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Block Blast: A perfect mix of block and jigsaw puzzle games, combining creativity with the classics! The simple control, wonderful sound effects, and a great rhythm! Block Blast will leave you wanting more!

Aside from the classical block puzzle games, you will also experience a whole new original COMBO gameplay. Drag and drop block puzzles onto the board to fill a row or column to complete elimination and clearing multiple rows or columns at once will produce a cool elimination animation as well as extra points. The more COMBOs you perform, the more points you get in block puzzle game. It is up to your logical skills and layout strategy if you want to score high points. Test your IQ and exercise your brain in block puzzle game!

Block puzzle games features:
- Simple and easy to play, suitable for all ages, excellent choice to kill time.
- No WIFI and internet connection is needed, you can enjoy block puzzle games anytime, anywhere.
- Beautiful blocks and wonderful sound effects will bring you a fantastic puzzle gaming experience.

How to play block puzzle games:
- Drag and drop the blocks onto the board and clear the block puzzles when a column or row is filled.
- We will continuously provide blocks of various shapes until there is no remaining space on the board.
- Plan your next move as you think about what block puzzles might show up.

How to become a block puzzle master:
- Instead of waiting for the perfectly shaped block puzzles, take the opportunity to free up more space and score points.
- There is no time limit in block puzzle game, so think carefully about your every move.

No matter where you are, whether you are tired, bored, or frustrated, block puzzle game will always be by your side, sweeping away the boredom and helping you relax and cheer up!

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Suggestions or Comments? Give us a shout at [email protected]. We are committed to providing you with the best block puzzle game, combined with an unparalleled gaming experience.

Block Blast! App Comments & Reviews

Block Blast! Positive Reviews

Top 3 for me.I have downloaded and installed many game apps the past few years. Literally 100dreds. only turn around and delete them immediately after the first two-three minutes of playing them. Weather it was the extreme amount of adds or just knowing immediately it's not what was advertised. This is different. Yes , there are adds. Not nearly as many as most games. And your not sitting around waiting on 2-3 minutes of adds. It's one short 15 -30 sec add. And it's only when you have exhausted your options and lost or completed your level. But the best thing about this game is that it's fun to play, it's challenging and it's addictive. When I am waiting on my mom or wife to get finished with there appointments this is my go to. Give it a shot. It's free..Version: 3.6.0

Great but needs fixing.Okay so I don’t usually write reviews but I feel this is needed to be said. I use to have an iPhone 6 that was old but it was better than nothing. I downloaded this app and played it FOREVER. It was the only game I played and since I didn’t have service on my phone(I do now) I used to play this for long car rides and stuff like that. But one day I was at my aunts playing this game and it froze completely. It stayed froze for a good 10 seconds until coming unfrozen and crashing. My high score didn’t save. I was frustrated and I didn’t play it again til the next day. The next night I was playing it and my whole entire phone was frozen. It wouldn’t unfreeze. It was stuck frozen for 1 whole hour until it finally reset. I deleted the app immediately. After a few months I got a new phone and wanted to download the app again. I haven’t had any problems but lags and ads. The ads are a big problem too. The ads are after every single game. I usually ignore the ads by exiting out of the game completely. Other then all of that it’s a good game..Version: 3.3.4

Block BlastI have come to realize that Block Blast is an extremely fun and interesting game that requires an abundance of strategy. It does become a little difficult at times, but that is just what makes it more enjoyable. However, I have noticed that every now and then it starts to play what sounds like a tampon advertisement. As a woman, I do not find this disturbing. On the other hand, the possibility of little boys downloading this game and hearing of the details of tampon insertion is not appropriate in the slightest. I wondered at first where it was coming from and even turned off the Sound and BGM options in the settings. The continuing commercial confused me even more because it was not like an add that I could see It was just a sound playing as I played the game. This has become a great inconvenience if I am trying to listen to music or watch a TV show on my phone at the same time. Overall, I love the game itself, but this is a bug that needs to be fixed..Version: 3.1.2

Could be great, but the ADs…Truly love this game. The puzzle and constant grasp to try and get further and further is great. It holds interest and is truly fun to play. However, the ADs are killing it. If I have to see another royal match AD I swear. I would love to just pay and never have to deal with it again but there’s not an option. Also, I agree with a couple of other comments I e seen. It seems like if you get on a streak and break a high score or advance some leveled they eventually give you pieces that you can’t make work no matter what. I feel like they do this to break in another opportunity to watch an AD. It really is a problem. If not corrected I will eventually have to pass on the game cause it is a major buzz kill. Also these are the ones that last a long time playing a video that you have to just wait through before it gives you the X to close out. There’s nothing you can do but wait. It’s terrible….Version: 3.0.8

Will be deletingPlayed this for awhile, and then the ads started. And not just an interruption for 10-15 seconds—LONG ads, ads that take 3,4, 5 clicks indicating I’m not interested before they finally go away; ads that last a minute or longer. Ads that are obviously of the mindset that if they show just one more screen begging me to download it, I will. Ads that refuse to accept that I don’t want what they’re selling. The game itself is ok, but just ok. It would be much better if the user could rotate the pieces (perhaps that capability is available in higher levels, but I’m not going to sit through the mind-numbing ads to get there.) Life is too short to have to deal with this. I get that ads are necessary in today’s world, but developers should have requirements before inserting them in their games. Limits on the duration and the number of ‘not interested’ clicks required before they go away. Seems like the advertisers are running the show..Version: 3.7.3

Amazing gameThis game is so fun to play when you need to pass time. I love how you don’t have to drop the blocks to the bottom, like Tetris, therefore is easier, but still challenging and fun. The only thing I would like to change about this app, would be to make less ads. When you first download it, there are like no ads at all, which was great. As you keep on playing, it starts to put in more ads. Now, after every game I play, there is an ad. Watching an ad is fine for me, I get that people need some way to get people to download their game. But sometimes I think it’s unnecessary to have too many ands. In this case, I think It’s too many. However, despite the ads, it is still very fun, and I would definitely recommend getting this app..Version: 3.8.5

Is the challenge gone?I read a similar review to the one I’m about to post. I really enjoyed the part of the game where there was always a way forward if you thought about it hard enough. The new update has now removed that thrill from the game. Now once you hit 3000 points, the game algorithm now gives you pieces that are impossible to use. Is the reason for this to force users to watch advertising more? Genuinely the reason I like this game, so much is because it gives players hope. If there is always a way to solve it, but sometimes it is harder to find this way, the knowledge that it is possible keeps you going. I have started to find that it is not possible. Once you get to around three or 4000 points, the game just shuts you down and doesn’t let you progress no matter how skilled you are. If you take away hope, then it kind of makes you resent the game, and is crazy frustrating. Even if you have a completely clear board, there is nothing you can if the game automatically gives you that cannot be used. Please return it back to how it was before the last update!!!!!! Keep hope alive !.Version: 2.9.3

Fun, but WAY too many adsI just downloaded this game over the weekend and it’s a fun quick little game. However, there are a ridiculous number of often lengthy ads to watch like every other game. It feels like I spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game and I’m already annoyed in just a short time. What’s more annoying for me personally, is that I often play games like this while listening to an audiobook on my phone, and the frequent ads are disruptive because you can’t even mute all of them, so they stop my audiobook a lot of the time. Maybe if there was one ad ever 5 or 6 games it would be more tolerable, but it is excessive at this point. I don’t see an option to pay a one time fee of a couple dollars to go ad free, but would be interested in this, because I will likely burn out on this game quickly because of the ads..Version: 3.6.0

Ok game but black screen?Very good and simple game that helps kill time, it gets that done. The ads are basically un-escapable yet there’s this random black screen like almost a pop up that appears out of nowhere as if I clicked on a pop up which I have not and it’ll remain on there. I’ll close and reopen and that takes care of it yet as time passed the black screen now pops up more frequently and quicker, I used to go a few rounds without seeing it but now it just pops up in about seconds after opening the app and this made me delete this. I have an iPhone 14 pro max, there’s no way is my phone. Other than that and the ads with no Xs to escape from or long time frames before it moves on to another add which makes me close and reopen which is quicker, everything else is decent..Version: 3.3.8

Not like the ad saysI would like to say that in the ad, it is like a Tetris game. But, when I first got it, I was like, “This game is a lot like the game Blockudoku.” I was not that thrilled with this game anymore. It is almost way too easy and I just got his game about 4 days ago. I wish it was more like the ad to where there is a timer and the block rise as the timer goes down and you have to try to fit in the blocks into the gaps to make the block go down so that it does not reach the top. Please make this game more fun because I have deleted it and I am keep playing Blockudoku which is way more fun to me because it has challenges like daily challenges, and holiday challenges. So, anyone who reads this, understand that this game is just a simple plain old block game that is nothing like Tetris, Blockudoku, etc. Thank you for reading this readers..Version: 3.7.0

New update?I love this game a lot! I race with family and friends! However the new update with the weird pieces is not hitting it for me. They are cool pieces however it always makes my game end almost immediately. Yes they are there for a challenge but for people who do not care for the challenge at all times it’s a little rough! It would be great if it was optional, but all the time it’s by great! I place everything for the normal pieces and then all of the sudden I don’t have spots! Moral of the rant the crazy pieces should be optional and be able to turn off and on! I LOVE this game however not hate just suggestions!.Version: 2.9.5

Game is okay, but he ads are crazyI like this game. I don’t think it’s totally like the ad I saw for it, but it’s an good game to waste time playing. My major issue with this game is the ads 🙄 I know that free games have ads to make revenue, but there are so many ads that it drives me nuts. If you’re playing the game and get a text message that you want to reply to, when you come back to the game you will be greeted by an ad 😡 this game has adventures, where you have to compete a certain number of puzzles within a timeframe. After each puzzle there is an ad. Some of the puzzles only require you to collect a couple gems, so you may play the game for a few seconds and then get an ad, after that ad you go back to the game and play for less than a minute and get another ad. I’d be willing to pay for the game to avoid the ads..Version: 3.4.2

Give me no ads, or give me death…I really like this game. It’s uncommon for me to like a game of this style too, but it really is one of those mindless, relaxing, play it when you can, fun games. The challenges push me to beat every level and I find myself mentally strategizing to fit the shapes. I like it a lot. BUT - I don’t see a way to opt out of ads! The ads are ruthless and happen in between every level. I find it so annoying. When I tried to see if I could purchase an ad-free experience - nothing. There’s no option to. Idk if the developers get more money from the ads this way, but I hate it. I’d seriously consider making the game ad-free optional because at some point, I’m going to find a better experience with another app..Version: 3.3.7

GET RID OF THE ADS OR ALLOW AN AD FREE VERSIONI honestly feel like the developers for this game are blatantly ignoring the MANY reviews asking for an ad free version. you’re going to absolutely kill this games market by not giving an ad free version that users could pay for to rid of. if i have to sit through another minute + ad where i have to also PLAY it in order to rid of it i’ll scream. i’ve sent emails to no avail and I’m seeing that this has been an issue for months (possibly years) now. you guys are obviously refusing to present an ad free version because you make good profit from it but PLEASE CARE ABOUT THE CONSUMERS WHO ARE PLAYING AND WILL SOON HATE THIS GAME BECAUSE OF THEM. I. AM. TIRED. other than that, very enjoyable game. just hate the ads terribly. idek how its legal that you can make someone watch minute long ads over and over..Version: 3.2.2

Not exactly how it’s advertised.While this game is fun, it is not the game advertised. This game you have a square grid that you fill in with Tetris shapes. Your goal is to simply clear lines of blocks that you have put together. You get bonus points if you can clear align within three moves. Added to your combo number. or another style is basically the same thing, what do you have certain objectives that you need to do to clear a level The reason I say it’s not advertise is that what’s advertise is a huge Texas game. Nowhere have I seen that. Enjoy the game or not. But this company did the same thing. Most other companies are doing false advertising of their game. Disappointed I was looking forward to, the game that was played in the ad. Haven’t decided if I’m keeping it or not..Version: 3.8.3

Love the game, but Ads!!The game is fun and I love the classic and adventure modes. The ads between levels are sporadic, but just often enough to be annoying. When you almost lose a level and can watch an ad to be back in with a possible save, those I can understand. When I close the app before the ad comes, and I reopen the app the next day or some other time, I have to sit through an ad before I can play. I would love an ad-free version. Where I only have to watch an ad if I need to revive a level. I’m honestly so sick of ads to Royal Match and if the ads didn’t open with sound on, that’d be great. I’m often playing in a waiting room or somewhere it’s inappropriate to have sound up..Version: 3.7.1

Game is GREAT — Ads are notThis game has quickly become one of my favorites. The ads, however, make it unplayable sometimes. Open the game? Ad. Between levels? Ad. Have to start the level over? Ad. Have to step away for a moment and the screen locks? Ad. I get it — a free game needs some way to make revenue. But 98% of the ads cut off the sound of whatever I’m listening to and make it to where I can’t just swipe down and resume playing my book or music. I have to leave the game to restart it and then half the time I get another ad! I’d love an option to pay a couple bucks to get rid of them — it would be worth it. Or even just make it to where the ads don’t cut out the sound of whatever the phone is already playing..Version: 3.7.1

Love the game HOWEVERI love this game. It’s very addicting however I have one problem other than all the adds. It kills your battery. My battery will be at 100% when I start playing then after 20 minutes of game play my battery will be down at 80%. I checked my battery usage for the last couple days and this game was responsible for 35% of battery usages. Every other app was between 1% and 7%. And some of the games I have I use just as much if not more than this game. Would love to keep this game however unless they fix the battery consumption issue I am going to delete it because I can’t afford to have my battery completely killed because of having to charge it so often due to this game..Version: 3.0.8

Still very much addicted..just a little less😂I rarely write reviews, but the new update may have faults…unless my eyes just aren’t seeing what the programming does. Sometimes the pieces I’m getting give me no way to continue. Before I offloaded the game my highest score was at least 30,000, now I can barely break 2,000 and my highest is 4,513. I know sometimes I miscalculate, but it seems like I’m alwaysgiven the ‘T’, ‘U’ and ‘+’ pieces when I have nowhere to put them. Also, it would be cool if the game had different looks, for lack of a better word, like some of the ads I’ve seen on Instagram. I had the game before I saw the ad, so I knew it was nothing like it..Version: 2.8.5

Updated Version of the gameThe game is an easy 5 star but with the recent update I had to give it a 4 star. I loved the game because it was satisfying and I knew that it is a great game to help me cope with my anxiety and distract me from everything else that is going on! Here’s why I gave it a 4 star though, first, the voice changed to a guy and it scared me and now he’s very anoying and very much not a comfort to me at all. Second, the creators added more block pieces to make it easier and it sounds good but to me it made me feel like I wasn’t doing as good as I should’ve because I beat my high score on the game and it made me feel like Idk the challenge is now wayyy too easy..Version: 2.7.9

Block BlastI am new to this game and I believe I am going to enjoy it. However those constant ads for other games are ruining my game. More time is spent on these numerous ads than I spend on my new game. If there is a way to get rid of, cancel, or eliminate these ads, I would greatly appreciate it. I am now UNABLE to play this game. It has been overtaken by stupid ads. I would be willing to pay to remove them (I paid $10. To Scramble to remove these annoying ads). Otherwise, I might have to stop playing with your game since these ads make it impossible to enjoy playing..Version: 3.2.1

READSo I just want to put this out there, this game slays! It has no adds and it’s super easy to play, my daughter has spent hours on hours playing this game and I see a change in her, now she’s cleaning her room when I don’t ask her to and doing chores, I wanted to see what was going on because it was unusual for her to do stuff without asking. So I went on the game and started playing, and now I see a change in myself, if you or anyone in your household plays this game in there free time, they will do more chores and many more things, I 100% recommend this game.Version: 3.1.5

Too Many Ads!I enjoy playing this game but there are waaaaay too many ads in it!! I beat a level? I have to watch an ad. I couldn’t beat a level? Still have to watch an ad! Can’t move forward in any way without dealing with these annoying ads constantly! And most of them, as of April 2023, are for a stupid game called Royal Match. I’ve actually tried Royal Match and didn’t like it. It’s nowhere near as interesting as the ads make it seem. It’s a boring and irritating game. If you could make it possible for players to turn off all the ads, I’d be willing to pay $3 or $5 to see NO MORE ADS! That’s how much I hate the constant ads, this really makes the game much less enjoyable..Version: 3.0.2

Fine other than one thing!It’s a good game. I can just say this game is addicting, simple, and very fun and satisfying. Also I need to say that I appreciate that the game’s ads don’t make it completely entirely unplayable, But at some point during the game, it all becomes luck based and the game will give you random blocks where there will no longer be a logical way to to fit in the tiles in adventure and classic mode. You can’t rotate the tiles to fit elsewhere. Why do they give players tiles that don’t fit their board??? It makes no sense??? Once you lose, you get punished by having to watch an ad before going to the next round. That’s all very annoying, and unfair, and not the players fault..Version: 2.6.7

I want to be able to see the time and use dynamic islandIt’s okay. Like another reviewer said, the advertised game I have yet to see. Maybe it’s later in adventure mode? Idk. But what I want is to be able to see the clock at the top of the screen and to be able to use the dynamic island. For example, if a song is playing in one of my music apps, and I want to go check out what the song is, or to stop the music or skip a song, I can usually just tap the dynamic island, but I can’t in this app. And just a heads up for anyone who wants to play this: there is a long ad between every try and level. Also, it shows in app store that I can connect to gamecenter, but how?.Version: 3.7.9

LeoThe game was better with the challenge as everyone is telling you. The adds are crazy long and when they take over my phone I have no use to even try the game they are selling. I’ve waited more than 30 minutes and still have to reboot my device? Unfortunately I finally deleted the game. I don’t mind adds but when it takes control of my phone and I have to reboot my phone to get out of the add , that’s asking a little to much of me. Hopefully you will fix these issues and post it so I can download this fun and relaxing game..Version: 3.0.6

WHY ALL THE NOISE??I really enjoy playing this game. I understand your need to have ads, even though there’s anywhere b/t 1.5 -2 mins after each level (and leeks are short) I’m okay w- that bc I’m not paying. What drives me crazy is the loud ads that you can Not turn off. By “turn off” I mean, play w- your phones power button turned Off so the ads won’t blare out if you’re playing in a public place or while in bed. Even w- my phone shut off, the loud ads still blast into the silence. Sometimes you can’t even shut them off when they start playing & if you close out the game, the add will STILL continue playing. What’s up with that? Please fix this..Version: 3.3.2

Great game, but freezesThis is a great game and enjoyable to play, but it freezes constantly and will not reset, making device restarts necessary with every crash. It appears to be tied to the overly sensitive ad bar. If you accidentally touch the bottom ad bar during play, especially if you’re trying to place an element, you come back to a frozen game, often with the last element you placed hanging in limbo. If the issue was fixed, I would rate this game at five stars. Frustration abounds instead. I would recommend moving the ad bar to another location or adjusting its sensitivity and a built in game reset for clumsy players gaming on small screens. Thanks for reading..Version: 3.6.3

Block bustI can’t even find the words for this game, but I’m going to try. If you’re contemplating getting this app don’t think twice. Get. This. App. You’re life will never be the same. This game me and my friends refer to as block buster. We are constantly always busting blocks. This game has saved me in every way a person can be saved. TIP: if you don’t want to watch adds just turn your phone on airplane mode so not only will you get zero adds, you also can just block out the rest of the world and focus on block blasting. Thank you.Version: 3.6.3

Too many adds!!!Block blast is an amazing game for anyone who is looking for a game to challenge they’re brain but then to also have it be fun. There is just one problem I have with the game that makes me lean towards playing other games than this game. That is that there are so many adds. Every five minutes there is another add. And anytime you mess up and decide to revive there is an add. And if you don’t want to revive, you still have to watch an add. There are way too many adds that I am over playing the game because of the adds!.Version: 3.6.3

Fun and addictive but adsThis game is so fun and I pull it up whenever I’m bored. It never gets boring and the designs and animations are incredible. However, after every game, there is a commercial. I thought that if you didn’t click the “reprise” button, then you wouldn’t have to watch an ad! But boy was I wrong!!! I had to watch an ad anyways, and the audacity of the commercials! They would not let me skip! I am very disappointed in how many commercials this game has produced but the game itself is wonderful. If anyone who is in corporation of this game is reading this review, please let some of the ads go..Version: 2.9.2

Love this gameI absolutely love this game I’m addicted! What I really dislike about this app is after every single game there are long and super annoying and aggravating commercials! Sick to death of them! 🤬🤬🤬It forces me to delete the app and re download just to be able to play a few in a row! We shouldn’t have to go through all of that and if I didn’t like this Game so much I wouldn’t put myself through it! I would seriously pay not to have these ads and continue playing the game and enjoying it as much as I do! Please stop all the commercials after every single game is beyond ridiculous!.Version: 3.5.7

Game has so much potentialOkay, so i genuinely enjoy playing this game. the concept is fun and it’s a great way to pass time. however, this game has one massive drawback i’ve noticed that is so frustrating. there are certain shapes it will give you at the beginning that once you pass about 500 in score won’t give you any more. i’m talking about the single squares and diagonal squares that would save me so many rounds if i got them at later rounds. the game will start giving you shapes around the 1500 score that will auto fail you. highest i’ve ever gotten is 5300. i also would pay for an add free version if they had it but they don’t. i hate watching ads..Version: 3.2.6

Why I like this gameThis game helps call me down. helps me go to sleep..Version: 2.9.4

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!This is literally so fun I love it I keep on getting high scores so fun!.Version: 3.5.5

FrustratedI also love this game but the Ads are way too much. I should at least have the option to pay for ads free. If this doesn’t change I too will delete this app!.Version: 2.8.5

Ads are too longThe game is great but the ads and length of each ad is ridiculous. The fact that you have to wait for the ad, then click to get out of the download option and then wait again is enough to make me delete this game..Version: 2.7.9

ConstructifBonjour J’apprécie vraiment ce jeu par contre je sais pas pkoi que je dois recommencer au niveau 1 quand je suis rendue au niveau ex: 94 vous pouvez m’expliquer pourquoi merci.Version: 3.8.0

Great Game but had to delete, the ads were too much.The ads take a few minutes…. Not seconds which was way too constant and long. I deleted the app..Version: 3.3.5

Very addictive gameA very addictive game you could play for hours.Version: 3.8.5

Ads are too longThis game is great but I can’t stand working through the lengthy ads- especially for Royal Match! Way too annoying to stick with the game..Version: 2.9.8

I likeI like this game so far I’ve only had for like a day but it’s good. There’s no ads that I know of helps you sleep a little..Version: 3.8.5

Thank you for bringing it backOK I already wrote a review. You wanted me to send it now please Wow.Version: 3.8.5

Block blastSoooo relax.Version: 3.8.5

Kinda not as good but almost better then RobloxThis game is so fun it’s like my new game Roblox will always be in my heart this game is almost as better as Roblox it’s in the middle like this 😖😖 that’s how good this game is.Version: 3.8.3

Good gameA little different from ads but good game..Version: 3.8.3

So funIt was not like any of the ads but still very fun.Version: 3.8.3

Block blastingI want to kill myself thanks to block blast.Version: 3.8.3

Love this gameIt’s very calming, yet challenging, Keeps me 3.8.3

Best game everBest game because no WIFI and no ads I think super Cool!!.Version: 3.8.3

SketchyGreat game at first no ads perfectly find good gameplay then it asked you to review. At that point i would have given 5 stars but i decided to play the game more. Then it was ad to revive perfectly fine ok whatever. Then ad after every damm round like every other game. Be consistent either lots of ads or no ads..Version: 3.8.3

AlyssaThe first time I saw this game I thought wow I need to play I played then I got addicted never in my lifetime seen a better game..Version: 3.8.3

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