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To create a custom filter, use the built-in basic image filters and combine them.
You can also load previously recorded images/videos and record/export.

Custom filters are created by connecting filters selected from over 150 collections in series.
For instance, you can do the following:
Camera input-> [Mirror effect-> Monochrome effect-> Glitch effect]-> Display / Recorder

The items inside [] are called chains and can be selected and rearranged as you please.
This chain can be saved, and once created and saved, it can be loaded with one tap.
There are so many filters that it is hard to find immediately, but you can find them by searching or categorizing.
The filters include a built-in iOS filter called Core Image Filter (* 1) and a POLYCAM original filter created with Metal (* 2) shader.
The Loop filter has a built-in feedback circuit that allows you to re-read the output of the previous frame, making it ideal for more experimental video generation and circuit bending.
Generic filters such as StarShine, SunBeam, Lenticular Halo, and Gradient are also included, so you can create generated images.

Full screen output without indicators of 4 outputs.
HDMI, AirPlay, NDI®, Aether, are possible.
Using smooth alpha transitions for almost all transitions, you can create a smooth production when projecting full-screen images using Outputs.

If the source input is selected from photos or videos in the photo album, it can be asynchronously exported to the photo album.
This is different from real-time recording at the time of shooting, and is written in non-real time for each frame.
Smooth videos can be saved even at resolutions and settings that lack the power of the CPU or GPU.

Each filter has several parameters that you can adjust with the sliders to adjust the filter's balance and effect.
Parameters can be automated with the LFO oscillator or random generator.
You can also assign audio input peaks from microphones, accelerometers, gyro sensors, MIDI inputs, etc. for interactive control and create audio visualizers.

Camera select (internal / external, double, triple also available)
Aspect ratio (Original, 1: 1, 3: 4, 9:16, 4: 3, 16: 9)
Resolution (Original, QD, HD, FHD)
Microphone gain
NDI® on / off (*3)
Aether wireless sender bit rate (*4)
Tint color change
Rotation lock

Saving, sharing, and exporting Chains
The created chain can be saved with the save button at the lower right of the chain table view.
The saved chains are arranged in the collection view, and the chains can be loaded by tapping or dragging and dropping.
You can share the chain by dragging and dropping it on the share mark.
You can send it to macOS or save it to the File app.
Exporting the settings will share the entire collection in the current chain. You can save all the filters you have created or share them with someone. (*5)

*1 Core Image Filter Reference - Apple Developer
*2 Metal - Apple Developer
* 3 NDI® is a low-latency NewTek IP video library. It is built into various devices and applications such as macOS and Windows, and enables high-quality video communication by wireless or wired connection.
(Currently, POLYCAM's vertical 9:16 transmission has a bug, but it works normally with other aspect ratios.)
* 4 Aether is a low-latency, lightweight original IP video communication framework. It can be sent to Mac via wireless or wired connection and connected to Siphon for use in various applications.
* 5 Chains and chain collections saved in the File app can be opened and read from POLYCAM when selected from the File app.
Please send by AirDrop when sharing to other devices.

POLYCAM App Comments & Reviews

POLYCAM Positive Reviews

Desperately needs Manual, yes. Otherwise, AMAZING.This is the among the most powerful and versatile video processing apps available --- From what I've tried (most apps). Incredible variety of effects, with the ability to automate all available parameters via LFO/noise/random functions, or MIDI/OSC. Limited only by your hardware, at which point strange jitters, framedrops and other artifacts emerge. One tip: use the 'player' effect to import videos as layers. Blend modes at the top right where it says 'sourceOver'. Many things are unintuitive and confusing (without a manual/tutorial) - but I'm glad I stuck with it a bit and experimented enough to learn area things. I am now achieving some wonderful results that would be seem unique to this app..Version: 1.0.1

Amazing!It crashes sometimes and the chains or presets i save are deleted. Other than that its brilliant..Version: 1.0.1

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