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King Robert needs your help to restore Royal Castle’s former glory. Break the obstacles and combine amazing power-ups to beat joyful and challenging levels! Keep unlocking wonderful areas by playing fun match-3 levels! Come along now and join the fun!

Once you play, you will come for Royal Match every day!

Royal Match features:
• A new unique taste in match-3 levels with amusing obstacles and fun levels!
• Collect loads of coins in bonus levels!
• Lots of powerful boosters await for you to unlock them!
• Open amazing chests to win magnificent rewards!
• Restore the Royal Castle into an amazing and wonderful place!
• Explore the new rooms, royal chambers, splendid gardens, and many more exciting areas!

Royal Match App Comments & Reviews

Royal Match Positive Reviews

RoyalI absolutely love this game !!! It’s the ONLY game that has NO ADS !!! The ads for Royal Match had the King trying to cross the plank to use the WC, being chased by spikes, getting a huge stone dropped on him or in the pool chained up I have NOT seen one game the ad had !!! You decorate his palace rooms !!! The levels are fun and challenging - BUT the higher levels require higher points to complete the rooms!!! I had 120pts and still had 3 more tasks to do before completing the room. Also when I started the game the Royal top was at 35 - as I progressed it kept going higher to 39 ??? What’s with that ?? and where are the ad games !?! It does have a team you can join or start your own to help your teammates with lives. It also has teams competing for a win and there’s a group of other teammates competing in the lightning round. It has a bonus game for coins and let’s not forget you can buy a “golden pass”. In my opinion no game is worth spending money on you never know who could be at the end of the transaction and have access to your account !!! It’s a great game and if you don’t like it delete it, but I’m keeping mine it’s my go to game for relaxing !!! Thank you creators !!! Now where’s the WC !?!?.Version: 6526

Excellent game mechanics but levels are designed to make you spend moneyHear me out. The game is designed fairly repetitively. That is — in the sense that the ‘difficulty’ of levels tend to follow a pattern. You’ll usually play 5-10 very straightforward ‘one try’ levels, then get a couple of harder levels, which are beatable in 1-3 tries, and then get thrown a super hard level with downright terrible tile combinations. This is where the problem begins. The levels are technically beatable without power ups but only when you’re extremely lucky. Particularly around the level 450+ mark, some super hard levels are almost entirely luck based. Even going in with every available consumable can result in dozens of matches before a success. It’s clearly designed to reward you and then try to pressure you into buying money. Then, to keep you from rage quitting, the game will throw a few more easy levels at you after finally beating a super hard. Quite a few super hard levels are NOT beatable on the first try. A software engineering friend of mine and I set up an emulated version of that game and had a fairly basic matching AI play certain levels. Most levels were cleared in the first 100 tries, pretty good considering that the bot is mostly random. However, some super hard levels could reach several thousand tries even with a slew of consumables acting as a crutch in the beginning. Disappointing, but over all fun..Version: 6081

THE FIX IS INJust like almost every other game available here the fix is in with this one as well. First of all the advertisements for it whilst playing other games and having to watch endless ads shows levels “saving the king” which only very rarely appear during actual game play. Secondly it’s all about the money. I’m on level 374 and over and over and over and over again I cannot beat the level. It’s not because I don’t know HOW to beat it, it’s just that the game never gives you what you need. For instance if the goal is to collect a certain number of a pink gem it makes sure you get fewer than that number before you run out of moves. Then you have the option to spend coins that are exceeding difficult to earn unless you are gifted with a rare bonus level. NINE HUNDRED COINS to get an additional THREE moves! And you still don’t get what you need, then to get three more moves it’s 1900 coins. But once you give in and spend the coins you’re done, it will only rarely let you win on the first try because now its in their algorithm that you are stupid enough to buy something from them. These developers should be ashamed of themselves because it really is just about robbing people. They figured that out during the pandemic. Do some research to see how much money they raked in while people were quarantined..Version: 6760

Not as advertisedI downloaded this game because, while playing a different game, this was one of the most regular ads I was seeing. Based on the ads, where you have to save the king before he is forced to some sort of demise, it seemed like it would be really interesting and a different type of game that most of the others that are out there. There are literally only 3 levels, all within the first 100 levels, that are this type of challenge. The rest are Candy Crush type levels. When I reached around level 700 and still had not found any more of the “rescue king” levels, I contacted app support thinking that I was maybe missing a challenge somewhere. I wasn’t. According to app support, there are literally only 3 of the levels that are used to advertise the game in the entirety of the game production and they all fall within the first 100 levels. While I still play and enjoy the game, had I known it was basically the same type of game within similar game play strategies and levels as the one I was already playing, I would have chosen not to download it and would have stuck with the game I was already playing. I’m really disappointed that the whole advertisement for this game really has very little to almost nothing to do with the actual game itself and, to me, is the epitome of false advertising..Version: 5355

Amazing and addictive! One suggestion…I instantly became addicted to this game the second I started playing. The levels are fun and building the rooms gives it a point so your not just playing levels to play them. I’ve played other puzzle matching games like this in the past and some levels have been extremely difficult, causing me to quit trying. This game has hard levels but not so hard that I would quit the game. The bonus levels where you collect the coins are fun to and appear quite often. The one thing I would suggest is that the kings nightmare levels appear more often because when I first downloaded, I was so happy to see the nightmare level like shown in the ads. After the level, I was constantly waiting for the next one to appear but it was until around level 45 maybe that I saw the next one. I wish there was more because those are my absolute favorite levels of the game and I’m sad to say that I have only played a few of them out of the whole time I’ve had this game. I hope to see more of these in the game soon. Other than that, I completely love this game and would definitely recommend downloading this!!! 😃😃❤️❤️.Version: 6771

This is a really fun game!This game has officially become my fav goto when I’m bored. I’ve had a lot of puzzle games that I’ve downloaded & then deleted because they got too hard. This has different puzzles that don’t repeat & an extra cool part of this game is that if you have the power up bonus that comes when you win 3 games in a row, they don’t go away if you have won the game & then have to turn it off. So if you have the bonus power ups, you finish the game you’re playing & win, you turn the game off & when you open the app your bonus power ups are still there until you break your winning streak! Another perk is that if you’re playing & you get interrupted for whatever & you turn your screen off without closing the app, it keeps your place without restarting the game - major plus for me!.Version: 4306

It gets boring after a whileWhen I downloaded this game, it was fun for a while. But you will come to a point where the game kinda force you to spend real money to be able to pass a level. That’s where i decided to delete the game because although i have spent money on this game a few times, I didn’t know its a regular thing to do to constantly spend real money to pass a level and thats not cool, that’s actually insulting. They out you on a very hard level with not a decent amount of moves. They purposely give you a little bit of moves so you get stuck and have to spend money. The only other way to pass some of those levels without spending real money is if you are with a team that constantly wins between 1st and 3rd place. You can win up to 6000 coins which are very helpful to win some levels that you get stuck for a while. This is the only way to pass a level when you’re stuck, either with spending real money or sit an wait to see if your team wins which its not often considering there’s probably thousands of teams. I have to say, im very disappointed at this game for their greediness..Version: 5761

Not really honestI’ve been playing this game for months. At first I was extremely irritated that the ads that draw you to this game never appeared. I started playing on a different device under another name and I actually played a couple. The biggest issue that I have is that the developers punish you for playing well. It’s not the levels get harder it’s that things are programmed against you. For example the tnt special mystery takes out more of the board when there is a more powerful special on the board. Or that if you combine the copter with the rocket it takes out pieces that need removed, unless there is a light ball. Then it goes out of its way to take out the light ball. And if you have a light ball when you combine 2 specials for your last move, you know to maybe get more books, the light ball will always be taken out. I don’t mind giving a little money here and there, but I want an honest game. To the developers there’s an old saying “ If you dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with B… S…” needless to say I can tell the difference..Version: 5355

Fun Game But….I really like this game but they should make it easier for players who have reached level 1000 and give us more rewards during the bonus rounds and more frequent bonus rounds. My biggest issue with the game and the reason I gave it only 3 stars is the Royal Pass. I was really really disappointed with the royal pass. In most games if you get a pass you get extra goodies as you pass levels. In Royal match you have 27 days of the royal pass BUT you can only make it to the next set of prizes after you have played the number of games that corresponds with the date. For example, when you play the first game on day one you get the reward, then you have to play two games to get the next set of prizes, then you have to play 3 games to get the next set of prizes, then you have to play 4 games to get the next set of prizes and so on and so on, it is really frustrating to have to play 15, then 16, then 17, then 18 games, etc., just to get a few rewards and this is AFTER you pay $9.99 for the pass. I will not buy another royal pass..Version: 4943

Great game, but frustrating at the same time.Addicting game but kind of perturbed at the fact that they literally make some levels almost unbeatable. So much so that it makes me want to just delete the game altogether because it's not worth the headache. Aside from that, I really enjoy the game and wish I didn't have to continuously play a level so many times before the program will allow me to beat it without having to use power ups and what not. Be careful, it's addicting and you will want to keep buying power ups and coins to continue. Again, really great game. I just wish I could only play the levels they advertise where you're saving the king. I think I've only played one round on that and I'm at almost 400 levels. The game play in the ads is what got me to download the game. Four stars only because of the frustrating points I mentioned, otherwise I'd give it like 10, haha..Version: 4943

Fun GameI don’t know what all these other people are whining about. I was able to make it to level 951 which at the time of writing this is the highest level and I didn’t have to spend money to do it either. My only complaint about the game and reason I only gave four stars instead of 5 is because the only reason I even downloaded the game was the ads they have for this game, shows the game as playing to save the king in different predicaments, and I have played all 951 levels and a lot of the “Royal League” rounds which are just harder repeats of previous played levels, and only played 2 maybe 3 rounds in which was consistent with the ads, but never the same as shown in the ads. Kind of a bait and switch thing. But alas they haven’t soaked me for any monies, but I am sure they aren’t hurtin none. Lol. Many people do, and lately they make it easy to know who pays to play. Lol. Happy Gaming..Version: 4647

Great ProgrammingCompared to all of the other color match games out there, this one is “smarter” than the others due to its programming. For example, the whirly birds will seek out an item and it one already got it, it will redirect to help you out. Very entertaining and helpful. However, I am writing this review as a suggestion. Perhaps the game can change to where the combination of tnt and multi-color ball will allow each tnt to explode instead of all at once. The explosion only takes off one item instead of the line rockets combo that fires independently to allow for more items off per turn. Also, I have not been seeing any more challenge boards after the first three or four? It was part of the advertisement that brought me over to this app, but not seeing anymore. In either case, I do enjoy the game. Thanks..Version: 5122

Don’t listen to bad reviews.Let me preface by saying this is the very first review I have left on any game let alone any app but I felt the need to do so. To those saying expect to pay money..... I’m on lever 751 and I have never spent a single penny on this game!! May sure you join a team that actually helps the teammates out. At any given time I have 10-15 lives banked in addition to the 5 I’m given. For a time killer, it’s perfect! It’s one of my favorite match three games. The only issue is I wish leveled were release faster. But I do have to say I love that they have “bonus” levels in between the release of other levels. Keep playing. Be patient and have fun! There is no need to spend money on a game if you don’t want to. I’ve never felt the need and have never felt forced to do so..Version: 4306

There is no saving the KingIt is a very cute game, but I only downloaded to save the king. I’m at level 188 and only got to save the king twice. I just read a review reply from the developer that there is no more saving the king / timed levels past level 100. Literally only twice did I even get to save the king. The goal the rest of the time is to just decorate his castle. I already have decorating games. So although it is cute I won’t be spending money or even playing often now that I know there will be no more saving the king games to look forward to. I’m disappointed that the ads makes it seem like that is the entire point of the game and come to find it is a totally different game than I thought I was getting. Note to developers: timed, save the king games are all we want. That is why we are here. Sorry to be harsh but your ad feels like a lie. Hope you can add some more “save”levels or offer a true save the king game..Version: 5355

Fundamentally a good conceptI like Royal Match. I’m in the 1500s in terms of levels so clearly I’ve stuck with the game. All the other reviews are correct that the game is literally nothing like the ads where you have to “save the king”. I wish they would incorporate the king Into the game a bit more rather than have him passively watch from the top bar. What’s probably even more frustrating is the most recent update has a Sky Race. It’s super fun to have challenges like this against other players but the algorithm for the matchups is imbalanced. I have never purchased a “royal pass” yet am put against players who have and are at much higher levels than me (likely due to spending). I don’t care if you pay to play the game but put non-royal pass users against each other, otherwise they will stop being interested in the challenges. It does NOT incentivize me to buy the pass or pay money. Quite the opposite..Version: 5502

Fun but I feel manipulatedThis game has great graphics and is a lot of fun. Sometimes you have a full butlers tray of boosters and it seems you get into a winning streak until that hard level that wastes them all because there is such a small area in which they can be used, which limits the effect of things like the lightning ball. I also cannot help, but to think that the algorithm is written to pump out bombs and lighting balls right after your last move, to tempt you into buying 5 more. I guess if I were the developer, I would do the same. I don’t mind dropping a couple of bucks here and there as it is a fun and addictive game and I believe the developer could write a book on gaming psychology. It seems as if after failing over and over at night, when I next play an impossible round , I am fed with boosters that i never saw the night before. That keeps me going, and gets me interested just when I was going to throw in the hat. And then it happens. I am left with no moves and a booster magically appears that will enable me to win the level that I was beaten by 12 times in a row if I just buy 5 more moves (I generally can win on the 1st move after spending) I am glad I run out of lives quickly on hard levels or I would spend too much time on this game!.Version: 6760

Not as good as it wasThis game used to be a lot of fun. You played with your teammates, won a lot of prizes, such as coins and free lives for an hour…then greed set in. If you don’t spend money, you get very few rewards and can’t play as often. If you spend the money, they make it more difficult to attain the prizes as you progress in the game. You spend the majority of the time waiting for lives to refill (30 minutes per life with a maximum of 5…unless you spend the $10 for 8 every 30 days), and you can only request 5 helps every 3 hours for a total of 15 maximum. In the beginning, several of our teammates chipped in the $10 each month for the extra lives and extra prizes. Only 2 out 50 mates did this last time. The developers need to make the game fun again. It’s not fun having to spend a lot of money to play or sit out all the time trying to wait for lives..Version: 5355

Fun game, but bad adsI play Royal Match, and let me just say it’s addicting! It’s so fun and I play it all the time. I’m so glad it doesn’t have ads. But I want to give you guys some advice which I know you’re not going to take. I’ve only seen the save the king levels about twice and I’m on level 251. Most people buy your game because of that. That’s all your ads show. Plus, it’s so painful and cringey to watch the ad because it’s so stupid! Don’t show stupid people who can’t play the game on your ads! It’s so cringey and I think you can do better ads. Show people how fun your game is, that’s what ads are for! And also, lean off the save the king things if your not going to do it often. It’s way too overdone with *inhales* Hero Wars! Gardenscapes! Homescapes! Candy Crush! Even Angry Birds is doing it! Break away from the crowd, and make it less painful when I watch an ad to get an extra life in another video game!.Version: 5761

Love it, but…I’ve been playing this game for awhile now - so kudos to the developers for making it so engaging and fun! I’m on level 355 so obviously I’ve spent a lot of time playing, but I’m coming to realize that I’m also spending a lot of money over time. Some say they don’t spend a penny on this game which is great for them, but it’s not me. Maybe I’m not as patient when I get stuck and too frustrated to continue without several extra moves to pass the level (which of course, costs money). I really don’t mind paying some for the game - it does provide me with a lot of entertainment. But there has to be a limit. I would pay for the game outright, if that was a possibility, maybe up to $50. But 10, 20 bucks every time I can’t pass a level on my own? I’m investing too much money on a game. I’m going to have to look for a new hobby. Also, please, please, please change how the level ends. It asks you if you want to pay coins for 5 more moves, but you don’t have a chance to analyze your odds. Please show what’s remaining left to collect in that round, so I can gauge if another 5 moves is worth the risk. It seems like “dirty pool” to do it the way you currently are. Thanks for listening… I truly hope you are..Version: 4943

It’s a fun game but…There are a few issues I have. First: the game should have every single area already completed so that once you’ve reached 1901, you aren’t stuck waiting for the app to finish developing new areas. Second: it takes 25 minutes to renew ONE life and if you don’t purchase the Royal Pass you are only given five lives. There are some levels that are extremely hard and you blow through those life’s super quickly. In order to get extra life’s, you must be on a team and you can only request every 3 hours. You also used to be able to bank up to 13 lives and now they’ve bumped that down to 10 lives. Third: If you need extra moves in the game it’ll cost you 900 coins for 5 moves, BUT if you run out of all 5 life’s, it also costs 900 to refill. Why is it the same price for 5 extra moves in one game vs 5 extra life’s?.Version: 5887

Great game! But...Okay so here is the thing...the game is super fun and the graphics are great! It’s highly addictive. However, I am HIGHLY against games that don’t allow you to keep playing if you can’t clear a level. Basically if you can’t clear a level you get to a point where you have to spend money or you have to wait. The reason I’m against this type of game is because If you get a to a point where you do spend money it should just be $30 to play the game unlimited. This isn’t the case with this game. You spend money on lives and coins to stay alive, so if you do spend money on this game, you might as well set your money on fire or go gambling cause you will come across a level you can’t clear within hours of game play after you just spend $20. However if you don’t want to spend money...I hope you are patient! Also I got this game because I thought it would be like the ads (the king is in danger and you clear levels to save him). That is NOT what this game is. Maybe it’s later in the game, I DID just start playing, but you clear levels to help build his castle. There is no danger that I can tell - maybe false advertising? Idk. Wouldn’t suggest you download this game but if you do you will like it initially and then hate it once you start to lose..Version: 3981

Love/Hate relationshipI love playing this game and all the graphics, etc. However, you don’t get nearly enough moves to pass each level unless you use specials which cost money if you don’t have enough. There are more hard and extremely hard levels than easy levels and sometimes the easy levels even take a while to beat. I’m fine with having challenging levels but at least give us enough moves to at least come close to passing the level without using money or having to play the level for a week before being able to finally beat it. I have played numerous games like this but for some reason the levels in this game are ridiculously hard to pass. Please give us more moves or make the levels a little easier to pass..Version: 4490

Love the game frustrated by..I love the games and the new levels. I do find it frustrating that some levels are not labeled as hard but more difficult to beat than hard and super hard. I also find it frustrating that it takes a different amount of coins to get the same bonus amounts. For example on one level it can take 100 helicopters to get 400 coins and for another it can take 400 helicopters to get the same 400 coins. Also the free offers always are followed by purchase to get something but the purchase is for a limited amount or time. For example pay to have 8 but the 8 lives only lasts through a certain amount of days. Maybe offer to purchase a permanent amount of extra lives. But keep the. New levels coming!!!.Version: 5355

False AdvertisementThe king is dead, or at least deleted. It’s an alright game. Not a whole lot different from most other match-3 gem type games. The great catch here is you’re supposed to be able to save the king. I’ve had this task once. ONCE, in 76 levels. I was so shocked when the chance finally came that I almost lost because I was calling out for my kids to come see it. Even they couldn’t believe he finally showed up. Gorgeous graphics and the win streak rewards packages are nice. I like the little challenges you can participate in to win chests and extras. You can decorate the castle, too. That’s becoming popular now in a lot of games. A lot of these are things that are pretty standard on most other games of the same type. Saving the king would have set it apart to me. Maybe I’ll check back in a while to see. ✌🏽.Version: 5355

Royal matchLove this game!! It’s so cute and fun to play!.Version: 2575

Royal matchVery good game 😊.Version: 3892

FunFun, fast and feverish. Easy enough at the beginning to get you comfortable..Version: 3637

The only iOS game I’ve ever loved❤️.Version: 4202

KmeleonJ’adore ce jeux très divertissant, semblable à candy crush et autre même principe animation différente..Version: 4202

The bestIm kinda good.Version: 4902

MisrepresentedI do like the game, but none of the mini-games they show you in all the adds to make you download it are really there… it sucks a bit. FYI I’m at level 365, it would be about time that those “Save the king’s game” get unlocked….Version: 6081

Enjoyable but false advertisingIf I was to give this rating on the advertising to save the King, I would give it a one star as I’ve only played 2 games where I had to save the king and I am on level 299. This game does redeem itself because it is an actual fun puzzle matching game to play with many different variety of levels and different skill sets and different ways to solve the puzzles which keeps it interesting. Levels range from easy, mid, hard, super hard. Some levels are a challenge and definitely takes time to complete. And love the fact you’re not bombarded with advertising all the time. but if you’re looking to save the king you’ll be sadly disappointed..Version: 5887

DisappointedChanged the size of the play field, upped the cost to continue game from 900 to 1000 it was high enough at the 900 .. very disappointing ...Version: 5761

Fun but it’s not like the adsI like match three games. When I saw the ads depicting match three challenges to save the jig from some kind of demise, I thought it would be a different twist on the puzzles I enjoy. I’m at level 218 and I haven’t seen anything that compares to the video samples in the ads. Either change the game or change the ads!!!.Version: 5502

Really fun gameSo far I like this, it’s entertaining and so far I can do a lot without paying for extras.Version: 6771

JustinThis is better than candy crush.Version: 6771

A great brain game!!This game make me think multi- directional I can feel it working!! It’s a great brain work out!.Version: 6771

So much funIt’s everything their say their game is …download it !.Version: 6526

FunGame is kinda fun. But it is not as Advertised..Version: 6760

No mini gamesFun but ads are deceiving … I’m on lvl 495 and only seen one way early on. Game gets pretty repetitive..Version: 6526

Missing somethingThere are not enough levels, hardly any where the king is in a tough situation. Many rewards, very addictive, I need to stop playing so I can clean the house dammit..Version: 6526

Love itJ’adore ce jeu! J’attends impatiemment le vendredi pour faire la bataille en équipe avec mon équipe de feu!!.Version: 6262

Super le fun et pas d’annonceDefi le fun recoit des bons points.Version: 6262

Royal matchIt’s ok but a bit silly..Version: 6262

Good but..The game is good and I even joined a Canadian clan or team or whatever it’s called but I’m still but… it is a nock-off of candy crush but to be honest it’s better in some ways then candy crush like longer levels but I’m done rambling.Version: 6262

Very goodChallenging but not frustrating No bugs found (until now) The game is not harassing players to buy Just a good balance between everything 10/10 Well Done!.Version: 6262

WasWow.Version: 6081

Save the king?How come I don’t get to play the one where you have to save the king?.Version: 6262

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