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ReelShort is the next generation of HD streaming platform that changes the way you watch and consume bite size content!

Tired of the same movies, TV shows and paying for subscriptions that you really don’t use? ReelShort is here to help! You do NOT need to pay any monthly fees to watch our content, pick what you like and then pay as little as a dime per episode on our top hit shows! First few episodes are ALWAYS free so you will be sure to watch what you actually enjoy! We also have many shows that can be unlocked with ads so you can watch completely free!
ReelShort is the next generation of HD streaming platform that changes the way you watch and consume T.V shows. Each episode is 1-minute long, making it easy for you to watch on the go. Stream from any of your mobile devices, whether you’re just kicking back on your couch, at lunch or even when you’re on the toilet (yes, you know how you are).

With ReelShort, you get unlimited access to shows, new weekly series and episodes, and hours of entertainment from genres you’ll love, whether it's drama, romance, suspense, or thriller! Dive into romance, with a girl who must fake marry a billionaire in order to save her dying sister. Figure out a mystery, with the hidden identity of the falcon lord and what secrets he's hiding. Take sweet revenge, with a good for nothing loser who becomes the CEO of a multibillion dollar company. We have so many different stories, find the perfect one for you!

Here’s what’s awaits you:

• Binge-worthy original bit-sized shows that are drama driven and satisfying.

• Unlimited access to all original and exclusive shows.

• Never pay for a subscription again!

• A superb recommendation system so you can easily swipe to find the shows you love.

• Over thousands of hours of entertainment, quick and on the go.

• Watch from any mobile devices or cast it on your smart TV.

All yours to experience the newest next generation of bite sized shows.

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ReelShort App Comments & Reviews

ReelShort Positive Reviews

So far so good…kindaI wanted to give them 5 stars but they just shortened the videos per day from 20 to 15 without notice. I mean, I guess it’s still generous but not I have to wait longer. Also I think they upped the videos that don’t work with ads, you actual have to use coins to pay for them. One more thing, when the actors kiss, it sounds disgusting when they break the kiss, any way to edit that out? Now that I have the cons out of the way, here are some things I love. They have great content, although I wish there was more wolf stuff. You can basically see most of the content for free if you are patient. If you are extra patient you CAN see it all for FREE! The acting by some is extra cheesy but the fact that they are willing to act out the dialog that is written, is cool. Also, even though it’s new they have quite a bit of content. I hope they make more. I would even donate to have them make more content. That’s the thing, when a company isn’t forcing you to buy, to see their content, it makes you want to help them succeed. UPDATE: Guess what? Now we lose bonus coins we earned from watching Ad Videos after 5 days! Ridiculous why even bother checking in and watching the ads if you don’t plan on using the coins until your ready. I guess I should Watch something, use all my coins, and forget the app, which I’d hate to do because this company is usually pretty fair, what happened?.Version: 1.1.04

This app ate and left like 3 crumbs😌😂I didn’t expect to enjoy this app as much as I did. The stories are so intriguing and I was a little shocked to see K-dramas. I do wish that some of the K-dramas weren’t voiced by English actors though. I prefer just reading subtitles. It gets irritating when the mouth and words don’t match. I’m not the biggest fan of the ad situation, but I also don’t mind it either. I wish every episode was 2 minutes long and that there wasn’t a recap at the beginning. I noticed there aren’t many shows but I don’t know how long this app has been a thing so I hope more are to come. Overall I love the app. The acting is cringe at times but not as bad as some reviews make it seem. I can tell there’s a low budget so I wouldn’t expect too much anyway. Plus I feel like bad acting can make shows funnier. Still this app eats every show it puts out. I get so invested off of just a trailer. I feel like the use of adds and coins brings back what it felt like to watch shows on cable TV. Sometimes the anticipation made the show better. I also loved commercial bathroom breaks. At least I’m not waiting for a 1-2 minute clip everyday. I only have to watch an ad..Version: 1.1.02

Not a fan (Edit: ok starting to like it)So yes the episodes are about 1:30-2:00 mins. Some are mixed with previews and recaps. However, I’m wondering if they developers are reading reviews and fix as they go along. Yes there are ads! However, they are not as bad as before. You can watch up to 15-20 ads and receive coins or episodes (sometimes 2). Which can help watch the stories. The stories are cute, the acting no one is winning a Oscar anytime soon. However they do well for what they are given. If the developers continue to listen to reviews. This might just become a decent app to have :) Ads, everything comes with ads! Then you have to buy coins to watch the stores. I believe the “episodes” are maybe 1 min and half at best. Then you have the option to watch an ad or pay for coins. However, you are limited to 20 ads in a 24 hour period. How to earn coins, ads there’s a limit there too. Each episode varies in coins so in the 30s others near 50. Stories are your typical type booktok werewolf rejected or billionaire made to marry girl no one wants. The price isn’t worth it. Not by a long shot!.Version: 1.1.02

Genuine reviewHonestly, with all the mixed reviews I wasn’t even going to download this. But after a bunch of ads for it I decided to try. The stories themselves are actually pretty good and interesting enough to keep watching. The actors and acting isn’t bad but it can feel a little hard to watch at times because it isn’t the greatest. The ads issue is a little iffy. While I don’t mind watching the ads, they are annoying but it’s standard ads you get on any mobile game. What’s annoying is watching an ad and then only get 30-40 second videos before getting another ad. If the reels were all equally 1-2 minutes long I wouldn’t mind them nearly as much. It definitely encourages you to spend money on coins or to do things for coins. You only get 20 ads to watch a day. After that you need coins to keep watching. Which also wouldn’t be so bad but one single reel costs 50 coins. Other than that, if you like this kind of thing it’s definitely worth a try..Version: 1.1.02

Never divorce a secret billionaire heiressI have seen the preview of this on Instagram/ tik tok. It caught my attention, I seen it a couple of times and decided to put the app on my phone and watch this show along with the alpha show. I just started with the app, I like the shows but not sure if I will keep using the app to continue to watch the shows it is very annoying for me. You watch one episode which is very short and then you have to watch an ad just to be able to see the next episode. It gives you the option to buy coins, but because I am not sure how much the coins cost I wouldn’t recommend purchasing them. So I have just been watching ads just to see the next episode. If the episode could be at least 2-3 minutes long it probably wouldn’t be so bad. But I don’t have the time or patience to keep watching ads just to be able to watch something, after every episode..Version: 1.1.03

Love but here are my thoughtsI’m just gonna start by saying that I never review apps like this but after reading some I wanted to add my opinion. While I agree that the ads are a bit frustrating and the pay off of 1-2 min episodes may not be worth it to some, I think it’s a step in a direction I’m really excited for. I’ve read a lot of stories close to the ones this app offers but haven’t seen one where it’s acted out. I absolutely love this. I would say that I wish the episodes were a bit longer to combat the time I watch the ads for free episodes. However I appreciate that it offers 20 free a day which is a lot more than I’ve seen with other apps and you have the chance to earn some by watching more ads. I keep seeing responses to the reviews given are self reflecting and I hope they truly mean it. It may not be exactly what I’d wish it to be but it’s definitely awesome as a start up..Version: 1.1.02

Has potential but….This app has lots of potential, reminds me of the story writing apps I used when I was younger and wanting to see them as shows or movies. The only problem is that no one’s patience is that long unless they are a child to sit and watch so many ads for short clipped episodes. It took me an hour to watch twenty 50 second clips due to watching ads to unlock them. Then I thought about buying coins but if the series has 60 episodes and each are mostly 40-50 coins that’s around 3000 coins I’d have to buy just for one series. The shows are awesome so are the actors and the stories I would watch these all day at work. Maybe If they were to have monthly plans and make the episodes longer or even increase the amount of coins for refills. Or maybe the first ten clips make them longer with ads and the rest can be shorter with ads….. Or maybe when you unlock the episodes with coins you bought the episodes are longer compared to unlocking them with ads..Version: 1.1.02

Bonus coins/adsSo far I’ve enjoyed, then as I exit an ad for getting my bonus coins, a box pops up saying bonus coins rewards only last five days. I find this a little scammy. Like why can’t I keep my coins pocketed in case I find a new series and want to spend them on that six days after earning them? Well now I can’t, and I can’t enjoy the profits of me spending my time watching the ads. I’d definitely fix that to where bonus coins don’t expire. We as consumers of your app shouldn’t have to waste time on ads for rewards if they expire that quick or at all. We don’t get that time back, however your app makes money off the ads you use. Some people don’t use there phone constantly what happens when they get back on the app after hiatus and all their coins are gone? They’re gonna be mad, and give a lower rating than this. I sincerely hope this gets updated and fixed. It would be worth it more to watch your ads if our rewards didn’t vanish..Version: 1.1.02

It’s Alrighttt.I don’t usually leave reviews. The shows are great. If you watch for free you have to watch an Ad every minute or two to continue watching can get annoying but I get that the app has to profit somehow. After you run out of free watching Ads you have to pay. I tried the $4.99 coins thinking it would last for the remaining amount of the show but it didn’t. Maybe it was just the specific show that I was watching. Who knows. It only lasted through a quarter of what was remaining , so the app possibly eats away at your money using the tactics thats provoking me to leave 3 stars. At the start of every video it overlaps the end of the last clip, taking up watch time. The section of each video isn’t that long. I’d recommend making the video clips longer and to not overlapping the start and end of the video so that it doesn’t take up watch time. But I’m just a consumer. The app does all of that because they profit off of the consumer. So…..Version: 1.1.02

Great but expensiveI like watching the stories. Kind of reminds me of Wattpad books coming to life. I just don’t like how constantly have to spend money in order to watch the stories. There’s adds you can watch in order to unlock an episode at a time and to earn coins to also unlock. The videos range from 50 seconds to 2ish minutes. To me, it’s not worth it to buy coins to watch the episodes. And the episodes costs so many coins. It takes me a few days to finish one just because I don’t want to pay for the coins and I use ads to watch. Or the coins I earn from checking in daily and also watching ads. I wish the ads weren’t limited. I also wish the app was like other apps to where they have free stories and/or just run ads the entire time instead of making us having to pay. That’s only reason why I didn’t give it a 5 star rating..Version: 1.1.02

Great mini-showsThis app is still very new so I understand the amount of ads. Im hoping very soon that the amount you need to watch in order to get further into the story will be less, but atm it is a lot. The videos are 1-2 minutes long before you have to watch a 30-45 second ad. They do give you quite a few bonuses in a day to be able to watch more than the 20 free (with the ads) that you get in a day. So if you commit to watching the ads & the bonus ads to earn coins, you can watch about 25-30 episodes which is quite a bit. They do offer a way to purchase the coins to watch more also. Looks like a great way for these actors to be seen & find supporters. I just wish there was a section to view who the actors are. Their acting is great for what I would assume are newer actors. Definitely hooked to Fated to my Forbidden Alpha. Worth the watch!.Version: 1.1.02

It’s pretty good and you kinda get into the story more than you thinkI like a lot others downloaded this app to dog on it and be like haha that’s funny b lame but imma be honest I need this turned into episodes like at least 10-20 min episodes the only thing I don’t like is that the app needs some revising honestly like the coins don’t show up sometimes and u can only wast h 20 free episodes of like 45-1:30 each then watch a 3 min ad but I actually really like the characters and the acting is a little it could be a bit more realistic sounding but it’s amateurs starting out most likely they are doing good if u like Wattpad and reading stuff that don’t have movies cause no one would make it cause it’s more so a group thing then this is what u will like.Version: 1.1.03

I’m not fond of adsI really wish the story was longer instead of a whole minute maybe 2 depending on what your reading & I would mind ads if it the chapters or what ever you called it was maybe 4-5 min not every minute. I’m not going to download anything it shows me & the ads seem so long! I would rather read a storyline then watch it at this point. The stories are not really boring it’s the shortness of them then the stupid ads and not to mention they want you to buy coins just to watch it and I tried it like 3 times but $30 dollars later & it went by in less then 5-10 min. After this one I’m watch cuz I already paid for it I’m probably going to download a reading one. You get more from it and less ads. Maybe if you can figure out how to make them longer and less ads and another was to get coins I’ll probably keep it or keep checking back for updates..Version: 1.1.02

Could do better but still needs improvementI can look past the bad acting with the showing wires in the bigger shoes and such like that however, when it comes to being able to look at other episodes, it’s a little different. It almost seems like I would need to watch an entire story before I can start the next one that way I don’t use all my coins, which is fine I can work with that. The only thing that can’t seem a little more of a damper for me is that there’s not that many stories that are to my liking not saying that the store is a bad just saying that they’re just not my type, which is OK to each their own I like the whole werewolf paranormal world, but I love story is a love story so yes, there could be some improvements but for the resources that are given to them I think it is an OK app.Version: 1.1.02

Love it!I really love the story, fated to my forbidden alpha. It seems though that i only have a select few that I can watch (maybe 8-10) I would like more stories like the one I mentioned before but there don’t seem to be any. The only other ones they list for me are ones I don’t really want to watch. Not saying they are bad stories, they are just ones I’m not quite interested in. I just wish there was a way that I could watch more stories like Fated to my forbidden alpha. I really do love that story! I watch it everyday. It really is a great story, I mean it has it all! From love to revenge and everything in between! Absolutely amazing and I’m looking forward to more stories like this!! Thanks!!.Version: 1.1.02

At first, I didn’t really like it, but…After a suggestion by one of the developers, I felt I needed to make another review. I was incredibly annoyed that I had to watch an ad in between each one minute session. The cool thing was that if you’re not busy, just go watch your ads and not really watch the show. Once you finish opening up all of the episodes, you can watch it all in one go. That has saved me a lot of frustration. also giving this review because I want to encourage more and even better movies. The acting isn’t too bad but if it’s got a good story, I enjoy it more. I know super natural stuff is harder to make, but I tend to like rom-coms, alpha/werewolf stories, other fantasy, and been into bad boy possessive stuff lol..Version: 1.1.04

Well..The stories are great! The videos are great! The acting is great! I also love that you can watch ads to view episodes however… each episode is only like 30 seconds long… which means every 30 seconds you have to watch an ad if you are doing the free viewing… you can only watch up to 20 ads a day though so only 20-30 second videos a day…. So since I loved the videos I paid $4.99… well ALL that money was gone in just 3 minutes! It so expensive! I can’t pay $5 every 8 episodes give or take when an episode is ONLY 30 seconds long! I think of they are going to charge money they need to do a monthly fee or something because that’s way to expensive.Version: 1.1.03

Continue with movie next day????I gave this a 3 star, because I just downloaded yesterday. However, when I went back in today—and AFTER watching MANY ads to rack up bonus coins—I discovered I can’t continue where I left off last night. I have to start at the beginning AGAIN, and then once again “unlock next episode” by HAVING to watch an ad…AGAIN!! Why does this app not allow you to continue where you stopped on previous visit to app. What if we can’t watch all at once…like I refuse to pay for “coins”, so I have to watch the first 20 episodes over EVERY DAY until I get enough “bonus coins” to finish? Not to mention the time to spend watching all at once. If I’m missing something, please feel free to let me in on the secret, to this issue! Thanks!.Version: 1.1.04

AwesomeWhat can I say about this game? It is very very awesome. I am watching the werewolf series one where it says the alphas for bidden mate and it’s a lot better than reading a werewolf series. If I were to recommend this app to another person, it is very well worth it. This is why I leave a five star review granted yes there is some ads you got a watch if you want to continue episodes but it’s OK. On a sidenote, though, if the creators of the app can make it to where if you’re loyal watcher in coming back almost every day after the seventh day, could we at least please get to read them or watch them all for free instead of having to wait or pay coins, that would be awesome..Version: 1.1.02

Waste of Time!!Only giving it five stars hoping it will bump this review to the top so everyone can see it. This app is a waste of time. You get to watch a minute of a story (which I get… it’s a reel), but you have to either spend real money to get coins to continue watching or you have to watch an ad. And you have to watch an ad after Every. Single. Minute. Ughh. It wouldn’t be so bad if they let you watch at least 10-20 minutes worth before you have to watch an ad. I really want to like this app. It’s a great idea. But I’m afraid the developers aren’t going to listen to anything anyone has to say. Because I know I’m not the only one who feels this way..Version: 1.1.02

Real short !ReelShort is exactly that really short lol the stories are great but they give you about 3 mins of a add per 30 seconds of story an you can only watch 20 ads plus the 6 bonus ads for coins and the daily check in coins so you are watching maybe 10-15 mins of the actual story a day if your not buying coins and 30 mins + of ads I don’t mind the ads they have to make money somehow if your not buying coins I just wish they made the episodes more than 30 seconds each an worth less coins the episodes can range up to 60 coins maybe more for one episode if they made all the episodes the same amount of coins an a bit longer maybe 3-5 mins each then I might actually buy some coins but it’s not worth it right now.Version: 1.1.02

Still up in the airI’m still undecided on whether I will keep this app. I think there are plenty of chances to get free “bonuses” that can be used to unlock episodes. Plus there is an extra 20 ads you can watch to unlock to watch 20 additional episodes. However, my 3 star review has to do with the way bonuses are redeemed. I had over 250 bonus credits stored up. I understood that they were equal 1:1 to coins and could be used to unlock episodes. I went to use 45 bonus credits for an episode and they deducted 210 instead. Apparently for the the next few episodes (even though I still had to watch ads to unlock!)… this app is not very clear on that tidbit. Now I’m out all those bonus credits.. frustrated to say the least..Version: 1.1.04

The most honest review you’ll seeThe reason i gave it 3 stars is because the ads are annoying. If you want to watch the full show you have to pay like basically 20$ each show without ads because there is ads every episode and every episode is around 1 minute. There is around 60 clips so that means that you will have to watch 60 ads which can get really annoying. The shows can get really cringey but its entertaining. The acting is not the best but not the worst. Paying 20 dollars for every show isn't worth it . My husband is tiktok famous with 5 million followers i would ask him to promote this app If this app improves by doing subscriptions a month instead of paying for every shows without ads..Version: 1.1.04

The doble life of my billionaire husbandExcellent actors Nathalie and Sebastian, excellent performance, but Natalie Sister she is not a good actor her performance makes her look like a poor comedian, maybe so much envy and hate. I do like to know how it ends, but once you get involved, they stop and request you must paid, for whatever they allowed to watch… I think a book or the chapters will cost less… buying coins for chapters os 15 or 30 seconds it’s really not in my interest. But I must congratulate because the story is great, I like it and Sebastian is such a nice husband that really Natalie deserved him. Great and good luck. I do hope that they end together….Version: 1.1.04

I didn’t expect to love it!!I absolutely love the app. It’s like when I’m reading a book. It doesn’t have the forced pleasantries. It’s very raw and awkward like how it is in real life and I appreciate it so much! I with there was more episodes of Fated to My Forbidden Alpha. I absolutely loved that one. The only problem I’m having is the reward for allowing tracking isn’t going through and I run out of opportunities to get some free coins very quickly. Unfortunately I’m not able to purchase coins so I really like that I can earn coins by watching ads, there just isn’t many. This app truly exceeded my expectations!.Version: 1.1.04

Need to watch to many adsYou have to watch to many ads. The ads seem longer then the video you get to watch.Version: 1.1.02

It’s alrightWay too many adds, and the same ads over and over agin. Good content, expensive if you don’t want to watch the ads..Version: 1.1.03

Too many addsThe stories are wonderful but the adds are more longer then the show. And so often. Takes an hour to watch 30 min!!.Version: 1.1.04

Reading without the readingThere’s been so many times I’ve read a story and wished they made it into shorts. This app is like my wish came true. The pay to watch thing was kind of a disappointment but it was expected. The actors did a good job..Version: 1.1.02

Living a double lifeIt was an exceptional book or shell was, I guess it is.Version: 1.1.04

AlphaLove it.Version: 1.1.04

Ads too longHonestly the stories are interesting but the ads are longer then each segment it's so annoying.. if the ads weren't so long it wouldn't be so bad.Version: 1.1.04

MehThe amount of ads are absolutely ridiculous. At least let us watch them all at once and then we can watch the show without an interruption every 30 seconds.Version: 1.1.04

Okay stories, ads don’t load so you have to keep tryingRomance novel type stories. Not bad. The problem is trying to load ads to watch the next scene. A message pops up “Video is not ready yet, try again later.” It takes forever to try and watch an ad so you can get to the next scene. I give up..Version: 1.1.04

The Double life of my billionaire husbandThe story was really good. The actors did well. The taxi driver in the episode 48 killed it! 😊 As the app gets popular the ads will reduce. So keep going with good content 👍.Version: 1.1.04

So annoyingI seen the developer say the ads are only 5-30 seconds long…that’s a lie! The hotel one has got to be a few minutes at least (3:09 to be exact! And I had to watch that ad 3 -4 times!) Plus the bingo ads are awful and predatory! They show a young girl holding a baby crying about talking about making $7500/month playing this bingo game. Look at the reviews for said game and yep it’s a scam. The bingo ads are all 40-50 seconds each. So the makers of this app don’t care that they’re letting scammers advertise in their platform and I think that’s pretty despicable. They also don’t have any problem lying about ad times in their responses. I don’t mind watching ads to watch episodes (for how short they are I am not sure episode is the right word), but when the hotel game ad is longer than a episode I am getting really annoyed..Version: 1.1.04

EntertainingLove the stories..Version: 1.1.04

After 20 ads you have to pay to watchSadly after 20 ads a day you have to pay or wait next day ! That’s kind of annoying.Version: 1.1.04

First seriesWatched billionaire husband and was hooked from the first episode.Version: 1.1.04

Great show but too much $$$Love it but I ended up paying 20 US dollars to watch about 10 minutes and then a gazillion ads to watch more, every single scene. You need a better plan. It would cost hundreds to watch a show..Version: 1.1.04

Awesome showLovely show but I hate paying those coins.Version: 1.1.04

AddsStory was good the adds were a lot and the put a daily max on add watching is crazy.Version: 1.1.04

I loved the storyEnjoyed the short movie very much. I’m a sucker for romance happy endings. Thankyou.Version: 1.1.04

GoodInteresting.Version: 1.1.04

Not a bad app but…Honestly i like the stories and i don't mind watching the ads as I’ve played games before I’ve had to watch adds to get prizes, however i wish there was an option to watch multiple ads in a row in order to gain access to multiple episodes in a row. For example, watch 5 ads back to back and it opens up 5 episodes or something along those lines. Just a thought..Version: 1.1.04

StoriesLove the stories.Version: 1.1.04

Subscription is preferredI would prefer to pay for subscription rather than coins tbh..Version: 1.1.04

Not so bad some changes could rly improve itI personally don’t mind watching the ads if I’m not going to pay to watch -as most apps or anything on the internet is like that now & im pree sure ads are mainly where money flows in so I’m totally ok to do so. BUT I would like to say the fact that’s there’s an ad limit is a bit much… it’s almost makes one feel that just bc I won’t give my money to an app or probably (for most) don’t have the extra $ laying around and when we do NO it’s not going towards an app… but bc of that I don’t deserve to watch as much as I want whenever even with having to watching a 30sec-1min ads inbewteen 40secs-2min clips ? that would be my only bad point it’s that there shouldn’t be any limit on how many ads you can watch to unlock the episodes. Even if it is pre day… it’s still poopy (for better lack of words).Version: 1.1.04

Fated to my forbidden AlphaLove this book sooo much.Version: 1.1.04

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