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Tap to flip the knife and slice amazing obstacles in juiciest way!
Cut or slice everything and become slice master!

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Great time killer! No use for money yet..This game is the ultimate time killer. The levels do repeat, but that’s barley noticeable because of the amazing gameplay. I usually never write reviews, but I just had to step in- this game NEVER gets boring. I know that you’re just doing the same thing over and over again, but it’s just SO fun!! I know that everyone has been saying that there is no use for the money, but I am just going to say it again. There is NO use for the money. I know that this game is early in development, so I’m not really that worried about it. I bet I’ll be playing this game so much more once you can customize knives, and maybe even have customizable maps! I have a whole bunch of money right now, so once they add things to buy- I’m sure I’ll be able to get quite a few things. It would be really great to see the game developers add challenge levels to the game, and possibly challenge level knives you can win as well! Overall, this is an awesome time killer, very satisfactory, and overall- just a great game. I can’t wait to see what the developers do for this amazing game in the future! 😁.Version: 1.3

Very fun game, but there’s wasted potentialI like the concept of this game, it’s satisfying, it’s relatively easy, and there’s a seemingly unlimited number of levels to play through. You earn money with each object you slice and at the end of each level there are multipliers you can land on to get more money. However, there is nothing to do with the money you get. I currently have over $200K with nothing to with, which is fine, but I wish I could spend it on something to make the game more fun. Like different knives or backgrounds or objects! There is so much potential there. And knowing the developers and their style of games, I doubt we will get any big updates like that. Another thing- the knife I use in the game is a kitchen knife with a red handle. However, in the ads for the game it is a machete with a blue handle. This tells me that maybe there are other knives the developers made for the game, but haven’t put in yet?.Version: 1.3

If you like satisfying things play this gameI like this game because it’s very simple, and there is only one goal. To chop it all! It’s a great app to play when you are bored. It’s very addicting and once you start you probably won’t wanna stop. (At least it is like that for me 😆) I like how there are different things you can chop and all of them have different sounds!! This game is very satisfying, mostly when you chop down a big tower of pencils, legos, etc. I also really love the fact that when you chop something the middle of it is a color that usually goes in rainbow order!! Overall I think it’s an amazing game and if you are reading this you should totally buy it. Sincerely, A slice loving fan.Version: 1.3

Knife shop glitch??What happened to the knife shop? I had unlocked a couple different knives but then a couple days later it went back to the default knife and the knife shop disappeared completely! I was looking forward to playing with different knives, now the game has no purpose at all cuz nothing changes with each new level and I can’t do anything with my coins or even replay levels or look at my scores... please fix the knife shop glitch. Aside from that I like the game I just wish the levels were more unique and got progressively different or more challenging and not just randomly generated with no leaderboard or option to go back and beat your best score. I’ve seen that other people have had the same problem with the knife shop. I hope that you can fix that part at least because right now I feel like there’s no reason to keeps playing without it..Version: 1.3

Very fun, highly recommended, but some improvements neededI love this game I am highly addicted, it’s very fun to play, and easy, and for my experience not many adds. Normally games now have many, many adds but this one doesn’t have too many. So make sure you don’t buy the no adds unless your really hate adds. So one of my struggles with this is that you get a lot of “money” in the game so you can spend it, but there is nothing to spend it on. I would love the ability to maybe have different knives that we can buy with the money we get in the game. And also the last problem I have is please please please have more worlds, there are only two and I think it would be more fun with more worlds because sometimes I just get bored while playing it. Love the game though!!!.Version: 1.3

This game is AMAZING!!!♥️So I just wanted to say that if you want to download this game download it now I usually don’t leave reviews but this game is so good that I have to leave a review and I totally recommend downloading it NOW and I totally wish that I could give this 10 stars but of course it’s not able to do that😿 overall I would rate this game 1 million stars and I love slicing all the stuff and here is one thing that would make this game better maybe you could make it able to customize your knives and change the scenery whenever you want or slice what you want to slice you know what I mean so I would totally download this game if you are looking for a game that will satisfy you♥️..Version: 1.3

GreatFor such a simple game, it definitely serves the purpose that I hoped it would. As a fidgety person, I’m constantly looking for something that can calm and well as fulfill that need, and this game has done it so far. I’ve only had it for a few days, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve noticed that the levels are repetitive, but that’s not a huge deal. And yes, you cannot use the currency in the game that you win after each level. It does bother me that I can’t yet use it to customize the knife or anything else, but since the game is newer it wouldn’t be unlikely that the producers just haven’t released an update like that yet..Version: 1.3

ApprovedHonestly, I love this game. (Not a bot, don’t think that pls.) A reason I love it is that THE AD IS TRUE!!! It shows actual footage of the game without snazzing it up at all. They don’t put any untrue text at the top either. (EX: “Neuroscientists are begging you to play this,” or “Took me 26 tries to beat level 1,”.) Those things, y’know? Another reason I love this game is that they didn’t go CRAZY on the graphics or the concept. A lot of slime games tend to have reasonably bad graphics, like when you squish it it shows rough graphics. Not this at all. Overall a simple and satisfying game that I really enjoy playing! Thank you for making this!!!!!.Version: 1.3

?????Everything about the game is absolutely perfect but one thing there used to be a way for me to spend my money and get different knives with it and I got tons of different knives and then one time I log back on and now there’s no way to change my nice and every time that I log back on it resets my knife I’ve logged on twice and reset my knife and then I’ll logon the next time and then I just couldn’t change my life because there was no button to and you can tap anywhere on the screen to start to flip but when I tap on the button used to be nothing happens so I think the game is glitched.Version: 1.3

Just want stuff to buyWhat’s the point Of having money if I can’t buy anything? The game itself is quite satisfying and fun to play however it has gotten to the point where there is no more uniqueness into it, at level 100 onwards it begins to get boring and repetitive and you feel like your no longer progressing. If they added more challenges or special events or something that adds variety to the game then it would be a good game, especially if we could buy stuff with the money we earn. Overall decent game. Not the best not the worst. Just decent. Hopefully they update this game with interesting things later as for now I have gotten bored and have deleted the app to possibly redownload in the future.Version: 1.3

Goog game but what to do with the money?I’ve been playing this game for maybe a week and have grossed ab 100 thousand coins from it. The question is, what do i do with all this money? Will we be able to buy more knives? Will there be more slicing patterns and different power ups to buy? I have no use for the money so i just gain constantly with nothing to lose. I want something i can bet on. Something that can get me excited. Something to stress over in this game. If we could use our money then it would make the game a lot more memorable and fun..Version: 1.3

The best game ever yeah just call you should download itThe five star because I love slicing and it makes me think I’m in the kitchen and I’m only young but I just love slicing rainbowsI love this game can anybody just make my heart pound and pound and pound and excitement when my pants with my brother when we first got the game is on a commercial or Hartland like games and so much fun that’s whyDownload it I can’t like no other game can make my heart pound a pound a lot of games make my heart pound and pound there’s a lot of things that I love but like this one I love slicing things that I have more favorite.Version: 1.3

IdkI love this game for having satisfying slices and being able to relax while playing. But there are way too many ads and I have a few recommendations number one I think that you guys should make new knives for us to get I think this can advertise your app as well number two I think some slices to cut should be unlocked and with a certain amount of coins you can unlock them. I think these recommendations could work very well with your app and make it more appealing to others although I do love your app so very much and I hope you continue to grow with it thank you so much!.Version: 1.3

ONE thingThis game is awesome there’s nothing wrong besides one thing I don’t understand... I don’t understand why there is money when there’s not a shop and it’s kind of annoying how you can only have one knife “skin” but besides that this game is great and I think it’s relaxing and I’m giving a five star rating because this game is probably the best GAME on my phone oh and also if you can text people you should download game pigeon it’s a great app and you can play like 16 different games with friends including checkers, dots and boxes,and uno!.Version: 1.3

5 stars! 🤩 but...The creator of this game pleas read this and fix it,So my only complaint is the noise it makes when the knife slices through the emojis and fruits,I don’t like the noise,other than that it’s a great game 5 stars great time killer,you can play it when ever you want I would definitely recommend getting this app it’s very satisfying I don’t ever wanna get off it,it’s great so yeah thanks bye have a great day!.Version: 1.3

Great with one problem.I absolutely love this game! compared to its non-wifi game counter parts, its top tier. very very little ads compared to all other games like this, and there’s only ads if you click on them!! my one issue is that there’s no use for the money. this is my favorite game so i play it pretty often, but there’s no use for the money!! :( i have 175k in the game and i want something to use it for but there’s nothing TO use it for; they give us nothing!! :( i think if there was something to use the money for id love this game and it’d have 5 stars!.Version: 1.3

Fun but wheres the shop?This game is so much fun! I’ve been playing nonstop for α week! It’s easy and fun! It has α shop for you to buy new tools to cut with but the shop only appeared the first 5 games or so and now the shops totally gone, I can’t buy anything. I have almost 1 million coins but it doesn’t matter cause the shop button has disappeared! I hope they can fix this bug because it’s α totally fun game but with more tool options and well α SHOP to buy these tools it’d be even more fun so you can work towards something! Really upset the shop is gone 😭😭.Version: 1.3

I like it but a suggestionSo I love this game I got it a day ago and it was oddly satisfying because of the noise and there is no use for the money that you get so that’s confusing. But I have a suggestion to do with the game money, maybe the creator can add a shop were you can buy different kind of knifes and what noise happens when you cut the things and the color inside of them instead of always rainbow. So I hope you add these suggestions cause I think they would be good for the game cause I love and I think the people should also buy this game..Version: 1.3

Fun game, unnecessary amount of addsReally fun game, I’ve enjoyed playing it! However with an add after every single round makes it quite impossible to play happily unless you’ve spent the 3$ or turn on Airplane mode. I believe having adds at the bottom of the screen instead of playing them every 20 seconds would still give the same affect of adds and money, but wouldn’t ruin the playing experience. Thus I deeply recommend lowering the amount of adds or putting them on the bottom of the screen. I would rate this a 5 if it weren’t for the adds..Version: 1.3

Fun but a little buggyIt’s fun for sure, even with the bugs. I do think there is a bug where the landscape doesn’t change because when I open the game, the first level will be a new landscape like above the ocean or on buildings but after that, every level following no matter how long you play is the starting grass levels. Which is a bit of a bummer- the other settings seem fun! I think the coins should go to skins for the knives and maybe even new things to cut as unlockables :).Version: 1.3

Dislikes slice game is awesome but it does have a lot of the same adsPlease read so this game is pretty good I downloaded it and I’m like this would be a really good game and usually when you see games that are really fun and you download them they’re like feel like that’s a lie but this game is so so totally not a lie it’s a really good game and it looks really exactly like the game in the ad but it takes a while for you to get a little harder I am on like level 58 and it’s still pretty easy good luck🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😘😘😘😘😗😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰.Version: 1.3

Amazing game but!This game is amazing. the noises are also very satisfying. the only problem i have is that there’s no use for the money. i have a lot of money so i hope you guys will add customization stuff later on. then i will give this app 5 stars. :D also side note: there was one level where the platform was too low and every time you tried to slice the items it would kill you. just a weird glitch. not a huge deal. just letting the creator know. (:.Version: 1.3

Great game, seems rushed. Hope to see updates.More moving objects such as horizontally would be awesome, the money has no function, which makes me wonder if custom knives were planned but scrapped, and furthermore, everything else is amazing! This seems like you have a really good audience and I would totally buy ad-free if you make these minimal changes. More variety would be nice too.Version: 1.3

Can we PLS doing something with the Coins we earnI love this game don’t get me wrong I play it every day. It also is so addictive *me over here tryna slice everything * but glee get all these coins what are we supposed to do with them you might have some stuff planned but I have suggestions you could make more knifes for us to use our coins on or other backgrounds. Love the game sooo much just think we should be able to spend our coins in something. ;).Version: 1.3

Addicting but unfinishedThis game is honestly pretty good. It’s great if you’re bored and need to kill time. Even when levels repeat, it’s still entertaining. The only thing I don’t get is why you earn money (in game) while playing the game. There is no shop to spend it so you just end up with a lot of money and it’s kind of disappointing. It would be great if you could buy themes and different knives. Other than that it’s pretty good :).Version: 1.1

A great game at a great timeOkay, to all the haters on this game, or the newbies checking reviews. This game is great, there’s no problem with it from what I’ve played and experienced! Your just cutting random objects it’s very fun. I don’t usually right reviews on games like these. The creator did a good job on it, knew what he was doing. I hope that when you download it you have a great time on it!.Version: 1.3

Very fun but you can’t buy thingsThis game is very fun! The only problem is that you can’t buy anything, so that is why I have given it a 4 star rating. I think there is a way to customize and buy things with the money you have, because in the add the knife has a blue handle and not a red one, so if there is they should make it easier to find because I have looked for it many time and still can’t find it..Version: 1.3

Laggy, Too many ads,Overall this game is ok, First of all its way too laggy im playing on iPhone 11 and it’s super laggy, second too many ads way to many ads every time you die and every time you complete a level, third is that if the game didn’t have these things it would be a 4 it’s very satisfying but unfortunately I’m not going to keep this downloaded on my phone :( I would recommend if you like satisfying stuff but no recommended if you hate ads and lag.Version: 1.3

Feels 2/3rds finishedIt’s a pretty solid game, and I like that ending wall multiplier. However, I currently have over $30,000 points with nothing to use it on. I think it would be really cool if you guys added a shop or something similar. I think it would be awesome if you could use a scimitar or a zig-zagged knife instead of the default one. Overrall, pretty good. But I feel like there’s a ton of untapped potential with the point system.Version: 1.3

ShardLol 👌. Fantastic game I must say. Keeps me distracted from english class 🤣😭... I must say I kicked my computer which held my zoom class and toggled on the microphone when I found out I’m not able to buy a new weapon 🤚🏻✊🏻. (🤨). The whole english class heard the Raging screaming riot I caused in my bedroom (ripping out dry wall eating shards of glass) 🤬❤️. Next time put a use to the money i work hard for in “Slice it all!” thanks ..Version: 1.3

Amazing game but could have a use do moneyThis is a great game don’t get me wrong u could play this game for hours straight but it feel like it only has been minutes. I did find something weird though there is no use for money. It would be great if we could by power ups or new knives but other than that this game is great..Version: 1.3

One of Voodoo’s best mobile games in a long time.The game is really fun with minimal ads, the cutting is really satisfying and you can pull of some pretty clean flips if you are good enough! Though I do wish there were more knives and something you could do with money, such as more maps and things to cut, as after awhile it begins get repetitive..Version: 1.3

It’s a-me, DragonbornNow, I don’t usually write reviews, but this was worthy of it. Awesome game, hours of entertainment, the end scoring system is amazing, I have only one request- you add skins and either make them expensive or reset our money and make them medium expensive, so we can’t buy them all at once. Thanks for a fun game!!! - DragonBorn.Version: 1.3

Good but please add thisHi I really love your game and all. But there’s a reason I put this at 4 stars. First let me tell you why this game is good. It’s satisfying and it’s good. Really really calming. And fun. But here’s the thing. The menu. It’s really not that eye catching. Like there is no offers other than removing ads. But I barley get them so I don’t wanna buy it. But overall it’s a good game but I think you need more stuff. But I like the game(:.Version: 1.3

Not worth $3The core concept is fun, but after the first few levels the gameplay starts to get very repetitive. There’s no progression and no scoreboard which makes replaying levels to collect more coins a bit pointless. There isn’t even a level selection screen. Don’t bother paying to get rid of the ads because you’ll probably delete it in a few days after the novelty wears off..Version: 1.3

Really really fun but...This game is like really super fun but I have I 1m or not that but it’s really entertaining but also kinda not fun... why can’t you buy like different knives 🔪 and maybe colors but no in the add of this there’s a shop but when I try there's no shop or anything it’s weird whats the point of getting 💰 money 💵 when you can’t buy anything now THATS weird....Version: 1.3

Little to no addsFirst of let me say I NEVER write reviews, but I had to say something about this app! In my experience there was NO adds! This game is also a great time killer. I play this game for HOURS in the car or when I’m just relaxing! Overall this is one of the best free app games I’ve ever played!😁.Version: 1.3

Love the game but there’s something about the moneySo when I downloaded this app I really liked it, but now I realize something weird about this game. From levels you get lots of money, but u can’t actually use the money. There’s literally nothing to buy. But the game is really satisfying to me I think it’s a little hard but it’s a really good game..Version: 1.3

LolI kindly recommend getting this app. WHY?! Well because it’s really just satisfying because I like how it chops the stuff, and I like how you get a lot of money thingy. BUT The one thing I don’t like about it is after you get the sword on the tower when you collect that money umm it has ads every time and it kind of gets annoying but otherwise it’s very good..Version: 1.3

Super satisfying! But a couple tweaksI love slice it all! It is really cool. I love the sounds that it makes, and all the stuff that you can chop!! But I wish that you can buy stuff with the money that you make, like new cutting equipment, and new stands for the things to be on, and new backgrounds! All in all, this game is really great, but I hope that you will read my review and hopefully “upgrade” the game. 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪.Version: 1.3

Awesome! —But what about the money?I love this game! It’s amazing for asmr and I’ll find myself playing it for hours on end. But what am I supposed to do with the money I’m winning? It would be awesome if it were possible to purchase different knives, or what noises things make (or anything, really). I would like the game more then, because it would add things to work for..Version: 1.3

Fun game but they should do thisI really like this game and the fact that you can get no ads by turning off your internet but the thing about it is that it has money and you can’t buy anything with it. Like what is the point of having it? I think they should add boosters ex: more money. Other than that the game is really fun and I recommend it!.Version: 1.3

Great game but I have a suggestionThis game is super fun, the only problem I have with it is the lag. I have decent internet and it’s not because of my connection but this game lags all the time at least for me. And we can’t buy anything with the coins so it would be cool if we could maybe customize the knife or background..Version: 1.3

Knife shopThe reason why I wrote this review is because I’ve been getting bored with using the same knife over and over again. The game is a great time killer and all but I’m not able to change knives. I’ve gained almost over $200,000 and can’t do nothing with it. It’ll be awesome if you could make it easier to gain access to shop because I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks.Version: 1.3

I think something’s should goSo first i love this game so much and it’s so satisfying but you know what’s not satisfying... ads there is so many ads in this game I barely play it because every-time after I get done playing a round there is at lest 2 ads. Please fix this or I’ll probably delete the game. And this is written by a ten year old so yea..Version: 1.3

Kind of funThe game it’s self is kind of fun and the add spacing is fine but the gameplay is kind of repetitive. if you start close to the beginning of a round you can just keep jumping and if you keep going you can just jump out of the map if you go past the final bonus wall at which point you can fall forever.Version: 1.3

Store?What are we supposed to do with the money?.Version: 1.3

A lot of adsThere is a lot of ads but other than that it’s a pretty good game.Version: 1.3

Turn off your wifiFor all saying there’s too many ads try turning off your wifi to your device.Version: 1.3

AmazingAdd more though.Version: 1.3

Hey!I love this game but if there was an infinite mode that would be amazing! otherwise, i love this game! 10/10 recommended!.Version: 1.3

BrokenNice time killer but after a while you never see the knife icon to get back into the store to buy another knife or sword or whatever with the money you earned in the game. It just never reappears and you just keep accumulating money. I was able to buy 3 different knives but now I have no way of getting more..Version: 1.3

ShopThis game is fun but I have over $400,000 and I have no idea what to do with it because there isn’t a store or shop or anything. This game would be way better with more features.Version: 1.3

Pretty goodI really like the game because it relieves anxiety and stress. The ads are pretty annoying but it helps me relieve stress with everything going on in the world right now. It fun!.Version: 1.3

Money?We earn money, and it just does nothing? How about some different knives with double ends or something? Also, the levels never get more difficult, just the same random easy stuff over and over. Make it progress please..Version: 1.3

This game is awesome butWhen I get money at the end it disappeared and same with the knifes I get.Version: 1.3

Addicted But Boring after some timeReally good game and addictive but what to do with the money that I have collected.. need some change, challanges, modes and skins as well to keep playing for long period of time. Please consider!! Thank You.Version: 1.3

SkinsThere is literally nothing to use the money on.Version: 1.3

Store???Where is the store i saw a bunch of really cool knife skins now they are gone. otherwise an ok game.Version: 1.3

MemoryIt’s good game butOn the first day you can change the knife skin but like the day after that like there is no knife skin.Version: 1.3

Fun game butIt’s a really fun game but what are supposed to do with the coins.Version: 1.3

5 starsExcellent game but you should put a store.Version: 1.3

MoneyI have so much money but nothing to spend it on. Can you make a story up in my cooler knife’s.Version: 1.3

EnjoyableI really have fun with this game. I would just like the option to hear the birds or not hear the birds but still enjoy hearing the objects being sliced..Version: 1.3

Money?Whats the money for?.Version: 1.3

Could be betterIt’s quite alright and fairly addicting, but my knife skins and the shop disappeared after level 100 and I can’t get them back, it would be interesting to see some more variation in difficulty too but my main issue is the skins disappearing. Not a terrible game in the slightest, but could work out a couple kinks.Version: 1.3

To happened to the storeI only got to use the store once after I beat the first level to claim a free knife that I didn’t even get to keep so now I have almost 50k coins and nothing to do with it otherwise good game.Version: 1.3

AdCan I make an ad for you guys it will have a voice over and everything.Version: 1.3

Money?store?I have 75k cash how do i spend ur where.Version: 1.3

The money..... againI have lots of money but for nothing and you get knifes randomly.Version: 1.3

WHAT IS THE FRICKING MONEY FORGreat game but when I get money I try to look for a shop but there isn’t one Pls add one.Version: 1.3

What is the money forWhy do they give us money when you can’t spend it?.Version: 1.3

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