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The longest answer wins! Answer each question with the longest answer you can think of to build your tower and escape the rising waters!

As long as you can outlast the opponents, you wont get eaten!


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Needs more female characters and less ads!This game is really awesome and it teaches history! It’s just one thing about the avatars, it needs more female characters! Seriously, it only has one female character and the rest are males, I got really annoyed by this and I had to use male characters and some females playing this app and reading this might agree. Another thing too, ADS! I’m not truly annoyed about this but every time a round ends, even if I don’t choose to get a ad, I get one anyway. This also annoyed me too, every time, like I said, a round ends, a ad tells me about some royal family and somehow turn to queens, or making makeovers for an Radom woman in the ad who basically “ needs a man “. I get it, mostly all ads do this to make money but also that can you make it that only if the player chooses to get a ad, like getting another change in a round or getting a avatar, they can but if the play does NOT choose to get a ad they could NOT get one? To be honest with you those are the only problems I have of this app, it’s really great ad I recommend it if your bored. Thank you for reading this!.Version: 3.1.1

Can’t stop playing it! BUT ADS.I love this game. Like it says in the title, I can’t put this game down. But the ads drive me crazy. Every question, two times every letter I type, I’m reminded that I haven’t downloaded project makeover, or kings choice, or that other one I can’t remember it’s name. So many ads! It’s down to a three star rating from a five star rating only because of ads. I kind of wish we could do multi-player, but I don’t care about that too much. Plus if you did have multi-player the other people would have to wait for hours while I look everything up on Google. Literally, if someone saw my screen for the past day or two, they would see the most random things in my search history on Google. Like “What world capitals start with the letter ‘m’?” Or “What are some Michael Jackson songs?” I probably sound stupid for needing to look up the second one, but looking that up won me the one game I’ve ever won on text or die. So if there are any parents out there who reading this review, wondering if this game is good for their children, don’t worry. This game is totally kid appropriate, and I think they would really like it. But tell them not to feel stupid if they have to look up 90% of the answers. Witch I just realized is cheating. But that’s ok. Anyway it took me an hour to write this so I’m going to bed..Version: 3.1.0

Needs work but okSo for the first three days I played this it was so fun. Then I started noticing that each player was from a different country. That was fine but then I kept on seeing the answers in English. I mean there were people from like SWITZERLAND who were speaking in English. I mean some people in other countries know English but not every single person knows English! I also saw when I was downloading the game I saw a video. In the video it showed a player and they needed to write a President in the US. The player answered trump and all the answers were showed. Then I got that same question and I answered Obama. When I saw what everyone else wrote it was the same exact thing in the commercial!!! Then the final thing is is that whenever you play one round there is an ad that comes up. You also can ambush people and get hints on the answer. Each time you do this an ad will play. What made me realize that the players were actually bots was that after you were done watching your ad and do what you do, they would automatically go to the answers. I mean if these were real people and they had an ad you would wait for at least a minute. All in all, they need to make actual people. But this is still a really fun game(sort of). I would recommend this game to anyone who likes to compete against anyone..Version: 2.6

Seriously…Hello I just put 5 stars so this could be seen, but I would really give this game one star or maybe 0 if I could. When I got to a question that said, “Name a city in Europe.” Someone put, “Rome” even though that is the capital city of ITALY. Italy and Europe are not even the same continent. FIX. THIS. NOW. And another answer that doesn’t make sense to me is, on the question, “Name a board you can write on.” Someone put, “chalk” Chalkboard would make a lot more sense. Another issue with this game is, sometimes when I am in the bonus round, the “Second Chance?” option is gray even though I have good Wifi and I am right near a hotspot. Also when I put a right answer with the correct spelling, it counts it as wrong. For example, once I put the answer “Bell pepper” for the question “Name a type of pepper.” I have submitted multiple requests saying “missing answer” and still nothing. I’m not even sure if they check the entry someone put and actually fix it. I understand this game just came out but, seriously. Someone has to fix this. Also, I apologize for the long review..Version: 3.1.2

Good but needs Real Multiplayer OptionThis game is basically like the ads, it gives you a prompt & you type a word that answers it. It’s overall fun and I play it weekly, but there are a couple things I that annoy me. 1. Being no “real” multiplayer options. I know this because I can still play with the same people, even when I’m off wifi/data; and how are they able to go ahead to the next level if they didn’t decide to watch an ad for more coins? I wish there was a real online option with random people in your country (for language purposes) or worldwide options. No options for ads during the game obviously. That would probably draw in a lot more players & would make this game a 5/5. 2. Annoying ads. It’s like, every other round, but if you just turn on airplane mode or disconnect from your wifi/data you can skip the ads. But if you don’t wanna, they’re all 5 seconds and you can skip them if you want (until you’re watching one or a booster.) Anyways a solid 4/5 and I highly recommend y’all look into multiplayer option for next year.Version: 2.9.1

Has amazing potentialI just got the game today and it’s pretty fun. There is only 3 problems I have with it. 1 ads. The ads are very annoying. It will ask you to watch an ad to get extra coins, which is fair, but if you choose not to it makes you watch an ad anyway. Why put the no option if I’m gonna watch an ad anyway? 2 answers. I understand that the devs can’t get every single answer for a question, but I still think it should try to include some things that still answer the question. Like dinosaurs for animal questions. I got a question that said something like “Name an animal that starts with A” and I answered Allosaurus which answers the question. It said it was wrong and cost me the game. 3. players. Are the players even real? They can be from countries that don’t speak anything close to English like China, and answer correctly in English. I mean, there might be a few real players like when I came across one that spelled Target as Atrget but that was only one time. I personally think there should be more real players and not CPUs..Version: 3.1.1

Facts1st this game is amazing, but needs some changes. The first thing is adds are constantly popping up and it drives me crazy. To be honest it makes me so angry!😡. It is not fun just to sit all day watching adds when you really just want to play the game. 2nd when I write something the space button does not work and then it makes me feel like a made a mistake and it is hard to go back and check when everything is smooshed together. 3rd when I type something in and it is the correct answer the game counts it wrong. Like say it asks what is one island. I would write my answer then island after my answer and the game counts it wrong. Now this is an amazing game, but it needs to make these changes. Please make the few changes of very few adds, being able to have a space, button, and being able to put whatever the word of the question is after your answer. I love this game. ❤️. It can get on your nerves though. Just to let you know the adds are the biggest problem..Version: 3.1.0

Fun but not really for kids or people that are under 10Ok so this is a really nice game! I love this game so much. I’ve had it for a month now. The questions are fine but not all of them. I’m 7 years old so somone of the questions like the ring of fire and actors are a little too hard for me because I don’t know what is is. Over all it’s a wonderful game but like when I write my name in game it’s all in capital idk why maybe im crazy or somthing lol. I really hope you make some questions that don’t involve movies,shows, or actors because some kids don’t know what it is and not everybody knows what it is. But it’s a little bit violent too with the bomb from the cannon. And the game can get a heart attack from this game. Also if I have bad English spelling I’m sorry. I hope I’m not being a hater. But I put on airplane mode so no adds come but adds come! Too many adds. And in the bonus rounds I am so high and the water just rises like 100,000 feet so the game is cheating. Also it asks about differnt counties that I’m not from so I can’t awnser!.Version: 3.1.0

Make the ads stopIf you have stuff you can have fun playing the game having a wonderful day until the end comes then you're like oh great oh wow I don't even want to play this game anymore I don't even like them anymore as Bella just delete it off my screen so I want to delete off it's gonna be sad if you really wanna play the game do you download it again and when youDownload it again you're gonna be sad that there's gonna be more ads and I'm gonna be like oh come on I don't knowAds can I come up next in like five seconds and I like so I feel like you should play this game but if you're like really really really bored of hours than you should never ever play this game or other games I have ads in it if you want to I'm thinking it's like this game is like a really really really fun game we should play this only if you like ads or if you just wanna play the scam just I don't care about the hours I'm just chilling.Version: 1.9.1

Too RepetitiveInteresting and fun the first few hours but then it becomes boring and pointless as the same questions and categories repeat themselves endlessly. I am not even sure that each opponent is an actual human bc I believe many times users are playing the computerized opponents built into the app. Also, the game in several cases rejects many very, well-known and valid answers. I loved it at first, but will probably delete soon bc I’m tired of seeing the exact same questions again and again. I paid for the ad-free version bc the degree of advertising between game sets is absolutely BRU-TAL!!! If the developers add many many more questions and categories, I’d love this and would give this app an A+. Developers should also add a format by which users can invite others to play and can communicate with other users. Adding sound effects to the shark scenes would also considerably improve this app that has so many possibilities but definitely needs the aforementioned programmer tweaking and other sufficient updating (the app dictionary, for instance, is inadequate)..Version: 2.7

I Don’t really recommend this game yetFirst of all the bots put in answer that make absolutely no sense for example it was girls names starting with i and one of them put it or should I say It, it is not a name so I’m not capitalizing it. Second, some “almost all” of the answers I put are wrong, example when I put Afghanistan on countries in Asia they count it wrong and when I put “It” on girls names starting with I it is wrong even tho the boys get it right by putting It, and on breakfast drinks I put chocolate milk it counts it wrong Lastly on countries in Europe I put Macedonia “if you don’t know what Macedonia it look it up” but Macedonia is a European country and it has yellow and red colors on its flag. Third you can’t change your platform color or your profile and barely any questions. And lastly why when you push the space bar there’s no space that goes between the words which make me think that I don’t even push the space bar which is probably the reason why the two word answers don’t even count. If the owner of the game reads this plz comment on it and fix this..Version: 1.1

Ads Ads Ads Ads and some more Ads.Boy this game is really really fun. I have probably had this game for a week and played for 10 hours, but this game has a bucketload of ads if I play for 10 minutes I’ll see 5 ads. I would give this game 5 stars but the ads take 1 away. There is also another issue, when you buy a hat or block it makes you pay more next time and that’s a real bummer. So yay this game is super duper fun but ads make it s much worse. And maybe you could add multiplayer to the game so you can play with your friends. And maybe make an online play so you can play with real people not robots or computers. But overall this game text or die is really, really, really fun I recommend this game..Version: 3.1.0

Come onThis game has so much potential. But I’m disappointed enough to leave a review and I don’t normally leave reviews. The sucky parts of this game is, of course way too many ads. One of the ads that get shown (King’s Choice) doesn’t let you X out of it, so I always have to exit out of the app to get back to the actual game, which I lose out of my progress. But the most annoying part of this game is a lot of my ACCURATE answers do not get counted for. Example: “Name an animal in Australia” I said Ostrich.. didn’t count. “Type of Precipitation” I said freezing drizzle.. didn’t get counted. Also, some answers get counted for and some don’t but they are the same answers. Example: “Name NFL team” I said Seattle Seahawks.. it got counted for.. next game the same question got asked, so I said Seattle Seahawks again.. didn’t count it this time. It’s very confusing, yet frustrating lol. This game is fun and has potential but it needs serious update of ALL POSSIBLE ANSWERS.Version: 2.9.0

Fun game, but major issuesI love this game, it’s a great idea and always a good time, however there are some huge issues with the game. First off ads, I know ads are needed to fund the game and what not, but it’s too the point we’re after every round your almost guaranteed to get an ad. I just wish the ads were fewer. Another thing, there is this huge bug in the game we’re the entire game will freeze allowing no actions. Forcing you to close the app and once you go back in all your data is wiped for the game. You loose all your skins, all your money, and even your name. It’s almost as if you just installed the game. This should not be happening, I shouldn’t have to fear that all my progress will be lost because of a random bug. This game is fun and I definitely think has the potential to be a popular mobile game if it gets its problems fixed. If future updates fix the game, I will gladly tell friends about it :).Version: 2.8

My phone was on fireI liked the game. It was good, and I enjoyed thinking outside my normal vocabulary to find words that would allow me win. The ads were a bit annoying, but I could deal with that because many, if not all, free games have ads. I had to delete my phone otherwise my phone would have burst into flames. My phone has never got that hot with any other game and I have COD on my phone! I really liked the concept and it’s a shame that my phone was over heating. The biggest problem wasn’t just the overheating issue, but the game would freeze up and I would loose my game. This usually happened when I was trying to close out of an ad. I hope these problems can be fixed and I can redownload the game because it was really fun and engaging..Version: 2.8

RepresentationHi! I love this game so much. I love that it makes me use my brain, it’s not timed, and it actually is so much fun that I bought the ‘no-ads’! The only thing I beg of you is that you add more representation in the character avatars. There are two, maybe three outfits recognizable as a female, which is my chosen gender expression. And a lot of the outfits change the race of the player like a costume which is not particularly sensitive. Please consider letting people pick their skin color and hair style in a simple, two step avatar creator. The avatars we currently win would simply just become outfits to go on our avatars. This would also solve the racial element of the problem that to be a business man and a police officer, you must be white, and to be a soccer player or a skateboarder you must be a person of color. Which is not true. Also: here are a few outfits that could be really fun to include! -princess/prince -dancer -secret agent -barista - mermaid -animal costumes -vampire -werewolf -robot Please do try and consider this. This game has a lot of potential to not only be fun and competitive for all ages, but also genuinely educational for students, kids, and English learners. Please take time out of your day to consider these criticisms and I look forward to your future updates and improvements!.Version: 3.1.2

OmgOK so this game is like the best game ever it's so good I love it so much it's so easy and stuff like that but I have a recommendation and this is not about the bad things it's about something good so what I think you should do like if y'all want to you don't have to though but like when like you die you should like make it where you can dodge the sharks like say five sharks you can dodge them and if you don't dodge then then you're dead but if you dodge them you only get one more life and if you dodge them the second time and youAnd you don't dodge it then you're dead so you only have two lives And so sorry if this sounds like I wasn't typing this is because I'm using the microphone and I'm just saying it because I know I had a lot to say.Version: 2.7.2

Great game but the adsOverall the game is decent and when you look at my title you most likely would’ve thought it would of been about the amount of ads and don’t get me wrong they can remove quite a bit of the random ads they show and I know they do it for money and advertising but the real reason is I know this is mainly apple’s fault in ways but most of the ads I get I can skip them even if the button is there and I can’t exit out of them whenever I try it just asks me if I want to download it or not and then I have to end my game. I know it’s not mainly your fault and that it’s mainly apple’s fault because you the developers and maintenance crews don’t control what ads you give me and what ads you don’t I’m just saying if you could fix it someway even if it’s small it would make the game better..Version: 2.1

Fun but annoyingThis game is amazing really. But there’s 2 problems. 1st is the ads. You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. The 2nd thing is that I will put in a correct answer like for example the name Sonakshi is a girl name and when I put it in it said it was wrong another example is like for fruit or vegetables that start with a B I put Blueberry and it said it was wrong. I think that sometimes it counts right answers wrong. Other than those 2 things this game is amazing. The creator did really well designing and adding amazing features to this game that make the game fun and enjoyable other than ads and everything else wrong about this app (which there’s very few) Also customer service is VERYYYYYYYY slow so maybe you might wanna fix that. Thank you for your time!.Version: 1.2

Not enough content to make purchase worthwhileThis game was addicting and fun but the amount of ads was so unbearable I decided to spend the $2.99. It was nice for a while without ads but I got really disappointed when the cycle of questions started over. If you're going to drive people to purchase by presenting ads every 20 seconds, you must have enough content to make it worthwhile. Just by playing a day or two, I had already acquired all the platforms, outfits, and hats. It would also be great if the competition included real people, not bots, or at least more challenging bots. I'm already bored because there is nothing left to acquire, your pool of categories is too small, and it's not competitive. And yes, field hockey IS a sport and a duck DOES have webbed feet! thanks.Version: 2.6

Addictive but NEEDS improvement!I love this game, I’d play it more but the ads for every play is excessive and they are so long! Also why is there only one outfit/skin for a female player? Now, I also don’t know whether I should keep playing since I’ve unlocked all the accessories they have available so there isn’t really a point to keep going. They should include levels for the game, maybe they could add more skins/challenges with each level up? Also a lot of obviously right questions are rejected. For example, top 10 richest people in the world and Jeff Bezos was rejected?? Also the challenge questions are terrible as well, or at least for the answers they accept. They ask for most popular answers but don’t accept them it’s ridiculous..Version: 3.1.3

💀I also wrote micropachycephalosaurus It allowed it I got 1 st place so ty ig.Version: 1.8

Good gameIt’s not the best game out there but it’s a good game. For all the people saying it’s American, it is BUT you can choose any country. So for Canadians, there is a American flag right next to your display name, click on it and choose Canada or your preferred country. In the questions it may ask for U.S brands. The ads are fine I don’t mind them. After all they need to make money some way..Version: 3.1.3

GoodIt’s a good game. But keep in mind it’s american. So only American brands and spellings work. Don’t be fooled my fellow Canadians. Don’t put Canadian brands. Or brands that aren’t in the U.S. also, some words that’s re completely eligible don’t count, so just keep it simple.Version: 1.8

Too many addsI like the game itself but there are way too many ads, I just get frustrated and stop playing because half of my time is on ads.Version: 3.1.3

Please add this wordPlanet Nine is a hypothetical planet in the outer region of the Solar System. Its gravitational effects could explain the peculiar clustering of orbits for a group of extreme trans-Neptunian objects, bodies beyond Neptune that orbit the Sun at distances averaging more than 250 times that of the Earth Planet nine was the last planet to be named in our solar system it’s a beautiful plant and it exists in our solar system but for some reason it doesn’t count it is a real planet please put this word into the game! Also Haumea is a dwarf planet which also exists as does Callisto Europa this are all planets that should be in the game existing dwarf planets but are well none to society so you should add them thanks !!!.Version: 3.1.3

WHATI cannot believe how many times I lost because the didn’t recognize words!!!! They asked for a continent and I wrote Oceania they said it’s not right like what lol.Version: 3.1.3

Fun gameGames fun and could be challenging. The only down fall is that it freezes a lot sometimes..Version: 3.1.2

Westernized words onlyI get that this game is american. But when the prompt was curry, and I, an indian person, put in a type of curry i eat on the regular basis but i lose to the word “spicy” thats crazyyy. Spicy isn’t a type of curry. We can make any curry with different levels of spice. Dont play this if you dont want to be disappointed..Version: 3.1.3

Bye bye batteriesReally fun and all but it takes so much battery percentage to play. So I don’t play for long.Version: 3.1.2

Fun for a bit but got boringIt was really fun for the first couple of rounds, but then I got really good at knowing all the questions that weren't sports teams or chess champions, and it's a game of knowing how to think of the longest answer possible. Not gonna get over the rush of zooming to the top because my answer for the Christmas song question was "Rocking around the Christmas tree" like. 29 blocks all at once. Too bad the holidays are over..Version: 3.1.2

WHY IS IT ONLY AMERICAN?It’s okay… but they only have male skins. ANNNNNNND THEY ASK ONLY AMERICAN QUESTIONS! I’m Canadian! The game is still fun though..Version: 3.1.2

AwesomeThis game is so fun and it’s a learning experience the only thing I don’t like is the ads.Version: 3.1.2

KindThanks for making the game I’m Good at this.Version: 3.1.2

ReviewThis game is okay. So to start off so when you finish a round, it’s says keep this many coins or watch an ad and get like more. So I press the normal to don’t watch an ad. Then it sometimes puts on an ad. Which is very annoying cause I don’t wanna watch the add if I press that’s enough coins. But overall it’s a okay game. Definitely has room for improvement! Needs more detail and improvement! On and on an okay game..Version: 3.1.2

I Love that the game tests your brainI like that it makes tournaments.Version: 3.1.2

To many..To many ads. I press ONE button and it sends me to a 30 second app. Now I know this is how you get money but shorten the adds please.Version: 3.1.2

AmazingIt is so much fun and keeps you entertained for hours.Version: 3.1.2

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