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Zen Brush 3 is a drawing app focused on the strong yet beautiful feel of the East Asian ink brush which can be used to perform calligraphy, ink painting and more.

The drawing system that brings to life a feeling of silky fluent and delicate painting now allows an even wider range of expression thanks to the addition of "water" and "color". Providing a new simple and intuitive user interface, this app is designed to be optimal for performing Zen art.

Simply start the app and you are immediately ready to draw. Anyone, anywhere, can create superb Zen art with this app’s uniquely rich expressiveness. You can also easily share and edit your calligraphy and images with other apps using the Export functionality. Skillfully use the rich background style templates to create and share atmospheric artwork.

- The drawing system simulates a 3D model of an East Asian ink brush to enable varied and natural styles of brush handling.
- The adjustable amount of water makes it possible to create expressions ranging from powerful edge effects to "nijimi" (bleeding) and "bokashi" (blurring) where colors mix.
- You can also enjoy creating colored-ink paintings as well as watercolor paintings by making use of 30 selected traditional Japanese colors.
- Create fascinating artwork with a rich assortment of background style templates.
- Traditional Japanese paper templates provide an authentic feel.

- 5 main tools (ink brush, color brush, water brush, eraser, blotting paper).
- 10 levels of thickness.
- 5 levels of water (not applicable to blotting paper).
- 10 levels of ink tone (not applicable to water brush and blotting paper).
- Color palette with 30 colors.
- 68 background style templates.
- Drying functionality (fast dry, instant dry).
- Ink editing functionality (move / rotate / scale / reverse left and right / gradation effect).
- Guide display.
- Movable toolbar (top / bottom / left / right).
- Canvas zoom (zoom in and out with pinch gestures).
- Undo / redo (5 levels).
- Export functionality (formats: JPEG, PNG, transparent PNG (no background)).
- Support for Apple Pencil (1st and 2nd generation).
- Support for 3D Touch (where available: iPhone 6S - XS).
- Drawing tool selection (finger and stylus / stylus only).
- Adjustable brush pressure sensitivity (5 levels, with supported stylus only).
- Adjustable tilt sensitivity (5 levels, with supported stylus only).
- Gesture functionality (pinch zoom and drag, zoom toggle with 2-finger tap).
- 3D brush display (enable / disable).
- Pointer display (enable / disable).
- Adjustable canvas resolution.

Zen Brush 3 App Comments & Reviews

Zen Brush 3 Positive Reviews

My go to learning app!I'm using this application to study Japanese. Maybe on the next update your team can include a calligraphy grid in order to practice brush strokes. Thank you, for adding new improvements. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your new updates..Version: 1.02

Amazing app held back by major omissionThis is an awesome, unique, and fun app that easily could have been a must buy for every artist where it not for one glaring, major omission. There is no way to import photos or files. I’ve used countless apps on IPad and PC for art for years and every single one of them has the ability to import works in progress. If that basic function is added I will gladly change my rating to five stars and consider this app mandatory for anyone interested in art on the iPad. As it stands, though, this is more of an entertaining novelty than a serious tool..Version: 1.02

Just better and better!So many real improvements! Now with colors. Give us a color wheel to pick any color and we’re done! How do I enter 10 stars?!.Version: 1.0.1

No iMessage function?This app has a lot of improvements over version 2, but really irritated the iMessage function was removed. I used it a lot to make custom stickers and having extra colors would’ve been great..Version: 1.01

ZenI always use it when I want to calm my mind so that I can think strategically..Version: 1.02

My new favorite app!!!If you're a Zen Brush 2 fan, this will blow your mind! Lots more choices, super well implemented..Version: 1.01

Wonderful New VersionThank you very much for this new version of Zen Brush. I adore it, truly. It feels, to me, so much like traditional painting but with the superb benefit of being digital as well. In my opinion it really is a great upgrade and continuation of everything that made the previous two versions so enjoyable. The new paint brush and colors and most especially the new water brush are very exciting to use I think. I also appreciate the two drying settings for the water brush. In addition to those features I'm enjoying the great many paper choices as well. So many of them look awesome and very unique I thought. I believe whether you're a first time user of Zen Brush or if you've owned the previous two apps like myself. That, Zen Brush 3, is a must have purchase and I'm thoroughly impressed with this new program. Thanks for keeping these apps sold for one fair price with no in-app purchases or subscription trash, for the great innovations made for this newest iteration and God bless. P.S. I also wanted to say that I very much appreciate that you've given us the option to export our artwork as images with transparent backgrounds. That's awesome! The options for different export/quality resolutions is also something I am very, very grateful and in my opinion is a must for any serious artwork application, even your more simple ones. If your exported work is seriously low-res, then, well, there's not much you can do with it I don't believe. So, thanks, again, for all of these wonderful features and options in Zen Brush 3..Version: 1.0.1

Love the updatesLove the new improvements. No other program I have found can do these brushstrokes. Also the PNG export (also in previous) is brilliant as I can start here and continue in another paint program that has different features. Having the colour palette opens new possibilities. I give it 5/5 but I would love to see features added to version 4. Control of the levels of undo, background imports, and possibly layers. Keep up the great work..Version: 1.02

Check out this worthy upgradeIf you like Zen Brush 2, then you’ll love this upgrade. The increased levels of ink density and water levels will add a lot more texture and subtlety to your paintings. I also think there’s an improvement in the sensitivity control with the Apple Pencil. The extra colours are a nice touch as well. Worthy upgrade - good job, developers..Version: 1.01

SorryHave to take this down to a three. Even on the larger iPad Pro, the palettes are too small. I really do not care for the gratuitous eye candy animations when scaling or tilting. These do nothing to aid the interface. Inks on black on paper don’t colour the black beneath. Or moveable layers. These need to be setable to multiply, at least. Two finger tap to undo is a standard. Embrace it. Once again, LOVE the colour addition. I’m already wearing 2x magnifiers. The palettes are too small..Version: 1.01

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Zen Brush 3 iPad Images
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  • Zen Brush 3 ipad image 2
  • Zen Brush 3 ipad image 3
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