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Official CALL OF DUTY® designed exclusively for mobile phones. Play iconic multiplayer maps and modes anytime, anywhere. 100 player Battle Royale battleground? Fast 5v5 team deathmatch? Sniper vs sniper battle? Activision’s free-to-play CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE has it all.


Console quality HD gaming on your phone with customizable controls, voice and text chat, and thrilling 3D graphics and sound. Experience the thrill of the world’s most beloved shooter game, now on your phone for easy on-the-go fun.


Play iconic multiplayer maps from Call of Duty®: Black Ops and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, available for the first time for free. Or squad up with friends in a brand new 100-person battle royale survival map. Join the fun with millions of players from all around world!


As you play CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE you will unlock and earn dozens of famous characters, weapons, outfits, scorestreaks and pieces of gear that can be used to customize your loadouts. Bring these loadouts into battle in Battle Royale and thrilling PvP multiplayers modes like Team Deathmatch, Frontline, Free For All, Search and Destroy, Domination, Hardpoint and many more.


Use skill and strategy to battle to the top in competitive Ranked Mode or to win the most Clan prizes as you play with friends. Compete and fight against millions of friends and foes in this thrilling free to play multiplayer shooter.


Whether in gameplay, events, controls, or loadouts, CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE offers complexity and depth in an ever-changing experience.

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Call of Duty®: Mobile App Comments & Reviews

Call of Duty®: Mobile Positive Reviews

Good gameIt’s a great game yea but the attachments for almost all the weapons are inconsistent atleast class wise one in the marksman class have red dots and most don’t and the SMGs can’t duel them all (atleast not all the ones it would make sense too) can’t duel all the pistols either you have a good game a little pay to win but it’s still good maybe take a book from BF4 when it comes to attachments almost every weapons has all the same attachments (minus long range stuff) still good though and the games are a little laggy I could be behind a wall and get killed while it’s still loading I’m behind the wall for others but I hope you read all of this and maybe art custom skins and stickers and leave attack of the night in as a regular mode bring back zombies and I’ve been playing since season one but my account doesn’t reflect that which is slightly disappointing but still a great game you could also make it possible to get everything via challanges some of the operator skills for all the modes and other things aren’t available anymore I know that makes them worth something but it’s kinda unfair at this and you will most definitely need to lower the prices for real money stuff this shouldn’t have become the cash grab it did become pay to wins are bad and so are cash grabs think of games that were good that became cash grabs you probably don’t even care considering you as devs probably get everything free.Version: 1.0.20

Best Mobile Game. Period.Call of Duty: Mobile has been so much fun to play with because of its variety of gameplay. You could play in multiplayer Hardpoint, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Kill Confirmed, Free for All, Capture the Flag, Attack of the Undead, Hide and Seek, and more! Battle Royale has two fantastic maps: Isolated and Alcatraz. Isolated is a typical battle royale map with a snow, desert, grassland, and rocky section, all of which have tons of buildings with zip lines, vehicle generators, underground lairs, all of which you can fight with classes like healer, psychosis, defender, ninja, scout, and more! Alcatraz is a small map that looks just like the actual one filled with loot, weapons, and tons of chaos. It’s like a giant TDM match and its fun. The credit store has almost 40 things you can buy including skins, perks, epic weapons, classes, scorestreaks, and sprays. There are also tons of scorestreaks including VTOLs, stealth choppers, shock rc, cluster strike, UAV, counter UAV, drones, sentry guns, care packages, advanced UAV, SAM turrets, hunter killer drones, predator missiles, XS1 Goliaths, and even a nuke. Along with 35 weapons you can choose from including ARs, LMGs, SMGs, shotguns, snipers, rocker launchers, pistols, swords, knifes, axes and tactical equipments like grenades, molotov bottles, thermites, EMPs, sticky grenades, trip mines, flash bangs, concussion grenades, and smoke grenades, Call of Duty: Mobile has everything you want..Version: 1.0.17

Great game but needs some workFirst of all I want to say this is a fantastic game and I love it a bunch, however there are some areas that need working to make this game better. Firstly is going prone while shooting. This needs to be at least made where the accuracy drastically decreases because when players do this is makes it look like they’re dying but they’re not and they don’t lose any accuracy at all and it’s a really cheesy move. I know video games can’t be perfectly realistic but cheesy things like this make the game frustrating ESPECIALLY since the accuracy for the players doesn’t change while going prone. Maybe even make it where they can’t shoot for a half second 🤷🏻‍♂️. The other thing that needs some work are the axes. I’ve played a bunch of search and destroy missions with no devices and players will only run around with an axe and get easy cheesy kills and win the game that way. This gets very frustrating since it’s a one hit one kill weapon and it has a longer range than a knife and ruins the search and destroy games as players don’t have to use much skill to do such. I’m not sure if it should be given the same range as a knife or made harder to get a one hit one kill, but either way it needs fixing. I know these seem like minor things, but they can really ruin a game simply because players start using cheesy weapons and moves rather than skill which makes the game frustrating. If these things get changed the game is definitely a 5 star game.Version: 1.0.19

AMAZING... w 2 flawsThis is the best 1 person shooter to ever grace the App Store. It may seem overwhelming at first but once you play it a bit it’s so much fun. There are a 2 flaws that I must address. The skins in this game? The good, ungrindable, ones? They can cost $150 US dollars if your not lucky... that’s ridicules. It should be so much more cheep. At the very least 100 bucks because some people can’t just spend that kind of money on a Cosmetic, on a gun that very well could be trash next season. Also the re-releasing of rare skins? Is Garbo. You can’t just re-release rare, OG, skins. Fortnite did that, and they are not even in the App Store any more. The customer should come first and the fact that your just gonna ignore that fact? Sorry I had to rant😂. This game is actually amazing!!!! It’s so much fun, and I’ve become addicted. I have gotten over 120 nukes and I’m trying to get every gun gold. I hear there are adding the demaskis even tho it looks Dudu. Huge supporter of this game (even with its flaws. If you don’t spend money on games Dosent apply to you) but this is hands down the best shooter in the App Store. Not only that but the battle royal is better than games that ONLY have a battle royal such as PUBG, and Fortnite(r.I.p)ect. It was a good enough games for the game to outshine the flaws. Any ways this is 100% worth the download, and it’s a fantastic game..Version: 1.0.17

Unexpected win!Well, to start off, when I first heard about COD Mobile, I was VERY skeptical. Based on the awkwardness of other console ports ie: Fortnite or Pubg, I just KNEW this game would be a flop. Yet, it runs like a COD game, looks like a COD game, and FEELS like a COD game. Things like this make it stand out. The controls are well managed AND customizable to make sure you have the best playing time achievable! 1: The multiplayer is astounding, it has maps from all of my favorites, the guns, perks, and scorestreaks keep the leveling and upgrading system that was implemented way back in the originals. It groups you together with people of your level/skill, which has been needed for way too long in the console version. It’s smooth and satisfying to play for matches, continuously! Well done, well done. 2: The battle royale has the feel of pubg mobile, without the grainy graphics and the oversized map. The customization and classes you can choose, overshadow blackout by a MILE! It feels amazing to get the #1, but it’s not too easy to where it feels pointless! 3: Cannot wait for the zombies mode! I have grown up being a HUGE HUGE zombies fan, and to think that I could play as Ghost from MW2, slaying the undead! Well that’s just been a dream of mine for far, far, far too long! Overall: An amazing port that competes with its console counterparts, 5/5 stars easily!.Version: 1.0.8

I have suggestions!! please read!Hi please read!!call of duty mobile is very fun S13 is going very good right now everything thing else is good but i have some 2 suggestions. number 1 is that the bots have some incredible good aim and one time i got killed in the head across the map and and it was a bot. it was a S&D game and my team was losing it was MP and the map was crossfire and i was sniping then a bot with a AK-47 killed me. it caused me to hit my phone it had one crack and still has right now and this was 2 days ago so could you guys please nerf their aim thank you. number 2 is that if you guys could bring back zombies mode back i know you guys are working on it but i really miss it me and my little brother would play that all day and i really miss it so could you please bring it back with all the guns in the game that cost 100 points and the box that gives you a random gun can cost 500 points but it’s your idea not mine you guys can do whatever you want and new maps in zombie mode also. can you guys please do that it was very good. i like how in a new season there is a new gun in the battle pass for free and a new gun in the mid season and a new map every season i like that. call of duty mobile is very good i like it but can you guys please take my suggestions thank you. my age is 22 and my little brother is 18..Version: 1.0.19

Surprisingly good gameYou know whenever most people see a mobile version of a game that’s meant for a bigger platform they always think of some bad graphic pixel game but even though this is a big CONSOLE game it can somehow work just as well on mobile as it can on any other gaming platform. Even after that it’s a better mobile game than most other mobile shooters. The only thing that I would change about the game is the way they balance teams, for example I would be playing with my friend (both of us are level 10-20) when we would be matched up with people that are level 30-50 on the other team. But honestly even with that you can just grind off of a.i. matches to get better weapons so you can be better prepared for serious battle. Overall Call of Duty Mobile is a really good game that I recommend to both serious gamers and people who just casually play for fun, because if your a serious gamer then you can devote a lot of time to it and it’s really easy at the beginning just in case you’re someone who plays a game for a couple days then leaves it for another. So while you were reading this I hope you were downloading it so that once you’re done you can go play because I really want this to be the reason someone gets this game. So please get it who knows I might see you in game..Version: 1.0.8

Honest review +suggestionsI download this on season 7 and I expected this to be like every other mobile shooter low quality and over rated. Yet I forgot one thing it’s a Call of Duty game. I love the fact it mashed up different COD elements, such as all the Advanced Warfare weapons including NA-45 HBRA and the XS1 Goliath. It has smooth gameplay and is overall amazing. One thing I’d like to see is a redo of the lucky draw. Mythic drops should have a mythic fun skin and a legendary character skin in them. And should be $100 for base draw and $100 for mythic cards for Youtubers who go all out. But regular lucky draw should be $50 total and have one legendary gun skin and have one epic skin. Another thing you should add is an new vehicle in BR the jet. It should have low health but be hard to hit, and be able to use a Death machine and drop bombs which should have limited ammo and a cool down. Finally I am not trying to say that this is necessarily a bad thing but... please add some more secondary’s and guns overall with some balancing changes I am tired of getting near instant killed by someone with the RUS-79U.😠And the Locus should also be nerfed. One last thing... could you add two weapons the widow maker and EBR-800 both from infinite warfare. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a game to enjoy with friends or family..Version: 1.0.19

FrustrationsAs much as I love to play this game I get really frustrated when it comes to claiming things from the rewards section of the game from completing challenges and what-not. My rewards sometimes just don’t show up or despite playing for hours to complete all the challenges it doesn’t track my progress. For example I completed every single challenge from the tenacity rewards and only got two of the three gun skins, i was upset when I saw that I did not get the ak-47 skin that I was promised. There have been several other times where this has happened, although I cannot think of what exactly they were off the top of my head I remember it happening before. Another issue is that the game does not track your progression even though you have done the same challenge over and over correctly it doesn’t track the progress. I don’t like writing reviews I’m just very frustrated at this moment and I wish that something can be done or fixed after this issue. I rated this game three stars just off the fact that I have fun playing it with my friends. Another thing I dislike is the fact we only have one map for the battle royale even though the game has been out for months and they haven’t even attempted to make a new one or even add new and different locations. As well as the fact people who pay get to have the better weapons or weapons before they even come out to everyone else..Version: 1.0.11

Great Game, Few Kinks though...I’d first just like to start by saying that this game is incredible. Good graphics, intense multiplayer, A FRICKING BR??! However, this is Problem No.1 is that zombies was an awesome mode that many people want back. And it’s been a year almost since we’ve seen it. Problem No.2 is the bots. Now if the bots are real people... they’re autistic. The bots don’t do anything to help the team. In fact they’re more of a placeholder than a real person. They follow the Sam routes every time, every day, every month, and every year. Anyways, the fix is to just play ranked till you’re a high level and you see no more bots... BUT COME ON, I wanna jump into a match of Shipment 1944 with my Echo, (Origin 12 from MW) shoot someone in the face, and follow up with akimbo 50. GS’. Problem No. 3 is that something happened that made me not be able to log on my account (act. name is gianttree360) on my iPad, but I could log on with my iPhone. Other than that stuff, it is crazy how this game has maintained itself for so long and so well, and by the way, microtransactions aren’t a problem in this game. It’s just skins and cool weapons blueprints. I haven’t spent a penny on this game but the people in Pro who I faced with skins were at the same level with me the whole time. And on that final note, peace out, and stay safe. ✌️✌️✌️.Version: 1.0.19

My honest thoughtsI’ve played for about a day now and oh boy. I’m not sure if it’s because nostalgia or what but I’m diggin this game. Playing old maps that I know is a rush that I’m enjoying immensely!! Very fun but there is some things I do not like. The first thing is the pay to win ugh...the second I saw that I almost the devs I understand that you need some way to get funding from this since it’s free but why do you allow buying guns that ruins it for me you have the battle pass which I almost bought because the camos and stuff are really cool but I will not support a game that lets you outright buy these guns instead of unlocking through leveling up also I have seen forums that say bots are in multiplayer? I don’t know if that’s true but if it is make it more known I don’t wanna feel like I’m dominating pubs to learn they might have been bots and that’s about it I will probably make another review in the coming weeks or month or so but please devs you have a good thing going please take out the buying of guns the camos are more than an incentive to pay even if you get a camo for a gun you haven’t unlocked through leveling that will make the player want to play so they can use that camo but over all good stuff keep it up I would have given 4.5 stars if there was no pay to win but it’s not to late devs please listen and take that out make the guns a leveled unlock it’s sad to see such potential get ruined by greed..Version: 1.0.8

A Needed Nerf Or RemovalI recently returned to this game after taking a break and I realized that this game has had many additions over the course of 2 seasons. However, with these new additions came one of the most overpowered and poorly designed things I’ve seen in a mobile shooter game. The Shock RC car. This streak takes a very little amount of points to obtain and it is about the most obnoxious streak ever added to a Call of Duty game. After suffering a 3 second shock assuming that the victim has tapped their screen about 20 times, they are still rendered useless until about 3 more seconds after the shock. Thusly, for about 6 or so seconds the victim is left frozen in place repeatedly because of how often the streak can be obtained. Not only is one victim shocked (the car takes about 10 bullets to destroy btw), the car can shock multiple people at once. It is similar to having an automated roaming tempest that seeks out multiple victims and annoys them until you finally arrive 10 seconds later to eliminate them. It has ended many of my streaks and I can’t think of anything else in the game that annoys me more than having it ended by something that requires no skill and feels constant. Please take this review into consideration. *I should probably also add the fact that it is unobtainable unless you got it from an event or paid for it or something.*.Version: 1.0.12

A few suggestionsBefore I say anything, I just want to lead of with saying this easily the best FPS on mobile and one of the best f2p games on mobile in general. The controls are smooth, multiplayer is fun and competitive, the graphics are astonishing for a phone game, and battle royal is always a good time. This game is packed full of content that any Cod fans will love. My main suggestion is to add clip size and reload time to the weapon stats in the load-out screen. I know this has been done before and it is helpful piece of information to have when making load outs. Especially when deciding on what new weapon to drop some weapon exp cards on. Another suggestion would be to have a firing range, like in WW2, to practice shooting weapons. That way you can test weapon attachments and have a way to adjust/test your controls, because it is a real pain trying to set sensitivity and set a custom UI in the heat of a match. Not to mention the fact that you are going to have some angry team mates if you are in the corner trying to set your custom UI just the right way while they are practically carrying the match for you. I may think of other suggestions and add to this later, but right now that’s all I got. I’m just gonna end this by saying good work Tencent. You never cease to amaze me. Keep it up.Version: 1.0.8

Cod Points Ripped Me OffI think this game is great overall i really enjoyed it. Lately I purchased cod points to purchase 10 crates and it left me in awe when i received two of the same items. This also happens with the regular crates. I just don’t understand why we receive stuff we already have and cant even sell it for some else you know. I would have no problem purchasing the crates if i'm only going to receive the items I want. I believe we should have a choice on the item we aspire to have, its our money. Then Battle Royale recently has been changed where the safe zone closes faster than usually leaving us without all the items we need to be successful in winning. I have no problem with the safe zone closing but for blitz not normal Battle Royale. I hope y'all read this and understand I’m not the only one who feels this way I been playing for awhile now and just hate getting ripped off for my hard earned money. I also have been noticing y'all don't count missions correctly. For example I had to enter top 20 in Br 3 times but y’all wouldn’t count it unless I got 1st place. Another example which a friend of mine struggled with was the kills. He had to get 100 kills with the S36 and he wasn’t getting the full amount of kills he got but half at that. He also struggles with his cod glitching and the volume not working in the midst of Br. Please read over this and come out with a solution..Version: 1.0.19

Truly awesome free gameI’ve spent nothing on this game so far and i’m amazed by how rewarding and fun it is. Usually in free versions of games you get to a certain task that’s impossible to achieve without spending money on upgrades, but not so this game. I’m a little obsessed with it, to be honest, and keep discovering new modes and challenges. The only thing bad to say about it is that it possibly gives you too many options. Almost anything you can do on the console version you can do on the mobile one. Minor complaint: It’s really tricky hitting the fire button on an iPad screen with nothing tactile like a button to rest your finger on (be prepared to reload a lot when you meant to fire!) but presumably all the other players have the same challenge, and i’ve done pretty well regardless. I love the Battle Royale mode, which is an enormous world to traverse where you have to find weapons first to kill the other players. Most of the vehicles in that mode can be operated including helicopters which is totally fun, and the graphics are stunning. I’m shocked a mobile device is able to play such a game at all, frankly, it’s that good. And i almost never have game crashes or the glitches you’d expect in a processor-intensive game. The developer has knocked it out of the park as far as I’m concerned..Version: 1.0.10

This is a great game.This is very entertaining, very fast paced, very dynamic gameplay with great graphics. However it comes to my attention that whenever I attempt to run past a hoard of zombies my character glitches and appears smack dab in the middle of the hoard. I try and I try but when I play zombies I don’t have any way to escape zombies when playing on my own. Also I spent two hours playing endless survival mode and I had two main issues, one is that after two hours and over four thousand kills I only got shards. Not a lot either. Two is that endless survival is not endless. It lasts for a little over three hours and then it ends! I think the axe - lava should have a longer reach as opposed to the knife. I noticed that when a player is trying to kill me with a knife I can be right up against their character and attack but it doesn’t work, then the one with the knife runs up and after I dodge the attack I die. I also think that sticks and stones mode should be a full feature with the gravity spikes and throwing axe as full features as well. If these issues are fixed with the ideas I had being listened to I will play twice as much. I’m thinking about buying premium pass plus and so you will make money from my end. Have a great night and Merry Christmas..Version: 1.0.9

Surprisedly GoodIt’s very rare that a console/PC franchise can be transported to a mobile game successfully because most of these games fail to live up the expectation due to problems of converting console to mobile. Call of Duty is one of those rare games that managed to transport successfully with its own mobile game. Not only that, they manage to make the game enjoyable, similar to any other Call of Duty games. I am even surprised of how they manage to make the controller very fluid and easy to control. Memorable maps such as Nuketown and Firing Range are back with the layout to be better than I expected. Weapons and characters does not only bring back the nostalgia of old characters/guns but also introduce new characters/guns in later games of the franchise. Not only it has the same gamemodes such as Team Deathmatch and Domination, but it does introduce to special gamemodes such as 10v10 and Rapid Fire. Battle Royale is enjoyable in its own way. I hope that this game will continue to update us with more gameplay, characters, weapons, and other surprising events, as I am excited that Call of Duty can be played in mobile. I recommend this game for players who are a fan of Call of Duty and novice players who want to play a first person shooter for free. Highly recommended! P.S. Please bring back Zombies..Version: 1.0.19

Very surprisedI have been playing cod games since I was a kid, I used to watch my brothers play World at War zombies on the PlayStation and the Black Ops I campaign. Since then, I have had much love for the game and have played every single one to date (they are not always the best but they are all still enjoyable). I have known about cod mobile for awhile now but haven’t downloaded it because I had very low expectations for it. I mean it’s a cod game on your phone, no way it could be good, right? Well I was gladly surprised that this game is actually a lot of fun, and while the graphics are not the best, they are stunning for a phone game. Cod mobile brings every single cod game into one and it is great seeing Reznov and Riley and robots in the same game. The only negative I can think of is that you have to pay to get all the good stuff from the battle pass. It is especially frustrating for me and some others because I have gotten good at the game and I can get to tier 50 really fast and get nothing while some guy that is absolutely trash at the game can shell out some money and gets a cool skin at tier 1. I understand that is how every other battle pass works but it is still frustrating at times. Other than that I love this game and it was definitely worth the download..Version: 1.0.16

Disappointed.I’ve played this game since the release and it’s been on ups and downs I love the general gameplay and the maps I love the call of duty franchise (minus a few titles) it’s sad to see such a great game get bogged down with useless downloads like resource packages and super detailed (yet oddly dissatisfying) costumes a stupid amount of camos for the weapons, tactical equipment, specialists, and vehicles that ultimately make the game lag beyond belief so much so that I’ve deleted this game three times now. It plays well the first week or so then becomes trash and is just frustrating spending half the game backpedaling freezing in firefights and getting “connected” randomly to the server in the middle of gameplay like what is that about? On top of that the amount of clickbait and alerts about literally nothing you’ll spend an hour searching through the customization and event/sale updates just trying to get rid of the annoying yellow exclamation points all over the screen. Not to mention when any match is over you have to click through 4 or 5 screens of recaps and XP gains that could honestly all be consolidated to 2 or 3 screens. Basically a bunch of time wasting and grinding trying to get you to spend money which I have plenty of times but overall I don’t plan on downloading again until they either tone it down or separate multiplayer and BR into two separate apps..Version: 1.0.16

Feels like the Call of Duty Activision wants...... in terms of monetization. The game itself is great, feels like COD and plays like COD. No mobile game catches i.e. cool down mechanics to reduce play time and lock you out for 24 hours. But let me tell you, this is probably how Activision wants to monetize their full release COD games. Tons of things you can buy with cash (CP), minimal you can buy with credits (earned in game currency), and low key misleading sentences that might trick players into paying for something they don’t. For example, the battle pass. It’s a good deal if you’re down for the $10 pass. If you get to lvl 92, you can use all 800 CP you get to buy the next pass for free and so on and so fourth on future passes. However, after you unlock a tier in your pass, it always mentions how you can PURCHASE tiers for addition rewards, while displaying rewards later in the battle pass you can earn for FREE by completing the challenges. Anyways, read the fine print and know what you’re spending your money on, as always. The blue/purple rarity weapons have additional perks i.e. gun reloads faster after a kill. Nothing available feels P2W as of this review. I’ve recommended this game to personal friends so I clearly enjoy it and don’t thing it’s too malicious to your wallet if you’re careful..Version: 1.0.8

Use the same engine and do a zombie chroniclesImagine this same thing but zombies and it has all the best maps and guns like buried origins mob of the dead der riese die rise accession (unpopular opinion transit was good) town XI from BO4! Just bangers from all the cods but then give us the guns from them too like the PPSH41 (BUT MAKE IT SOUND AND FEEL LIKE THE ONE FROM WAW NOT THE CRAPPING REVAMP) THE BROWNING, MG42, MP40,TOMMY FROM BO2,RPK,(WOULD BE AWESOME to see some guns from MW and MW2 like M16A4, ACR, UMP, AK47 FROM MW, RANGERS, AKIMBO 1887S, M4A1).PUT THE FAN FAVORITE PERKS IN. Just thinking about this makes me excited. Let the stuff be chosen by the fans and you’ll get a lot of the old ones back! This CODmobile is the first thing I’ve played in a while and I love is because the game play has no bs just like the old ones. I cant tell you how much time I’ve put into MW WAW MW2 BO MW3 and BO2! I had 62 days of playing time on MW2 alone. I think if you get rid of all the bs and make one like the old ones people will come back stronger then ever. It could all start with tearing at our heartstrings with an old school all in one zombie mobile. I know it costs much less to make a phone game so try it see how it does and if people love it make a console version. Thanks for your time and if anyone is still reading this thanks for giving me your attention for a little.Version: 1.0.8

Please fix XP penaltyLove this game but I have one question, why do we have to lose XP in ranked match just because we happen to not win a match, because it gets really annoying actually trying to rank up in rank matches and having to lose 10+ XP every time you don’t win a match, especially if your someone who lose’s ranked matches frequently like me. I have probably lost at least 2 Master ranks worth of XP (over 800 XP) from losing matches alone and a majority of those matches I actually was near or at the top of my teams leaderboard. So I was wondering if you guys can maybe have it to where if you lose a match and your at the bottom of your team (4th-5th) you don’t get any XP but if your in the top 3 of your team you get some XP, like maybe 10-20 XP for actually doing good. Also can you lower the amount of XP you lose from quitting a ranked game because multiple times I have had I where my phone ended up dying mid game and when I log back on it shows I lost 40-70 because I left the match even though I didn’t actually leave the match. Basically I ask if you can make to where we don’t lose XP after a lost ranked match and lower the amount of XP we lose if we exit or disconnect from a match, because it would make it more fun and somewhat easier for less experience players to play ranked matches :).Version: 1.0.10

New update is badOverall this game is a great port of the call of duty series to the mobile platform. However, I have a few bones to pick with the season two update. First, zombies is always a great mode and I am very happy to see it here. Now the bad: 3D Touch firing is great but for precision firing like with snipers or at long range with ARs is a bit tricky, for this I like to use the left firing button, the problem is this new update removed the left firing button when 3D Touch is active, I used to have the best of both worlds and now I don’t, which makes using the vtol impossible, as 3D Touch firing doesn’t work with it, and it also makes maps like crossfire very difficult since it is primarily a sniper map and the only map for which I use a sniper. I’m not sure if it a result of increased traffic to the servers due to the update and it being a Saturday but there seems to be a significant amount of lag now in any mode, making combat very difficult. I have the same internet and am playing in the same spot I always play so it is not a connection issue on my end, I’m not sure if it’s a server issue or if there was a graphics update that causes this but the lag or frame rate is significantly worse at almost all times now. If it weren’t for these new issues this game would deserve a 5 star rating but as it stands it really doesn’t even deserve the three stars I’ve given it..Version: 1.0.9

A little dissatisfiedI really dont appreciate getting blasted with game based event advertising that i have to close when i open up the game every day. I also dont like the fact that theres duplicate weapons, which all need to be leveled up separately just because they have some new level of rarity or special skin on them. Thats a massive pain. Theres practically no difference between the baseline weapons. They all have the same exact stats. Its a waste of time. Just keep skins separate rather than classifying it as an entirely new weapon. Lastly, having separate ranks for different game types is just asinine. Other than that, its a pretty good game. Now, with the new update, the game is also much more glitchy than it was before. Controls will suddenly freeze up more often than they did. This gets me killed like a deer in the headlights half the time. I cant add some spray paints like the “jack card” to my selection wheel, that new dance that was put out wont actually display on the winners podium, and theres many more things including horrible lag and glitchy gameplay with items that arent there popping up as options to take and whatnot. When it comes strictly to zombies, other players can wait and steal the items you get from the mystery box. You guys need to fix it so only the purchaser can take the items that he paid for. Its absurd and extremely frustrating..Version: 1.0.9

Shockingly good...I’m suspiciousSo I’m not a mobile gamer. Generally I feel like mobile games fit in one of two categories, obvious cash grabs or quality games with wonky controls. I have to say, this is suspiciously good and falls between the categories from my playthrough so far. The simplified controls are great for mobile. And the advanced controls add a bit more depth for certain play styles. But either mode you choose, you don’t feel handicapped (as long as they keep those playing with touch controls out of matchmaking with those using controllers, if they ever reenable that feature). There’s plenty to do early on, and for a pick up and play game for brief breaks throughout the day, I love everything about it. I actually WANT to play this one with people. It comes with both regular multiplayer and PUBG style battle Royale mode. They play really well even on LTE and an older IPhone 8. Smooth and crisp enough to discern the enemy (the red highlights on the uniforms also helps). Compared to PUBG and Fortnite, I feel like everything was refined from those experiences on mobile. Hopefully we get the same crossplay functionality they have for the battle pass part of the game like Fortnite gave us sometime in the future. But like I said, it’s all too good to be true, right?.Version: 1.0.8

Best game on the App StoreThis game is amazing! I absolutely love it. There are so many features to go over so I’ll make it short. It’s basically a cod game without a campaign on your phone. The multiplayer, with gunsmith, scorestreaks, a huge arsenal of weapons, tons of classic maps, perks, operator skills, and 10 loadout slots is top notch. It rarely gets boring as there’s so much to try out and perfect. The only downside is that occasionally when a new weapon is added it is be extremely OP however the developers will generally nerf it the next season. Battle Royale is nice (I like multiplayer more but that’s just a preference) it has 2 maps: a large 100 person map, and a smaller one for half as many people. On the larger one there is also a warfare mode with unlimited respawns and a 10 minute mode that starts with a tiny circle. I would love for them to put zombies mode back in or a campaign. The best thing however is that you can get all the weapons by leveling up, progressing in the battlepass, or completing seasonal challenges (which are all super easy). The only things that are hard to get and/or require money are really good camos for guns. They are admittedly pretty overpriced but they don’t actually give you any advantage. Keep up the good work devs (and please add zombies or campaign)!.Version: 1.0.19

Love this but there are a few things.As an og CODM season 1 player, I believe many people who are new to the game right-now as of today will struggle because when you open the app there are so many things to click and choose. You guys should have stuck with the simplicity of season 1-3. The main menu screen with all the options to choose what game mode to play is way too clustered up. Getting back into the game this season I was struggling to play a regular multiplayer game because I didn’t know where to find it. Same goes for battle royal and the ground war mode that’s going on right-now. The weapon customization is almost exact to modern warfare’s weapon customization which is very confusing. There are new attachments that make the weapons very over powered. I haven’t played for almost 2 months, yet I started a match and finished number one in the top three with more kills than the entire lobby. Don’t think it’s fair for people barely getting into the game. Overall the gameplay is amazing. The maps are extremely beautiful regardless of it being mobile. Some buyable and un-lockable characters need some touching up but over all wonderful job. Keep doing what you’re doing. Just wanted to share my opinion. Love ten cent, Treyarch and activision very much!.Version: 1.0.16

A Game ChangerCall of Duty: Mobile sounds like it would be a complicated, difficult to play mess, right? Wrong. Call of Duty: Mobile has smooth controls that are customizable, both by button size and position relative to your HUD, crisp graphics, amazing frames, and awesome gameplay! The game’s settings really do add adaptability to your device, as phones and tablets that have a greater power capacity can use High and Very High graphics with no sweat, although with Very High you won’t find maxed out frames. You’ll need it in at least only High for Max Frame Rate. Phones that seem to have a harder time maintaining battery can utilize the low frame settings, along with low graphical quality to reserve some juice. While there are a lot of IAP’s to make, you do not, I repeat, DO NOT, need to pay ANY money at all to play the core game itself. It is free to play, and honestly I feel as if this should have a $2.99 price tag at LEAST. This work of art shouldn’t be passed up or taken for granted, so you better enjoy the free Call of Duty experience right from your pocket! As being someone who started on the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, I can’t help but find another match to play Domination in! I love this game! And with these amazing mechanics and features, you’ll LOVE the battle royale!.Version: 1.0.8

Great game - Battle Royale could be betterI don’t remember exactly how long I’ve been playing COD:Mobile, but it’s been quite some time now. I’ve enjoyed nearly every aspect of the game and have a blast playing it basically every single weekday on break with my friends at work. The multiplayer modes are all pretty fun and a good challenge and despite my use of a controller my friends are still usually able to keep up with the pace and not get beat up too bad by the enemy team (it’s supposed to pair you with other controller players is why i mention that). So far the only mentionable gripe for me could also possibly be due to my use of a controller. When I’m playing the battle royale modes, no matter how I adjust sensitivity I can never get enough rotational or aiming speed. It’s always very slow and makes hitting a moving target much more difficult. I haven’t played it without the controller to see if it’s any different, but if it’s not then I’d say the battle royale mode needs some optimizations. Outside of that I highly enjoy this game and it shows because myself and most of my friends group are in the level 120+ range. I’ll definitely continue to play and hope for battle royale mode to be updated for smoother gameplay and i recommend this for anyone looking for a quality mobile FPS game..Version: 1.0.12

This should not be as good as this isI have been playing call of duty ever since the modern warfare franchise, and I have experienced a lot of call of duty to say the least. Now when I learn that there’s a mobile version of COD on the App Store for free, I thought I’d be some insanely bad game with micro transactions every where, but when I played my first few matches, I was totally shocked. The fact that activison, tencent and treyarch made a free cod game for mobile, and it’s actually not bad with ( to my knowledge) no pay to win, with actual people that don’t cheat is completely beyond me. Maybe it’s just that recently activison has been destroying the COD name so therefore if there’s a new COD coming out, my brain automatically assumes it’s bad, but this is amazing. The graphics aren’t that bad ( I’m on a iPhone 7+ so I’m not expecting 1080P 60 FPS gameplay) for a mobile cod, bugs rarely occur and if something does happen it’s probably just my WIFI. Also wait times are extremely short so that makes it really good to just hop without thinking of it. For a basic summary this game is extremely good for a cod mobile game, and I hope activison continues too update it, because this game is GOLDEN. For gameplay wise, it’s pretty good. As a Cod Game goes, this is definitely a recommended for me..Version: 1.0.8

Dang Good For Not Having Controller SupportI’ve been a long time call of duty player and this one hits the sweet spot for mobile. Only it doesn’t support controllers yet I guess? Shame on you Activision. Aside from that though, the on-screen controls are really pretty good. They do get in the way sometimes and I fumble around looking for the right spot to press and that’s not good when it’s a twitch game. I need that split second reaction to switch to knife or toss a grenade or to duck or whatever. It’s mostly just that it doesn’t support controllers.. The game itself I’m very pleased with as actually I generally dominate in this version of call of duty. In all the others I work as hard as a mule and I can barely scrape the middle of the scoreboard. The fact that I do so incredibly well on this one without even paying for anything has me really happy. I love seeing all those kill streaks getting used. I love seeing that I’m getting 20+ kills per round. I love seeing that I’m MVP most of the rounds. One has to wonder though - what is it that causes such a thing to happen? Is the system just matching me with players my level or lower? Is it just that most of the players I’m playing against happen to not be that good? I don’t know - it’s strange. I kind of don’t care though..Version: 1.0.8

As far as CODs go*Updated So, I played it a little and kind of enjoyed it. Played match after match and something kept bringing me back. Reminded me of the good old days of COD WAW. I actually enjoy the mechanics and gameplay. Speed is pretty ok too. My big complaint is bots. SOOOOO many bots. When bots shoot through walls after walls at your team then shoot you 3 shots in the head and instantly kill you without even seeing you time after time in a match, it is clearly a bot. You sneak up behind it and it turns around right where you are and shoots you in the head instantly. Yeah, thats a bot. And dont give me that crap about one of those drones telling the whole team where the enemies position is, that excuse only can apply for so long. You can crouch and he will turn around and instantly headshot you. Then I realized after playing 4 matches with the same bot, there is no real way to report a player. You can see their killcam, and see them track your team through walls, but there is no way to report, I have checked EVERYWHERE. It isnt like PUBG where you can report in the killcam. You cant report at all. Kinda dumb. *I found a way to report players. You have to wait until the end of the match, then there is a red box looking thing. Still loads of bots and aim hacks. Most are in the “Fortnite copy” part though, so its kind of nice if you want to just have a usual team death match..Version: 1.0.8

Best mobile FPS game availableI have no complaints with this game at all. i have played most of if not all mobile FPS games available popular or not it's all i looked for in the application store. i love that finding attachments for weapons is easy and if you know where to look finding weapons is quite simple . i used to be a strong PUBG player but i haven't touched it since i moved to Call Of Dufy Mobile . game runs flawlessly not sure if its my phone and fiber internet or it was just built that well. the mechanics are quite fair for all players the gameplay is quite smooth when it comes to adjusting size of control buttons for easier access to them on your display and i have yet to catch any exploiters/hackers in gameplay which is a HUGE jump from PUBG considering i never knew if sitting in a house a bullet would come through the wall and kill me in one shot or every time i shot a guy he would prone to the ground before the bullet even reached him. all around very fun game i could play for hours if i had that kind of time todo so . game gets the best rating in my opinion i have no complaints whatsoever it's easy to learn for all players and the progression system is a fair paced setup with no pay to play progression needed to become a great player ..Version: 1.0.8

It’s FunThe game is pretty fun to play. My expectations were low when I considered it was a free mobile CoD game, but I have fun with it. Playing with friends and creating clans is a breeze. I haven’t spent a dime on the game and the profession so far is OK. There are weapons with exclusive perks that give a slight bonus to players with them, so it could be argued there is a slight pay to win factor since the main methods of acquiring such weapons are from buying the Battlepass or spending absurds amount of COD points on a direct purchase weapon. I still think the perks are minor and I do just fine competing against others that have them. My only real complaints are; sometimes there will be games with bots filled in that provide some cheap deaths, sometimes but rarely it becomes a battle of better connection (and you will notice when it is). Lastly, I understand it’s a free to play mobile game. Microtransactions are a given, however I feel it’s way too much and excessively shoved in my face. There’s a lot of ways to spend money and the game makes sure to constantly remind you through about 3-5 price notifications at a time. Overall, it’s pretty fun to play considering it’s a free to play microtransaction filled game. Graphics are fine, gameplay is better than expected, and it does feel like Call of Duty. I do plan to keep playing it..Version: 1.0.8

Good but could be much much betterHonestly I love this game, I’ve spent a bit on it and I’m enjoying that you actually just play to get more tiers in the battle pass. It makes you actually play and not just go for specific challenges and not be able to increase your tier, and that there are extra missions to increase your tier with their own rewards is really cool. Here’s my gripe, ranked. The whole “if you have a controller you will only be faced against others with a controller” is the biggest bull I have ever heard, when I watch players ads, move, and be able to aim? Mmmm sounds like bs to me. And watching another player SLIDE WHILE IN ADS is big bs. I’m so tired of terrible bot like team mates and I can’t carry them to a win. And here’s another one that just caught me in my last game, no audio for 2 rounds, it just completely went silent other than jumping I think, not sure if that’s a bug but fix that. Here’s what I think should be changed or updated. First make it so no players with controllers can face players who play without, fix that audio thing, and pleaseeeee make a new zombies map and you can always update the battle Royale map too. Change it up a little, I still enjoy battle royal i don’t have any gripes with it. It’s pretty well done I just kinda wished more guns would be added into it like the man o war or something like that..Version: 1.0.12

Sooooo amazingggggggggBefore I get into this I would like to say PLEASEEEEEE DEVELOPERS DO AN ORANGE THEMED BUNDLE WITH A FEMALE CHARACTER!! I’ll pay 2000 CP FOR IT IDC I JUST NEED to have a female character. It literally my goal!!!!’ Anyway Best game I’ve ever played i have loved COD Since I was a little girl I would always watch my brother play until I was finally allowed to touch his ps3! Now that I can play it anytime and anywhere makes it that much more special to me. I do wish that they had more skins available to purchase by themselves. Especially if they are wearing orange!! The crates get so expensive and are very risky and in the end 80% of the time you don’t get the skin you originally bought the crate for. You get more BR stuff than anything and it gets really annoying and sad because you want the characters to represent you but you can’t because you just spent $100 on a gamble crate and literally just got the same things over and over. I wish instead of 10 Credits back for a repeat item they could make it 10 CP so we can at least try for the skin we want. Or at least Put the skins in a bundle make it 2000 CP for all I care I just want an orange wearing female character to represent me and my skills on this game!!!! Please developers do an orange themed bundle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0.12

Please read and respondWhile the game is amazing in my opinion, there’s something that needs to be addressed. And you’re very familiar with this issue because fans addressed this in console versions of call of duty. Kill cam shots. I’ve noticed on numerous occasions both when I get the final kill and when other people get the final kill, actually with kill cams in general, the shots don’t line up quite frequently. There would be times when the sights would not be on the player but it shows them taking damage and getting killed. There would be times when someone could be shooting at a wall and the player behind the wall would take damage. And finally, I’m not sure if it’s lag, a glitch, or an internet connection issue, but I’ve also seen kill cams where the person would go in and out of the line of fire. I don’t know how to explain it than the player popping in and out of one spot and another. It’s not fluid motions and the player is not moving back and forth normally. They would appear and in a split second disappear and reappear in another spot. This would be happening during kill cams going in and out of the line of fire. Refine this so it doesn’t look like the kill cams are broken or that players are hacking the game to get kills without putting in the effort to properly aim.Version: 1.0.8

Die hard COD fan 4 Life!Look I have been playing video games for over twenty years and I have seen and played a lot that I loved but COD Mobile tops them all. Not because it is by far the coolest throw back of all of the CODs but because one it is mobile you can take it anywhere you can bring your phone. Two because you get to play online for free which today you can’t get with the other consoles out there. Three and really cool is the fact that you can use your favorite game console remote with I like PS4 but I am sure the others are just as good. Four because the developers keep changing thing around to keep you into it the have tournaments and prizes and all the cool stuff that keeps a die hard gamer like me entertained for hours. In fact when I got out of prison I played this game for 10 to 12 hours a day for two months. No joke! I think I have been playing since just after it’s release though I am not sure. I may not be the greatest play in there but I hold my on at a rank of MVP 175. I will play this game forever. Developers you rock the design and the way you keep coming up with new challenges is what makes this great and I am truly thankful. I will say that COD is the best. Keep up the good work..Version: 1.0.12

NiceI’ve been playing this for over half a year now and although the recent update makes it more of a hassle to choose/update weapons compared to before, but it looks better so overall I think the update’s pretty nice. The gameplay is smooth and the graphics are good too. Sometimes it does glitch but that’s just because my internet is weak in my room, it normally gets better when I move to an area of the house with stronger internet connection. I was, however, confused on why there was a zombie option before..? Because I couldn’t find where to play that within the game, but maybe it’s just because I’m stupid. But it’s not there anymore so it’s not a problem. This is actually my first time playing a mobile fps (or just any fps tbh, my parents never really let me play actual games before) but it’s got a simple layout that made it pretty easy for me to understand how to play. I’m glad they changed the login page so that it can be vertical instead of being landscape view every time because it was annoying to type in my login info that way. I do however hope they’ll add an option for me to save the login info so I don’t have to re-enter it every time. Otherwise, it’s good..Version: 1.0.16

Good until...COD mobile has been really fun and I’ve played from season one. Although I took a brake and missed season three :( even though I missed season three I didn’t miss much and didn’t lose much. Although I came back to find out that zombies are gone. This made me very upset, because I had spent countless hours work on zombies and earning prizes. And now I can’t finish getting those prizes. Now people who have money and don’t wanna work hard can just go and buy those prizes. Please note me and many of my friends have played zombies and loved it. I also dislike how people can just go and buy stuff to become better and not have to earn it. Take me for example, I don’t have money I can just throw around and spend on a game. I also don’t like that there are so many things you have to BUY with MONEY. Another think I don’t like is the silly features games. Yes there are games that are fun, but others like “sticks and stones”, and “prop hunt” should just go. Also that BR games only come for certain times. Last and definitely not least, that you have to sign up for things. People like me that don’t have an account can’t always get a certain skin or what ever it is, because we don’t have accounts. Oh yeah and WHY DID YOU TAKE ZOMBIES AWAY!!!! But besides that it’s a good game..Version: 1.0.11

This game is amazingThis game brings back so many memories of playing other first person shooter games although personally I’d prefer this game over the others. I love how the game is simple an fun as well as extremely enjoyable to play. I would especially love to see a story mode put in place as I know from past experiences that call of duty story modes are very entertaining especially if they are long and somewhat difficult but not a point where your raging. I appreciate the makers of call of duty binging the unique game to mobile as us mobile players are limited to the amount of actual decent games we can play compared to pc or console players. So personally I say that as developers you should contribute to update an better this great game an add more interesting features. I know some things can’t be added like planes because that would be not only difficult to pilot on mobile but very laggy although surprising it would be to see such a feature added to the game. Although I would rather helicopters which are already a feature in this game. I don’t usually write reviews for this game as developers usually wouldn’t pay attention to their feedback nonetheless reply to their comments but for this game I’d make an exception because it is truly a good enjoyable game worthy of rivaling many others..Version: 1.0.8

Needs lots of work but still a great gameCall of Duty continues to struggle with basics such as sniper rifles carrying the same mobility (despite the stats) as a hand gun. This allows for “quick scoping” and jumping, twisting and doing acrobatic moves while hitting a moving target with a sniper rifle. The makers of this game have probably never picked up one of these guns and tried that... Otherwise hits don’t seem to register correctly in the sense that you could stand over someone and shoot them in the head and still allow them to turn around and shoot you in the foot (which kills you instead). Still need to tackle the basics (adjusting the weapon targeting/sighting to make things more realistic and correcting the actual hits). One way of adjusting the hits is to look at key elements: head shots should be 100% fatal regardless of recovery, torso shots should carry more weight than shooting someone in the foot, multiple hits should slow the target (negate any buffs for speed), etc. I know it’s a work in progress but otherwise it’s a fun game. If they correct the obvious defects with the game, it’s easily a 5 out of 5. In it’s current version, anything more than a 3 or 4 out of 5 is a biased (invalid) opinion. You can’t say something that has flaws is perfect...but the people that rank it a 5 probably couldn’t comprehend this concept that is so simple!.Version: 1.0.10

Dislike the new updateI am ranked both legendary in Br and Muti. Before this new season 9 update came out everything in br was fine. I understand the MW Warzone approach but it made the game laggy and bugging hard to play. And that you can no longer take the attachment off of the gun is also a huge problem because many the epic or legendary guns have tech or 3x or even 4x scopes with little to no quick draw effect which made the game so much harder to play and enjoy. Before this update I was a seasoned veteran that used a red dot and quick draw with the amazing AK117 but now the ability to put attachments are removed move gameplay became very stiff and frustrating like I don’t understand why a update is going to ruin the experience even tho I really like the gunsmith and the plate system but the movement and gameplay just became too much of an issue for me to ignore. My iPhone X started to over heat and the gameplay became so laggy that even with low graphics and max frame setting it makes playing ranked in legendary in BR so much more difficult. I could deal with the lag if my phone is a iPhone6s but for iPhone X I never had problems with graphics or skipping frames. Please add the ability to change the attachment back and optimize the gameplay so every dropshot won’t skip frames and causing me to get killed..Version: 1.0.16

Great Game!....But!!Really Love his game and having a great time with it, thank you for finally coming out with this game!.....But! There are some things that I’m starting not to like!! 1. When are Zombies coming? Have seen the “Coming soon” hung on it since game came out? Yet somehow you were able to incorporate Zombies in Battle Royale?! So what’s taking soo long for “Zombies” mode to come out? 2. Please fix the Ranked Matching System!I was wondering if you guys could make ranked matching system like regular? I really don’t like playing Search & Destroy at all whatsoever, I never have, yet I’m forced to play it in ranked and it’s either take a penalty for leaving because I don’t want to play that game mode at all. Or deal with it and take a loss, which is my average win:loss ratio in that mode. This is and Lose Lose scenario for me and am starting to feel like I am losing it on gameplay by being FORCED to play and mode I don’t want to play. So now I’m just not playing RANKED at all anymore because I don’t want end up in Search & Destroy, this really isn’t fair. If people don’t like the Mode they shouldn’t be FORCED to play it, if it’s not played much then make a different mode, don’t FORCE PEOPLE to play something they don’t want to play to be able to get the game experience they do want to play.Version: 1.0.8

Amazing but...This game is awesome. It’s got all the qualities of every call of duty game like game modes, weapons and soldiers. i’ve been playing since before the first battle pass. But recently i’ve come across a few bugs. For example, in the battle royale mode there’s the new smoke bomber class but you can’t even see the enemies through the smoke. there’s not point of choose the class if you can’t see through it. another flaw is that when you’re playing for a while, the audio completely turns off. this is bad especially because in battle Royale you have to know where your enemy is. i hope you guys can fix this asap. i’m a big fan of the game and i also try to convince other to download it too. Also i have an idea. it’s would be cool if you can add a feature where you can trade or sell guns with people. like if you have a low level friend, you can send him an old gun that you don’t use and they can trade you their old gun. or another way is to have a shop where people post it up and see who’s their first buyer with credits or guns but i know this will probably not give you guys as much revenue so yeah. i thought of this because i have a lot of friends that i want to share my old guns with..Version: 1.0.12

AMAZING AND ITS STILL NEWThis game is relatively new and for that it’s amazing, most new games have loads of bugs and while this game has a few by comparison it’s amazing, it is made by the same people who made pubg Mobile. That alone was enough to get me to try it; however the gameplay is what made me stay this game is absolutely amazing from the battle royals to the team death match it isn’t focused solely on money and while I plan to spend some in the future because I feel the game will last, you do no have too as of right now I have not spend a dime on the game and I don’t have to wait for energy to recharge so I can play like many other in app purchase games it is built around optional spending and it is done in an amazingly brilliant way, I would recommend this game to anyone interested in mobile fps games seeing as how I feel this game does better than any other, such as modern combat 5 or whatever, I am a pc gamer and this game keeps bringing me back to my phone!! The developers took their time and made a beautiful game and while it is not perfect, it is pretty dang close. 10/10 would recommend!! I would also recommend playing on WiFi due to the fact that cellular data is not the best for fluid gameplay!.Version: 1.0.8

Beautiful GameGreat game all the way, 10/10. It has so many different things to do such as Battle Royale, Bomb, Ranked, Team Deathmatch, Zombies, Boss mide Zombies, etc. Has maps from Black Ops l to Black Ops lll. Yes, it does have micro transactions. It Has a battle pass with so much in it. The tiers go from 1-300, after about 200 or so I think.. every reward is a Battle Pass crate with something in it. You can play with your friends but I’m not sure how many because I solo que. Honestly keeps me up for hours. This one time I spent an hour and 20 minutes on a Zombie Survive, I got to round 24-25 I believe. Overall, I think this would be a great FFP-TPS game coming with many fun things do it. The graphics are well done and with minimal bugs, I have come across one or two but I think that’s because my phone had been hot prior to the bugs or a lot was going on in my phone(the in-game sound was buggy for a few seconds... low quality sound). I just got the Battle Pass today and had already upped 50* tiers. This game has so much to offer, thank you Visceral and Activision for a great game on Mobile, something worth my time. I hope this helps anyone contemplating on whether or not to get the game. Have a nice day and a fun time playing..Version: 1.0.9

I can’t stopThe game has everything you’d want in a shooting game, good graphics, great movement and tons of weapons. It has things other game don’t like how rarity affects the gun for ex if you get a blue rarity then you get like 5% plus reloading or something related to the way people use the gun. It has a Battle royals mode which is that different besides abilities and Cerberus. The abilities are op in their own way clown can spawn zombies which is great for solo, ninja can grapple which is good to escape, recon can scan so enemies can’t surprise you, engineer can spawn a drone which can spot enemies for you and lets you find vehicles easily, medic lets you heal yourself and teammates and rev them faster. Although after about 3 weeks of playing you lose a drive for the game which I think can be put back into the game by adding campaign. My idea is that it has a combination of characters from all game meeting up and you choose your character from each game(like modern warfare 3 is Frost or Yuri) and you can choose how each missions outcome happens by having some have abilities like BR mode and if you choose a stealth character you can silently kill enemies or you can go Guns Blazing and shoot them all but they each have a drawback as well..Version: 1.0.8

EPIC GAME FOR COD FANSI’ve been playing cod ever since I was a kid, and I think this is the best Mobile shooting game yet. cod of lovers even new people would love. this good game overall..Version: 1.0.4

Dam!! coool🤯🤯Awesome.Version: 1.0.4

No Default Female Skin..?Absolutely love the game but it’s really crazy that you guys don’t any free female skins..Version: 1.0.9

The best game 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦I’m from Canada 🇨🇦 and it is the best game out there wow 🤩.Version: 1.0.17

Some problemsIt’s not a bad game but it does have some issues. 1. Doesn’t work for all IPhone Platforms 2. Not really a PvP game because everyone is a bot 3. Really Laggy If you guys can fix these problems then we got a 5 star game.Version: 1.0.4

After a year still gets me goingBest game ever.Version: 1.0.19

Zombies!!Can you make more maps for zombies? I’d love to play different maps, preferably a remake of black ops 1&2&3.Version: 1.0.9

No zombies?You guys fr removed zombies? That was like my favourite part about the game, I guess the multiplayer is okay, but I loved the zombies mode.Version: 1.0.19

ZombiesPlease bring back zombies 🙏🙏🙏.Version: 1.0.17

Lost accountFor some reason I got logged out of my account. My password won’t work and password reset always fails. Unable to get any support. If I could I would give the game 5 stars..Version: 1.0.17

Good game !Good game but need a better server and they need to update this game, my game stop here and there. Then they take points off me cause they think I quit the game. I have an iPhone pro Mac with lots of storage. This shouldn't be happening. Pls fix all the bugs in this game. Thanks.Version: 1.0.12

BugsPost an alert if you’re planning to update the game at a certain day and time so that players know why they’re not able to log in anymore. Been killing players with the hunter killer drone during MP but hasn’t logged as kills for the past two games. Also, I pop up randomly in different places on the map, please fix that bug too lol More importantly, it’s 2020. Have some free female skins for all the females out here playing your game..Version: 1.0.12

Seriously great game.I’m a lifelong cod player & playing this game on a phone is a godsend. it’s insane when you connect a controller it’s absolutely unrivalled..Version: 1.0.20

Awesome game 🇨🇦🇨🇦On lower level lobbies expect it to be ez but higher levels means harder matches but still a good game I’m level 59 and I’m still enjoy its.Version: 1.0.20

From: Hunter Kennedy To: ActivisionHey sorry about that last one I now have it downloaded after a couple of hours and whoever says it’s terrible or the updates broke it they just don’t now what a real game is.Version: 1.0.20

ADD FINISHING MOVESPretty good for a mobile game but they should try and make it like cold war or the new game as much as possible. and please add a finishing move when you sneak up behind your opponent.Version: 1.0.19

PLS FIX BANI get ban for noreason2 times already today whenever i get nukes im not even cheating pls fix this!!.Version: 1.0.19

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