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Label Pics Customer Service

If you love and crave simple organization, you’ve found your new favorite app! This easy, all-in-one picture-labeling tool is so simple to use, you’ll want to label everything.

Simplify making labels with pictures for your home, office, classroom, work room, garage, or storage.

Easily use your device’s camera to add pictures to your labels, and print them from your printer or email them for later use.

LabelPics allows you to quickly and effortlessly create custom photo labels

•Use your device's camera to snap a picture, or use your photo library to select an existing one
•Quickly title the photos
•Select label size
•Select the font
•Print or email an automatically generated PDF

Check out a few of the things you can instantly accomplish:

•Organize office or craft supplies
•Create formatted picture labels to use in an early childhood setting
•Make photo name tags
•Pocket chart items
•Create picture flash cards for words or sounds
•Create classroom labels
•Quickly make or change labels throughout your classrooms
•Easily establish permanent records for inventory and insurance needs
•Tag boxes for moving or storage
•Make children’s toy clean up simple and fun with a name and picture label showing where it belongs
•Generate schedules, chore charts and behavior charts with pictures and word descriptions
•Create classroom visual aids
•Great for providing clear, precise, repeatable directions

LabelPics is perfect to use for early childhood development settings such as Daycares, Preschools, Kindergarten classrooms, and Special Education settings. It's a great tool to help children recognize environmental print connected to real world objects, or for anyone that loves organized and orderly living, learning and teaching environments.

Label Pics App Comments & Reviews

Label Pics Positive Reviews

Was impressed but doesn’t workHi yes I downloaded your app a few days ago. Super excited to use it easy. I did one project emailed it started a new project and the project is gone and the screen is gray and I can’t use the app at all. What do I need to do to fix this. So I posted this on your website so that I could just email y’all but when you click the submit button nothing happens so now I’m having to leave a review and I just want the program to work especially since I paid for it. Not excited at all that much stuff disappeared in there it’s gray and won’t work I just looking for help.Version: 2.0

Amazing appI have used this App since first introduced on a teacher page by your wife. I hadn’t used it in a while since everything had been labeled. Started using it again recently and love all of the new features. I am not sure why it has gotten so many bad reviews. One app cannot do everything that everyone wants. Give feed back to help improve. This app lets me put “real” pictures of the items in the bucket and not use generic ones. The children get to relate to the actual items that go there. I have made cubby pictures with names for the kids, then magnets. Now my question of the day and sign in for younger ones have pics. I could go on. Love this app!!.Version: 2.0

Help!I really love the neatness of what this app does! It took me awhile to figure the best way to get my picture fitted in the box but I did it! I have used it quite a bit over the last few weeks being that I am a preschool teacher I was excited! I still like the app but now I am having trouble saving my work! I save each one after I have the picture the way I want and the words the way I want! No when I go out of the app and go back in my work isn’t there ; therefore, it isn’t saving! How do I ensure I save my work so I don’t have to start over!!.Version: 2.0

Love this recommend to all teachers and moms with young kidsLove the app. Love it saves me so much time, and I can get labels made for anything made so fast. Target added a new size this year, anyway you can add that new size. 9.8 x 3.5 anyway to add a label this size to fit them! :) maybe the picture to the side and words to the right of the picture Just a suggestion I am using them to label my cubbie bins. I know ur wife’s a preschool teAcher as original person who shared this With others and myself..Version: 1.2.2

Help not working with latest Apple updateHello - I love this app but it doesn’t seem to be working since I updated my I phone phone yesterday. When the app opens everything is a light shade of gray and is unresponsive to any of the things I click on. Please tell me there’s an update I use this app quite a lot! Thank you Same for me!!! Help!!! I have been using this app for years. Kim.Version: 2.0

Love this AppI had so much fun organizing the craft room that I've now started on the garage boxes. I love that it is simple to use and easy to understand. I'm involved with a large youth group and I've had trouble learning all their names, so creating flash cards using this App with their pictures and names has been a cinch. Next, I'm planning on doing a home inventory folder book. I've looked for something like this for a long time..Version: 1.0

Excellent app for teachers!This is an amazing resource for teachers. As a preschool teacher I label everything in my classroom with pictures to help the kids with cleaning up independently. Only thing I found disappointing so far is that I can not zoom in on the pic I add to the label, just have to make sure the pic I add is already cropped/zoomed. And maybe in the future more fonts can be made available :).Version: 1.0

Needs improvementsI wish you could resize the photos and preview the label with photo. I tried it and it took me 3 tries to get the photo I wanted (positioned) and the words for my label was cut off. Great idea but needs some improvements.Version: 1.0

Time saverThis app is awesome. I’m a preschool teacher and this app has helped me a lot with labeling my shelves. One thing I wish is to edit the picture in app like turning or cropping. But overall, it’s one of my best friends!.Version: 2.0

WorksThe app works but I wish the creators would make so you can rotate the label or put the picture on the side of the word and have a 3x5 option (index card size)..Version: 2.0

LabelPics is amazing!How did I not know about this? I'm about to make a lot of teachers REALLY happy! This app allows you to make picture labels really quickly and easily! Every teacher's dream!❤️.Version: 1.0

Perfect for what I need!!Works great for getting everything together and organized!! Definitely would recommend!:).Version: 1.0

Love itSuper easy to use. I have two toddlers, this is perfect for easy to print flip books and flash cards for them..Version: 1.0

PriceI know it’s only 6 cents. But I thought the app was 99 cents. My bank shows a charge for $1.05. Yes I know it’s only 6 cents. But it adds up on their end..Version: 2.0

Keeps CrashingI recommended this app to a lot of people because it worked great now it keeps crashing only allowing me to make 1 label at a time. 😩.Version: 2.0

Awkward sizingI wish there was a size between the 3.5x3.5 and the full page..Version: 2.0

Great tool for teacherTool is great to create picture with label and it's easy to use..Version: 1.0

Awesome AppI really like this App, would love if it was compatible with my laptop and IPad and not just my phone!.Version: 2.0

QUESTIONI can’t get it to open. I used it last school year. Please help’.Version: 2.0

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