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Roblox App Comments & Reviews

Roblox Positive Reviews

Just a few suggestions.I absolutely love this game! I think it’s awesome but also some things bother me. First tags, I can see why the tags are things, for blocking out bad words and other inappropriate things but sometimes people can always sneak in something that makes me and maybe others feel weird in a lot of ways, also about the numbers, I know that it blocks because for your password, email, also age but the numbers are not always for those things. I think maybe that you can make it a little more free for older users and less for younger accounts. also just misspelling one words will make it tag. Second, New players maybe always have experience the phrase noob meaning for a new player which is new that’s very rude, could we have quests or 500 robux when first entering roblox. for example the quests could be like “ Join 5 games or play a game for 20 minutes”. Then I would think that new players could my game passes, avatar accessories, etc. Lastly Third the reporting. Like for example maybe royal high or adopt me it’s that when you report no need to be rude but it just acts like you guys are not caring, yes I know you are busy but lots of people are reporting and never get a answer! Yes I know that adopt me put a new thing for scams but sometimes that’s not even enough! I hope that you can look Into the reports, Thank you for reading this and I hope someday that you can put in these features! But over all that I think this game is amazing and I recommend it..Version: 2.464.417592

Needs a few parts looked at / addedRoblox is a game where you can play games with friends that other players have created. Overall, I think Roblox is a great game, but like every other game, it probably would need some changes or parts that should be looked at more. This is for Roblox in general, because I know you guys don’t have much control over the games individually. Something you should look at more is the reports. I always see people get scammed in games that you can trade in, or (usually copycat) games that scam your robux for a useless item. Usually, my sister and I would report the person (if they haven’t left the game yet) that scammed someone else in, let’s say, Adopt Me. Later, I think that I reported for nothing, because it doesn’t feel like you guys did anything about them. Something you should probably add is Missions / Quests. The Quests (I’ll call it Quests, but you can change what it’s called) could give 2 - 5 robux. I know it’s not much, but doing a lot of Quests could get slowly get you enough robux to buy, well anything that costs robux. I know it would take a lot of Quests to get to just 1,000 robux (almost 200), but it would be pretty helpful if you want to customize your avatar, get a game pass, etc. The Quests could be like “Play 5 Adventure games” or “Change your avatar”. I know that’s only two parts that would need to be looked at / added, but this report is getting pretty long. Thank you for taking you time to read this, and adieu!.Version: 2.451.412443

It’s a good app but here is my opinion.Why hello! Overall I think roblox is a good game there’s overlook bay royal high (just to name a few of my favorites) but there is something(s) that annoy me let’s here them 1 Tags. Well we all know your trying to keep us safe by not telling are private information like age where you live and so on but it’s really a pain when you try to type numbers some players have made up ways we can say them but for new people it can be confusing. 2 friend limit. What I’ve learned you can have up to 200 friends but it’s not that I want it up I want it down.(Sorry if you feel different) some kids (yes I’m not a kid ;-;) just see people online and they were “nice” to them treating them as pray what I’ve learned is there are people out there who target on kids like that so I feel like you should lower it to maybe....hmmmmm would 100 do? 3 reports and lazy creators. As we should know you get reported if you did something against there rules but what I’ve heard is in royal high people are getting banned for no reason! Witch triggers me in adopt me (not to hate) they are kinda lazy:/ they make updates where you can’t to anything then it feels like a year to make the update active also they don’t look at reports>:/ so scammers NEVER get there punishment and the victim gets banned!D:< thank you so much creators for reading(well if you did✨) have a wonderful ♥︎♥︎♥︎ᗪᗩY♥︎♥︎♥︎ and please fix these problems when you have time that’s it good-bye!♡´・ᴗ・`♡.Version: 2.465.417621

Awesome game but a few problems..So I’ve been playing this game for almost 4 years now, And I’ve noticed a lot of problems. So 1st of all, reporting a serious problem like a hacker or an adult player that is trying to get information from you and your account. Well, IT NEVER WORKS! I’ve done it many times before, someone was trying to scam the player, so I reported it. It never works. 2nd, tags. TAGS ARE SO ANNOYING! They are meant to censor out bad words, I tried putting a number in my name for some reason and it tagged it out. I mean I know why it tags out numbers, preventing age information. But also random words! Like anime names, like Mio or something. 3rd, I get disconnected not to often, but my internet connection is really good! Is it a glitch? And sometimes my game glitches, and kicks me out of the app. Please fix this! I mostly have things I like about this game than don’t like. 1st, this game is so creative, I mean fitting over a million games into one! I would never think of that! 2nd, this game you can customize your character however you want! Not just be forced to wear the same thing or only have so much choices. Roblox has millions of choices! I love my avatar a lot! 3rd, this game has been thriving for about 14 years! Wow! I missed out! Lol! Well that’s really all I can say! Overall, this game is amazing! I can’t imagine living without it! If you guys over there respond to the problems, it would be very nice! Thank you! Have a wonderful day! :D.Version: 2.457.414557

Great Game! But Maybe Consider These Suggestions:I’ve been playing Roblox for about a year now, and it’s really fun overall. You get to play with your friends, and so much more. There are two things I thought of, though. 1: Maybe you could add quests. For example, if you complete a quest you could get about five Robux maybe. My parents said that I’m not allowed to buy any Robux, so this would just give people like me a chance to get all the awesome stuff. An example of a quest could be; Play three different games, join a group, or maybe even, get fifteen friends. Like I said, it would help out a lot. 2: In games, you can report people, but personally I don’t think that the reporting doesn’t do anything. It’s not just me, my friends seem to have the same problem. In a game that involves trading, let’s say Adopt Me, people can scam you for your pets or even money. Adopt Me recently added a new feature that helps with that, but sometimes it isn’t enough. If you try to report the person, either they already left the game so you can’t, or even if you do report them, no one even bothers to see why, any nobody ever does anything about it. Also, it’s not just trading games. In any game, someone could figure out how to sneak a swear word into the chat, or they could just be making you feel uncomfortable. If you go and report them, it doesn’t do anything at all. Thank you for taking your time to read this. I hope you have a blessed day..Version: 2.463.417004

Awesome game but i have some suggestions that might just make it more enjoyable for everyone!Personally, the whole gaming world opened up to me when i got this game in 2015, ITS AMAZING!!!! The game came out in 2006 so i understand how we look when we first start playing. The term “noob” is used for new players which is kinda mean. If any developers see this I recommend when we create an account we have about 800 free robux to start the game so people who are new can enjoy it as much as the rest of us do. U think a lot of new players would really appreciate this and they wouldn’t be insulted. I hope you understand and possibly consider my opinion. Also i recommend we also put a They gender for people who are non binary. There is many people out there who are apart of the LGBTQ community and I hope u take that into consideration too. Sorry if this is taking to long but i have one more suggestion. I’m a mobile player and I recently noticed mobile players don’t really get to experience how fun and cool the game is as much as non-mobile players do. for example, only non-mobile players can make they’re very own game in roblox. I just think it’s not as fair to the mobile players do. another example is that they can make UGC items and many more for the catalog. I just think it would be more of a productive great game if they made it a lot more Unique and awesome if mobile can do as much cool stuff as non-mobile players can do. But overall, great game!.Version: 2.458.415263

Message to game developersHey I would like to ask if we can get a “work at a movie theater” type of game where you can choose different roles whether to be the worker like giving people their tickets, taking peoples orders and giving them their popcorn and stuff, being the security and checking people’s bags and making sure people turn their phones off, even being the janitor. Or where you can just come to watch a movie with your friends,(also there should be like a thing where players can buy there own tickets and food so the game’s still playable even when there’s no workers available) and there should be actual like 3 to 5 minute long short films we can watch. And there should be like a separate thing where players can make a film for people to watch. Basically everything that would be at a movie theater should be in the game like basic stuff like restrooms, those chairs that they have that moves, and small things like when the movie starts the lights dim, and when when players eat there food we’re able to make a mess, so it looks more realistic to what movie theaters looks after the movies done and the players that choose to be a janitor are able to clean the rooms up(I have a lot more ideas but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to type it all in this message but I’d love to help out and give more ideas and I hope you see my message cause I would really like a game like that and I’m sure others would too).Version: 2.464.417592

Love this game but needs a few more changesRoblox is a great game it’s just that I want to see a update where you can color your legs hands and torso a color other then the skin tones I think that it’s no fair I have to request desktop on my mobile device just so I can change that the next issue I have is people banning you for no reason I got banned for “harassment” and when same account launched on a different device came up I was about to have a heart attack. I thought I was getting hacked but I checked to see if I was hacked on the website I was not hacked I got banned for “harassment” and then I enabled my account the last thing is drama. Oh drama drama drama, everything in roblox is about drama :/ roblox drama started in the late 2019s idk know if that a thing XD but that’s when toxic people came around it started with hacking accounts then moved onto the thing we call scamming I have gotten scammed many time in adopt me and royale high so it’s not new to me those games both have systems that stop scamming but right now it’s kinda not works :/ people are still getting scammed even if you can report the trade (and yes I’m talking about you adopt me) I just wish that for one day 12 hours 2 hours 2 minutes old roblox would come back where the community was not toxic racist and homophobic if you are reading this roblox, royale high, adopt me, and aresenal. I hope that this community becomes better. Thank you for reading this bai beautiful people!.Version: 2.463.417004

Great But some issuesI have been playing roblox for years and I love it! Bit the chat moderation system can be very annoying. I like how roblox filters out content or foul language but there are some things that roblox tags out that do not need to be tagged out. For starters numbers I think only large groups of numbers should be tagged out. Because if your in bloxburg and you make like a little shop and the person wants to know the price you cannot tell them. And roblox is mostly kids who are 12 or older so I do not think a 12 year old would ever feel the need to say their age. But I can understand tagging out large number groups because it can include a persons address or phone number again yeah roblox is mostly older kids some kids who may be younger might tell information like that. Which is why I think you should give older accounts a more free chat filter but still filter out foul language and inappropriate content. And for younger accounts make the chat filter not as free. Because I do not think its fair to the majority of the players on roblox. And people often underestimate the knowledge that kids have kids know they are not supposed to share that information. So I think accounts that are 12 and over should have a more free chat filter than the current one. And its very annoying that if you misspell a single word it tags your entire message. But roblox is a fun app and I definitely recommend it!.Version: 2.451.412443

Please look at these reviewsPlease look at these reviews I have been playing adopt me for about two years and it’s pretty fun but sometimes I can get scammed with some things and it’s not really fun to get scammed you have to be careful when you’re playing because you can get really badly scammed for example if you have a frost dragon which means you have been playing for about two years you could get scam for that and someone could say that they have one too but they want to trust trade which means that you put something in and then they take it but they leave the game but they say that they will give you something like roebucks but you can’t do that unless it’s on your account if that doesn’t work you can easily go in friend them and then report them now this new update has been a little bit confusing because some people don’t know that they can unfriend people but they can and they’re starting to get a little annoyed by them always getting scam please do not get scammed it is very bad but then again in adopt me there is a lot of fun things to do like for example buy a whole hot spring and fall that was the most exciting this update because we would always have to go to the hot wing but I used to be the close store until we have a full update it was pretty sick and I have the one to update but it went bye-bye because it’s not working anymore please play adopt me it’s the best game in the world..Version: 2.462.416719

Amazing but needs some changingI LOVE Roblox so much I play it everyday! When I right this I am not putting hate on it, I just want to point out some stuff that should change. Like the chat whenever you say a number like if you made a cafe or hotel in adopt me or blocksburg they would need the price of the room or drink I know your trying to make sure no one tells they’re age cause it’s private information but still. Another thing is when you play a game for the first time and the game glitches you out and it won’t be at the front of your list that you played that you might want to continue playing. My friend has bad memory so whenever she plays and she glitches out it isn’t always in front of her list to where she has to try to look it back up. I know glitches like this are hard to fix but it would really be amazing if you could! One more thing that I am okay with but still would like to change. Whenever people get reported for stuff. Examples: Scamming, Bullying, Online dating, etc. People don’t actually get banned for a bit or anything nothing happens and I know this ain’t really Roblox fault but I think Roblox should MAKE creators check reports. One time I got scammed on adopt me :< for my neon kangaroo, turtle, and arctic reindeer. It hurt so much, and it’s not fair. I know life ain’t fair but still. Anyways besides those I think it is the best game I really live it it is my favorite game! I love it so much ^w^.Version: 2.449.411731

AMAZING But...To be honest, Roblox is great! but a few bugs and requests. So as a roblox player I love it. But most of the time I’m laggy in most games, I don’t know if it’s a bug, or just my device I’m on , or even just the game cause of the models in it. I’d also request more cheaper hairstyles, and more choice of clothing in the catalog, and PLEASE don’t tag numbers, cause some words that aren’t even disturbing or bad get tagged out, and it’s frustrated for some of us cause sometimes we try to say numbers or a word and it tags out, but it just disappoints me that the people who don’t even say disturbing things have to put up with words getting tagged. I know cuss words need to be tagged cause it’s a child’s game, and please actually look at the reports cause the people who get bullied say for example someone makes fun of a person cause they have free items, I mean please warn them or just ban them, cause it breaks my heart that people who wear free items have to go through that just because they have no robux, and it disappoints me that nobody even stands up for them. And please make the max limit of friends higher, cause I hate how I have to unfriend people in my list of friends just to make new ones, and adding to that, please make a button to delete all friends or something, cause it’s frustrating when we have to unfriend one by one. Roblox please respond and fix these problems, and then Roblox will be a better place..Version: 2.457.414557

AWSOMERoblox is the best game for me because it just gives me lots of activities to do it teaches me stuff and it’s just really really really really really amazing it deserves a five star rating because it’s just me that loves playing this game or it might be other people that do this but it’s totally a five star for me because I just I don’t know I don’t know how to explain this but it’s just really fun to play this game people that are out there giving roblox a one star to star three stars of reading I really think they should start playing the game more and you know trying to like bond with roblox just like how I did I am when I was a first time that I played roblox I’ll like this totally Hass to have a one star but I started bonding with roblox that I just had to give it a five star I am people out there who really think that roblox might want to have a one story that was just me at first but I really think that roblox should start having more you’re not the whole game starts to have like a big update wear some games you don’t have to use row bucks do you know you just don’t have to use roebucks to Play games like Blocksburg I don’t really want to spend money for my parents credit card so she can get me roebucks so I can play Blocksburg I really feel like Blocksburg should not be able four people that have accounts to literally just get roebucks and a Pay 45 roebucks for just a game please deal with it roblox..Version: 2.463.417004

Absolutely Great!Roblox has been my #1 game choice forever. I’ve been playing since 2012. It’s grown so much as a platform and it’s improved a lot. Sure, there’s trolls, online daters n whatnot, but This review is to summarize the platform itself, not the people on it. First, UGC is such an amazing update, it allows modelers and developers of any kind to contribute to the platform and even make money from it! DevEx was also a great improvement, because now developers can make a living from Roblox alone! Now that I’ve gone over some of the good things, I’ll touch up on some of the bad things. First, the chat filter / moderation. Yeah, it’s alright, it does it’s job greatly, but it’s evident that it’s run mostly by bots. Roblox should hold and event for moderator applications so they can hire more people. Trust me, there’s many people who would LOVE to become a moderator and contribute to the platform, and most of those people will work for free. Next, there’s the catalog, the clothing catalog, to be specific. It’s extremely messy and most of it is copied. Sure, it seems like nothing. Until you think about all the people that took time to MAKE those shirts only for them to get stolen and reuploaded without credit. It’s saddening. There’s also the game searching algorithm. It’s also very messy and people just add tags to the game descriptions for visits. Also the copied games that scam players. But besides all these flaws, Roblox is pretty chill..Version: 2.438.407206

I enjoy playing roblox but...I have been playing roblox for over 4 years now and I still play it! It is a very fun game! But some things on roblox prevent me from having fun. The games on roblox are amazingly developed and I have no problem with that. The concept of the whole website is professional and not too complex. The UGC items were a good idea in my opinion cause now there are actually items people are more interested in. There are many good things about roblox but it still has its flaws. First of all roblox chat filter makes a lot of people frustrated because it doesn’t let us talk! I understand it is to keep roblox a safe platform but just filtering everything we are saying is outrageous!!! There are many things that I personally hate about roblox. ODers, Hackers, Scammers, etc. They really ruin the experience. Roblox has become so toxic over these years! I seriously don’t know why I haven’t quit yet. Old Roblox was so much better, especially without R15 and Rthro!! Btw this is all just my opinion so don’t get mad while reading this! Im sorry this is long but I am just writing down my thoughts! Anyway, I cant enjoy roblox as much as I could when I first started it..It makes me so emotional when I look back at old roblox stuff and i just miss it so much. Some updates were great and I appreciate the roblox development team updating the website but most of them just ruined the fun for us....Version: 2.443.409841

AMAZING APP! Only a few things to change.Hi! I’ve been playing ROBLOX for about three years now. I absolutely love it! There’s NO ads, there’s a bunch of different things to can do, and it’s overall amazing! I can only think of one thing to really change, that being the Safe Chat Filter. Basically you have more freedom with chat if you are 13+. That should change. It should be at least 12 or 11. If that doesn’t change at least change the things you can, and can’t say. For example if I was to say “Can I have 11 apples?” If I was under 13 it would come out as “Can I have ## apples?” I think that is just ridiculous. I get that you don’t want kids saying personal information but it’s WAY to strict. You could at least have a machine or person read through the chat and tag it out if it leads to personal information. Another example is when I’m playing Pablo’s Italian Restaurant if someone asks you how many are in your party and you were to say “(1-how ever many)” it would completely tag out. Some Italian dishes you can’t even say, they’ll get tagged out for NO reason. Now if you are 13+ this isn’t really a problem and your messages won’t get tagged on your screen and other 13+ year olds screens but if you were to be chatting with someone under the age of 13 half the things you say they won’t be able to read, as it will be tagged out on their screen but it won’t be on yours which makes the whole thing really confusing. That’s all!.Version: 2.448.411159

Amazing, a suggestion and some complains.I’ve been requesting, Can we make an update where people can delete outfits on mobile, iOS, and more? It’s my real complaint here, I have the max amount of outfits. And I really wanna delete my old ones! Also, there’s a huge online dating problem.. people say “railing” for the meaning of.. “raping” I really hate it, people were also saying “🏳️‍🌈❌” I really hated it to. Because I was in an lgbtq+ game, idk if I’m lesbian rn or bi bc ima little confused. And they kept spamming that! Luckily we blocked them, and they left the game shortly after. But people on roblox have gotta get some help when it comes to online dating! It’s just a mess right now, we need to ban those accounts, it’s why those typical ‘ Karen’s ‘ put 1 stars on this app, because of online dating! I really love this app though, so many content creators. So many varieties of categories you can play! I support this game a lot and all, but I think it should change a bit! Like when we report spammers, scammers, etc it should block them from that whole server, with an instant. I don’t want to be mean and delete their account, they could just be an innoc- EVIL child y’know? Also here’s a question. Why do you delete random accounts roblox? Are they bots? Also there’s a lot of bots on adopt me.. I private chatted won before but it left lol. I hope you understand roblox! Have a great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, and night!.Version: 2.457.414557

Roblox is the best but I have a few problems with itHere’s why I do not like Roblox a little you can’t say numbers for some reason I know people don’t want you to say your real age or anything they even got rid of the SS glitch so you could say numbers now every time I try and say SS7 or just regular seven it hashtags me like what’s the deal with that and I don’t know if it’s just my type of phone but if I play for at least two or one hour I instantly get logged off and you need to upgrade your friend limit because what if I get logged out and I’m already at the Max friend limit and because every time this happens I have to literally unfriend someone just so I can let them be my friend like why should I have to do that just to get a friend at least upgraded to 1000 or 900 that would be way better but overall roblox is the great game I’ve playing Roblox since 2018 and now I am almost to prom so close also you need to upgrade your Roblox and keep it at the same price because ain’t nobody got $1 million just to get a 900 roebucks at least make it 1010 or $11 to get maybe 2000 or 1000 roebucks also in Royal hi why are the hills so expensive I’m going to end up wasting 1 million roebucks just to get one pair of heels but like I said roblox is a good game I definitely suggest playing this you’re instantly fall in love with this game like me but thanks for reading my review bye! By the way no offense on the game.Version: 2.442.409372

Why I like this game but why I don’t like itI like the game roblox you can play many different games on it but there’s one game that I love the most on it and that’s it and it’s called a dumb the thing is I’m obsessed with this game I played this game too much and sometimes it messes with my life like I get angry over it even though it’s just a game well I know I just came to some people that came to me is important because I don’t have any real pets in real life and I want to get all the pets at least one of every kind I’ve been trying for many many days but the pet I am mostly wanted was a shiny unicorn and that they finally came well I thought it came until whenever I play the game and leave unicorn turns back into four unicorns I don’t know if I got junk store it’s just bad luck buddy it’s something also it won’t let me collect ginger bread or build snowman in the hi I just wanted people to read mine because it sounds game I wish it would work well if anyone reads this don’t know how I feel if they have the same thing happened name to them but I do love this game there’s a lot of many things you can do there is obviousPlay frills and even stories there’s infinite games in this game you can even make your own game in this game that’s the cool thing about roblox there’s many decisions that could make you do stuff and it’s actually really fun so if you wanna play this game go right ahead I’m not.Version: 2.459.415955

OMGGGG! I love this game!I had it once, then I got bored of it, so I took a break for a year or two, so did my friend, when she started playing again I tried too and now I can’t get off! I have a ton of robux bc I am totally addicted!!!! This is so creative! I make my own games to entertain myself and I love it! I joined so many creative groups full of kind people! I even made some! Just an ad now lol: Join group, Milkshake Army! We are trying to get 100 members before Halloween! Lol that was an ad! I do those all the time! I have a friend who introduced me to one of her friends virtually and now we are BFFs I have virtual sleepovers in Welcome to Bloxburg, we do roleplays in Royal High, we do trade challenges on Adopt Me, over all, this is a GREAT game and I recommend to anyone who has a tone of free time on their hands! But, there is just one problem, It tags what you say sometimes, if you don’t know what that means it means if you are talking in the chat and you say an “inappropriate word” or something or if you spelled something wrong it replacing your words with tags, like so: ################################# I made those myself lol but this games is overall pretty good but it has more problems, it allows you to say the d word and the h word there is also a hack where you can say the F word someone did it to my friend and she cried! I mean, BLOCK THOSE CURSING HACKS, DUDE! But anyway: Good game, yadda yadda yadda, o have been typing too much! Baiii.Version: 2.459.415955

Love this game but...I’m sad ;-; the screen recording thing was taken away! There was like a new update or something that made the screen recording thing gone in some games. Pls make all games have the screen recording thing because I would use it a lot until it was removed. Thanks! Anyways.. FIX DARN TAGS!!! We get it some people give out their phone numbers, but they can’t complain if they were being dumb?!! Like I can’t ever say one or two. Like come on, how old do you think we are? Also when I say oof(the roblox classic lol) IT TAGS. If you want to tag me saying oof then when I die I should be hearing “Tags tags tags tags” (####). Also try to stop people from hacking other accounts. I have a ton of friends who buy Robux and got hacked. Now they don’t dress up their character because they are scared to be hacked. Lol I keep saying also, but also can you make it to where people can say but? Like I get it people use it in an inappropriate way but only make it tag out if people have been reported for using it in a bad way. Also (again lol) try to fix me saying hi. Sometimes it tags out and idk why. Lastly, when you report someone it does nothing. I kinda want this to be changed but also stay because I got reported for no reason. This girl thought I was being rude to her but I didn’t even talk to her until that. If you would fix all of these I might give it 5 star. :) but for now 3.Version: 2.430.404271

Good, but I have some suggestionsHi my name is Chadwick and I am a father of a 12-year old, a 5-year old, and a 3-year old. My daughter plays Roblox all the time and when I got the app, I thought it was ok but now she is talking to random people online that we don’t even know. She has no idea who they are! I’m also concerned that she might get cyberbullied by other players and now she is being secretive and sketchy! Also make it easier to get robux because players are searching every method they could to get free robux! Also, the moderators don’t do anything about the reports! Me and my wife Nicole are worried about our daughter because she is getting friend requests from random people online and she always accepts them because she is a social person and wants friends! My daughters name is Peyton not Payton! The last thing is I’m worried that Peyton is going to swear in the chat because players like to bypass the chat filter for some reason plus why can’t she Type numbers?! If you are reading this, please fix this! players like to bypass the chat filter please patch it. That was my long speech! I rated this 5 stars because this app is amazing! But however, it needs some fixing! It would be great if you do. And my daughter is not the only one who plays roblox my 5-year old son plays roblox as well and I also have a 3-year old son who watches them play! Please fix the app! It would be great if you do!.Version: 2.457.414557

Yes honey you better download thisRoblox is soooo good. Like beyond the greatest. I play this game everyday. It’s also not just one game, is a TONE of games like I recommend Bloxburg because really fun, but it cost robux, but I totally understand why it does cost robux because that game is like.. AMAZING. it’s so fun and if you do not have robux, I would recommend Brookhaven because some people can’t afford bloxburg. And another reason why I love this game is me and my brother and friends can can friend each other, yes you can friend people that you made friends with or you can friend REAL friends in real life. Also if you don’t like roleplay games, I recommend simulation games, because my brother loves them and tycoons (ok play tropical resort tycoon it’s so fun becuase I’m more a roleplayer but that game is good for roleplays and tycoons) anyways I love how you can turn chat of and on because what if your four year old or little kids like six year old wanted to play, but you don’t want them seeing bad words or seeing drama and getting them into doing it in real life. But there is a problem.. ok so there are some really bad games on roblox that you can join without chat, so it’s kinda bad about that but, if you have safari on your child’s phone or iPad or desktop your good you can check back on history, and see what they did. But other than that stuff I do recommend roblox it’s amazing 🤩 FIVE stars I say..Version: 2.464.417592

Spirit gameIt’s perfect for every type of person do you work at your own pace right and I’m really not a big fan of murder games that’s why I really like kitty it’s a great game for people are not ready for murder games let’s say like you’re playing Roblox and you want to play bacon hair but you’re really scared so you can play kitty and you can play with Nana banana eats and so many more games do you like thousands and thousands and you can make your own game I made one called a smile on I’ll be with my cousin Grant and I think it is a great game and you can do so much more on it you can make games and you can work at your own pace I really like this game and I think you should too and just it’s just just so great it’s like you can’t even stop it’s amazing awesome it’s really cool and I’m proud of whoever made this game I’m really proud like super Duper Duper proud so whoever made this game you are amazing and I just can’t stop thinking about it because the first time I ever played this game is because I watch people playing Roblox and playing broken bones that was the first game I’ve ever played on Roblox and people out there you don’t have to be afraid and scared about games a lot of people work at their own pace and a lot of people just they just they just play games that make them scared because people do it and it’s really really really scary but I’m proud of people out there by me by Madeline Rion.Version: 2.459.415955

Roblox is awesome! ButHonestly roblox has been with me since I was 7. This game has brought fun in my life, without it my childhood would never be the same. This game has so many different games to choose from that it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite. If I named all my favorite games I would need a third hand. I think the game is amazing and that you should try it out to add some fun in your life. I would have to say that I can’t prove that everybody is friendly on the game. I have ran into some people cursing, mean comments, telling me they would find me in real life and go after me. And yes, I know you can’t stop this, but I do have to say that people should be cautious about those types of people. Also, it can get very laggy on some types of games if you are on a mobile and sometimes Mac/Computer. I don’t know if you could fix this situation but most of the times it’s because a game has so many developments and updates that a mobile couldn’t hold all of it. So if you could try to fix the situation of lagging,crashing, getting disconnected I totally recommend this game for anybody who plays video games and wanted to try something new. :D This game is also so so so perfect if you are a quarantine and needed something to do, as long as you prioritize your work, homework, or anything you are doing during this quarantine, you should definitely play this during your spare time..Version: 2.428.401006

Love ROBLOX but the tags bother meI really love ROBLOX. It has helped me get through this quarantine with my friends. It has a huge selection of games within a game! But the reason I took a star was because if you spell something wrong, it censors it with hashtags. I get it with the numbers because they don’t want players spreading their age, but if you spell something wrong, like let’s say you said,”Let’s go over here!” But you spelled it wrong and it said,”let’s go ivie hewe” it would cover the whole sentence which would be,”##### ## #### ####” its pretty annoying. But it doesn’t matter that much. There are ways to not get it censored. But let’s talk about the good things. You can have friend group chats with friends. You can send friend requests within the game! It’s so cool and fun. There are also MILLIONS of games within ROBLOX. And you can also make your own games if you choose. My 2 personal favorites are the neighborhood of robloxia and Royal High! But that’s just my opinion. You can also decorate your character however you like! Some things cost robux which cost money, but you can get by just fine without them. ROBLOX is a great way to connect with friends. There are all sorts of games. There are roleplay games, building games, adoption games, action games, and once a year there is something called the bloxy awards. It’s where people vote for a game to win one of many themes. This game is amazing and I would only change the hashtags. I suggest you download it..Version: 2.439.407706

RobloxRoblox is a a very fun game where you can play with your friends and really just enjoy life in general. I love Roblox it’s a very enjoyable game where you can play these cool games and role play. Not only is it just a game it’s also where you can see the differences with the people that you play with and be able to learn to accept people for who they are and what they do in life. You can create really cool avatars and you can buy Robux which gives you the ability’s to buy cool things! Hear me out Robux does not cost that much. It only costs 1 dollar for 100 Robux. It only costs 5 dollars for 400 and 10 dollars for 800 Robux! Roblox is a awesome game but there’s things that I don’t like as well. First is the glitches. They are really annoying and some don’t ever get fixed and then it’s not fun to play them because it’s constantly glitching. Also is the scamming and hacking. It’s not fun when one day your trying to play with your friends and you get hacked it’s not fun anymore once that happens. And every time people report it Roblox seems to never answer the reports so it’s very sad for the players. Also is the hashtags. Ok I get it when people say rude things and cuss that’s a whole different story. But when you try to say numbers it always goes in hashtags or just any words that are not bad and it’s a little annoying. That’s all my disagreements but overall I love Roblox and you should try it out!.Version: 2.464.417592

Generally, Very Nice!Roblox is a great platform for playing different games in one app but also making them. It allows you to communicate with your friends, join them in severs etc. I have used Roblox on many devices and the price of Robux is fairly reasonable according to things you can receive. You might be wondering why I’m saying so many great things but I’m only giving this 4 stars. The main reason behind this is EVERYTHING is censored. By everything, I mean my UwU. Even as you can chat, you can’t UwU, which is a large portion of my human existence. Another reason is I’ve been hacked out of my account many times (5 times to be exact) and I’m not the type of person to fall for some scams. I don’t play roblox as much as I used to and don’t spend a large amount of money so I haven’t been hacked out of my account. I shall assume the problem with the many hackers has been fixed due to no one I know getting hacked in a long time. Another thing is I have lost robux, it has only happened once though. I think it was some sort of glitch so it wasn’t too much of a big deal since it was a small amount. All in all, I think if you are thinking of getting roblox, just get it. I would highly recommend it for just playing games rather than talking to friends due to the highly sensitive chat. It has been mostly enjoyable and there’s normally updates in games every holiday or it sometimes is monthly, which I must add, is very very quick..Version: 2.417.376966

I really enjoy this!!I’ve played Roblox for over a year but I ofc have to make new accounts left and right because I’m so bad at keeping up with them... I’ve had this one for almost a year and I’ve watched Roblox grow more and more! I’m very happy with Roblox they have so many games that you can play and make!! I will say that Roblox is my second favorite game to play that has internet. My favorite is ofc Minecraft but as you can see there are actually good games based off of Minecraft..! A lot of people are against Roblox for reasons that I don’t understand. Like how would children act like serial killers for no reason but the reason was because of Roblox?!?! I like Roblox and the hair, clothes, and etc everything is getting better by the minute! Roblox has become a community with a lot of nice people. Not just children there’s YouTubers, Kids, Adults, Pre Teens, and Teens! The Roblox community has grown so much and have so much support! The creators probably never intended Roblox to become such a big part in peoples lives!! Roblox has become a breather for people dealing with abuse ( any kind of abuse ) having a hard time at school and etc! This generation has also grown but for me Roblox has had a big part in my life..! I might have problems here and there like me getting kicked out of games that have a lot of detail.. But I still do enjoy every minute of all my game plays!!.Version: 2.464.417592

The best game ever! Although there’s some issuesI have an announcement before I talk about the famous game Roblox. There is a hacker called deathdollie That’s all I had to say about the hacker. and there are adopt me pet scams. One time I was gonna talk to my friend and then I noticed there was a game that she has never sent to me before, and she said: “omg I got free pets by playing this game!” And once I saw that I instantly knew that she had been hacked by a scammer. I only played that game a tiny bit but when I joined it had a wheel with pets and in the chat there was fake bots saying something like this: “ally6479 just received a mega neon giraffe!” And you guessed it... it was fake. Messages kept popping up so I checked the server and I was the only one in there. There is this robux scam game and it is called Roblox survey, the person who made this is still not banned and it’s like the other scam game there’s fake bots and they still say: “koalaAddison52: how do I get the robux?” And there’s even a fake Roblox (the owner) and he says: “ROBLOX: koalaAddison52 all you have to do is put in your password!” And there is also a game With no tags. And yes the creator of the game is not banned yet. I am very concerned about that game with no tags because I am 8 years old. But it is a very fun game. I would ask my dad if he could spend his money to buy me robux. I bought the monthly description and it gave me robux.I Love the game!.Version: 2.457.414557

Great game!I’ve been playing Roblox for three years now. This game was shown to me from my brother! I’m so glad to have experienced all the amazing things in this game. I’ve met a group of people who are now my best friends. And it was all because of this game. I’m even in contact with them from different social media’s! Thank you Roblox for this awesome content. But here is one thing that reallyyy bugs me. Safechat! I personally think you should remove it. It’s really hard to see what my friends say. In most games I play, for example, Bloxburg! It’s a really fun and enjoying game for people to play, but whenever me and my friends talk in that game, it’s really hard for me to understand what they same. Especially in any game! It makes me kind of mad but playing Roblox has made me really happy. I love how you can even creat your own games, t-shirts and etc. But before I end this review, there is one thing I have to complain about. Scammers! You know how people get robin and buy it with there money? Well in a few groups scammers are spamming random links to hack into people’s accounts, and it’s really annoying. Usually it happens in games too. From what I think, they create random accounts and paste something like “Join (link) to get free ROBUX now! It’s only up for a limited time.” I just find it really unusual and dumb. But overall this game is great! Can’t wait to see how it revolves in the future..Version: 2.413.370504

Amazing but-Ok, so I absolutely love Roblox. But they still are some things that I wouldn’t mind being changed. First, ever since the new update my not in game chat (where you talk to your friends privately not in a game) has been slow. This happened yesterday when I was texting me and he just stopped seeing what I was typing so I sent him a message (the one if you got to their profile) and then he tried again. This time everything worked well but now I’ve been having the same problem but most of the day. Second, sometimes the tags are really strict. It won’t let me make faces like this: UwU without adding a z and then it usually tags my whole sentence for just one thing. Also, another thing about the tags is that it won’t let me say two or one or any numbers. I get why they did this put maybe think of a way we could say numbers but not like our age or our phone number. It’s sometimes really stressful when your whole sentence gets tagged for no reason. And last but not least, the new update. Yes, the new update isn’t that bad. But everything was fine before, you could still put the leader board away and now all your emotes and other things that used to be by the chat are also there. This isn’t something bad but please add Roblox studio on IPads! I think it would still work that way and maybe on IPhones too. Ty for reading this review! Roblox is a really amazing game either way, just a few stuff here and there!.Version: 2.431.404520

From Gavking120 to RobloxThis is for you Roblox you have the best games in the world like Flicker Mount of the gods murder mystery Tower of hell and other stuff like that you guys have the best games and I watch your channel 2 you have fun games on there and I really like them since were super cool and you can change your language you can build your own Roblox thing and some of my friends in my school are playing it like piggy and granny in among us in Roblox you guys have the coolest games in the world everybody likes them Roblox is the best game in the world it’s super cool and super fun you can change your language to and that’s super cool you can do that then do whatever you want on Roblox and you can pay for roebucks to which that’s weird I wish you could never pay it but but you can buy stuff to that’s pretty cool and you have the most funnest game in the world so thank you for doing this And I really love your channel I subscribe on it and I also love feather family so cool bird game that you get to play i’ve been playing your game for years from it’s been two years Already in that super crazy and that was a cool Lil Nas X concert to but why do you make robucks and that’s weird you have to waste your money but then someone hacked your account and you can’t get on anymore and that’s pretty weird for you so you should please make no robucks and why do you have to buy it Gavin to Roblox.Version: 2.455.413788

A glitchSo yeah I deleted roblox because it wasn’t working you just exit me out a black screen and eggs with me and then I went back to App Store to try getting it back and it said that I have it so I pressed open but entry take me anywhere so I restarted the phone and then when it turned back on said that it was clean in the App Store then it finally stopped so I went back and tried roblox and it still said it was open so I tried pressing it in this time it opened up but it then kicked me out so roblox can you please try fixing this I am going to try to I just yeah I just wanted to say oh maybe the developer will tell me something maybe roblox Well tell me how to fix it and yeah so that’s all I have to say I did read it five stars because I didn’t mean what’s read it so I’m not doing it with you just doing a glitch so and I really wanna play Roblox cause I got a phone it’s stories like yours I can basically can’t play Roblox because this is my moms phone and yeah so Robert please fix this roblox please fix this Ind well tell me how to fix it and yeah so that’s all I have to say I did read it five stars because I didn’t mean what’s read it so I’m not doing it with you just doing a glitch so and I really wanna play Roblox cause I got a phone it’s stories like yours I can basically can’t play Roblox because this is my moms phone and yeah so Robert please fix this roblox please fix this And yea..Version: 2.444.409999

Great game but I think this would help out a bitSo I play this game all most every day I’ve been playing this for six years now and I think it’s a great wonderful game but I have a few things that I think would help so first off when ever I try to join a game with tons and tons of people in it kicks me out of the app or just kicks me out of the game but I’m still in roblox and it’s not my internet because I have a great internet connection so it’s not that and 2nd off I HATE THE TAGS like please get rid of the tags not for cuss words keep it there for cuss words but not numbers I under Stand why you do it for numbers to but when ever I put one not the number the word It tags IT OUT like even when I put everyone it still tags it out that’s it for any number that should be put out and plus I saw someone cuss sanding bi#$h and he did it because it put this above it ~ i don’t know how but he did it and 3rd off you should lower robux prices a bit like its so hard to do it if ya don’t want the it do at the same time ya know what mean? And also there’s this game called blox burg and it cost robux to even PLAY if your a person like me and doesn’t have any robux and want a game that cots robux and ya can’t get it then you will be sad LIKE ME this is the end in the caps I wasn’t being mean I was just mad at those things have a wonderful day and if your reading this thank you😜😜😜 happy 4th🎆🎆🎆.Version: 2.461.416397

Great! But...Roblox is a great game and all but it has a few problems... number 1, tags. I get how they tag numbers and all to keep people from telling their age of phone number but like c’monwho is that dumb -.- now the next problem is about robux.. yes i get how roblox need to get some money but before i got robux some people used to make fun of me is some games like adopt me for not having robux! I think that users should get at least 20 robux to start out with so they dont feel left out. Next is HACKERS!!! Nobody likes hackers, cause i have a friend who had like tons of robux and then got hacked! They were really upset. I know you cant really do much about hackers but at least to something. Then we have inappropriate games... some littles kids could be playing roblox and play inappropriate games which could be like bad words or treating others badly which could make the kids act like the games they played when my grow older! Lastly, friends.. its fun how you can make new friends in roblox games but... I sometimes feel like people send me friend requests and the they stalk me or something... so when i make friends i usualy only friend people who I know in real life or friend people who talk to me (like is the private chat you and only your friends can see) or i play with a lot. Overall i think that roblox is a really great game and its fun to play when you’re bored! Thanks for reading my REALLY long review :) -from (not telling my name) poopoo face (:.Version: 2.442.409372

I love it but still needs a few changesI love ROBLOX, don’t get me wrong, but there’s still some cons about it. One, when you customize your avatar, there’s not many options to choose from. I feel like it’s not fair to the players who aren’t allowed to buy robux, like me at one time. Two, I’ve just been reading some of the reviews, and somehow you can’t have more than 200 friends, and i was sad to hear that. Maybe the developers could extend it? Three, many people have privacy restrictions so they can’t play on certain games, like Fashion Famous, certain speedrun games, etc. that a lot of people can play on that aren’t scary or inappropriate, because in all the time i have played roblox, for a little bit i was able to play Fashion Famous (before i found out the passcode to restrictions). It’s so annoying. Four, I don’t like it that it censors numbers or non-cuss words. I get it, the developers don’t want us telling our age, but maybe there’s this feature that scans the rest of the sentence. If the player uses the word or number(s) as a cuss word or an age, then it can censor it. Five, may ya’ll PLEASE make it so that mobile players can make games?Me and lots of other players have amazing ideas but we can’t do them. Overall, I’ve grown obsessed with ROBLOX and it’s awesome, I just thought it needed a few tweaks. :) Thx for reading! I hope my requests would come soon :).Version: 2.459.415955

Fun but fixing neededHonestly Roblox is so fun but there are for sure a couple things that need to be fixed for example you HAVE to have WiFi or just good WiFi or the game will crash like when I’m in the car driving and go to play Roblox it’s super laggy and takes at least 2-5 to load when I’m on the road and another thing is scammers they added reports in Roblox but they really don’t work and honestly some people might get mad and report Somone in adopt me for not accepted an unfair trade like if you were trading a mega neon fly ride unicorn for a ride rabbit it’s not fair but there are some things that really need to be taken care of and adopt me has added a new thing for scamming but people could still very easily get scammed and there are people that have scammed a lot and might have scammer freinds and another thing is oders if you don’t know what an oder is they are online daters and this app is rated 4 and up and there are hundreds of kids online dating which is not good at all I mean they can lie about there ages and say they are 14 but really are 8 so I think it is best if Roblox checks what happened in the game by going through the chat and what happened and they won’t get banned just get a warning and if it keeps up then maybe do what needs to be done but other than these things it’s really fun and another thing I think some games should have robux being earned.Version: 2.457.414557

I love Roblox but...I love roblox but the thing is I don’t like when it hashtags you it’s really annoying you try to say something and it hashtags you I don’t really understand why they have that. Next thing is that some people can’t afford roebucks or their parents just won’t buy them it so that should be a way where someone can get roebucks without having to pay for them you should be able to earn that may be or if they have gotten the app for over a year they should get like 100 roebucks more or less that’s just what I think. You should make servers where there’s like an unlimited amount of people maybe not unlimited but like with her can be way more people because when you try to join with your friends and then it doesn’t let you because the servers for really it gets annoying as I said in the beginning roblox have been my favorite game ever since my friend like showed me it and she loved it and now I love it scams are one thing when someone report someone the person who made the game should really try to fix it. Trolls are one thing but like when someone trolls it can be funny but sometimes he goes to far people shouldn’t give other people admin like some people give someone else admin because their friends and they created the game not fair but as I said I love roblox these are just some things maybe they could fix or I don’t know Peace out ✌️.Version: 2.436.406463

Plz read to get an idea of the game🙂🙂🙂I think this game is really well made, most of the graphics are good and I love the main idea of it. Basically, on the “main page” you get to design your character and be what you want with tons of cool gear and clothing to try on and then bye with roblux (not sure if I’m spelling this correctly) my only issue is that some of the best gear is sooooo expensive, and I don’t know how to get a lot of roblux. But anyway there are lots of different game u can play on one game wich I find very handy. The different games r not related to each other although they can have similar themes. When u get into a game of ur choice then u have the option to play with ur friends along with other people in those games. Plus playing with friends is so easy, just tap on the person u want to b friends with and send them a friend request. If they expect then BOOM, u just made ur self a new friend. They will show up on the top of ur main page for chatting and seeing their stuff. The best part is that if they r playing a game and u want to join then just click on the green dot next to there name and hit join, ur in the same game with them and u can easily play with each other. I hope u enjoyed my description of the amazing Roblox and that u will consider getting this game. Ps: some of my favorite games r natural disaster survival and don’t press the button..Version: 2.459.415955

Many malfunctionsRoblox has been malfunctioning too much lately! I was getting robux and I was looking for things I wanted so I changed the settings too most recently updated. I could scroll for at least 5 seconds and then it would so no internet connection. The same thing happened if I typed in something specific in the search button. And it says I have no internet connection but I can join games perfectly fine! My younger brother said he wanted to get robux so we can shop together and I keep having to tell him, maybe later because the catalog is not working. It’s been a full week and 3 days and it keeps malfunctioning. Yet I can still join games perfectly fine! Also, many players like myself cannot remember or lost their passwords. We also didn’t put any emails in when we first started Roblox. I sent you guys an email telling you about this problem and you said to keep trying basically. I can’t put in the email without my password :/ I sent you guys another one saying that it is impossible and you guys never wrote me back, and I’m okay with that because I know you guys are very busy! I just thought since this is an ongoing problem for more players as well, that you guys could do something about it. One time my Roblox was malfunctioning and I almost got logged out of my acount. I stayed on Roblox that whole night. Other than this everything else is perfectly fine, games, groups, etc. I just had higher expectations when it came to you guys. :/.Version: 2.459.415955

AMAZING 🤩 my fav game but a few notesOk, let me just start of and say I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE THIS GAME whoever hasn’t downloaded it needs to it is awesome 👏🏻. It has awesome features and fun things and games. I would like to note that you should please look at the reports more. THSI one time I reported someone on adopt me for doing something very bad and inappropriate (I’m not going to say it though) and the next day I saw him on the server again totally fine and probably even richer then he was the day before. I think that if ur gonna include a reporting option please try to look more at them and give the people consequences! 🙃Another thing is that it’s kind of sad that we can’t say numbers in the chat I know that protects people but in adopt me and other rp games sometimes people do restaurants and cafe’s that you have to say how much the food is, and I would love it if maybe u added a special way to say numbers that could still protect people, or something like that. I also have something to say about inappropriate and sexual comments in the chat. Like in Brookhaven there is a lot of rp dating, having kids, you know. And for kids who play it it could be bad for them to see and could hurt them in a emotional way. I’m a teenager and I still find these things disturbing and inappropriate pls do something about it. Thanks so much you guys are great roblox is my absolute FAV game! 😍 bye!.Version: 2.459.415955

AMAZING BUTSo earlier I was in bloxburg and this person said something inappropriate mind you I thought he was a kid cause I am a kid. So my mom looked at it and said”that’s inappropriate leave and report him.” So I tried to report him but it did nothing. I was so mad because that person is friends with 43 ppl. So if you could fix the report button because if that happens to somebody else then I will feel bad for them. Another thing can you make ppl aloud to say one two three for five ect. So if you hashtag the bad words that would be amazing because ppl can say the d word. And my mom will send you the user. Another thing when it’s Christmas time like now can you make ppl able to open presents and they can get gifts like a bike if their a kid or car if there a teen or parent and can you make ppl to turn into pets and pls make a update to the town and turn the night club into a clothing store. Then change mikes moters into a HUGE work office pls. Then make the hair place into a chocolate store. Then turn the gym into a trampoline park and move the grocery store beside bloxy burgers and then change bloxy burgers into a place with baby stuff and stuffed animals and the grocery store needs baby food. Then the grocery store can have cool water bottles like hydro flasks and then add phones so parents can check on the security cams. If you see this pls take some of the suggestions. Thx BYEEEEEE!!!.Version: 2.458.415263

Very nice! ♡︎ ♥︎ ✰I play ROBLOX very often, and it is quite enjoyable. Somethings annoy me though, like how my very own name gets censored out. And if somebody is trying to curse they just put * once or twice so that you can tell what word they’re using and it won’t gets censored out. I understand this is to help to not spread personal info, but why censor numbers? I’m trying to type to my friend in real life how much money she wants because I’m trying to help her out in a game so I’m like: “Is 100 good?” But it comes out like: “Is ### good?” And she always just responds “Tags :/“. It really pushes my buttons. But I really do love ROBLOX, and I always have. I would give it a 4.7 rating, but we can’t use decimals so it’s closer to five so let’s just go with that. There’s one more thing that kind of bugs me though. I type quite fast and I’m on an iPad most of the time, and it lags a lot because I apparently type to fast for the chat. I start to see like 3 buttons getting pushed down at once and than it lags me out and puts me on my home screen of the entire iPad. It makes me really mad, and I honestly can’t help but type fast. Other than that, I really love roblox. Thank you for reading my review, and I hope this helps for improvements in the future and helps others pick the right game to play. Bye! ꨄ ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ —Just another gamer girl ♡´・ᴗ・`♡.Version: 2.427.399257

AMAZING! Just a couple problem...I absolutely LOVE roblox! It unleashes creativity and helps me contact friends during this hard time. But there are a couple of problems. First, when I played, I faked my age because I was a bit worried about my safety, only to find I get something called SAFE CHAT. It’s kinda annoying how literally everything I say is tagged. The next problem is robux. I’m born in a family whose parents don’t really waste their time on things like robux. I only get it twice a year, Christmas and my birthday. It’s kinda annoying how I have to wait until April and then ALL THE WAY UNTIL DECEMBER? I wanna improve my looks especially since everything I try to wear gets content deleted, and I wanna buy gamepasses too but everything costs ROBUX. I would appreciate if you could do something about it. Next is scammers and bullies. Especially because you can say something in roblox or feel safer behind an account cuz “you don’t know me” and “you can’t see me” just makes it a perfect place to cyberbully. Another thing in games like Adopt Me! And Royale High, SO MANY SCAMMERS. They are full of scammers and rich item addicts. The final problem is mobile players. Roblox I know was originally for PC, but that makes game creators forget about mobile players. You even have to go on a computer just to make a game on roblox studio. Other than all that, roblox is a great game! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2.462.416719

Good, but mysterious friends.... SCAMMERS?!?!Hi there! So, this game is awesome! And I totally recommend it to others who like video games. But, there ARE a couple of complaints that I have! For some reason, I get these friends but the thing is that I NEVER accepted these friends! I DID change my password recently in case if someone was hacking my account and accepting friends requests, but it still keeps on happening! I would REALLY like the developers of Roblox to check this out. Another thing is that when you report someone in a game, it doesn’t ACTUALLY do something! For example, I constantly see these online daters and I report them right? But, it NEVER does ANYTHING!!!! That is REALLY REALLY frustrating to me! Because, if people report this person and they don’t even get kicked or get a warning that they’ll be kicked if they keep on doing it, it’s just wrong! Also, when younger kids see this they might think it’s cool and all, but what they don’t realize is that it’s actually wrong to swear, online date, etc! People mostly online date on Life in Paradise. Now, I have nothing against Life in Paradise, I just wanted to use it as an example. Also, when there ARE reports you guys SHOULD read them! Because there are suggestions and reports like mine! One more thing. The SCAMMERS in roblox really annoy me! I have remorse for those people who go to those games or websites. Anyways, I’m glad you could spare some time to read all of this, thank you..Version: 2.409.358770

Good and badThis is the best game I’ve been playing over a year! The good things is you can make friends and you could builds houses on bloxburg adopt me and more I love to play murder mystery it’s very fun and I made lots of friends there but on to the bad stuff well I don’t think bloxburg is gonna get outta beta and sadly the creator has died and there lot of old oders and old men get personal info out of kids but sadly someone roblox players died some are healthy but on to the oders it’s really unheathy and I really recommend no online dater signs on roblox murder mystery it would be very funny and I hate when people are dancing onAnimation mocap then people say “ODERS” it’s kinda rude and sometimes on adopt me people scam! And on animation mocap people do bad dances and then online date I I hate it when they online date on adopt me it’s really annoying once I had this mean friend on roblox then I learned I out they online dated so she had herself a boyfriend so I was fake happy for her but really I was disgusted and disappointed she was really nice I never knew she would do that I was friends with her sense I first joined we argued and she unfriended me I tried texting her on roblox she did not answer so I moved on it was really hard for me but I had to I was so mad at her I went off on her and I just want to tell all the kids on roblox to never online date it’s bad for your future but overall I give it a 5!.Version: 2.448.411159

It is indeed a cool gameDon’t listen to all the Karen’s here, it is a fun game for any age, your child can be restricted of stuff such as who can chat with them, if they can have chat at all, who can join the games, and they need to accept requests to be friends. If you don’t want your child talking with strangers, turn off chat, or buy a private server for a game, keep in mind some games don’t have private servers and most cost robux (in game currency) and don’t worry about the robux costing money thing, lots of items on roblox for your avatar and stuff are free. Plus if you don’t want your child to steal your credit card (depends on the child) you can make it where you have to do stuff like emails, or make it where the info doesn’t save. Plus if it does happen (very unlikely) you can notify roblox and they will give the money back and take away the robux bought. There are tons of kid friendly games, those of which not appropriate will be deleted very quickly, you can play with friends from school or just friends in general idk where else kids find friends. Get this, they can even make their own games with roblox studio! That gives you or your child a learning experience of coding, building, and more. Lastly, you can make or join groups, I suggest having a friend group and then let your child explore the endless possibilities that roblox has to offer..Version: 2.444.409999

Roblox! Such a great app!Such a great app! I love all of the options that you have to play and creat with. It can be laggy sometimes but that may depend on your WiFi or data. I love how you can play with friends and the new option to make group chats with friends! I also love how it gives you the ability to favorite game. This is because if you are looking for a game you have not played in a long time but you really like it, you can find it, favorite it, and then you doing have to go searching. I also love how you can decorate and accessorize your avatar any way you’d like! I love to go and see what they have in the avatar shop. On the down side, some things in the shop you do have to pay for, but roblox is not to blame, it’s mostly the people who make the accessories who make you pay for them. Another fun feature is that you can make clothing. As well as but robux which you can use in the shop or in games you like. The robux and priced very reasonably and help a lot with games that have gems, money, or coins because most of the time you can buy extra with robux. Robux can also help when playing games that have pets because they may have robux only pets or special features taht you can only get with robux. All together, I really recommend this app if you are looking for something that is fun and has a lot of choices and game play factors..Version: 2.460.416177

How I love robloxI have a sister who plays roblox with so good for name is Jordan my name is London and I hear by the clear roblox is good I love the Ben 10 games I love but when I switch something like Ben 10 simulator a transformer simulator I won’t even work can you fix that for me and roblox is best I want to play any other game unless it was like roblox if anyone can make a good game it is you do you love everything is just like you cannot imagine the coronavirus is going on but but that makes meThis is my first time I’m gonna go online dating on roblox because this is so good my first time playing Roblox I the only thing I wanted to find Ben 10 simulator we play floor is lava I was just talking about me and my sister Rose love is the best we get to laugh laugh are you other do anything we could to win this is my first time I’m gonna go online dating on roblox because this is so good my first time playing Roblox I the only thing I wanted to find Ben 10 simulator we play floor is lava I was just talking about me and my sister floors lava is the best we get to laugh laugh at each other do anything we could to win it’s so fun when we do it together make it the docs just make it good because you’re the dream team i’m almost done with that soon but do you love this I’m sorry I just said that I love I miss you should make a game that lets you do that I am Man control by my name is Landon log out.Version: 2.441.408614

Very good app! 💁🏼💞I love this app so much! me and my friends play it together :).Version: 2.307.149105

Best game everThis games is best game. I spend hours playing it.but the only thing I hate is having to pay robux to enter levels. Hope this games could get better.😁.Version: 2.307.149105

ROBLOX DA BESTI LOVE ROBLOx SO MUCH I CANT STOP PlAYING iT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.423.391560

AwesomeRoblox is amazing, easy to play tycoons though sometimes the games stop working for no reason!!.Version: 2.307.149105

RobloxFun and good when ur bored it's something to do🤗😝.Version: 2.307.149105

Plz go back to 2 hats plzzzI love this game soooo much it's really entertaining but I miss the old times when u could wear 2 hats plz go back.Version: 2.307.149105

🔥❤️THX ROBLOX❤️🔥ROBLOX IS RHE BEST GAME EVER I LOVE SO MUNCH THIS !!! IS THE BEST GAME OF THE WORLD 🌍❤️ best game: adopt me and fashion famous!!! ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.424.392804

Good but a Weird GlitchI honestly think it is a great game, as long as you find games that are enjoyable to play. However, there is this weird bug that makes my entire body (excluding the head) all black, and I would like that bug to be fixed, as it makes things “awkward” for me (i.e. people asking me)..Version: 2.354.238701

CrashAmazing App, but keeps crashing😡😡😡.Version: 2.307.149105

GreatThe only thing not very good is that the robux are really expensive and sometimes don’t load on to your account.Version: 2.383.299732

ExeclentI'm just warning anyone under the age of 12 might experience some creeps asking for personal info but I'm sure you could turn your child's chat off so they can't talk with strangers but otherwise it's a good game to make friends and to let your kids imagination run free by creating their own games and playing in other games other people created. But trust me it can be dangerous if your not aware of the people asking for information..Version: 2.307.149105

Best Video Game EverThis game is very fun. I LOVE IT!<3 I really recommend this app l. It’s super fun! But be careful to not get addicted lol Download it now!!.Version: 2.409.358770

Awesome gameThis game is so awesome I play it 24/7 well almost 24/7. THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!.Version: 2.307.149105

Royal high glitchEvery time I go on royal high it just glitches me out.Version: 2.390.312659

Awesome but.....You know that people doesn’t have robux and and some people are new playing roblox and they wish to have cool stuff and like accessories and stuff but it’s not really fair cuz for exemple adopt me is kinda expensive I rather that you guys stop with the robux and I rather that everything was free in roblox and then everybody could have they’re dream stuff and also the parents buying robux for they’re children’s is expensive they work hard to buy them robux so plz plz plz plz I’m begging you stop the robux and add everything for free so people can get they’re dream stuff and can you guys stop with the hashtags plz and you guys should change it and plz read it and agree to it people wants free stuff plz thank you!! ❤️❤️and lol I know I say the same thing >w<.Version: 2.428.401006

AwesomeCool and entertaining.Version: 2.307.149105

RobloxJe trouve que Roblox est un très bon jeu qui développe l’imagination, car en jouant et en créant on apprend. Roblox comporte divers jeux qui nous amusent. Les mises à jour sont très utiles, car elles permettent d’améliorer le jeu en corrigeant des beugs. C’est pour cela que je donne la note de 5!.Version: 2.388.307917

GreatIt’s a great game and I play it a lot. Thanks for this great game.Version: 2.366.267700

Best gameAll my friends play this game.Version: 2.409.358770

IsAwesome It is very good 😊.Version: 2.307.149105

Why can’t we write numbers?This game is so much fun but why can’t we write numbers it’s not like numbers are bad words or anything I just don’t get why we can’t.Version: 2.435.406105

Good gameAwesome game but too much text moderating.Version: 2.307.149105

AWSOME GAMEBut don’t trust maddylovestacos :( she is a scammer my name is A_zaZAZAZAA :D thank you!!!.Version: 2.404.346082

PerfectThe game’s perfect. Keep updating!!!.Version: 2.409.358770

Awesome but a bit horribleI LOVE IT but I want to earn ROBLOX. Why can’t I earn it? Why do I have to use money to get ROBLOX? Or can’t you start with ROBLOX? WHY NOT THAT? Please make it so you start with ROBLOX or you can earn ROBLOX or BOTH.I would really appreciate that. Please?😕.Version: 2.443.409841

Roblox is the best app everRoblox is my favoriting app it is so fun!!!!😃😀.Version: 2.430.404271

RobloxThis game is my life thank u so much to who made it. literally every day after school me and my friends call and play this game it’s sooo much fun.( I do have a tiny complaint tho plz plz just get rid of the scammers in adopt me plz thank you. Oh and my user is boomer8711 my joins are on I my fav game is adopt me..Version: 2.421.385673

HiLove piggy.Version: 2.435.406105

RobloxThis is the best game ever.Version: 2.425.394331

RobloxAmazing but laggy.Version: 2.424.392804

Absolutely amazing but..Hi, pls fix the crashing issue that's happening on roblox. Mostly on iPads. I really wanna play properly with my friends but I can't because is lags and crashing every second. Please fix this...Version: 2.430.404271

Good game but you can buy roebucks with moneyThe Game is very good and it’s sometimes very glitchy but it’s really fun there’s millions of games to play there’s so many games that you can play that you will love there’s so many games out there that you don’t know of.Version: 2.435.406105

GoodFun game A lot of fun games.Version: 2.443.409841

The best app!Me and my friends play this all the time it’s literally the best!.Version: 2.434.405774

Awesome gameWhen I first tried roblox out I thought it was a bad game but once i really started playing it was awesome.Version: 2.434.405774

I lost my accountI don’t know but when I was going to play it I was logged out and when I logged back in it crashed.Version: 2.431.404520

QuestionRip tix, also what do I do with points? I keep earning em but I have no idea what they’re for..Version: 2.443.409841

I’m getting angryThe game is great but for some reason it keeps taking me out of the app every time I try to play.other than that it’s good..Version: 2.431.404520

Very goodI have been playing this app for soooooo long. ITS AMAZINGG.Version: 2.437.406997

Soooo funThis game is so fun because there are millions of games in one game so i can play with all my friends too! i love this app.Version: 2.435.406105

RobloxThis game is the best me and my friends play it for hours together!!!.Version: 2.434.405774

Roblox is the best!!!I love roblox its my favourite game i’ve been playing since 2016 but it crashes a lot for me..Version: 2.434.405774

Roblox studioPlease add roblox studio to mobile devices..Version: 2.431.404520

Great!You got to watch out for scammers and bots bot other wise great app!.Version: 2.423.391560

So AWESOMEI love it. The game honestly makes my day.👌.Version: 2.423.391560

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 2.465.417621

What do you think Roblox ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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