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Fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale made for mobile! Play with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes.

Unlock and upgrade dozens of Brawlers with powerful Super abilities, Star Powers and Gadgets! Collect unique skins to stand out and show off. Battle in a variety of mysterious locations within the Brawliverse!

- Gem Grab (3v3): Team up and out-strategize the opposing team. Collect and hold 10 gems to win, but get fragged and lose your gems.
- Showdown (Solo/Duo): A battle royale style fight for survival. Collect power ups for your Brawler. Grab a friend or play solo - be the last Brawler standing in the rowdiest battle royale yet. Winner take all!
- Brawl Ball (3v3): It's a whole new Brawl game! Show off your soccer/football skills and score two goals before the other team. There are no red cards here.
- Bounty (3v3): Take out opponents to earn stars, but don’t let them pick you off. The squad with the most stars wins the match!
- Heist (3v3): Protect your team’s safe and try to crack open your opponents’. Navigate the map to sneak, blast and blow your way clear to the enemies treasure.
- Special Events: Limited time special PvE and PvP game modes.
- Championship Challenge: Join Brawl Stars' esports scene with in-game qualifiers!

Collect and upgrade a variety of Brawlers with powerful Super abilities, Star Powers and Gadgets! Level them up and collect unique skins.

Complete quests, open Brawl Boxes, earn Gems, pins and an exclusive Brawl Pass skin! Fresh content every season.

Climb the local and regional leaderboards to prove you’re the greatest Brawler of them all!

Look out for new Brawlers, skins, maps, special events and games modes in the future.

PLEASE NOTE! Brawl Stars is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 9 years of age to play or download Brawl Stars.

- Team up for real-time 3v3 battles against players from across the world
- A fast-paced multiplayer battle royale mode made for mobile
- Unlock and collect new, powerful Brawlers - each with a signature attack and Super ability
- New events and game modes daily
- Battle solo or with friends
- Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings
- Join or start your own Club with fellow players to share tips and battle together
- Customize Brawlers with unlockable skins
- Player-designed maps offer challenging new terrain to master

From the makers of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach!

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Brawl Stars App Comments & Reviews

Brawl Stars Positive Reviews

Some changesI’ve played ever since Jacky came out and I know that isn’t very long but I have still a few things to add. I don’t have any big issues except for maybe like two things I have to say. First, I want to talk about the brawlers that need to get buffed and nerfed. I would include Edgar and Byron but in the last update you nerfed both so I won’t. I think crow needs a buff. Crow is a legendary brawler and as such he should be broken even though he really shouldn’t. With the damage he can do he needs at least five thousand health, or a damage buff, but as a legendary brawler he needs to be a lot better. Another thing I think that you should do something where you get rewards on your birthday. You’ll get this the persons email which they give u when you sign in on supercell, and I think that it should have a box guaranteed to give you a brawler, gadget, or star power. If your lucky you may get more than one. Then, you’ll get some gems and coins, and a random skin of a brawler you already have. I think that this would increase player happiness. I think it will solve a problem where people don’t get any rare or good brawlers and stop playing. Finally I think you should make a system where we’re guaranteed a new brawler, gadget, or star power. The point of this is to also help with the problem that people won’t get bored of the game and leave. Thanks for reading this and I hope that you will at least give crow a buff. Bye :).Version: 35.126

Great Game, Just one thing…I have been playing since the ricochet skin was in the shop, and I love this game. Many different modes and brawlers that make this game fun and always changing. I personally like brawl ball and showdown, but there is a mode for everyone! I think that you should add something like what fortnite did and have it so that of you are spinning in a showdown game you are “banned from battle” so that we dont have rounds where 10 people are teaming. This is the only bad thing I noticed about this game. I also think that you should be able to type to your teamates after the game, to say ggs like a real gamer, or to tell them your sorry that you did something wrong. I think that you should also do a 9 win challenge where you can win a free brawl pass, or just 170 gems, at the beginning pf every new brawl pass season, that way the free2play players of this game could get a chance to max out more of their brawlers, and get the new chromatic brawler + skin that comes with the brawl pass. I also believe that there should be a system for your birthday that you put in Supercell ID, so it gives you a free pin, or some gems, or maybe a mega box or skin, so that players have something else to play for. Overall this is a really great game that I would play over and over again for hours, and I highly suggest that you play it too! Great job Supercell on another great game!!❤️.Version: 35.137

Where’s the report a player option?A pretty decent game all around. Lots of content with lots of different characters to use and lots of different game modes to play. However, one little issue I have is that there’s no post-game report a player or rate a player or something. Because I find that I keep running into situations where my team is about to win, but the one of my teammates purposefully sabotages us at the last second and we end up losing for it. Like one of my latest games was a brawl ball match, my team was up 1-0, and with literally one second left, our teammate with the ball was standing by our goal, and obviously I thought he was just keeping the ball away from the opponents while me and the third teammate held them back. But at literally 1 second left, the guy with the ball purposefully shot it into our own goal and put us into overtime, which then cost us the game and we lost 1-2 in overtime instead of winning 1-0 like we should have. And it’s not the first case of purposeful sabotage that I’ve been running into and I wish there was a way to expose these trolls and call them out because it’s making me enjoy this game less and less because of how sick I am of trolls on my team purposefully flat out throwing away a guaranteed win or actively working against its throughout the battle. That is not at all fair and respectful play and it needs to be addressed. Other than that however, the game itself is pretty solid..Version: 25.96

Super ButtonHello Everyone, I have been playing brawl stars since the beginning of the global release. It is a very action-packed, competitve,and fun game to play, hints the five star review. However, there are still many bugs i find I still run into, the game runs very smoothly. But there is one thing I find to be the most annoying thing ever. THE SIZE OF THE SUPER BUTTON ON THE IPAD. The button is SOOOOO SMALLLLL. It is basically the same size on the phone version as it is on the ipad version. This is so annoying because the button is so vital to the expirience you have with every brawler. I find myself accidently shooting when I am trying to use my super WAYYYYY to often. It would not be a hard fix and I know I am not the only one complaining about this small detail that makes such a big impact. At least give us an option to change the size of the button according to our liking. Sorry for ranting but I feel this is such a easy fix that would make Brawl Stars a MUCHHHH more enjoyable game on the iPad version. Like I said I am a huge fan of the game and see a very bright future for it but I don’t want such a small detail to keep me and other fans of the game from playing. Thanks for taking the time to read this, GxS.Version: 16.175

Almost perfect game!Hey, I’ve been playing this game since launch week, now I play it with my College friends! I really like how this game combines ideas, modes, and gameplay from games like League of Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Overwatch and Paladins, but does it in a way that doesn't even remotely rip those games off. And the fact that each match in any mode with all the ideas from the games above lasts only five minutes, is the icing on the cake lol. However, my college friends and I came up with a good idea that can make Brawl Stars even better! Similar to the games above, you guys should add a pre-match countdown screen in which players can choose their characters based on their teams needs, or teams can decide what team composition they want to run within 30secs. I know, it’s possible to choose your character based on your teams needs, or for a team to be able to choose a team comp if your play with your friends or with people in your club. But if you want to play with random people, then it’s impossible to do that. Therefor in some games with random people your team will lose a few times simply because of an accidental and random team comp. In other words people who play with random people, can’t know who their teammates are going to pick which can sometimes leave some openings on your team that the other team can exploit. Supercell, we hope you can at least consider our idea for the game!.Version: 17.149

Pretty good but matchmaking are leveling are still wonkySo I’ve enjoyed this game a lot. To the point where I’ve successfully gotten a decent amount of my friends to play it. The graphics are nice and polished, the character design are fun and funny, and the events and the fact that it has no ads and it’s easy to get into are amazing. But, the two main problems for have been with leveling characters and matchmaking, and one affects the other greatly. Levels of a character are important for overall stats, this means people with higher leveled characters have a distinct advantage already. On top of that ranking also plays a big part in this, for example: my guy is rank 20 power level 5, yet I’m constantly been matched with opponents of power level 10. Which they also have an additional powered up super move. My dilema isn’t just playing against grossly overpowered characters, but in addition power level 10 have their own play mode yet I have characters in rank 20 and there isn’t a single match where I don’t brawl against level 10s. This leads to a wall where if you don’t have a power level 10 it’s almost impossible to go up in rank for characters I normally enjoy using. This wouldn’t be a problem if the level 10 characters didn’t have the powered up super moves in a regular queues. So the best tactic to this game right now instead of going for trophies is maxing out a single character so you have a fighting chance in future brawls..Version: 25.96

Great game, some fixes neededFirst of all, I love this game. I almost have a maxed out account and I play very frequently. All of the game modes are enjoyable and different. The game is also not very pay to win. However, I do have some issues. First of all, when your teammates leave mid-game or they enter a game but don’t even play at all, a bot takes the inactive person’s brawler. The problem is, the bots are complete garbage. Especially in high trophy matches, having a bot on your team is like being in a 2v3 situation. Either make the bots better or make it so that the inactive player’s teammates don’t lose trophies. Secondly, teaming in showdown. I just hate teaming. It makes showdown, one of my favorite modes, a complete hellhole. If there are a group of teamers, you almost have to join them, or else you risk getting targeted by multiple people, which is completely unfair. The worst thing is, teamers don’t even get punished and Supercell thinks teaming is a “legit strategy.” Lastly, some brawlers are always at the bottom. It seems that when Supercell makes balance changes they only look at the brawlers that are too strong. Many brawlers such as Dynamike or 8-bit have been weak for so long and never gotten buffed. This is a shame because some of the brawlers I really like playing just get outshined by so many other brawlers. Overall, Brawl Stars is still an awesome game that just needs a little fixing..Version: 28.188

It’s a good game but there’s one thing I hateAt first when I started out playing this game, I thought it was kind of fun. But when I started getting more advanced, even though you don’t get as many rewards later, it became really fun, when I started getting the hang of it and I was getting good brawlers. Sometimes it would get boring after a few months, and I would then get a new brawler, which would get me playing more. It’s not like you get all of the brawlers and then there are no more goals, because you can look forward to getting star powers, and skins, and to higher rankings which give you star points, and SOOO many other things. In my opinion it’s WAY better than the other supercell games, because it’s not like you are sitting in one place, placing various things. You are moving around, shooting, etc. And it’s not like the legendaries are the best. Any brawler can easily beat another, because all of them are balanced, have strengths and weaknesses, and have their own uniqueness. The PROBLEM is that when I have all of my brawlers kept up with the the number of trophies for the rank, the season would end, and I would lose like 50 TROPHIES per brawler over 525 trophies! And then when I would get caught up again THE SEASON WOULD END! So now I can’t even play with my other brawlers because I’m so focused on that. I just wish that you didn’t lose trophies when the season ended..Version: 24.148

NoodleI downloaded brawl stars as soon as it released globally, and I was immediately hooked. Super fun game to play with friends, super fun game to play alone. I’m always excited for new updates, because there’s always new content. Every time there’s a problem with the game, it’s fixed pretty quickly (like extending trophy road. I’m around 18k trophies and there weren’t any rewards for me) they’ve also done well addressing issues like teaming in showdown. You can’t necessarily prevent it, but they have taken measures on maps with modifications to make games harder with those who team. The box system is fair, I love that your chances of getting something increases with every box. The only issue I have with this game is that they took gems out of boxes with the addition of the brawl pass. I understand that the brawl pass gives you gems, but the amount you receive is small. Being free to play, I save my gems to buy brawl passes (great value by the way, good job supercell), but I know other players may care more about skins. I think it’d be better if there were more gems in brawl pass, or if they would spawn in boxes again, but just a lower amount to account for the brawl pass. Overall, I love this game, and I don’t think I’ll stop playing it anytime soon. Thank you, supercell, for another great game!!!.Version: 30.223

The best yet from SupercellI have been playing supercell games for almost 6 years now and every single one of them has been AWESOME in their own way, but Brawl Stars takes it to the next level. For starters the game is fun and easy to play (my 8 year old could probably be good at this game) plus it’s addicting, making you want to log in everyday. Next is the progression system which is miles ahead of other supercell games, it is VERY free to play friendly giving 8 or 9 brawlers for free guaranteed on the trophy road, so even if your luck is really bad you still can have an enjoyable experience without spending a penny. The only complaint I have about progression is the lack of rewards after 8000 trophies in the trophy road, after 8k trophies you only receive 6 megaboxes for the next 6000 trophies and after that there are absolutely no rewards (other than star points) for pushing your brawlers. Next is the development of this game, it is INCREDIBLE how often this game is updated and there is so many new things in each update. Supercell are probably the best mobile developers because of their consistency, and that only adds to brawl stars’ repuatation. To end off this very long review this game is definitely worth your time because it is awesome and I bet almost anyone can enjoy it :).Version: 27.270

Good but huge problemSo I probably think that you have heard this before but why does it matter on trophies rather than power trophies have nothing to do with power so pls fix ur broken match making because people save thier brawler until they get a high power but low trophies to crush people who have low power and low trophies and it is really annoying also buff colt what makes you think we can use him so well he is such a wimp brawler because his super is terrible because it does the same damage as his regular shots do and it doesn’t even shoot that much more farther for colt so pls just mabey buff his super to do actually more damage and better range on his super because right now he is like the worst brawler in the game so pls buff him also ur so called balance changes ruins the game because for some reason you guys buff the wrong character like for example you buffed Rosa when the one that you really needed to buff was colt or crow or Leon the only reason people use Leon is because his looks 😂 pls buff him also make a report button so we can report teamers and cheaters also my brother has 5774 trophies and he Only has 19 brawls 19!!! Thier are people at 2000 trophies who have more so make the luck system better also take away the “BRAWL PASS” it’s so stupid that you have to pay gems to get a character you used to not have to pay anything for a character now you do FIX THIS also mabey buff max a little bit for reading.Version: 28.188

Download Right Now.Supercell has made another great game. This time it’s a fast paced shooter I LOVE IT. The devs take into consideration what the community wants all the time! From balancing characters to adding community made maps and skins. Plus the variety in the brawlers adds plenty of strategies. I’ve played this game since global release and have been obsessed since day one; the game is also updated almost every month and with each update there are loads more things to do. Every bad review on this game that I’ve seen has been about balancing or matching making and these critics obviously haven’t been paying attention. The minute a brawler is op the community points it out and in a few weeks it’s fixed. When it comes to match making, nothing’s wrong it pairs you with other players based on total trophies AND the brawler your using’s trophies, and when people say there getting wrecked by high power brawlers at low trophies that’s just advanced players who maxed out the brawler faster. Overall this game is great and I’d give it 10 out of 5 if I could, it provides fun gameplay from that first game up till all of your brawlers are maxed out(and more!) which is why it’s top three video games of all time in my opinion. So if you haven’t downloaded this game YOU BETTER..Version: 33.118

One of the BEST mobile games EVERThis game shows how professional Supercell really is. From the wide selection of brawlers and star powers, to the really fun and awesome game modes and maps. This game is a really good follow-up to their other game Clash Royale. In fact, all of Supercell’s games really show just how professional they really are. I feel like they are doing a really good job on developing these games and I look forward to future updates and games. This game really goes to show that mobile games can be just as fun as games on console and PC. I love the wide variety of brawlers. With consistent updates this game is too good to be true. Brawl Stars has core mechanics that bring this game together. This game may be to good to be true, but it is, in fact, true. Brawl Stars’ maps are really creative, and the fact that they are also doing community-made maps is really cool. I don’t know what their thought process for new brawlers is, but it’s amazing. This game is, hands down, one of the best, if not, the best mobile game ever. I would really suggest downloading this game if you haven’t already. I promise you’ll enjoy and if you don’t, try out one of Supercell’s other games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. One small step for mobile gaming, one giant step for mobile-gaming kind. That’s how I would describe Brawl Stars..Version: 25.96

Gadgets: The Downfall of BrawlThis game was amazing and has almost infinite hours of play time since there is always something you can do. I have a small issue that ruined the game for me completely, gadgets. Gadgets didn’t really do much to the meta in my opinion but completely ruined the game outside of matches. Lately all I get in my boxes are gadgets since most of my brawlers are above level 7. I started to have no motivation to do the quests for the brawl pass especially this and the previous season (3 & 4). Because no matter how hard I worked to get a box I would always just get a gadget that I would never use. So I stopped doing quests all together. And without the quests their wasn’t really any point to the game so I just quit. I have a suggestion to fix this though, have gadgets only be able to be bought in the shop. While this may sound crazy at first if you really think about it it’s not that bad. People would want it work harder on the brawl pass because their is now a larger likelihood of them getting that brawler that they’ve been wanting for all this time. Since you get all that gold on the brawl pass anyway it wouldn’t be hard to purchase the gadgets. Also you can pick which gadget you want for a specific brawler that you use often. Not some random gadget on a brawler that you never use. Thank you for your time..Version: 32.135

Stop complainingTo all you stupid kids who keep complain about matchmaking and about how the developers don’t listen because you didn’t get your legendary please stop. This is one of the best game on the AppStore and the fact that it is free is a blessing in itself. You guys are so ungrateful. Supercell makes some of the best mobile games on the market and you guys are complaining about stupid things like matchmaking at 2k trophies. I just saw aOne star review from a person who said they were at 5000 trophies only and were complaining that the game was paid to win and that Amber was super over powered yes of course of Amber is over power they just released her they literally just nerfed her stop complaining they are trying their best and they are constantly adding new contact to the game I don’t understand how you can even complain. Al the other games on the AppStore are either riddled with ads or just boring and trash. Brawl stars is one of the best supercell and AppStore games and the amount of monthly content makes it refreshing and not old. Stop complaining just because you didn’t get leon. Stop complaining just because you’re a bad player. I’m 20k trophies and the only complaint I have is bad randoms, which they can’t even control. Honestly these 1 star reviews are pathetic..Version: 31.78

Games great, some small improvements would make it amazingThe game is very fun, pretty competitive, challenging, and sports a healthy variety of characters to choose from. I made it to about 2k trophies before I really started to notice an issue that made it not so fun. The more you play with a character, the more you improve their rank. Their rank doesn’t improve their power, it just determines how many trophies you gain or lose at the end of each match. I see the value in this as it incentivizes people to use multiple characters. However teammates can be so unreliable that if you want to gain trophies reliably, you either need to cut them out by only playing showdown, or play as characters that you haven’t ranked up yet. However when you get to around 2k trophies and you are an F2P player, you probably don’t have any characters low enough to do that anymore. If you want to play anything other than showdown at this point, which the game encourages you to do by awarding progression towards unlocking chests, then you need to be ready to lose more trophies than you gain, because you will probably get several teams with brain dead morons who seem to have no concept of what the objective of any given match is and make it impossible for you to win. Maybe put like an MVP on the losing team and prevent them from losing trophies? I don’t know. It’s just more frustrating than it is fun for me at this point..Version: 16.175

IF YOU HAVNT DOWNLOADED DO IT NOW!!!To start of with this game is so addictive and I play for endless hours on end. I had stopped playing for a bit but I got back into brawling once again and let me tell you I cannot get enough of this game. The details and amazing graphics for as such as a mobile game is amazing. No adds no bugs and tons of fun. Couple things I would ask of you supercell is maybe adding a Trio for Showdown..and maybe some new game modes like a capture the flag concept. Another possibility would be a gifting feature or a trading feature I feel like that would be an awesome addition to the game because if your buddy is in need too upgrade a Brock or if there beginners like a colt or bull it would be an awesome feature too have a gifting option or even gift brawlers that you don’t like as much and things in the manner. One last thing would be such as if in a mode have a MVP for the loosing team so we don’t loose as many trophies because as hard as it is too gain them it’s very easy too loose a big bunch at a time. Well supercell thank you for making and developing such an amazing and friendly game keep up the great work and thank you for taking your time too read this! P.s keep it with no adds !! Brawl star player, Victor ❤️.Version: 19.105

Great game but a couple problems.Let me start out and say I love this game. I have been playing since global launch and it is by far my favorite mobile game. There are definitely things that need fixed. First of all teaming. Pretty much every showdown game above 500 trophies has teaming in it (or at least that’s what it seems like). More than half the games you just get teamed on and killed. Showdown matches end up as a 5v1 as opposed to a 1v1v1v1v1v1. The one person who gets picked to kill ends up having pretty much no chance to even gain trophies. Another thing is the matchmaking. The matchmaking system makes absolutely no sense to me. For example I was playing Nita at 800 trophies with ransoms and got paired up with a 14 trophy power 2 Rosa that did nothing the entire game. I personally feel like in at least 25% of my 3v3 games with randoms I get paired up with someone where they play like they have never played the game before or bot out. Another example of bad matchmaking is I was playing with two of my friends and we were all on mini accounts playing some low level 150 trophy games. Our brawler power levels were 1, 4, and 5 and we got matched up against people that were power levels 10, 10, and 9. That doesn’t seem very fair to me. These are just a few things in my opinion that need worked out..Version: 28.188

Popular game, frustrating flawsBrawl stars is very popular, with the fast matchmaking and having even more multiplayer capability with the bigger clans and game modes. It is relatively easy to rank up compared to coc. However there are many flaws that make it unenjoyable. Sending a friend request to someone irl is complicated, you need to either team up or be in the same clan. The maps are slightly interesting with the random chest placements or rare bounce pad or energy drink. But the maps usually cater to long range brawlers. Speaking of brawlers, the brawlers are very unbalanced, with jessie needing the biggest nerf. Not only are the brawlers unbalanced, but also the ranking system. Speaking with my other friends and clan that I play with, we agree that the ranking system is very biased. (no, I'm not talking about random teammates being horrible, but randoms are generally very bad) The ranking system typically stacks one team in random matchmaking, with that one team having higher overall power level and trophies. Now onto connection issues, I have perfectly fine wifi, I never lag on other games (I also play pc and ps4). So why should I lag on a mobile game? Brawlstars has very bad servers and it either disconnects me from matches or has long lasting pauses. The joystick is also frustrating, as it keeps moving as you drag your finger. Besides all that critiscm, this game is a step up from typical mobile games..Version: 17.149

My favorite Supercell gameI’m was a beta player so I’ve been playing Brawl Stars for a while and never stopped. I have played all of Supercells games but these one is the best because it’s fast and not nearly as pay to win as what some of these reviews say. I do agree that pay to win is a much bigger thing the lower you are. Skill is by far the biggest factor in deciding the winner, not crash spent. I will say that Brawl Stars has been changing the game so in game purchases help a lot. They have removed so many of the free things that you used to get. Anther thing is that so many people complain about how they don’t get any legendaries. I played 5 months before I got a mythic or legendary . All my friends got a mythic / legendary within a month of getting the game. In all Brawl Stars is a very strategic game because you aren’t just saying where you want your fire power to go. But when, how, how much, and at which angle. You don’t have to rely on some AI to attack for you (well, unless your teammate leaves) but rather trust your instincts. There’s a lot more you have to play attention to than your opponent’s weakest side, or what cards they have, you have to know your opponents reaction to everything, the exact limits of every brawler and so much more. This is what make Brawl Stars Supercells best game..Version: 15.168

Great Esport. And a few suggestions...Brawl Stars is the start of my esports career and has provided tons of fun for me and my friends. The updates are amazing and the concepts in the game makes it a very interesting experience. There are however, a few things that I would recommend changing. For example, after the most recent update where tick and a “trophy rush” was added, I feel that the game is becoming too easy. It’s more time-based instead of requiring good skill. What I would suggest is maybe tripling the number of power points players get after a season ends. So if someone loses 100 trophies on a brawler that’s over 500, they would gain 300 power points. This would make it so that the “trophy rush” where it’s easier to gain trophies won’t have to be available to all players. Perhaps the trophy rush deal can be unlocked at certain trophies so bad players won’t have high end trophies, which can negatively affect good players at the top. Also, if power points could be used to buy other things other than skins, it would be great. Maybe sell new brawlers for power points? Like 100k + points for a legendary or something. I’m just making a few suggestions that might make the game better for everyone in general. Thanks for the hard work and keep it up supercell..Version: 19.105

Been playing for 2 years now...So the game is pretty fun, and I have been playing a lot. But as all good things do, there is some annoying parts. After 2 years, I finally got a legendary brawler. My friend who has played for 3 years hasn’t got one yet and was instead gypped with a chromatic that was legendary at the time. So yeah. Kinda hard to not spend money on the game and get all the brawlers. Also, I heard that a skin for crow cost like 50,000 star points. Holee that’s a lot. Considering every time you get 5 levels AFTER reaching level 15 for a brawler you get star points, this is almost impossible. And get this- you get only a hundred star points for getting your brawler to lvl 15. Then the next 5 levels you get 200. Might not sound like much to some, but it takes like an hour to get a level 15 brawler to level 20. Even longer to lvl 25, and so forth. So it’s really tedious. After grinding levels for a week I had 1900 star points to show for myself. I was so tired of grinding that I used them all on brawl boxes... so yeah. Basically, WAY too hard to get legendary brawlers and star points. Also gems. There kinda like vbucks: impossible to earn by playing, and you have to get them from the battle/brawl pass. Or in brawl stars’s case, very rarely from brawl boxes. So also kinda hard to get those. But other than that, it’s a great game..Version: 33.118

Great just too hardFrom the title you might understand that my argument is that the game is just chill maybe saying just get better you can get better there’s someone was a gigantic shotgun because in your head school coming to get you and I don’t like that maybe my reviews a bit too low maybe it isn’t but I just don’t like it because it’s just too hard you literally have to just play from the first day of the game and you’d be able to get every character in any other case I can’t even go up one level without dying 1 million times just make it easier somehow like find the characters are just too hard I’ll give you a hint I just don’t really remember any good characters but you’re forced to deal with people like I don’t know the people who somehow find glitches how about the creators of the game actually try playing it it’s like roblox is problem it’s just too hard and you don’t know what you’re doing it you don’t know if you want to go here here here here it’s impossible and it’s just way way too hard if I were the creator of the game I’ll make it at least easier and tell proper control stretch things that normal good players would really understand and know will tell them all the strategies and the kind of game in a lot of things.Version: 35.137

GREAT Game PLEASE ADD PLAYER RANKINGBrawl Stars is another one of the greats made by Supercell, just another name to add to a list of already infamous games that our future generation will remember growing up playing on our iPods, iPads, and our parents phones. This game is evenly balanced with new events every couple of hours to keep players coming back for more. They have done a exceptional job keep current players engaged. However, there are many improvements that could be added to make the game even better. The ability to rank your teammates with labels such as “great team player” or such tags highlighting an attribute of the teammate you have just played with will be a great addition. There should also be ways to negatively review your teammates too. Tags such as “Afk” or “Inconsistent play” or “Griefer” should also be included in the current ranking system so that players that try during the game will be paired up with inconsistent teammates less and less. Without such a system in place, many players of this game feel extremely frustrated and angry whenever they have uncooperative teammates that grief around all game; leading to cases of extreme frustration and even a few of my friends breaking/damaging their phones or uninstalling the app. Thanks for reading this review! Have a great day..Version: 16.175

One of the best mobile games everThis is a amazing game. Initially I thought it was another pay to win mobile game literred with ads. That couldn't be farther from the truth. It's a very well-balanced and well thought out game. This game has great mechanics, some of the best you'll find in a mobile game. This game also has ZERO ads which is one of the main factors that brings me back to it. Each hero/brawler has a unique set of pros and cons which adds a ton of depth to building a great team. Playing with friends is a breeze. Brawl Stars has simple and intuitive social features. In the home menu speech bubbles next to players show what they're doing like browsing characters or typing which is an amazing touch. The game also turns a player automatically into a bot if they disconnect during a match or if their device's battery dies, that's a feature unheard of even in PC and console games. This game clearly was designed with a ton of care and thought. It's not only one of the best mobile games I've ever played, but one of the best games period. Sure, you can purchase gems with real money to get ahead, but microtransactions don't necessarily give players unfair advantages. As mentioned before, all the characters are balanced and you cant go wrong with playing any one of them..Version: 14.117

Great game until the updateSupercell, please see this review! I can’t really list off all the problems I have with the new siege mode so I’ll keep it brief. First, when a robot is built, the parts collected by the opposing team should either disappear or just wear off after the robot dies. That way the last robot doesn’t decide who wins or loses. Second, if the game mode is so sucky, why offer it every other day for the daily special event? Regardless of the game mode I liked when a new event would show up every day so I didn’t have to expect the same garbage each day. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that we don’t appreciate the new event being pushed at us every other day. My next biggest problem is showdown. Why can showdown not just be showdown? You have ruined showdown by adding the special effects into the mix, making it less skill and more luck. Again, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that showdown is better being just showdown and nothing quirky. In my opinion, this update has ruined the game. Also, why 10 trophies on the siege event? Just curious as to why it deserves so much special attention that people don’t want it to have. I would address the positives if they outweighed the negatives, but sadly in this update, that isn’t the case. I hope you can get it right in the next one..Version: 16.160

Honest opinionAlright so I have a clash of clans account and two years later I am still on it. I am also a big fan of shooter games. When this game was announced to be released worldwide I was overly excited. Well when the day came, Brawl stars was all I talked about. The colors popped, great variety of characters and wonderful way to make friends. Until, day 2. The only way you're going to win is if you master quick fire. A game designed to master quick fire? I really couldn't believe it. The skill system for the characters are way off balance. Then there's the trophy point system. 3v3 if won you win 6 and I think 7 for the star player then if lost you lose 5. You're going to be lucky to win 2 out of 5 games. So I am literally always mad when playing this game. Wonderful deals in the store though! Not like it really matters to the players perspective if you are constantly seeing the word "Defeat" after every match. It makes you feel incompetent, worthless, and it honestly can ruin somebody's life. I have gone through 2 phone cases now which is my fault but I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am SO embarrassed in myself for being even slightly interested in this game. Congratulations. This game seriously changes my opinion about supercell. Gone..Version: 15.140

Best Mobile GameI have been playing Super Cell games since Clash of Clans first came out and I can easily say this is their greatest game. It is the most fair in terms of not being able to pay to win. While that alone makes it deserving of a 5 star rating, the developers also do an incredible job at making the controls easy, fun and fair. The character abilities and character art are some of the best I’ve seen in a mobile game. The game modes are fun and not too short or too long. However, my biggest issue with the game is the matchmaking. While I understand it is difficult to make it perfectly fair every single match I find myself in underdog matches much more often than I’d like to, or there will usually be a trophy difference of 10k+ between my teammates. Also, I think they should slow down with new brawler releases. While I love all the brawlers I feel as though they are going to reach 50 far too quickly. It will be confusing for new players to have to learn all the brawlers and at some point there will just be too many and people will not be excited for the new releases anymore. Other than those two issues, the game is overall very fun to play and has never gotten boring since its release..Version: 35.170

Needs some work but overall a great gameI’ve put in a little bit of time and feel I can leave a fair review at this point the game is super addictive and fast paced which I like I find myself jumping to get on my phone whenever I see a brawl notification pop up I’ve logged countless hours and don’t see myself getting rid of it anytime soon but the game could definitely use some work. As far as battery draining maybe u guys could make it so the game uses less somehow I have to sit with my phone plugged in just to get in more than an hour of gameplay. Also if u don’t have lightning fast WiFi or a good cell phone provider good luck trying to play at all your character just spins shoots and runs in random directions leaving you a sitting duck as you get completely ruined by the other team. Team balancing could really use some work as well, it’s near impossible to play lately without a solid team if no ones online I just lose trophies I know others out there are like me an just want to play an be able to enjoy it without all of that. Also what’s with the brawl boxes aha? I’ve had the same low number of characters for over a week and been at a standstill I’m getting passed up solely because I haven’t been able to unlock anyone and progress For these reasons you guys have earned yourself 3 stars definitely looking forward to more to come, please keep me posted!.Version: 14.117

Fantastic game!I really enjoy this game I play it anytime I get the chance to and this game has progressed over the last 1 year or 2. If you are reading this because your thinking about getting the game it worth it, I have been playing before global release and the release of Gene, Leon, Carl, and Rosa. I thought the game the game was really good before global and new brawlers came but now it’s even better. One mode I would like to see in the future called capture the flag. How it would work is 4 people on each team on a map the size of robo rumble and there would be a flag with a radius of 5 tiles, and if you enter that ring the flag will fire at you doing 300 damage per a hit and you have to destroy the flag if your on the opposing team. (the flag would have 5,000 health). The should have about 4 minutes to the game mode capture the flag. The team with the most captured flags at the end of the game wins. I think there should be five flags on in the middle on at spawn of the enemy and your team and one on the far left middle of the map and the other at the far right middle of the map. Don’t get me wrong Supercell I love your games and I’m not saying that it’s bad because it doesn’t have a feature that would be cool. I’m simply saying it would make the game more cool..Version: 17.149

Woah!Okay, so, this game is pretty exceptional. I’ve been playing for over a year now off and on and I’m sitting at just a little over 5000 trophies. The characters are all unique in their own way, and I love that they do not lose value after discovering “stronger” characters. They continue to be required in order to advance in trophy count and level up your profile. The star point system is creative and unique to this game. The brawl boxes are helpful for upgrading characters, though I would like to see more specificity in this character card generation. Maybe add card requests that hint to the generator which characters you use, or have algorithms that know which characters you have been upgrading more than others? I am also quite connived by the fact that I haven’t received a new character in NINE months. I have no legendary characters after over a year of gameplay and most of my friends received at least one in under two months of gameplay. At the moment I am accepting this as just bad luck, but should this continue to be an issue, I will be seriously concerned with the capability of this game’s random generator. I don’t write reviews for games, but this is truly an exceptional mobile game that with a few tweaks that I feel are being ignored, could be the best on the market..Version: 23.65

Definitely worth playing but would like to see these addedGreat game and I really mean it. Your only missing minor features that could really heighten the experience for players. Such as a chat feature communication is key in any start game even if it’s just a ping. An actual reason for having clans. Seem to gain except people to play with feels boring and bland. A report or avoid feature. I get so many games where people throw or afk and I really wish I could do something about it. A better ranking system could be implemented it doesn’t feel like I’m rewarding for winning as much as I should be very underwhelming I want a cool rank. I would also add more diverse maps. The covers a very awesome element but it’s quite overused. And most importantly different game modes. Maybe one with lanes u know get creative. The characters and everything are great. Could possibly use another support. In low level games there no draft so team comps can b unfair but that’s solo q so what do u expect. Not really a fan of the whole boss battle thing but maybe a lot of people are. Having a battle pass feels greedy but it’s 2020 so any free game most likely will. Also wish there was a way to unlock certain characters besides opening boxes. And last but not least. The skins r kinda lame. Could be way cooler . Gr8 game tho..Version: 28.188

Very addictive game! But....I have been playing Brawl Stars for almost a year now and have come to love it and go on it constantly. I haven't gone one day without at least checking it once. It’s amazing. A few weak points is, of course, here we go again, the bush campers or AFK auto assigned teammates or 3rd partying. I know all these problems lie within the players rather than the game, but I’d like to see what extents you would take to correct it. Also, there should be an option to report players. During the PSG cup on the second to last stage, AFK players provided my friend and I a very swift loss. In fact, all four. Reporting needs to be incorporated in later updates. Also, as I’m sure you’ve heard, there needs to be further trophy road brawlers. Otherwise, there is basically no point in proceeding after unlocking EMZ. But, the game has progressed well since the initial launch of the game. With brawler remodels and new maps the game has ended up with lots of variety. But if you want more players and more in game purchases. Then skins aren’t the way to go. New brawlers. And many. Who knows to what extent of action people will go to get a new brawler or something. Easy money. Well anyways, thank you Supercell and please don’t stop making this game greater..Version: 26.171

Why is it so difficult... to unlock the last 5 characters? it's been nearly a year and i still haven't unlocked tara or the crow or whatever... i abhor this - also we gotta do something that allows complete customization for controls because people's hands are, in fact different, and so are the phones this game is played on, so that has to happen. and i'm absolutely tired of not being able to communicate - every good victory comes from communication during the battle. i can't stand it when my squad is leading by 12 points but don't know when to stop advancing, or a teammate has all the gems and then foolishly loses them all by going to the opponent, trying to be a star player, and losing the match in the process... speaking of star players. why isn't there an incentive for being a star player other than (omg wow 🙄) experience? furthermore i got friends that play this game - i i would LOVE to brag about how many times i was a star player - me and my friends are competitors. the purpose of "sports" or games like this is the competition, not everybody is a winner... 🤷🏾‍♂️ if everybody is a winner, i might as well play something else, but if nothing else, please do something that enables in-game communication (simplistic is fine) so i don't have "all that work, for nothing" syndrome, please?.Version: 27.270

This game is great! It it needs only a few improvements.I like brawl stars. The brawlers are powerful, and I like it! One thing I would consider changing is how the match making system works. Instead of playing against, for example, a level 1 brawler vs a level 6 brawler or a player with 100 vs a guy with 2000. You should put players with about the same amount of trophies you have. For example, you could have a server with people with 100 to 300 trophies in the same match. This will make the game more fun and more easy to play. Once you get to a certain amount of trophies, it will switch to a server with more challenging players. If everyone has almost equal trophies, then it will be to play and you will play with players that have equal skill as you! Also there is one more thing I wanted to ask you. Could you make a Christmas themed brawler or at least put some holiday skins for some of the brawlers please. I think if you add a Christmas themed brawler, it should be for a limited time. May be it can be a present, or a Christmas tree, or even an evil Christmas elf! I love this game and keep up the good work Supercell! Hope you can make this stuff possible. If you can’t, I understand. Well, until we meet again Supercell. See you later!.Version: 14.20

OP New BrawlersThis game is amazing, absolutely one of the most insanely fun games I’ve played on my phone. However, there seems to be this recurring issue, that is preventing this game from getting 5 stars, and that is the fact that every time a new brawler is released they are overpowered beyond belief. I have speculations as to why this is a thing, first being that the game developers just don’t play enough with the character before releasing it to make sure it’s balanced. But I believe the second reason is probably more likely, and that is that they make them OP so people will spend real money on the character because “they’re so OP that it’s a must have.” In either case, it doesn’t really matter, but it should definitely be addressed. This game would get a five star rating, hands down, if the developer team could STOP making the new characters ridiculously OP compared to everyone else and instead actually make them more balanced, like everyone else in the game. It seriously pisses me off when a new character is dropped and then everyone and their dog is playing that character, because if they don’t they can’t win against that character, and I lose so many trophies to people playing a character that has a ridiculous range, or stupid power, or impossible health. Seriously, fix your sh**..Version: 18.83

Brawler chances should be increasedHonestly I really enjoy this game. Great graphics, unique characters, and fun game modes make this game one of my top apps of 2019. My one problem is that I’ve played since early beta and the RNG Gods have not smiled upon me as it’s been well over 7 months since I’ve gotten a new character. I’ve maxed out at a total of 21 brawlers and I’ve ended up unable to unlock a single legendary brawler. Since I’ve been playing daily for 2 years I feel like I should have a decent chance at getting one right? Wrong. I watched as all my friends have unlocked 1 or even 2 legendary brawlers and I’m just over in a corner trying not to explode from jealousy. I guess my point is that I think the “luck” percentage needs to be updated to increase brawler chances not just for legendarys but for all brawlers. Plus the games are getting stale and I’m looking for a new experience. The other thing I wanted to talk about is I think it would be a good idea to implement that if one of your teammates goes afk for the whole match in randoms then the whole team shouldn't lose trophies. This will help keep the matches more fair and keep you from being penalized because of a bad teammate. Ultimately though I feel that the game is amazing and I would totally recommend to anyone looking for a fun time..Version: 18.83

SO ADDICTING!I never thought that Brawl Stars would be such a fun game! It’s definitely appropriate for small children and it’s exciting for them also. There’s so much to do in this app PLUS there’s no ads! There is one thing, however, that I do not like and that is losing the brawl pass the next season. Spending like $20 for one season is outrageous and I’m not the only one who feels that way. GAMERS that play this game are becoming frustrated with having to buy the brawl pass every season because it doesn’t last longer. The creators could lose a lot of players due to people buying things and not getting something that’s worth it. Please add it before the next season, if possible, that you extend the length of the brawl pass, to like, 3 or 5 seasons. If you do this, I can guarantee more people will buy this brawl pass, and that’s more money for y’all. Don’t ignore this review and don’t toss it in the trash bin automatically, think about it. More people would buy the brawl pass if the time was extended in which you had it, that’s more money for Supercell which is another positive thing for y’all. It’s a bright idea, so please think about it. It would boost the amount of money you get from things people buy, and that’s good news for y’all!.Version: 28.188

Fantastic, fun gameplayBrawl Stars is a mini MOBA scaled down for mobile that removes all the lengthy grindy aspects of that genre by focusing just on the hero battles in different objective settings, like collecting gems or soccer, in matches that take 3 minutes or less. Each character/brawler has their own unique playstyle that provides tons of variety every time you play - be a short-ranged shotgunner or a squishy sniper or a bear-summoning fighter - but with only a main attack and super ability for every brawler, there's never too much to learn or that you have to consider. There are no ads and absolutely no pay-to-win aspects: you can earn everything in-game for free if you're patient and a player who has unlocked everything doesn't really have a huge advantage over a beginner, except for experience playing. There's also no energy or limit to how much you can play: even though the short games are ideal for jumping in and out of, you could play for hours straight if you like. This is not a strategy game like Clash; it's an action game that requires you to directly control your character and shoot, dodge, and move in real time and react instantly. And it's extremely satsifying and a ridiculous amount of fun..Version: 14.45

Great game, but MAJOR issue.This game is by far one of the best games I have played on iOS. It’s fun, addictive, easy, and enjoyable. What’s not to like about it? A new, fun type of massively multiplayer game. However, there is are some small but huge things that ruin this fantastic game. First off and most importantly, PLAYER TEAM COMP. The players that you get matched with is absolutely ridiculous. It is not skill based whatsoever and is solely focused on character trophies. Most matches you get teamed up with people that are absolute garbage and you end up carrying every game and yet still losing every game. Other times you get into matches with trolls and that can just ruin all the fun. Secondly, the character team comps. It’s actually ridiculous how stupid the characters you get matched up with can be. You can have a team of low health brawlers and go against a FULL team of tanks. It’s laughable to be honest. Another problem is just the community in general. A lot of them are cancerous little kids and teamers in solo (which needs to be fixed ASAP) that are garbage at the game. They need to add a report player system so badly because there are so many trollers and teamers these days. There are so many other problems but those are some of the big ones. A great game with true potential, if only the developers could use common sense from time to time....Version: 16.175

I used to love this game, until...I used to love this game, I started with this game upon release and stuck with it until a little while after Rosa was introduced. I took a break from the game and came back a few weeks ago to find that they took this outstanding game, and ruined it. They did this with ONE brawler. Nani. Nani ruins this game, PERIOD. The damage of an assassin, the range of a sharpshooter, can hit you behind walls like a thrower (situational), blast you away at close range like a fighter, and you CANT avoid or counter the ult. Nani has a star power to increase the dmg of an ult that can already one shot many brawlers, or shield her making her almost unpunishable, and a gadget for movement. These are the brawlers who have a bad matchup with her; Shelly, primo, bull, frank, Bibi, mortis, Daryl, Brock, Nita, poco, bo, Carl, tara, Jacky, Rosa, EMZ, Pam, colt, Rico, Jessie, gene, max, sandy, penny, Brock, mr. p, crow, spike, and my personal favorite, Leon. She can either out damage or out range all of these 29 out of 38 brawlers. I left out throwers, and a few who have a fairly even matchup, as well as surge and gale as I don’t know enough about them to say. As a long term coc player, and a player who played this game at its birth, I KNOW you can do MUCH better Supercell. I know nobody will ever read this though, but for what it’s worth, thanks for taking something I truly enjoyed and making it painful..Version: 28.166

Amazing Game. But...Brawl stars is probably one of the best phone games I've played and i still do play it and have for months. Just needs to fix the teaming within others against you during a math. You know what I'm talking about. Someone comes near another person, spins around a few times then they spin around and boom their teaming and they can easily break you down together. Its really annoying and i’ve stopped playing for a few days because of that. Another thing is you should get new brawlers frequently. I have spent money on this game and probably 15 or 20 mega boxes in a got one brawler and he was the legendary crow. But other wise it is just very boring when your at that point where you just stop playing because you can’t get anything any more but an upgrade every week if your lucky and i just think that needs to be improved in some kind of way that I haven’t figured out yet. But the game is good, addicting, no ads, awesome theme, game-modes and speaking of game-modes there should be a couple of new objective having games put into here because it can get pretty old playing 6 of the same modes for hours, days, weeks like i do, especially when you don't like half of them. Thats all I've got to say but i love this game! Step up the pace, supercell..Version: 18.83

Such a great game!First off I want to thank you Supercel for making an awesome game! You guys totally deserve those five stars. I’ve been playing this game a little after it was launched and I’ve been playing ever since! I play this game more than any other apps and console games. There are a few things that I would like you guys to add/change though. One of them being that Phoenix Crows super kind of glitches, because once you land, Phoenix Crow is flying on the ground for a few seconds then he’ll be hovering around not moving. After about 5 seconds he will go back to normal. This issue has been kind of annoying and just takes some of the joy out of using that skin. Or, it might be just Crow himself, idk. Another I’d like to see and I think this includes every body, please add trios to showdown. I always will have two buddies who want to play but only one can join me. I would love to see this added and I think it would be a lot of fun for everyone. Also it would be so cool if you could unlock skins from brawl boxes. Then you can get more skins faster. And another thing that would be cool would be to have a new kind of brawl box that gives you a brawler. Keep up the good work! Definitely my all time fav! ;).Version: 20.80

Amazing game but here are some suggestionsBrawl stars in my opinion is an amazing game. Not long ago I used to play this game all day. In recent updates I feel as if the game is getting less and less interesting. Some updates for example when they added gadgets just felt unneeded and overall bad. Then the brawl pass. It would seem like a good idea considering that mega boxes are far easier to get but I miss the old way where you would get event tokens and such. If you would find a way to incorporate that in the current game that would be amazing. And of coarse the op brawlers. I think that it is an unfair advantage that some people just buy gems and unlock very op brawlers like that(I have never done that). Just slightly buff some of the op brawlers (ex: Ember, Leon, etc,e etc). And last change I would like to see made is to make the “ticket events” go back to how they were before. I don’t mean to make tickets a thing again but to make them back how they were for example big brawler. They would extend the time to two minutes instead because if the big brawlers has lots of hp it would give the other players more time to kill him. Over all Brawl stars in my favourite mobile game ever..Version: 33.118

Drop RatesHey Supercell, I really love this game you guys have been working so hard on and it is very addicting to play everyday and at school I play it with my friends all the time. Unfortunately, all good things have to have some type of downfall to it. One very unfair thing that is in brawl stars and a lot of people that are free to play which is I can confidently say 75%+ people playing the game right now is the brawler drop rates; especially the legendary drop rates. Me personally, I’m at 11k and I only have 1 legendary and I have been playing the game since 1-2 months after beta release. I am also free to play. It’s so crazy that people at my school one of my friends at 2k trophies has crow already and is free to play. Another one of my friends at 3.5k has leon. A lot of players can relate to this concept being very unfair to a lot of players and at the end of the day, this game is very successful, fun, and addictive to play so thank you for making this game, but I hope you realize that this is a pretty big problem and I hope to see in the next couple what you guys could do to try or completely fix this problem. I know the supercell dev. team is very small so I will be very patient in waiting for a change to this. Thanks again supercell have a great day!.Version: 16.175

Tres plaisantJ'adore ce jeux. Tres bonne idée!! Merci supercell !!!!😁😍.Version: 4.7

Brawl stars veteran in depth reviewSo yeah, first off, this will hopefully be a good review, the game went global yesterday so there are a bunch of uneducated people who haven’t ever heard of this game writing reviews I have been playing for a good bit (8-10 months I think but I started 2 weeks before the update where you could buy brawlers with tokens when you got a duplicate got removed) and made a canadian Apple ID just for this game and am around 2500 trophies with all of the brawlers but the legendaries and frank unlocked INTERFACE: Now, the new update is pretty bad imo. This game was getting stale enough where no one was really taking about it, but I don’t like it. The interface is now way more complex and cluttered and looks kinda like it was ripped off from fortnite. I still don’t know how to get to It is really annoying to chat with you clan now (which is called band or something) and now they have President and VP ranks which really just don’t work Also, I feel like 100 is just too much, they should cap it at 50 tbh I haven’t got to see the new brawler much, so I don’t wanna talk about Leon yet since I may give bad input BRAWLERS: The brawlers have different mechanics and are unique, so that’s pretty good, and honestly right now I feel like there all decently balanced (though Tara and barley are still the best right now imo) but some brawler like colt are really lacking right now COMMUNITY: Community is a super important aspect of the game, right now the community is pretty small and stale and it’s not too toxic, but it’s boring at the same time and nothing ever happens but I feel like this will change BANDS (every time I say clan it means band): The new band interface is super confusing, everything used to be in one place, but now everything is all over the place When you get into a good and active band, it is fun, but since there are 100 people it is hard to build relationships (as friends of course ;) and instead it’s like meeting people for the first time Also, now promotions are more meaningless than ever. Clans have no abilities and there is no clan or special clan activities or anything like that. LAGG (IMPORTANT): This is by far the laggiest and worst optimized supercell game and nobody talks about it My WiFi is decently slow (around 3-4 mbps) and other supercell games run just fine, but I get lag pretty much every game (and no a frame drop for a second does not mean lag, the game freezing due to WiFi and my character being messed up for 2+ seconds means very minor lag for me). Also, this isn’t very optimized hardware wise This game runs really slow at like 15 FPS on my iPad Air 2, but that may change since I haven’t played on that in a while. My phone runs it smoothly though (iPhone 8) QUICKFIRE: Previously known as auto aim, quick fire is a feature where you can just tap and it will fire for you rather than you aiming It is made for quick reaction shots, but really it’s just a no skill thing From what I’ve heard it kinda corrupts newer players but idk I like the nerds that they put in when they changed the name to quick fire, but I think it’s no skill, I am a pc gamer too so I don’t like games that give you cheap no skill things but the majority aren’t gamers like that and do, so I get it, though I don’t use it at all MATCHMAKING: I’m not too sure about this new update, but I don’t think they changed matchmaking much It can get broken quick, with the algorithm taking into account the amount of trophies the specific brawlers you have and completely ignoring your total trophies, I think they should mix the two I have been matched as a level 5 150ish trophy Tara with level 8 300 trophy bulls, and as a level 0 0 trophy Tara with a level 5 100 trophy bull I think it’s pretty broken and you either are the noob or you get a noob Greed: Brawl stars is the most greedy and least greedy game at the same time The brawl boxes are pretty balanced and the star box thingys are good if your active and reward you for being active, but the rewards themselves are VERY underwhelming Also, after at least 400 brawl boxes opened, I have not gotten a legendary, and I feel like when I get new brawlers I usually get 2 in a row or something They have a dynamic probability of getting a new brawler of X rarity and you can view that, but mines has not changed in forever, and 0.08 for a legendary is what I think it is, but that is for a big box you can purchase with gems which cost real money About gems, there is no way to earn them until recently, and even since they are very rare. I have gotten 27 ever since the 2nd most recent update which dropped like 4 months ago I think, and it costs 60 for a big box. In order to get big boxes or skins, you pretty much HAVE to spend money or just be insanely lucky, but at the same time this isn’t P2W Also, it is wierd. I have never seen an add in a supercell game until this game, which has optional ads, which I don’t like FINAL THOUGHTS: This game is great, and you should play it, just don’t come in with expectations of this mind blowing amazing masterpiece In my opinion this game should still be vertical but for the devs it was horizontal or kill in early access so I don’t blame them I feel like everyone is having that feeling where your fascinated when getting a game for the first time but that feeling doesn’t last forever This game will start to get boring, for me it did around 6 months of playing and I have been fazing in and out of activity since I don’t like this new update, and I think the game was in its best state the previous update, now it’s just confusing and cluttered This is definitely geared towards new players and I don’t think there is a high learning curve for the veterans Overall 3/5 I would love it if just one person read this since it took me 61 minutes and counting to type and i want at least one person to be helped by this. :).Version: 14.20

Absolutely amazingI’ve only been playing this game for 3 weeks, and I’ve fallen in love. This game is a masterpiece and here’s why. It’s easy to get characters. I don’t see that in many games. Also you balance the game very well. And You don’t overprice offers in the shop.The game is also fun, considering it has several game modes which contains lots of entertainment. Do I suggest you play this game. YES!.Version: 24.148

Love the gameI love this game and it has really improved from my original standpoint with some new great updates! Hopefully will be as good as the clash games some day!.Version: 4.7

I like it but...Right when i updated it, it wont let me play brawl stars. Whenever it was at 88% done loading it just crashed. It was one of my favourite games other than clash royale and clash royale is a little buggy too. So please fix this bug supercell.Version: 4.7

Please add an invite to clan buttonAdd invite to clan button for players not in a clan like in clash royale.Version: 27.270

Great game but kinda annoyingThe game is really fun and is a good game I would recommend. Although it’s a great game, with the addition of the brawl pass, free to play is hard for people that don’t spend money like me. Every pass only grants 90 gems while the pass costs 170 gems meaning for free to players to get the pass, they need to sit through 2 seasons to be able to get 1 pass. Especially since the boxes cannot give gems, there is not way to play the game for free and still be able to get every pass. Other then that, I have no problems with this great game..Version: 28.188

Will soon die with the amount of bad playersBrawl stars team must figure out a report system asap or high trophy players(20000+) will soon leave the game. It used to be fun but now it’s stress>fun. Get rid of the bad players in some ways, or at least restrict them from ruining other’s game experience. Thank you!.Version: 32.159

Brawl stars is very good but...Brawl stars is a good game! But why are gems so expensive like I think that everyday when you log in you get like 10 gems as a prize for playing that day like a streak and you get items for checking in or playing and at the end of the streak a legandary brawler!.Version: 32.159

TeammatesThe game is fun but supercell needs to work on the matchmaking system. You will be put against people of your skill level but your teammates will be terrible and ruin the game for you. I cant tell you how many times I've raged and cried at my bad teammates. It’s become a meme at this point..Version: 29.274

NEW UPDATE RUINED ITThis game was the best game ever. I was addicted to it, playing it all the time, until... THE UPDATE CAME. Everything was perfect with Brawl stars, but then they jumped the shark. They somehow managed to make the best game I had ever played into something I would recommend to no one. Apparently, Brawl Stars interviewed a couple of 5- year olds, who allegedly told them that the controls were "bwad" and the game should be changed from "portwait mode to wandscape mode, pwease." Before the update, there was no complaining about anything in the game. Maybe a few, "I wish they added a few more brawlers," here and there, but nothing of much importance. But suddenly, the developer team of Brawl Stars decided that they amazing game they had developed was nothing but trash, and decided to listen to the five- year olds' advice and make everything good about the game horrible. Okay, fine, I may have been kidding about the five- your olds, but Supercell interviewed a few people who had NEVER PLAYED THE GAME, who somehow managed to know a "lot" more about Brawl Stars than the actual, loyal fans. So, they gave us a new update: one which took away everything which made Brawl Stars fun and addicting, one which effectively took away the whole gameplay experience. And if that wasn't bad enough, when complaints started popping up everywhere, from Reddit to the band chats (obviously there would be many complaints; Supercell took away everything good about the game we all knew and loved), Supercell decided to ignore them all and post a statement noting that they were sure it was an awesome update, EVEN THOUGH NO ONE THOUGHT IT WAS GOOD. Seriously. There were no posts praising how good the new update was. It was all complaints and suggestions on how to make it better, even with a few petitions to revert Brawl Stars to how it was before the update. One of the petitions reached 2,000 supporters in less than a week. But the developer team still didn't accept that their game had become awful. Instead, their huge, overinflated ego got in the way of their common sense, and they willingly chose to let HALF OF THEIR LOYAL COMMUNITY TO QUIT THE GAME BECAUSE OF THE NEW UPDATE. Even I, a person who played Brawl Stars ever since it came out last year, am thinking of quitting. Goodbye, Brawl Stars, maybe forever. I may come back once in a while to check out the latest things, and to check if any new updates have coming out reversing the damage done by your previous update. But until you make Brawl Star "great again," (note: this is in no way supporting Donald Trump) I have officially quit Brawl Stars. Goodbye. And for those of you who read this whole review, thank you for taking the time to read it. I sure spent a lot of time creating it. With regards, A former loyal player of Brawl Stars.Version: 6.52

Idea new seasonDear supercell, Like you know, I have an idea for a new season that would be called « the little breakfast restaurant ». in this season there will not be one but two chromatic brawlers. The first one would be WAFFLY. Waffly is a waffle with sirup and butter on her. Also she is the boss of the restaurant. (Important:she has a black hat with a red maple leaf on it)her first attack is that she roll a sirup bottle that when a brawler touch it he is slowed and he has multiple damage like crow. His super’s called SUGAR EXPLOSION. She spill some good sirup that heal her and friends. The next chromatic brawler is CHEF. He is the cook of the restaurant and he is a thrower?(he also have the hat) His first attack is that he throw an egg plate that explose. His super is a turret cooking pot with bean soup in it( when he throw is some soup spill on the floor and when a brawler goes on it the cooking pot attacks him with some beans). And the last brawler( not chromatic) is JOHN. John is a fat customer from the restaurant and he is impolite. His first attack is that he burp and the range is like Emeri or Poco. His super is TOXIC FART: he does a big fart all around him that is toxic like the gaz in survivor. The fart stay for a long time. That it for my idea thanks to respond to me Hina#lalicorne.Version: 35.126

GREAT APPTHIS IS AN EPIC GAME I PLAY IT EVERY DAY! Also in note dont listen to what those idiots are saying about how brawl stars is garbage. They are probably just trash.Version: 33.118

Good gameGood game, but should bring back OG maps :(.Version: 24.148

Cool butI love this game but I just got it again and when it loads to 20% it crashes then starts over again and again and again forever help.Version: 27.270

Supercell Does It Again(actually 3 times)!Very fun game. Good graphics, very nice and dynamic gameplay. If you like LoL or HotS, you're gonna love this game. I personally don't play either(I play OW, CoC, CR), but I LOVE this game. Strongly recommended that you at least give it a shot. PS. Piper's portrait is SO PRETTY.Version: 4.7

YesIts just a sussy baka and it cannot be that bad Im feeling like imposter i might just be a monster.Version: 35.137

It’s goodI like the event levels but it’s kinda a rage game.Version: 35.173

Dammmmm this game is amazingI have had the game for two years and I still play, really suggest for everyone to at least try this game 😃.Version: 33.118

WrextonWow I did it this is so cool 😍😍.Version: 32.159

So awesomeGraphics amazing game is epic.Version: 32.159

Love itI love the game and I’m og. I remember when there was only 1 star power 🍇 and when u got 7 trophies from a win in solo showdown. AND when there was only solo showdown, and no siege or hot zone.Version: 32.159

GemPerfect the game but really difficult to collect the gems.Version: 32.159

This game is th only good mobile gameThere’s an active and responsive dev team, easy progression for f2ps constant updates and it isn’t p2w. I play this game lots, and I plan to play it for a lot longer.😀.Version: 32.159

So goodIn 2020 the community maps are so good and I love the game so much. My favourite mode is brawl ball..Version: 32.159

GetitDo it.Version: 32.159

Awesome game😎😎😎.Version: 31.97

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