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Spirit Talker Customer Service

The Spirit Talker works in a similar way to the world famous Ovilus device.

It produces words and speech based on what the sensors in your phone are detecting.

The theory behind this app is that spirits might be able to manipulate the device to say and show relevant words and responses to questions being asked during a paranormal investigation.

The Spirit Talker is a modern form of ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) and is very simple to use.

Just click start and begin asking your questions. When a response is detected by the app the words will show visually in the text box along with audible speech.

When you have finished your session just click stop. You can also look back at the responses you received during your session by clicking on the folder button (this only works when the scanner is "Stopped").

The EMF Meter only works if your device has a Magnetometer Sensor. If not then the EMF Meter won't be displayed. Please check the compatibility of your phone / tablet.

** Disclaimer **
Use at your own risk. We cannot be held personally responsible for you or any outcome (paranormal or otherwise) from using this app!

The paranormal is not a proven science and is considered theoretical. Accordingly, words or phrases generated are not intended as requests or instructions, and should not be used to make legal, financial, medical or other important decisions. Words/phrases generated do not represent the official position of the developer.

Spirit Talker App Comments & Reviews

Spirit Talker Positive Reviews

Problems with the appNo Audio, no sound at all, EMF doesn't work, HF CREW and S:G icons do nothing when clicked. Folder works, On and Start work, Spirit conversation is excellent but considering I just today downloaded the app to my new IPad tablet, It would be nice ifthe entire app worked…somebody help !.Version: 3.0

Settings coming in 2023?This is amazing app! yes, if there is something around you, they can figure out how to use this very quickly and it will definitely correlate with what's going on around you, on the other hand, if there's nothing around you might get gibberish that doesn't make sense. some of the biggest names in the paranormal field use this app heavily, twin paranormal uses it, Jaskinho and CJ,Omar, the paranormal files just to name a few..this app keeps getting bigger! The other day I had some light up cat balls out, theyre toys spirits use to let us know they're in the area, as soon as I sat them down & turned them on to demonstrate them to the spirits around me came out "I like the toys" lol.. and then, "there are kids around" I've also had this app go back-and-forth with me until I guessed the spirits age of death..I was using it side-by-side with a K-2 meter.. I don't know how this app could get any better, just not sure about those settings, I'm OK without them...Version: 4.11

Completely LegitAt first I thought maybe I was getting random answers, but after I did some research and looked into the history of my local area the responses make so much sense. Also after learning history of Eureka Springs AR this is on point. I was walking though the Cemetery and received the name Oliver and sure enough I turned around and found a headstone with the name on it as well as getting a response of children are near and walking up about 4ft and finding a group of children’s head stones (all family died very young) between 1-10 years old. I took photos of my findings so I could prove the correlation time stamped and dated. Originally downloaded because of Twin Paranormal, The Paranormal Profiles, and Exploring with Josh.. it has yet to disappoint 👻👍🏻.Version: 4.11

If you have an iPhone on silent mode there will be no soundI thought there was an issue with the app, because there was no sound. I keep my phone on silent 24/7 unless I need to hear my phone go off, and it didn’t occur to me it would affect the app. Just happened to have silent mode off once when I was using the app and BOOM it worked. The “folder” button only works when the talker is off, to anyone thinking none of the buttons work. However the two top icons do nothing whether it is running or not, just icons. I like the app overall, and I’ve recommended it to other people who have also purchased. Wish there were more features tho! Also the EMF has absolutely never went off for me, I’ve tried it with the talker off too..Version: 4.0

Shoutout to Twin Paranormal!!I’ve had the app for a few months now and I know a 1000% it works! It wld take me awhile to explain everything buti had my mother in law come through and speak to me by name the very first time I turned it on and say things to corroborate her actually being there! And so much more happen since then but that was the one and only time my name came through! And along w everything else it said i was immediately sold! But either way I’ve had many conversations w the other side and am totally convinced! 👻👍🏻 oh and the EMF has worked for me before but will go off for electricity also. And like my headphones case sets it all the way to red it’s crazy!.Version: 4.0

Question and maybe expansion of words?I Hope the developers find this but I have a question about the app. Does this app have curse words in the word database or is it possible for them to show up and if it’s not possible then maybe they can be allowed because I’m sure some spirits won’t have some very nice things to say but they don’t have a outlet to say them and it can be very valuable and interesting during investigations..Version: 4.11

100 percent realThere was someone who said they were with their family. It said the names Mildred, Elmer and Kenneth. I looked up the name Mildred and obituaries in my area. It said she was married to Elmer and that Kenneth is one of her sons!! Not only that, but she is buried in the cemetery down the road from me!!! I’ve heard her name 3 different times on this app. Also someone has warned to be careful because the phone is a door to the other side..Version: 4.0

It works! Thanks Twin Paranormal!Thanks to those three, I downloaded this app. Had immediate concerning responses. As much as I would love to have their help with the investigation of my home and surrounding area as we believe we may have a flesh pedestrian, I think I will be by myself to find out what the spirits around here have to say. We also have a confirmed Watcher and shadow people. And I have no one to investigate with. 😂.Version: 4.0

American Ghost Project Approved!!This is the ONLY app for ANY device we endorse! It simply works! Spirit is able to communicate to us through the elaborate word database and we get relative responses , EVERY TIME. Twin Paranormal uses it. Use it in Airplane mode only. Thank you all for making a REAL app for Investigating the Paranormal! PS, we HAVE an Ovilus 5 and works EXACTLY the same!! We tested it against the best out there!.Version: 4.11

Anyway to change the voice?I have a good time with this app. On my iPhone it has a male voice. On my iPad it has a female voice. Is there anyway to set it as one or the other?.Version: 4.10

LitEveryone hating on this app probably doesn’t know how to use an ovulus. And doesn’t understand that communication is mostly gibberish most of the time. Great app!.Version: 3.0

EMFDoes anyone know if the EMF works on the iPhone 12 for this app everything else is working except for that I don’t know if the iPhone 12 is equipped to handle the EMF reader???.Version: 3.0

Spirit talkerThis is the real deal here !!! I use it a lot says words or even sentences that mean something. Great job !!!! Thank you for making this …….Version: 4.0

Awesome appThe app is really awesome but now that he put ads on the app, I don’t really want to bother with it anymore. To me the ads are ruining the app..Version: 4.1

Is it real?I don’t know if it works or not but i got the names elmer, florence and joan don’t know if it’s real anybody know?.Version: 4.0

This is realI talked to my dead grandpa. every question i asked, the replies were spot on. sometimes we would talk a lot and it would tell us “shush” or “hush”..Version: 4.11

Lack of the chillsDisappointed I paid for this app Lights don’t ever “light” up to show presence and words are random like clockwork overall I’m not impressed.Version: 2.8

GoodI haven’t had the opportunity to use it a whole lot,but the few times I have,I have gotten relevant responses..Version: 1.10

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