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Roblox Positive Reviews

Great game defiantly get!I love this game it is so fun there is lots of fun games you can play on it like Brookhaven where you role play and have whatever job you want, or there is hide and seek where there is a spinner to choose the map and the person who is “It” and you run around and hide or there is would you rather one of my favorite games to play with friends, there is also speed run where there is lots of maps to earn, I really like to know play spy ninjas vs project zorgo that’s also really fun, there is good games for the holidays too, like: Easter egg hunt I’m playing that one right now because it’s April 3rd and there is a bunch of Obbys or obstacle course that are really fun for other holidays There is also stories that I play around Halloween some aren’t that scary because I don’t play any that look scary but there are a lot of fun games and stories. Robux you don’t have to get them I don’t think there the best but there’s some things you can buy for your avatar with Robux I got some for my brithday and I haven’t really used them only for a few things for my avatar and updates that I can buy but it is real money that you use. If you don’t want your kids talking to other people or seeing there comments there is a setting that you can put on it. To sum it all up this is a really fun game and sorry this review is so long if I took a lot of your time up reading this sorry and if it makes you feel better this took me a really long time to write. Bye! 🤣.Version: 2.520.399

SHOULD GET IT 𖣔♊︎𐂃𐂂I love roblox because there are a lot of amazing games like Roblox club it’s so much fun it gets updated every Friday you get to have like I have three or five babies and it’s so much fun because you get to decorate your own house and then there’s also a bunch of games like murder mystery two and hide and seek Brookhaven Meep city those are all so much fun Webb City Brookhaven and club Roblox is are all role-play games and I would recommend the role-play games because they’re really fun to create your own story and I have made 1000 stories on Roblox I even made Man by myself with my friends I love Roblox because it’s not like any other game like Gacha life or anything because in Roblox you can actually add friends and you go to play with your friends and it’s so much fun because you get a create your own user name and if you get Robux you get to customize your character it’s so much fun and I would recommend it so well you should get it definitely because if you don’t get it when you might be bored and sometimes when you’re bored at home you can all you can do is just tell your friends at a party or something tell your friends and just say do you guys want to go on Roblox with me and play one of those role-play games that you can add people And if they don’t already have it then I don’t know what to say but it is really fun you should get it definitely I’m sorry this is a long paragraph but I just wanted to tell you all about it it’s so much fun.Version: 2.525.378

Hi I’m OliviaHi roblox is so fun I get to meet new people and play with them I especially love this game called pop it trading it is so fun I love trading people and I love how every Friday new stuff is in game if that’s not true that’s what I heard from my friends but anyways roblox should be the most popular game it’s the best game ever in history I love roblox who doesn’t love roblox? Roblox is a game where you can meet new people make friends and chat with them all the time and you would have fun who doesn’t want that experience????? When I first started playing I made a lot of friends and they all teach me how to play a lot of the games it was an amazing experience their was some people bullying but I didn’t let them stop me you know why??? Because a little birdie once told me that everyone is beautiful inside and out the birdie also told me that if you try to complete your dream and fail that’s ok because you can try and try over and over again no one’s stopping you if you try to complete your dream and you do well congrats Roblox actually teaches you a lot of things you need to learn in real life. for example, don’t trust strangers, your beautiful inside and out, and it also teaches you how to protect yourself against bad people no other game is like Roblox Roblox teaches you very important things and in Roblox you also have fun so if you play Roblox you should know that You will learn a lot and you will have so much fun..Version: 2.522.281

It’s a good game but a few problemsBefore say anything please don’t take this super seriously I really love Roblox and it’s a amazing game but…there are a few things you might not like or you may wanna be worried about. Such as cheating, mean language, and many things that need to be bypassed, and quit a bit more. One there are quite a few bugs in the games sometimes it would log you out what I mean by that is you have to constantly keep going back into the game, also there are many thing you have to buy you know have Roblox well all the good or to be honest AVERAGE stuff and that costs money everything else is not good, it is constantly lagging; and there are quite a few bugs just overall one being sometimes people can’t login not talking roblox being done but people still sometimes can’t log in and makes you loss your progress which is really important to some people. It is not just that there is a lot of bullying in Roblox now sure you can report them for bullying but the question is. Do they even do anything? Do they deal with it? No. No they don’t. Other than adding things to the game all the time which is good they really need to focus on some of those simple mistakes. I feel if they do this there game will be 5 stares overall! I really hope this helpful to you and In my opinion if your reading this to decide to get Roblox or not I thjnk you should and also think Roblox will fix all theses little bug really soon!! Have a amazing day.Version: 2.503.338

Absolutely phenomenalThe people? GREAT. the games? AMAZING. the community?? ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. the people on roblox are so willing to help when you don’t understand. most of the games i’ve seen have amazing detail. those horror games top every game i have played. people put their heart and souls into those graphics and storylines. its truly amazing how the community is so accepting of others. no matter the age. i am almost 18 years old and i still play for the horror games and tycoons!! its an outstanding game and really lets people show off their creativity. I could never create some of the games on there. people will go out of their ways to extend games and make multiple parts when people find games intriguing. i have played multiple games and they really take the time to put in work for others to enjoy. i was never interested in roblox until about 2 years ago. There are so many games to choose from and so many genres for people with different likes. even the games that didnt have a lot of graphics and a whole lot of storylines are still cherished. and the OBBYS, omg, they are amazing. love me a good obby with multiple levels. the difficulty charts are my favorite. there are simple role play games i decide to join my friends on. we goof around with the objects there. and i love to be able to build my own houses on platforms that allow me to build my dream home. this is by far the best community Ive been in..Version: 2.503.338

AWSOMERoblox is the best game for me because it just gives me lots of activities to do it teaches me stuff and it’s just really really really really really amazing it deserves a five star rating because it’s just me that loves playing this game or it might be other people that do this but it’s totally a five star for me because I just I don’t know I don’t know how to explain this but it’s just really fun to play this game people that are out there giving roblox a one star to star three stars of reading I really think they should start playing the game more and you know trying to like bond with roblox just like how I did I am when I was a first time that I played roblox I’ll like this totally Hass to have a one star but I started bonding with roblox that I just had to give it a five star I am people out there who really think that roblox might want to have a one story that was just me at first but I really think that roblox should start having more you’re not the whole game starts to have like a big update wear some games you don’t have to use row bucks do you know you just don’t have to use roebucks to Play games like Blocksburg I don’t really want to spend money for my parents credit card so she can get me roebucks so I can play Blocksburg I really feel like Blocksburg should not be able four people that have accounts to literally just get roebucks and a Pay 45 roebucks for just a game please deal with it roblox..Version: 2.463.417004

It’s not that bad.Yes, Roblox does have problems. But it can still be fun. I quote problems as cheating, bypass of inappropriate item/pictures, or poor moderation. Only big thing is moderation. In my 5 year experience being on the game, I’ve learned to socialize online. Roblox can make great games, but some can just be completely copied of another game that is not on Roblox. Moderation is a problem and still needs to be worked on despite Roblox being almost 2 decades old. If you want to learn more, I highly recommend watching videos that talk about moderation in the Roblox platform (videos such as JOHNRoblox or Ruben Sim). It’s also worth mentioning the Robux currency system and in-game purchases (also known as game passes). Game passes are quite expensive in some games, and if you think about giving your kid robux, that’s great. But. Giving your kid robux will have the effect of wanting more and potentially trying to get more behind you. If you want to give them in small amounts per month, you should try out their Premium system. Where they give you robux monthly, along with other features. Roblox is great in terms of socializing, but I think it could have room for improvement, and try to eliminate the toxic environment games might have, even though it may happen inevitably at some point. I don’t play it now, but I want to give a tip to a parent or someone interested in playing Roblox. I’ve moved on to new games, but I visit back to see if they’ve improved or the opposite..Version: 2.488.427318

Great but....Ok so don't get me wrong, i love this game I've pretty much ditched all my other games for this one. Quite honestly I'd love to shake this game creators hand! But of course just like any other game there's always something wrong.... so first off, ok so this is just a minor thing but the game sometimes shuts down and of course it takes me out of the game. Second you cant change your name it seems like you'd be able to but I can't. And third why does robux have to cost real money?! Like kids play this game they shouldn't have to pay their money just to get game money! Like i know you're trying to get money and all but jeez be harsh on kids why not see who cares! Oh wait i care! Please at least let us watch a video once an hour to get some robux, if we don't want to wait a nother hour then we'll pay real money, that seems fair, right? Ok final thing, when people say bad words it's blurred out, I mean thats ok for littles but honestly im pretty sure everyone says bad words, so kid will be used to there parents using bad words. You shouldn't blur out any other words either. And you should consider putting in a translator so we can understand what other people are saying. Thank you for taking your time to read this, i hope you don't take it as me being rude. But i hope you will fix these things I mentioned and make the game a little more fair. Keep safe and happy. Xoxo one happy player!.Version: 2.520.399

Absolutely Great!Roblox has been my #1 game choice forever. I’ve been playing since 2012. It’s grown so much as a platform and it’s improved a lot. Sure, there’s trolls, online daters n whatnot, but This review is to summarize the platform itself, not the people on it. First, UGC is such an amazing update, it allows modelers and developers of any kind to contribute to the platform and even make money from it! DevEx was also a great improvement, because now developers can make a living from Roblox alone! Now that I’ve gone over some of the good things, I’ll touch up on some of the bad things. First, the chat filter / moderation. Yeah, it’s alright, it does it’s job greatly, but it’s evident that it’s run mostly by bots. Roblox should hold and event for moderator applications so they can hire more people. Trust me, there’s many people who would LOVE to become a moderator and contribute to the platform, and most of those people will work for free. Next, there’s the catalog, the clothing catalog, to be specific. It’s extremely messy and most of it is copied. Sure, it seems like nothing. Until you think about all the people that took time to MAKE those shirts only for them to get stolen and reuploaded without credit. It’s saddening. There’s also the game searching algorithm. It’s also very messy and people just add tags to the game descriptions for visits. Also the copied games that scam players. But besides all these flaws, Roblox is pretty chill..Version: 2.438.407206

Great game with a few issuesI’ve been playing Roblox since 2017, been on the platform for 5 years now. I got introduced to it by a childhood friend who showed me the Roblox game natural disaster survival. From there on out I fell in love with Roblox, I would play all sorts of game. Obbys, tycoons, roleplay games, adventure games etc. I really liked the sheer variety of games on there, and a lot of them were great quality and fun to play. Sure there were some low-effort games on there but there were also games that you can tell the people who worked on them put a lot of effort and soul into. There are a lot of creative, talented people on the platform. Now I’m in high school and although I’ve had breaks from Roblox for long periods of time I always come back to it eventually. Although Roblox’s target audience is more on the young side and I’m a little older than the age group they’re targeting, Roblox is for everyone, it doesn’t have to be just for little kids. There are a lot of people over the age of 13 who play the game. Honestly one of the only problems I have with the game is the censorship in the chat. It’s way too strict. You can’t even say numbers. I understand it’s to prevent kids from saying personal information but there should be a way to differentiate between what’s personal info and what’s harmless. Anyways, Roblox was a big part of my childhood and I love the game. I definitely recommend it!.Version: 2.524.408

Very convenientHi, my name is Alexa and I’ve been playing Roblox ever since 2017. Roblox has honestly changed my life because of the new friends you can make. Yes, Roblox has is up and downs but it genuinely is a very fun game! Anyway, back to what I was saying you should definitely go download it if you haven’t because it definitely keeps you mind occupied if your bored. It’s crazy how one game with millions of games in it and faces, and avatars, can change your life. It can teach you a lot. Now im going to talk about the bad things. Roblox’s moderation system is honestly terrible. For example, you can say something a long the lines of “ok?” Or “what” something very simple and the moderation system will just ban you for a week or even delete your account! Another bad thing about Roblox is things cost a lot of money and when I say a lot I mean A LOT. For example “sshf” meaning super super happy face is a limited that you can buy in the shop which is over 100k robux and that’s about equal to $300 USD for a pixel face!! Crazy right? That’s not it. People, mostly YouTubers and gamers (even me) have spent over hundreds and hundreds of money on the game and Roblox sometimes decides to just ban or delete it for NO REASON at anytime, anywhere, anyhow to anyone. Also roblox has TONS of oders, hackers and trolls which are extremely infamous and unnecessary but other than that it’s pretty fun just watch out for the bad things :) byee.Version: 2.518.390

Major issuesRoblox is a great game and its filled with supporting people, but it has some major issues. first of all, the most irritating: no refund issue. you do realize that people pay their own money on these clothes, that are virtual and should last them, but when the clothing gets deleted which isnt even their fault they dont get their robux back? this is a serious issue because i recently got robux, which takes a TON of convincing to do to my parents to let me buy it, and two days later, TWO DAYS, one clothing item i bought was deleted. i would be able to buy another version of it, had i gotten my robux back. issue 2: reporting issue. after reporting serious bullies and hackers, they do not get banned from the game. i have learned there is a feature where you can redeem you account with a promise to not continue doing it, but players are abusing this privilege and doing it anyways, just to restart their account when banned. it should also be made so backup accounts under the same email will not be aloud to run, because they lost the privilege of playing this game themselves. issue 3: unreasonable pricing issue. a major example of this issue is the joyful face. it costs $36,000... just for a face? this price is way too high and prices should NOT be allowed to reach this number. i truly do hope that you take fixing these major roblox issues into consideration. thanks!.Version: 2.465.417621

Good game but there are scary people.When I was a bit younger I heard how popular this game was getting. Just trying to fit in, I ended up getting the game. I had fun playing with friends and schoolmates and I even bought Robux which was pretty fun. However it is important to keep in mind that although it is a children's game there are predators out there. This one time I was playing this game, and this random person starts trying to talk to me. I am generally very careful with online gaming because you never know what can happen. Anyways, as I was saying, this person comes up and he starts trying to talk to me. I was kind enough to encourage a little bit of conversation but then the topics got weird. This person all of a sudden kept following me around everywhere I went. I was a little confused but then he started asking me personal questions. I had no intention of answering their questions anymore and was worried because he was being very obvious that he was trying to stalk me. They figured out my name and then for the next few days I kept noticing that they were kind of tracking what games I played. After a while the issue ended and I was glad it got resolved. But it was still pretty weird and I urge parents to be aware of who their children are talking to and playing with. Anyone more naive could have easily fallen into a trap like this. Have fun with this game but I recommend just being smart while online gaming as a good general rule of thumb..Version: 2.514.398

Roblox is the best but I have a few problems with itHere’s why I do not like Roblox a little you can’t say numbers for some reason I know people don’t want you to say your real age or anything they even got rid of the SS glitch so you could say numbers now every time I try and say SS7 or just regular seven it hashtags me like what’s the deal with that and I don’t know if it’s just my type of phone but if I play for at least two or one hour I instantly get logged off and you need to upgrade your friend limit because what if I get logged out and I’m already at the Max friend limit and because every time this happens I have to literally unfriend someone just so I can let them be my friend like why should I have to do that just to get a friend at least upgraded to 1000 or 900 that would be way better but overall roblox is the great game I’ve playing Roblox since 2018 and now I am almost to prom so close also you need to upgrade your Roblox and keep it at the same price because ain’t nobody got $1 million just to get a 900 roebucks at least make it 1010 or $11 to get maybe 2000 or 1000 roebucks also in Royal hi why are the hills so expensive I’m going to end up wasting 1 million roebucks just to get one pair of heels but like I said roblox is a good game I definitely suggest playing this you’re instantly fall in love with this game like me but thanks for reading my review bye! By the way no offense on the game.Version: 2.442.409372

AMAZING APP! Only a few things to change.Hi! I’ve been playing ROBLOX for about three years now. I absolutely love it! There’s NO ads, there’s a bunch of different things to can do, and it’s overall amazing! I can only think of one thing to really change, that being the Safe Chat Filter. Basically you have more freedom with chat if you are 13+. That should change. It should be at least 12 or 11. If that doesn’t change at least change the things you can, and can’t say. For example if I was to say “Can I have 11 apples?” If I was under 13 it would come out as “Can I have ## apples?” I think that is just ridiculous. I get that you don’t want kids saying personal information but it’s WAY to strict. You could at least have a machine or person read through the chat and tag it out if it leads to personal information. Another example is when I’m playing Pablo’s Italian Restaurant if someone asks you how many are in your party and you were to say “(1-how ever many)” it would completely tag out. Some Italian dishes you can’t even say, they’ll get tagged out for NO reason. Now if you are 13+ this isn’t really a problem and your messages won’t get tagged on your screen and other 13+ year olds screens but if you were to be chatting with someone under the age of 13 half the things you say they won’t be able to read, as it will be tagged out on their screen but it won’t be on yours which makes the whole thing really confusing. That’s all!.Version: 2.448.411159

I love love love this game but…I really love roblox and I love making new friends and playing games on here. One thing I love most about roblox is that you can create your own avatar! But there’s a few small problems about roblox..buying robux in the game costs real money and for some people they can’t buy robux so I think it would be better if you can get robux a different way than using real money. Also a little while ago roblox stopped people from putting multiple hairs on an avatar and for a bunch of people like me I like to use multiple hairs and so I think that roblox should bring that ability back. I also think along for the hairs is that roblox should put more asset ids to put multiple accessories on your avatar because I think people should have a little bit more creativity when making their avatar and if they can’t put enough things on their avatar as they want then they can’t be as creative as they could be..and also I think that Korblox Deathspeaker and Headless Horseman should be WAYY cheaper because if buy the amount of robux for that you’re actually spending hundreds of dollars on a game and if a lot of people want those items and other limited sin the game I think they should be cheaper so people can actually get them..but otherwise I really love roblox and I hope y’all do something about this because I know more people probably have the same opinion as me!.Version: 2.518.390

It’s a good game!Okay everyone knows that Roblox is a really good game, like you can do anything like there are thousands of games in one app like that is mind blowing, like that is amazing and Roblox is really fun too you can play so many games and there are a lot of different types of games it can be like fighting, role play, or obby’s. You should try it out if you haven’t because it’s really fun and all my friends play it because it’s really fun. BUTTTTTT there is a teeny teeny tiny problem, the problem is that there are hackers that can be old people or people that are really inappropriate things that some older people say or something , BUTTTTT HACKERS, they are just really bad they can take anything from you and they can ban you from Roblox and they can take all of ur robux and all of the things that you have and just take it away from you. There is another thing u have to be 12 and up but if ur younger then ask ur parents because if they say yes then you can get it even tho ur not 12 or older. Let mehhhh tell the story of how I even new what Roblox was and got it. So I was at my cousin’s house and she was a fan of Roblox and she played it a lot soooooooo she told me about it and made me download it so I did and she showed me everything and I was amazed of how many games and things there were and then we played all night long, and that’s the story but ya have a good morning or evening or night .✨💅🏼:).Version: 2.512.415

RobloxRoblox is a a very fun game where you can play with your friends and really just enjoy life in general. I love Roblox it’s a very enjoyable game where you can play these cool games and role play. Not only is it just a game it’s also where you can see the differences with the people that you play with and be able to learn to accept people for who they are and what they do in life. You can create really cool avatars and you can buy Robux which gives you the ability’s to buy cool things! Hear me out Robux does not cost that much. It only costs 1 dollar for 100 Robux. It only costs 5 dollars for 400 and 10 dollars for 800 Robux! Roblox is a awesome game but there’s things that I don’t like as well. First is the glitches. They are really annoying and some don’t ever get fixed and then it’s not fun to play them because it’s constantly glitching. Also is the scamming and hacking. It’s not fun when one day your trying to play with your friends and you get hacked it’s not fun anymore once that happens. And every time people report it Roblox seems to never answer the reports so it’s very sad for the players. Also is the hashtags. Ok I get it when people say rude things and cuss that’s a whole different story. But when you try to say numbers it always goes in hashtags or just any words that are not bad and it’s a little annoying. That’s all my disagreements but overall I love Roblox and you should try it out!.Version: 2.464.417592

It’s ok but…So it’s ok But… 1: it’s glitchy sometimes but I love the game and all the time it takes so long to load! 2: it logs you out 24 7 it scares me cause my friend got hacked:( and I love Roblox so much and I would be so sad if I got hacked. 3:bullying noobs like noobs are sooooo pretty and kind and rich kids just brag and that’s not ok to me! 😡like noobs could be so kind and you just go make fun of them and that could ruin there day! Like just because they don’t spend money on Roblox doses mean to rub it in there face! 4: ok hacking oh no ok so hacking people is just mean cause they just want to play Roblox and have fun :) but then here comes the hackers and they just want people’s robux but they don’t know what Roblox means to some people like my friend and hackers out there they might want revenge on a old friend or something but it’s still not ok! Like they might be sorry or not but let them have a good time on Roblox cause do you know what could be happening there no you don’t! So let that go that’s in the past now so go have fun ! 5: so some guys flirt with me and I am not ok with that at all! And they ask me on a date or ask to gf and bf I leave the game! But Some girls are not ok with that! 6: some times when you buy something and go to put it on it’s not there :( and you just spend some of your money on nothing and that’s not ok Roblox. And that’s all that I am mad about so bye have a great night or day! :).Version: 2.506.608

Good BUT…I grew up with roblox and loved it but there are some major things that they need to fix the games I love are Brookhaven Ricky Rat Fart attack and escape the darkness there are things that they need to fix in all of these first Brookhaven they need to fix that some houses don’t even have a safe so if your a robber all that you can rob is the bank they should add more things to rob and add a job as a vet they should also include pets. Next Ricky Rat I love this game and the whole story but the thing they need to fix is that in chapter three when you get to the boss the artist is always puts you in the weirdest map and you can’t even fight him also they took away chapter 1 and 2 I wish that they would bring those back plus back to the chapter 3 thing you should def fix that bug bc you can’t even beat they game and no what happens. Next Fart attack you should def fix the OP problem some of the special attacks are way to OP (over powering). Last is escape the darkness I wish they would make more maps and make more killer skins the thing I don’t like about it is that when the killer gets you all that happens is you get put in a shed in the real game it is based off of dead by daylight you get cool deaths like getting put on a hook or drowning and more but in this game you only get one death. if you fix these bugs I think these games will be amazing ty for your time I hope you will try these games and like them to pls fix these problems. PLS GOODBYE.Version: 2.524.408

Love this game but...I’m sad ;-; the screen recording thing was taken away! There was like a new update or something that made the screen recording thing gone in some games. Pls make all games have the screen recording thing because I would use it a lot until it was removed. Thanks! Anyways.. FIX DARN TAGS!!! We get it some people give out their phone numbers, but they can’t complain if they were being dumb?!! Like I can’t ever say one or two. Like come on, how old do you think we are? Also when I say oof(the roblox classic lol) IT TAGS. If you want to tag me saying oof then when I die I should be hearing “Tags tags tags tags” (####). Also try to stop people from hacking other accounts. I have a ton of friends who buy Robux and got hacked. Now they don’t dress up their character because they are scared to be hacked. Lol I keep saying also, but also can you make it to where people can say but? Like I get it people use it in an inappropriate way but only make it tag out if people have been reported for using it in a bad way. Also (again lol) try to fix me saying hi. Sometimes it tags out and idk why. Lastly, when you report someone it does nothing. I kinda want this to be changed but also stay because I got reported for no reason. This girl thought I was being rude to her but I didn’t even talk to her until that. If you would fix all of these I might give it 5 star. :) but for now 3.Version: 2.430.404271

It’s really fun but.....(Read all of it people I know it seems like a lot but it’s helpful for kids who wanna play roblox) I’ve been playing Roblox for many years ever since 2017, I love the app, however I was trying to text one of my best friends on Roblox (real life best friend) and when I said “Hi” it was moderated and not sent for the word “hi” I was really frustrated and I tried to say it agin but it didn’t work then suddenly it logged me out of my account I was so mad, so I put everything in the log in thing and a loading screen came up and said “sorry this won’t work try again later” and all of the happend last night, so now I try it again in the morning and still it said that. I was looking at the other reviews and other people had the same problem, the rate in how many people play this keeps going up but when this happends to everyone it goes down, and I’m also not very pleased by how you have to pay real life money for Robux, and these very nice faces for 99,000 robux,, I mean come on! You know how much money in real life that is to get that amount of robux? Most people would say “save up for it!” Yeah I tried that too, but that’s still asking for large amounts of robux that converts to real money. Robux should be cheaper. $50 for 4,500 robux, and things like that really? If your paying a amount like that you should get more robux! All I wanna do is play roblox but it’s not letting me because of what I said up there. Please fix it..Version: 2.501.362

I love Roblox butI’ve been playing Roblox on my old account for like about five years and umm my favorite account got hacked it logged me out and I happened to my other account but I got back into my other account but one time thing switch up I was just playing Roblox and then it kicked me out and then when I went Back to Roblox I got hacked and then I put in my password and my user name and then i it logged me back in for a second and then it logged me back out I was going on a field trip that day at my summer camp I was crying there and my friend London she told me that I will log you into my account and she never did she was just telling the teacher that everyone was saying what’s wrongWhen I was crying I told him what happened and then I had to go to the gamer he knows all games he said I don’t know that I don’t know your password and then I logged in and then he said I don’t know how to fix that and then I went to the website and logged in my account on there and then it’s sad all of my information and I remember this girl on TickTock that report me and I reported herFor scamming me and she said I scammed her this is in adopt me I gave her my mouse rare vehicle she said can I just see it I said OK I said I would do anything for my fans but they only get to see stuff and she say OK and then she wants to show off like this was hers but it wasn’t and they said her user name and report me and I got my account back but Roblox please don’t band me again by.Version: 2.490.427960

It’s fun, but...Roblox is a fun game to play with friends and it has many games inside of it. First, there is a lot of bad people on it. Second, the report system is ridiculous. Like when people somehow find a way to swear or when they bully others and you report them it NEVER works. And a lot of rude and disagreeable people are on this game. There are a lot of arguments that I’ve gotten into. Third, scam bots! They are so annoying and do sometimes scam gullible adults and children. They sometimes infest entire groups so the whole group wall is all scam bot ads! Finally fourth and last thing, inappropriate content and people. Many young people play this game. There should not be so much online dating and people that make gross avatars, clothes, games, and groups! Some things even give devices viruses. Also one more thing sorry... I JUST NEED TO SAY THIS. The whole robux obsessed problem. Many people get addicted to buying robux. Maybe there should be less stuff you have to pay for? Because some people burn hundreds every month. Just. For. A. Video. Game. People even get scammed for their accounts and my friend got a virus on her APPLE device. Ikr I’ve never heard of virus on an apple device. Many robux scams are out there, websites, apps, even people that verbally scam, or via the roblox chat. Other then that just a lot of glitches inside of this game. That’s it FOR NOW! :/ Thanks so much for reading! :D.Version: 2.501.362

Great GameThe community is amazing. I’ve been playing for about 6 years and haven’t had any issues. Some of the games on the platform will be laggy at times, but that’s not a problem that ROBLOX staff can simply handle. Overall when I’m playing on my PC or on the go in my phone, I’ve always had great service. There are also many safety features that are great! I just feel as though not all parents know about them, and assume ROBLOX can be a very dangerous platform. If you use it right, and know how to control it, it is an amazing platform filled with many games. Ranging from Sci-fi to Fantasy games. You can really use your imagination to enhance game experience by installing ROBLOX studio for PC and creating your own games. There are tutorials as well that definitely help a lot. Another cool thing is the “Bloxy awards” they’re an award ceramic held once every year that votes on the best of the best content. Bringing me to discuss the ROBLOX events. There are crazy amazing events that ROBLOX will host. Such as the lil Nas X concert experience. You get to listen to kid friendly songs and watch as NPC dance around you. It is really quite an experience. You can also earn limited items from these events. You can also purchase ROBUX to customize your avatar or enhance your gameplay by purchasing game passes with ROBUX. There is also a Premium subscription that can enhance your gameplay and give you monthly perks!.Version: 2.467.418331

Good but the thing is.I notice a lot of stuff on the roblox community, online daters, slenders being toxic, and doing inappropriate stuff, I also noticed one thing that is so bad you guys need to fix it ASAP, people are uploading pictures of inappropriate stuff, like people being naked, some animals doing bad stuff, you also need to fix that somebody uploaded a orange circle, and for some reason, they got banned, we really need some help, ROBLOX, I really like it, that’s why I give it 5 stars, but, you need to fix some stuff, I love this game so much! I hope in the future they fix this and have better stuff! Like censoring bypassed words, banning inappropriate games ASAP, removing inappropriate items, ban bad accounts that do bad stuff like make a inappropriate game, or ban them for having inappropriate items, and stuff like that, please fix this and have a wonderful Saturday and I hope everything goes well for the CEO and the staff, this game is fun, don’t think I will quit until I’m 78 or something like that, but I really wish you the best of luck, NOTE: please please PLEASE ban the stitch face, it has made people do and stuff, slenders exits now, because of stichface, maybe you could remaster it? Also please make it so that people don’t be tall like slenders, which you the best of luck and I won’t be quitting till I’m 70, have a great Saturday and remember, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST GAME! May Jesus be with you all!.Version: 2.504.408

Love ROBLOX but the tags bother meI really love ROBLOX. It has helped me get through this quarantine with my friends. It has a huge selection of games within a game! But the reason I took a star was because if you spell something wrong, it censors it with hashtags. I get it with the numbers because they don’t want players spreading their age, but if you spell something wrong, like let’s say you said,”Let’s go over here!” But you spelled it wrong and it said,”let’s go ivie hewe” it would cover the whole sentence which would be,”##### ## #### ####” its pretty annoying. But it doesn’t matter that much. There are ways to not get it censored. But let’s talk about the good things. You can have friend group chats with friends. You can send friend requests within the game! It’s so cool and fun. There are also MILLIONS of games within ROBLOX. And you can also make your own games if you choose. My 2 personal favorites are the neighborhood of robloxia and Royal High! But that’s just my opinion. You can also decorate your character however you like! Some things cost robux which cost money, but you can get by just fine without them. ROBLOX is a great way to connect with friends. There are all sorts of games. There are roleplay games, building games, adoption games, action games, and once a year there is something called the bloxy awards. It’s where people vote for a game to win one of many themes. This game is amazing and I would only change the hashtags. I suggest you download it..Version: 2.439.407706

Great game!Hi, if you are reading this the owner of roblox I have really enjoyed roblox for the past 3 years, but there has been the glitches. In the years 2021 and some of 2022 I have seen more and more connection errors show up. The website also logs me out some times. Roblox is more of a community for 9 and up. I would not recommend 8 year olds and under playing, but that is my opinion the reason why I said that is there is something’s a young 7 year old going into a game and finding out anything they should not see. Although it’s not inappropriate at all, it has some scammers and unfortunately has run into 4 of them before, roblox is very educational, it has math games, learning how to raise pets, staying safe, and if your child is lonely you can make so many friends,I had made a true best friend (we have been friends for 3 years now) Although does recommend this game is 12+ when you download the game, it is not very true roblox has guidelines, tags so no one can cuss, and a reporting button if someone is messing around in a bad way! If you are reading this any parents or roblox you should always put your real birthday date when making a account. Recommended ideas: 1. Restrict and go over the outfits that people put out into the roblox avatar shop. 2. Give more options when you report. That’s really all, but parents please don’t think of roblox of an inappropriate it really is not! Thank you for reading! <3 :D.Version: 2.514.398

Amazing🙂😍 this app is amazing. I definitely recommend it and first time I tried it I got onto adopt me and I like that I started to do a lot more games the only thing I didn’t like about this app was thatIt glitched and a lot what the other people were saying about they didn’t like about it I don’t like about it either but overall it’s a really good game and I think other people should really try it out and that’s why I decided to write a review and give it five star rating but yeah it’s a really good game and I totally recommend it everybody should download it there’s so many new games and lots to do so you should do it and I don’t have that many complains I really like it. And other people should definitely! Do it by that I mean play it my favorite game is probably big paintball adopt me or lucky block there’s just so many new and exciting games that you could play and that’s why I like this game so much and there’s so much things about it that I can write but I don’t know if there will be more room to ride it this game is a really really really good game and I really like it so you should definitely play it if you’re reading my review and yeah. This is probably one of the best games I’ve played and that’s why you should play it when I first downloaded it I was so excited to play it!!! So I totally recommend this game I hope you’re reading my review I really love this game🎂🥃🍪🍪🍪🍭.Version: 2.499.381

I love this game, but the people and things on it….Ok, so I’ve been playing Roblox *forever*. But, over all the years I’ve played it, I have seen so much inappropriate things. The game itself is good, but the people on it aren’t. Now, if you were to let your kid play this, I would definitely suggest restricting time on it. (Ex. 1-2 hours.) I’m saying that, because it becomes very addicting. Of course, it’s good to try and enjoy yourself on it, but it’s hard too since people can also ruin it. There are basically reasons that it is bad, and there’s a ton of them. For example, the community can just be awful. It’s basically kids being *super* toxic to others, and basically ruining other people’s experience. I have had people be toxic/cyber bully me, and I just let it slip most of the time. Of course, if the situation were to get personal, or inappropriate, I’d try to handle in my own way. Basically the community is just really toxic in a lot of ways, like inappropriate behaviors, games, actions, etc. An example was that my friend and this other person were having a “fight”, so I stepped in, and then it got out of hand and basically ruined my day. Another time was that my friend had sent me *purposely* a VERY, and I mean, VERY graphic/inappropriate game. And I instantly reported them, and the game itself. They said; “lol my friend sent this link to me, I liked it myself.” Which disgusted me, and I just hate to think that there is people like that..Version: 2.501.362

Amazing game, would prefer changes.Since my last review, my opinions have changed a lot. This includes some update ideas and I don’t know why I put them here so.. ok so to what I was gonna say, overall Roblox is a very good game, and it’s aged beautifully. (Almost) speaking about age, what hasn’t aged is the people. Even with Robloxes monitoring, online daters still manage to get through. Either through “con” games, or avatar And chat. What’s a con game? It’s short for condo. There. Also neko GUI games are off the chart. If you under 13 please don’t play said con or neko GUI games. Now for the ideas - chat monitoring. This makes the chat a bit slower, but this means Roblox will read what you want to say before you can say it to make sure it isn’t innapropiate or suggestive. If it is one of the 2, it won’t be put in chat. Idea 2 - mainly for children under the age of 13, safe chat 2.0. Safe chat 2.0 changes depending on your account age, 13+ is regular chat, 13 and under is safe chat. 13+ u n safe chat will have mostly no tags, sadly you won’t be able to cuss but you can talk lightly about slightly innapropiate content like uh- “oh my parents had my sister last night” stuff like that. Sadly it’ll be tagged for safechat 2.0 people- also parental controls possibly. That’s all I really have to say, always monitor what your child’s playing, and if your under 13, try to avoid the “con” and “neko GUI” games-.Version: 2.474.420873

BEST GAME EVER!!I think that you should get roblox because it has so many games on it. And there are different type of games like role playing or survival and many others. You even get to customize your avatar to make it look like you or dress it up however you want it to look like. There is a thing called robux but that is money or a roblox gift card. You can add friends like family members or online friends in my opinion I think you should have friends that you know in real life or are really close to each other. My friends on roblox are my family members or people at school that have roblox. I give this game a 5 star rated because it’s honestly the BEST !! I’ve had this game for 3 in a half years and I loved it since then. There are some bugs in roblox but they change them right away! My favorite game probably has to be either spider or tower of misery. I just love how spider has all the doors that you have to unlock and find the right color key and then escape. But I also love how tower of misery has the stages or levels that you parkour on and there is things you can buy for coins on that game like invisibility that is we’re you can not die like you can touch the lasers. But anyways that’s what I give this game a rating ! Bye I really hope that you get this game if i could I would give the creator of roblox a huge thank you for making this game. Because I just LOVE it!!.Version: 2.526.426

BEST GAME EVERThis game is so much fun to play you have to go downloaded it now it is the fun it’s game in the history of games when I told you again go download it right now it’s the best team in the world and why would you download it if it’s the best game in the world but one of the things that I don’t like it because there’s so many tags like why would there be so many tags if you just have a long sentence it’s so annoying if you think it’s annoying go write a review and say it’s annoying they’re so annoying it’s like come on come on people come on make it with no contacts and someone reported me when I didn’t even do anything thankfully they didn’t kick me out because I was playing Brookhaven and that’s my home so I can’t get kicked out of there because that’s my home that’s where I live I can’t live anywhere else I can’t live in the other town because because it is 25 roebucks to get in there why would you have to pay roebucks to get into a game like OK I get it you had to get Robux to get into VIP or like get something really cool and like it Premier like come on now you have toNot pay 25 roebucks to get into a game come on people you have to download this game I can’t I have to download it that’s the best thing in the world but it’s best it’s the best game in the world come on you have to download it right now it’s the best game Roblox it has over 1 million games on there..Version: 2.492.428906

Fun when carefulRoblox is an amazingly designed platform with many games to say goodbye to boredom. However, like many games, there can be many risks and other negative situations you might run into. For one, there are too many scammers on Roblox. Common scams might be that it’s someone’s birthday, something bad happened to them in real life, or “Trust Trades”. If you don’t know what a trust trade is, one person gets an item from the other without offering yet, and if the other trusts the one offering nothing and accepts, they will “supposedly” get an item, I believe with the original item, but I may be wrong with that last part. 89% of the time, this is a scam, so I would not recommend doing trust trades unless you are willing to lose an item. Roblox has a form of currency, just like many games (Minecraft, Fortnite, etc.) called Robux. As expected, you have to pay to get Roblox. A lot of people or scam games will claim that they will give you free Robux, but they usually will not, and you will lose your account. People sometimes will make fun of you for being a “noob” or not being rich enough to buy Robux. If you do decide to buy Robux, spend it wisely, as some game passes are not worth the Robux. Despite all of the risks I have named, Roblox is really enjoyable if you avoid things like these. I truly wish you decide to download Roblox and avoid these risks! Hope this review was helpful! :-).Version: 2.490.427960

Great game but I think this would help out a bitSo I play this game all most every day I’ve been playing this for six years now and I think it’s a great wonderful game but I have a few things that I think would help so first off when ever I try to join a game with tons and tons of people in it kicks me out of the app or just kicks me out of the game but I’m still in roblox and it’s not my internet because I have a great internet connection so it’s not that and 2nd off I HATE THE TAGS like please get rid of the tags not for cuss words keep it there for cuss words but not numbers I under Stand why you do it for numbers to but when ever I put one not the number the word It tags IT OUT like even when I put everyone it still tags it out that’s it for any number that should be put out and plus I saw someone cuss sanding bi#$h and he did it because it put this above it ~ i don’t know how but he did it and 3rd off you should lower robux prices a bit like its so hard to do it if ya don’t want the it do at the same time ya know what mean? And also there’s this game called blox burg and it cost robux to even PLAY if your a person like me and doesn’t have any robux and want a game that cots robux and ya can’t get it then you will be sad LIKE ME this is the end in the caps I wasn’t being mean I was just mad at those things have a wonderful day and if your reading this thank you😜😜😜 happy 4th🎆🎆🎆.Version: 2.461.416397

Needs a lil helpWhen i report someone for bullying cussing and doing all those kinds of things i want roblox to take care of it. I have been bullied multiple times reported them and nothing happens. I think you shouldnt allow every single word to be tagged out like cussing thats different but if we’re trying to say a sentence its rlly difficult and annoying. Its a great game but some things need to be fixed i think the robux are kinda expensive especially since i have to pay for them myself. I think we should be able to have more than 200 hundred friends. I have many requests and i cant accept them unless i delete some friends. Roblox has brought my friends and I rlly close. But the things my little eight yr old sister sees on this game is horrible and i want y’all to do something about it she has seen words from this game that she was never supposed to know of. And thats kind of a problem so if you could do something about that too it would be great. Otherwise great game. Just please try todo something about this. Also the hackers are getting out of control i have so much money lvls and progress in so many games that every day im so scared it’s all been taken away. AND a big one i used robux and bought five to seven pieces of clothing and they have disappeared and i can no longer wear them if i cant wear them then i should get the robux back that i payed for bc its my money and its now wasted so please do something?.Version: 2.484.425477

Spirit gameIt’s perfect for every type of person do you work at your own pace right and I’m really not a big fan of murder games that’s why I really like kitty it’s a great game for people are not ready for murder games let’s say like you’re playing Roblox and you want to play bacon hair but you’re really scared so you can play kitty and you can play with Nana banana eats and so many more games do you like thousands and thousands and you can make your own game I made one called a smile on I’ll be with my cousin Grant and I think it is a great game and you can do so much more on it you can make games and you can work at your own pace I really like this game and I think you should too and just it’s just just so great it’s like you can’t even stop it’s amazing awesome it’s really cool and I’m proud of whoever made this game I’m really proud like super Duper Duper proud so whoever made this game you are amazing and I just can’t stop thinking about it because the first time I ever played this game is because I watch people playing Roblox and playing broken bones that was the first game I’ve ever played on Roblox and people out there you don’t have to be afraid and scared about games a lot of people work at their own pace and a lot of people just they just they just play games that make them scared because people do it and it’s really really really scary but I’m proud of people out there by me by Madeline Rion.Version: 2.459.415955

RobloxMy review is gonna be the best one You might as well read, roblox is a great app with a lot of game choices, if you are worried about your child dating someone they don’t even know,no need to worry because the app has a ton of spectators that watch and see what your child is doing and making sure they don’t online date someone they don’t even know! It also has a friend list that your child can even get play with their real life friends or bf or gf also roblox is for all age’s and is a very great app that has millions of games on that app that your child could play with the friends on their friend list. Roblox is also available to play on Any kind of phone,tablet,VR, headsets are used for some games so you could talk to your friends. Roblox even has games that you could take care of pets or kids in, if your thinking”Is my child able to take care of a pet?” Well there’s games that yes actually u could take care of pets and kids like I said that if you see or watch them take care of those pets how they should be treated, they maybe start thinking about getting your kids a house pet that your family could take care of and that you know that your child is responsible enough to have or take care of that pet when it’s needing something. “ If you have any other questions you could write your questions to me on this site or r even text message”.Version: 2.518.390

Great! But...Roblox is a great game and all but it has a few problems... number 1, tags. I get how they tag numbers and all to keep people from telling their age of phone number but like c’monwho is that dumb -.- now the next problem is about robux.. yes i get how roblox need to get some money but before i got robux some people used to make fun of me is some games like adopt me for not having robux! I think that users should get at least 20 robux to start out with so they dont feel left out. Next is HACKERS!!! Nobody likes hackers, cause i have a friend who had like tons of robux and then got hacked! They were really upset. I know you cant really do much about hackers but at least to something. Then we have inappropriate games... some littles kids could be playing roblox and play inappropriate games which could be like bad words or treating others badly which could make the kids act like the games they played when my grow older! Lastly, friends.. its fun how you can make new friends in roblox games but... I sometimes feel like people send me friend requests and the they stalk me or something... so when i make friends i usualy only friend people who I know in real life or friend people who talk to me (like is the private chat you and only your friends can see) or i play with a lot. Overall i think that roblox is a really great game and its fun to play when you’re bored! Thanks for reading my REALLY long review :) -from (not telling my name) poopoo face (:.Version: 2.442.409372

Roblox is great butI think Roblox is a great game for kids of any ages to play. It is a very cool game where you can, create your own world with tons of things from the toolbox or on your own. That being said, there are still some issues with the game itself. One of them being that Roblox is a kids game and many kids play it but, there are people out there who create very inappropriate games that could be bad for the kid to see. Getting into the next thing, there are many hackers/exploiters and also people who bypass the chat filter. Getting into that the Roblox moderation system is great but could be better. My past experiences with reporting have not gone to well. I have reported exploiters and bypassers, but when I do they never get banned. I do not know if thats just my luck but. Lets get to the good things about Roblox, as it is not all bad. One good reason I love Roblox is because, there is a variety of fun games to choose from. Wether you like survival games, fighting games, RPG games, simulator games, and so on, they have a bunch of games in those categories. They also have very nice people and very mean people at times but when you do find nice, you can make friend and add them using the friending system, which is another good touch. Thats all I have to say about Roblox. If you are a gamer or just are bored I would totally recommend Roblox for you. Have a great day, thanks!.Version: 2.490.427960

I love Roblox but...I love roblox but the thing is I don’t like when it hashtags you it’s really annoying you try to say something and it hashtags you I don’t really understand why they have that. Next thing is that some people can’t afford roebucks or their parents just won’t buy them it so that should be a way where someone can get roebucks without having to pay for them you should be able to earn that may be or if they have gotten the app for over a year they should get like 100 roebucks more or less that’s just what I think. You should make servers where there’s like an unlimited amount of people maybe not unlimited but like with her can be way more people because when you try to join with your friends and then it doesn’t let you because the servers for really it gets annoying as I said in the beginning roblox have been my favorite game ever since my friend like showed me it and she loved it and now I love it scams are one thing when someone report someone the person who made the game should really try to fix it. Trolls are one thing but like when someone trolls it can be funny but sometimes he goes to far people shouldn’t give other people admin like some people give someone else admin because their friends and they created the game not fair but as I said I love roblox these are just some things maybe they could fix or I don’t know Peace out ✌️.Version: 2.436.406463

It’s genuinely fun but,I’ve been playing Roblox since I was very young but through that experience, There has been its ups and downs going by her the fact that there are still millions of inappropriate copy and paste outfits, which yes I know Roblox has been trying to handle and I know that they’re trying very hard, but it might be easier if you look at the reports. Going by the theme of reports I have reported many people for bullying saying sexual things abusing admin being homophobic being racist playing inappropriate audios and online dating, not once have I gotten an answer. And to this day I look at the people I reported and their accounts are still up and they’re still playing games. I do think Roblox is a very fun game and I will continue to play it but I also wish that Roblox would pay more attention to the reports ,instead of banning innocent players start banning people who need to be banned. (Edit) This is more of a request but I think it be pretty cool if Roblox did a… pride month celebration! Nothing big but maybe just giving a shout out to those of which who made popular LGBTQ+ games! Or even doing something as small as putting up a banner saying “happy pride-month” I understand and acknowledge that this is a kids game, and i understand Roblox may lose a part of their community, but I think it would also invite I little more people to Roblox!.Version: 2.515.376

I really enjoy this!!I’ve played Roblox for over a year but I ofc have to make new accounts left and right because I’m so bad at keeping up with them... I’ve had this one for almost a year and I’ve watched Roblox grow more and more! I’m very happy with Roblox they have so many games that you can play and make!! I will say that Roblox is my second favorite game to play that has internet. My favorite is ofc Minecraft but as you can see there are actually good games based off of Minecraft..! A lot of people are against Roblox for reasons that I don’t understand. Like how would children act like serial killers for no reason but the reason was because of Roblox?!?! I like Roblox and the hair, clothes, and etc everything is getting better by the minute! Roblox has become a community with a lot of nice people. Not just children there’s YouTubers, Kids, Adults, Pre Teens, and Teens! The Roblox community has grown so much and have so much support! The creators probably never intended Roblox to become such a big part in peoples lives!! Roblox has become a breather for people dealing with abuse ( any kind of abuse ) having a hard time at school and etc! This generation has also grown but for me Roblox has had a big part in my life..! I might have problems here and there like me getting kicked out of games that have a lot of detail.. But I still do enjoy every minute of all my game plays!!.Version: 2.464.417592

The best game ever! Although there’s some issuesI have an announcement before I talk about the famous game Roblox. There is a hacker called deathdollie That’s all I had to say about the hacker. and there are adopt me pet scams. One time I was gonna talk to my friend and then I noticed there was a game that she has never sent to me before, and she said: “omg I got free pets by playing this game!” And once I saw that I instantly knew that she had been hacked by a scammer. I only played that game a tiny bit but when I joined it had a wheel with pets and in the chat there was fake bots saying something like this: “ally6479 just received a mega neon giraffe!” And you guessed it... it was fake. Messages kept popping up so I checked the server and I was the only one in there. There is this robux scam game and it is called Roblox survey, the person who made this is still not banned and it’s like the other scam game there’s fake bots and they still say: “koalaAddison52: how do I get the robux?” And there’s even a fake Roblox (the owner) and he says: “ROBLOX: koalaAddison52 all you have to do is put in your password!” And there is also a game With no tags. And yes the creator of the game is not banned yet. I am very concerned about that game with no tags because I am 8 years old. But it is a very fun game. I would ask my dad if he could spend his money to buy me robux. I bought the monthly description and it gave me robux.I Love the game!.Version: 2.457.414557

It’s such a great game but some uhm problemsWell we all know that roblox is such a amazing experience but… there is some problems that ppl get annoyed to in roblox. Like … tags,ppl who ruined there rp or somthing other than that you know. And let me tell you some of the prombles in roblox they need to fix. 1. Sometimes in games your just playing right well… when there is this box that says reconnect or leave the game well let me tell you it happens to me once in a game and I don’t know if there going to fix this problem or not we all do not but i am sure one day there going to fix that. 2. Mean ppl yep that’s right mean ppl there always in games but roblox should ban these mean ppl in games idk way they don’t but it’s just well… a really big problem but it happens when ppl think they won’t get banned but mean ppl shouldn’t be playing roblox it’s just not you know fun if ppl are being mean to you at all! So if your being mean to someone or in different games it’s not cool to be mean. 3. In royal high somtimes you just put high heels on and oof…your heels are into THE FLOOR! Now this happens mostly in earth, your apartment room or in the lobby apartment. So they REALLY NEED TO FIX THIS. Cause royal high could turn into a glitch royal high. And I know royal high is a good game but it’s just well has a lot of glitches but one day that’s going to change so yah. And that’s all I had to say about roblox ..Version: 2.522.281

Best game ever! RECOMMENDRoblox is my favorite game, and it has been ever sense I got it. Mostly everyone on roblox is so willing to help me if I’m confused, and It’s so nice. Some people can be rude, but that has nothing to do with the actual game itself. You can customize your character with hair, items and clothing made by people like me! They even made their own games; I could make my own game, and everyone could play it! I could make clothes, and everyone could buy them! I could make hair, and everyone could buy them! I could make anything, and anyone could buy it. It’s an amazing idea to let people creat their own games, their own avatar items, and it could even be a carrier! And it someone where to buy your item, you could make real money or Robux from it! And Robux is the currency used for the roblox characters. There is also different genres of games too. If you like horror, there is horror games. If you like to role play, there is rp games. If you like obbys which are obstacle corses, you can do those! And there is even tycoon games too! When playing roblox, you really can be anything you want to be. I totally recommend this game! Something you should probably know is that Robux costs real money, so that means that items cost real money, too. But to get an item it could even only be 1 Robux. And 80 Robux is only 0.99$! Best game ever! I totally recommend it!.Version: 2.516.304

I love it a lot!I really like Roblox but I think that a few things should be changed. First of all, the Robux! It can cost real money but I think that it’s a little too expensive. Maybe you can also put in little missions like get ten pets in Adopt Me or get one thousand diamonds in Royale High. You can get about ten Robux once you compete one mission. You can change how you call it, of course, but I’ll call them missions. Second of all, the chat. I’m fine with it, but there is something that’s bothering me. It’s the hashtags. I know a lot of people want no tags, but I just want the opposite. I think you should pay a little more attention to it because I’ve seen a lot of people are sneaking numbers in different messages. But also, you really don’t have to tag the whole message if there is a word that has a number in it, for example the word phone. But other then that, the chat is just fine! The last thing I want to talk about is fairness. It is not really fair that the people on IPads and IPhones can’t create their own world. I really don’t understand that! Sometimes people don’t have access to computers. I’m one of them. I also really want to create a game! Other than all that, Roblox is the best game I have ever played!! If anybody is reading this and hasn’t downloaded this game yet, you really should! I love Roblox, and I play it every day! Have a great day! :).Version: 2.471.419833

Roblox in general is nice. It’s just hackers, who NO GAME can prevent.Roblox is a lovely game. I have been playing for three years now, and it has never failed yet. It has protection policies and much more to protect your information. It hasn’t failed me ever, but I have a friend who had been wanting robux for years. She begged and begged and begged, and after five years of begging our other friend finally got her a simple, five dollar robux card. She immediately put it on her account, but held off to save it for when she found something that she really wanted. She bought a few minor things, but otherwise still had plenty of robux left. One day, her iPad kicked her out of the game, saying ‘same account launched from different device, log back on if you wish to use this one’. We didn’t worry. It does this all the time, and we just rejoin and it will be fine, just a minor glitch. Anyway, she kept trying to get on and it kept saying the same thing. We went back the next day, and all of her robux had been spent on a game that she had never played before, as we were both not allowed to play. We were confused, and thought maybe it was another glitch, so she logged out and back in. It said that the password was incorrect and she never got back in. Other than that, Roblox is great. It has a tag system, where if somebody swears or uses private information it turns to hashtags. All in all, it’s a pretty good game..Version: 2.513.422

Perfect but here’s why I gave it 4 starsI know this may be long but first roblox has issues alright starting with not being able to do something or like help us when we report somebody for doing really bad stuff now roblox this is just horrible like why I see this they do horrible stuff and when we report them nothing happens I’m sorry that I sound rude but it’s jsut really bad next time when we report people we need something to happen please and thank u!next issue putting on face accessories and front accessories well I know a lot of people don’t complain about it because it’s probably not happening to them but it’s happening to me I just spent so much robux on a face accessories and more of those and guess what it doesn’t show up on like anything and I spent 49 robux on each one like come on man!49! and I have like 5 of them so with the front accessories and you already know like i told u I spend a lot of robux on that! And the last one is the lag my WiFi is very strong and very good and when I join a game not even ten seconds later boom u got disconnected and this also happened to my friend and we are really annoyed by it! And yeah that’s it but I’m sorry if I sound rude or mean in some parts lol it just makes me really angry but overall this game is amazing but if your reading this roblox please please pretty please fix these problems! And if u don’t that is ok I’ll just need to try something else but yeah bye !.Version: 2.481.423686

Just a few thingsSo, Roblox is like the greatest game of all time besides Minecraft and Among us. I have a lot of great things to say and some issues. I’m going to start with the issues. I have an IPhone 6. Every time I go into roblox and join a game, it kicks me out, doesn’t work, and/or disconnects me. It’s getting really annoying because I’m missing daily login streaks in games I like, like Overlook Bay or Adopt me. Other games work fine but after awhile I get kicked out of the app. Normally I play on computer but I can’t use the computer on weekends so that’s making me lose my login streaks. Another issue is that there are so many fake games that promise you robux, pets (in some games) or other beneficial items. But, some of them ask for your password. This allows them to hack into your account and basically steal everything you have. I suggest you get rid of those games or review every new game to make sure they aren’t harming anyone. My friends did that, and get both lost their accounts. They were REALLY RICH in Adopt me and everything was gone. THey lost all their robux and progress and had to make new accounts. Other then that, roblox is a great game for people who like to play online. Here are millions of games for everyone to play. If you get bored of one game their are plenty more options to choose from. Thanks for reading, hopefully you take my advice!.Version: 2.471.419833

Best game everThis games is best game. I spend hours playing it.but the only thing I hate is having to pay robux to enter levels. Hope this games could get better.😁.Version: 2.307.149105

🔥❤️THX ROBLOX❤️🔥ROBLOX IS RHE BEST GAME EVER I LOVE SO MUNCH THIS !!! IS THE BEST GAME OF THE WORLD 🌍❤️ best game: adopt me and fashion famous!!! ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.424.392804

Plz go back to 2 hats plzzzI love this game soooo much it's really entertaining but I miss the old times when u could wear 2 hats plz go back.Version: 2.307.149105

Good but a Weird GlitchI honestly think it is a great game, as long as you find games that are enjoyable to play. However, there is this weird bug that makes my entire body (excluding the head) all black, and I would like that bug to be fixed, as it makes things “awkward” for me (i.e. people asking me)..Version: 2.354.238701

ExeclentI'm just warning anyone under the age of 12 might experience some creeps asking for personal info but I'm sure you could turn your child's chat off so they can't talk with strangers but otherwise it's a good game to make friends and to let your kids imagination run free by creating their own games and playing in other games other people created. But trust me it can be dangerous if your not aware of the people asking for information..Version: 2.307.149105

GreatThe only thing not very good is that the robux are really expensive and sometimes don’t load on to your account.Version: 2.383.299732

CrashAmazing App, but keeps crashing😡😡😡.Version: 2.307.149105

Why can’t we write numbers?This game is so much fun but why can’t we write numbers it’s not like numbers are bad words or anything I just don’t get why we can’t.Version: 2.435.406105

Best Video Game EverThis game is very fun. I LOVE IT!<3 I really recommend this app l. It’s super fun! But be careful to not get addicted lol Download it now!!.Version: 2.409.358770

Awesome gameThis game is so awesome I play it 24/7 well almost 24/7. THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!.Version: 2.307.149105

AwesomeCool and entertaining.Version: 2.307.149105

GreatIt’s a great game and I play it a lot. Thanks for this great game.Version: 2.366.267700

IsAwesome It is very good 😊.Version: 2.307.149105

Good gameAwesome game but too much text moderating.Version: 2.307.149105

Best gameAll my friends play this game.Version: 2.409.358770

Roblox studioPlease add roblox studio to mobile devices..Version: 2.431.404520

RobloxThis is the best game ever.Version: 2.425.394331

Roblox is the best app everRoblox is my favoriting app it is so fun!!!!😃😀.Version: 2.430.404271

RobloxThis game is my life thank u so much to who made it. literally every day after school me and my friends call and play this game it’s sooo much fun.( I do have a tiny complaint tho plz plz just get rid of the scammers in adopt me plz thank you. Oh and my user is boomer8711 my joins are on I my fav game is adopt me..Version: 2.421.385673

PerfectThe game’s perfect. Keep updating!!!.Version: 2.409.358770

This is greatSpecially the game adopt me and bloxburg.Version: 2.424.392804

RobloxAmazing but laggy.Version: 2.424.392804

Roblox is a jokeWhen I play Roblox on mobile or a computer I randomly get disconnected for no reason and it says check your internet connection when my internet connection is completely fine Roblox please fix this this is really annoying and I can’t play anything.Version: 2.428.401006

Great!You got to watch out for scammers and bots bot other wise great app!.Version: 2.423.391560

RobloxThis game is the best me and my friends play it for hours together!!!.Version: 2.434.405774

I love this game but I can’t add my friend in my groupHelp.Version: 2.416.375447

Absolutely amazing but..Hi, pls fix the crashing issue that's happening on roblox. Mostly on iPads. I really wanna play properly with my friends but I can't because is lags and crashing every second. Please fix this...Version: 2.430.404271

GoodFun game A lot of fun games.Version: 2.443.409841

Awesome gameWhen I first tried roblox out I thought it was a bad game but once i really started playing it was awesome.Version: 2.434.405774

Roblox is the best!!!I love roblox its my favourite game i’ve been playing since 2016 but it crashes a lot for me..Version: 2.434.405774

Awesome one thingIt is very fun and has a lot of fun games to play just make sure no one uses your password.Version: 2.409.358770

I lost my accountI don’t know but when I was going to play it I was logged out and when I logged back in it crashed.Version: 2.431.404520

Why you should get this appThis app is a great app for kids, only because when you say any words that isn’t appropriate for their age it will easily get tagged. There’s also consequences if you don’t follow the rules, you get tot report people if they are. One of the consequences is that you’ll be banned, from your account. I 100% recommend it!!.Version: 2.425.394331


Well.....I started playing 2 years ago and it was really fun, now each time I join a game in mobile I keep getting kicked and it crashes.... I hope this glitch doesn’t happen next time....Version: 2.424.392804

Love u rblxI love u rblx.Version: 2.436.406463

So AWESOMEI love it. The game honestly makes my day.👌.Version: 2.423.391560

I like roblox but :The black body glitch is annoying and everywhere in some games and nobody likes that. May excuse you guys to fix that glitch please :).Version: 2.354.238701

Soooo funThis game is so fun because there are millions of games in one game so i can play with all my friends too! i love this app.Version: 2.435.406105

Very goodI have been playing this app for soooooo long. ITS AMAZINGG.Version: 2.437.406997

The best app!Me and my friends play this all the time it’s literally the best!.Version: 2.434.405774

HelpWhen you type something in the chat for like if I said (hello everyone) it would put (hello) on your chat bubble.Version: 2.390.312659

I love RobloxI love roblox so much I can't stop playing it I tell my family how to play ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️.Version: 2.467.418331

ShawdyShwady like a melody in my head😖.Version: 2.471.419833

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