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60 Seconds! is a dark comedy atomic adventure of scavenge and survival. Collect supplies and rescue your family before the nuke hits. Stay alive in your fallout shelter. Make difficult decisions, ration food and hunt mutant cockroaches. And maybe survive. Or not.

60 Seconds! requires at least an iPhone 5, iPad 3, or iPad mini 2.

As Ted, a responsible citizen and a family man, you are faced with a slight disturbance to your happy, suburban lifestyle. THE NUCLEAR APOCALYPSE.

With only 60 seconds left to impact, guide Ted in a mad, intense and action packed dash through his house in search of his family and useful supplies. Everything will be against you - time, your very own furniture, the house that's different every time you play and the fundamental question - what to take with you and who to leave behind?

Reaching the fallout shelter in time and alive is only the beginning. Whatever you scavenged and whoever you saved will play a vital role in your survival. Each survival story will be different, with every day surprising you with unexpected events. Will all of these stories end well? It's up to you. Ration food and water, make best use of your supplies, face difficult choices and even venture into the wasteland.

Good luck.

the suburbian nightmare of a nuke dropping down on your neighbourhood in this atomic, dark comedy set in 1950s.

any supplies, you will need to survive, and family members in a 60 second rush through your randomly generated house.

for the worst. Don’t just grab arbitrary items, plan your survival and follow helpful tips from emergency broadcasts!

in a fallout shelter with whatever you brought with you. How many days will you last? Will everyone make it out alive?

what to do, when the post-apocalyptic world pushes you to the corner. Will you risk going outside? Who is not eating dinner, when barely any food is left? How do you deal with a mutant cockroach infestation?

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure App Comments & Reviews

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure Positive Reviews

It’s good but...Worth it but it’s not very strategical at all it’s more just getting lucky enough times until you win it’s fun and I enjoy it but at the same time I wish there was more strategy to it like say when you don’t have the right item to complete a task at hand say a radio then they should give you opportunities to get that said radio instead of just being screwed. There should be a way to craft items or repair items or maybe even search the surface for certain items just make it more dangerous and take a lot longer to come back from the expedition. Then I would give this game the full 5 stars but as the way the game is right now it’s kinda of wishy washy and you’re basically just playing game after game waiting until you get the right generation of good loot and choices because there’s a chance the loot you grabbed that was useful last game now can be useless the next depending on what the military asks of you.Version: 1.25.8 Holidays!

This game is worth the money!I first learned about this game by watching a few of my favorite creators, Gloom and Kubz Scouts make videos on it. Ever since downloading it I’ve been in love! I’ve seen people complain about the controls, and they were hard to master at first, but after a few days of playing this game nonstop I was very used to the controls and finished all of the scavenging challenges with no issues. It takes a little of time to master the controls, just like any game! Practice makes perfect! The character development is so awesome, and I don’t think I could ever get bored! Developers, if you’re reading this, PLEASE update the game so we can complete survival challenges! It would make it a perfect 10 for me! Overall, I would highly recommend this game! If you were the type of kid that would read those adventure books and turn to a certain page to determine your fate, this is a virtually mastered edition! There are so many fun challenges you can complete and endings you could get! What are you waiting for? Go get ‘em, tiger!.Version: 1.27.9

Amazing!!!When I first watched a YouTuber play it I was OBSESSED. I bought the game within 10 minutes of finishing the video and immediately started. There is so many great ways your game can go! One wrong choice and someone could die! I love everything about this game! The controls are easy and enjoyable, I disagree with the comments saying bad stuff about the joystick. If they have a problem with the sensitivity, they should go to settings and fix it. There are no ads, which is quite enjoyable, and the endings are very interesting and entertaining! I love the graphics of the bunker and people! I love how Mary Jane can become a mutant as well. :) 1 suggestion, Maybe you could add something where when you click on a certain badge you can see what you have to do, I had trouble with some badges because I didn’t understand them. Great game! I think this game is probably 8+ or less if your children or you are okay with death and some bad words. Happy playing! -A satisfied 11 year old.Version: 1.27.8

Great game bad controlsI have always loved this game watching it for hours so finally getting a chance to play it I instantly got the game but the controls are god awful. I’ll get stuck on invisible walls or unable to properly pick someone or something up making the game basically impossible especially if you try to get most of the good items along with the entire family. Once again I love the humor, gameplay, secrets, and story but so far I haven’t been able to experience those. I just wish I knew that the controls were buggy and sucked before spending money on it and wish there was a refund option and I’m just kinda disappointed in how this purchase ended up. Also the fact that the new version of the game is separate and costs more money annoys me. I wish that either I could exchange this game for the new version or have it just be an update to the original. I would love to give this game five stars but until those bugs with movement are fixed I’m gonna have to keep it at three stars..Version: 1.27.10

60 seconds ok on phone good on computerOk so I love this game I played it a lot on my laptop the game was really fun and at points I couldn’t put it down but then I saw it was on phones so I just installed it 2 what it’s like the first major problem is the movement when u scavenge the house it is god awful and needs to be fixed at points I would get stuck and couldn’t get to the bunker or it would really affect my time besides that they don’t have the free dlc on computer on here I hope they add it soon and the gameplay in the bunker is fine besides points at the end of days the game will stay on a black screen and delete my progress but besides that it was a fun game not optimized for the iPhone X sadly but still a good game and can be fun on a road trip or on a bus I could see myself playing this when I’m watching tv also it’s a good game if u can handle the controls and be patient with it it can be a great game.Version: 1.24.6

A little hardIt’s a great game I really like it but it’s a little hard for me I only won two times on Easy and they were the same endings I think I might be a little good at the game I made it to day 107 but it’s super hard to get some of the badges and I barely even make it to day 40!it is very hard I think you could have made it a little easier I mean it’s a very good concept and I like that you can scavenge for items but really you have to make it that hard even I can do better than that it’s like it’s impossible to get the cat lady ending I will never win that ending I hope at some point it will be easier to get some of the badges and I probably think maybe you would get the badges on medium maybe I’m just bad at the game I don’t know other than it is a little hard it is a very very good game I really think it’s good it might be worth paying 5 dollars it’s a really great game!.Version: 1.27.9

Fun game but not really worth moneyVery fun game: interesting story, challenging, amazing when you win and just overall fun. I don’t really regret spending money on the game, because it’s fun and interesting, but I think I would give it 5 stars if it didn’t cost money. This game would be worth that $1 spent on it, if it didn’t have these flaws: - when you start, the controls are very hard to manage and that makes the beginning 60 seconds very challenging and stressful, but as soon as you get the hang of them they're ok - it’s honestly kind of boring... it’s hard to win because even if you start with a med kit, you use it and then your people get hurt again! Because you can’t heal them they end up dying and you lose. There’s nothing the creators can do about this part of the game, so thats ok I think all of these flaws would even out to a 5 star free game, but instead it’s a 4 star game that costs money. These flaws aren’t that big, and you can easily ignore them and get over them, but your not paying for a game with flaws that you just ignore. If you’re going to spend money on a game, then you want that game to be perfect. I don’t think this is that kind of game, but it really is fun, satisfying when you win and I don’t regret spending my money..Version: 1.27.9

Awesome gameThis is an awesome game... but there are some things I need you to nerf. The first thing is the sicknesses. I don’t like the sicknesses because when somebody gets it, the next day another person gets it and then the whole family catches it. Even when you use the medkit, the disease seems to jump to another person and another person. It’s really irritating because whenever I play a new game and send someone on an expedition, they catch a disease and then it spreads to the family. Another thing that bothers me is the furniture. This was probably set on purpose, but it always gets in the way. Sometimes, I even got stuck in a lamp! Those are my two complaints. I love the rest of the game though. The events are so humorous! Thank you..Version: 1.27.7

Not so greatSo the concept is great but the execution is not so great. Most people whi write reviews for games do so within 48 hours of their purchase. Well having play the game every day this week Ive noticed the random events storyline generator is ridiculous. Why do I feel this way? Because its critically hard to get ahold of specific equipment that you need to get rescued. You can start off with all the items in the beggining, but the game mechanics on medium difficulty will make sure you break or lose the "event required item" you need to be rescued. This in turn, will extend the game until you get the item replaced, which 80% will not happen before you perish. I challenge you folks to actually spend some time playing the game before you give it a good rating. All in all- this game is a little on the *plain ridiculous* side..Version: 1.25

There’s just one thing I don’t likeThis game is amazing it’s a fun adventure game that could easily be made into a movie and it would be amazing if it was made into one but what I think would make it even better is if there were a bigger storyline it’s a great game and it’s very very addicting to play I’ve played this game for hours and hours on end and I’ve won many a time but what I would like to know is why is a disaster happening why do we need to go in the bunker I want there to be a bigger storyline but I feel like it is a really good game and I feel like the developers did a good job on it but I just wish that there was a bigger story I would’ve gave This game a full five star if it had a storyline have a great day.Version: 1.27.9

Awesome storyline but hard to masterThis is one of the funnest games I’ve ever played. I literally uninstalled several apps to free up enough space on my iPad to download it because it’s that fun! However, the controls aren’t very good on mobile devices and the game is pretty much based on luck. There’s no strategy or ways to get better at the game, it’s just a matter of hoping and praying for a good setup in scavenge mode or good items in survival mode. All in all, I think it’s a great game and definitely worth the price but there are some flaws that are definitely worth fixing so devs, if you’re reading this, please make the controls easier and maybe make it less luck-based. Thank you!.Version: 1.27.10

Would give it 5 stars if…….Look, this game is great. It’s very fun. I can have a lot of fun with this when I’m bored and/or am chilling in my bed. But, it’s just way too easy to accidentally press something. Today, I was playing the game, and the supply drop prompt was given to me. Of course, I clicked the gas mask, but, for some reason the game said “Nope, you did not press that.” But, thinking I actually did press it, I clicked the thing to go on to the next day. And this has happened multiple times! I don’t know if you’re even still updating this game, but, if you are, please fix this bug and/or make the buttons bigger..Version: 1.27.10

Great gameThe game is really fun and super addicting. I first played the game not liking it for the difficulty, but as I played the more I found a lot of strategy’s that are really helpful! Some people might say that it is really up to the loot that you and you can’t get all the items. People also complain that the movement of Ted (or Dolores) is slow, but this is probably on purpose to stop the player from collecting all the items in the scavenge section. Yes sometimes you get things by luck but there really isn’t a game like this without chance and luck. I hope they make another game like this (60 Parsecs is fun too)..Version: 1.27.6 4th of July

A Pretty nice gameIf you are on a phone like me it is pretty easy to work it and if you click on your soup or water or suitcase it picks it up. But if you go to the item it might not pick up the one that u want and when u go to the bunker to put your item in you have to face straight and if theirs and item in front of u you might no be able to move which can make u lose time but other than that it’s a nice game and I like the challenges and that it puts a picture on top of the screen. So if u watch a video of it you might know more like before you by it so u don’t have to be like oh I want a refund! Now that was a life hack and ya it is a pretty nice game!.Version: 1.27.8

I love itThis game is awesome but I only have one complaint, that is why the kids can’t survive without Ted and Dolores. I don’t think it’s really fair, for a example, it’s just Ted and Timmy, they don’t have anything to protect their shelter from bandits, so the bandits break in and take Ted, Timmy is still OK, so why can’t he survive on his own? He can feed and give enough water to himself, why can’t he survive on his own? Another example, Ted goes on a expedition and doesn’t return, and then they don’t have a Med-Kit, so Dolores dies of sickness, so why can’t Timmy and Mary Jane live by themselves? It’s not really fair, so please fix that, unless you have a good reason not to..Version: 1.27.9

I love it but I wish they added more to the gameThis is an amazing game but it started getting boring once you now how to get all or most of the endings. I wish they would just update it once in a while. Add new endings, change endings, add more people to the story, add more animals, maybe make it so when someone goes outside the bunker you can control them and kind of do your own thing instead of just luck. They could also add more challenges. I looked it up and I think they haven’t updated this game in the past year which is really sad. Again I love this game but please, please update it.Version: 1.27.9

Great game terrible controlsThis game is a lot of fun and very addicting but the controls in the beginning seem to be tailored for someone who is left handed vs someone who is right handed. The controls don’t seem to be very intuitive in general compared to other app games that require movement of a character and picking things up, but I could tolerate this more if the controls could be switched to match the user’s preference. It makes no sense for someone who is right handed to have to direct their character with their left hand while only being able to rotate their camera/character with their right hand..Version: 1.25.4

UmmmmmOK so I love this game and from the start this is a really interesting game on how everything turned out even though like it’s starting to get boring if you continue playing it you’ll get entertain but one problem with the game is that whenever you play and I get all my supplies and stuff and then I go to the bunker is says the end which is starting to get annoying cause I really want to play the game I’m axing for the people created this game that they will be able to fix this because this is actually a really fun game.Version: 1.27.10

Okay this is getting annoyingWhen I first got this game it was fun until around day 70 when the screen went black I pressed the home button and I knew the battery didn't just die i had 2 reset my game and the same thing happened! So I thought I'd just delete it but months later i saw that it got updated apparently there was some "bug fixes" and I'd consider the crashing thing a bug so i re-downloaded it... same thing happened so I deleted it AGAIN even more months later an update about fixing a crash bug so I thought... "they must've finally fixed it so I get it AGAIN and guess what... same exact glitch happened... WHY???!!!!! (But aside from that it's a great game👍).Version: 1.22

Please Read Developers: Pretty greatNow you probably get this a lot, but please fix the bad controls when you have 60 seconds to grab supplies. People haven’t been that pacific on when the bad controls are there, so I feel that’s why you haven’t fixed it. Please fix that bug, that took one star away. Also, please fix the medical kit, you should be able to use it at LEAST three times. It’s a medical kit not a bandage, that’s one star away. Other than that this game is a great, so anyone who is looking to get this game, get it. The controls don’t work that well when you are getting supplies, but there is a button where the game stocks your shelter for you. 3 STARS 60 seconds!.Version: 1.24.2

Challenges are pointlessThis is the only thing about the game that really bothers me. Challenges are often difficult, and that’s fine, except there’s no reward to them. I think this is just something you guys forgot to add in the mobile port, so I’m just letting you know. You can see what the hats look like when you finish a challenge, but there is no way to put them on. You’d think the hat button in the main menu would help, but it just takes away the buttons and does nothing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s no discernible way to wear hats in game, and that’s kinda dumb..Version: 1.27.6 4th of July

What a great game!It truly was a great idea for people to scavenge for food and live in their shelter. The game really brings strategy into play. And it makes you think, “what If this really happened?And what choices would I do, or what thing would I say.” Over all, this game is just a blast! I’ve spent well over 10 hours playing it. I would highly recommend it to people. And I personally think the money to pay for this game is really reasonable. “In my opinion.” I think this game is definitely an S tier game..Version: 1.27.10

Very funThis game is very fun. I bought this game a few days ago and I think the $3.99 was worth it. I see some other reviews saying that controls when scavenging are bad: I honestly disagree. It does take a little bit of time to get used to though. If you still have trouble, there is a survival mode. No scavenging needed. One thing that I can say is worse is the graphics when scavenging: they just aren’t the best. Getting bored of survival, then do a challenge. There are many to choose. (Some are locked though) Overall the game is definitely worth $3.99..Version: 1.27.8

Low key boring lolSee at first it’s exciting but it kind of gets boring like after a while (like most games) it starts to get overused and it’s just like what’s the point of playing this it’s only taking up storage and there’s no new levels it’s just boring, so honestly if there’s anything i would wanna say to the creators it’s that you should make it more interesting and create newer and more creative levels, other than the fact that it gets boring REALLY easily it’s a good game with an awesome concept and it’s extremely creative and cute. i also kind of wish there was more lore involved in the game <3.Version: 1.27.9

There’s not much to doIt’s a really fun game but for some reason it won’t let me do any of the survival challenges it just has a lock picture and I can’t play it I can play the hat collecting challenges there is not much to do on the iPad or iPhone you can get a manual of the game and you can play the game normally or you can generate items and you can collect items and get a hat for that if you get all the items you can also go and see your badges but that’s it nothing else to do if the creator is reading this please fix the survival challenges please.Version: 1.27.7

Love this gameI love this game soooooo much, idk if it is 100% worth the price but I don’t regret it! I have played this game for about 1 day now and I love it. I really like the little challenges that you can do. There a little tricky but fun. My favorite part is the apocalypse ( a part in the game ) I think that is like the main thing but idk all of the videos I see are of the apocalypse. I live to look for food and other items and try to get all of my family. It is really fun!.Version: 1.27.10

This game is slightly annoyingThe graphics are very good , but the thing is that I CANT PLAY mostly because I feel like the game takes a lot of space I played it once and it was totally great , the stuff that happens along the way really fits the mood of what’s happening then and there , I totally agree that sometimes this game can get annoying but overall it’s a good game and I would attempt trying it for yourself when you get a chance and have enough money saved up.Version: 1.27.6 4th of July

Cool but weirdThis is a cool game, The rush to get supplies to the shelter before the nuke hits is rather intense when you run low on time and remember you needed an important item. However, Survival is a bit reliant on luck. Don’t have an item you need? TOO BAD! You died. I got my first survive today, complete with the rescued by military achievement. However, it said “you perished.” Even though Timmy was alive and the military were in the bunker. Ted was on an expedition, but that shouldn’t change anything. Unless the military just left poor Timmy to die, it shouldn’t have been a perish. It counted as a win though, but it still bothers me that it perished me..Version: 1.27.6 4th of July

🤦🏼‍♀️ok sooooo.........I’m stupid instead of clicking on the new game option I hit on the door and again being stupid about it I got agitated and about 7 hours later I finally decided to try it again now that I wasn’t agitated and I finally figured it out beforehand re I thought of it as a game that was stupid and annoying now I think of it as a great game that’s very challenging and fun to get a bunch of different endings I would just like if someone could tell me how to not be ted and be delurice.Version: 1.25.10

Great gameIt's really fun, I enjoyed all the other missions like bunker alone, I loved how there was a entire mission for my favorite character the controls could be better but overall nothing really that bad or frustrating a out it i love how you have to be quick about getting all your supplies! What I recommend is water day 4 then food and water day 8 and repeat that prevents them from getting sick.Version: 1.27.9

Amazing game, but a few bugsI've had this game for one day and I can't stop playing it! It's tons of fun and it's really easy to figure out how to play. my one concern is the bugs. sometimes, i'll feed or water a family member, only for them to still be hungry or thirsty the next day. once, i fed and watered the last family member i had left, and she starved to death the next day! really takes away from the fun. please fix this!! 🤍.Version: 1.27.9

It’s a mehSo I got this game for Xmas and I was REALLY excited because Kuzbass scouts played it and I have some recommendations:1. The medkit:YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE IT MORE THAN ONCE because it’s not just bandages there is also pills and other stuff NOT JUST BANDAGES!!!!!2:personally I think that you should be able to find other thing than soup and water more often because most of the time they come back with soup and water. Another thing is that you should make the trades better because lots of the time I get people who want to trade water for my REALLY GOOD STUFF! It’s a good game but kinda a meh.Version: 1.27.6 4th of July

Will not give me achievements when I earn themI have done the not alone and the girl power right but still have not got the achievements that I earn robot gentleman I love this game I have it on my iPad iPhone Nintendo switch and computer I love this game it gives me the girl power achievement on every device but phone I please fix it and add new ending I have everyone but the cat lady over all please fix it and I love this game I don’t buy 60 parsecs because it is confusing and doesn’t look fun.Version: 1.27.3 Trapper's Delight

Almost perfect.....So I bought this game like a year ago and after about 6 months of playing it it got somewhat boring. This game has a lot of potential but maybe seeing an update including more storylines and endings would be awesome. I already like the game as it is, just seeing some new storylines and endings would be awesome and make this game perfect. (Oh and maybe some new items too.) Thanks for reading my review, Merry Christmas!.Version: 1.27.9

Really like the family but the controlsI really like the hole family they want to survive and not be died but when iam trying to get stuff the controls really messes me up all the time and I not like when you try to control the character they move weird and I tried to click on one thing it couldn’t let me click on it I have to move in a spot to get the item the person who made this game pls fix the things iam talking about ty☺️.Version: 1.27.9

YOU! READ THIS!Great game love the storyline :)! I noticed a little glitch and I've seen some other reviews complain about it too. Whenever I die, like the bandits take my last player it will obviously be game over for me. Except, it's just a black screen! Every time I'm on the the end day it's only a black screen! I'm still giving this a 5 because I doesn't bother and it stills saves it in my stats I think... but pleaseeee fixxx.Version: 1.22

Great Game... I guessThe game functions like the computer game, but there is one problem and is that the controls are very stiff and hard to use, so when you scavenge in the beginning(right before when the nuke drops) it is very hard to pick up items and to get through the house, I tried turning the sensitivity up and it made it worse. I would recommend practicing the beginning and it might make it better, but anyways it's a great game..Version: 1.24.6

Good game stop hatingThis game is amazing I get the controls but if it was easy to move you could get everything much more quicker so they had to make it a little harder And I see some people talking about the time I like the time and that it dose take long to get a ending bc it makes it harder bc if you don’t make a good decision it could ruin the ending you want so you always have to be thinking on what you do.Version: 1.27.8

Great Game, Bad BugsI love this game, it’s a lot of fun to play, but sometimes. I don’t know if it’s just me, but say a character is sick or wounded, it’ll have the picture of them being sick one day. And then them being fine the next. The journal still has the actual condition, but it’s really confusing. The same thing happens to ted when he dies, out of nowhere on same days he’ll just be a cyborg for no reason. Fix this please..Version: 1.27.6 4th of July

Stop HatingBest game ever . The controls are just perfect and it is not boring because of all the different events. It is not to hard and when you tap on stuff it goes to your inventory. You just have to make sure the out line of the item you are trying to pick up is green. I don’t know why you wouldn’t love this game. Not a waste of money. Buy it, it is SO FUNNNNHN!!!.Version: 1.27.8

This is goodSo this a Good game because it is really nice like when you see people playing it looks so fun because if you had like: Cub Scouts tape it and that’s with a friend so yeah I think this is a really good game but the controls are not really good so yeah I like this game is not bad or not really good but I keep it all stars because they have it on phones iPads and computers they didn’t do a bit of because I’m like yeah and I think it’s really good so yeah.Version: 1.27.6 4th of July

Love it!!I love this game so much. It is a little hard in the beginning and the controls aren’t the best, but I really love how there’s different events and different ways to win. P.S. if you are having trouble getting a whole bunch of supplies and getting the food and water if you just get a suitcase and then all of the supplies you don’t have to get any food or water..Version: 1.27.9

Never gets boring!This game is amazing! Even though it’s the same thing every time, there’s so many different scenarios that it never gets boring. The only bad thing is sometimes when you’re scavenging, it does bug out and you sometimes get stuck in items but the game is totally worth it, so I recommend you buy it! It’s my second favorite game I’ve ever played!.Version: 1.27.8

ReadThe game is really enjoyable, but the scavenging in the beginning of the game is a little tricky, with practice I am able to grab everything I need. Also there is a glitch where the screen will go black, it happens rarely for me, I don't care because you'll never have the perfect run I can just restart, it's really no big deal. Overall, I would not buy this game if you easily rage..Version: 1.22

Love it but …I love this game it’s a wonderful way to pass time I play it mostly everyday I love how they have different ways to get a ending so even once you get the ending you still might wanna get like different things or like you can challenge yourself in trying to stay alive with different items anywho yeah I love it ! But I want more updates though 😩.Version: 1.27.10

Amazing game!This game was worth every penny!! After I saw my big brother playing it I said it was dumb. But then when I got it and started playing, I was immediately addicted to it. Now, I play it every day and I never stop, writing this review, I paused the game in the middle of it, after I’m done writing this, I’m going back to my game. IT IS THE BEST!!! Play it- rock it- own it. 60 seconds! atomic adventure..Version: 1.27.8

Amazing app! A few suggestionsI literally love this game but, I would really enjoy if you could add a feature we’re u can have extra time to collect stuff many like 10 to 15 sec? Then start the 60 sec timer that would be AWSOME, other than that this app is great! I’m still tryna figure out if Mary Jane needs cockroaches or spiders to make her a mutant I tried spiders, it did not go so well 😳.Version: 1.27.8

BLUE TED?!?!Ok so I was going to write something about how I like the game but on my previous play through I had made it to day 290 (I don’t know if that has anything to do with this) and ted was the last one left with pancake and he died from starvation but it was not the normal skeleton for ted it was blue and his eyes were still there, so is that like a rare thing or something (please I need to know the answer).Version: 1.25

Bug au niveau jour 70Bonjour J'étais en train de jouer au niveau 69 et au moment de passer au jour 70, l'écran devient noir et je ne peux plus continuer Merci de me répondre.Version: 1.22

This game is amazing!I love playing and watching 60 seconds! Jay from the CubScouts is the best I’ve ever seen!.Version: 1.25.9 Mr Roboto

It is good!You can be Delores! Totally recommended! It is sort of worth the money... but I just don’t know how to get them to wear the hat that i got from the challenges. Please answer that question. 4 stars because I don’t know how to put on the hats. But other then that, AMAZING GAME!!!!.Version: 1.27.4 Ted's Army

Great game!I’ve seen reviews that say this game crashes and when I bought it, it didn’t crash. That may be because of my device but I don’t know. I like this game a lot and I recommend it to whoever needs a recommendation.🙂 Most of the reviews that say the game crashes are from 2-3 years ago so they probably fixed the bug..Version: 1.27.8

I love this gameThere’s SOO many endings and so many things you can do! Super fun. But sometimes it crashes. But not very often..Version: 1.27.9

This is a fun game !!!I love this game and all the challenges. I find it fun to play and to collect hats and costumes throughout challenges. I enjoyed this game and lot.👍.Version: 1.27.8

This the best game EVER!This game is the best post apocalyptic adventure game ever created you guys deserve 5 stars for this fun game 😉.Version: 1.27.8

AmazingGreat game, I can play this where ever i go and it doesn’t take up much space on my phone! Definitely would not refund purchase. Merci.Version: 1.27.7

Just like the one you tubers play but mobile!This is the exact same but mobile! It’s actully the best game ever. With hard challenges. 10/10.Version: 1.27.6 4th of July

It’s goodPlease make it a little bit cheaper.Version: 1.27.10

Needs polishingI was enjoying the game until it crashed on day 54. Every time I continue it crashes on the same day. I will probably never play this again knowing I could lose that kind of progress..Version: 1.22

It’s so greatThis is so worth the money it doesn’t need wi-Fi and I got it because I’m going on a 9 hour trip soon and I can already tell that is going to be great. Buy this game right now. I love it soooo much 👌.Version: 1.27.10

Worth it!!!!It’s amazing and worth every cent I play this game all the time and I love doing challenges and trying to survive!.Version: 1.27.10

BruhGood game but many glitches like one time I FED TED and the next day he became DED due to hunger..Version: 1.27.9

I want to smooch mutant Mary Jane😘💋.Version: 1.27.10

I don’t get why everyone gives bad reviewWhen I was playing the game it worked fine and I think all of these other people were playing on iPhone 1s.Version: 1.27.10

Best gameOne of the best game I never played!.Version: 1.27.10

KUBS SCOUT!!The kubs scout showed this awesome game to me!!!! go watch him on YouTube. He is so good at 60 Seconds..Version: 1.27.10

This game is so funI’ve been playing all the challenges and it’s so fun.Version: 1.27.10

GreatNo ads great. game. worth buying!.Version: 1.27.10

☺️☺️☺️☺️😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍Woah gaam nicee i play very funnae reeecamond👍👍👍👍.Version: 1.27.9

GameIt’s fun but It has like 6 endings.Version: 1.27.9

Amazing gameThe game don’t crash cause they have patch the bug but the movement are difficult.Version: 1.27.9

A++++++Amazing.Version: 1.27.9

10/10I love this game and it’s totally free and worth it!.Version: 1.27.9

This game is pretty goodThe games runs smoothly and is worth the money to buy but the app could use some more features but the app is amazing. You should get it..Version: 1.27.9

Best game everBest game ever.Version: 1.27.9

Just greatSo happy it came to mobile.Version: 1.27.9

Stop these lose money complainsRobot gentlemen worked hard for the game seeing these complains will just lose the company and what if you were the owner you would be sad for 60 seconds.Version: 1.27.9

SvpppppEst ce que on pourrait avoir un mode en ligne.Version: 1.27.8

AmazingThis is such a good game.Version: 1.27.9

HiLove.Version: 1.27.9

GreatI had this game for 2 years sometimes I have problems but I think that the $6 was Worth it.Version: 1.27.9

Love this gameI totally said just this game!.Version: 1.27.3 Trapper's Delight

FunI love the game and have ideas for new updates -new family option -new bunker option -control the character during expeditions -new bunker location -new house I love the game.Version: 1.27.8

AmazingIt works great unlike the bad reviews say.Version: 1.27.8

Very funVery fun game, but will you be adding any survival challenges?.Version: 1.27.8

Good gameThis game is a nice simple game that is a great time passer also when are you porting 60 parsecs.Version: 1.27.7

BEST GAME EVERIt’s the best! It never crashes like ppl said it did! Love it!.Version: 1.27.6 4th of July

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