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Roblox Positive Reviews

Love this game butI love this game but I want a few changes like when you get Sccamed got scammed with my riding dog also when I want to play mermaid alpha I let a year to let me which makes sad that I can not play so pls let me know and in need to get tonic but when I was trading I lost my800robux let me know if I get it back but I deleted this game because it’s kind of dangerous when you chat with other people that you don’t know because you can play Roblox in any 80s because nobody will know but I think it’s kind of dangerous when you text people and they actually asked me once this girl asked me to call her I did not know her so I would like that to be changed like to check other peoples faces and age and make them real Siri not dangerous and also I don’t know but I’ve heard 2020 now that’s roblox third become a bunch of group scammers so I want to do you to unblock the scammers so they can open so they cannot scam us anymore because somebody scammed me for my fly penguin and my ride dog and my fly ride neon UNI and also when we asked to say one number is Blake can you change that because you’re trying to say a number like if you sometimes I play with my friends teachers 1+1 or math equations but it doesn’t let me say a number or like I want one it won’t let me say it I want some of those like to my friends. And I don’t like when people make avatars and then delete it after like we paid for it! Like if hey delete we need a refund! It’s not fair for that.Version: 2.570.563

Love it!I love this game SO MUCH! But there is one problem. It is SO EASY to have your account get hacked. Some people don’t get their accounts back and others are lucky enough to. I’ve gotten my account hacked 4 times. Each time I was lucky enough to gain my account back. But this may not be the same for some users. So I have one tip for everyone out there! If you’re going to use traderie, be EXTREMELY careful for links! Even if the person SEEMS real, or it seems legit, please don’t click on the link to their profile!! If you do, do NOT sign in, PLEASE. They will have your account info if you sign in on the website link they sent you. Just ask them for their account name and search it up, if it doesn’t show up, they’re probably trying to get you to sign in there and steal your account info! All I ask, is be extremely careful. If you get hacked for items on a game, be careful! Check all your inventory. I’ve gotten hacked 2 times for that, too! I didn’t get my items back. But if you get your account hacked, search up something on YT or contact Roblox Support. They’ll most likely ask for evidence you own the account, so even if your account isn’t hacked, always gain evidence WHILE playing! I have friends this has happened to, and sadly, they had no evidence to prove it. I love, love, love this game! Just don’t spend too much money because if your account gets hacked, you may never get it back and lose all that money. Thanks for reading. That’s all!.Version: 2.566.546

Would be five star game…First off, I’d like to say how good this app is for all desktops. It was frankly amazing. I made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun for the 10 years I’ve had it now. The games are great, and for the most part, it’s family friendly. (Parents, if you have a child that is under like, 8, make sure to use the right chat settings.) I love Roblox, but that doesn’t mean I am blind to the issues. One issue is the chat filters. I remember using my little cousins account, don’t ask, and everything I typed was filtered, even the ones that said words like ‘is’ but then things that have no place on Roblox like the word: H*ll. I don’t know if it was a glitch, but generally, Roblox chat filters are known to be inaccurate, and well, glitchy. Don’t get me wrong, they have never (unless from a glitch) had swear words come through in chat without being filtered. Another thing is outside applications. I see so many Roblox groups that use an app like discord to function. I don’t think that is fair to the younger kids on the platform. My final issue is reporting. I understand, you don’t have a million moderators to check each and every report, but the at least have priority reports or something such as that, where you may have a type of report that is bigger than others such as a racism report, or a harassment. I apologize for this long review, but overall, Roblox is a great game for kids to start getting out there in online games..Version: 2.571.526

The issues . What I love about RobloxIt should not have roebucks not everybody can afford it notEverybody can afford it God bless you everybody have money but not everybody can afford it sometimes you can’t afford it and don’t think about that outside think about the inside don’t worry everything is gonna be just as right as long as you are in your heartAnd listening to your heart everything is going to be all right. what I love about Roblox is that you can play any game you can’t and there is millions and millions of games on Roblox you can do at least anything you have thought about you can play Brookhaven adopt me welcome to the store you can play everything or you can play doctor you can play anything don’t listen something somebody told you to do to another person that is very bad listen to your heart and always everybody’s going to be there for you. You can play thousands and thousands of games just if everybody listens to their heart everything will be OK if you are always there nobody would be sad everybody would be nice good and God bless youEvery time you do something bad it will never and you need everybody to to support you God bless you and I hope you had the best day ever having roebucks but sometimes you don’t have those roebucks thousand and thousands of games gonna be OK if nobody would be sad sad but I hope you have a good day. God bless you. I love you as much but you cannot play if you don’t have Robux welcome to Brocks board as everybody loves..Version: 2.566.546

PLEASE READI love Roblox, it’s a fun game, but when I’m trying to say something that isn’t mean or inappropriate, like Look, it’ll block it out. That’s annoying because if I’m trying to communicate with my friends, I can’t. Also, when I’m on the Home Screen picking out a game to play, it’ll just kick me out a return me to my Home Screen. Also, if a player does do something inappropriate, they should automatically be banned, a player shouldn’t have to report them. Like a couple months ago, I was playing a game, and sometimes your clothes don’t spawn in right away, and a player didn’t have clothes on, and was running around, I know this was not the players fault, but please fix that because it is inappropriate. Also, in some games, real words, like “the” and “that” and stuff get blocked out, but like the H word won’t get blocked out. I should be required that when a player makes a game, that you can’t swear and you can say stuff like “the” and “that.” Also, you can’t earn robux except by money which I find dumb, like some games you need to play robux to get in, and I’m okay with that, except you need to buy robux and they are way overpriced. The game is super fun, and it has many games inside one, and it is probably the most played game. The game is enjoyable and you can play different genres. Like, farming, war, real life, and more. Please fix those bugs and glitches that I mentioned and it will be more enjoyable. Thanks for reading this!.Version: 2.563.390

RobloxI love the game, lots of cool things to do and your never bored. Although I understand why you need to tag out chats but sometimes it gets out of hand, occasionally I will try to say a sentence and the entire thing will be bleeped out because I said a word that could be used as a substitute for a cuss word, I feel like the game would be more likable if you had sentence checkers that check the entire sentence and decide if it's inappropriate before tagging the sentence out for one word that's in it. Also you need to actually acknowledge the reports people send there are many predators, hackers, exploiters, and scammers that l've reported that are still out and about not banned temporarily or permanently and could still be out there doing what I reported them for doing. Besides that I really enjoy this game and love spending my free time on it and I really recommend. One thing I do like is the voice chat feature l'm glad it's 13+ so the cussing in it won't effect younger players and from my experience SO FAR I have not met any predators and the people I've interacted with have been pretty funny and cool to talk to, although warning to people who are able to get it the people on it tend to have dark humor or can occasionally be mean at times so just keep that in mind. Overall this is an amazing game and if your thinking about joining this community do it because I've had a lot of amazing experiences with others and have made dozens for triends..Version: 2.568.524

Yes1love the game, lots of cool things to do and your never bored. Although I understand why you need to tag out chats but sometimes it gets out of hand, occasionally I will try to say a sentence and the entire thing will be bleeped out because I said a word that could be used as a substitute for a cuss word, I feel like the game would be more likable if you had sentence checkers that check the entire sentence and decide if it's inappropriate before tagging the sentence out for one word that's in it. Also you need to actually acknowledge the reports people send there are many predators, hackers, exploiters, and scammers that I've reported that are still out and about not banned temporarily or permanently and could still be out there doing what I reported them for doing. Besides that I really enjoy this game and love spending my free time on it and I really recommend. One thing I do like is the voice chat feature I'm glad it's 13+ so the cussing in it won't effect younger players and from my experience SO FAR I have not met any predators and the people I've interacted with have been pretty funny and cool to talk to, although warning to people who are able to get it the people on it tend to have dark humor or can occasionally be mean at times so just keep that in mind. Overall this is an amazing game and if your thinking about joining this community do it because l've had a lot of amazing experiences with others and have made dozens for friends..Version: 2.566.545

I love this game but I’m having some problems!I love Roblox,but there are some problems. Let’s start with the basics. For example: people who do talk or act inappropriately gets on my nerves, whether they do it on purpose or not. Nobody wants to see those nasty things in the chat! Chatting is okay but people are allowed to say “Babe” and it gets on my nerves just seeing these things in the chat! These online daters need to stop! It’s bad and you don’t know who they really are. It could be a 45 year old man or woman trying to find out personal information about a child! They could ask for an address or anything related to a players location. So I beg you, try your best to tag these things out! Number 2, CLONES! If there is a really good game on Roblox, the mimic for example, another person will clone that game and people will fall for it. 3-fake thumbnails! If I see a game that I’m interested in, I will play it, but sometimes it shows up as a whole other thing, like if it was “chess!” I will play it. And it will be some james Charles obby. Which really gets on my nerves! 4- scams! Onetime when I was younger I bought admin in an obby. I tried to use an admin command and it didn’t work! But I love Roblox, it a really fun game! At least fix 1, and 4! Thank you so much for reading my report whether your a Roblox worker or not! I want people to learn from this! Thank you so much😁❤️💚💛 And happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas! It. Anything else you celebrate in December!💙❄️☃️.Version: 2.555.874

I love it but…Just some games aren’t being closed like Brookhaven people love it but there’s just so many online daters and if you report it nothing really happens so they should just shut that down sorry people who love Brookhaven but that’s just for online daters. Also adopt me that’s just the same but also when you get scammed the owners won’t care at all like you can’t really play if you get scammed and that pet that you loved that person just scammed you for it and so owners won’t care anything about you getting scammed, even if they set up that thing where it shows you to report that you got scammed they even made that, so what’s the point in having that if you aren’t going to do anything about it owners like you’re making other people sad if you just don’t help them because they get scammed. A game I don’t like is some of the tycoons only because they don’t save for you and if you just spend all your time doing that what’s the point of doing that since you can’t really do anything but some games I get why but some other games I don’t get at all, so why are some people not talking about them and why they aren’t saving people still play them so why are they so happy plane when they don’t even say so after you’re done doing whatever and you come join back on that game I won’t be there. That’s what I wanted to talk about I hope I didn’t hurt any of y’all’s feelings because I want you to have a nice day. ☺️😄😃😁.Version: 2.574.445

Cool game1 love the game, lots of cool things to do and your never bored. Although I understand why you need to tag out chats but sometimes it gets out of hand, occasionally I will try to say a sentence and the entire thing will be bleeped out because I said a word that could be used as a substitute for a cuss word, I feel like the game would be more likable if you had sentence checkers that check the entire sentence and decide if it's inappropriate before tagging the sentence out for one word that's in it. Also you need to actually acknowledge the reports people send there are many predators, hackers, exploiters, and scammers that I've reported that are still out and about not banned temporarily or permanently and could still be out there doing what I reported them for doing. Besides that I really enjoy this game and love spending my free time on it and I really recommend. One thing I do like is the voice chat feature I'm glad it's 13+ so the cussing in it won't effect younger players and from my experience SO FAR I have not met any predators and the people I've interacted with have been pretty funny and cool to talk to, although warning to people who are able to get it the people on it tend to have dark humor or can occasionally be mean at times so just keep that in mind. Overall this is an amazing game and if your thinking about joining this community do it because I've had a lot of amazing experiences with others and ALA Car Catam.Version: 2.565.360

Amazing app for all agesRoblox is an amazing app for all ages. For any adult you do not want the kids being exposed to any kind of language in the chat there is settings that can change how your kids use the app. Kids can have so much fun on this app you can play games and sometimes create your own games. Roblox has holiday updates from time to time there is Christmas updates Halloween updates and so much more in most games. there are thousands of games on Roblox. You can explore so much with this app I definitely recommend getting it I’ll play it every day. You can add friends with a limit of 230 and you can play games with them as long as you want. there are many different category games for many people who like different games horror games fun games Abi games and mystery games and much more for kids to explore. I rate Roblox a 10 out of 10. One issue that there is with Roblox is that when there is a problem Roblox gives me the option to report it to report a player. But when you report something Roblox never pays attention to in fact they most of the time ignore it or never see it I just wish the report button would be removed if people can’t use it or if the Roblox app is not going to pay attention to it. I would really appreciate if Roblox started reading reports and banning players that did something seriously wrong. But other than that Roblox is an amazing app. I recommend playing it..Version: 2.555.874

:)I would like to say that i absolutely love this game its fun and a good game to play with friends and to make friends. but its annoying because of the chat. the people. the avatar. the verifications. you cant type anything in the chat box without it getting tagged and its annoying because its not even bad. and the people are always so rude and bullys and they think its funny but its rlly not and when i report them for it nothing happens but when i get reported once i get banned. i got banned for saying 'hi:)' and theres a exploiters/hackers in almost every game you cant have any fun anymore w them and u report them and nothing happens. and in the avatar thing yall need to get refund thing because im tired of joining a game and seeing half my stuff is deleted and the message to get the refund on those. what.? 2 deleted piece of clothing it comes like every year and its tiring bc i want my robux back and if i dont want an item we should be able to delete it and get robux back, and people are making their avatars inappropriate, and again nobodys getting banned. and about the verifications, i cant verify my age for some reason because ive done tried 3-5 times and they all said 'verification completed' and then when i go back to roblox it says it failed and that i needa wait 7 days to do another one. also about the 7 day thing why should i wait 7 days to change my display name its just plain out stupid and gets on my nerves..Version: 2.533.253

Amazing game! One issue though…Roblox is the perfect game. Probably one of the best out there. So why not 5 stars? Well the problem isn’t with Roblox itself, but rather just the mobile version. The issue has to do with the shop, and recent developments making it very difficult to find what you are looking for within it. The problem has to do with the clothing section of the shop. With the new layered clothing that Roblox added, they appear in the same section as normal clothes. Which is the problem… Roblox only has 10 sections for price gauging. For reference mostly all normal clothes cost 5 robux a piece. Now when you try to search up a specific clothing item, instead of what your looking for, you get every single layered piece of clothing even remotely related to what you looked for. Which makes it impossible to find what your actual looking for. I’ve tried multiple loopholes, such as the price low to high option. Which just shows you an absolute landfill of random 2-3 robux T-shirts that nobody wants. And you can’t even just be direct with what you want in the filters. When your equipping clothes, it is divided into different sections of clothes. But that doesn’t exist in the searching system instead. I’m not sure what I stand to gain from making this complaint because nobody will see it. But I think roblox mobile could really benefit from an update that integrates new search options etc that could allow players to be more specific with what they want..Version: 2.548.523

Roblox this is amazingEver since I started playing Roblox it’s always been the best game but even the Roblox app you have to pay for Robux I wish when you started off you could get 50 robux at least and you can send your birthday and when it is your birthday then you could have 100 robux and I wish on some games that you could not all numbers and stuff will be out and you can actually type them cussing words would not be allowed and they fix their bugs more and a lot of games cause a lot of games still have books and for people on mobile phones or iPads or anything they should be able to build games and make games to but now let’s talk about our pros in Roblox Roblox has a mini game and it’s super fun away for you expressed yourself if you aren’t like a person who can express their self in public and in person in real life it is a very fun do you play Roblox and do everything to text your friends if you know if things are going well at home and you can’t see your phone it’s an amazing way to connect with your friends or play games with your friends and contacts your friends is very nice and fun game and you can express your character what you want to look like in real life or anything like if you can just like you want to in real life that’s what people just like that in Roblox and they can have their own character and everything is it Roblox is a very amazing and I totally recommend it!.Version: 2.529.367

It’s great that’s what I give it five stars even though it needs some updatesRoblox is a very good game so if you’re very anxious of making friends you can just make them on Roblox a lot of fun games on Roblox and you can customize your avatar however you want and if someone’s being rude to you or something you can report them that’s my favorite thing and I love all the updates but I hope the oof sound will come back Roblox I hope you read this you anyways with the things could you please fix number one I tried to play the spray paint game but it immediately kicked me out could you please fix that I really want to play it anyways the next thing I know some people have been through this too when I’m making my every time it removes my thing for no exact reason even though it’s not deleted or somethings that removed nothing got removed and also roblox is just a very fun game this is very long I don’t know what to do so just read this for your own help if you want a very long passage about Roblox and I hope you fix these glitches anyways it’s so good I love the art style I love all the games there’s about 100 or so and so many players get me I love Roblox I’ve been through typing every single thing that Roblox needs to fix and what they don’t need to fix anyways this is all for the paragraph or whatever this is. It still is and I DID’T GET BAN SO IDK WHAT THAT IS ABOUT SO PLS FIX IT IM TALKING ABOUT THE SPAY PAINT GAME and that’s all.Version: 2.558.227

😍😆💙❤️Rahaf Rating Roblox how fun it is ❤️💜🤩😝I love this game this is the only game I mostly play who ever made this game is the best and Ty for making this fun game I really LOVE IT ! It’s like the best when I first played this game I started to like it and than my dad buyed me some Robux of corse !😂 and than I started to play it a lot and Ty for make a good age so also kids can play this game is like so famous. Love THIS!!! 🤩 🫶🏻❤️❤️also u can make a lot of friends I already have like 200 friends and of corse it’s already max 😢 but it’s still FUN 😆and it’s good having friends in Roblox and I can never get bored of Roblox .it have like 40 million games and u can’t get bored of them it basically have all of the games in App Store it also have it self ! And Roblox is the funnest game ever I like Roblox it’s the best. u can’t say it’s NOT. I even like it as a teenager also a adult maybe and I been playing Roblox for years maybe like when I was 3? I think idk but it’s still the best game EVER!!!✌🏻❤️✌🏻❤️✌🏻and now imma talk about the stuff I hate about Roblox so like when u have Robux and u buy an outfit and than a few days later it already deleted and when u want more friends but u can’t 200 is the max thing I wish they made it like to 1000 or more and like when u want to say the people real name it don’t show and u can’t tell people about where u live and ur house number and ur real name ugh🙄🙄 and that’s what I hate about Roblox but I still love IT 😍.Version: 2.572.482

I love RobloxI love Roblox. But I think their could be some changes. I was reading other peoples reviews and I was really agreeing with them. I’m gonna go through most Important to least important. First I would like to say that exploiting and bullying and all that stuff are not being handled that well. People are always bullying me my friends and family. And I’m getting really mad about it. I have two accounts that I play on. And this account I’m typing on is actually new. And I’ve already had some people who were bullying. I think that exploiting to is not being handled well. I have had a friend who has been hacked 7 times. I think that should be handled better. And I have an idea. If something like bullying and exploiting are detected then that person should be banned emidietly. I don’t think people should have to report. Because what if the person leaves the game and you can’t report him or her. That is one of the problems. Another problem on Roblox is that some words that are appropriate are being hashtaged. While the f word s word and h word are not being hashtaged. I think people need to check if the word is appropriate or inappropriate. Another problem is that robux is starting to make people mad. People without robux really want robux. I think you should do a trial where every player gets 2000 robux a month. But overall I love Roblox a lot but it would be much better if you suggested my improvements..Version: 2.568.524

To people thinking about Quitting Roblox<3Hi My Name is Ella I’ve been playing Roblox for about 5 years Now And I left it For 1 year I decided to Get it back and I thought about deleted it because My family said Roblox is a waste of time and money and said I need to have real friends but Of course not all irl Friendships workout I’ve met some amazing people On here and yes I am Safe about who I add and give my personal info too But One thing that made me go back to Roblox is I saw this on someone’s Bio I’m not original with saying this But I would like to Spread this to All Roblox Players! If you ever think about quitting Roblox Remember Why you Started I’ve been scammed a lot of times and also Met people on here That weren’t that nice but I’ll Tell to You Roblox is one of the best games I’ve ever had My dad was like there’s better games than Roblox but I’ve tried so many games out and they all were blah didn’t like them no matter how hard I tried to find smh different Roblox has millions of games on it Roblox is a wonderful Platform<3 And the experiences I’ve learned is Your gonna Bump Into people that lie scam Pretend to be your friend and other reasons but it’s Teached me to learn from my mistakes And for a year I deleted it Because My family said it was bad for me and I lisented to Them but They were wrong Roblox is one of the best things that I bumped into to but I like I Said if you ever Think about Quitting remember Why you started From Ella💕.Version: 2.542.509

I love this game so so muchThis game is so fun you can make virtual friends and see if you know a friend and they have Roblox but you’re not their friend on Roblox ha ha, you can ask them to be your friend on Roblox you have many good games on Roblox but it’s really really good but the one game that I think I don’t like is the granny that does not even move does not touch well that’s what I don’t like I love random and yeah but still I’m really happy that Roblox was titled in 18 something or 19 something I don’t care so yeah you can get your phone numbers like y’all can call and you know them often called is a chat thing I love Roblox it’s a really fun game you make virtual friends I love when you get when you guys can make virtual friends and me and my friend so I love how you guys are supporting Roblox like this because I had so much trouble in Roblox but it’s OK do you know where it is is how you guys are supporting Roblox like this because I had so much trouble in Roblox but it’s OK there’s no more issues now there’s no more issues now with Roblox so now we can just have fun player games and have fun this is a good good game so yeah. And when there is so so so much fun games you your friend everybody can play because of you guys you guys can laugh I can sing like whatever there’s so much games like I like among us MM to a.k.a. murder mystery mow the lawn get real money from him there’s granny there’s Jenna yeah so yeah well I just love Roblox so bye peace out..Version: 2.539.400

My opinionI love Roblox and Iv had many different accounts and every time I play it's a wonderful experience. Almost every friend I have has Roblox and that's why I downloaded a couple years ago. I love it very much and I love how someone can create so much games just from there mind. There's just a couple problems I have with it. Sometimes when I'm about to play I log on and it makes me login or sign up like the first time I did. It's very frustrating because then I have to remember my password and all or I just have to make a knew account. And the other problem is that u need to have wifi to play. Like I know it's a online game and all it's just someone's people don't always have wifi so I think they should make it to a game where anyone can play at anytime but it's just a suggestion. Last problem I have like last last one is Robux like you shouldn't have to pay for it when there's little kids playing and people do bully and most people don't report them and I don't know why but when a person is a bacon or just doesn't have any robux they get bullied for it and I just think they should have someone operating the game to make sure it doesn't happen. And there's hacking because people can't get robux so they hack other people and then it's a Hobbie for them but that's it I still really think this is a game I recommend for your kids and I just love it so much and I know other people do to! ).Version: 2.531.422

Not sure to let your kids play roblox?? Read thisI have been playing since I was just a little boy, and I love this game. This game provides many different options, including the option to have games for all ages, 9 and up, 13+, and many more, also, some games that may be gory, or just seemingly inappropriate for some players, will be eliminated from the use of children, it will automatically kick the kids out who aren’t at the right age verification. There is no inappropriate games, and Roblox is not realistic at all, some games have realistic cars, or stuff like that, but blood looks like a spilled open pixilated ketchup packet. Roblox offers voice chat for 13+ as of now, that may be changed in the future though. There is a chat feature that can be turned off with very simple parental controls, but don’t worry, you can’t even type anything your young children don’t need to see. I hope this helps and Roblox is really a great website whether you choose to let your kids play it or not. You can see the history of your kids recently played, just click the app, and it will show all the games your kids have been playing through the past month or so. I really hope this helps, and if you are wondering, “should I let my kids have Roblox”, I would do it. Oh and one last thing, if your kids ask for robux, save the misery, and just do it. Robux is online money. Hope this helps!!.Version: 2.559.373

Great game but some improvements could be madeOkay. first off, this game is absolutely amazing, but there are some things I wish would change. number one is that one glitch. you know when ur movin ur joystick but it also moves the camera? this happens a lot when I playin games that don’t save ur progress. number two, report problems. there was this one time when I was playin adopt me with one of my besties on the phone. then she starts to say that there was a game called “pick a door” at a house. i knew something was up, but she had been my friend for a while so I trusted that nothin was wrong. then I basically sat in the house walkin in and out of the room , then I start being annoying so they choose me. THEN I GET SCAMMED OF A 500 ROBUX PET. so yeah bestie get real mad , same as me, then we start reporting. several times. and yes I know there are a lot of people being reported, but maybe you need someone to look at reports. constantly. anyway movin on. number three, last but not least, the chat filter. i play gacha online, like, a lot so that means I chat a lot. so I’ve experienced this numerous times. like I’m goin to be chattin “ hey was-up” then that sentence turns into “hey ### #” like, dude. nothin was wrong with that sentence. and then that forces me to say “w a s. up “ then I get “# # # #p” dude why is this gettin tagged? maybe you need to get a person to look at the sentences instead of just AI. anyway that’s all for me peace. ✌️.Version: 2.555.874

My helpful ideas again 😀Well hello again! I’m here to give more ideas, and that roblox asked me to rate their app if I enjoy it. So anywayssss, my ideas would to be adding more stuff in the catalog I know you guys already have so much stuff, but I’m adding ideas of what you could add in the catalog! And also about the verify age thing, CHANGE IT, people like my mom or their parents been saying it’s to get more information and know where the player lives, I almost had to quit roblox because of that little incident, now please change the ID thing on verify to something that’d be easy for kids to do, because technically it’s saying I’m a adult. :’) fix it. Anyways my ideas are if you could perhaps add a moderator report button where you can call a moderator in the game or server by leaving a little comment and if one’s online, and reads the comment and hears what’s happening, the moderator will come. Another idea perhaps for the catalog background again anyways maybe choose some images of pretty flowers or bands or ya know anything? And then they can change their background on their main menu and catalog. It’ll get more people trust me! Just nothing inappropriate. And perhaps don’t let the person edit the images you put on or create an image if you can’t censor some nasty things out of it, or drawings. Well that’s all I have today, feel free to respond to me and ask me for some more ideas. From:Paige.Version: 2.535.277

Y’all CrazyI’m over here trying to report people who are hacking and deleting peoples Roblox accounts. But y’all never accept my reports. This guy was trying to do dirty with me and I reported him! But guess what… Absolutely nothing. Because y’all did not Pay attention to my report. And I have also had my little sister’s Roblox account getting hacked by some random dude and I recorded him absolutely nothing. I love the game and everything but the price of stuff is crazy! Shouldn’t you be paying five dollars for 500 robux, and paying $10 for 1000 robux and not 800!It is pretty clear that y’all do not know that. Not to be insulting but I’m sorry. Y’all minds are turned inside out and backwards. It’s just absolutely crazy. But I still love the game no matter what in the games in it but y’all just need to fix these problems and not shoving them in the back your brain or whatever. Seriously y’all just need to pull up your big boy pants or your big girl pants and deal with the problems instead of just putting them away. By the way I have 8123 friends kids in my School district that are like two more friends in other school districts and if I say I don’t like a day no one likes it. And that’s probably about I don’t know 100,000 kids are going to lose from Roblox and also their brothers and sisters and their parents are gonna tell their friends. It’s just gonna be a catastrophe. So I wanna say it’s just pull up your pants and deal with the problems with hacking and reports..Version: 2.555.874

About the shopsOk so over all this game is AMAZING and I would recommend it,but it’s just the shop in games that annoy me. For instance, if I’m playing murder mystery (witch is one of my favorite games) I will want to buy some knifes and weapons but you have to buy a chest. The only thing is... ITS LIKE 500,000 COINS! And like I only have like 500 so I’m just saying things are too expensive. The second thing is the avatar shop, you know where you buy things for your avatar and put them on? Yeah that.i will see the cutest yellow shirt for like 2 robux and be like I’m so buying that, so when I do I look for pants to match it until I see the same shirt that someone copyrighted and made the price 500 robux! I don’t understand how people do that but it’s mean. The last thing is the updates. I’m glad your giving regular updates to the app but I don’t like them. This is just my opinion but I don’t like the thick clothing, like it is to big and looks weird on avatars. And the shoes, they look so flat! The hair, is flat aswell. And I don’t like the animated faces they freak me out! Oh yeah, one ittty bitty last thing, the super super happy face. Don’t get me wrong,I LOVE it, but it’s 999,999,999 like, excuse me? Who’s gonna have enough robux for that!? I just think things could be a little more cheap sometimes. In all roblox is a great app and I would buy it a million times if I could, so here are just some things I’m suggesting and enjoy roblox!.Version: 2.572.482

It’s a good game but a few problemsBefore say anything please don’t take this super seriously I really love Roblox and it’s a amazing game but…there are a few things you might not like or you may wanna be worried about. Such as cheating, mean language, and many things that need to be bypassed, and quit a bit more. One there are quite a few bugs in the games sometimes it would log you out what I mean by that is you have to constantly keep going back into the game, also there are many thing you have to buy you know have Roblox well all the good or to be honest AVERAGE stuff and that costs money everything else is not good, it is constantly lagging; and there are quite a few bugs just overall one being sometimes people can’t login not talking roblox being done but people still sometimes can’t log in and makes you loss your progress which is really important to some people. It is not just that there is a lot of bullying in Roblox now sure you can report them for bullying but the question is. Do they even do anything? Do they deal with it? No. No they don’t. Other than adding things to the game all the time which is good they really need to focus on some of those simple mistakes. I feel if they do this there game will be 5 stares overall! I really hope this helpful to you and In my opinion if your reading this to decide to get Roblox or not I thjnk you should and also think Roblox will fix all theses little bug really soon!! Have a amazing day.Version: 2.503.338

Absolutely phenomenalThe people? GREAT. the games? AMAZING. the community?? ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. the people on roblox are so willing to help when you don’t understand. most of the games i’ve seen have amazing detail. those horror games top every game i have played. people put their heart and souls into those graphics and storylines. its truly amazing how the community is so accepting of others. no matter the age. i am almost 18 years old and i still play for the horror games and tycoons!! its an outstanding game and really lets people show off their creativity. I could never create some of the games on there. people will go out of their ways to extend games and make multiple parts when people find games intriguing. i have played multiple games and they really take the time to put in work for others to enjoy. i was never interested in roblox until about 2 years ago. There are so many games to choose from and so many genres for people with different likes. even the games that didnt have a lot of graphics and a whole lot of storylines are still cherished. and the OBBYS, omg, they are amazing. love me a good obby with multiple levels. the difficulty charts are my favorite. there are simple role play games i decide to join my friends on. we goof around with the objects there. and i love to be able to build my own houses on platforms that allow me to build my dream home. this is by far the best community Ive been in..Version: 2.503.338

ARE YOU SERIOUSI love this game %100 percent but there is 10 problems I’ve had. 1. you never listen to reports 2.tags, this was turned into a 12+ game for many reasons and I know that but I would reconsider tags as adding to a 12+ game 3. online dating, I don’t really know if you have noticed how people are doing very weird things in game and really inappropriate games. 4. Items, items had been get deleted like there’s no catalog. 5 voice chat also known as vc. I heard recently through you tweets on twitter your letting out this massive update giving voice chat/vc to others in small groups but I have verified and I still haven’t gotten it yet i don’t know if there’s a problem or a inconvenience about this 6 inappropriate games 7 hackers that haven’t been banned 8 admins, admins as you know controllers and have commands but they tend to get..weird they start flinging start doing random commands on people who are trying to play the game. 9 exploiters they also tend to get weird 10 not listening to request to appeals that we give to the community to view like when my account was banned for 7 days for nothing I sent 3 appeals and I verified my own email and the right email and I still didn’t get my account back and I still had to wait the whole timer/week/7 days my user that I verified on for voice chat is ( alexand_pizza ) please make this community grow and become better and popular.Version: 2.553.620

I really like this game but there r a few problems that I hope u guys could fix.🙂😊So I really love this game and all the varieties of games It has but my first problem I have with it is people can be very inappropriate they sometimes they swear and there’s people who have to delete the game because it has swearing in it so if you could could you please make it so if they swear you guys hashtag it I know this because I have one of my friends who he plays it well he used to but then what happened was he had to delete it because there are a lot of swears and see if like that like one time I joined a game and the boy was pretty inappropriate I had another friend who she played it and there was a girl who went up to one of her friends and said do you wanna make out but I personally have not had a lot of experience with people doing that to me I’ve had experience with a lot of boys coming up to me but I already know how to handle that I would like it if you guys could please like make it so if someone swears no one can see it or not or knows that you swear unless the person that you’re talking to and also when you guys have a private chat it’s not really private like I seen people like a private chat my friend when I play with her and then like it says that they’re private chatting with you but everyone can see that you’re not private chatting so if you could fix those problems I would love this game a lot more but yeah so thank you for reading this bye.😊🙃.Version: 2.566.546

I absolutely love Roblox, but…..I love Roblox and it’s probably one of the 10 top games I would recommend to people. The one thing is it’s no bug or issue I’m just recommending or providing or giving you an idea basically, it’s Robux. Robux cost money and some people might not have the The money for it and a lot of people get bullied since they don’t have Robux and that is mean 😢 so I think you should just do maybe some better free items to make your avatar look a little bit better I know you need money from this game but you make things kind of expensive and I only have a few Robux and I’m just saying maybe make some more things free or maybe make no Robux but you can get money in different ways, by just having a donation thing where people can donate money to you online instead of making people by their avatar I just think it’s a little unfair for the people who get bullied on Roblox, that don’t have robux because they can’t afford it or their parents won’t let them or any other reason, like I said I’m just giving a suggestion maybe you can just change that or maybe just add a few more free items that look a little bit better because I’m gonna be honest with you some of the free items aren’t really that good, sorry i’m not trying to say that your game is bad in any sort of way I LOVE Roblox and thanks for all that you do I hope you read my review, if so thank you so much! and I hope you have a wonderful day/night! 😊 Sincerely, Maddie.Version: 2.553.620

THE best!I love this game and it’s so fun and addicting I wish I could own it. I like all the games l I like this game also because it has the best game ever since the update I have loved it so much. I do it every day and always find something new. From the role playing to the obbys it’s amazing I could name 100 of my favorite games on Roblox and they all are awesome I give it 5 stars because it is a great app sometimes it’s hard but that’s part of the game I still love it sometimes I get mad at it when I do hard obbys I like the easy obbys and of course the adventure story’s the whole game itself Is a total adventure. I love sooooooooooooooooo ,I think you get the idea, MUCH please add more updates it will make it even better! So you know I love it THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH I think this is the best game ever I like doing it when I have like nothing else to do and everything seems boring I play and it refreshes my mind I like to say. I like role playing like in Brookhaven and bloxburg and anything I love it that’s all I’m trying to say I can’t believe this technology I think the only update or should I say “change” is I don’t think we robloxians ………”” should have to pay for Robux the idea of Robux is good in all but I just think I should not use real money to buy it maybe you can make a most popular game that gives you like ten Robux everyday soooo it can be free that’s my only recommendation or should say “ request “.Version: 2.539.400

Beautiful love RobloxI’ve played this game for 10 years it’s been so much fun I played it with my friends it’s so good I love it when I was bored I would always play Roblox it was just my favorite Game in the whole wide world I loved it since I was 5 every time when my mom takes away all my technology I would always sneak out and play Roblox on my tablet it’s just a good game it’s not like it’s bad and now I’ve been playing it for a days now I’m 16 and I’ve been still playing it I never stopped it was so good now I have a Lotta friends are you been playing a lot of games on Roblox and I still play them they’re just good and ever since I never stopped playing I played most of the games I played phobias I played haunted hotels I played LOL surprise I played a lot of games and I never had to stop it was just good it was the best game I ever played it I never ever ever stopped so oh well I was 18 I’ve been still having it it was really old still having a tablet but I never wanted to stop it was good time having now I am34 still not stopped next day I am 35 it’s been a good day now I’m growing older but I’m still playing it until I die I never usually played all of my other games but I still think Roblox is the best better than anything better than any game but you know not better than God he made us but I still love Roblox now I am 99 and I almost gonna die but I still love Roblox and my family and my friends.Version: 2.535.277

I love it! But changes are needed. ⚠️ !PLEASE READ! ⚠️Roblox if by far the best game and experience I’ve played in a long time! But changes are definitely needed. I know everyone hates when it tags out what you’re trying to say, but I know it’s good so people don’t say rude things or cuss. But when there’s one small thing in a big sentence and it tags out the whole entire sentence it’s really annoying, so I think it can only tag out cuss words and other bad things, when I played i said “ok” and it tagged out or “school” like I’m aloud to say those things, right? Also robux, I think it’s way to overpriced, I had to convince my mom to get me robux for like 2 years because of how expensive it is, like $100 for 10,000 robux!?! That’s too much. Another thing is, people REALLY don’t like is scammers, hackers, online daters, etc. so when someone reports someone and they say something like “ this guy/girl scammed me!” or “they hacked me!” I think there should be a button for emergency or something, it might look like this ‼️or ⚠️ so when you press it and roblox gets it they can check those ones and not the other ones like “this guy/girl is following me” like the stupid ones that aren’t a big deal. And online daters, I have to go so I’ll make it short, just report them if it gets out of hand or if there doing something inappropriate, overall I love roblox and I definitely recommend this game! ❤️👍🏻🫶🏻👍🏻❤️.Version: 2.570.563

IM PRETTY OBSESSED 😍This game is so fun you can make virtual friends and see if you know a friend and they have Roblox but you're not their friend on Roblox ha ha, you can ask them to be your friend on Roblox you have many good games on Roblox but it's really really good but the one game that I think I don't like is the granny that does not even move does not touch well that's what I don't like I love random and yeah but still I'm really happy that Roblox was titled in 18 something or 19 something I don't care so yeah you can get your phone numbers like y'all can call and you know them often called is a chat thing I love Roblox it's a really fun game you make virtual friends I love when you get when you guys can make virtual friends and me and my friend so I love how you guys are supporting Roblox like this because I had so much trouble in Roblox but it's OK do you know where it is is how you guys are supporting Roblox like this because I had so much trouble in Roblox but it's OK there's no more issues now there's no more issues now with Roblox so now we can just have fun player games and have fun this is a good good game so yeah. And when there is so so so much fun games you your friend everybody can play because of you guys you guys can laugh I can sing like whatever there's so much games like I like among us MM to a.k.a. murder mystery mow the lawn get real money from him there's granny there's Jenna yeah so yeah well I just love Roblox so bye.Version: 2.560.362

Roblox is awesome! ^^Roblox is an amazing app and I have played it since 2018. It’s one of the best ways to be socially even during the pandemic that we had. I made a bunch of friends along the way, and if you meet someone that is unsafe you can simply block them and they can’t even type anything in chat and it be visible to you. People are always polite! They’ve always been themselves and it’s making to see the way they have grown and even how I have! There are some problems I would like to point out. Roblox has changed their rules to allow dating, but thus does NOT mean that people are going to be sexual and the chat it just simply means that you can say girlfriend/boyfriend/kiss/hug and etc. because before all of those things were hashtag. But I don’t want people to take advantage of being able to say those things and so if your child is under the age of 10, I would not recommend this at for them. My two younger sisters of the age for and 7 use this app and have had some experiences that I wouldn’t recommend for kids that are under the age of 10. If your child is asking for robux, I would let them! It’s a great way to let your child explore and be creative in their own style. They can even make their own clothing with a certain apps in the certain material! And with that roebucks kids can also make their games fun to play with getting certain game passes in certain games! Yeah, but that’s my entire review on the Roblox app..Version: 2.566.546

IT WILL HELP THE GAME BE MORE ENJOYABLE IF YOU READ THIS!I love this game so much and it so fun to play but, there are some problems that I would like to be considered. 1. Not to point fingers at any games but, there are some rude and inappropriate words in the chat from time to time. So, (and I no that I am not the only one recognizing this problem) they should be banned are kicked from the server if this happens. 2. Some people when playing certain games, (like my friend) have gotten reports for no reason? I don’t know if this is from glitches in the game or just people reporting others for doing nothing. I think a way to improve this is by looking at the chat first to see if any BAD really happened in the game before jumping to conclusions. 3. ( I am sorry that this is so long to whom Evers reading this😏😉) (like others that see this problem) But, just other glitches in the game that are kinda annoying. 4. FINALLY, I think it would be nice if Internet weren’t required, for example: when I am on road trips are airplanes I really want to play Roblox but some of the planes we are on and our car doesn’t have Internet. I really LOVE Roblox and support it as much as I can. It’s an amazing game and I love how they are so many games just inside one. I’ve met so many nice people that have turned into friends. If you are reading this whole thing, I would like if at least one of my ideas and other peoples ideas were considered to make a better experience for everyone!😘.Version: 2.566.546

I love this game so much because………….Roblox is so much fun you can friend people on Roblox you can even text them and invite them to play with you and play thousands and hundreds of games and use the chat to talk with people but one of the bad parts is there is old people and some little kids dating on Roblox and some Youtubers are trying to stop them the bad part is not the Youtubers are trying to stop them it’s just the bad people are dating but you can dress up your characters in fun styles like preppy bacon Ro gangsters and many more and you can create games hangout games Brookhaven games gacha games and so many different games and you can create Roblox groups for your friends and stuff or for your favorite star creator or yeah many more Oh yeah there’s Roblox games like natural disaster survival Brookhaven live Topia pet simulator X welcome to Bloxburg build a boat for treasure and adopt me oh and there’s some in game currency which is robux you can use robux to pay for things and games and get some items in the game and you can use the Robux to dress up your character in the dress up shop or just buy the free clothes also in Roblox if you wanna search up games press the search icon and you can also buy premium in Roblox oh yeah if you wanna know how to play First you have to make a user name and password then you have to pick the gender of your character then that’s it now you can play Roblox with your friends.Version: 2.558.227

BEST GAME I OWN!!!😮😮😮👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼I LOVE this game! It’s my favorite game to play, ON MY WHOLE IPAD! Ive had this app, ever sense, about 2020, and it’s been my favorite ever sense! I do think there are a few hackers, and bully’s but you can just block, or report them if it’s annoying or if it goes too far. And you can text, and send friend request to as many people as you’d like!!!!!!! (as long as you don’t have the full amount of friends which I’m pretty sure is 200 friends-and to parents who don’t want to let there children text, or go in some games in roblox that might scare there children-there’s a button where you can lock 🔒 games that might be a bit to much for there child and to stop them from being able to text.) and yeah, it is for a bit of money to get, but it’s super fun! (To tell the truth, I’m a bit addicted.) and once your inside Roblox, there’s all different games you can play from break in story’s, to mermaid role plays! I’m pretty sure it’s endless! the one thing that’s annoying is the price for robux. You can use robux get, avatar cloths, avatar accessories, and some games on roblox, you can only get into if you have robux, not only that, but robux can buy you tools to help you win rounds. And to the makers of Roblox, “This is the best game ever!” And I think that if you don’t mind spending some money, and you liked what I described, then you should definitely GET THIS APP! Thanks so much for reading!.Version: 2.536.453

Absolutely Great!Roblox has been my #1 game choice forever. I’ve been playing since 2012. It’s grown so much as a platform and it’s improved a lot. Sure, there’s trolls, online daters n whatnot, but This review is to summarize the platform itself, not the people on it. First, UGC is such an amazing update, it allows modelers and developers of any kind to contribute to the platform and even make money from it! DevEx was also a great improvement, because now developers can make a living from Roblox alone! Now that I’ve gone over some of the good things, I’ll touch up on some of the bad things. First, the chat filter / moderation. Yeah, it’s alright, it does it’s job greatly, but it’s evident that it’s run mostly by bots. Roblox should hold and event for moderator applications so they can hire more people. Trust me, there’s many people who would LOVE to become a moderator and contribute to the platform, and most of those people will work for free. Next, there’s the catalog, the clothing catalog, to be specific. It’s extremely messy and most of it is copied. Sure, it seems like nothing. Until you think about all the people that took time to MAKE those shirts only for them to get stolen and reuploaded without credit. It’s saddening. There’s also the game searching algorithm. It’s also very messy and people just add tags to the game descriptions for visits. Also the copied games that scam players. But besides all these flaws, Roblox is pretty chill..Version: 2.438.407206

Great app just needs a few things.I LOVE THIS GAME! I play it almost everyday but there’s a few things you need to work on. Number one: You pretty much always ignore our reports or do nothing about it. Its really annoying, there’s young kids on this app and they get bullied. If they or somebody else reports them you do nothing about it! Little kids will play this app and their feelings can get really hurt, this can cause insecurities to kids. Number two: Maybe you could give free Robux to people who first join, just because so many people get bullied for having no Robux, and again it can hurt their feelings. Number three: People have gotten banned for no reason. On one of my accounts in 2020 it got banned and I didn’t do anything. I was being nice to people and I didn’t bully anyone, I didn’t cuss, I didn’t scam people, I also don’t hack people/I don’t know how to and I don’t want to know how. So people have gotten randomly banned for no reason. This also happened to one of my closest friends. That’s basically all I have to say, so please consider doing these things. Especially cause I little kids play it, some kids are 6-7 years old and it sometimes isn’t a good game for them to play. But please do Number one and Number three. And maybe even consider doing Number two, it would help get rid of bullying because SO MANY people decide to bully people with no Robux. So that’s it thank you..Version: 2.553.620

Well it is still a great game butSo I love roblox but I think they need to fix all the break down and now in time I am texting this there is a quick log in I don’t think that is a great idea because hackers hack you by that and not sending hate to adopt me but I think like do not take down adopt me but I think people are getting hacked more by that game like I love adopt me but the game is to overrated and by that people hack people more also something they should fix of adopt me is literally it is just a robux game like I get 800 every month but like adopt me is just a robux game and I don’t care if it is but just the prices like I remember for the lava dragon it cost like 1000 or more like a good price for that is 650 and now I cant log in my account in another device because I don’t know how to use the quick log in it keeps telling me number but like what number how am I gonna get the number so I don’t like quick log in and it breaks down like 2 times a year so if you can roblox could you fix it some how now it is Royal High royal high is like my favorite game but let’s just talk about those updates like the school as been ready like years ago but they had to delete it because someone leaked a small part of it and they had to restart it is still not in also the update in diamond beach that one is literally never coming because diamond beach as been out for like 2 years at this point.Version: 2.553.620

Please, take your precious time to read this! :)Hello children, or teens, or adults, no elderly included!! Anyways, Roblox is a great, educational, and FUN game! Not to mention that it’s FUN even though I already said that, ANYWAYS, AGAIN. I love this game! And the most exciting part about playing this game is knowing that your PROBABLY playing with a 30-40 year old! You can make friends with anyone, and ANYTHING. (A ‘friendly’ Robot) Also, you can actually BE THE ONE who is 30-40 years old! And, BACK-OFF. BECAUSE WHATEVER YOU DO, YOU CANNOT GET AT LEAST 5 FEET CLOSE TO ME. Yes, 6 (Feet) is approved. Back to the GOOD parts of the game.. Roblox, Roblox, Roblox! NOW TOU CAN ACTUALLY TALK! Oh goodie! The best part is that you only have to ask your mother to give you her passport! Golly, I cannot wait! I’m not even old enough to have one, and I’m YOUNGER than 12?! Ridiculous, right? Not to mention I use punctuation and grammar WHILE TEXTING, thats why random ‘kids’ say I’m about 19, on Roblox! (One thing I do not like..) But anyways, thats it! I don’t really have anything to say anymore since my humor is almost completely BROKEN and I meant this to be only a joke, but now.. It’s getting REAL. But, not anymore since I’m almost done with this 237 page essay! Overall, this game is 100% functional and AMAZING with OUTSTANDING GRAPHICS! (Not to mention my Samsung Tablet, OMEGA that I have) But now I have to say my goodbyes! ;) I hipe you enjoyed reading this! - boblox luver 3,000.Version: 2.542.509

Great game with a few issuesI’ve been playing Roblox since 2017, been on the platform for 5 years now. I got introduced to it by a childhood friend who showed me the Roblox game natural disaster survival. From there on out I fell in love with Roblox, I would play all sorts of game. Obbys, tycoons, roleplay games, adventure games etc. I really liked the sheer variety of games on there, and a lot of them were great quality and fun to play. Sure there were some low-effort games on there but there were also games that you can tell the people who worked on them put a lot of effort and soul into. There are a lot of creative, talented people on the platform. Now I’m in high school and although I’ve had breaks from Roblox for long periods of time I always come back to it eventually. Although Roblox’s target audience is more on the young side and I’m a little older than the age group they’re targeting, Roblox is for everyone, it doesn’t have to be just for little kids. There are a lot of people over the age of 13 who play the game. Honestly one of the only problems I have with the game is the censorship in the chat. It’s way too strict. You can’t even say numbers. I understand it’s to prevent kids from saying personal information but there should be a way to differentiate between what’s personal info and what’s harmless. Anyways, Roblox was a big part of my childhood and I love the game. I definitely recommend it!.Version: 2.524.408

Major issuesRoblox is a great game and its filled with supporting people, but it has some major issues. first of all, the most irritating: no refund issue. you do realize that people pay their own money on these clothes, that are virtual and should last them, but when the clothing gets deleted which isnt even their fault they dont get their robux back? this is a serious issue because i recently got robux, which takes a TON of convincing to do to my parents to let me buy it, and two days later, TWO DAYS, one clothing item i bought was deleted. i would be able to buy another version of it, had i gotten my robux back. issue 2: reporting issue. after reporting serious bullies and hackers, they do not get banned from the game. i have learned there is a feature where you can redeem you account with a promise to not continue doing it, but players are abusing this privilege and doing it anyways, just to restart their account when banned. it should also be made so backup accounts under the same email will not be aloud to run, because they lost the privilege of playing this game themselves. issue 3: unreasonable pricing issue. a major example of this issue is the joyful face. it costs $36,000... just for a face? this price is way too high and prices should NOT be allowed to reach this number. i truly do hope that you take fixing these major roblox issues into consideration. thanks!.Version: 2.465.417621

Roblox is great, but it has some flawsI really enjoy the game, it’s really enjoyable and fun. Though, it allows people to say some bad things. I was once playing a game, and some boy started bulling my friend. They said stuff like “Dumb hag” or “your a trash and your a ugly *beep*” I tried standing up for my friend, but they just kept on bulling us and wouldn’t leave us alone. Another thing is that the prices for some stuff in the avatar shop are so expensive! Like the super super happy face is 150,00 robux! That’s a lot of money. It’s like idk 1,000 dollars worth on robux. I think you should lower the price for people who don’t have the money to buy expensive things. Also I feel like more people should check games more often. Once I was playing adopt me, and I reported a girl for scamming, but nothing ever happened. It was a few years ago, but when I got scammed no one In the game even bothered to check it out. The other games also have some problems. Also all together, when you report someone I am not so sure that you guys ban them or check what happened. It is not very pleasant with hackers, and scammers in the games. Please fix these flaws! Overall though Roblox is a very fun game and I think if you give it a chance, and don’t play games with some bad flaws, it’s pretty much safe to play. I started Roblox when I was 7. It was a nice day beside the flaws. Stay safe everyone, and don’t get hacked!.Version: 2.568.524

Love itI’ve been playing this game since 2016 and it is absolutely amazing I have fun all the time I have met so many new fun people and I remain friends at school from an online game that sounds really dumb if you think about it though but I think it is a good thing to try as you can see at your age limit if you don’t wanna see any inappropriate content and it should be good for any age it is fine there are many things you can do we can play games such as the most popular one Adopt Me, I really like adopt me, or Bloxburg if you want to learn how to build houses or Brookhaven then if you want to role-play with friends I am 15 and played this game nonstop all the time and I think it’s fun my six-year-old sister plays it and she thinks it’s really fun my 26 year old brother even plays this game and he thinks that this is just like the funnest game you can customize your avatar to make it your personality preppy goth nerd anything you can really imagine you can even be a furry which I think it’s good for all the Furrys out there there are games for older people which are fun if you don’t wanna play a little kid game and there are games for like five-year-olds such as Brookhaven when I was just talking about and is games yourself such a fun learning experience and it’s all the games you can possibly want in just one little app. highly recommend anyone looking for a fun game where they want to meet people.Version: 2.559.373

Roblox and Brookhaven and Blocksburg and adopt me and Meep cityRoblox is one of my favorite apps and that’s why I give five stars well if I was able to I can give it 1000 stars but there is some games that are not really the best but Roblox is the best and it’s not just for 12 and up I play it and I’m nine years old and I’ll love it and any kid I bet word but Brookhaven has some things that it needs fixed they need him they need built in mom and dad‘s they need hospitals where you can actually be born and when you get it in and when you get into the game you’re a baby and you spawn in the hospital and your mom and dad‘s on Meep city is really good it’s just the music it’s just really loud and Blocksburg awesome I love how it gives you money back when you delete one of your things in your house and adopt me I don’t think it’s fair to pay really really expensive things for roebucks roebucks is very hard to get and I don’t know why people just make these apps to get free Robux you should just get Robux every once a week on this app honestly I think that would be good 1000 roebucks every once a week I’d say Monday no twice a week because 1000 is a lot of roebucks every twice a week you get roebucks because yeah I just think that’s fair but Roblox I think you’re the best game out there one of the best you’re on my top row my second Minecraft is in the middle but Roblox I think you are great for everyone. By Estelle..Version: 2.535.277

Very convenientHi, my name is Alexa and I’ve been playing Roblox ever since 2017. Roblox has honestly changed my life because of the new friends you can make. Yes, Roblox has is up and downs but it genuinely is a very fun game! Anyway, back to what I was saying you should definitely go download it if you haven’t because it definitely keeps you mind occupied if your bored. It’s crazy how one game with millions of games in it and faces, and avatars, can change your life. It can teach you a lot. Now im going to talk about the bad things. Roblox’s moderation system is honestly terrible. For example, you can say something a long the lines of “ok?” Or “what” something very simple and the moderation system will just ban you for a week or even delete your account! Another bad thing about Roblox is things cost a lot of money and when I say a lot I mean A LOT. For example “sshf” meaning super super happy face is a limited that you can buy in the shop which is over 100k robux and that’s about equal to $300 USD for a pixel face!! Crazy right? That’s not it. People, mostly YouTubers and gamers (even me) have spent over hundreds and hundreds of money on the game and Roblox sometimes decides to just ban or delete it for NO REASON at anytime, anywhere, anyhow to anyone. Also roblox has TONS of oders, hackers and trolls which are extremely infamous and unnecessary but other than that it’s pretty fun just watch out for the bad things :) byee.Version: 2.518.390

Roblox is the best but I have a few problems with itHere’s why I do not like Roblox a little you can’t say numbers for some reason I know people don’t want you to say your real age or anything they even got rid of the SS glitch so you could say numbers now every time I try and say SS7 or just regular seven it hashtags me like what’s the deal with that and I don’t know if it’s just my type of phone but if I play for at least two or one hour I instantly get logged off and you need to upgrade your friend limit because what if I get logged out and I’m already at the Max friend limit and because every time this happens I have to literally unfriend someone just so I can let them be my friend like why should I have to do that just to get a friend at least upgraded to 1000 or 900 that would be way better but overall roblox is the great game I’ve playing Roblox since 2018 and now I am almost to prom so close also you need to upgrade your Roblox and keep it at the same price because ain’t nobody got $1 million just to get a 900 roebucks at least make it 1010 or $11 to get maybe 2000 or 1000 roebucks also in Royal hi why are the hills so expensive I’m going to end up wasting 1 million roebucks just to get one pair of heels but like I said roblox is a good game I definitely suggest playing this you’re instantly fall in love with this game like me but thanks for reading my review bye! By the way no offense on the game.Version: 2.442.409372

Good game but there are scary people.When I was a bit younger I heard how popular this game was getting. Just trying to fit in, I ended up getting the game. I had fun playing with friends and schoolmates and I even bought Robux which was pretty fun. However it is important to keep in mind that although it is a children's game there are predators out there. This one time I was playing this game, and this random person starts trying to talk to me. I am generally very careful with online gaming because you never know what can happen. Anyways, as I was saying, this person comes up and he starts trying to talk to me. I was kind enough to encourage a little bit of conversation but then the topics got weird. This person all of a sudden kept following me around everywhere I went. I was a little confused but then he started asking me personal questions. I had no intention of answering their questions anymore and was worried because he was being very obvious that he was trying to stalk me. They figured out my name and then for the next few days I kept noticing that they were kind of tracking what games I played. After a while the issue ended and I was glad it got resolved. But it was still pretty weird and I urge parents to be aware of who their children are talking to and playing with. Anyone more naive could have easily fallen into a trap like this. Have fun with this game but I recommend just being smart while online gaming as a good general rule of thumb..Version: 2.514.398

Best game everThis games is best game. I spend hours playing it.but the only thing I hate is having to pay robux to enter levels. Hope this games could get better.😁.Version: 2.307.149105

Plz go back to 2 hats plzzzI love this game soooo much it's really entertaining but I miss the old times when u could wear 2 hats plz go back.Version: 2.307.149105

GreatThe only thing not very good is that the robux are really expensive and sometimes don’t load on to your account.Version: 2.383.299732

Why can’t we write numbers?This game is so much fun but why can’t we write numbers it’s not like numbers are bad words or anything I just don’t get why we can’t.Version: 2.435.406105

CrashAmazing App, but keeps crashing😡😡😡.Version: 2.307.149105

Best Video Game EverThis game is very fun. I LOVE IT!<3 I really recommend this app l. It’s super fun! But be careful to not get addicted lol Download it now!!.Version: 2.409.358770

Awesome gameThis game is so awesome I play it 24/7 well almost 24/7. THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!.Version: 2.307.149105

Roblox studioPlease add roblox studio to mobile devices..Version: 2.431.404520

IsAwesome It is very good 😊.Version: 2.307.149105

Good gameAwesome game but too much text moderating.Version: 2.307.149105

GreatIt’s a great game and I play it a lot. Thanks for this great game.Version: 2.366.267700

AwesomeCool and entertaining.Version: 2.307.149105

RobloxThis game is my life thank u so much to who made it. literally every day after school me and my friends call and play this game it’s sooo much fun.( I do have a tiny complaint tho plz plz just get rid of the scammers in adopt me plz thank you. Oh and my user is boomer8711 my joins are on I my fav game is adopt me..Version: 2.421.385673

Roblox is the best app everRoblox is my favoriting app it is so fun!!!!😃😀.Version: 2.430.404271

Best gameAll my friends play this game.Version: 2.409.358770

RobloxThis is the best game ever.Version: 2.425.394331

This is greatSpecially the game adopt me and bloxburg.Version: 2.424.392804

PerfectThe game’s perfect. Keep updating!!!.Version: 2.409.358770

RobloxAmazing but laggy.Version: 2.424.392804

Roblox is a jokeWhen I play Roblox on mobile or a computer I randomly get disconnected for no reason and it says check your internet connection when my internet connection is completely fine Roblox please fix this this is really annoying and I can’t play anything.Version: 2.428.401006

Great!You got to watch out for scammers and bots bot other wise great app!.Version: 2.423.391560

I love this game but I can’t add my friend in my groupHelp.Version: 2.416.375447


RobloxThis game is the best me and my friends play it for hours together!!!.Version: 2.434.405774

Absolutely amazing but..Hi, pls fix the crashing issue that's happening on roblox. Mostly on iPads. I really wanna play properly with my friends but I can't because is lags and crashing every second. Please fix this...Version: 2.430.404271

Love u rblxI love u rblx.Version: 2.436.406463

Roblox is the best!!!I love roblox its my favourite game i’ve been playing since 2016 but it crashes a lot for me..Version: 2.434.405774

Awesome gameWhen I first tried roblox out I thought it was a bad game but once i really started playing it was awesome.Version: 2.434.405774

GoodFun game A lot of fun games.Version: 2.443.409841

Why you should get this appThis app is a great app for kids, only because when you say any words that isn’t appropriate for their age it will easily get tagged. There’s also consequences if you don’t follow the rules, you get tot report people if they are. One of the consequences is that you’ll be banned, from your account. I 100% recommend it!!.Version: 2.425.394331

Awesome one thingIt is very fun and has a lot of fun games to play just make sure no one uses your password.Version: 2.409.358770

I like roblox but :The black body glitch is annoying and everywhere in some games and nobody likes that. May excuse you guys to fix that glitch please :).Version: 2.354.238701

Well.....I started playing 2 years ago and it was really fun, now each time I join a game in mobile I keep getting kicked and it crashes.... I hope this glitch doesn’t happen next time....Version: 2.424.392804

I lost my accountI don’t know but when I was going to play it I was logged out and when I logged back in it crashed.Version: 2.431.404520

Soooo funThis game is so fun because there are millions of games in one game so i can play with all my friends too! i love this app.Version: 2.435.406105

EpicThis game is pure epicness if I’ve ever seen it🦊🦊🦊🦊.Version: 2.430.404271

So AWESOMEI love it. The game honestly makes my day.👌.Version: 2.423.391560

Best game ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️I 100% recommend Roblox!! It is so fun!! If you don’t like 1 game just play a different one. It’s as easy as that!! There are sooo many different games to play! I love playing with my friends and making new ones. 😁 I play Roblox a lot and even if you don’t it’s still fun! I could talk about Roblox alll day 😘 it’s my favourite game ever. (Also I sound like a bot lol) I just really like Roblox it’s super fun and enjoyable. 10/10 ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🥰🥳🥳🥳.Version: 2.437.406997

Great Game!I’m obsessed with roblox, lately i’ve been spending all my free hours on the app. it’s amazing because you’re aloud to play with your friends and adventure through hundreds of thousands of games! although there is a lot of bullying inside of roblox its easy to ignore, and i hope more people with bright personalities choose roblox as a great app to download.Version: 2.451.412443

Very goodI have been playing this app for soooooo long. ITS AMAZINGG.Version: 2.437.406997

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