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Fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale made for mobile! Play with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes.

Unlock and upgrade dozens of Brawlers with powerful Super abilities, Star Powers and Gadgets! Collect unique skins to stand out and show off. Battle in a variety of mysterious locations within the Brawliverse!

- Gem Grab (3v3): Team up and out-strategize the opposing team. Collect and hold 10 gems to win, but get fragged and lose your gems.
- Showdown (Solo/Duo): A battle royale style fight for survival. Collect power ups for your Brawler. Grab a friend or play solo - be the last Brawler standing in the rowdiest battle royale yet. Winner take all!
- Brawl Ball (3v3): It's a whole new Brawl game! Show off your soccer/football skills and score two goals before the other team. There are no red cards here.
- Bounty (3v3): Take out opponents to earn stars, but don’t let them pick you off. The squad with the most stars wins the match!
- Heist (3v3): Protect your team’s safe and try to crack open your opponents’. Navigate the map to sneak, blast and blow your way clear to the enemies treasure.
- Special Events: Limited time special PvE and PvP game modes.
- Championship Challenge: Join Brawl Stars' esports scene with in-game qualifiers!

Collect and upgrade a variety of Brawlers with powerful Super abilities, Star Powers and Gadgets! Level them up and collect unique skins.

Complete quests, open Brawl Boxes, earn Gems, pins and an exclusive Brawl Pass skin! Fresh content every season.

Climb the local and regional leaderboards to prove you’re the greatest Brawler of them all!

Look out for new Brawlers, skins, maps, special events and games modes in the future.

PLEASE NOTE! Brawl Stars is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 9 years of age to play or download Brawl Stars.

- Team up for real-time 3v3 battles against players from across the world
- A fast-paced multiplayer battle royale mode made for mobile
- Unlock and collect new, powerful Brawlers - each with a signature attack and Super ability
- New events and game modes daily
- Battle solo or with friends
- Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings
- Join or start your own Club with fellow players to share tips and battle together
- Customize Brawlers with unlockable skins
- Player-designed maps offer challenging new terrain to master

From the makers of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach!

Contact us in-game via Settings > Help and Support — or visit

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Brawl Stars App Comments & Reviews

Brawl Stars Positive Reviews

Brawler idea!I love this game however I wrote this for a bralwer idea:Steve the new chromatic brawler: Steve is made up of rocks and ready to smash other brawlers! At power 1 Steve has 5000 health and moves at the”slow speed”(same speed as surge stage 1) Steve main attack is long range but does less damage as it travels(kinda of like the opposite of piper) starting at 1200 going down to 200 but reloads very fast after 6 hits his super is charged. He throws a rock that creates a large rockslide that lasts for 15 seconds! During those 15 seconds rocks will fall anywhere within the area dealing 1000 damage each! He can also use his gadget”super smash” Super smash makes his next attack push opponents back and destroys all ground along its way! Making it so people may shoot across it but not walk through(like water) for his star powers”bigger rock” allows the rock thrown from his super to deal 1000 damage and makes his super last 3 seconds longer. his other star power “breaking down” makes it so that the less ammo he has the faster! Also a couple more ideas, a new brawl-a-day game mode: Blizzard! Blizzard is a modifier where mini blizzards that act like smaller sandstorm move around the map hiding all bralwers! Related to that a new brawl-a-day skin for sandy could be snowstorm sandy-festive sandy with a blizzard instead of sandstorm! Thank you for reading this! I hope you consider these ideas-thank you.Version: 40.179

This game is awesome just one thing that I think that would be an awesome addI have been playing this game since ever they added Jacky and I have seen the characters and they are awesome but one thing that I think that they should add is every once in awhile you guys come up with 3 character designs and then everyone can vote for which one they like the best and then you come out with that one and I think that you guys should add more challenges and make them harder for the rarity of the brawler that they get if they win and also I think that u should make more animal characters u have all these humans and robots you have crow and Mr.P not a lot others you should add some more I think that it would be very cool and make the game better and you should make a report button because I have had multiple time that my teammates sabotaged the game because they were just being stupid you should also add team only battles. Also I think that you should make frank shoot faster he is so slow and it is such a vulnerability when he is loading up Other than that I think that this game is perfect for people it is a awesome game you get addicted to it really fast and just keep coming out with those awesome brawlers hope you guys think about what I said does not matter if you just add one idea thanks if you do hope that you read this and think about my ideas thanks.Version: 36.270

Things brawl stars needs to doBrawl stars is a 3 player game (if you play with 2 of your friends or someone) and you can battle other people. You can join clubs at certain trophies, and chat and battle with friends or people in clubs. You can use emotes in-game to express your feelings and for holiday just like a month ago they did free halloween emotes which was cool. Plus when it’s holidays they make new holiday skins for your brawlers, Christmas is coming up anyway so they’ll do it. And there are modes the games good but I’m writing about is if you have the brawl pass it’s only for that brawl pass and if you don’t have a lot of gems to buy or get the brawl pass then you’ll get a little quests to do which you would be bored a little, they should add more modes and quests for without the brawl pass and they should do if you buy or get a brawl pass it should be for the old and new ones because you have you buy or get it every time there’s a new one. And they need to make like if you want to buy gems a lot cheaper like the 10$ one is okay 170 gems is kinda worth it but 9,500 is for 100$ which is a lot because that will only last a month or so, if they want kids to play they need to make it a lot cheaper. But anyway overall the game is good but I hope that soon they’ll do what I ask them. Anyway thank you for reading this. Bye..Version: 46.191

DO NOT INSTALLYes I know I rated the game 5 stars but on the five star reviews make it to the top and I need to warn everyone! This is game PAY TO WIN before and as you’ll see brawl stars wasn’t so money greedy and cared about the state of their game but now; the match making if you play solo purposely matches you with either one 100% worse than you and another teammate 100% better than you or two terrible teammates, as well as throwers, greifers, de-climbing, and on top of all of this, with the release of new brawlers since fang, every brawler was locked behind a pay way, battle pass before could be bought with gems, now money, before you could get characters out of boxes now, money or the “star road” which forces you to buy gems MONEY! Don’t play this game the monetization, the rage inducing gameplay and the amount of hate free to play players revive from their very own community, even content creators make fun of you, I saw a stream form Orange Juice Gaming and someone said they couldn’t buy the battle pass due to financial struggles he replied with what could be summarized as “skill issue” and was not said in a joking manner. If you have money and want easy games play this if you enjoy your time and rather spend money on any other game that doesn’t oppress or intentionally screw over a majority of their player base this game IS NOT FOR YOU!.Version: 53.176

You’re going to want to read thisI first would like to start out this review by noting that every great game goes through a stage like this. What stage? I’ll explain. I’ve been playing brawl stars for maybe about 3-4 years now and it has been pretty much the only game I’ve stuck to. This is because unlike other mobile games it has so many great mechanics, game modes, character variants, and functionalities. It also had the aspect of being really free to play, which was crazy considering it was coming from a big company like supercell. However, after about 2 months of not playing, they’ve added quite a bit of things that shocked and saddened me. I noticed that a skin for the kit character had a big body with big breasts and more skin showed in weird places than usual. I am definitely not saying that is a bad thing, but for a mobile game played by millions of kids adding an anime looking character in a maid outfit like that seems like a way for people to want to buy it not just because it’s a skin. I also found that there was a whole lot more items to buy with actual money in the shop and even the pass was worth real money, and not gems like it used to be. I could go on, but I think you get the point. If a brawl stars developer reads this, please explain what happened to your game. I am really sad and disappointed that my once favorite game on my phone is a classic mobile game that I no longer recommend anyone gets..Version: 53.176

My favorite mobile game STILLI come from a MOBA background for years and before that played FPS like CoD BO for just as long but got tired of the grind and 30 min + games. Even the quickest 10 min games weren’t quick enough and yet I don’t get enough dopamine from these quick games cause they’re warming up at that point. I no longer had the attention span and patient for matchmaking lobbies and time consuming games but still wanted that adrenaline rush you get with the competitive pvp scene. The game is fun, silly, wacky, simple yet deep, complex, with a high skill cap, sweaty, and still only SHORT 2-3min games! I could play just a few games a day and get my dopamine without feeling like I wasted any time! Sure you can technically pay to win but it is generally a level playing field and the rest is dependent on skill and your familiarity with your chars. Been playing this game for years and have no plans to stop. My main acc is maxed and from Beta days but I have a new acc and is having much more fun playing my new acc. Pro tip: invest only in the chars you like or is viably competitive, do not spread your resources too thin. You only need 8-12 maxed out chars out of 73+(at the time of writing this) chars to truly get the most of this game. Try this game out, it’s worth the time even if briefly! (Not at fault if you end up loving the game).Version: 53.166

It depends on youYeah… so im an og in this game and it is amazing. I’ve been playing this game since 2017, so that is kind of crazy. It has been through some bad and some spectacular updates. So if you’re trying to find a game to solve your boredom… trust me, this is what you’re looking for. Although this game is great, I wouldn’t say i’m too big of a fan for the new update. To me—personally, the suspense of opening a brawl box and just waiting to see if you’ll get a new brawler, gadget, or super was the best part. So them taking that away, really bummed me out. However, I hope they will re-add them sometime in the future, or maybe even make something better! It’s crazy how much this game has brought me through, even though it sounds kiiiind of strange. There were some times where I just needed something to take my mind off of the stressful things going on around me, and others where I would just want to do something fun with family or friends. So me seeing how far this game has come from when they only had emz on the trophie awards, no chromatics, no gadgets, and not even any brawl pass awards, really makes me super happy! I hope this game will just get better and better with more time to come. So trust me, it is definitely something I would recommend to you, but if it’s not your cup of tea then don’t bother..Version: 48.300

Love the game... butI absolutely love the game! So awesome! One big problem I have is that... reporting isn’t a thing (and if it is then I have no idea how to do it). I’ve so many people with inappropriate name (one I can get from the top of my head is Ni99aSlayer, but there are many others making other inappropriate references) I am 14 and with a couple younger cousins who enjoy playing brawl stars and I would hate for them to think that naming yourself “sexmachine” or “kinkydaddy” is cool for a kids game. Another reason for reporting is that there’s trolls who like to sabotage a good game (like in brawl ball or bounty) like where a teammate would score into our own goal in brawl ball or a person you goof around and wouldn’t care to defeat at least one person in bounty. Another reason may be that a teammate (that you don’t know) could start chatting with you and saying inappropriate stuff, and there would be no report button. Please add something so that way people can report a player. Edit Jun 2021: I don’t like the brawler: squeak. Not anything about the brawler necessarily but… the sound effects. Too loud. Whenever there’s a squeak on the opponent’s team I dread it because I know it’s gonna be confusing with all that sound. If the volume of it could be lowered or maybe less sound effect, that would be nice..Version: 36.204

Almost perfect game!Hey, I’ve been playing this game since launch week, now I play it with my College friends! I really like how this game combines ideas, modes, and gameplay from games like League of Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Overwatch and Paladins, but does it in a way that doesn't even remotely rip those games off. And the fact that each match in any mode with all the ideas from the games above lasts only five minutes, is the icing on the cake lol. However, my college friends and I came up with a good idea that can make Brawl Stars even better! Similar to the games above, you guys should add a pre-match countdown screen in which players can choose their characters based on their teams needs, or teams can decide what team composition they want to run within 30secs. I know, it’s possible to choose your character based on your teams needs, or for a team to be able to choose a team comp if your play with your friends or with people in your club. But if you want to play with random people, then it’s impossible to do that. Therefor in some games with random people your team will lose a few times simply because of an accidental and random team comp. In other words people who play with random people, can’t know who their teammates are going to pick which can sometimes leave some openings on your team that the other team can exploit. Supercell, we hope you can at least consider our idea for the game!.Version: 17.149

Please get testersThe game is great and fun, but its absurd how every single time they release a brawler, its always game breaking and makes the game so much less fun, for example kit, who for some odd reason has the easiest super to hit in the entire game, 0 windup on it, 0 end lag, and if you use the super and simply spam the attack button you’re guaranteed to kill most brawlers in the game with the exception of brawlers like frank, but in any power box game mode, kit gets 200% bonuses from power cubes. In what way is that fair? Its not like the latter is any less broken either, on release charlie was broken, the twins were broken, it cannot be this difficult to actually make a character that isn’t game breaking. Are the characters even being tested? The second complaint I have is how they nerfed f2p progression under the ruse that they really buffed it, sure, f2p players get more than they previously did, the problem being that anyone who actually pays money got buffed so much more that its not even comparable. Not only did they make the brawl pass one month, it makes it even harder for f2p players to actually complete it because they don’t have any of the brawl pass quests. Making a brawl pass + just solidifies the fact that the devs care more about the money than anything. Whats the point of buffing f2p progression when in comparison it pales to the p2w style of playing?.Version: 53.176

The game is great but I have only one suggestion ☝️Super cell I’d like to say your efforts are beyond extraordinary in all your games…much love ❤️ but I have one little thing and it really grinds my gears and it’s the spawn in invincibility I get it in the modes for spawn locations but it needs taken out of like showdown I can’t tell you how many times I’ve killed the last person on that duo and there partner spawns in probably from previous encounter from another team and annihilates me due to invincibility I get it they spawn in with nearly no ammo but let me paint a picture here I’m a dynamike right just stunned killed walking to get power orbs then teammate spawns in last second okay they just stick right on you no escape got killed so many time like this…Shelly power lvl 6 dies to power level zero Shelly just spawning in with invincibility and super at hand…either way it’s unawarding and no skill needed to die spawn in and use you invincibility to get a kill when it should never play awful and kill the team that’s made good plays all game to get to the advantageous position they are in or use invincibility cheese and bull rush to further chip down that team so other players can kill them while teammates hide it’s so bad please look into it is all I’m saying it would be a quality of life improvement for sure…if this even gets read that is highly unlikely 😕.Version: 50.219

Cool game, gets boringThe game is really fun in the start, earning more brawlers used to seem so interesting but once you get a lot it just gets boring. i really start to get bored because all it really seems like you do after awhile is beat people up and earn the smallest amount of things. plus i would really prefer to have boxes again. it’s honestly unfair how little chance you have of actually getting something good from a star drop and it just gets so boring after getting trash rewards almost every time. what i think you could do to fix this is is probably increasing the chances of getting something good every few star drops. plus the game modes / events mostly have the same concept. for example, showdown and hunters have 10 people and u just kill everyone you can. plus i would like if you make the leveling more fair since im always getting paired with people who are like level 11 when im around level 9 for some brawlers? it’s really unfair when they use hypercharge on you and you can barely do anything about due to the level distance between you two. plus everytime theres a new brawler supercell makes them so much overpowered and everyone takes advantage of it before it changes. Seriously maybe put some thought into other brawlers damage levels and the new ones. the whole unfair advantages are same things make the whole game start to seem basic and boring..Version: 53.176

Power level 10/11 update idea for new player progressionAbsolutely love this game, play it almost every day for nearly two years at this point. Thought for developers - my account works seamlessly with this new update because all but 1 of my brawlers already had the power points up to 9 and had star powers unlocked for them as well since it was all before this new update. This allowed all my brawlers to reach lvl 9 and get star powers quicker than a player who starts after this update ever could - since the power points they receive are going to continue to be spread among all their brawlers for far longer. Making it harder for them to unlock star powers for their new brawlers. My suggestion is to cap new player brawlers’ power point distribution at level 9 until a certain % of their brawlers have the star power unlocked (or a user toggle so the individual can decide). That way they will have more star power brawlers for competitive modes like power league. I believe the star power unlock is the most important competitive unlock, and new players will be frustrated that they are unable to compete for far longer than players who have progressed before this update could. Thank you for your consideration!! Huge fan of SuperCell - best mobile game company in the world🙌🏼.Version: 40.145

Pretty good but matchmaking are leveling are still wonkySo I’ve enjoyed this game a lot. To the point where I’ve successfully gotten a decent amount of my friends to play it. The graphics are nice and polished, the character design are fun and funny, and the events and the fact that it has no ads and it’s easy to get into are amazing. But, the two main problems for have been with leveling characters and matchmaking, and one affects the other greatly. Levels of a character are important for overall stats, this means people with higher leveled characters have a distinct advantage already. On top of that ranking also plays a big part in this, for example: my guy is rank 20 power level 5, yet I’m constantly been matched with opponents of power level 10. Which they also have an additional powered up super move. My dilema isn’t just playing against grossly overpowered characters, but in addition power level 10 have their own play mode yet I have characters in rank 20 and there isn’t a single match where I don’t brawl against level 10s. This leads to a wall where if you don’t have a power level 10 it’s almost impossible to go up in rank for characters I normally enjoy using. This wouldn’t be a problem if the level 10 characters didn’t have the powered up super moves in a regular queues. So the best tactic to this game right now instead of going for trophies is maxing out a single character so you have a fighting chance in future brawls..Version: 25.96

Brawler idea, Geraldo!Geraldo. A spy that could possibly be in disguise, but one things for sure he’s got a 99% success rate in completing heists!, Geraldo’s main attack ‘tripwire’ places a hook on a wall/ground or skulls and places a second hook in a medium range radius if the second hook is in range it places a wire between the two (doesn’t connect if there’s a wall in the middle) if a enemy walks through the wire it explodes the hooks and wire dealing 1500 (maximum traps 3) , his ultimate ‘assassination tactics’ on activation the strongest brawler in range of a medium radius takes 50% health reduction and 10% slowness also takes bonus damage from a random opponent (could be a teammate or you), his first gadget ‘body armor’ on activation gives Geraldo a 5s sheild that has 1000hp but slows him by 5%, his second gadget ‘blazing repellent’ on activation blasts Geraldo 5 tiles ahead and any enemy’s hit in the dash take 1000 damage and if an opponent hits a wall it slows them by 50%, geraldo’s first star power ‘tactical roll’ if hit at close range Geraldo rolls forward slowing enemies around him by 10%, his second star power ‘counter kill’ if Geraldo is killed the opponent that killed Geraldo takes 1500dmg and takes 350 damage for 5s, geraldo’s mythic gear ‘counter-explosion’ if an opponent dodges tripwires explosion another explosion launches at the opponent dealing 1500 damage, that’s all Bye!.Version: 52.193

Great game, some fixes neededFirst of all, I love this game. I almost have a maxed out account and I play very frequently. All of the game modes are enjoyable and different. The game is also not very pay to win. However, I do have some issues. First of all, when your teammates leave mid-game or they enter a game but don’t even play at all, a bot takes the inactive person’s brawler. The problem is, the bots are complete garbage. Especially in high trophy matches, having a bot on your team is like being in a 2v3 situation. Either make the bots better or make it so that the inactive player’s teammates don’t lose trophies. Secondly, teaming in showdown. I just hate teaming. It makes showdown, one of my favorite modes, a complete hellhole. If there are a group of teamers, you almost have to join them, or else you risk getting targeted by multiple people, which is completely unfair. The worst thing is, teamers don’t even get punished and Supercell thinks teaming is a “legit strategy.” Lastly, some brawlers are always at the bottom. It seems that when Supercell makes balance changes they only look at the brawlers that are too strong. Many brawlers such as Dynamike or 8-bit have been weak for so long and never gotten buffed. This is a shame because some of the brawlers I really like playing just get outshined by so many other brawlers. Overall, Brawl Stars is still an awesome game that just needs a little fixing..Version: 28.188

Super ButtonHello Everyone, I have been playing brawl stars since the beginning of the global release. It is a very action-packed, competitve,and fun game to play, hints the five star review. However, there are still many bugs i find I still run into, the game runs very smoothly. But there is one thing I find to be the most annoying thing ever. THE SIZE OF THE SUPER BUTTON ON THE IPAD. The button is SOOOOO SMALLLLL. It is basically the same size on the phone version as it is on the ipad version. This is so annoying because the button is so vital to the expirience you have with every brawler. I find myself accidently shooting when I am trying to use my super WAYYYYY to often. It would not be a hard fix and I know I am not the only one complaining about this small detail that makes such a big impact. At least give us an option to change the size of the button according to our liking. Sorry for ranting but I feel this is such a easy fix that would make Brawl Stars a MUCHHHH more enjoyable game on the iPad version. Like I said I am a huge fan of the game and see a very bright future for it but I don’t want such a small detail to keep me and other fans of the game from playing. Thanks for taking the time to read this, GxS.Version: 16.175

Join,relatively addictive gameIt’s a great game, enjoyable with lots of action and very interactive with other people Joined da goats we have lots of friendly people with great stats or you can join da goats 2 or just visit oh yeah and brawl stars it’s like the best game in the world you won’t regret it getting it i’ve went through so many ranks and after a while and make it boring and you could take a break, but you so much on to the excitement as brawl stars. It’s so satisfying to get a new brawler or buy a new skin even come up in trophies except they’re are very frustrating moments in the game yet like when you lose a ton of battles or get kicked from the club but that just gives you a player backstory. Thank you supercell👍👍 —— 2 years later—- ok so I’m super inactive now and this game is good granted but it gets dull pretty fast and ngl haven’t update in like forever but the thing is I loved it when I was younger but it just is kinda just the same old thing listen supercell, don’t change the game a bit you guys got to chill on the updates like dude I just want to hop on and play a game not update then get bored and play smthing else but it just kinda gets to a point were I would have to grind for days and gain nothing so yeah it’s kinda slow good game for a younger crowd I would just rather play something else-peace out-..Version: 53.176

Doing swell, but needs some fixing…So I recently learned that you get put into games that have the same rank as the brawler you’re using. Well, this REALLY needs fixing, because I’m using a Power 7 Rank 2 Nita against power 2s and 3s. It’s something that can get completely out of hand. The supers for Bull and other “ram-type” brawlers gets weird. Bull can run across water with his super, but things go unexplainably weird if his super stops in the water. Either the super should be buffed, extending the running distance if across water, or nerfed, preventing Bull from being Jesus in the first place. Scrappy, Jessie’s super, had crazy range. It’s useful for lower powers, but after that it’s gonna be pretty difficult for, let’s say, Edgar or Rosa to fight back. Some Brawlers’ ranges need to be nerfed a little bit. I’ve played Colt against multiple throwers and ranged brawlers, and they are just out of my range, while I’m directly at their sweet-spot. I recently got map-maker, and I have a great idea for one. Problem is, I can’t save if I am not finished, which becomes a big problem. I have downtime on my phone, and if something isn’t finished, I can’t save, my phone goes on downtime, and I lose so much of the work I tried to make. So yeah, some things need to be nerfed, others buffed. Thank you if you read this, and I hope you can fix some things..Version: 36.270

Good but huge problemSo I probably think that you have heard this before but why does it matter on trophies rather than power trophies have nothing to do with power so pls fix ur broken match making because people save thier brawler until they get a high power but low trophies to crush people who have low power and low trophies and it is really annoying also buff colt what makes you think we can use him so well he is such a wimp brawler because his super is terrible because it does the same damage as his regular shots do and it doesn’t even shoot that much more farther for colt so pls just mabey buff his super to do actually more damage and better range on his super because right now he is like the worst brawler in the game so pls buff him also ur so called balance changes ruins the game because for some reason you guys buff the wrong character like for example you buffed Rosa when the one that you really needed to buff was colt or crow or Leon the only reason people use Leon is because his looks 😂 pls buff him also make a report button so we can report teamers and cheaters also my brother has 5774 trophies and he Only has 19 brawls 19!!! Thier are people at 2000 trophies who have more so make the luck system better also take away the “BRAWL PASS” it’s so stupid that you have to pay gems to get a character you used to not have to pay anything for a character now you do FIX THIS also mabey buff max a little bit for reading.Version: 28.188

Great just too hardFrom the title you might understand that my argument is that the game is just chill maybe saying just get better you can get better there’s someone was a gigantic shotgun because in your head school coming to get you and I don’t like that maybe my reviews a bit too low maybe it isn’t but I just don’t like it because it’s just too hard you literally have to just play from the first day of the game and you’d be able to get every character in any other case I can’t even go up one level without dying 1 million times just make it easier somehow like find the characters are just too hard I’ll give you a hint I just don’t really remember any good characters but you’re forced to deal with people like I don’t know the people who somehow find glitches how about the creators of the game actually try playing it it’s like roblox is problem it’s just too hard and you don’t know what you’re doing it you don’t know if you want to go here here here here it’s impossible and it’s just way way too hard if I were the creator of the game I’ll make it at least easier and tell proper control stretch things that normal good players would really understand and know will tell them all the strategies and the kind of game in a lot of things.Version: 35.137

NoodleI downloaded brawl stars as soon as it released globally, and I was immediately hooked. Super fun game to play with friends, super fun game to play alone. I’m always excited for new updates, because there’s always new content. Every time there’s a problem with the game, it’s fixed pretty quickly (like extending trophy road. I’m around 18k trophies and there weren’t any rewards for me) they’ve also done well addressing issues like teaming in showdown. You can’t necessarily prevent it, but they have taken measures on maps with modifications to make games harder with those who team. The box system is fair, I love that your chances of getting something increases with every box. The only issue I have with this game is that they took gems out of boxes with the addition of the brawl pass. I understand that the brawl pass gives you gems, but the amount you receive is small. Being free to play, I save my gems to buy brawl passes (great value by the way, good job supercell), but I know other players may care more about skins. I think it’d be better if there were more gems in brawl pass, or if they would spawn in boxes again, but just a lower amount to account for the brawl pass. Overall, I love this game, and I don’t think I’ll stop playing it anytime soon. Thank you, supercell, for another great game!!!.Version: 30.223

Fun game.. some quirksPro tip: you can turn off the music (more like “beats” mostly sampled from coasting bicycles) in the settings menu. The game often matches you with the exact same teammate you just decided not to rematch with. Seems like they should fix this. Another thing that bugs me: if I don’t level up a character, but get enough trophies to approach and/or achieve Mastery 1, I start to notice I’m weak compared to everyone else. This is likely because others are upgrading. However, I also notice I’m less able to to basic things like destroy powerup boxes. In other words these boxes take more damage to destroy at higher trophy levels. You’ll notice the boxes become stronger or weaker as you gain and lose trophies. Do not like. I’ll spend money on cool stuff, but not to avoid struggling with stuff like this in the game. Last thing that bothers me: there are bots. Obvious bots that exhibit the same quirky behavior on certain maps, like getting stuck between a wall and the poison gas, pacing back and forth, and sometimes just dying in the gas. Weirdness. Other than these things the game is fun. I would be more inclined to spend money if everything was more transparent. But the silent & secret strengthening of powerup boxes makes “what I am actually buying” too nebulous to understand. Still, though, I am able to enjoy this game quite a lot even without spending money..Version: 52.177

The best yet from SupercellI have been playing supercell games for almost 6 years now and every single one of them has been AWESOME in their own way, but Brawl Stars takes it to the next level. For starters the game is fun and easy to play (my 8 year old could probably be good at this game) plus it’s addicting, making you want to log in everyday. Next is the progression system which is miles ahead of other supercell games, it is VERY free to play friendly giving 8 or 9 brawlers for free guaranteed on the trophy road, so even if your luck is really bad you still can have an enjoyable experience without spending a penny. The only complaint I have about progression is the lack of rewards after 8000 trophies in the trophy road, after 8k trophies you only receive 6 megaboxes for the next 6000 trophies and after that there are absolutely no rewards (other than star points) for pushing your brawlers. Next is the development of this game, it is INCREDIBLE how often this game is updated and there is so many new things in each update. Supercell are probably the best mobile developers because of their consistency, and that only adds to brawl stars’ repuatation. To end off this very long review this game is definitely worth your time because it is awesome and I bet almost anyone can enjoy it :).Version: 27.270

Gadgets: The Downfall of BrawlThis game was amazing and has almost infinite hours of play time since there is always something you can do. I have a small issue that ruined the game for me completely, gadgets. Gadgets didn’t really do much to the meta in my opinion but completely ruined the game outside of matches. Lately all I get in my boxes are gadgets since most of my brawlers are above level 7. I started to have no motivation to do the quests for the brawl pass especially this and the previous season (3 & 4). Because no matter how hard I worked to get a box I would always just get a gadget that I would never use. So I stopped doing quests all together. And without the quests their wasn’t really any point to the game so I just quit. I have a suggestion to fix this though, have gadgets only be able to be bought in the shop. While this may sound crazy at first if you really think about it it’s not that bad. People would want it work harder on the brawl pass because their is now a larger likelihood of them getting that brawler that they’ve been wanting for all this time. Since you get all that gold on the brawl pass anyway it wouldn’t be hard to purchase the gadgets. Also you can pick which gadget you want for a specific brawler that you use often. Not some random gadget on a brawler that you never use. Thank you for your time..Version: 32.135

Games great, some small improvements would make it amazingThe game is very fun, pretty competitive, challenging, and sports a healthy variety of characters to choose from. I made it to about 2k trophies before I really started to notice an issue that made it not so fun. The more you play with a character, the more you improve their rank. Their rank doesn’t improve their power, it just determines how many trophies you gain or lose at the end of each match. I see the value in this as it incentivizes people to use multiple characters. However teammates can be so unreliable that if you want to gain trophies reliably, you either need to cut them out by only playing showdown, or play as characters that you haven’t ranked up yet. However when you get to around 2k trophies and you are an F2P player, you probably don’t have any characters low enough to do that anymore. If you want to play anything other than showdown at this point, which the game encourages you to do by awarding progression towards unlocking chests, then you need to be ready to lose more trophies than you gain, because you will probably get several teams with brain dead morons who seem to have no concept of what the objective of any given match is and make it impossible for you to win. Maybe put like an MVP on the losing team and prevent them from losing trophies? I don’t know. It’s just more frustrating than it is fun for me at this point..Version: 16.175

Very addictive game! But....I have been playing Brawl Stars for almost a year now and have come to love it and go on it constantly. I haven't gone one day without at least checking it once. It’s amazing. A few weak points is, of course, here we go again, the bush campers or AFK auto assigned teammates or 3rd partying. I know all these problems lie within the players rather than the game, but I’d like to see what extents you would take to correct it. Also, there should be an option to report players. During the PSG cup on the second to last stage, AFK players provided my friend and I a very swift loss. In fact, all four. Reporting needs to be incorporated in later updates. Also, as I’m sure you’ve heard, there needs to be further trophy road brawlers. Otherwise, there is basically no point in proceeding after unlocking EMZ. But, the game has progressed well since the initial launch of the game. With brawler remodels and new maps the game has ended up with lots of variety. But if you want more players and more in game purchases. Then skins aren’t the way to go. New brawlers. And many. Who knows to what extent of action people will go to get a new brawler or something. Easy money. Well anyways, thank you Supercell and please don’t stop making this game greater..Version: 26.171

What the heckI was recently playing a match where I lost, but that isn't why I'm making this. It's because of what happened in the match. The opposing team had enough gems to win, but then one of their players died, and they had none. Then someone grabs four, and the countdown starts, get five, it keeps going. I'm now in the center with my teammates, and out of nowhere they get 20 gems and they win. I also hate it how people will grab enough gems to win, then hide by their spawn and camp the bushes. But that's the people, not the game. But it would be a lot easier to get their if the characters didn't move so slow. Example: The opposing team just got enough gems to win, and the 15 second countdown starts. You die as soon as they get the gems, boom 5 seconds to respawn. 10 seconds left. You go as fast as you can to get to the other side. You make it with 3 seconds left on the countdown. You start shooting, and the bullets home to the person with the most gems. Your teammates stay back near your spawn, and the teammates for the other person show up. You keep shooting the, gem person, hoping that you can do enough damage fast enough and kill them. But your bullets home the the teammates that are further away, and you run out of time. If you moved faster, you could double the time left on the countdown, kill the gem person, and hopefully win..Version: 40.179

One of the BEST mobile games EVERThis game shows how professional Supercell really is. From the wide selection of brawlers and star powers, to the really fun and awesome game modes and maps. This game is a really good follow-up to their other game Clash Royale. In fact, all of Supercell’s games really show just how professional they really are. I feel like they are doing a really good job on developing these games and I look forward to future updates and games. This game really goes to show that mobile games can be just as fun as games on console and PC. I love the wide variety of brawlers. With consistent updates this game is too good to be true. Brawl Stars has core mechanics that bring this game together. This game may be to good to be true, but it is, in fact, true. Brawl Stars’ maps are really creative, and the fact that they are also doing community-made maps is really cool. I don’t know what their thought process for new brawlers is, but it’s amazing. This game is, hands down, one of the best, if not, the best mobile game ever. I would really suggest downloading this game if you haven’t already. I promise you’ll enjoy and if you don’t, try out one of Supercell’s other games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. One small step for mobile gaming, one giant step for mobile-gaming kind. That’s how I would describe Brawl Stars..Version: 25.96

Another brawlerIt is almost January 8th which is my birthday and I have been with brawl stars for 3 years and for my birthday I would like for you to make a brawler named CJ which is a chromatic brawler that has 3200 health. Each upgrade for him he would gain 200 health. At power one he do 1800 damage and gain 75 damage each upgrade. For his main attack he throws Nintendo switches that explodes into 10 game cards that do 500 damage each if he misses (like gene). His super looks like a harmless new IPhone that actually explodes and does 3000 damage in a splash area (like squeak) and each upgrade increases his super’s damage by 150. His first gadget is call SHEILDING XBOX that gives him a shield with 5000 health on it. His second gadget is called REVERSE which is that if an enemy tries to hit him he pulls out a uno reverse card and the enemies attack bounces straight for them and if it hits them it does an extra 1000 damage. His first star power is called REINFORCEMENTS where he spawns his nephew MJ and his friend Chaz that both have 5000 Health and track down enemies around him and that do 1000 damage each hit. His second star power is called EVOLUTION where he does extra damage and has extra health for 10 seconds. This is why I think you guys the developers could make a new chromatic brawler named CJ..Version: 47.227

Amazing but greedyI have to say that is hands down the best mobile game I’ve ever played. It’s just so original in its gameplay and the variety of things you can do are great. One problem that I do have is that as time progresses, supercell has slowly been building a huge paywall in the game. They started creating more offers, and then created the brawl pass to get more people to spend money. Not to mention that they recently just made it so that free to play players can’t even get it anymore. Then they created Starr road to make it easier to spend gems on brawler (especially since gems can’t be spent on the brawl pass anymore) with their excuse being that some people didn’t like the luck based system but also brought it back a couple months later?? My biggest gripe with the paywall are the early access brawlers. At first I thought that maybe it was just a fluke. Since kit was released early for people who PAYED, he was game breaking and it ruined the game. After he was actually released he then got nerfed a couple days later. Again, maybe it was just a fluke right? Well Larry and Laurie just got released early for those who payed and once again he is game breaking and I’m going to guess that he only gets nerfed once he actually gets released. Come on supercell, do better :(..Version: 53.176

Brawler ideaHey SuperCell! I love u guy’s game. Brawlstars is so fun and it’s like the perfect battle game. I was curious if u could think about this idea for a new brawler. His name is ShadowKing. Starts with like 5400 health. And throws swords, but the player has the option to where u can have him throw his sword or smash around him for more damage but less range. Medium reload. Long range then custom. He’s a human from a different world who is super strong and is all most unstoppable. I think he can be apart of a trio name called “The Reckless”. For his brawl pass skin his name changes to Chosen Prince ShadowKing. He’s not the king of shadows or anything like that I promise. But he’s the prince of his planet called the Sith. He has white skin, has red spiky hair, armored vest, red eyes. He has 2 swords that are sort of normal that look grey but have a red glow around them. For his brawl pass skin his swords change to like 1 perfect gold sword. For his super he throws both his swords in a bit X forward and back that each do their own damage which would be a lot. He also can have like a rage meter like ash. The more damage he does/takes the more dangerous he becomes. I hope u guys try this idea. I would love it if it were to happen. Thanks for being amazing. (I’ve played since the Fang season)..Version: 49.175

Why is it so difficult... to unlock the last 5 characters? it's been nearly a year and i still haven't unlocked tara or the crow or whatever... i abhor this - also we gotta do something that allows complete customization for controls because people's hands are, in fact different, and so are the phones this game is played on, so that has to happen. and i'm absolutely tired of not being able to communicate - every good victory comes from communication during the battle. i can't stand it when my squad is leading by 12 points but don't know when to stop advancing, or a teammate has all the gems and then foolishly loses them all by going to the opponent, trying to be a star player, and losing the match in the process... speaking of star players. why isn't there an incentive for being a star player other than (omg wow 🙄) experience? furthermore i got friends that play this game - i i would LOVE to brag about how many times i was a star player - me and my friends are competitors. the purpose of "sports" or games like this is the competition, not everybody is a winner... 🤷🏾‍♂️ if everybody is a winner, i might as well play something else, but if nothing else, please do something that enables in-game communication (simplistic is fine) so i don't have "all that work, for nothing" syndrome, please?.Version: 27.270

Popular game, frustrating flawsBrawl stars is very popular, with the fast matchmaking and having even more multiplayer capability with the bigger clans and game modes. It is relatively easy to rank up compared to coc. However there are many flaws that make it unenjoyable. Sending a friend request to someone irl is complicated, you need to either team up or be in the same clan. The maps are slightly interesting with the random chest placements or rare bounce pad or energy drink. But the maps usually cater to long range brawlers. Speaking of brawlers, the brawlers are very unbalanced, with jessie needing the biggest nerf. Not only are the brawlers unbalanced, but also the ranking system. Speaking with my other friends and clan that I play with, we agree that the ranking system is very biased. (no, I'm not talking about random teammates being horrible, but randoms are generally very bad) The ranking system typically stacks one team in random matchmaking, with that one team having higher overall power level and trophies. Now onto connection issues, I have perfectly fine wifi, I never lag on other games (I also play pc and ps4). So why should I lag on a mobile game? Brawlstars has very bad servers and it either disconnects me from matches or has long lasting pauses. The joystick is also frustrating, as it keeps moving as you drag your finger. Besides all that critiscm, this game is a step up from typical mobile games..Version: 17.149

Download Right Now.Supercell has made another great game. This time it’s a fast paced shooter I LOVE IT. The devs take into consideration what the community wants all the time! From balancing characters to adding community made maps and skins. Plus the variety in the brawlers adds plenty of strategies. I’ve played this game since global release and have been obsessed since day one; the game is also updated almost every month and with each update there are loads more things to do. Every bad review on this game that I’ve seen has been about balancing or matching making and these critics obviously haven’t been paying attention. The minute a brawler is op the community points it out and in a few weeks it’s fixed. When it comes to match making, nothing’s wrong it pairs you with other players based on total trophies AND the brawler your using’s trophies, and when people say there getting wrecked by high power brawlers at low trophies that’s just advanced players who maxed out the brawler faster. Overall this game is great and I’d give it 10 out of 5 if I could, it provides fun gameplay from that first game up till all of your brawlers are maxed out(and more!) which is why it’s top three video games of all time in my opinion. So if you haven’t downloaded this game YOU BETTER..Version: 33.118

My favorite Supercell gameI’m was a beta player so I’ve been playing Brawl Stars for a while and never stopped. I have played all of Supercells games but these one is the best because it’s fast and not nearly as pay to win as what some of these reviews say. I do agree that pay to win is a much bigger thing the lower you are. Skill is by far the biggest factor in deciding the winner, not crash spent. I will say that Brawl Stars has been changing the game so in game purchases help a lot. They have removed so many of the free things that you used to get. Anther thing is that so many people complain about how they don’t get any legendaries. I played 5 months before I got a mythic or legendary . All my friends got a mythic / legendary within a month of getting the game. In all Brawl Stars is a very strategic game because you aren’t just saying where you want your fire power to go. But when, how, how much, and at which angle. You don’t have to rely on some AI to attack for you (well, unless your teammate leaves) but rather trust your instincts. There’s a lot more you have to play attention to than your opponent’s weakest side, or what cards they have, you have to know your opponents reaction to everything, the exact limits of every brawler and so much more. This is what make Brawl Stars Supercells best game..Version: 15.168

Best Mobile GameI have been playing Super Cell games since Clash of Clans first came out and I can easily say this is their greatest game. It is the most fair in terms of not being able to pay to win. While that alone makes it deserving of a 5 star rating, the developers also do an incredible job at making the controls easy, fun and fair. The character abilities and character art are some of the best I’ve seen in a mobile game. The game modes are fun and not too short or too long. However, my biggest issue with the game is the matchmaking. While I understand it is difficult to make it perfectly fair every single match I find myself in underdog matches much more often than I’d like to, or there will usually be a trophy difference of 10k+ between my teammates. Also, I think they should slow down with new brawler releases. While I love all the brawlers I feel as though they are going to reach 50 far too quickly. It will be confusing for new players to have to learn all the brawlers and at some point there will just be too many and people will not be excited for the new releases anymore. Other than those two issues, the game is overall very fun to play and has never gotten boring since its release..Version: 35.170

IF YOU HAVNT DOWNLOADED DO IT NOW!!!To start of with this game is so addictive and I play for endless hours on end. I had stopped playing for a bit but I got back into brawling once again and let me tell you I cannot get enough of this game. The details and amazing graphics for as such as a mobile game is amazing. No adds no bugs and tons of fun. Couple things I would ask of you supercell is maybe adding a Trio for Showdown..and maybe some new game modes like a capture the flag concept. Another possibility would be a gifting feature or a trading feature I feel like that would be an awesome addition to the game because if your buddy is in need too upgrade a Brock or if there beginners like a colt or bull it would be an awesome feature too have a gifting option or even gift brawlers that you don’t like as much and things in the manner. One last thing would be such as if in a mode have a MVP for the loosing team so we don’t loose as many trophies because as hard as it is too gain them it’s very easy too loose a big bunch at a time. Well supercell thank you for making and developing such an amazing and friendly game keep up the great work and thank you for taking your time too read this! P.s keep it with no adds !! Brawl star player, Victor ❤️.Version: 19.105

Great Esport. And a few suggestions...Brawl Stars is the start of my esports career and has provided tons of fun for me and my friends. The updates are amazing and the concepts in the game makes it a very interesting experience. There are however, a few things that I would recommend changing. For example, after the most recent update where tick and a “trophy rush” was added, I feel that the game is becoming too easy. It’s more time-based instead of requiring good skill. What I would suggest is maybe tripling the number of power points players get after a season ends. So if someone loses 100 trophies on a brawler that’s over 500, they would gain 300 power points. This would make it so that the “trophy rush” where it’s easier to gain trophies won’t have to be available to all players. Perhaps the trophy rush deal can be unlocked at certain trophies so bad players won’t have high end trophies, which can negatively affect good players at the top. Also, if power points could be used to buy other things other than skins, it would be great. Maybe sell new brawlers for power points? Like 100k + points for a legendary or something. I’m just making a few suggestions that might make the game better for everyone in general. Thanks for the hard work and keep it up supercell..Version: 19.105

Needs some work but overall a great gameI’ve put in a little bit of time and feel I can leave a fair review at this point the game is super addictive and fast paced which I like I find myself jumping to get on my phone whenever I see a brawl notification pop up I’ve logged countless hours and don’t see myself getting rid of it anytime soon but the game could definitely use some work. As far as battery draining maybe u guys could make it so the game uses less somehow I have to sit with my phone plugged in just to get in more than an hour of gameplay. Also if u don’t have lightning fast WiFi or a good cell phone provider good luck trying to play at all your character just spins shoots and runs in random directions leaving you a sitting duck as you get completely ruined by the other team. Team balancing could really use some work as well, it’s near impossible to play lately without a solid team if no ones online I just lose trophies I know others out there are like me an just want to play an be able to enjoy it without all of that. Also what’s with the brawl boxes aha? I’ve had the same low number of characters for over a week and been at a standstill I’m getting passed up solely because I haven’t been able to unlock anyone and progress For these reasons you guys have earned yourself 3 stars definitely looking forward to more to come, please keep me posted!.Version: 14.117

GREAT Game PLEASE ADD PLAYER RANKINGBrawl Stars is another one of the greats made by Supercell, just another name to add to a list of already infamous games that our future generation will remember growing up playing on our iPods, iPads, and our parents phones. This game is evenly balanced with new events every couple of hours to keep players coming back for more. They have done a exceptional job keep current players engaged. However, there are many improvements that could be added to make the game even better. The ability to rank your teammates with labels such as “great team player” or such tags highlighting an attribute of the teammate you have just played with will be a great addition. There should also be ways to negatively review your teammates too. Tags such as “Afk” or “Inconsistent play” or “Griefer” should also be included in the current ranking system so that players that try during the game will be paired up with inconsistent teammates less and less. Without such a system in place, many players of this game feel extremely frustrated and angry whenever they have uncooperative teammates that grief around all game; leading to cases of extreme frustration and even a few of my friends breaking/damaging their phones or uninstalling the app. Thanks for reading this review! Have a great day..Version: 16.175

Update idea!I think brawl stars should remove robo rumble and boss fight and replace it with campaigns! Campaigns are a mode you can play anytime after 1500 trophies! There are 3 islands, each with different themes and each island has five levels. Each level has five stages where you have to kill a certain number of robots to move on to the next one. Stage five always has the boss for that level. Once you beat all the three islands, you can upgrade them to tier two to make it harder, but the levels are the same with the robots buffed. This goes all the way up to tier three. And then there is the fourth island with infinite levels. This island is keeps up with whatever theme the season is. It has the same environment. This is for people who have beat everything but unlocks with the rest of the islands. For every robot you kill each level (boss counts a five) you get a Campaign Coin. You can use Campaign Coins in the Campaign shop to buy exclusive cosmetics (like a player icon that costs 10,000 for the insanely good players to flex) BRAWL STARS PLEASE READ THIS BECAUSE I PUT ALOT OF WORK INTO IT!! I have more ideas for the game. I really like this game please add more features. My favorite brawler out of the seventy five is Spike. Love the game!.Version: 53.176

Honest opinionAlright so I have a clash of clans account and two years later I am still on it. I am also a big fan of shooter games. When this game was announced to be released worldwide I was overly excited. Well when the day came, Brawl stars was all I talked about. The colors popped, great variety of characters and wonderful way to make friends. Until, day 2. The only way you're going to win is if you master quick fire. A game designed to master quick fire? I really couldn't believe it. The skill system for the characters are way off balance. Then there's the trophy point system. 3v3 if won you win 6 and I think 7 for the star player then if lost you lose 5. You're going to be lucky to win 2 out of 5 games. So I am literally always mad when playing this game. Wonderful deals in the store though! Not like it really matters to the players perspective if you are constantly seeing the word "Defeat" after every match. It makes you feel incompetent, worthless, and it honestly can ruin somebody's life. I have gone through 2 phone cases now which is my fault but I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am SO embarrassed in myself for being even slightly interested in this game. Congratulations. This game seriously changes my opinion about supercell. Gone..Version: 15.140

Great game, but a bit to hardI’ve been playing brawl stars for about 2 years now, and honestly, it’s an amazing game. Great progression, great looks, everything that could be wanted in a game is in it. Whenever there’s a problem, the developers fix it. My one huge problem with it is that once you get the brawlers to a higher trophy level, it becomes very, very difficult to win. Unless you spend a bunch on the game, getting the best brawlers and upgrading them to max level, or you’re just very good, for me, past 700 trophies it gets really hard to win. I’m sure other people would say different things about this, but I find winning past rank 24 very frustrating. Also, if you lose, you lose 7 or 8 trophies. That can add up. And I’m pretty sure it’s not that I’m just bad. Like I said, I’ve been playing pretty consistently for about 2 years. That’s half of how long the games been out. If I’m still bad then, then I’m not sure what the game expects of me to be good. But even in lower trophy levels, you can still get on a losing streak, and it’s really frustrating. But there’s still some addictive feeling to the game that makes you want to come back even after you rage quit. But besides this one criticism, this game is really great. It just gets very frustrating.Version: 50.219

Fun time killerI love playing this game but I’m at the point where every game I go into there are the best brawlers you can get and I can’t seem to get them. It says to open brawl boxes but I don’t get crap out of them but cards for brawls I don’t use or are worthless in matches. Edgar can eat a fat one. Dude can jump and heal himself with every hit. I can play duo showdown and he can kill my teammate and I in literally 2-3 seconds when I’m blasting him with a shotgun. Stupid. Not a far brawler at all. There are a lot of brawlers that can just take me out in a second and I have all the brawlers I got up to power seven or greater and for some of em at power one to take me out with me not even being able to damage them pisses me off. I’ve gotten to the point to where if I don’t get a dam good brawler soon I’m done. Sorry but it’s very frustrating to have tasks to do and I get placed against power tens and legendary brawlers that I stand no chance at. And not to mention getting a good teammate is a rare thing. Half the time they just go kill themselves in the smoke or just stand there and act like they have no clue what it going on when they are high power and high trophies. I still play the game from time to time but would play more if it wasn’t so over matched on every game setting..Version: 36.270

Woah!Okay, so, this game is pretty exceptional. I’ve been playing for over a year now off and on and I’m sitting at just a little over 5000 trophies. The characters are all unique in their own way, and I love that they do not lose value after discovering “stronger” characters. They continue to be required in order to advance in trophy count and level up your profile. The star point system is creative and unique to this game. The brawl boxes are helpful for upgrading characters, though I would like to see more specificity in this character card generation. Maybe add card requests that hint to the generator which characters you use, or have algorithms that know which characters you have been upgrading more than others? I am also quite connived by the fact that I haven’t received a new character in NINE months. I have no legendary characters after over a year of gameplay and most of my friends received at least one in under two months of gameplay. At the moment I am accepting this as just bad luck, but should this continue to be an issue, I will be seriously concerned with the capability of this game’s random generator. I don’t write reviews for games, but this is truly an exceptional mobile game that with a few tweaks that I feel are being ignored, could be the best on the market..Version: 23.65

Brawl Stars: levelingBrawl Stars is a free to play game with several gamemodes allowing a player to causally play through or grind for higher trophy count. Each player can unlock characters through a loot box system, meaning it’s completely randomized of the loot you get which is a real big problem. Unless you pay hundreds of dollars with your money on this game you won’t be able to get all brawlers for free as loot boxes are expensive and brawlers that are 290 gems are already worth up to more than 10 dollars. If your like me who can’t or won’t spend a dollar on this game can tell that getting at least half the brawlers in this game takes a lot of time, I’ve been playing on my account for over a year and have barely gotten one legendary brawler when there are still about 4 or 5 more to go. While also containing upgrade points for your brawlers although another very restricting part of the game is how you need a massive amount of money to upgrade all your brawlers. This just makes things unfair during ranked battles when people are at max level and you are just starting off with a new brawler. I believe with a more task based upgrade or currency systems that isn’t used to buy loot boxes would really help this game out as more people can enjoy and grind out characters at a more comfortable and engaging way..Version: 36.270

Tres plaisantJ'adore ce jeux. Tres bonne idée!! Merci supercell !!!!😁😍.Version: 4.7

Brawl stars veteran in depth reviewSo yeah, first off, this will hopefully be a good review, the game went global yesterday so there are a bunch of uneducated people who haven’t ever heard of this game writing reviews I have been playing for a good bit (8-10 months I think but I started 2 weeks before the update where you could buy brawlers with tokens when you got a duplicate got removed) and made a canadian Apple ID just for this game and am around 2500 trophies with all of the brawlers but the legendaries and frank unlocked INTERFACE: Now, the new update is pretty bad imo. This game was getting stale enough where no one was really taking about it, but I don’t like it. The interface is now way more complex and cluttered and looks kinda like it was ripped off from fortnite. I still don’t know how to get to It is really annoying to chat with you clan now (which is called band or something) and now they have President and VP ranks which really just don’t work Also, I feel like 100 is just too much, they should cap it at 50 tbh I haven’t got to see the new brawler much, so I don’t wanna talk about Leon yet since I may give bad input BRAWLERS: The brawlers have different mechanics and are unique, so that’s pretty good, and honestly right now I feel like there all decently balanced (though Tara and barley are still the best right now imo) but some brawler like colt are really lacking right now COMMUNITY: Community is a super important aspect of the game, right now the community is pretty small and stale and it’s not too toxic, but it’s boring at the same time and nothing ever happens but I feel like this will change BANDS (every time I say clan it means band): The new band interface is super confusing, everything used to be in one place, but now everything is all over the place When you get into a good and active band, it is fun, but since there are 100 people it is hard to build relationships (as friends of course ;) and instead it’s like meeting people for the first time Also, now promotions are more meaningless than ever. Clans have no abilities and there is no clan or special clan activities or anything like that. LAGG (IMPORTANT): This is by far the laggiest and worst optimized supercell game and nobody talks about it My WiFi is decently slow (around 3-4 mbps) and other supercell games run just fine, but I get lag pretty much every game (and no a frame drop for a second does not mean lag, the game freezing due to WiFi and my character being messed up for 2+ seconds means very minor lag for me). Also, this isn’t very optimized hardware wise This game runs really slow at like 15 FPS on my iPad Air 2, but that may change since I haven’t played on that in a while. My phone runs it smoothly though (iPhone 8) QUICKFIRE: Previously known as auto aim, quick fire is a feature where you can just tap and it will fire for you rather than you aiming It is made for quick reaction shots, but really it’s just a no skill thing From what I’ve heard it kinda corrupts newer players but idk I like the nerds that they put in when they changed the name to quick fire, but I think it’s no skill, I am a pc gamer too so I don’t like games that give you cheap no skill things but the majority aren’t gamers like that and do, so I get it, though I don’t use it at all MATCHMAKING: I’m not too sure about this new update, but I don’t think they changed matchmaking much It can get broken quick, with the algorithm taking into account the amount of trophies the specific brawlers you have and completely ignoring your total trophies, I think they should mix the two I have been matched as a level 5 150ish trophy Tara with level 8 300 trophy bulls, and as a level 0 0 trophy Tara with a level 5 100 trophy bull I think it’s pretty broken and you either are the noob or you get a noob Greed: Brawl stars is the most greedy and least greedy game at the same time The brawl boxes are pretty balanced and the star box thingys are good if your active and reward you for being active, but the rewards themselves are VERY underwhelming Also, after at least 400 brawl boxes opened, I have not gotten a legendary, and I feel like when I get new brawlers I usually get 2 in a row or something They have a dynamic probability of getting a new brawler of X rarity and you can view that, but mines has not changed in forever, and 0.08 for a legendary is what I think it is, but that is for a big box you can purchase with gems which cost real money About gems, there is no way to earn them until recently, and even since they are very rare. I have gotten 27 ever since the 2nd most recent update which dropped like 4 months ago I think, and it costs 60 for a big box. In order to get big boxes or skins, you pretty much HAVE to spend money or just be insanely lucky, but at the same time this isn’t P2W Also, it is wierd. I have never seen an add in a supercell game until this game, which has optional ads, which I don’t like FINAL THOUGHTS: This game is great, and you should play it, just don’t come in with expectations of this mind blowing amazing masterpiece In my opinion this game should still be vertical but for the devs it was horizontal or kill in early access so I don’t blame them I feel like everyone is having that feeling where your fascinated when getting a game for the first time but that feeling doesn’t last forever This game will start to get boring, for me it did around 6 months of playing and I have been fazing in and out of activity since I don’t like this new update, and I think the game was in its best state the previous update, now it’s just confusing and cluttered This is definitely geared towards new players and I don’t think there is a high learning curve for the veterans Overall 3/5 I would love it if just one person read this since it took me 61 minutes and counting to type and i want at least one person to be helped by this. :).Version: 14.20

NEW UPDATE RUINED ITThis game was the best game ever. I was addicted to it, playing it all the time, until... THE UPDATE CAME. Everything was perfect with Brawl stars, but then they jumped the shark. They somehow managed to make the best game I had ever played into something I would recommend to no one. Apparently, Brawl Stars interviewed a couple of 5- year olds, who allegedly told them that the controls were "bwad" and the game should be changed from "portwait mode to wandscape mode, pwease." Before the update, there was no complaining about anything in the game. Maybe a few, "I wish they added a few more brawlers," here and there, but nothing of much importance. But suddenly, the developer team of Brawl Stars decided that they amazing game they had developed was nothing but trash, and decided to listen to the five- year olds' advice and make everything good about the game horrible. Okay, fine, I may have been kidding about the five- your olds, but Supercell interviewed a few people who had NEVER PLAYED THE GAME, who somehow managed to know a "lot" more about Brawl Stars than the actual, loyal fans. So, they gave us a new update: one which took away everything which made Brawl Stars fun and addicting, one which effectively took away the whole gameplay experience. And if that wasn't bad enough, when complaints started popping up everywhere, from Reddit to the band chats (obviously there would be many complaints; Supercell took away everything good about the game we all knew and loved), Supercell decided to ignore them all and post a statement noting that they were sure it was an awesome update, EVEN THOUGH NO ONE THOUGHT IT WAS GOOD. Seriously. There were no posts praising how good the new update was. It was all complaints and suggestions on how to make it better, even with a few petitions to revert Brawl Stars to how it was before the update. One of the petitions reached 2,000 supporters in less than a week. But the developer team still didn't accept that their game had become awful. Instead, their huge, overinflated ego got in the way of their common sense, and they willingly chose to let HALF OF THEIR LOYAL COMMUNITY TO QUIT THE GAME BECAUSE OF THE NEW UPDATE. Even I, a person who played Brawl Stars ever since it came out last year, am thinking of quitting. Goodbye, Brawl Stars, maybe forever. I may come back once in a while to check out the latest things, and to check if any new updates have coming out reversing the damage done by your previous update. But until you make Brawl Star "great again," (note: this is in no way supporting Donald Trump) I have officially quit Brawl Stars. Goodbye. And for those of you who read this whole review, thank you for taking the time to read it. I sure spent a lot of time creating it. With regards, A former loyal player of Brawl Stars.Version: 6.52

I like it but...Right when i updated it, it wont let me play brawl stars. Whenever it was at 88% done loading it just crashed. It was one of my favourite games other than clash royale and clash royale is a little buggy too. So please fix this bug supercell.Version: 4.7

Love the gameI love this game and it has really improved from my original standpoint with some new great updates! Hopefully will be as good as the clash games some day!.Version: 4.7

Supercell Does It Again(actually 3 times)!Very fun game. Good graphics, very nice and dynamic gameplay. If you like LoL or HotS, you're gonna love this game. I personally don't play either(I play OW, CoC, CR), but I LOVE this game. Strongly recommended that you at least give it a shot. PS. Piper's portrait is SO PRETTY.Version: 4.7

Could be great ifGreat game but crashes before or after every battle..Version: 4.7

New update 👎👎👎👎👎👎.Version: 7.278

Great game but kinda annoyingThe game is really fun and is a good game I would recommend. Although it’s a great game, with the addition of the brawl pass, free to play is hard for people that don’t spend money like me. Every pass only grants 90 gems while the pass costs 170 gems meaning for free to players to get the pass, they need to sit through 2 seasons to be able to get 1 pass. Especially since the boxes cannot give gems, there is not way to play the game for free and still be able to get every pass. Other then that, I have no problems with this great game..Version: 28.188

Brawl stars is very good but...Brawl stars is a good game! But why are gems so expensive like I think that everyday when you log in you get like 10 gems as a prize for playing that day like a streak and you get items for checking in or playing and at the end of the streak a legandary brawler!.Version: 32.159

Please add an invite to clan buttonAdd invite to clan button for players not in a clan like in clash royale.Version: 27.270

Idea new seasonDear supercell, Like you know, I have an idea for a new season that would be called « the little breakfast restaurant ». in this season there will not be one but two chromatic brawlers. The first one would be WAFFLY. Waffly is a waffle with sirup and butter on her. Also she is the boss of the restaurant. (Important:she has a black hat with a red maple leaf on it)her first attack is that she roll a sirup bottle that when a brawler touch it he is slowed and he has multiple damage like crow. His super’s called SUGAR EXPLOSION. She spill some good sirup that heal her and friends. The next chromatic brawler is CHEF. He is the cook of the restaurant and he is a thrower?(he also have the hat) His first attack is that he throw an egg plate that explose. His super is a turret cooking pot with bean soup in it( when he throw is some soup spill on the floor and when a brawler goes on it the cooking pot attacks him with some beans). And the last brawler( not chromatic) is JOHN. John is a fat customer from the restaurant and he is impolite. His first attack is that he burp and the range is like Emeri or Poco. His super is TOXIC FART: he does a big fart all around him that is toxic like the gaz in survivor. The fart stay for a long time. That it for my idea thanks to respond to me Hina#lalicorne.Version: 35.126

I love it!The new update brawl ball and the 2 new brawlers are amazing!!!!!! And now from the new added raritys I have a mythical mortis and I neeeeed Tara!!!!!!!.Version: 4.7

Great gameThis is a great game and I have been playing since the first week of beta. There are a few flaws like bad randoms going afk,own goaling, and teamers, but you have to understand that the supercell teams can only do so much. Even if there was a report button, there would be thousands of reports every day lots of which would probably be from trollers. They can't go and investigate every single case, and it's really hard to program code able to do that. I'm saying this because I have read some reviews that were really bad because of these issues and I think that Brawls Stars is a really good game and they don't deserve those reviews. I hope this helped, and people will be more understanding that if you play the game and ignore the things you can't fix, it's a really good game. I also have been really mad at teamers, or own goalers even at rank 25 but it still is a good game..Version: 28.166

Good gameGood game, but should bring back OG maps :(.Version: 24.148

TeammatesThe game is fun but supercell needs to work on the matchmaking system. You will be put against people of your skill level but your teammates will be terrible and ruin the game for you. I cant tell you how many times I've raged and cried at my bad teammates. It’s become a meme at this point..Version: 29.274

REFUNDS!!!I love this game, but my cousin and I have a brilliant idea. You see, when I tried buying bandita Shelly, I accidentally got rockstar colt. Same thing with pink piper and outlaw colt. I would like a refund ability in the shop were you can deposit a skin, and you will get the amount of gems or star points you spent on the skin. That would greatly affect this to a 5 star review. PLZ do it, I would appreciate it!.Version: 33.118

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