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Tagged -Chill, Chat & Go Live! Positive Reviews

ReviewLove the app but wish it had some filters for going live. For fun and to make me look a little Less gross when I’ve had a rough day. A lot of older men going after younger girls which is pretty gross. It’s not the fact that they want you it’s that they offer to pay you for things and make you very uncomfortable. Also I don’t think you should just ban a live because someone reports it. You should be able to watch it and see if it’s really inappropriate or what not. I have a good friend who goes live and y’all banned her from going live because someone reported her when she did nothing wrong. Other than that I love the app and hope you’ll take into consideration the filters..Version: 9.3.0

Music people and bouncersHey this app is the best app I have used meet different ppl spontaneously learn about jobs from word of mouth see ppl live at concerts across USA actually have meet some good ppl on here and there are always gonna be bad apples just block them simple. But I have a major issue I have told fifty of my friends to use this app now the latest version is not letting me play my music while streaming could some one please help because this is the only wY I can actually speak to my lover and friends with ease in one click and my fans love my music please someone from tagged send me a message this has taken a piece of joy I have left in my life.Version: 9.6.0

No. Real. People.First and foremost, there’s a lot of scammers on Tagged. ALOT! There’s sugar daddy scammers, sugar momma scammers, unemployment scammers, etc. There’s people on here asking for all types of info like bank account information, pictures of your photo ID, and all that. I know it’s a no brainer to not give people those details, but some people aren’t as bright. Another thing, I feel like you guys should completely take off the video calling feature within the chat, or the camera feature. Here’s why: there are MANY men who are sending unsolicited photos to me and other women on the app. Asking for hookups and sexual favors, men are prostituting females on this app for money. You all need to set something in place to get this app under control, because it makes no sense, at all..Version: 9.32.0

Portuguese Queen ❄️I like the site because I meet some great people. But then you get all the foreigners that send you a lot of nudity and talk trash to you in those of the things I don’t like it’s the people from the different countries that come on your live and disrespect you and always want to see parts of your body and tell you to take your clothes off those kinds of things and that sometimes you can’t block certain people they keep coming back and disrespecting you I mean I’m 45 up here I’m not a child I am not looking for games just trying to see if I can find someone to be with me and take it from there that all.Version: 9.2.0

Suggestion!I’d love it if when I’m playing “meet me” the swipe game and my feed and I put in specific city, state and milage, if it could show my city and surrounding cities ONLY. Like, everyone in my city not just a selected few then venture to numerous states. Not everyone I match with shows up on my "match" list. Also, when I'm on someone's live and send a message it doesn't always go through, rather the streamer nor a viewer, sometimes. On the app I can't view my picture likers or commenters and I can't change my birthday either. Thank you for listening. Enjoying the app/site. -Marquel.Version: 9.10.0

Site has become nothing more than live video chat appThis app makes my phone overheat and drains my battery. Used to be a nice site but changed too much no one really responds to messages too busy on live video which should be limited people shouldn’t be allowed to go to sleep on video I know you can’t control that part it will create more creeps and stalkers. I used to feel like it’s an equal playing field but now it’s just about video views fans and followers. Instead of helping being more social it has caused many to be anti social unless you’re watching their live videos.Version: 8.9.0

Bitter sweetTagged is filled with bots and scammers however I decided to utilize the live feature and it has helped me find some real genuine friends and as well as an amazing man. Going live you can receive gifts that translate to diamonds; if you earn 80,000 diamonds you can cash out $200 usd 200,000 diamonds get you $500 usd and 400,000 diamonds give you $1,000 usd redeemable through PayPal. So yes I get a bunch of texts from disturbing men, yes people try to scam me, but I met a man who I am falling for; we have been seeing each other for 8 months now and just moved in together, I made some good friends, and earned $200 so over all I can’t really complain..Version: 9.37.0

Finding a rose in the weedsI have found 7 women in this country that are"friends", 4 of whom I have met and one of the other 3 I will probably meet. I have 2 good friends in Philippines which I would like to meet but know is unlikely to happen. I have had several hundred contacts from Latin America , a couple of whom I chatted with for a month or less, none of which I will ever meet. And , I have been "liked" by a plethora of young women that have not even read my profile and those that I have chatted with have all wanted money. I have found 6 roses and 3 rosebuds I have been provided by thorns many more times. Tagged can be fun and interesting but beware of the thorns and buzzing bees. They both sting..Version: 9.2.0

Massive potential for something betterI’ve been on Tagged for as long as I can remember. I enjoyed the fact you could browse potential mates by gender, race, or age. Or see who’s in your area. It was nice talking to real actual people instead of worrying who was really on the other end of the screen. But over time, the number of fake profiles, obvious scams and bots constantly posting under every comment you make, and the p2p posts makes this site feel more like some kind of sex site than an actual dating app. But even then you could easily weed them out. It’s still annoying to see. And don’t get me started on the aggressive ads (Sighs) Anyways, this app has a lot of potential still, and can rise to the top. If they add in a few features, like stories, the ability to share videos, and what not. (Like every major social media app.) Then yeah, this app can make the comeback it deserves. Also, one last thing, your update caused the option to view feeds to disappear. I can’t see others posts and I can’t post nothing as well. Hopefully you guys fix this soon..Version: 9.17.0

Great platform but needs improvementHello, I am a user of this app and there tend to be minor glitches when live-streaming for too long will cause video delays and black screens when live. Please try to provide IPhone X optimization for better performance. I love this app and I hope to see great updates. Also, this app drains a significant amount of battery life and has a pop up advertisement every now and then which can be annoying to streamers. It’s all together a great app but due to the battery life drainage, the overheated phone and the minor glitches I’m gonna rate it a 4 altogether..Version: 9.2.0

Streamer should not be held accountableI feel that it is really needed up how tagged suspends the streamer account when someone wants their money back. The streamers account is frozen until they have pay back the total amount of diamonds that were given to them by the person who was requesting their money back or saying that it was fraud I think that’s unfair why should the streamer be held accountable for another persons actions I think they should be fixed I think the person who reported it should not be able to create another tagged account.Version: 9.38.1

Extremely flawedI love this app, but it not well made. It always ends up making my phone run hot, on and off of the charger. Sometimes it will say that I have no internet connection when my internet is working perfectly fine. Sometimes I will be love and it will cut off in the middle of my live but still say that it’s streaming on my side. This app makes my phone run really slow and is a battery drainer. There are also a lot of fake scammer profiles on here that nothing is being done about..Version: 9.9.2

Bug fixes ‼️We need an update for the app itself because of the lagging inside live-streams is terrible and it be skipping also I would like to recommenced an update on the gifts too.! And also I would like for app the have to where we can go look at our replays of our last stream also it would be great if you can make it to where we can fit more people in our live-streams instead of having this little bitty people to talk to other people that gets in the camera why not make to to where but screens or three screens can sit in the same live-stream instead of one at a time.Version: 9.15.0

Needs workEdit: the app allows self-duplicating/screen-re-re-covering ads to purchase time without any sort of filter, requiring a lot of soft rebooting. This shouldn't happen on any product (I'm especially not used to it as a Mac user.) Waiting until I hear this has been FIXED- edit: have generally been able since to slide the program out of place and reboot it. Edit: the pets issue has been fixed by removing pets access altogether. Battery drain is worse than the already poor iOS 11.1 standard- also please fix!.Version: 8.8.1

Scammers/of other sitesI have had many matches! With young female to chat or get to know. Once I respond to a message to many females want me to join other sites. ROLYMEET is of many female wanting me to join and get their number. Which I never do!!! Or other female wants me to copy and paste the link they send to have sex’s with. Meet!! Or number!! I don’t understand why Tagg allows this. Another thing I’m from Chicago and I only want to meet people in Chicago!!! Not Ohio!! Not. Other states. I keep changing my preferences of 10-20 miles only. And I get other states. I hate that. I’m in Chicago and only want to see people in Chicago!!!.Version: 9.18.0

Fix itI've been a tagged app user for years and I've never had a problem with it until now. I can look past the scams and extra it's a free app what do you expect. I recently did an update for this app and before the update I could access the “feed” portion of the app after updating I’m no longer able to see my friends or anyone else’s feed. It’s really inconvenient especially because an update is supposed to make things better not worse.Version: 9.17.0

VerificationIt the best app and I have been on and off and it still the best app I love so much,but the only problem with this,there is a lot of fake accounts and I think it not helping the app,let there be verification and trust me it will improve this app and it will make it more better,before anyone can come in let them verify,alot of fake pictures here and people on there sending messages for people to click link for scams,please try to improve on this thanks tagged.Version: 9.31.0

Just randomly my was deactivated or idk because I can not get into itI have been trying to get back into my account an it’s been saying that my account is inactive an I don’t understand why then you have this old account that I wasn’t using AT ALL under the same account that I was using now it’s taking me back to that an I just really don’t understand what I did for my account to get like this an I was just on it yesterday I don’t understand.Version: 9.25.2

This is by far the worst dating app ever!Most of the profiles are fake. The ones that are real are their begging for internet change hoping someone gives them money aka gifts. Your inbox will be flooded with messages from fake profiles. Then your phone will constantly ring from fake phone numbers fake text messages from sex sites. In reality it’s groups of people trying to steal you log in, credit card, and identity information..Version: 9.9.2

ChangedI’ve been on tagged for years and well it kind of seems boring now. Don’t get me wrong I still love the app but really only thing to do is go live and watch people or join and get watched ... this whole bouncer thing is really out of hand too because if the bouncer don’t like you , you get kicked too ... please bring back the being able to post on a timeline or add short videos you can send through the app . If anything a app suppose to make us want to spend a substantial amount of time on it just looking at people smoke, BEGGING FOR GIFT is boring.Version: 9.38.1

TaggedVery good app want to be able to access with data..... Not able to access without wifi that sucks pls correct.Version: 9.18.0

UltimateZSweet. I love tagged a lot. I use to talk to so many different friends on there a while back. It’s changed quite some... but I’m glad tons of people still use it. It’s a great way to meet new people and chat online. I have an account on Facebook but cannot even get the staff to reply back to me anymore, even after doing what they required me to do. But hopefully that changes as well. I will be on other social media until then. I’m glad all my old friends still kept their accounts on there. Thumbs up..Version: 9.25.1

ScamsToo many young pretty pictures asking for money.Version: 9.21.0

TaggedVery good app to use.Version: 9.37.0

Tagged reviewsWell so far so good o think this site is great quick interaction and the choice of messages or video is good too.Version: 9.32.0

People contactLoved it and the multi countries capabilities of the app Joe.Version: 9.25.2

Catfish centralCool app but loads of people to get up you to use apps like whatsapp then ask you to top up their, phone or get you to send money or possibly use you for a green card.Version: 9.25.2

Hi5 Friends having trouble accessing my profile photosCan you please assist in solving this problem. I have accepted them as friends on Hi5 but still they cannot access my Hi5 profie photos and profile information on the Hi5 website. H. Rae Mitten.Version: 9.25.1

LocationThe location filter to view people sucks u put Ajax or Toronto within 5km or 10 and it’s showing you people in Montreal Quebec hard to find people from your actuall location cause it never works but there is some real people and others who r on the to find people to do sex business with, if ur trying to find a good dating app not it.Version: 9.21.0

FakeThere a lot of fake accounts that’s for sure.Version: 9.21.0

Camera filter sucksThe quality is not good with the current update.Version: 9.19.0

(Hacker)joker mass two names same personCan you please remove that person joker and mass he is a hacker scammer not a good person to be on tagged he is going to hurt someone or mess up someone’s life please help use get rid of home if u go on nice guys account u will see joker there that’s the one I’m talking about can you please get rid of him he is a vip and he just keeps coming back on comes on the one live I go on the most Mireya live.Version: 9.15.0

JdReally amazing app to meet new people’s.Version: 9.18.0

Trouver l ame soeurDevrais trouver avec nom.Version: 9.13.1

Phone drainerThis app drains my phone like crazy 🖕.Version: 9.13.1

Tagged I love it cool people hereHi tagged people I love this app nice and cool people here ...I m here almost 7 days and I did only 3 times stream I found so many nice and cool here ....⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ so please everyone respect each other ....and don’t use any under 🔞.... thank u peace.Version: 9.13.1

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