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The Stars Have Aligned: Paramount+ is the new streaming home of SHOWTIME. When you subscribe to Paramount+, you get A Mountain of Entertainment with tens of thousands of full episodes—including favorites from CBS, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Comedy Central, BET, MTV and Smithsonian Channel—plus exclusive shows, brand-new originals, and live sporting events like UEFA Champions League and the NFL on CBS. Want even MORE to explore? Get the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan for ad-free streaming and all your SHOWTIME favorites.

- Watch full episodes on demand from hit series like Survivor, NCIS, SpongeBob SquarePants, Ink Master and more! (Plus, it’s all ad-free with the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan.*)
- Obsess over originals. Watch subscriber-only originals such as Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, iCarly, 1923, Criminal Minds: Evolution, Wolf Pack and Tulsa King.
- Get the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan to stream award-winning movies, originals like Billions, The Chi, Dexter and Yellowjackets, both SHOWTIME East and West live, as well as fan-favorite sports like Bellator MMA and SHOWTIME Championship Boxing.
- Make every night a movie night with blockbuster hits and fan-favorite films from Paramount Pictures, MGM and more.
- Access 24/7 live streams with around-the-clock news coverage on CBS News, scores + highlights on CBS Sports HQ and entertainment news on Mixible, plus 20 live channels of curated favorites.
- Create up to 6 individual profiles for each member of your household. Have kids? Use our Kids Mode profile feature.
- Watch live sports like NFL on CBS & UEFA Champions League.
- Stream your local, live CBS station (Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan only).
- Catch the best in live events including NCAA March Madness, The Masters Tournament, The GRAMMYs and more (Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan only).
- Download and watch offline* (Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan only).

Try Paramount+ FREE now. After your trial, it’s only $5.99/month or $59.99/year for the Essential plan, or $11.99/month or $119.99/year for the ad-free Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan.*

Download the app now to get started.

*Live TV includes commercials and select shows have promotional interruptions. Downloaded content is accessible for earlier of 30 days from date of download or 48 hours from start of playback. Content availability subject to change. Please note use of the Paramount+ app is limited to the United States. Paramount+ promotional offers for new subscribers only. Live TV subject to availability. Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Other restrictions apply.

Your subscription will automatically renew after any applicable promotional period and your Apple ID account will be charged the subscription price on a recurring basis until you cancel. You can cancel your subscription at any time through your Apple ID account settings. If you cancel your subscription, the cancellation will go into effect at the end of your current subscription period, as applicable. You will have continued access to the Paramount+ Service for the remainder of your paid subscription period.

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please visit for more information.

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Paramount+ App Comments & Reviews

Paramount+ Positive Reviews

Love this app!!Srsly the movies that are available on Paramount + are amaaaazing!!!! Some of them, a lot of them premier here and only here & theaters & w COVID etc we haven’t been for years but this app enables you to stay current and experience the new hits at the same time. it’s soooo worth it. This app is soooooo worth it. Taking the family to the movie theater is like 10x’s the price of Paramount +’s monthly cost. This app is so worth it. Has the best new releases and I love that I am able to see these new hit releases and stay in the comfort of our home & best part—- save a ton of $!!!! Aside from the amazing movie selection, and new releases Paramount+ has, their tv show selection is also awesome and makes it well well worth the price. I know it can get to be extremely expensive w paying for cable, and then each additional tv app as well, it adds up, but Paramount + is never an option to get rid of. Everything I need is on Paramount +!! Paramount + is one of the favorites by far!!! Awesome selection across the board. If u haven’t subscribed yet—- try it out!!!!! U will not regret it and it will not be one of the subscriptions that u pay for each month and rarely if ever watch anything on. At Paramount + you will find urself coming bck to watch their selection alllllll the time!!! Plus they are usually running a special for a free month or some deal so u can try it b4 paying the monthly fee n see for urself!!! U will agree, SO SO worth it!!.Version: 14.0.22

I feel like we were heard.OK, last night I made sure all my downloads were set up for a trip that I had planned. I’ll be watching a lot of shows on flight. I like the Paramount+ app because of the Content. I reviewed this app a couple weeks ago giving a negative review because of the poor streaming quality and the download functionality, and glitches when you are downloading. The app review team responded saying that they would forward my review to the development team. I have since read bunch of the other low star reviews stating the same complications and issues. I think last night my phone must’ve automatically updated this app. It said that it was a newly released update one day ago. Unfortunately, that means that it deleted all of my shows for some reason. As you can imagine, I was very frustrated and thinking that I would have to wait for hours while it downloaded episodes again, but I can say that the download functionality has increased exponentially. You’re able to easily select multiple episodes at a time to download and you can navigate away from the app and it will still download. The speed that it will download multiple episodes at the same time has increased quite a bit. Overall it’s a fantastic update. So I am putting a five star review on here now. Thanks for hearing what we had to say and responding..Version: 14.0.78

Crashing AppI was really excited to have this app when I first got paramount plus several months ago on my phone as it would give me a chance to watch movies and shows when I’m doing work without have to turn on my laptop to watch or plug my laptop into my TV with an HDMI cable if I wasn’t using the main TV that was logged into paramount plus. However, in the last 3 to 4 months, this app has done nothing but crash. I have done everything I can think of from updating the app when it needs to be updated, uninstalling it and reinstalling it, and turning my phone on and off. I have tried looking up solutions on the Internet, but they either weren’t very helpful or I wasn’t able to perform the solutions that other people have said might work. With all of the fixes that have been going on in the updates provided, the one thing that has not been fixedIs the crashing of the app on an iPhone. I can’t watch anything without the app crashing two seconds into a TV show or a movie. I then have to constantly re-open the app and find out where I left off in a TV show or movie because it doesn’t restart where I left off. Oh no it starts me from the very beginning and I have to find out where I left off. With all of the updates that are being done I hope that you take a look at the app crashing because that is the biggest issue I have with this and itd be nice to be able to watch something on my phone without it crashing on me every two seconds..Version: 8.0.40

Stability on all platformsI love paramount+, i upgraded to no ads, canceled 2 other subscriptions i had with other streaming platforms because it’s on here and updated in seasons and i watch paramount on a lot of devices. but for the life of it, it does not work on playstation 4. i don’t know if this is where i write that review but it NEVER loads. it sits on the screen and glitches between pause and play. i even upgraded my network and got another one for 5G use because i learned that it’s very good for gaming as well and there was a visible notice on my applications and updates running really smooth using my new wifi, but still not on paramount+ so i recognized it probably wasn’t my playstation or wifi. i still give this 5 stars because this is technically an app for specifically apple, but this is for people that watch on more than one device. an account with ads is still okay, i used that time to use the bathroom, get food, etc, but i just like ad free shows and it’s good for the price. most of the ads promote more of their shows as well and i watched some through those ads so they’re not all boring. closed captions is sometimes wrong, sometimes doesn’t line up, but it’s not for all shows, for me, only criminal minds..Version: 14.0.49

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP-10/10 YOU HAVE TO ATLEAST DO THE TRIALOk sooo I originally just got the app for the trial and was gonna cancel it because I honestly just wanted to binge watch the new iCarly show, mind you I am now almost on my three month subcription. Now I haven’t had it for long but I do plan on keeping it for a very long time, the first time I noticed I was gonna like it was in the beginning when they let you click three shows out of all their selections and honestly just looking at their listings, allll the shows are all very good shows I’ve heard about and had been wanting to watch. So I already finished watched the new iCarly, absolutely loved it, right now I’m on the neighborhood and oh my gosh it is now def in my top 3 sitcoms 🥹need I say more, highly recommend it, and there’s sooo much more shows I’m so looking forward to watching like Reno 911 etc so I invite you guys to definitely try paramount+ bc it’s actually one of my fave streaming apps rn 🙌 only complaint I would have is that it has ads at the very end of some shows and so I’m like I’m not gonna watch a 2 minute ad to watch a 1 minute snippet of what’s left of the show but when I do I enjoy those little snippets so I’m just sad that I have to miss out on those.Version: 14.0.64

Pleasantly Surprised…So we downloaded the app probably about two months ago for Yellowstone and 1883. Caught up on some others and then kind of forgot about it for a couple of weeks. Went back to watch 1883 and nothing would play. Had an error message saying couldn’t stream to our region. Now I live in Hawaii but we are still part of the good old US of A so I didn’t understand the issue. Thought maybe it was just a hiccup, but, nay, it continued. I looked up how to possibly reset and fix it but nothing worked from the FAQ page. I will admit we were a bit frustrated and after reading the reviews I thought we were done with the app. Now at this point you all are wondering why I gave 4 stars and how I was “pleasantly surprised“. I called their customer service and my rep went into the account and reset our account. She told me to wait a couple of hours before I try again and she would also submit a query to the tech department. She had me give her all the info that came up in my account settings page and even the model of my Apple TV. Now it didn’t come up after the two hours or even later that night, but next day, today, it is working beautifully. Mahalo (a proper Hawaiian thank you) Paramount+ for the great shows and the excellent customer service!.Version: 8.0.47

Needs a lot of workI have to say this app is crummy…first off you have to watch the slow paramount logo come on all the time and in between shows. Second of all it doesn’t play well on airplay with Apple TV. Constantly stops working. The biggest and most annoying thing is trying to fast forward. Almost all the time when you fast forward more than 2/3 of a program it gets way glitchy and will not actually load that far. You can scroll through and see the images of that part but when you click to make it play on that part it won’t. And sometimes it won’t even scroll and show the end of the program…it is like you can only get 1/2 or so and no more. It’s hard to explain but I am just really sick and tired of this app. Oh and when you have to fast forward to the part where you were before because maybe your internet cut out or something…it makes you watch more commercials…it doesn’t save your last watched spot. Stupid and poor planning. There are a dozen little things that other apps have to customize them like saving your settings for always having closed captioning on!!! I mean seriously!-I am hard of hearing it’s not like sometimes I need it…let me save it to ALWAYS AND FOREVER have CC on! 🤬 GET WITH THE TIMES PARAMOUNT! It’s like a little old lady who never used an app made this app! 🤪.Version: 14.0.74

Crashes, loses spot, makes you watch unnecessary commercialsIf I could give this app 0 stars, I would. When I use this app with Chromecast, it constantly crashes and not only does the app crash, it causes my Chromecast to crash as well. Then when everything comes back up, it doesn’t start your show at the same spot AND makes you watch commercials before it even starts at the wrong spot, then chances are you’re gonna have to fast forward thru a scheduled commercial break and then you’re gonna have to wait for those as well. It’s ridiculous. Such a horrible bug needs to be fixed and be fixed NOW. Then there’s the horrible lack of certain content. If people are paying for this service, ALL of the CBS library should be available. I imagine a lot of people want a CBS service so they can watch shows like The Big Bang Theory. Welp. Sorry. YOU ONLY GET 5 EPISODES. Are you kidding me? One of their most popular shows and you can only watch the last 5 episodes?? Do your fans a favor and give them the content they want instead of asking for more money on top of the money you already ask for the streaming service. Horrible..Version: 4.20.1

Decent but could be better.lParamount+ offers so many dope shows and movies, but has far too many issues as far as how the application functions and the amount of ads this platform shows viewers. The issues that I’ve run into the most as far as how the app functions are that it just randomly bugs out and force stops itself regardless of the device that I try and use it on. It also constantly refuses to load content, simply just stays on the loading screen with the logo forever. This streaming platform compared to others also just plays far too many ads in general. I understand that ads could be important in how they continue to fund the platform. In my experience in trying to watch one episode of any show there are at-least 4 or more ad breaks with up to 4-5 30 second to a minute ads. I really hope that they find a way to improve this as it makes me as a viewer less interested in the content that I am not only trying to watch but am also paying for. Another issue that I’ve noticed is that the closed captions are terrible. They not only lag far behind dialogue but there are many times there are zero captions at all. I’m not even hearing impaired and it frustrates me. I cannot imagine how difficult it is for viewers who are. Please if anything fix the issue with the captions.Version: 14.0.74

Coding is good….but…The coding for the app is good on all of the platforms (iOS, ipad os and tvOS). The app is stable, video streams are stable, no buffering, and audio and video are always in sync. But when you pay for a service, I think it’s also important to comment on the purchased content. What frustrates me about Paramount (Viacom, CBS, or whatever it’s called these days) os that the company has a very fractured licensing, and distribution model across all of its brands. As an example, when CBS All Access merged into Paramount+ the news releases said the parent company (again, whatever name it goes by these days) was bringing all of the brands under one hood (i.e. Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, etc…) Then there is the Viacom brand VH1. Viacom puts some VH1 content only in the VH1 app and some content in the Paramount+ app. For example, Drag Race All Stars 6 was distributed only on the Paramount+ app but the regular Season 14 is only in the VH1 app. And just this week, Drag Race All Stars 7 was announced and with that announcement the press release said All Stars 7 would only be on Paramount+. This is frustrating for a consumer who is paying for the Paramount+ subscription to figure out between all of the Viacom companies which app has which content. Why does Viacom flip and flop on which app they will release content on?.Version: 8.0.54

Would Love some updates.To start out with, I am blind. Some of these suggestions I’m sure A Lot of your subscribers would appreciate as well though. Would be very useful if you were able to swipe up or down on the current position when you’re watching something and that would go forward or back a certain percentage instead of having to fast forward or rewind only 10 seconds at a time if you wanted to move forward or back several minutes. Especially when the end credits of some TV shows might take as long as a minute and a half to two minutes every episode and there’s No button to skip to the next episode that appears when the end credits show up. When a movie gets over, another movie starts. Would be nice if there was a way to turn that off. Can you make it so you can Remove stuff from your continue watching? Maybe have someone thoroughly check out the app on an iPhone with voiceover on from start to finish with what it takes to download subscribe and set up a profile and go through the Home Screen and anything else a user would do in the app to find things you could make more user friendly. Any consideration would be greatly appreciated. I hope you didn’t get rid of the enjoy before they’re gone heading. I haven’t had it since early June..Version: 14.0.68

It’s good, but improvements can be made.Ok so, I really hate how when my phone can’t connect to the internet “fatal error” pops up. It makes me think that there’s something wrong with my phone. Then it’s annoying when I realize it just cant connect to the internet. It’d be much better for me if it just said “error”. I also don’t enjoy the adds. If there is something on this that I want to watch, I want to watch that. Not the adds. Also, if the thing the adds are showing was something I’d want to watch, I’ll find it. I don’t need and add taking up my time, because I only have so much untill I need to go to sleep. Also, my parents do this thing were they limit screen time. It puts a block on every app. There’s a password that they can put in it so I can do whatever on that app. Whenever my parents do that to this, it freezes on the blue screen. Then I have to exit, and go back in to the app. And finally, I really hate how there isn’t a search bar. It’s annoying to me, because then I have to scroll though A, then B, then C, when I want to find something new. I just think that if there was a search bar, things might be easier. This app isn’t great right now, but if you fix some of these things, I think it would be easier for everyone. Thank you for listening..Version: 14.0.44

The app is pretty good, except when paying full price in still getting adsLet me be clear I do enjoy your app enough that I paid for the Showtime as well as a year subscription. What I don’t like is that I still have ads and yes, I know it says no ads except live TV which I can except for the live TV, but it also says, and a few shows now a few shows every show I watch seems to have ads in it. That doesn’t seem like a few shows to me. Now has for the ads themselves one ad at the beginning of the show OK fine but you’re putting four or five ads in some of them are really long, in the middle of the show when I’m pain for the highest paid plan, come on. I’m beginning to think that all your shows have ads regardless of your plan or subscription. I cannot in good conscience give you more than three stars and even that is only because I enjoy the Contant of which you offer with your app. Please fix your ads that’s just too much when you’re paying that kind of money. And I know it’s not just me because I seen the other reviews. Everybody’s complaining about your ads. I’m dating this August 18, 2023. To see how long it takes you to give good results so that everybody knows exactly when I wrote this review, so in conclusion fix your ads.Version: 14.0.76

Great options, poor qualityI have paramount for my PS4. I’ve had it for a few months now, and it’s just ok. The selection of shows is wonderful, however I have an issue with a very specific glitch. Throughout certain shows, the dialogue will go back 5 seconds and repeat itself. The show keeps rolling with the now delayed dialogue. It eventually skips over the forward dialogue causing you to miss some of what was being said in your show. It’s a constant throughout the show and it does get very annoying. Also, it’s plagued with commercials which also are delayed. The advertisement countdown comes on at the top left of the screen randomly, but it doesn’t go to commercial break. It just has an advertisement countdown while your watching your show. At the end of that countdown, then it goes to commercial. Something else that’s strange, is that for the first two or three months of having this app, I only had a commercial at the beginning of the show, and then no more. Now, it’s full of ads. I understand some ads and I’m fine with that, but Jesus Christ. They are long commercial breaks and there are multiple throughout the show. Like I said, it’s not horrible. It just has some glitches. I’m sure they will be worked out in the future..Version: 8.0.22

Love it but can you change one thingI really love paramount + because it has all kinds of shows and movies I can’t watch anywhere else but the only thing I would change is how it is when you just press the home button. You know how apps like Netflix or Disney + have it where when you go to the Home Screen and other apps it will have the little screen in a corner that is still playing the show/movie even if your not in the app that provides the show or movie? That’s what I want for paramount +. It would make things a lot easier for when say I have to look something up or something like that. I don’t want to have to get off of the show to do something small while I’m super invested in what’s happening. I really hope you take this suggestion and put it in your next update. ❤️❤️❤️ Also I have never had any of the problems so many people are complaining like idiots about. Whenever I watch paramount + on tv or on my phone, I have no problems at all. The most problems I had with it was that it skips a couple of seconds into a new episode..Version: 8.0.22

Not up to standardsWhat goes through my mind every time I open this app for ios, or the TV version (LG) is that the folks who designed this app tech never watched Netflix. After many years, Netflix got it right and these guys (Paramount) somehow thought it was a good idea to start from scratch. It’s a very heavy app, so your network speed needs to be stellar at all times or it will buffer every few seconds (Netflix circa 2017). It doesn’t remember shows in a series that you’ve already watched, so if you forget which one you are on, you have to scroll through all of them and guess. It does sort of remember the one you were watching last only on the main screen of the show, but when you click Episodes, you always start at season 1, episode 1 even if the last episode you watched was season 6, episode 24 (again, the developers never watched netflix apparently). However, since they removed all of their shows from other streaming networks, if you like Star Trek or Frazier, you have no choice but to deal with it (and pay for it, of course). Very substandard in the most basic things, but I’m sure they will eventually get it right and make the app experience as enjoyable as the the content..Version: 14.0.26

Worst streaming app I’ve ever used…. But it has Star TrekSo I’ve paid for the no ads version of this app for about a year. This is the only streaming service I use currently, and it is by far the worst streaming app I’ve ever used by technical standpoint. Navigating the app is confusing, it crashes often, sometimes doesn’t save what you’re watching, plays shows out of order occasionally, autoplay doesn’t really work, and despite paying for the no ads version multiple ads will play before my show about half the time (but you can skip them by reloading). And today I found out they’re raising price by $20 while seemingly doing nothing to make the user experience better (maybe they are but I haven’t seen any improvement). The only reason why I’m giving 3 stars and not 1 is because paramount + has all of the Star Trek shows, new and old. I absolutely love Star Trek and it’s great to watch the new series and have all of them in one place. I’m very grateful for the fact that they’ve had a huge part in the creation of new Star Trek shows and that means I will continue to use this service. I just wish they cared more about the experience of the people paying to use this app :/.Version: 14.0.76

I AM IN MY GLORY.....!Since yesterday, when I discovered this app...I have watched, back to back a TV SERIES that I had resigned myself to miss. It’s happened before; if I cannot afford’s not for me. Dispute intense regret, I waved good bye to the ad on my ipad. When I saw the ad and went further into it, I was amazed. No 67, I’m still a child of the universe and STAR TREK arriving in my life in 1966, was a “me’ changer. I literally covered the back of my bedroom door with photos from the TV GUIDE AND ANY I could con from Desilu..I attended the New York CONS! There is way more to this story, but that’s not for here. HERE, I will sing the praises of finding EVERY STAR TREK MOVIE, SHOW, TRAILERS and something called STAR TREK SHORTS. Short, wonderful pieces that bring you back to your (mine,too) first stunned, breathless moments when your realization that there COULD be something better for the Human race. If you are a TREKKIE, TREKKER, OR just watch for understand. The 100,000 of fans are not just good luck....we understand. If YOU DON’T understand; here is where you will! Oh, there are a ton of other shows I intend to ‘exploit’ when I need a break from the Federation....come and see!.Version: 7.3.10

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