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Build your own city as the new mayor. Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Respond to crime and disasters. Watch your city come alive!

No microtransactions or long wait times! Everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay.

Pocket City re-imagines classic city building simulation gameplay for iOS devices.

Note: Landscape and portrait mode can be toggled in the settings menu during gameplay, or by tapping the icon at the top right of the start screen.

Pocket City App Comments & Reviews

Pocket City Positive Reviews

AmazingAs far as city building apps go, this one is the most immersive, breezy, and most worth it. It makes so much more sense to just offer a game for a few dollars that moves quickly and offers challenges (crime, city management, natural disasters). I would love to see some more types of trees (specifically palm trees/ cacti that you can build to improve environment), and just more building options (maybe themes that are unlocked by certain monuments?) Ex: If you unlock the pagoda, and build it, it would be awesome if it also unlocked a new theme of buildings (and trees, parks, etc.) (in a different tab so that you can select between different themes for different zones in the same city). It would also make it more appealing to build multiple cities with their own landscape (like a whole city in the desert; something you can’t rlly do now bc all the houses have grass). Maybe add more levels to unlock these theme packages, or even if you have to do in app purchases, for an app this great. I really really appreciate the ease of building “zones” rather than having to wait hours, days, or weeks for something to get built, and I feel like having themes would be a great way to offer options without there being too many randomizations on one type/size building. Also I love Sandbox mode, great for if you want to just mess around and see what works well. Great app. 10/10, have already recommended to friends..Version: 1.0.10

Addictive and Mind-Blowing!(PS: Read this before buying this game for some either spoilers, reviews, or suggestions for the developer.) First of all, this is an amazing game! It’s like SimCity but even better! SimCity says, “Not enough materials! Would you like to purchase to complete this action?” This game is NOTHING like that. $3.99? WORTH IT. No In-App purchases, no paying, none of that stuff. This a game where you can embark on a building game that is realistic and should be #1 on everything. Take that, SimCity! I know, SimCity is kind of good, despite all the paying and all that, but you should download this to get rid of your building worries. This is super addicting and you can even upgrade buildings to make them look even cooler! This is for the developer, if you read the essay I wrote for people that download and buy, thank you and have a great day!: Okay developer, we need to talk about the suggestions. 1. Maybe we can upgrade the upgraded even more. 2. We can make the police, fire department, and hospital cars go just a little bit faster to not make playing this game a little bit exciting? Last but not least, 3. Maybe make destroying rocks and mountains a little bit easier for non-sandbox modes? It is up to you to help and fix these suggestions and prove me and all the fans of this game share it to even more people! Sorry if I gave you PRESSURE! ~Rolly Bulletgold.Version: 1.0.24

The game you’ve been looking forIf you are a fan of SimCity / Cities Skylines and games like that - THIS is the mobile game you’ve been looking for to scratch that itch. This may be the first game I have ever reviewed on the App Store and there is one major thing causing me to do so: No micro-transactions. For what this game IS, you’d think it would be infested with them but for the price of this game you get a really great (and for someone who rarely gets hooked on mobile games), really satisfying city simulator. I’ve been waiting for one for a while, and the others out there can’t compare. I highly suggest this game AND supporting the developers who are making outstanding decisions. One thing I have noticed that could be potential improvement - when building (a road specifically, but really when building anything), it would be nice if you had to double tap to confirm placement of an object / the start of drawing the road. I frequently find myself going to scroll to see where I’m going to draw my road - but end up drawing a road, and having to cancel and start again. Not an issue, I’ve developed a workflow for it - but this would be a usability boost useful for mobile in my opinion! Keep up the outstanding work 👍.Version: 1.0.24

Fantastic app (with a few bugs left)This is what SimCity should have been. Fantastic city builder good for a few minutes or a few hours. I like the leveling system which keeps you from getting ahead of yourself and gives you specific goals to work toward. And _NO_ IAP! Thank you so much for an honest, premium game! Lots of little touches to keep it from being a mere clone with a quirky sense of humor. There’s even a sandbox mode. Hard to believe this game comes from a one-man studio. At launch there are still a few problems. The graphics are a bit soft as you zoom in, even at highest settings. Not so much as to be a bother, but you notice it. I’ve had two crashes but no data loss, so not a big deal. Have had an issue with power plants not plugging into the grid properly when incorporating highways into my city design (you still need normal roads, but the game doesn’t always register the connection even then.) This dev has been actively engaged with his user base, so I feel certain these very minor bumps will get ironed out. Don’t let it worry you — this game is worth way more than the asking price. If you like city builders (and old school SimCity in particular) then you need to own this game..Version: 1.0.4

A great game, easy to pick up and put downOkay so I have waited until I got “decently far” in this game( as much as you can with a sim city style game ) and I have to say I love it. Really truly have had a blast with it. The one saving grace for me was when I found out you can purchase more than one piece of land at a time from the old man by clicking more than one. I have been playing hard mode and this is where the game shines. If you’re looking for a casual sim city style game with updates buildings and graphics, skip easy or normal or whatever it is and go straight to hard. Your choices matter, your faults are not overly punished and you can back up and take a second look without feeling like you need to nuke your town orbit. The sheer ease of the normal or easy mode lets you learn everything about the game before going full in which is great! I’m alittle confused about the balance of some of the qualifiers. Like having a 86% fire safety rating when you have 30 fire stations are completely leveled. But still. Great game. Great pick up and put down casual gaming on the go. What phone games should be…not a console…lookin at you Fortnite…..Version: 1.0.40

The game is almost incredibleThis game is super fun, it’s the best city builder out there. The only problem is that I feel like there should be more assets, like more power plant options, more special buildings, and just alternate forms of transportation. An underground subway would be awesome. Another thing is that the game starts to run slow really quickly, it would be nice if it could be more optimized, this is coming from an iPhone X user, so hardware shouldn’t be the issue (Although I noticed that once my phone heated up the game played much worse, and when I played the same, very populated city later, once my phone cooled down, performance was back to normal, I think the X might just thermal throttle). The first problem I noticed was that even with the textures set to ultra things still looked fuzzy and blurry, especially the pictures of the people when they talk for a mission. Other than more unique game elements, a need for better optimization, and blurry textures this game is fantastic and you should definitely buy it. It’s my all time favorite iOS game even given the fact that it’s 5$ and there are a few aspects which can be improved upon..Version: 1.0.5

NO MICRO TRANSACTIONS? Take notes EA.After Sim City was completely sabotaged and destroyed by EA, and the original non micro transaction version of Sim City was pulled from the mobile market, we desperately needed a classic city builder that went back to its roots. A sim that wasn’t about having to wait for cool downs, or having to pay to get building materials... we wanted a game that was about city management, rather then micro transactions. Not only is this a fantastic city building game, the design, UI, building mechanics are all well made and very well thought out. You can tell this was made from the heart of its developers. Something that EA doesn’t care about. I honestly didn’t hesitate to purchase this game when I saw the review online. I will always give my money to game studios that care about what they do and want to make a great game, designing it around fun and functionality, rather then a greedy corporation that specifically designs its game mechanicals to get the most money from you. I have not and never will again give EA another cent of my money. Take notes EA. I just want to thank the developers for giving gamers what they really want. We notice..Version: 1.0.6

Well worth the price! It just needs more space for expansionThe developers of this game did it right. Instead of the typical cash-grab model that the "free" city-building sim games use, this game relies on the straightforward practice of charging you upfront for the game, but then they never hassle you again for money. No in-game IAPs (no paid currencies, no paid speed-up options…nothing). The game itself is really fun and they’ve tried to differentiate it from the other city-building sims. You can really play however you want, but they give you quests to work on if you want to pursue more objectives instead of working in a sandbox. No matter how you play it, I think you’ll find it to be a lot of fun. The only thing that I find to be limiting about the game is that there isn’t a whole lot of space for expansion. I hope they give us more room to work with in future updates, but even as it is, there is enough space to build a decent-sized city. Aside from the limits to city expansion, I have found that there is plenty of content to the game. This game is well worth the price if you’re a SimCity fan..Version: 1.0.5

I don’t even like city buildings - and this is amazing.This game is straight refreshing. As the title says, I don’t even like city building games and this is probably the best iPhone game I have ever played. What the heck? I downloaded it because the reviews seemed exceptional and I instantly poured 2 hours in it. No micro transactions, I didn’t realize how FUN and FREE that makes a game feel. It’s easy to learn but you can make it as easy or complex and fast-paced as you like. I just can’t believe it. It’s like they actually made a game with quality, fun, and their customers in mind and not just profits. It’s more than worth the $4 and I will actively seek out other games by this company and happily give them my money. Thanks for making an amazing game. I can think of so many times I wish I had had this game. As for recommendations, if anything, I’d love to see different, even unlockable “aesthetics”. For example buildings/parks/monuments with different decor like Asian, European, American or other themes so you can make visually different looking cities. I hope that makes sense... I do really like how the maps are randomly generated though..Version: 1.0.24

A City Builder that Respects the PlayerA fantastic bite-sized Cities: Skylines scaled down just enough to be fun on mobile without losing too much. It’s quick to start, making it nice to play if you’ve got a couple of spare minutes here and there and not overly simple for if you want to play for a longer period of time. It’s incredibly refreshing to see not one single ad or IAP. So many city builders have a premium currency and/or mandatory extended wait times for buildings to finish that it makes you feel like you’re playing the game on a schedule built by the developer. It’s good to see a city builder throw away the Sim City mold and let the player do as they will on their time and not beg them to connect to Facebook while they’re at it. There are some things that could be fine-tuned, like making it so buildings orient to face the roads but those are incredibly minor flaws. I’m hoping to see new additions to the game or possible challenges to keep things fresh, but as a whole the game is beautiful and absolutely worth the price..Version: 1.0.9

Great city builder!I wish I didn’t spend so much time playing this game, but it’s so hard to put it down sometimes as I try to reach that next self-set goal! 😱🤣 Kudos! It’s awesome that you don’t have to pay to speed things up. I would totally pay for some cosmetic features, tho. One reviewer mentioned themed types of buildings, that would be great. Probably silly, but I’d also love to see dirt roads. I am trying a more rural styled map right now and those black-topped roads out to farms or campsites or whatever are unsightly... or even like a cobblestone-type that would look cool for those wanting to decorate their cities while still being more subtle than the black for other areas. Feature-wise, the option to set like an auto-repeat on some building choices would be great. Like roads & zones & terrains & bus stops (!!!)... making them toggle tools so they can be used multiple times in a row without going back into the build menu (especially for those bus stops... did I mention the bus stops?! 😉)..Version: 1.0.25

Lovely City Building GameI had been looking for a decent mobile city building game comparable to Cities: Skylines, and this is the one that comes the closest to it so far although a bit more simplified. Quite fun, and relaxing to play at your own pace without limitations by dumb microtransactions. Quite great. I see that it is also being updated which is always a good thing. A couple of improvements I would suggest here. First, when I zoom in I can notice the drawing’s resolution could be better. Kind of pixelated. This is no big deal though. The biggest deal however, would be the random building orientations. It feels a little awkward to me whenever I assign a zone and the buildings come out facing the opposite way as the road they are attached to. If only they would just automatically face whichever direction the road is, or at least let me change the orientation myself, and the special buildings only have one fixed orientation so it forces you to rebuild the roads around it. Nonetheless, despite these details I can gladly recommend this game to anyone looking for a classic city builder..Version: 1.0.29

Best Choice for your child or yourselfThis app is what a city building game should be. I played SimCity perhaps 20 years ago when in my 20’s, and learned a lot with it. Now, I wanted my child to have a similar experience. This is the only city building game I could find in the AppStore that delivers that experience without the cancer of InApp Purchase. A child should be able to play a game, and learn from it, without being routinely, intentionally, maliciously frustrated, for the sole purpose of getting dollar after dollar after dollar tricked out of his or her parents. This city building app is just as feature rich and thoughtful as the version of SimCity I used to play (I believe it was SimCity 2000), and it is everything that the current version of SimCity for iOS is not. When searching the AppStore for city building Apps, as far as I am concerned, this App should be at the top of the list, if not the only one on the list, with all the others banned as the ripoff-schemes they are..Version: 1.0.16

Hey EA, take some notes!PocketCity is a fantastic game. I must give the developers props for not going the freemium route, because that would have destroyed a beautiful game. The game reminds me a lot of the early Sim City games, but with a lot more optimized changes for the better. The game is entirely played in portrait mode, which I found to be a super convenient option. No need to flip my phone around, just casual gameplay. Some big differences between PocketCity and SimCity that I’ve noticed so far: +As long as your buildings are connected to a road, they will be supplied with electricity AND water. So no more need for a sewage system or power lines. + Zones undergo construction immediately and dynamically take up space depending on how big the block is. + Buildings are unlocked via leveling up your city and completing quests. PocketCity is a breath of fresh air in a mobile market saturated with disgusting freemium garbage. Perhaps one of PocketCity’s best features is the sandbox mode, allowing players complete freedom over their currency and creativity. I’m eager to see how players will use their freedoms to evolve their little pocket cities into amazing and creative utopias! Thank you, developers for a truly wonderful premium experience. I will be recommending this game to all my friends and family, possibly even gifting it to them. I recommend this game for anyone looking for a truly premium city building experience that celebrates creativity!.Version: 1.0.4

SimCity, but 100x better.When I downloaded SimCity, I was hooked. The only downside was that it clearly wanted you to pay. “Not enough materials!” “Would you like to speed up the production time?” “Special Offer just for you!” Are some things that made it clear it was a game about paying. But this game is different than that SimCity garbage. The No In-App purchases is amazing. It moves quickly, no waiting for materials, and it takes some of the good stuff from SimCity, like Pollution Areas, Firefighters, Police, and more! If you like SimCity but don’t wanna sink all of your savings into it, get this game. Spending 4 bucks on a game better than a free one you have to spend 20 on In-App Purchases just to make the game fun, I think is worth it. But who am I to judge? Try it for yourself! It’s only $4! (P.S. sorry for the long review, but I’m trying to make a point about how good the game is.) But after all... that’s just an opinion. A GAME OPINION. Thanks for reading..Version: 1.0.10

Great value, fun, immersiveGraphics and gameplay are solid. This city simulator comes to life at the street level, where citizens have humorous things to say. Tutorial is appropriate, not over bearing like some other sims. Thank you. Progression is well balanced. Levels rewards are spaced out at good intervals, so I dont unlock too much before I've got a good grasp of gameplay. The level system makes me think about my choices. I can't just race up in levels without good city planning. Paying upfront means better gameplay overall. Some other city simulators scale out time requirements for building construction with levels, so gamers are forced to continuously pay to play, which is a mechanic I despise. Not present in Pocket City! no microtransactions, just pure gameplay. This alone makes playing this game rewarding on a psychological level and feels like the developer really wanted to make a good experience, not just rake in dollars. The region system is thoughtful. Some, but not all, bonuses carry over. With each new city, I have to level it up, which I appreciate. Graphics are beautiful and remind me of classic city sims of the past, but with today's advances in 2d graphics, so it looks great and not immediately like some clone. I look forward to more releases from this developer. I recommend this game to fans of the genre..Version: 1.0.31

Finally no “crafting”!I’ve been looking for a builder that simply let you build, and this is it! You can play the game and open buildings and services as you go, or sandbox mode and have instant access to everything. There are no additional purchases, and the building take literal seconds to build. No waiting three hours to make a nail so you can wait eight hours to build a board and then 36,000 hours for the house to build! It’s truly wonderful, thank you for that, dev! Having said that, the build menu takes up entirely too much space on the screen, I think. I would prefer to play in landscape, but the menu covers more than half my screen and I can’t really see where I want to build. It’s slightly better in portrait, so portrait is where I stay. But that’s a personal opinion, overall this is a fantastic game and I feel like the cost of the app is incredibly reasonable..Version: 1.0.20

Great Game - Needs a couple additions and then it will be perfectThis is fantastic game, easy to play, and entertaining. I highly recommend it. The only reason I give it four stars is cause it does need a couple, hopefully easy, improvements. The expert level is next to impossible because it there is not enough city management information to make small changes. There is a counter for how many houses there are available, but no counter for jobs. So, if your city is lacking jobs, you don’t know how many commercial or how many industrial locations to add. It is easy to over add and then hemmorage money in zone maintenance costs. Likewise, there is no information on the cost of zone management per zone, nor any information on how much the police, fire, or leasure services cost. Without this information small changes in the hard or expert levels really throw off the decision making process. Add this information and I will give the game six stars if I could..Version: 1.0.8

Spectacular!This is the mobile city building game I have wanted for so long. Also generally sets the bar for what I look for in a good mobile game altogether. Easy to jump right into and get going quickly, easy to put down if you need to stop for a moment, no micro transactions, fun mini quests (price is a bit too low in my opinion). Would love to see some additional complexity as well as bigger, more interesting maps, but wow is this still amazing. Really great work from this solo developer. Hope you build either on top of this franchise with expansions or produce sequels that offer more features in the future. If you offer a more complex sequel I would definitely set the price a bit higher, I feel like I got way more than I paid for and would be willing to kick some cash your way for a kickstarter or something..Version: 1.0.16

Excellent, So FarI am not one to review games very often, but this game has caught my eye. Like many others, I have been looking for a mobile SimCity like game that didn’t swallow my hard earned cash through IAP, and then pocket city showed up in my recommend. This may be the best $4 I have ever spent on a mobile game. Gameplay is extremely smooth and easy to understand. There is not grinding, waiting, or paying like any similar city builder on mobile. That in my book is almost worth $4. My only major complaints are that: 1. The lag. The lag is horrible (Granted I am using an older phone). And 2: I really would like a much larger map or more complex gameplay, like different zone types, like In older sim city games. However as it stands, I don’t think it is easy to find a similar experience with a city builder on mobile, and this is a must have for classic sim city fans looking to get their fix, without getting ripped off by EA..Version: 1.0.20

Great city builder! But....The game is creat, runs smooth and under the right settings it’s even easy on your battery! This game gets a lot right but is lacking in overall depth, you build and you can upgrade but your city will always reach the inevitable “ map is covered in constructs “ where there’s no more room for growth and that’s it. If the maps where bigger and you could make different cities ( having condos for housing when your trying to do a country town really ruins the mood for me ) but it offers exactly what it promises for a simple city builder and as it is you could loose hours of your life trying to make a perfect city....just I want to loose hundreds of hours building entire counties with more options for what’s already in the game. ( do you want a sprawling mega city like Dubai in overwatch? Or have your city nuclear fallout themed? This game is a blank canvas full with potential, capitalize on it! ).Version: 1.0.7

The best, thank you for not upwelling inside!My son and I are both addicted, and half our friends have downloaded it now. It’s easy but challenging, and I didn’t realize how much my son was picking up about needed infrastructure and what makes a city work. Literally cannot wait for the next one! Requests for developer: It would be really fun if you could get even more detailed and pick what kinds of commercial buildings you want, and not have a road always attached to the beach or a park. For example, if you have a row of beach homes, it seems silly that they can’t have their own beach because it’s not connected to a road. Or a nice small park in the middle of a commercial zone (those shoppers need somewhere to lounge and don’t need a road!). Anyway, thanks for a fun time!.Version: 1.0.37

Good game, easily fixedThis is a really good game. Honestly worth the 5 bucks, in my opinion. I really like how instead of a sim city city builder, it has more classic elements, like zoning, and a sudo-budgeting system. The problem is that this game seems almost TOO simplistic. For 5 dollars, it seems we don’t get enough. Some suggestions I’ve thought up of by just playing: 1. Power line/Water pipes It would be so nice to build one or two water towers and supply your water via water pipes, instead of having to sacrifice one zone space so that water reaches farther in your city. 2. High/low density zoning I know you can already upgrade zones, but it would be better to plan it out in more detail, and it would be more realistic 3. More space I feel that the space given, while sufficient in the beginning, really runs out making it super hard to level up later in the game. Another thing that ties into this is choosing a starting space. It seems odd, but imagine how much easier it would be if while selecting a city block, you could choose where to start your city, instead of having to skip it because the plot given was in a corner surrounded by mountains That’s really it that I could think of, but my point is this Is a really good game, but with a few quality of life changes, this could be a great game, maybe even exceptional.Version: 1.0.8

*APPlause*I almost never write reviews on the AppStore. However, in this case I fully back this game. I like that this game does not hold your hand. Playing on expert mode it took me about 5+ cities to balance out the supply and demand to maintain a successful city. Very rewarding gameplay. Planning the transit system seems to be essential. The only thing this game lacks is just more things to do. Have had a few cities now over level 100. I just wish there was more to do. I think this game is absolutely worth 5 stars, and moreover worth the money. Hopefully more content will be added. And honestly, for a more complete game I’d be happy sending at least $20 dollars to support this app. Very well developed. Hope to see it continue. If anyone has any idea how to support this game elsewhere, please let me know..Version: 1.0.31

Worth the buyLong story short, this game keeps you entertained if you like city building sorta like SimCity or things of the sort. When you grab a full understanding of the game it becomes a lot simpler. I’d like a bit more challenge to this but it’s excellent as it is. The quality of the game begins to lag when you have large amounts of content and despite the option to have potato quality (excellent choice of word for how the game looks haha) the game still has trouble handling itself. Nothing big that takes away from the game itself. Maybe some more end game content as starting fresh has many options to go by however when you begin snowball and the levels start coming along, I feel there’s not much for me to spend my money on or even splurge a bit with..Version: 1.0.32

Battery Drain, Missing OptionsThis game drains your battery like crazy. Even when you turn on the supposed battery-saving features it doesn’t do much. Also, there ought to be a way to turn off the constant “Level Up” announcements and the “Quests” dialogue. It’s such a constant and annoying interruption to game play having to constantly tap the level up box, then wait for the whole animation to finish , then tap on the item you’ve gained, and then tap on the Quests tab, tap on each new quest, and finally tap the skip button to exit the dialogue, which takes almost as long to appear as the dialogue itself. It’s extremely hard to lose yourself in a game with all of that visual noise happening every 30 seconds. Can’t we turn off the level up banners and dialogue? I’ve played the game enough that I have the dialogue memorized!.Version: 1.0.32

Surprisingly goodI will admit that I went in with low expectations given current trends of mobile games but i decided to give this game a try. It’s a fun little city builder that doesn’t make you wait hours to build a single building, instead you can build multiple city blocks in the same amount of time and its just really fun to watch your city grow from a townhall to a bustling metropolis that can be largely self sufficient. Rewards come in at a good albeit fast pace, but not a bad thing just lets you get to more of the content sooner. The game isn’t really hard. It’s actually pretty easy but in its own way, that’s good. It’s a good game to relax with and shut off your mind and just tap away at your screen to build your city or upgrade your zoning to make your city better. There are disasters that can hit your city but they aren’t a major issue since you get relief money to rebuild. It’s fairly priced for what it offers and you might be surprised at how easy it is to lose track of time playing. I really do suggest this game if you want something that doesn’t make you watch endless hours of ads or slapping you in the face with monetization..Version: 1.0.37

Very nice game that I hope gets even betterThis really is such a relief for mobile games in the genre. It’s surprisingly engaging, satisfying, and sometimes challenging. I’m so happy to pay a few bucks, because you get great content without the ridiculous hassle of advertising. I quite frankly don’t have complaints just some hopes for the app. I really really would love to see just further growth. More upgrading of areas (higher and varied buildings) more landmarks and sites, maybe a bigger map, and higher resolution. But that’s just the ideal version of the game, it’s wonderful as is! The dev has done a great job. Also I built an entire city filling the map, then got the mission to find the busker, where the heck is that fool?? Haha. Anyway, keep up the good work, hope that things continue to improve!.Version: 1.0.7

A superb city builder without the freemium tagYou Tired of Freemium city builders where your constantly waiting for timers, Constantly need to buy to get anywheres? This is your game! Once you pay its all open to play in ether sandbox or the regular mode. you will unlock & level freely, heck later on you will find something that makes the already speedy building speedier! Pros ✅ Offline playable ✅ No iAP or hidden costs ✅ No timers ✅ Fun & very addicting will keep you play & planning for hours ✅ Comical criminals 🤣 Cons To me there isnt any I love this game! its a premium city builder finally! 😍 Though I do have a few wants 🌀 While there is a good amount of varity I wish for more different buildings, More dfferent styles. 🌀 More recreational buildings like a pool or zoo or a amusement park etc 🌀 larger 8 tile or more versions of the fun things/parks/beaches 🌀 Day night cycle/Weather cycle 🌀 more map sizes 🌀 different landscape depth possible? like the city could be down near sea but the town is up in the mountain area its all flat which is ok just a idea 😀 🌀 Taller buildings like skyscrappers 🌀 godzilla or a monster disaster 😆 🌀 more different events maybe a event maker mix fierworks with racing event etc 🌀 Ground Paths 🌀 seperate houses we can place.Version: 1.0.4

Realistic (DEVELOPERS PLS READ)This game is so realistic. I thought at first it was a little too realistic, but this game is not all that complicated, though you can control tax levels. :p. I love this game. It is so much fun. And the random disasters keep you on your toes. Plus, the random fires and crimes are awesome as well. I love the element of surprise to all of it. It is simple and fun to grow your own city, and the conversations between the little NPCs are funny to observe. TO THE DEVELOPERS: Sometimes the game crashes. This crash occurs whenever you have construction going, and you try to view a quest to either start or complete it. It is annoying, but not too bad. Plus, the FPS needs to be fixed. The frame rate is really bad sometimes, especially once your city gets big. Bad frame rate causes crashes. Pls fix this..Version: 1.0.16

One suggestion/requestIf you haven’t played this game, DO IT! It’s a lot of fun! Although I’m having a learning curve knowing where to place power/water sources. I’m sure I’ll figure it out with time. I would LOVE it though it in sand box mode you would have the ability to have no disasters and/or maybe no need for power/water. Maybe you can toggle on and off what you want in sandbox mode? The reason I’d like this is I went into sandbox after a tornado came in and I was frustrated figuring out where the towers needed to be. I was hoping to get to relax and go back to my main later. Then I realized I wasn’t free to place things wherever without resources. Ok. That’s fine. More practice for me. Then.... just as I was placing my fourth building a frEAKING TORNADO CAME AND WRECKED THE LITTLE I HAD AND I JUST LEFT THE APP. So yeah... please help..Version: 1.0.5

Finally! Something similar to the REAL Sim CityFor anyone who was disappointed in the Sim City Built It that looks and feels nothing like the true Sim City, this game is a much needed relief on the AppStore. This is close as it gets to the real thing. Currently the game is more simple then the true thing, but I hope the game continues to grow and add more buildings and features. Everything else is just as good as the real game and sometimes even better. There are quests and missions that help you level up and get more buildings while also growing the city and making it better. The best part is that it really is a once and for all payment, no micro traction’s after the fact. No waiting on loading or slow downs so far. Just sit down and binge play for hours!.Version: 1.0.8

Good SimulatorIt’s a fun game but it has UI issues that are easily resolved like double clicking to undo a build selection instead of having to scroll through menus every time. During the start it would be nice if there was more variety instead of just a small park for what felt like 15 levels. These things keep it interesting. Clicking on specific function buildings like the police/fire/hospital/bus (when creating more of the type)... should highlight the positions of those buildings because they all blend in. I also wish there was more open space. It feels like the app is basically a measure of how efficiently you can squeeze everything in a small space. I like missions, they keep things fun, and some of the animations are... cute. Also, it’s a single purchase. None of that speed a build for real $$$ like sim city..Version: 1.0.32

SIMCity Lovers read thisThis game is really cool. It isn’t a forced in app purchase game, you spend the initial cost and the game doesn’t force you to buy extra in app purchases like most sim city building games available in the App Store. I applaud that. However it still leaves more to be desired from game play. It’s not quite as organic as sim city, as they only have one type of land building option for each city type. Example: there are commercial, residential and industrial zones. However they don’t have population density options like sim city. I’ve maxed my city out in construction but the population is under 20,000. Another way it is less organic is there aren’t ordinances and laws you can put in place. Ordinances can change the game play and make it much more interactive and less sandbox city builder and more being a mayor. The advisors don’t give you real goals or questions they are more like simple milestones or silly games. Its like a more childish version of sim city. Overall this game is fun! It’s not nearly as much to do and freedom as the original sim city on PC and earlier generations iPhones/androids. That has since been removed from App Store. But it is a fun game and the best city builder I’ve played on the App Store in years..Version: 1.0.21

INCREDIBLE!!! (Updated)This game... When I saw it, I just wanted to download it!! It's like a dream of mine, a city building game that goes really fast, no in-app purchases, (cough cough- SimCity Buildit, a.k.a EA) , no wait times, no goods that take hours to produce in factories, (again, EA) This is a game I actually paid for it looked so good. Try it for yourself, and get the TURE building experience. Edit: I have played this game for a while, and I have kind of reached a road-block on what I can do. Here are the main things you need to improve on: • After playing a while, all of the buildings start "duplicating". What I mean is that there needs to be new building textures, definitely in the different building zones. (Residential, commerical, etc.) I don't want a townhouse next to another townhouse that looks exactly the same. • More road types. I don't just want one type of road. Look at City Skylines, where they roads with trees on the sides, 4 lane roads, etc. It really makes the city look better, and it could change the traffic as well, for example, the 4-lane roads could have less traffic than the regular roads. In conclusion, please just look at other games and implement their features. PLEASE, DO NOT MAKE IT PAY TO PLAY. Just add more features, please. - G6plays.Version: 1.0.15

Best City Builder on the App Store hands downSo thankful to finally have a city building game that isn’t destroyed by in-app purchases and pointless timers/resource gathering. Most city building games on the App Store I have to put down cause I run out of energy, need a material that I have to wait to farm or something else that is totally pointless and put into the game to force you to spend money. The only reason I have had to put down this game so far is cause I have to go to work and sleep. Seriously though, there is nothing to keep you from playing this game for as long as you want in a single session and I LOVE that! Has a great tutorial for people new to this style of game. UI is clean and helpful. Easy to navigate. Portrait and landscape modes available. Music is great. Love the save options for multiple cities. It’s very polished. I have been part of the beta and have seen many improvements come out. It’s obvious this developer cares about the app and the experience we have playing the game. If you like city building games, I guarantee you won’t find something better. Thank you to the developer for all the hard work you have put into creating this game!!.Version: 1.0.4

AMAZINGOkay, I’ve only played for about 30 minutes and I already love the game. It’s not like the other games that make you wait HOURS or DAYS for a house to finish building . No, it takes NOT EVEN TEN seconds to build a house. I’m astonished at the fact that there are no ads, you don’t have to buy ANYTHING with real money (besides the game), and the citizens have short conversations which I think is pretty cool. One of the citizens said, “I hope no one finds this body” or something like that. Anyway, this game is DEFINITELY worth the purchase and I swear you will not regret it. You also get an option for sandbox mode which basically just means you get to do whatever you want without having to unlock it..Version: 1.0.37

❤️❤️❤️❤️Pocket City is amazing. That’s for sure. I love the new regions, and building on islands is so much fun. Policies are cool too. This upgrade really added to the game. But no matter what it’s great. Building cities, completing tasks, AND without the usual pay to play thing in these games. A must have for all future architects! One little thing that bothers me is that everything needs a road to have electricity because then I have to circle roads around my pretend private beach homes and act like it wouldn’t be a horrible way to live. Maybe we could add some road-less WiFi towers? The game’s still awesome, this is just a suggestion. Don’t let my review stop anyone from getting it. Just pitching a few made on the spot ideas. Super game!.Version: 1.0.35

LOVE IT!!I love this game!! If you’re a fan of building cities from scratch, this is THE game for you, hands down. I appreciate there are no ads or hard sells to spend money just to level up game play. In fact, no money is needed at all which helps make it more fun. My only gripe is I dislike the volcanos/natural disasters. They happen too frequently and become more of a nuisance, since you have to stop whatever you’re doing and push a button just to rebuild everything that was destroyed. Now a suggestion: I’ve started building mansions and estates more than just clusters of buildings. How about some pools, tennis courts, or other high end items that could add to creating million dollar properties? Thanks!.Version: 1.0.32

Good Bye Sims CityIf you like playing Sims City but hate all the waiting to level up and everything else. Also the very big thing is all the money you can put into the game it’s ridiculous. This is the game that replaces it. I can get lost in it for hours at a time. Super fun. Has been my go to game when I feel stressed out. I would definitely pay for this. The only thing I would change and it’s stupid is more cities around me. I know eight is allot but I would like more. Plus some more room on the board would be good to. Plus maybe some upgrades that you can buy for your city that that you would be able to keep from city to city would be good. Thank you to the program developer for everything..Version: 1.0.28

Sorry, my mistake, this game IS great! - Won’t rotate on iPad Pro.I take back my complaint about not rotating. After looking closer (and seeing a Pocket Tactics article on the game) there is an option to change between portrait and landscape in settings. A bit unconventional but it works for me. Now having played a bit I will agree this is a great, great game. Spiritual successor to the great city builders. Retracted review: Looks like a great game but I can’t get it to rotate to play normally (landscape) on iPad Pro. Starts out okay but instantly spins 90 degrees and becomes essentially unplayable. I hope this is fixed because this isn’t a “phone game” in my opinion and I don’t plan on taking my iPad out of its stand and off my desk to play one game that really looks like a landscape game..Version: 1.0.4

Solid app, please keep updating itUpdate- Dear Dev: I’ve played this for a few days now; please make expansions because right now the game seems a little limited and unfinished - please do more w/it. Such a good start though. ——- This is great, I’ve been looking for mobile Sim City for some time now. Some crashes but no data loss (awesome). If you want that on a mobile app JUST BUY THIS GAME. IT IS WORTH IT. Some constructive criticism - The city peters out when you buy all the land so I would like to see land expansions, multiple item placement functionality (placing bus stops is awful), and a random pool of quests/objectives so you don’t go through the same ones every new city. Money counting in sandbox would be a nice option too. Also need filters for fire, health, and education to make it easier to evenly distribute those structures. Good features- Thank you for auto build after disasters because rebuilding that stuff would be tedious. I like how the roads “stick” when you’re laying them, the controls are pretty intuitive and good for mobile. Ideas for future- map builder mode? Otherwise it’s sleek, charming, and a total time stealer :).Version: 1.0.8

Best Mobile City Sim. No contest.I paid less than five dollars for this game when it released. At the time it was the nicest, least grindy, most intuitive, most complete city simulator on the market that wasn’t either way expensive, or overrun with microtransactions. Since that time it has only gotten better, the developer is not only continuously adding more content completely free of additional charge, but doing so without adding any cost to the base game. On top of that, the developer is regularly active in the Pocket City subreddit and actively responds to bugs and suggestions posted there. I would recommend this game to anyone who has ever enjoyed a city sim game, and would buy it multiple times myself if I could..Version: 1.0.30

Would rate 11/10!You've heard of SimCity BuildIt. It is a really great game, but with two MAJOR flaws. #1: It's by EA. And anything by EA usually means you need to spend real money to get good at the game. #2: It needs internet connection, so you can't really play anywhere. Pocket City solves both these problems! First of all, there are no in-app purchases. Also, you can play offline! There are so many things you can build, like a park, hospital, and school. Plus, you can even destroy your creations with natural disasters! Luckily, you can rebuild it easily (if you have the money. I do have a suggestion though: a day-night cycle. I would LOVE to see a big city at night! Sorry for the long review, but it really is a great game, and it's only $3.99!.Version: 1.0.22

Refreshingly great game!In a world of In-app purchases, pay to unlock, pay to speed up and arbitrary gems and coins, it’s SO nice to have found a fun, casual, well-paced city building game without all the paywall nonsense. I started the game last night and smoothly progressed through 50 levels without growing frustrated or having to wait 6 hours for a building to be built. Don’t let the fun and simple graphics fool you, there’s a deep layer of controls in place akin to Sim City. You control your taxes, toggle maps to see where you need to improve, land management functions, etc. The quests keep things interesting while not intrusively forcing you to complete them. An all around fun game to play for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Get it..Version: 1.0.16

This is one of the best games I’ve ever spent money on!I seriously can’t say enough good things about this game. It’s FUN!! The economic dynamics aren’t too terribly complicated and the way they ease you into things with the quests is just perfect! It’s the perfect pace and not too overwhelming while keeping the game stimulating and fun. And then once you get the hang of it, it’s even more addicting! There are a few game elements I still don’t have a solid grasp of (highways, and sky railways, for example) but it’s not enough to dampen the fun. I LOVE. THIS. GAME. A huge thank you to the developers. I actually came here to see what else they’ve made so I can throw more money at them. I am so grateful that pay-once-and-play games still exist on mobile!.Version: 1.0.31

Good game but could be betterGood game but could be better. This is the best city building game out there that does not require waiting or in app purchases. That alone makes the game good and worth getting. You then add in the quests, events, and other cool unique things in the game like looking for a person doing yoga. Lol. It becomes really fun. With that being said. I knew what the graphics looked like when I got it but really wish they would be a little better and actually 3d. Allowing you to zoom in and out and rotate the city. I also would like to see being able to select different building types. ie different themes of residential buildings. I still have no regrets getting the game and think its worth it. Hopefully the developers continue to add new content and grow the game..Version: 1.0.10

No penny-pinchingI never write reviews. But this game is SUCH a breath of fresh air that I can’t not say something. I love Sim City type games, so this one fit the bill PERFECTLY. But even better: NO MICRO-TRANSACTIONS. I couldn’t believe it! It’s actually a game in which I pay money upfront, and get the full thing, without being locked behind insane time barriers and confusing in-game currencies. The free to play model is absolutely awful, and these devs know it. I’m so sick and tired of all these other games that give me no choice but to pay in order to, you know, PLAY their game. If Pocket City was double in price I’d absolutely give it to them. Great game, great dev time, and great profit model. Other devs: take note. We notice things like this..Version: 1.0.24

A game worth the costHere’s the deal, this game (as of right now) is $3.99. You’ve gotta ask yourself, what does the world have to offer you for $3.99? A coffee? A gallon of gas? Half a lunch? For $3.99 I don’t expect to much, but this game delivers more than I’d expect for a small amount of money. Will you find yourself playing this for weeks on end? Probably not. Will you never get bored of this game? You probably will. But, for at least a few days, this game keeps you engaged and wanting more and more. I played for hours and hours day one followed by an hour or so everyday for the first week. Now I just check in and do this and that as for the most part I’ve “beat” the game. This game doesn’t ask you to spend more money via micro transactions time and time again. For $3.99 it gives you everything it’s got. If you’re flipping through these reviews over and over again trying to decide if this is worth the $3.99 they are asking for like I did before finally pulling the trigger. Go ahead and do yourself a favor, stop wasting your time thinking about it and buy it. It’s worth it..Version: 1.0.16

WowDe loin le meilleur de construction de ville auquel j’ai joué le fait qu’il n’ai pas de Micro transactions est génial.Version: 1.0.4

It’s aightWish there was more stuff, and we were able to make the city’s look the way we really want.Version: 1.0.4

Hope for Mobile gamingCertainly dumbed down from Sim City and Skylines, but it’s a pretty good mobile experience with no microtransactions. Considering the current state of mobile gaming, you can sure do a lot worse..Version: 1.0.22

Worth it, great game!!Definitely worth it! So much fun and very addictive!.Version: 1.0.15

Just...one...more...zone!No “pay to win”. Easy to play. If you like city simulation, buy it! For a challenge, let disasters wreak havoc or, just relax in sandbox mode. Love it. Highly recommended!.Version: 1.0.15

Game playerGood game and no IAP..Version: 1.0.37

FunGame is pretty fun, simple. My only complaint is it feels very short, I’ve already built on most of the available land. It’s been less than 24 hours..Version: 1.0.4

Needs higher resolution graphicsThe game itself is pretty good so far but the graphics are blurry on my iPhone 8+. They are really bad when you zoom in. Would expect this to be tack sharp just like UI is. Please update the textures/engine to allow got sharper in game graphics. Thanks..Version: 1.0.4

Fun but easy and simplisticNot expansive, no micro transactions, fun, kind of addictive but very simple and a bit repetitive. Still enjoyable as a phone game to pick up when waiting or stuck somewhere..Version: 1.0.39

Good but glitchyI would enjoy this game a lot more if it weren’t so slow and glitchy. And by slow, I don’t mean the pace of the game, I mean the way the screen freezes after I try to move to another location, etc. And the fact that I paid money for this just makes the whole experience that more frustrating! No thanks. Not worth it..Version: 1.0.39

Best Mobile GameThis is the best city simulation game out there. No ads OR in app purchases. 100% worth the $1 that you have to pay..Version: 1.0.37

Really fun but needs workReally fun but it’s stuck on landscape only mode on iPad. Makes no sense why… very fun otherwise and not micro transaction based..Version: 1.0.37

Really satisfying city builderThis game may not be the most complex city builder, but for a phone game with no micro-transactions, it stands out as one of the better games out there. With fairly simple controls, ui, and gameplay, picking this game up is easy, but the amount of content makes it hard to put down. As well, the natural disasters that can occur help spruce up the gameplay, while offering the ability to instantly repair all the damage done, making it not nearly as irritating as it could be..Version: 1.0.37

No micro transactions! Hallelujah!Awesome game. I’d love to see a clone tool and the ability to speed up time to allow the user to speed up their city development..Version: 1.0.37

Addicting, like really addicting.For Christmas I had gotten an iPod touch and an App Store gift card. I was looking through the top paid games, found this, and decided to give it a spin after seeing No Micro-transactions. Played it for a while, and I would like to say, HOLY GUACAMOLE, THIS GAME IS FUN! I love all the things to build, characters and quests to do, and the events! Rating 4 stars only because it can get a bit repetitive, but still an amazing game! My city code is 5bvt if you want to download it..Version: 1.0.37

New iPhone SupportThis game is good! I enjoy it a lot! When i updated my phone however from an iPhone 8-11. The notch at the top of the screen gets in the way of the info at the top of the screen. If this could be fixed so newer iPhone users can enjoy the game it would be amazing!.Version: 1.0.37

Not bad but...I love city building games, and this one started out great. It plays well and the maps are nicely varied. However there is a very limited amount of variation in the game, and repeat play looses fun quickly..Version: 1.0.37

The best city builderI can’t stop playing it. It’s really good. No ads. No microtransactions. Just a really solid game. Gotta love building an entire town and levelling up faster by summoning tornados and meteors while also having a block party 🥳.Version: 1.0.37

Great!I used to love the early Sim City games, this totally plays like them. Tons of hours of fun, no micro-transactions, no ads. It’s SIM City the way it should be. Enjoy!.Version: 1.0.37

WOW 🤩This is the best game I have ever played in my life I hope to see great updates in the future and more games by you.Version: 1.0.37

Lots of replay for a couple tooniesThis game was featured in an apple category “city design” along with other SIMulation games, etc. This was the only game that didn’t “offer” micro transactions, meaning it was the only game I purchased. Like others, I regret nothing! I’ve been addicted all afternoon. Super fun and lots of replay-ability. Thanks!.Version: 1.0.37

Fun and addictive gameIf you have time to kill and like addictive games, buy it! It’s worth it.Version: 1.0.37

Super relaxing and fun to play.Love this little city in my pocket!.Version: 1.0.37

Crazy addictingWhat an incredible game! Only $4, thats it, no in app purchases, no ads, just pure unadulterated game play. No glitches, nothing holding you back from having pure construction bliss! What a game..Version: 1.0.37

Great casual game!I like how this game is simple and fun. It keeps me going for hours. I had lots of fun trying to improve traffic in my cities. The other cities in the same region are a great way to explore new ideas and get creative: you already have the buildings and you have more money coming in, so you can play differently with the zones and even try to recreate the city that you live in. I loved the jokes in the citizens balloons 😂 also love the Canadian references. Thanks for the game, it is fun, engaging and no buggy at all..Version: 1.0.37

Greatest city building gameI’ve been looking for years for a city building game on the app store that isn’t pay to win. I never reviewed an app before but this deserves all the praise it can get. If any developers are reading this, please keep working on this game, it’s super great and I know it’s got potential. No ads, no scam, no gimmick just a real fun game that gets addictive.Version: 1.0.37

Awesome gameOne suggestion to make the game even better, make every road able to create a circuit for your electrical grid.Version: 1.0.37

Fun game, but far too easy and unbalanced.I've "finished" this game twice now, once on "casual" mode and once on "expert" mode. At both difficulty levels the game is very unbalanced, and far too easy, to the point of it all becoming a rather rote exercise without much of any challenge. In fact, the game just gets easier and easier as it goes on, when really it should be the opposite. Transportation is possibly the only challenging part, but methods of transportation that are introduced early on in the game, such as rail lines and highways, are made completely unnecessary later on as policies are introduced. As you progress up levels, you gain points to put towards "policies", which are various upgrades to your city.. but the policies are far too powerful, allowing you to easily accumulate money, lower pollution levels, increase the population happiness, and lots of other things, which removes most of the challenge. As you progress you also get access to better buildings (that, for example, don't cause pollution), building upgrades, new transportation methods, and zone upgrades, all of which make the game easier than it was in the earlier levels. One example is the building upgrades: initially crime is a problem, and you have to strategically place police stations, which is great. But after you have access to upgrade the police stations, it seems like a couple stations are enough to police the entire map, so crime becomes a non-issue entirely. That's no fun! Even the "disasters" that affect the city aren't even a problem.. a tornado will wipe out part of your city, but with one click (and a bit of cash) everything just gets re-built exactly as it was before, so what's the point, exactly? There's a variety of weird balancing problems too; for instance, as my city progressed, it always recommended more and more commercial zones, which were impossible to satisfy (though it didn't seem to make much of a difference anyhow). Recreation demands also seem nearly impossible to fully satisfy, which affects the population's happiness, but again, there are policies to negate that later on. It's a good-looking and relaxing game, and it’s so refreshing to play a game without ads and micro transactions. But a challenging city-builder it definitely is not, and it's unfortunate, because there's so much potential here. As it is, though, i only bought it a couple days ago, have already “beaten” it twice, and now I don't really have any incentive to play it again or expand my cities to other regions. I see that Pocket City 2 is in development, so I'm looking forward to seeing what is in store for the sequel.. hopefully it can add in some additional complexity to keep me coming back for more..Version: 1.0.37

Suspicious copying from clipboardI’ve been really enjoying this game, but when I opened it up last it copied what I had pasted from Safari. There isn’t really any reason for the game to do this, so it makes me a bit wary..Version: 1.0.37

Finally! An awesome game that won’t take all your money.I love this game, it’s definitely addictive. A plus on this game is that you just buy the game once. It’s not like SIM city that wants you to pay for every single thing there is. This game, you just play it and enjoy! Great work on this game developers! :).Version: 1.0.37

My opinionSo to be honest it’s a really good game I have played many before but this one takes the crown I love it so much disasters happen you get aid money and rebuild it all it’s super eazy to level up in if I had one bad thing to say is that you level up really fast but also thanks for the sandbox mode ;).Version: 1.0.37

PerfectThe couch game I was looking for. I would have paid 20$ for this game. Let’s end the free to play era..Version: 1.0.35

Fun game!Fun game that eases you into the mechanics perfectly. Well designed and really appreciate no micro transactions (they’re the worse!). Kudos to the developers on a fun new take on the city building genre!.Version: 1.0.35

The best city building gameThis game is very addictive and fun, you guys should add rotate button, polices in sandbox mode, and bigger maps options. Other than that it’s sooooo fun well worth my money.Version: 1.0.35

Great Game!The fact that there are no micro transactions is such a breath of fresh air. Reminds me of the 2012 Sims City... overall a great game..Version: 1.0.35

Fantastic, thoughtful, engrossing, beautifulAs the title says, the game is all these things. Buy it and have a ton of fun. Reach out to other players on social media for specialized tips and to show off your cities. I've been immersed in this for days, it's that good..Version: 1.0.32

Buy this game, you won’t regretI hate micro transactions, and had lost hope of finding a city building game where you don’t have to wait for every build or upgrade... but this game is perfect. It’s also clever, cute, and addictive. Enjoy!.Version: 1.0.32

A delightLoved this game. I download it because SimCity BuildIt was ridiculous, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. This game has had me playing for hours. It pays homage to what makes a city sim game great. I hope they release new expansions, I would buy them..Version: 1.0.32

Super funSuper fun game plZzzzzzz and freight trains🔥🔥🔥.Version: 1.0.32

Good GameCan u guys add a rotation button please thx u.Version: 1.0.32

So much fun and no in app purchases!Title basically says it all, game is a blast, it’s simple and intuitive to control, the visuals are pleasant and best of all, NO MICROTRANSACTIONS 6/5 stars.Version: 1.0.32

Love this game!Easy enough for a small screen and hard enough to not lose interest! Graphics are cute and the sound effects are pretty asmr!.Version: 1.0.32

Good city gameIt’s fun to try to get lots of money and to try and make the best city..Version: 1.0.32

Really amazingThis game is really good, I think it’s very nice and the game has lots of things other town games don’t have, I understand it’s not free because of no adds and other games don’t have natural disasters really fun when you do quests and level up!!! And I love how you can add nature in your city/town this game is worth it!!!.Version: 1.0.31

Very relaxing and no pay to play garbageTotally worth the buy!.Version: 1.0.31

It’s goodIt’s really fun and I ended up using it for my gr 8 geo project.Version: 1.0.31

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.0.40

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