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Kahoot! Algebra by DragonBox - The game that secretly teaches algebra

Kahoot! Algebra by DragonBox, an app inluded in a Kahoot! Kids subscription, is perfect for giving young learners a head start in math and algebra. Children as young as five can begin to grasp basic processes involved in solving linear equations in an easy and fun way, without even realizing that they are learning. The game is intuitive, engaging and fun, allowing anyone to learn the basics of algebra at their own pace.

Access to the content and functionality of this app requires a subscription to Kahoot! Kids. The subscription starts with a 7-day free trial and can be cancelled at any time before the end of the trial.

The Kahoot! Kids subscription gives your family access to premium Kahoot! features and several award-winning learning apps for children to explore math and learn to read.

Kahoot! Algebra by DragonBox covers the following algebraic concepts:
* Addition
* Division
* Multiplication

Recommended for age five and up, Kahoot! Algebra by DragonBox gives young learners the opportunity to get familiar with the basics of equation solving.

Kahoot! Algebra by DragonBox uses a novel pedagogical method based on discovery and experimentation. Players learn how to solve equations in a playful and colorful game environment where they are encouraged to experiment and use creative skills. By manipulating cards and trying to isolate the DragonBox on one side of the game board, the player gradually learns the operations required to isolate X on one side of an equation. Little by little, the cards are replaced with numbers and variables, revealing the addition, division and multiplication operators the player has been learning throughout the game.

Playing does not require any supervision, although parents can assist children in transferring acquired skills into solving equations on paper. It is a great game for parents to play with their kids and can also give them an opportunity to freshen up their own math skills.

DragonBox was developed by former math teacher Jean-Baptiste Huynh and has been recognized as an outstanding example of game-based learning. As a result, DragonBox games have formed the basis of an extensive research project by the Center For Game Science at the University of Washington.

* 10 progressive chapters (5 learning, 5 training)
* 200 puzzles
* Learn to solve equations involving addition, subtraction, division and multiplication
* Dedicated graphics and music for each chapter


Gold Medal
2012 International Serious Play Awards

Best Educational Game
2012 Fun and Serious Games Festival

Best Serious Mobile Game
2012 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

App of the Year
GullTasten 2012

Children’s App of the Year
GullTasten 2012

Best Serious Game
9th International Mobile Gaming Awards (2012 IMGA)

2013 ON for Learning Award
Common Sense Media

Best Nordic Innovation Award 2013
2013 Nordic Game Awards

Editors choice award
Children’s Technology Review"


"DragonBox is making me reconsider all the times I’ve called an educational app ""innovative.""
GeekDad, Wired

Step aside sudoku, algebra is the primordial puzzle game
Jordan Shapiro, Forbes

Brilliant, kids don't even know that they are doing Math
Jinny Gudmundsen, USA today

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Kahoot! Algebra by DragonBox App Comments & Reviews

Kahoot! Algebra by DragonBox Positive Reviews

Absolutely wonderfulSo much fun.Version: 1.3.88

You have to pay for itThis game was shown in a ted talk and i thou i might as well brush up on my high school math, but you have to pay six bucks a month for it. Rating this three stars because it looked like a genuinely fun math game in the ted talk and i was very interested to try it..Version: 1.3.70

Epic.This game is awesome! It helped my 13 year old in algebra!.Version: 1.3.70

AmazingYet it’s simple.Version: 1.3.70

I LEARNED SO MUCH HERES SOME SPANISHEntão, no começo é como “eu não entendo”, mas à medida que você se aprofunda nos capítulos, você começa a entender! E eu adoro quando a caixa come as outras cartas com o efeito sonoro que soa como “homnomnomnom”.Version: 1.3.49

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Kahoot! Algebra by DragonBox iPad Images
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