’m a long time Kairosoft fan and this game does everything well. Good progression of various complex systems, cute graphics, good music and sound. And no micro transactions!.Version: 1.16

Best kairosoft gameThis has been my favorite kairosoft game. Usually, I’ll play 3x through then get bored, but the replay-ability of this one is so high!!.Version: 1.16

Wasn’t expecting muchBut this game is actually very fun, well balanced. Just hard enough but not too grindy. I’m having a good time.Version: 1.16

Another hit!I check weekly for new Kairosoft releases because I’ve been addicted for 15+ years!!! This one does NOT disappoint! Love love love!!! Please keep them coming!!!.Version: 1.16

So much fun!This game has been so much fun! It’s been worth hours of entertainment so far and I’m still only on my third store! I love it!.Version: 1.16

Decent but weird engineStruggled to beat the rival on second play through even though I smoked him first year on my first play through..Version: 1.16

Store rpgIf you got time to kill little confusing at first but once you get it down the game is a cool pick up.Version: 1.16

Great gameSo much fun and constantly being able to play with no ads.Version: 1.16

Very good gameNot much else to say, I like watching my local store turn into a global chain. This game is well worth the money..Version: 1.16

I love this game so farI love everything about it, even thou I’m still new. Is super detail and fun to play as well.Version: 1.16

I can’t stop playingI can’t stop playing and my girlfriend hates me for it 10/10.Version: 1.16

Best game in a whileSome of the recent games have been a step back. This is the best in a while.Version: 1.16

Longtime fanI cannot stop playing, this game and company produces great game after great game! Always addicting and always fun!.Version: 1.16

Convenience storePretty Great game very addictive. Got to be smart and wise and careful with your investments. Learn quick because things in that game move fast..Version: 1.16

Love itIt’s so addictive. And it isn’t super easy to complete and move on, so keeps it challenging.Version: 1.16

Great New AdditionIt’s a great mix between multiple genres. I love chasing the best possible stats on each shelf..Version: 1.16

ADDICTIVEIn the best sense of the word! I’ll be checking out other fans from this developer..Version: 1.16

Love it!It’s been a while since I’ve played a Kairosoft game and this does not disappoint. Addictive!!.Version: 1.16

RecommendHave enjoyed this, well made..Version: 1.16

Nice gameReal good time sink for sim.Version: 1.16

Kairosoft game yydsOh yeah.Version: 1.16

AddictiveI cant put the game down.Version: 1.16

Nice game😎.Version: 1.16

Another gemA another great game by the creator a slow grind but very fun in the long run..Version: 1.16

Fantastic as alwaysFun to play, need some grind thou.Version: 1.16

Not bad, replayability slimSlow paced, not a ton of objectives for the 8.50 cost.Version: 1.16

Not as good as the othersMeh..Version: 1.16

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