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"It blows air!", CNN --- Unlock the new mind-blowing feature on your iPhone, iPod and iPad: Blow out candle or lighter flames, let flames dance to the music beat, or control flames with your voice! Knocked Ellen Degeneres right out of her chair during her TV talkshow! Blower uses secret hardware features of your iOS device, check below for the blowing power of your specific model.

• "It blows air!" , CNN
• Knocked Ellen Degeneres right out of her chair during her TV talkshow!
• "a one-of-a-kind application that pushes the iPhone’s functionality and awesomeness even further",

• Ranked overall #1 in 20+ countries
• 40+ YouTube movies of users all around the world
• "This is both totally stupid and incredibly brilliant", youtube comment by "mambokurtz"

Try it yourself and be amazed... Start your Blower and feel the air flowing from the speaker opening. Fun party trick examples:

• BLOW mode: blow out candles and lighter flames
• BEAT mode: let flames dance to the music beat, or control flames with your voice!
• GUN mode: let flames shiver with automatic gun mode
• Touch the blower rotor: drive it yourself and see the sparks
• Birthday iMessage Stickerpack

Curious? Watch the blower in action on, or search for "iPhone blower" on YouTube.
Have fun,


For maximum blowing power, remove protective covers/casings that could block the air flow, and ensure no dust has accumulated in your speaker opening. You can verify the cool air flow by holding the speaker opening close to your mouth. When blowing out candles, don't burn your device!

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Blower App Comments & Reviews

Blower Positive Reviews

Almost worksI bought this because “ Why not?” I mean, it almost works. Does what it says but not good. Don’t spend your money because it might work, that’s what I thought and now I’m disappointed..Version: 5.0.1

AMAZING APPMy house was on fire due to improper use of my Elon musk flame thrower so I went to the App Store, spent .99 cents, waited to download and turned it on. It worked so unbelievably well that all four fireman that came by my house proceeded to download it as well to make their jobs easier. Would have paid triple... even double..Version: 5.0.1

Saved my phoneDropped my phone in water yesterday and it was fully submerged, my speaker wasn’t working. I turned on the blower app and all the water blew out of my phone and fixed my speaker!.Version: 5.0.1

Memories of the good old daysRemember those old lighter apps, or those flashlight apps? If you had an iPhone or iPad back in 2010 I’m sure you do. This app is very reminiscent of those days. Good fun and does work (take off your case).Version: 5.0.2

5 starsThis works well to blow out a candle you have to move the phone up and down until it blows out I tried and it worked.Version: 5.0.2

It works but barley..It really blows a little bit of air out enough to push around some specs of paper but disappointingly not strong enough to blow out a lighter UNLESS you get extremely close to the flame with your phone but it is a pretty cool app I don’t have any complaints with it functionality or appearance it seems all good although the older version look with the switch was a bit cooler in my opinion maybe you could add another choice which would be that older look.Version: 4.4

KarimsKicks FOLLOW MY IG FOR SNEAKERSIt was actually worth it was fun for a few mins and then I realize it made my speakers on my iPhone sound way better it kinda cleans it out it was worth it to be honest my speakers brand new.Version: 5.0.2

Fixes phoneIf you ever get water in your speaker try this app and it will blow the water out of your speakers.Version: 5.0.1

Not worth a buy.Yes, it does blow air, but not a lot. It’ll blow enough to move paper, or move the fire on the top of a candle, but not a lot. Still, it’s not worth a buy..Version: 5.0.1

AppI recommend to not get the app it barley works and when I tried it melted my phone case.Version: 5.0.2

WorstIt’s the biggest waste of money.Version: 5.0.1

WorksDoes what it says.Version: 5.0.2

IncredibleIt works every time.Version: 5.0.2

BlowerWorks amazing.Version: 5.0.2

Bruh.Tell me why i tried it on a candle and it worked.😰💻.Version: 5.0.2

IPhone 4After the latest update, it works on my new iPhone 4. Don't expect to blow the socks off of a fish, but it will blow out a lighter if it's not set to generate a two inch flame. It impressed my coworkers. Regardless, it's a pretty cool trick to show off to a group of drunk people at a bar. Who the heck thinks of these things? I want to know how the developer even came up with such a concept. In short, it's underwhelming, but if you think about it, it's a cell phone, and what this app does is amazing..Version: 1.1

Hillarious!Come on, people, this is FUNNY! Now quit pretending the purpose is supposed to be anything useful and rating it because it's not. By the way, you do have to read the instructions that state you must turn the volume up ALL THE WAY. Cause that's where it gets its 'blow' power--from the tiny speakers that blast sound energy--not an actual 'flow' of air. If you do this it'll "blow" the house down at the next birthday party!.Version: 1.0

GeniusYes, the amount of air is little. Yes, the sound is annoying. YES, THEY WANT YOU TO PAY FOR IT! And now that all the ignorant have left, this is truly a genius app, such use of a speaker is incredible, I did not really try it anywhere, but you can actually feel the air there. May not really be worth a buck, but it's still fun and incredible, so if you're looking for something new, I'd definitely recommend this..Version: 1.1

Awesome!Even though it makes a LOUD beeping noise, it really does make air. And to all you people who keep complaining about the noise, there's no other way to make it like a fan. It's not like there's an actual FAN inside the phone. I used it to blow out the candles on my bday cake, and throw some spilled salt into the trash can. Hopefully in the future someone can figure out a way to make it a fan without noise, but the point is THIS ONE WORKS..Version: 1.0

I bought this just to see what the fuss was about between the 1 star and 5 star people.This app is an absolute brilliant use of sound waves. Fantastic and creative!! Useless in practical day to day life but very amusing to show friends. Now know what the fuss is all about so buy it at your own risk. I think the amusement will be worth the .99 but for others looking to be cooled during a hot day will be let down..Version: 1.0

Does what it says!Yes! The app works. The sound lets off vibrations, which extinguishes the flame, or blows the herbs across the table. However, it doesn't make sense that it's 99 cents. I would gladly except making it free, and putting adds on the bottom. But if you're going to a party, and you need an icebreaker, sure. Get the app. Why not? (P.S: The air comes out the speakers, so make sure that they're clean!).Version: 2.0

It worksThe app actually works but don't download it with high expectations, since it uses the speaker's sound to "move the air", don't expect it to work like an actual fan, you can actually feel the air but it is really subtle, however it works just like it does in the videos, if you put it close to the flame (extremely close) it'll slowly put it out..Version: 3.0

Not bad!Make sure you clean all the gunk out of your speaker holes before trying to use this. I had about two years of dead skin, grease and who knows what else in there I had to remove LOL! I blew all my herbs away!!!!!!.Version: 1.0

Awesome App!Great App. Works just as advertised. For those of you with bad reviews get half a brain, use something called common sense and come to the realization that an iPhone cannot turn into a leaf blower. And in response to the comment on Nov 21, the turbine spins the right way. Do some reading on how turbines work then comment. Great job developers, very neat idea..Version: 1.0

Wish it would cost more!This app is too cheap for the amount of luxury it provides to my life. I am so blessed to have found such a commodity. I am pregnant. I was jogging in a marathon and almost passed out. The fan app helped me come to my senses and saved my child. I wish I could support this app even more. Please add in-app purchases and ads..Version: 4.4

Worth every pennyDownloaded the app and immediately went to the kitchen to grab a lighter. It blew it out. Exactly what I was expecting. Made me laugh instantly, who wouldn't pay a dollar to laugh? Genius marketing. I have tipped bad waitresses more than a dollar. Completely worth it!.Version: 1.0

It's fun byeahhhhFor 99 cents hell I bought it. I was not expecting anything to blow me away but this app is so cool because the iPhone is just not supposed to do this. I blew out a lighter and it was cool just because an iPhone did it. Good buy and a good conversation piece.Version: 1.0

Does exactly what they say!It does exactly what it says it does, it will blow out a candle and a match. For those who gave it a low rating, read the information provided before buying..Version: 1.0

Your all idiotsThis app is excellent and it works perfectly on iPhone 4 (try taking your case off as it blocks the air flow which is caused by sound). Outstanding app..Version: 1.1

It's great!It's a great app, my phone puts out a flame greatly. You also think its crap because you guys either drop your phones to much or you are just trying to get your money back..Version: 3.0

It worksI tried it and it easily blew out a question and removed all my doubts. And they can't get rid of the sound cuz that's what makes it work.Version: 1.0

So cool it really works!Come on guys it's not going to cool you off on a hot day but it does blow out candles and push pieces of paper around. Super cool to show friends and family. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.0

First, it didn't work but now works with update! :)It didn't work for me first with my iPhone 5 for the not really supported version but now it supports iPhone 5 with maximum power! Yay!.Version: 4.0

GreatNot exactly practical, but a great party trick. It works surprisingly well. I don’t know why other people don’t think it worked but it did for me. I could blow pieces if paper around..Version: 4.4

Fun for a buckIt's the kind of thing I find funny and novel. No, it won't shake the world, but it's good for a laugh. It depends on tr kind of people you hang around. It's innocent ya know. Some reviewers seem so jaded! It's just a cool toy! I like it..Version: 1.0

Saved my phone!My phone got dropped in the toilet an the speaker didn't work. This app shot water out my speaker and restored it back to working order. A great app!.Version: 4.2

This app is a must have!!!!!My friend junior bonner told me about this amazing app, and it's easily the best app in the store. I literally deleted everything else on my phone cause all I need is blower- real air!.Version: 2.0

420BlazeNo, it does not work; a waste of $0.99. Alright? So don't buy it, or if you want to waste $0.99... BUY IT! See, this app is a representation of false advertising. A law suit is coming your way..Version: 4.2

Lol best waste of money ever😂😂!!!It actually friken works like no joke at all I luv it!!!! Plus the effects on the screen when you put your hand on the screen is really kewl!!!.Version: 4.2

My thoughtsI have an iPod touch 4 it's great if you have the right device if you're curious what device has the most airflow check the chart before buying this app😐.Version: 4.2

WorkedIt worked for me but maybe not for some people?.Version: 4.2

It works!I saw this app in Gizmodo and had to try it out for myself. I'm glad to report that the app does work. The app loses one point for not being free..Version: 1.0

Blows out candles! :)It really does work but if you taste the air it doesn't taste very good... I also started feeling bad and am not sure if it's safe to eat..Version: 4.2

EpicThis actually works.Version: 4.2

CoolCa marche vraiment.Version: 4.2

Works as advertised on iPhone 4Some people need to adjust their ridiculous expectations. Despite what some claim, this app really works. *Obviously* it is NOT going to blow much BUT it is actually enough to blow out a tea light. It is a very cool way to demonstrate how sound waves. If this is the sort of thing that fascinates you, this app is well worth it. Warning - I am guessing that this app may damage your iPhone's speaker after prolonged use..Version: 1.1

Blows everything!It's great it blow everything I hoped it would and the only thing is an update for blower to give it more features and abilities. Thanks alot bye:).Version: 1.0

LoudNot terrible but wish it specified that it is loud. I was hoping to be able to use it at work. It does work though..Version: 1.0

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