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The X app is the trusted global digital town square for everyone.

With X, you can:

- Post content for the world to see and join public conversations
- Stay up to date on breaking news and follow your interests
- Stay better informed with extra context from Community Notes
- Go live with Spaces for audio or stream live video
- Communicate privately with Direct Messages
- Subscribe to X Premium to expand your reach, get a blue checkmark, and more
- Earn a living creating exclusive content for your paid subscribers and share in the ad revenue generated in replies to your posts
- Create and join Communities around topics and interests, from sports to music to technology
- Upload and watch videos up to 3 hours in length
- Write and read long form posts like essays and blogs
- Connect directly with your customers to help your business grow

Privacy Policy: https://x.com/en/privacy
Terms and Conditions: https://x.com/en/tos

X App Comments & Reviews

X Positive Reviews

Whole Mars BlogWhen I wake up in the morning and wait for my coffee to be brewed, I hop onto Twitter to read the latest news news. I can trust these sources of value above all others, Elon Musk, Whole Mars Blog, Stock Talk Weekly, and only a handful of others. I interact to have human contact, though the occasional spar with the ignorantly belligerent is not uncommon. Those who are unbelievers of the Tesla and SpaceX technologies, those who create chaos and throw spokes into the wheels of change. I fight racism, governmental hypocrisies and panderers: all non-humanitarians in general. I’m not always right. Sometimes I act on feeling instead of intellectual grounds. Sometimes I go too far then recant and delete my own tweets. Though, I must admit I have witnessed so many and With my tweets, In response to all others, I dare to Change a life or three OR upwards to infinity Where Hope dwells. I teach others, and I am taught. Without Twitter Earth, our Future, Would be less than naught. We fight the good fight daily To Thee Lifegivers of Twitter, Hurrah!!! Sincerely yours, Chef Bretagne Buonaparte Utopian-Traditionalist born in 1971.Version: 10.16

Love Spaces; don't like follow limits! overall great for info sharingBig fan of Spaces!!! Thank you for this great option! Something I really miss is when I used to go to someone's profile page, if I had a pending request from them, it would show on their page, too, not only in my requests tab. I've tried asking if this moved somewhere I'm not seeing, but no one from the Cstn Srv team ever answers any questions I've asked. Also not a fan of any tech company censoring speech or misrepresenting data (trending, etc) based on the personal biases. Of course private companies can do what they want - that's a big part of America's success - but if marketed as a platform for people to practice freedom of expression as set forth in the US Constitution under our First Amendment rights, then people should not be suspended for different opinions that don't involve any plots of death or other illegal activity. I also don't like that I can't follow whomever I want to because X thinks we need limits and won't allow me to follow whatever number of accounts I want to follow. I do like that @ handles in replies no longer count toward space max; would be great if at least a "grace" number of spaces or handles were also allowed in new tweets..Version: 10.25.1

Elon, don’t change the stuff that doesn’t need changingAfter Mr. Musk bought Twitter, things have honestly been feeling like they’ve been going downhill a lot faster than before, especially due to the unnecessary/unwanted changes <-(such as renaming Twitter to “X”, and said letter tends to be used to refer to a different website, which results in making video links on Twitter sound kinda questionable/suspicious) and some pretty bad ideas for changes <-(like how you were considering to completely remove the option to block accounts [even though it’s something that’s required for a social media platform], saying something along the lines of “the option existing/being-a-thing makes no sense and that it serves no actual purpose” when really it does make sense that it-exists/it’s-a-thing and it does serve an actual purpose, anyone with common sense would agree. And those who think that the option existing/being-a-thing makes no sense and say that it serves no actual purpose are likely people with ulterior motives). And now I hear that things from accounts labeled as 18+ are being effected now too. You may wanna rethink that before it’s too late and Twitter ends up like Tumblr, and nobody wants that to happen..Version: 10.10

OpinionatedTweeter is a place where you can have an opinion. Your opinion is not what everyone else may like or agree with, but it’s yours. It will expose you as a person of high or low character and that’s not either good or bad. We live in a society that has welcomed people from all around the world and it will take time to trust and appreciate each other. It’s what we do with the time that matters! I use to think Tweeter was a great place where everyone could express their opinion, but since it has changed hands and ownership I feel it has lost credibility. Everyone should be able to express themselves as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. I hope that truth is more important than greed and power. I still like the platform that use to be Tweeter, but I am saddened by the negative controversy that came with the new owner. The country is being torn apart by self absorbed individuals who think everything is about them. It’s not about one individual and no one human being is God. We can make the world a better place if we recognize our limited time on earth. Let’s embrace humanity and work for the betterment of mankind..Version: 10.15.1

Take away 30-day deactivation = deletion limitI am a professional ceramic sculptor and have had 17 Instagram accounts deactivated on false reports, mod bias, and hackings, so to say I cherish the freedom on this platform not found elsewhere is an understatement. However, Twitter has put other restrictions on my account that arose from nowhere, probably due to competitors and their incessant spam of reports in attempts to get my work taken down so that theirs can appear like the original. Three stars because due to their 30 day policy of account deactivation prior to deletion, an account with almost 2K followers was accidentally deleted with me forgetting to re-login while overseas. It also doesn’t make the platform look good to have users who post content that gets hits elsewhere be unable to grow a following like before on their platform. I’ve been back on Twitter with a new account (post ig deactivation of an account) for 3 months, post several times a day each day, and have only around 50 followers due to my account not being searchable and the professional option removed and no way to appeal and reach support. If these issues can be fixed, naturally the app rating could be as well..Version: 9.43.1

What Happened To Twitter?This app used to be a staple for news and content. Unfortunately it’s now a hardcore censorship engine that evolved the app into a propaganda machine for specific political points of view pushed by Twitter Corporate Office. They’ve watered down the Timeline, show popular recommended Tweets instead of Latest Tweets, they have partisan Trending News only showing terrible things about the United States President, constantly (who would allow such a thing other than foreign enemies of the USA), and the settings now filter content on a second level (hidden) which you have to shut-off to see your preferred content (outrageous).. All trending news is always slanted to favor One political party promoted also by the Twitter CEO daily. News corporations, who even claim alien spaceship parts are in Las Vegas (2017 NY Times) are given priority over citizens to ensure the broadest brainwashing of political propaganda with an emphasis on hating the United States President. Who remembers when the internet was a melting pot of diversity? Freedom of speech? Not so much anymore. Great work Twitter!.Version: 8.39.1

Our freedom of speech is so important!I went off big tech because I couldn’t trust them when fact checkers was kicking anyone off that didn’t go along with the left on all their craziness. I think Elon has done good putting truth out and proving what we was all saying was 100% true. We was being silenced and that’s our Constitutional right to have freedom of speech. It was so bias and still is on Fakebook and Instagram is still pretty bad, and Utube a little too. I got on Truth, Gettr, Rumble, Telegram and seen what I was missing! It’s nice getting facts and truth and open discussion! I’m coming back to Twitter hoping it’s a fair platform now and things will be so much better when truth isn’t being fact checked as untrue. Somebody needed to shut the fake fact-checked down. Thank you, Elon for all you do to make social media better for all! Oh and when you wanting to know if you should stay on as CEO, I tried to vote for you too, but it wouldn’t let me:( Hope there aren’t still enemies around in Twitter that aren’t good honest people..Version: 9.41.1

Opinions w/o Full Blown CensorshipIt’s taken forever it seems, but twitter has opened up, and it’s no longer seems to be just a one sided opinion marketplace. We as a “the” people at least get opinions without obvious censorship of ideas, even from people we don’t agree with. Can’t stand Trump, nor Pelosi, but Intelligent people want opinions from opposing ideologies, we actually crave them. If only to understand other views of people with obvious intelligence (however politicians are exempted from this group). When ideas become seemingly one sided it’s gets boring, oh so boring. This is why media outlets have drastically had declining followers. From conservatives or liberals it doesn’t matter, it’s just boring. If information platform give us both sides, we as a people will make our own decisions - right or wrong. We at least aren’t fed psy-ops campaign, as it was with twitter in the pre-Elon period. Give me the information, let me make my own opinion, please don’t try to make my opinion for me. Twitter has become interesting again - Thanks.Version: 9.38

“Blocking” Thanks ElonIn my opinion a “Tweeter” should not be able to “Block” someone just because someone challenges their tweet. Example: I was following Larry Sabato, UVA Center for Politics a few years ago (I had a child who was attending UVA). I disagreed with many of Sabato’s statements and opinions regarding politics and I said so without threat or offensive language, just my opinion. He “Blocked” me because I challenged his narrative. He never bothered to challenge my opinion or thought, simply eliminated any challenge by Blocking. Some say Sabato is a smart fellow, if so, you would think he could have easily taken me to the intellectual wood shed, told me how I was wrong, and others could have learned from the exchange. On the other hand, perhaps my thoughts and opinions had validity and others could have learned from my challenges (I mist assume that was Sabato’s primary concern). By allowing a user to block a follower just because they are challenging someone’s tweets obviously limits debate. I don’t have a solution, just identifying a problem or concern. Thanks. Jim.Version: 9.34.6

Security is a keyI was not much of a twitter user previously. I have been on the “x” platform flow for a bit. I was slow getting started with the app only because of personal things in my life. I am finding “x” is much like any other social media platform like FaceBook and LinkedIn. I like the face that there are blue check marks showing the verified accounts. This keeps the information more secure and you know that the information being provided is from a legitimate source. I personally experienced over the past 6 months a breach of my security and information. Knowing there is a way to easily see the verified content posters now is key for me. While I personally don’t have funds to pay become a verified user at the moment, I would definitely pay for the validation once I have the funds available to me. As stated before, I was hacked and trying to still recover. The hack because I clicked on someone’s information that was not verified opened me up to all my information appearing in the dark web, locking me out of all of my accounts l and loss of everything that was important in my life including everything that was in my clouds that I can no longer get back especially since there are no hard copies anymore after the hack cost me my home. I don’t use X much personally for social interaction with others, but I like to read the content and if I see an ad I would like to know more about I will click it, but only from a verified account..Version: 10.18

Great except………At first it seemed like this was such a great place to share thoughts and opinions then I quickly realized it was a great place for SOME PEOPLE to share their thoughts and opinions while the rest of us have their posts(tweets?)go into an “Algorithm Limbo” where you might be lucky if 10 people actually see their tweets. Tweets I may have spent more than an hr fact checking and finding the perfect photo to accompany it go completely unnoticed much of the time. I have been on X for about 2+ yrs and have about 4k followers and almost 5k I’m following. I would spend ALot more time and energy on the site but most of the time I feel like I am screaming into the wind on a rowboat on the mighty Pacific Ocean. I feel lucky if I get 4 or more likes for a well crafted, thoughtful and often clever/humorous tweet with just the right photo, then I see someone respond to the same post and just say something like “screw those guys!!” And they get THOUSANDS of likes and reposts in one day!!???? Much like FakeBook it is a bit of a popularity contest. And the more ignorant, confrontational MAGA voices seem to get amplified and ruin actual constructive, intelligent discussions.🤷‍♂️.Version: 10.26

Loved it but currently frustratedI NEED BACK INTO MY ACCOUNTS! I’ve contacted support but essentially, I had my phone reset and restored and as a result, I had to re-login in to my accounts. I set up 2-factor authentication months ago for the accounts but the app i used I guess also reset with my phone because there are no saved codes for twitter. So i can’t get into my accounts and support won’t respond to me about how to get into to them like if there’s a way to verify that it’s still me so I can get in and then disable the two-factor authentication. Also, I had another account I was able to get into and starting using more frequently and got LOCKED OUT less than 36 hours later. X WILL NOT LET ME UNLOCK MY ACCOUNT. It just shows a white screen with a blue loading circle. Then it says “error please reload data” and so i click it and then it just loads indefinitely. I need back into to all 3 of these accounts and am very frustrated that there is no one that I can talk to immediately about this over the phone. I’m scared i’m going to lose the first two accounts simply with how long it could take for a reply from X..Version: 10.2

Divine Rights of People to Freedom of ExpressionTwitter as a public venue to express people’s various opinions is very valuable source of meeting different ideas that come objectively to the truth of the issues presented. Particularly at this difficult times when Political and Ecclesiastical theater showed us its bold and impudent drive to usurp power in very unaesthetic way. The major illegality and Sin of monopolistic industries of Banking and Pharmaceutical dictatorships is marginalizing people to below their human capital value, thus putting them into defensive mode, which it will not contribute to rational solving of the human condition. This present jungle competition between Nations is Lawless and Godless. If ancient people understood Divine Law as expressed in Genesis 9:13 Rainbow in the clouds as a covenant between people of this Earth and the God. The Divine Entity provided His real signature of Aesthetics, beautiful thoughts and actions of every human being is respectfully required. #Liberty of Expression is most important part of #DivineLaw it is granted upon people as their Divine and Sovereign Right that no public actor can challenge or take it away from individual actor..Version: 9.49

RepressionI don’t like repression, being held down by people who are more powerful than me. I don’t like it when they have something nice and I like to play with it but then they use it against me. They’ll take it away from me because I don’t play how they like to play. Or keep from bring active for accidentally breaking a rule. My “mistakes” cost my voice, but I must be heard because words are important. Free people should be free to speak so we can decide if they are worthy of be heard or no. One day there maybe no one to listen to because everyone worth hearing has broken the law and has been silenced. The ones that can be heard still have also broken the same laws I have broken, however, the people work for the service provider or they are friends with the service provider so they receive higher regard and are not susceptible to the same punishments I am at my lower valued station in this arrangement. How much more wealth does a Twitter employee gain by silencing their fellow Americans?.Version: 8.41.1

Very problematicI use Twitter a lot to follow artists and friends, but it’s very difficult to keep track of everything when the options are so limited. I see advertisements and promoted tweets way too often. There’s no Twitter Pro that I can buy to not have to see ads. The tweets I see are time-stamped, but they’re always out of order (2 minutes, 5 hours, 5 minutes, 2 weeks ago) and there’s no way to filter the tweets I see on my dashboard. I would love to be able to see only pictures or only text posts, but there’s no way to do this except for searching on a specific Twitter page. On top of this, once you scroll down a certain amount, you can’t scroll anymore so you can’t know what you missed unless you go through Twitter pages manually. I’m most disappointed about the ads, but all of the problems here are very inconvenient, annoying, and time consuming. The only reason I’m here is because all of the good artists moved here from Tumblr.Version: 8.61

I’m sorry everyone hates you ElonI feel so bad for Elon, most of these reviews hate him and I don’t get why he deserves it, he didn’t inherit wealth, look it up. he smoked weed on a talk show, cool he’s human. He has his own political views, isn’t that also why you all hate him, because you all also have your own political views? Maybe everyone hates him for exposing so many lies, I know the media hates him. Why does everyone think Elon wants world domination, I think he’s a smart guy who wants to make a name for himself, and be memorable while at it, and I personally think he’s funny. Living a life managing so many things can be boring and extremely stressful, he barely has time to do anything, he runs all day on 6 hours or sleep and he said it himself! Try doing that. And on another note, I’d like to thank Elon for changing the world, and making it possible to be yourself while making huge accomplishments, something we all brag about but hold others back when doing so. Thanks for reading..Version: 10.0

Twitter, A Dominant Era Of Once A Failing PlatformAs we turnt the bend amongst the ages, stars above twinkling & the humans carrying onwards, large amounts of money were being funneled through the ex-‘Twitter’ whilst having hired, wether known or unknown Federal Agents of ‘GOV’ who transpired to modulate the algorithm to inspire political change, many men ‘donating’,“money” to ensure that the Media & Narrative of the United States was pushed forward; whilst this was effective in it’s efforts Twitter the platform itself had lost it’s way unto the various media & social interaction amongst community it had previously stood for. Elon’s efforts into Reestablishing it’s Prominent Promptitude for others to interpret & interact properly was key to its current success, having adjusted the business model alongside reducing the overall operational costs associated with such. Elon has done an excellent job, as per usual. I hope that the upcoming app that he is working on carries the same idealisms & messages of the prior work, whilst establishing a fair means of relationship between networks. Best Of Luck Elon..Version: 9.54

Easy to tweet, follow, get notified BUT……. not usefulI can only use Twitter for direct messaging & getting notified of some of my selected accounts in my followed set for notifications.. No one ever sees my tweets. I used to get interactions but none in more than a year of daily tweets. Now the app keeps logging me out taking so much time to log back in each time since latest IOS updates. Annoying without Touch-ID sign in & having to enter long passwords. Getting ready to stop tweeting & getting notifications elsewhere that I can rely on. Also, after writing this review no support or willingness to help even if I send a DM to Twitter support, not wanting to tweet something nasty! I am not sure who is designing, supporting or what goals the developer has for this app but I wish another developer would offer a better app to use for Twitter, not wanting to have to log in to my account every time I want to post, view notifications details or just look through my feed..Version: 8.90.1

Less of a fan since Elon might have my account suspendedI was never the biggest fan of being on social media every day and every minute of every day. But I do use it for work in the political realm getting my messaging and messages out there for those I work for and my own views. I’m a bit less of a fan of Twitter now that I know they respect the free-speech, a little less meaning that because I don’t agree with Elon Musk, my account may be suspended. Others might argue that those who are inciting riots, and doing things such as attacking other political views, or attacking them, because of their race ethnicity, social economic status… That’s not the type of politics that I comment on. I respect free speech, but when it turns into ways to attack others or incite riots to hurt others, are overthrow the that is the limit of what free speech is outlined in the constitution. But I have not inciting riot just expressing my views if I don’t agree Elon Musk and his minions or other billionaires as punishment they will prevent me from using a social media platform like Twitter. I do not support this in for that reason I will rated at three stars.Version: 9.44

Twitter - chaotic and annoying…again.Now that Elon Musk has swept out the former Twitter world, a new chaos has emerged that is annoying and disturbing most of the times. Is it ‘better’ now? Perhaps, if you’re more pugilistic in nature. I regret that the ‘basket of deplorables’ have re-emerged in large numbers. I was hoping they would stay on Truth or Parlor and that ilk of right wing hate mongering social media. It’s like when Trump created all that insanity during his 2020 election year. You were horrified to look at the responses but sadly accepted that a huge number of bigoted and poorly educated Americans have such vile and hateful comments. Personally, I don’t know anyone like that. But it’s an eye-opener to see that millions of Americans really harbor such hate and disdain for their fellow countrymen. So the clown show goes on. I’m really hoping Elon loses a large chunk of his fortune on this folly to control the global narrative. Who knows. His plan may really be to leverage the power of this platform to protect his other business interests. And very likely to influence world politics. We shall see..Version: 9.34.6

STORIESThe stories are so ugly and irrelevant PLEASE get rid of them PLEASE.Version: 8.44

Censorship is the name of the game for the libsI have no respect for Twitter and the censorship it is guilty of..Version: 8.41.1

“Button”Your new “ more prominent” button in the lower right corner SUCKS! It’s TOO BIG! And covers TOO MUCH of the screen. Please get rid of it!!!!!.Version: 7.35

Simple, fair and it WORKS!Absolutely love this default of an app already on my iPhone. It is extremely user friendly, easy to tweet and I absolutely love the position of the navigation bar through all Apple apps. What a thoughtful idea, always judgemental about the user experience. I have had purchase two other Twitter related apps, which I no longer use by the way as they proved to be complicated browse, post multiple tweets and then some, and user friendly at the least..Version: 7.30

Double standard and Censorship!For all Conservatives/right-wing types, just to make you feel better, us lefties get censored too by Twitter..Version: 8.9

UpdateNew update sucks. rebranding for what? what was the point? it was a useless waste of money. twitter was fine before. and what is with elon’s obsession with x? he named his rocket ‘x,’ his company ‘x,’ his kid ‘x,’ and now twitter? like come on..Version: 9.68

No fleets!!Remove fleets!!!! Twitter is not Snapchat!!.Version: 8.44

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