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Welcome to Reddit, the heart of the internet.

Reddit is a social network with something for everyone: trending topics, diverse discussions, and engaging communities and comment threads.

Redditors have authentic and interesting conversations around all sorts of curated content. You’ll find gaming communities, bloggers, meme-makers, fandoms, travel enthusiasts, support groups, AI forums, news junkies, artists, and creators of all types.

Reddit has over 100,000 online communities (forums where members post and comment) dedicated to specific topics. Some of the most popular communities are:
• r/AskReddit, where users can ask and answer questions
• r/funny, which is full of humorous content
• r/science, for scientific discussions and news
• r/gifs, with funny animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

On Reddit you’ll find:
• Thousands of community groups
Breaking news, social media trends, sports highlights, TV fan theories, open AI discussions and personalized content, there's a community for everyone.

• Loads of laughs
Find memes, oddly satisfying videos, funny cat videos, and more to help you lose track of time.

• AMAs, or "Ask Me Anything"
Celebrities, politicians, and experts answer questions from users.

• The best discussions on any topic
Reddit’s discussion threads are where community members jump in with humor and insights for just about anything; pop culture, sports, entertainment, or financial advice.

• Get answers to anonymous questions
Ask communities anything you want. Ask questions on relationships, mental health, parenting, career help, fitness plans, and more.

• Anonymous profiles so you can do YOU
Connect with people about any topic, join interactive community groups or threads, and chat with other redditors, all anonymously.

Voting and Karma:

Instead of likes and hearts, Reddit’s social network runs on upvotes or downvotes. Voting on posts and comments increase or decrease the creator’s karma, and helps popular and relevant posts rise to the top, while filtering out low-quality or irrelevant posts.

While karma doesn't directly impact your ability to use Reddit, more karma can increase posts’ visibility and help you get noticed. Some communities require karma to post or comment, which helps prevent spam or low-quality content.

Reddit Premium:

Purchase Reddit Premium to enjoy an ads-free experience and access to premium avatar gear, r/lounge, custom app icons, and more.

Payment will be charged on a recurring monthly or annual basis to your Apple account. Your monthly or annual Premium subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. Cancel anytime in your device’s Account Settings. No partial refunds.

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Reddit App Comments & Reviews

Reddit Positive Reviews

New update is broken and frustratingAfter the new 2022 update where they removed the communities tap and put in a discovery tab is just annoying. I’m still not use to it. I keep clicking it trying to get to my communities by mistake. I already follow all the communities I want to, and if I want to find a new community for an interest, I just search it in the search bar. Plus the “drawer” for my communities does not work. Every time I click it, it doesn’t load anything. So basically I haven’t even been able to use Reddit for the past few weeks since the update. No point in using the app till this problem is fixed. The Communities tab needs to go back down to the hot bar. And the discovery tab should be moved elsewhere. Maybe it can pop up after selecting the search bar. That way if someone wants to search for new communities, they can get recommendations under the search bar before they start typing. Also bring back the alphabet select for communities we follow. It makes searching through 100+ communities easier. Summary: new update is broken and can’t access my communities drawer because nothing loads. And the new discovery tab that replaced the communities tab needs to be moved elsewhere, and the communities tab needs to go back down to the bottom for quick access..Version: 2022.10.0

A Decade of Reddit: My Go-To App for Entertainment, Information, and CommunityI've been using Reddit for over 10 years now and it's honestly been a game-changer for me. Not only has it been a source of entertainment and information, but it's also connected me with a community of like-minded individuals who have become friends and even a support system for me. What I love about Reddit is that it truly has something for everyone. No matter what your interests are, there is a subreddit for it and a group of people who are passionate about the same things. It's a place where I can have meaningful discussions and learn about new perspectives and ideas. But it's not just about the content on Reddit. The app itself is user-friendly and constantly improving. I've never had any major issues with it and the updates always bring new features and improvements. Overall, Reddit has been a integral part of my life for the past decade and I can't recommend it enough. If you're someone who loves to learn, connect with others, and be entertained, then Reddit is the app for you. Thank you to the team at Reddit for creating such an amazing platform. Edit: Fix the issue where when im on safari and click on a Reddit link it takes me to the App Store. I have Reddit downloaded!!! Stop making it unintuitive..Version: 2022.45.0

I love Reddit but this app man…I don’t understand why I can’t do broad searches within the Reddit app but rather have to search it in safari. Although frustrating, I have gotten used to having to google search my questions/communities BUT what really begins to frustrate me is that when I search in safari, 99% of the time I have to open it in app to view the posts which is always such a process. I have to click “take me to app” and it always takes me to the App Store- it never actually opens in app. Then, what’s even more annoying is there are so many updates that before I can even enter the app I have to wait for the app to update for the millionth time. And mind you, I search for answers on Reddit more than I probably should so I have to do this process of updating the app and then click at least 5 times to take me to the app before it even opens in the app!! Like it doesn’t register the first few times and just takes me to the App Store where I press “open” only to be brought to the main Reddit feed and not what I searched for. So while I am unable to read it on safari I am also unable to read it in the app. Super frustrating! I love Reddit I just feel like this shouldn’t be an issue so I’m hoping someone sees this to make the app more user friendly!.Version: 2022.13.0

REDDiT!!😃I love ReDDIT! The only thing I would change is the user interface. I’m pretty new to REDDIT, so I never saw much of the old UI, but the current one is very counterintuitive and confusing. But other than that I love this place. It’s a central hub for discussion of just about anything. With monopolies choking us to death (5 or 6 companies control almost all of what we see, hear, read or watch) free speech is a 4 letter word. Comment sections have been shut down so the media can gaslight us. The arts are dead because of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (you’ll have to figure that one out yourself, but here’s a hint - 5 companies are not going to make the same films that 50 or 100 companies (who all fight for their own corner of the market) would. People that own everything would rather make 5 movies and try to force everyone to watch those. Very little options, sellers control the market, quality drops, formulas get made and simplified, etc. Sorry for the digression, but I will continue to get this info out to people until we fix this entire mess, break these monopolies and bring law and order back into our government. Anyway, love the site but bring back the old UI. Thanks everybody!.Version: 2023.07.0

Fix the Bottom Bar Please!Writing a review hoping this gets fixed so I can change the rating to five stars. The app will randomly change the orientation of the tabs at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes the app will open with my home page and five buttons at the bottom with the notifications on the far right, which is ideal. However, sometimes it opens to the world news tab and instead of a notifications tab, there is one that says “more” with three dots, where I can then click on notifications from a menu. Not only is this an annoying extra couple steps, there is no need for it since there is nothing else. On top of that, when I view my notifications this way, I cannot get to my profile in the same notifications tab. I can bring up the sidebar while viewing notifications, but when I click on my profile it just returns to my notification feed. Thought it was something that surely would have gotten caught and fixed quickly but the app was updated two days ago and this is still happening..Version: 2021.32.0

Reddit has been a good app until nowI love this app, I really do but when the developers made it so when you tap a photo or a video it goes to this different player that when you scroll up it goes to a random video from a subreddit that you haven’t joined. I mean yes I know why that it was changed to do that, so you can have more variety on watching similar content. For awhile I got passed that for videos by taping a photo and swiping to the left to get to the video but now in a recent update they made it so taping on photos does the same thing with videos which at least for me it really annoying. I know just me saying this won’t get anything changed so I’m hoping that other people agree with me or at least make it a setting to change it back to the way it was before you changed it to what you have now for a video player. Adding this after making this review, also why did the developers get rid of the sorting system that they had to change it to new, hot, top, or controversial it’s just bad app design to get rid of these things that people love about Reddit but changing it to this, I’m not really mad just annoyed and kinda disappointed in the developers on getting rid of the sort option and changing the video player.Version: 2022.23.0

Reddit Mobile Meh.VoiceOver no longer reads long posts or comments, and by long I mean not long at all.⠀––⠀The awful scroll button that teleports you through the replies when you don't tap anywhere near it is back.⠀––⠀You can't unhide posts from within them.⠀––⠀You can't subscribe to video posts.⠀––⠀When reporting posts/comments, selecting any option other than "Breaks r/[subreddit]'s rules" or "Hate" causes the Next/Submit Report button to disappear.⠀––⠀Haven't been able to crosspost to my profile for >2 years. Reddit Support won't answer me, other than an automated message saying to reinstall the app...which doesn't work. My iPad doesn't even show the crosspost option within posts.⠀––⠀The reel layout for videos is annoying.⠀––⠀Pressing down for nearly a second (say, while scrolling) collapses the entire comment thread. If it's a long thread I can't find where I was.⠀––⠀Sometimes clicking to view more replies on a comment puts me in the replies of a different thread on that post, and it does this until I leave the post and come back.⠀––⠀Most of my other complaints are with Reddit in general. Like not being able to add captions to single pictures, not being able to unarchive profile posts, etc..Version: 2023.07.0

Perfect AppReddit is the best social media app available out of every single social media app that the majority of the population uses, like even though TikTok is very main stream right now, it can get really old, always seeing the same videos and what not, but Reddit however is like a fresh breath of air, constantly updated, pages for every single content out there- literally anything you can think of and you want to see wether it’s just a hobby, something funny, wanting to learn new stuff or even just people fighting, wanting to find something new, or you are curious legit anything you can think of you will be able to find a Reddit page for it, I never have any issues with Reddit— no lagging, no connection issues, I never seen the same videos over and over again, the app is super easy to use and learn so no excuses to not have the app unless you just really don’t want to download it or have an account, you can just go through Reddit with a guest account aswell, perfect app! Deserves all 5 stars I gave it, keep doing you reddit !! 😁😁😁☺️.Version: 2022.07.0

Coolest people and AppYou get to Scroll through Weird Avatars some Reptilian features some Asian,some Bohemian like all with different colors. I found it took too long to match up the character Avatar and the Colors I wanted but was Happy to find One I could deal with. So then you anonymously search vast subjects your interested in. Because you believe No One Can Identify You, You can be Free to Tell the Truth about something and that is so needed today when some people and some in powerful positions are telling us what we can say and what we can’t. Why do some people want to have total control over others? We don’t become our Best Self without the Freedom to Think outside the Box. Respect others perspectives. Sure some have decided to strictly stay true to their own convictions, culture, or education, but we can all learn something from each other from personal experiences that can be told on a Social Media platform that won’t shame you, or threaten to cancel you. We Become Better at Being Human when we remember we are All Humans Being..Version: 2023.05

One annoyance...I honestly like the official Reddit app way better than any other third-party apps I've tried. However, I have one minor annoyance that's grown into a major gripe over time: whenever I use Safari to Google search something, and a Reddit post is in the search results, if I click the link there's a pop-up that says "See Reddit in..." and I have the option to open the page in the Reddit app or continue with the web browser. My problem is, whenever I try to open the page in the Reddit app, I'm sent to the app store as if I hadn't installed the app. I have never been able to open a link from Safari in the Reddit app, and I've tried everything. The app is up to date, I've tried opening the app before clicking the link and it still won't take me to the app. Honestly, if this was fixed I'd give 5 stars. The Reddit app is really good. But this is just so annoying, and it's difficult to search for a specific post within the app so there's no real workaround. So I'm just hoping the devs see this and find a way to fix it. I'm using an iPhone XR 128GB, if that matters..Version: 2020.26.1

Reddit still requires work in a lot of areasI downloaded reddit for the pure enjoyment of having some place to post and interact with different communities. However, I noticed when receiving a follower you don’t have the option of “knowing” who follows you but you get a notification saying that person followed you. It’s annoying not being able to see who interacts with your posts from time to time or who follows you. Another thing is inbox messages you can’t delete them from your reddit inbox meaning they’ll stay there until you delete your account completely. Wish that wasn’t the case but sadly that’s how reddit is, the app isn’t really successful in managing followers like you can easily remove them on instagram or check who’s following you. Spam bots follow but you can’t get them to unfollow you which is ridiculous. Although I love reddit and the platform because you can post anonymously on reddit posts. I wish they’d focus on the important things of the app, like managing inbox messages and managing your followers or remove followers from your profile without deleting your account..Version: 2023.04

Great appGreat app, no complaints except they really don't need the notifications in the lock screen..Version: 3.7.0

App is decentI love Reddit but the app could probably have better UI and enhanced features to better utilize mobile. Overall, it's still a good app..Version: 3.7.0

Best app everThis app is better than Facebook and Instagram, I assure you. Say goodbye to all your free time though..Version: 4.35.1

REDDITMy mom said that if she catches me on Reddit she’ll swipe my head against my keyboard but I don’t care it’s really funny gljgjfvjchdhhdhfhfhfvhdhfhdjvjchvuvizyyryfrttr5t5t5ttrh(GGhFf(GFggGgGGgfysF6373),??&.?.Version: 2020.10.1

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