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SketchClub not only gives you fantastic tools to sketch, draw, doodle, paint, and edit photos but also helps motivate you to keep creating! Check out the community where there’s a new drawing challenge every day, along with regular competitions and even co-ops where you can pick up where another artist left off. Don’t sketch alone, join us today!

• Brush, Blur, Eraser, Fill, Pen, Pixels, Procedural, Select, Smudge, Text, and Vector tools
• Hundreds of Layers with configurable blending, naming, and color tagging
• Create your own comics and manga with the Pen and Text tools
• Layer filters for color adjust, blurs, edges, noise, vignette and more
• Layer transform with skew, shear, perspective, and tiling
• Super fast brush and compositing engine
• Up to 16K canvas size with presets including standard 300 DPI print sizes
• Line, circle, square, and triangle shapes with automatic aspect ratio snapping
• Horizontal, vertical, and dual mirroring modes
• Canvas recording and export in full 1080 HD
• Background autosave and persistent undo history
• Universal binary supports both iPhones and iPads
• 10 years running of continuous updates and improvements!

• Brushes with high resolution shapes, pattern textures, and input curves
• Loads of built in tool presets plus thousands more from the community
• Export sketches and presets to iCloud, Dropbox, Email and more
• Create and share custom brush presets in community library
• Pen tool presets include calligraphy, fountain pen, gel pen, and more
• Pen and Vector tools include simplify for smooth lines even with shaky hands
• Create smooth filled shapes and gradient with Vector
• Procedural Sketchy and Smooth for amazing fast results
• Procedural Bristles for realistic oil paint simulation
• Animated GIF export

• Configurable color themes to make Sketch Club uniquely yours
• Customizable shortcut bar for single tap access to your favorite functionality
• Popup quick color swatch and size and opacity controls
• Floating reference image with color sampling

• New challenge every day and new competition every week!
• Massive library of shared brushes, templates, and textures
• Live stream and chat for feedback and fun while you draw
• Learn through tutorials, speed painting videos, and live classes
• Follow other artists and gain fans as you share your creations
• Community whiteboard with realtime collaborative drawing and fun events
• Annual awards honoring the best creations every year

• Excellent iPad Pro and Apple Pencil support
• PSD file format export
• RGB and hexadecimal color inputs
• Bluetooth stylus support for Adonit, Hex3, Pogo, SonarPen, and Wacom
• Screen mirroring modes for presentations and demos
• Draw in Multiply, Normal, Overlay, and Screen brush blend modes
• Input curves with angle, distance, fade, pressure, random, speed tilt, and time

What are you waiting for, create with us in SketchClub today!

Sketch Club App Comments & Reviews

Sketch Club Positive Reviews

Nice StuffLove it always because there's so much you can do with it. And there are frequent updates. And the developers care about the app and their customers. So, five stars and a big thank you to all of the developers! Just a note: Hopefully, there will not be a subscription in the future. But these days it's difficult to find any app without one. Instead, I'd rather have a Tip Jar, so anyone can give if they can afford it. I would give. Some can not afford a subscription. And for those who love an app, but can not afford a subscription, and do not use that app as often as others do, their subscription fee should be less. I personally do not think it's fair that everyone has to pay a lot of money for an app they love if they do not use it too often, or if they have less data on their cloud, or device. But I guess everything is a give and take, and the company needs the funds to keep going. I think that in the future, our subscriptions will be bunched together and we will be paying one total fee for all the apps we use. But who knows?.Version: 2.7.1

GreatTl;dr Has: Speedpaint option Stats option Make own brush Share brush you made Transform in more than make smaller or larger Live stream art Good community (Optional) daily challanges Export as photoshop document (can also open them too if memory serves) Ive had this app for around 7 years now (according to my profile) and have found it to be wonderful. You can do so much with this. Want to change a square to a slanted one? Use transform, you can warp the edges, want to make your own brush? You can, and can change much things about it, and even share it with the community. Want to create an speed paint? They have it too, it records and you choose the music and speed. Want to life stream you drawing real time? They have that (though its sketch club only live stream as far as i know of, its still neat). They have so much more to offer than what i highlighted, i highly recommend it. They have an animation option, but as of now its a bit buggy and im not too much of a fan, but other than that its great. The community is also nice. One last thing id like to highlight is real time stats, want to know how many times you hit undo in a drawing? Well its on there, want to know what type of device it was drawn on, its on there (ex iphone 6) I originally found out about this app from a long dead (app and community) once called spray can. It came recommended when it was in the process of dieing and i thought id give it a try since everyone else was moving here, i dont regret it..Version: 2.10.4

Amazing tool for both Sketching and PaintingSketch Club is an amazing tool for both digital sketching and painting. I've been using it for about 3 years, last year of it with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I use it regularly for life drawing (figure and portrait), and I've used it in diverse areas, from concept art, to photo manipulations, to t-shirt designs. The tools and customization options are top notch. I'm able to adjust pressure sensitivity for my custom brushes just the way I like them, something I haven't been able to do quite as well in other apps. The whole interface is easy to use and efficient (efficiency was one of my big requirements for using it in 2-3 hour life drawing sessions). Not only are the existing tools great, but they get better with each update. Publisher of the app has an ear to the community, and provides solid and relevant updates, and provides great support. If you're a digital artist without Sketch Club, you are missing out!.Version: 2.5.1

My "Go To" App on iPhone for quick or serious sketches!Quick, responsive, advanced features, high-resolution capable, layers, deep zooming, lots of brushes. If it's missing anything, I seriously cannot think of what that might be! (Maybe a better gradient tool, one that creates a gradient between any two colors, not just one color and transparency; and a vector tool dad can draw straight lined shapes easier). As a professional digital artist, I've used this app on my iPhone exclusively for some paid jobs, where before I'd always need Painter and/or Photoshop on my desktop. It literally replaces thousands of dollars of high-end software on my computer. Sure, I still need those for very advanced apps, but it's amazing what I can accomplish... effortlessly... with one finger on my iPhone, and this app, with the essential features I usually need. I usually don't write reviews, but felt compelled. I've literally tried dozens and dozens of art/drawing apps, this has to be my favorite..Version: 2.8

Needs import from iCloud, Sharing Sheet & DropboxI just found this after trying so many apps. I thought we could draw a heart, feather, rain drop and create a brush head/stamp. Edit: Found it! It's in brush mode only, not pen mode. In brush mode, click the Plus at upper right corner. My heart became a brush style! Very happy! Let us backup custom brushes to iCloud. We can't import PNGs and PSDs from iCloud Drive. All my work and references are in iCloud Drive, not Photo Roll. Need this for Import and layers Load Image. I want an option to save WIPs in iCloud Drive like Sketchbook. Woud love it if you added 4 more spaces to dock tools. There is room even on 9.7 iPad in portrait mode. Description says "floating reference image". How? Found it in FAQ. You have to zoom out, then press a picture frame icon. Need to import refs from iCloud Drive and Files app. Add these things, and Sketch Club will be better than Autodesk Sketchbook. These are minor: Needs offline FAQ. Could use a graph grid and perspective grid option. Community page needs easy button to get to help forums. When I search for brushes and pick one, the app forgets my keyword search and I have to start over. Pain if I was on page 2 or 3 of Search. Filters/FX that turn a photo/colored pic into empty sketch lines, coloring book style. There are other apps that do this, but it would be handy to have it all in one. Please look into these matters. Thank you. iOS 10.Version: 2.6.3

BUY IT NOW.Best app EVER! And I mean this. I've tried them all, I've had them all. I did illustration professionally for a while (although I am really a game designer) and loved working digitally. I was obsessed with the idea of using my iPhone 6S as a portable canvas and the only app out there good enough to make this all seem natural is SKETCHCLUB. The pressure sensitive given by 3D Touch is so good it literally allows you to mimic Wacom Cintiq's functionality allowing for a super CHEAP AND INCREDIBLE alternative to a device that not only is not a phone but also costs generally around as much as an iPhone or even more. No other app has all of the features that you would need to work properly on your PHONE, not Procreate and not ArtStudio (at least not the old once since it didn't have 3D Touch support - not planning on paying 10 dollars for an update no thanks Art Studio 2 or whatever). This is really by far the best painting and editing app I've run into in my several years looking and buying alternatives. It was ironically one of the first ones I've bought, and ever since they added 3D Touch support I just simply stopped looking. It instantly became my go to app. Now, all my illustration happens on my iPhone or iPad and it all happens on SketchClub. Best is, you can always finish the job in photoshop NO PROBLEMO. Best app! Thanks for the fix!.Version: 2.7

The most amazing app on the planetI have all the best digital art apps when I got this one I stopped using the others. You can share your art and make friends with other artists in this app, you can make a t-shirt straight from the app. there are classes you can take this app dose so much I have been using if for 6 months and still learning. There is nothing you can’t do. You just got to learn how to do it. Here is something I really love about it. You can undo all the way back to the very beginning. I am really not doing it justice with my review. But it is unreal how much stuff it can do. You only pay once and get everything. Not like the other app like sketch, adobe and concepts to name a few, where you have to pay for every add on. I love using this app and I’m always learning something new..Version: 2.7.1

Bucket tool? Duplicate layer tool?I’ve had this app for some time on my iPad Pro, and I adore it. I love it for sketching, it’s super relaxing and gives me amazing results. It’s sketching is better than all the other apps I’ve tried (MediBang, ibispaint, procreate, etc.), however I say sketching. I’m still learning about this app, but I don’t see anything that helps the Bucket tool. The bucket tool leaves white dots against the line, and the only way to remove it is to select what you want to color and expand it by 3+ pixels. I suggest a “expand by pixels” on the bucket tool section. Along with that, what about a duplicate layer tool? You can make an empty layer under the layer you want to duplicate, and merge the top one down, but that’s it. It’s tedious, however it works. Regardless, it’s an amazing app and I totally suggest it..Version: 2.7

AmazingThis app is perfect for a beginner in digital art, as there are many people willing to help in the community, plus lessons and tutorials to help you learn. I would also recommend it to those experienced in digital art, as it offers you the opportunity to use an entire library of custom brushes, record your drawing, etc. The best $2.99 you will ever spend. I have heard concerns about the community being "cliquish". Not in my experience at all. I am a regular person, I try to be nice to new people, (we were all new once!) As long as you behave this way, you will be treated accordingly. It's a great place to grow. :) After 3 years and many updates, friends and learning experiences later - everything I said above still applies. THE best art app on the market!!.Version: 2.5.1

10 sketches in the last 3 days means I like itThere is every feature I need... in a way that makes me feel like it's real paper. I'm not knocking Procreate, but I own it/purchased it at the same time as this... and never seem to use it. This one I like, not for its social sharing features but for the fact that it works and feels like real art. Also am so happy that the same price gives me a basic iPhone app so I can keep creating wherever I go. I'd recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who has an Apple Pencil. Cons I'd like to find a copy paste feature??? I'm sure it's here but I can't seem to find it, or a duplicate layer feature... again. I'm a new adopter and may have missed it. The other features I know almost intuitively. Thanks.Version: 2.5.1

Always improving!!!!!Eight years now since I bought this app! I’ve never regretted it. In fact, it’s become a part of me. So much so that it would be devastating to me if it disappeared!! I’m not a technical person but I know what I like and what works for me. I use it for fun of course, but I can use it easily for editing my husband’s theater photos and portrait shots for holiday cards and anything in between. The community aspect is fun! Daily challenges, competitions, sharing ideas and learning from other artists. Basically people sharing their art💖💖💖 not a social media like Instagram or whatever, for posting selfies and personal information. But you can post notes or on peoples profiles and even personal messages.Version: 2.10.4

Tried almost all, this is AWESOMEEveryone who is making a go of adapting their real life drawing skills to the awesome world of ipad knows that the app you use is almost as important as the images you want to create. SC has a procedural drawing tool that will blow your mind, awesome tutorials if you're new to digital visual arts, and so many features that you will find yourself slowly being consumed with its awesomeness. Not the fanciest interface, and has no select tool (which i think is totally by design), but as you get familiar with the horrendous power of this app, it will unlock new ways of seeing and approaching the challenge of bringing your creativity to "paper." Five stars. Try it..Version: 2.9

The Best Art App for the money, hands down!The best money I've ever spent, bar none. I have been on Sketch Club for almost 5 years now, and my art has improved 10 fold ( I'm not art educated, and self trained). The other amazing artists on Sketch Club are just amazing, and I've learned so much from them over the years. Jim Scott, the creator of SC is always keeping it fresh, keeping it running smoothly, and I can't thank him enough. I have become good friends with so many people on D.C., and I wouldn't trade this app for all of the other apps I have combined. If you are a trained artist, a natural, or someone trying to improve your art skills like me, this is the app you want. Big thank you, Jim..Version: 2.6.3

One of the best!I've been using this app for years now, after trying others, I always come back to this one. I've created designs for T-shirts, drawn landscapes, horses, graffitti style art. It has the capability to create any kind of illustration, sketch, etc. and getting around and learning the tools,( lots of them),is not very dificult, just takes a little patience. It's a steal at what you pay for this app as others apps charge more and milk you for any and everything but still can't compare to this. Top notch in every way. Never had any regrets or upsets and the updates are great with improvements added all the time. Powerful app and highly recommended!.Version: 2.5.1

Still the best!I started using this app when it first came out. I was having a hard time learning adobe and other art/photo apps. I instantly caught on to layers, brushes etc. being a older customer I can say this is a excellent buy, easy to use for professional results. I now create surface designs for fabric, wall paper, and wrapping paper. People are amazed that I do it all on this app! After showing others how to use it I have convinced many others to buy it! Lol. Some have went out to buy iPods just for this app I kid you not! Update 2017. STILL my number one app for designing, and I love the way the creator is always there to help should any questions occur!.Version: 2.5.1

The BEST!Best $2.99 you will ever spend! One time purchase buys you all of the extensive tools, brushes, colors and features of this fantastic drawing app. Features like layers and custom brushes and photo editing are comparable to Photoshop, with a user-friendly style. For beginners and pros alike, all ages! Sketch Club is fun too! You get access to the community where friendly help and tech support is instantly available. International, friendly community of artists and chat; live-streaming. Free classes, videos and tutorials from top artists. Fun daily drawing challenges and competitions. You can also export your art in various formats for printing or professional work..Version: 2.6.1

Best digital drawing app (used it for 7 yrs and counting)The best digital drawing app. Great community of artists. Every person gets a chance to get their artwork noticed in the community. The app developer is very quick to answer questions and is a part of the community himself. Sketch club has changed my life for the better in many ways. Updated very frequently and user friendly. Tutorials are available. The app is very fun as you have drawing assignments or challenges, chances to collaborate with other artists. Sketch club is a 5/5 and I wish i could give it more than that. Highly recommended, fun, technical, and entertaining..Version: 2.10.4

Look no further!There is no finer app for creating and sharing artwork. There just isn't. It's extremely effective on a professional level and my clients love it. Most of the time, though, I relax and just have fun creating on a higher plane than I ever dreamed I could and seeing what the informal community within has to offer. Young artists grow here, old artists do too. There are some dumbfounding works within! There's also a lot of just "a good time". The support team is made up of kind, caring and invested people. So if you're scanning past, looking for apps, don't be a sucker for perhaps a bigger name; here is quality!.Version: 2.8.1

Photoshop in an appI've been using this app for years, I think I got it as a free Starbucks download a long time ago but I've have since paid for it and I recommended it to anyone looking for a photoshop-like app for their phone. My husband uses the adobe apps but I find sketch app a lot easier to use for fast 'shops' and quick sketches. The only thing I would change is making the text options easier to get a straight line of text but everything else (cutting, blending, drawing, etc) is really intuitive. Update: They fixed the text issue!!.Version: 2.8

Update ideas!-Half Tones! -Watercolor brush that mixes colors (like the Medibang water color brush. It blends the color you're currently using with the ones already on the canvas and sometimes , when it mixes with the color, it comes out a different color and gives it a sort of gradient effect. I like this tool because it's PERFECT for shading/highlighting hair!) -Creating palettes of your own. I LOVE this app! It's features are amazing and it is so simple to use! Keep up the great work! Five stars for this one! Also I’m wondering what happened to being able to switch from different tools like pen and eraser and keeping the same brush type or using vector and then switching to eraser and being able to erase with that same vector. It was really useful. ALSO PLEASE make it so that when switching devices, the sketches and brush and PASSED on. I had to switch devices and I logged on to my same account but none of my brushes and files were there.Version: 2.7.1

Epic ArtThe tools that are provided the community that it comes with is pretty awesome. All the potential that could be unlocked inside of your creative headspace can most likely happen here. From uploading your own hearts and adding digital elements or to creating something that looks as if you drew it on normal schedule paper. The tools for watercolor for texture give unlimited possibilities. Layering is important and different sketch pads have different amounts of layers. I recommended it to quite a few people already and have been using it for about three years or so great job!.Version: 2.5.1

I have been using this all the time for over 5 years!This app is great and gets even better as more new features are added. There is a lot you can do with this app! Including a few things that I have not seen on other software before. The only thing I would ask for now is an improvement of organizing works in the portfolio. You may only delete sketches one at a time, so especially for people who draw a lot and have a LOT of sketches may find it tedious to delete, so I would suggest a bulk delete/move to folder..Version: 2.8.1

2.3 Review on Sketch ClubThis App is by far the best one you can possibly find. The choices are endless!! A 5-⭐️ for certain. And Blackpawn is super! Lucille M. I have been with Sketch Club 4 years now am Ned I can truly say if you are mainly here for the digital art there are numerous options available here. The choices are endless, many brush choices, pens, watercolor, tutoring classes, and what I love mainly is this app is truly "User Friendly", Blackpawn is amazing, if there is a problem of any kind he is right there to assist. Thank you Blackpawn for creating such an awesome app!! Definitely ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2.8.1

BEST ART APP that is availableI don't know why this app isn't continually showcased in the Apple Store. This is the most versatile app and the most affordable on the market. I don't mind any glitches that may come up because the online community is so, supportive and informative and I see the developer arising to resolve any issues immediately. I recommend doing oneself a favor and loading this app without hesitation. It is a major winner and as a professional artist I recommend this app highly all the time before any other. Don't hesitate get this right NOW!!!!!!😍.Version: 2.5.1

My go to appI use a lot of apps for graphics work. This one is my favorite raster app. Thank you Black Pawn for the thoughtful continuous improvements. Using this app has also improved my eye for shape, form and shading. I especially like the paint/draw "on" feature. I draw shapes with the "vector" tool, which is not a coded vector but a shape drawing tool, and then shade it in paint "on" mode (alpha channel) which means you can only paint on the pixels that have already been drawn on. The tutorials are excellent. I've learned so much about art with this app. And the in app community is awesome!.Version: 2.9.3

ExceptionalI have used sketchclub on a regular basis for the past four years, and it continues to be my all-time favorite app. It is not just a drawing app, but an art community. You can be involved in it as much or as little as you like. There are classes, tutorials, challenges, compos, and many other opportunities to develop and improve your artistic skills. You can support other artists, and be supported. I am absolutely a better artist because of sketchclub. I believe Blackpawn's daily involvement with the app and its users is why it is such a success..Version: 2.5.1

Awesome, but can we get a Predictive Line Tool and better SharingI’m fairly intermediate when it comes to digital art, but I’ve been using SketchClub for years now. Put bluntly this app is phenomenal. My only requests would be for a prediction line tool for freehand. I use freehanded drawing with the basic brush a lot for my comics and drawings but my lines look squiggly whenever I trace or stroke the page. I also wonder if could it also be possible for me to send/share layered files to other friends who don’t use the app in some other way besides PSD? My iPhone compresses the files without my intending to, and I can’t seem to figure out a way to do so efficiently. All in all thank you, your app is a godsend for creators who cant get crazy expensive hardware and it being so versatile while being inexpensive is almost too good to be true. Seriously. Thank you guys so much!.Version: 2.7.1

My Favorite Drawing AppHonestly, decent apps for drawings are incredibly hard to find, especially ones with an amazing zoom in feature, canvas customization, and brush customization. I think SketchClub is certainly worth any aspiring artist's time, and I think it certainly has improved me in art. I use it all the time and I love the live streaming feature as well, it's just a fun app. I do however think that the social features could maybe be improved with something like a mature content filter or being able to have your comments in replies under someone else's name/ having their name included in the reply. Other than that, it's really hard to complain about the app. If only the creators of this app had another for animation, that would be so spectacular and worth payment. Well, I hope. -PorcelainArmadillo.Version: 2.5.1

New update is being terribeEver since the bar thing on the bottom showed up it’s been glitching everything I can’t even type in the streams with out it glitching constantly and on top of all of that my friend has been having a problem where it glitches a lot and kicks them out and when he goes back to finish it the whole drawing just disappears and normally he would reload to get it back but that feature is gone and we need it back this app is amazing but the new update just messed everything up.Version: 2.9.2

Almost seven years and still the bestI’ve been using Sketch Club app for eight years now and I still think it’s the best drawing app in the store. I’ve tried the others, and there are good ones, but I always come back to this one. It has all the features I need/want and an online community that is friendly, helpful and supportive. From beginner to seasoned artist, Sketch Club offers all the tools you need to create beautiful art. I whole heartedly recommend this app!.Version: 2.9

Fab!! Great app enhanced by a great community!Better than Szechuan! is this blended awesome sauce of an art and community app!! Original review from five years ago remains as true today as it was then, read it, and then buy this app! . . . Sketch Club has a lot of options and versatility and a few tools you won't see in other art apps. It is a great digital art app that gets better with every update. The hands-on developer is always open to suggestions and is active on the clubs community site. Not only is it a great app but the club part of it is outstanding. I've never seen a better site for posting, and getting feedback built off an app. There is a really great community of artists not afraid of sharing tips and tricks. What are you waiting for? I look forward to seeing what you can create!! Look for me, ~DAmiANO.Version: 2.6.1

I LOVE this app!This is the BEST sketching app EVER; the tools are amazing, and there are so many techniques to take your sketch to the next level (textures, backgrounds, filters and more)! Owner is constantly improving the app and is open to suggestions and readily available if you have a question. The Community of artists is helpful and friendly, and the low cost of $2.99 is SO worth the hours of drawing enjoyment an artist gets! I highly recommend this app to those who love to draw!.Version: 2.6.1

Incredible~ update on review⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This app is superior to anything I've found on the market. The continued ability to improve & learn new techniques that can be applied even in traditional format applications (such as canvas and watercolor, pen & ink etc) as well as digital instruction & streams etc really makes this an invaluable tool beyond belief! I use this app on my phone for business to sign documents & on iPad to create presentations/brochures etc It’s a great App Gift for a hobbyist or any aspiring artist!.Version: 2.8.1

My preferred Art AppSketch Club is my go-to art app! I’ve had it for so long, and it is one app that doesn’t ruin itself when it upgrades. It's also very user friendly, and I enjoy that we can view many of the “club members' art,” and even share our own! I have enjoyed other Art apps, but have at times had to delete because of changes the make in their upgrades. Thank you!.Version: 2.10.2

Great app! (Buuut-)First, this app is phenomenal! There's a variety of different brushes and pens to use and the entire program runs extremely well, (Edit: HOWEVER, because of the most recent updates I've had extreme difficulty finding a pen for lineart that I like. Why? Because ALL of the pens have a simplify or smooth setting that automatically makes sure your lines aren't wobbly, which is good for beginners! BUT even if I turn this setting down to 0% (because it's a hassle for me to have on as I like my lines kinda wobbly) the smoothing affect STILL HAPPENS. This is literally the most annoying part about using the pen tool. I've had to stop using all my lineart pens and star using modified Brushes for lineart because their the only tool on the app that down really have the smooth setting. If this was fixed then the app would be perfect! -Animity.Version: 2.8

SketchClub No.1 App!This is my most used, most loved app. It's more than just an's my sanity. And the people using this app have become my family. No matter what walk of life you come from, you become friends with everyone! Everyone encourages you and even though there are competitions, there is never pressure and you never feel like there is a winner or loser! Just really good artists helping one another!.Version: 2.8.1

It’s the bestThis is my go to drawing app. I am not one to write reviews really and normally when they ask I refuse, but this app is underrated and it’s one time fee. Auto desk has gone subscription. SketchClub has so many brushes and backgrounds. It is the best drawing app and I can’t say enough how great it is. You can set it to draw straight lines, squares, and circles. The tracing element is great and the procedural brushes rule. Get SketchClub. If you like to draw, this is the app for you..Version: 2.6.4

Love it!! But...I’ve had Sketchclub for a while now and I absolutely love it. Lately though, whenever I use the select tool, and I move something on my drawing, it becomes blurry and less clean looking after I’m done with it. If there’s any way you could fix this somehow, I would be elated! The select tool has been kind of ruining my drawings lately, so I wanted to leave this review so that maybe it could be fixed. Thank you for reading <3.Version: 2.10

SketchclubMy experience has been life changing for me. The community is extremely helpful and encouraging. It's the first thing I do in the morning while I'm having my coffee. It's about creative expression and challenges. All levels of talent are welcomed. I feel apart of a warm and loving community that makes my day. They honestly have evolved into providing a safe environment for all of us regardless of age. I could go on and on😘😘😘.Version: 2.6.4

Best Mobile Art Tool On Market Since Day OneHaving said that, blackpawn bby, filters are still getting stuck in ios10&11. The problem can be replicated if you have 4K&8K canvas dimensions. it probably has to do with system RAM. running on iphone6 ios11, and ipad mini2 ios10 keep improving an already bombass program and get noticed by more people. can we get the gif maker thing stabilized in future updates thanks art-enablers.Version: 2.6.2

Amazing app!I love this! You can record you drawing and add music! But may I suggest being able to use only a certain part of a song as well as the whole song? Like let’s say I wanted to use a song The was three minutes in total, but I only wanted to use 2:31 - 2:53. Could we have the option of that, and the whole song? Thank you, and have a good day..Version: 2.6.2

I’ve used this app for three years and loved every second of itI love everything, the brush options, the feel of drawing, and being to upload on a nice community. I would totally recommend this to anyone who either draws in their free time a lot or needs somewhere to sketch in relation to work. The community is so sweet and I’ve made some great friends on there, never mind how much it has helped me grow as an artist using constructive criticism and learning techniques from other artists. There are fun challenges and prompts daily to get you thinking and it has all been the best. With the new update everything is so much more sleek and accessible, making my drawing experience ten times better!!.Version: 2.9

Great app, butI want to have custom colors. If you're doing a series or something that has multiple colors and you want to keep it the same, you have to go through your "recent colors" and it's a pain if you want to go back and get one specific color, because it's not in your recents, so you have to go to a previous drawing, color a little with that, then go to your new drawing. If that's added, this app will be perfect.Version: 2.5.1

Simply the best drawing app with bonus social funI love the speed at which I can create and finish art in this app. It's not a contest, but I always pick SketchClub over Procreate when an idea needs to be quicky renewed. It also finishes and exports art nicely in multiple pro formats. The social aspect is also incredibly clean and can inspire what to make with weekly contests, lessons and templates. Get it, you won't regret it..Version: 2.9

Amazing (fan me, account = ✨🖤✨J🅰️cks✨🖤✨I love this app cause it’s kid friendly and everyone on there is very nice, Even though some art that u do may not look good but SketchClub is we’re u can show your art and learn more about the stuff on SketchClub Plus if none makes anything not kid friendly u can make it safe when u upload it And I like that you can make a suggestion for the challenge any day.Version: 2.8.1

Best sketch appAbsolutely the best app for everything from quick sketches to producing good quality creations. All around great app for drawing, painting, and designing. Easy to learn and super easy to use but also has enough features to keep the fine artist or expert engaged and interested. Almost wish the other drawing and design apps were this useful and this user-friendly..Version: 2.10.1

Awesome app!Okay, I SWEAR I'm not a computer. This app is literally the best drawing app I've gotten, EVER. You can share your drawings with the community, a nice one at that, and even print your drawing or design onto a shirt or hoodie. The layout of the different controls and brushes is very easy to understand, and the customizable patterns are nice, too. Overall, a very good app for artists and anyone who would just like to draw..Version: 2.7.1

UnbeatableI've been using this app for almost 4 years now. Through every update, it has been such an amazing tool in my drawing career! Using it, I have improved more and more, and the social aspect of it is such a nice community!! I've tried other free apps like Medibang, and they just don't match up to the quality of Sketch Club. Buy this app, and you will not regret a penny of it!!.Version: 2.5.1

Great app but one suggestionSo this app is really good and I LOVE using it for edits and stuff like that but I have one thing that’s kinda bothers me. Sometimes when I’m drawing a line the line just randomly disappears and it’s frustrating because the line will be perfect but then it disappears and it gets really annoying sometimes. Thank you for reading and have a great day/night!.Version: 2.9.4

Best drawing app with a community. ever.I’ve had sketchclub for well over a year now and i love it so much! my art has improved so quickly thanks to the wonderful tools and helpful community! i’ve made so many friends on this app and i definitely suggest it to any new, experienced, professional, ANY digital artists who just want to vibe and draw!.Version: 2.9.4

Great app and there is a manual in books tooJust in case you need to have more information The art of Sketch Club 💖.Version: 2.10

Beyond Stickmen DrawingsNo major issues with the program been using it for a few years. Solid program platform and no silly monthly subscription fees which only morons would pay..Version: 2.10.2

NvmSo SC I made a mistake that I regret and that is I logged out of my account. I never linked a gmail to my account @thenightsky and I’m not allowed to contact anyone but my friend’s and family. Please tell me the solution please I’m crying right now and I’m not kidding. Edit: I think I’m good and I almost forgot about my review.Version: 2.9.4

Good app but could use some extra features :(I’ve been using this app for a few years now and I enjoy it but I’m wondering if there can be a feature added where you can add clipping masks and drawing assets too like you can with Procreate! :).Version: 2.9.4

A must have for any artist.Love this app. The developer (blackpawn) truly cares about his program and works hard at keeping all of us eccentric artists happy. A 'must have' tool for anyone no matter what skill level..Version: 2.9.4

You guys should bring the stabilizer backI love the app. It is so easy to use and many amazing tools. I’ve used this app for years and it never really disappointed me. I do however wish that they’d bring back the stabilizer. It was an amazing feature that was unique compared to other applications I use. Please developers please update and bring the stabilizer back..Version: 2.9.4

Sketch clubThis is a wonderful app that allows me a vast amount of flexibility and creativity. It has a large selection of tools I can access for all my creative needs and I enjoy the challenges and the artists are all so friendly and helpful!.Version: 2.9

Good but—I have been using SketchClub for years and have always found it to be a solid app especially for my initial sketch work and planning. However, lately I have run into and issues where the app does not respond. Trying to enlarge or reduce the sketch often ends with frustration as the sketch will snap back or fail to respond to my hand gestures. I have also had issue with things disappearing as I draw, sometimes this happens several times before it takes. And, on at least a couple of occasions when this happens the open sketch stops responding and I can no longer add new line or colour work. Prior to 2019 I would have given SketchClub a solid 4 or a soft 5 but the frustration level runs high now whenever I find myself using the app on my iPad Pro..Version: 2.9.3

EditsPersonally i use this app for making edits or headers, but this is also a really good app for drawing. the community is kind and everyone's helpful! ٩( 'ω' )و.Version: 2.9

Sketch clubMy go to app.Version: 2.9

Five starJust purchased the app and tested everything. It suits my needs and I love that it's so easy to use!.Version: 2.8.1

It’s great!I’ve been using it for about 3? Years, very easy to use! 9/10 would recommend for beginners! Though, the only problem with it is that when you use the select tool for the whole layer, the select tool doesn’t go right against the line art :/ it has this awkward space and whenever you fill it in it’ll become very pixel like. Please fix that! -fluffywater_.Version: 2.8.1

Looking for an art app?This is "the one". The art app that you'll get used to and realize it's the best one on the app store. You may try other apps, but you'll keep coming back to this one.. the most useful, very intuitive.. need any help? Just a couple clicks away from a very positive community in which the creator of the app often frequents for any question you could have. Ever growing brush set, great tools, great filter set. This is the app. Coltron.Version: 2.6.3

Never be another you!I love this app! It’s been my bestie for several years now! I will never use another sketching app! This is all the app I’ll ever need!.Version: 2.8

The bestA great drawing app! Lots of easy to use tools, layers, colours. You can see the amazing work other people all over the world have done, and comment on it, and post your drawings for others to see. The developer is an artist and is on the site, so you can get technical support very easily. Plus there are many free tutorials available in the app, made by other users. Try it, you will love it!.Version: 2.8

AmazingI use it for work and fun. Very intuitive. The developer keeps updating the product as well!.Version: 2.7.1

ReliableUgh, I've been using this app for years now and it's actually my best friend on the go. When I'm over seas I use it to draw digitally or colour my traditional sketches. I would definitely recommend to someone as a beginner into digital art. <3.Version: 2.7.1

I LOVE THIS APP!Thank you so much! This app is amazing! I feel like I’m fitting very well into the art community. I use this more than any other app by 44-50% 🤣. Incredible!.Version: 2.7.1

Best app so farHonestly, this is the best app I’ve ever used for digital art. Very useful, and there’s many tools to use for different effects and textures. One thing to add though, maybe a select and move tool would be useful? Maybe even a adjust tool? Just in case something isn’t in the right place and you just want to move it a bit and resize it. Everything else is good!.Version: 2.7.1

The bestHands down the best overall illustration app on iOS, handily superior to any and everything Adobe and auto desk have released to date on iOS.Version: 2.7

PhenomenalHis so without a doubt one of the best creation apps for iPhone or iPad. It takes a little getting used to, BUT ITS WORTH IT. On top of its creative abilities, the community that it’s developed and which it supports is both inspiring and nurturing. 10/10 must have app..Version: 2.6.3

Some crashing :(I love this app more than anything in the universe but lately it’s been crashing and messing with my data, it won’t save my drawings and sometimes there’s a big white square over my picture, almost as if it’s erased. It sucks, please update so this’ll go away!!! I miss drawing!!!.Version: 2.6.3

Best drawing App everI love SketchClub, best drawing App ever!.Version: 2.6

Pro + ConAmazing app! I absolutely love it. But please add pen pressure.Version: 2.6.3

A little help?I don't want the color bar out currently. Although I like it and will use it in the future I currently do not want to use it and it seems I can't get rid of it? If that's the case please make a way to hide the color bar if we want because it's a little annoying always having it covering somewhere on my phone screen..Version: 2.6.3

Best drawing app with frequent upgrades!!!The primary reason I purchased an iPad was for drawing and sketching, and this app is the BEST tool for the task. I have most of the other drawing apps installed, and some are very robust and sophisticated, but Sketchclub is the easiest app to start sketching immediately while still being able to achieve a high production quality level, bar none..Version: 2.5.1

The art tools are amazing and so are the peopleThis is by far my favourite way to sketch. It has so many tools, I haven't even used them all yet and it's been months. It allows me to create photo like reproductions without any mess. I can take high quality art tools with me everywhere. The community of artists are welcoming and friendly. This is definitely an app to check out!.Version: 2.5.1

Amazing/Imagination stirring appProbably one of the best apps out there for those that fancy drawing or even viewing creative art, I've been using this app for years now!.Version: 2.5.1

Great, but ...This app is really good! But the recent update included some sort of bar of colours that are, frankly, very annoying. I can't speak for all the Sketch Club users but it's pretty much useless. EDIT: okay i'm actually SHOOK i didn't know maybe i should actually read the instructions before reviewing apps at frickin' 4am.Version: 2.5.1

Real goodIt's a nice place to share your work with other artists and keep your head above artists block with the daily challenges :-)) Lotsa different drawing mediums you can edit and experiment with and layers man. Layers are fantastic. Artists range from the professional hobby artists and the just-opened-their-eyes beginners <33.Version: 2.5.1

It's awesomeIt's 👍🏻.Version: 2.4.4

UGHMy completed art has gone missing, cant find it. Pretty mad!!! Spent about 1/2 hours on it and i didnt even save it!!!!!.Version: 2.4.4

Best app ever!!Worth every dollar! As an artist, i use this app every day! Good job!.Version: 2.4.4

GoodAs a professional artist myself, the app is very good. It has a different feel and look to other sketching apps and lots of ways to make marks. I use other apps along side this. Recommend. Hope the developer changes the app icon though to something more clean and aesthetic..Version: 2.4.4

I love this appI thoroughly enjoyed creating art with this app..Version: 2.4.4

You had me at "Sketchy ...."I have used numerous drawing programs, some of which I have been loyal to for years. Along came Sketch Club. "Sure, I'll try anything once," I thought. "Can't possibly be any different than anything else I have used." BOY WAS I WRONG!! I practically squealed with delight (fortunately in my mind - out loud would have been trés embarrassing). The first tool I used was Sketchy ... and my life was suddenly lifted to a brand new astral plane. Who was the genius who came up with that tool! And it is not the only genius tool in the box. Alright! I am having Sketchy withdrawal, so I've got to go! Get this app and play with Sketchy. I dare you to put you iPad down again! :-) Arno.Version: 2.4.3

Awesome gameSick.Version: 2.4.3

ExcellentJe n'ai eu aucune restriction de se que je voulais faire avec cette application dessin, vraiment excellent choix pour les dessinateurs en herbe ou pro, 👍👍👍.Version: 2.4.3

LOVE THIS APPBest drawing app ever !! I love it so much !! :3.Version: 2.3.2

Failing streamsSo I tried to stream but it keeps on freezing or crashing You see, when I stream with the canvas only, it freezes and the viewers can only see either blank or a still image and even when I'm drawing and they don't know that! And I would like to add about the full view canvas, for me it crashed about like 100 times and only works for a few minutes until I have to start the whole stream again. Not happy tonight..Version: 2.4.2

Amazing app, but..This is an amazing app, recommend to anyone. But maybe they should add an option for anti-aliasing? I'm really used to Anti-Aliasing and when I use the bucket it makes this line of white. Other than that. Amazing app..Version: 2.4.1

Fix the pinching zoom glitch!I have been using this app for over 2 years and i Love it! But recently it was updated and now when i pinch and zoom it freaks out and goes across the screen then to the center, then to the top then bottom. Etc. I hate it and you need to fix it! (Using iPod 5).Version: 2.4

Best Art App I've Ever SeenThis app is awesome not only does it have a amazing layout and global sharing for your created art but you can easily record and save to YouTube or your photos. Unlike how before it was very difficult for me to record my drawing and create them now it's so easy. I would recommend this app to any of my friends..Version: 2.2.1

Update is crapThe app was better before the latest update. the new double tap undo makes me constantly undo stuff by accident, the way the marker draws and the eraser erases is awful due to the annoying fade effect, and when i transform layers it always makes it larger and doesn't let me enlarge/minimize the way i want to. fix these issues please!.Version: 2.3.1

The bestLove this app no other like this. I been using it for 3 years.Version: 2.2.1

This app is amazingReal vectors would be nice though.Version: 2.2

Oh myThis program is so awesome. the mirror effect is worth it alone. kudos.Version: 2.2

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 2.10.4

What do you think Sketch Club ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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