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You must be 18+ to access this game. This game does not offer gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at gambling.
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Why Big Fish?
- We’ve got the WIDEST VARIETY of free -social casino-style games available – including virtual PROGRESSIVE, SCATTER and JACKPOT slot games!
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- Tournaments – Play daily FREE and HIGH ROLLER tournaments that offer virtual chip rewards to the top players
- Daily Spin – Spin the wheel every day to receive FREE VIRTUAL CHIPS
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Big Fish Casino: Slots App Comments & Reviews

Big Fish Casino: Slots Positive Reviews

Positive review😊Good job! If yоu want to рlay at the bеst online casino with moneу withdrawаl, then go to YouTubе аnd write this wоrd in the search: YDK765. There will be a video with the best casino, the link to the casino will be under the video.. Let me start off and say that this is my first review and probably will be my only review of an app. I cannot express how much boredom and time this game has killed for me.I’ve had many accounts over several different phones so it’s my number one time killer. This app is very well put together and has events to get the community involved. If you are looking for a game that has slot machine fun then this is it. The slots have good odds and run smoothly which can keep anyone glued to their phone. I will say this though, although the slots seem to be getting upgrades with sleeker slot machines and events to go with them being added very frequently, it seems as the developers have forgotten about their other casino games. The Texas Hold’em game seems as if hasn’t had an update in three years. It just looks clunky on the newer phone screens. I’m not saying it is unplayable but it does bother me a bit having two thick black lines on the top and bottom of my screen. I wish that the developers would take a little time work on the other games to make them as sleek as the slot machines. I would recommend this app to any and everyone whether your a beginner or seasoned veteran..Version: 14.1.2

Best Slots machine app out thereLet me start off and say that this is my first review and probably will be my only review of an app. I cannot express how much boredom and time this game has killed for me.I’ve had many accounts over several different phones so it’s my number one time killer. This app is very well put together and has events to get the community involved. If you are looking for a game that has slot machine fun then this is it. The slots have good odds and run smoothly which can keep anyone glued to their phone. I will say this though, although the slots seem to be getting upgrades with sleeker slot machines and events to go with them being added very frequently, it seems as the developers have forgotten about their other casino games. The Texas Hold’em game seems as if hasn’t had an update in three years. It just looks clunky on the newer phone screens. I’m not saying it is unplayable but it does bother me a bit having two thick black lines on the top and bottom of my screen. I wish that the developers would take a little time work on the other games to make them as sleek as the slot machines. I would recommend this app to any and everyone whether your a beginner or seasoned veteran..Version: 13.2.2

My overview of your casinoI have met very nice people on your site. I like the games. You remove quickly people who are very insulting. Your updates are good. Your win loss ratios per spins are lousiest I’ve seen. And that’s towards our loss. Your game gets stuck rolling and rolling. It finally stops or it goes back to your face page and I start over; I always loose my bet. When I go to the vault to get coins, I push the button and for some reason coins are lost. I manually keep track of my coins. This is the reason I don’t buy coins, and the fact that you don’t tell people what a coin is worth. I can go to other sites and win 75 million coins on a spin. A billion coins when winning a big spin. They give 350,000 free coins per hour. Your tiny pittance of 12,500 to get extra coins is insulting. Other sites tell you the value and I have bought coins and won. I would rather travel to gaming sites and get better odds. Yes, it’s a game of chance, if our odds are so bad people walk away. If you check your sites on our comment lines, people have called this site a joke and a ripoff. I have 12 to 15 friends I introduced to this site. They all left but one. Betting is our choice, but walking away from impossible odds is ours as well. Thank you..Version: 10.9.6

Loosen up your games, don’t make people feel we are losers because losing too many , win littleI understand BF wants to make money by selling your chips to players. But BF is so tough on letting people win yet lose like a bankrupt players. Doesn’t make it fun to play if BF’s intention is to let players lose more win a tiny bit, and your selling chips is cost too much to purchase. I have paid more than thousand $to buy your chips since I joined to BF, but I don’t want to pay any more because my money worth nothing when come to lose my chips like flush toilet, and it feel sucked. Many chips beggars asking for help because they can’t afford to buy your ridiculous none sense expensive chips yet it worth Nothing. Please loosen up your games , let players has a sense of fun to win and increase value of buyers paying chips. $100 for 45M, or $100M doesn’t mean much at all I could easily lose them by betting max if the wheel is a big shark. Increase value of paid chips will generate players to buy. Last thing, your feedback reward is pathetic only 50K, common BF, one spin can let 50K disappear like blink my eyes. BF is way too cheap and stingy and what for? You want people’s feedback about your new game but rearward a tiny that makes BF so shameful!.Version: 12.0.0

Addictive. RidiculousBasically this game is very addictive and it’s fun because it’s multiplayer. You can play while chatting with people. that’s why people play this game for years. Because you make friends. They make is hard to win and do well. They sell chips for super expensive. Actual money. So why you might ask, when you’re not considered “rich” on this game unless you have over 100 million chips do they sell chips for insane amounts of money? The answer is because people buy them. People spend incredible amounts of money on this game for chips with no actual real world value. A person could easily spend $100 in chips and lose it in a minute. But people are addicted to playing and buying chips. And so the creators of this game make that their main focus. Getting people to spend chunks of their retirement savings, kids college savings, grocery money, etc on fake chips with absolutely no value. There’s even other parts of the game which people mainly use to socialize, such as poker and blackjack. So they don’t even bother updating those games. Because they make money off of people’s addictions to slots. It’s remarkable, insane and ridiculous..Version: 10.9.4

Playing for about 4 years(Edit. I’m still never buying chips but even if I did, its an app, not a real casino. I get plenty with daily and hourly bonuses and up to over a mil in leveling up. If you need more than that you are playing too much and need a life) Never bought chips so as far as game developers they probably don’t like my type. Also play the sister one Jackpot magic. Same but smaller bets. I find this game the most fun of all of them. I actually like that it is a bit cartoonish and not trying to be exactly like known slots. Each game has an extra. Like 3 bonuses or a shared pot, or special rounds, free spins etc. The timed bonuses come up enough that if you wait to the next day you have plenty to start with. After all more money is just more zeros and commas. Just pretend its more. What’s the diff? I’m not saying dont pay to play but if you do you can’t rag the developers. Any real casino you are paying for every spin! Besides that. I also have a life. If online that much to complain? You need other interests.Version: 11.2.0

Not a happy camperI have been playing for a couple months. I’ve spent more money on this “free” casino than I care to even admit but because I am exactly the kind of person this game is for apparently. The game app people are greedy and the prices for the small amount coins you get is ridiculous, but so is actually paying money to win fake money. The graphics and music are colorful and some catchy.. but sounds are on all the games are pretty much the exact same. It’s almost impossible to get a large payout because you need to bet high and when you do you never win and bonus is hardly ever there when you need em.. I play tons of casino slot games online. Lucky Win and Cash Mania are way better and you win all the time. I am not being a sore loser or upset Because I didn’t win a billion dollars- it’s too hard to level up and there are hardly any bonus games. Lighten up Big Fish— maybe try letting your slots win once in a while.. right now it doesn’t feel that fun sorry..Version: 10.9.6

Yes i love this appThe company keeps a good job keeping the new games refreshed and interesting ! All the games are so different and have wonderful themes and ways to play. That keeps the games interesting and fun instead of always playing g the same thing like canary crush. I love how they come up with new ideas with the side activities like the sports challenge picking a team. The changes with the clubs are fun too and I like how the leaders get to make their own rules for their club like personalizing it. That makes the social part of this app fun and I’ve made life long friends on here !!! I’m starting to get to know my host and she’s a sweetheart I can tell she’s a true down to earth person and wants me to have fun here playing she respects me as a person and customer. Of course the only bad thing are the odds giggling but I bet everybody complains about that lol. I love this app and get excited waking up seeing w the next game, activity or etc is next. Thank you !.Version: 10.9.3

App is fine. Fun if you play it the right way.This app is fine. I’ve been on it a little over a year, and log in about once per night. I don’t play obsessively. After a few weeks of playing, I made a minimal purchase of chips or something just to get rid of ads, which worked. The key is to slow-play with lower bets in the slots. Maybe not the minimum, but not high. Over time, as you build your base, you can increase your bets. If you play auto-spin, just don’t make huge bets and do check on it every few minutes (and only some of the slots let you go very long without touching the screen, anyway). Over time there are cold streaks and hot streaks; you just have to pay attention to not lose your rear when on a cold snap. And getting too aggressive with bets when on a hot streak can backfire. Just stay consistent and pay attention. Without too many irreparable cold streaks and an equal or greater number of hot streaks, I’ve built up to about $110 million. When I want to just autospin, I do $50K bets on Lightning Wheel (my go-to slot). When I spin myself, I do maybe $125K unless I see I’m ice-cold after a little while. I think the only way to lose out is by being way too aggressive, blowing funds with big bets on other games (I guess if you’re good at hold em, have at it), or just not paying attention. It’s a fun way to mindlessly veg out while hanging out or watching tv..Version: 10.9.2

LOOSEN UP PLEASEThe virtual casino is a fun concept. But it seems since it was sold the new owners tightened the wins & pushed the need to buy chips. If your using bill money to buy fake chips and keep loosing, why not go to a REAL casino and spend the money there? People are LEAVING Big Fish. Cannot afford to LOOSE REAL money like this. A win more often would boost morale. Read some of the profile pictures. Ppl are unhappy and leaving. If you chase them away, NO BODY has fun...😒 Today BF solicited me for a review. So they ARE LISTENING... 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Thanks! I hope you loosen up the wins. It IS A GOOD CONCEPT and A FUN GAME... But prove it to the players BF.. *** I have the chance for a SECOND REVIEW. The players I play with are in quarantine now. So with less money and no jobs, a win for them would be huge. I’m hearing the same thing. Want to just leave. Stay for the friendships, tired of loosing, but buy buy to loose faster, they want to leave BF. What BF is doing is not inspiring morale. Missing an opportunity to show empathy during the pandemic. 😷.Version: 12.4.0

Big Fish CasinoI gave wrong review because I was a little teed off. This is a real fun game. You win some and you lose some. I really enjoy playing the game. Nice way to pass the time. I like playing the game and like the graphics. Nice way to pass the time when you can not get out. I still like playing the game and the new games are nice, but still waiting for the chips I bought and have not received yet. Love the games, would like to win more though. The games and graphics are very nice. Being as I can't get out due to very bad back the games are the next best thing to being able to go out to casinos and an otherwise enjoyable way to pass the time. I also like the new games. Love playing the games. The new games are nice and I won a few mini jackpots. Still enjoying playing the games. I just won $100,000 on the Big Fish Casino Easter Giveaway. Thank you Big Fish, I just won $20,000 free chips, thank you! I just won $10,000 free chips, thank you! I just won $10,Ooo free chips, thank you! I just won $10,000 free chips, thank you!I I just won $10,000 free chips, thank you! I like the game but cannot seem to progress any farther. It seems like I buy chips and then lose them. Would be nice to win and keep them, but I enjoy playing the game..Version: 10.5.0

Good, bad, and frustratingThis app has its fun parts involved like Texas hold ‘em, blackjack, roulette, and their creative slots. But I’ve been playing these games for well over 3 years now and I feel like it’s bringing more frustrations than fun recently mostly on their slots. The slots have begun to be designed very well, however, there’s nothing different about the spin itself. All 25 lines and up, ultra coins, Grand, major, minor, minis... boring! Where’s the 9 line slots, the scatters, the ones that will give a big pay just by getting 5 symbols in one line? Start making some variety big fish! Last, the most frustrating part is I finally spent REAL money on fake chips. What a complete waste! Lost it all (45 million) in 90 minutes!! You would think they would increase your win odds for giving them real money? Nope. Big fish casino could be one of the best casino apps with a few changes here and there. Please take this as some constructive criticism not a bash.Version: 12.0.3

The BEST EVER 💕💕💕💕I have been a member of BF Casino for over a decade 😲🤭 I Love this app. so much! Anyone that has anything bad to say about BF needs to contact the very BEST Customer Service Team in the world. Give them a chance to help you with whatever you need. Just contact them through your account settings and start by getting a ticket and filling it out and let them know what problem you may be having. They are very very nice and helpful. They are a HUGE HUGE WONDERFUL PART of making BF the BEST APP. TO PLAY ON. The games are awesome 😎 give them a chance. They give you freebies everyday when you sign in and every 30 minutes you get freebies and different vaults to open throughout the day. I’m so Thankful 🥲 yep…. Happy Tears. Thank You Customer Service Team ☺️.Version: 13.2.4

Just be carefulThis game can be really fun! They have great graphics and game themes. They also give you freebies here and there. The downside is you can’t really play consistently unless you have deep pockets. I don’t mind spending money on a gaming app that brings me enjoyment. But the amount of money that you have to spend just to play for an hour or so is pretty over the top. I usually purchase chips on a weekly basis. But they are gone in an instant and you’re back to saving up your freebies. I think that they should treat paying customers a little differently where the win loss ratio is concerned. It just doesn’t make sense to spend a couple hundred dollars a month on something that offers no return on investment. You will encounter a whole lot of angry and aggressive players who are upset at not being able to win. Ignore the in game chat if you can. Just my thoughts!.Version: 13.3.8

SolidPretty solid in all honesty. Used to play this all the time and came back after a couple years and it’s still as good as I remember it, except that they seemed to have removed horse racing which was a pretty fun game mode. You don’t need to spend money to have fun, I avoid slots and just play on the roulette and it’s fun. Sometimes you’ll hit big, and sometimes you’ll miss, that’s how it goes, so I wouldn’t necessarily listen to all of the people saying it’s rigged. Slots may be rigged though, as for anytime I play slots I usually never get a big win, let alone a profit. Like I said, I’m more of a roulette guy, to me it’s a lot more fun, you don’t spend your money as fast as slots, it’s not rigged, and it’s exciting. All in all, solid, just bummed they removed horse racing. It wasn’t that good for making money, but it was fun watching your horse win sometimes.Version: 12.3.18

Bull$hit!!!!!!!!I have to agree with every single bad review, no way the good reviews are real. Paying my hard earned money for fake chips with zero return in fun. Disgusting greedy Richard Craniums can’t even give fake chips back to keep you going. After I’m done with this review I will be deleting this spare money depleting app. I used to check in all the time and have frequent play but lately my money is just sucked up along with the fun. If anyone takes the time to read this, go with the bad reviews as they are the only true reviews out there. Believe me, I have lost a lot of real money only to give this piece of Bull$hit app “one more try”. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! Go to a real casino and have real fun, you’ll get some of your own money back and actually have fun. PEACE OUT.Version: 11.0.1

Badly needs AttentionI have played this game off and on for years. I began playing again a few months ago. Nothing has really changed but the huge price increase for chips. The game is slow, slow, slow. It takes way too long for the game to render, and many times I have left a game because it takes too long for it to come up. It is still necessary to slide by all the games to get to the game you want to play. If by chance, you end up in another game while moving across, which happens often, back you go to the beginning to start over. I see that BF has many other games that are newer, but if this game is not high on the list for fixes, at least give your customers a break, and all these new games that don’t pay aren’t it..Version: 12.3.24

Best slots game/App in MY opinion!I've won so much and so often then I ever have on any other app! And your given so many other chances to earn more $$ than any other of the games. (i.e..watching videos,joining clubs for Free,etc..) thanx for making a game where you can actually enjoy playing and earning and winning $$ so much Easier than those other lame apps!! I WILL share this app to All My Friends and Family! It's great to play when your sitting around and needing to kill some time. Or just want to feel like your really at a casino, because this app makes ME feel like I'm there because of all the sounds and the colors, lights and the constant action. I get completely Immersed in this game, This game is Tops! I Love it! Only Wish it was REAL $$MONEY$$ that I kept winning, js.Version: 10.4.2

I enjoy Big Fish CasinoThis is my second time on Big Fish Casino. But after some time, I came to BFC. I had to realize BFC is run like an ACTUAL casino. You’re going to have your big wins and no losses. If you choose to buy chips/packages, great. But if you lose it all, again, it’s your choice and not the fault of BFC. Everyone knows from the beginning that the chips are NOT REAL. I’ve had fun with a ton of chips and with barely any. Unlike a real casino, BFC has bonuses and ways to gain more chips. What I find disheartening are the rude players, who feel they have a right to tell others what to wager. That wouldn’t happen in real casinos. But I enjoy the graphics, most people there and different factors of BFC. I’m a fan.Version: 12.4.0

Big fish casinoHave read other reviews. I have over 14billion coins or whatever they are called and have never spent even a dime. You have to learn what games pay and which do not. My only problem with the game is the requests to join clubs, etc. I play to play the slots by myself. I do not want to. Be bothered by requests that I have to waste my time deleting. After I play and it is noticed how much money I have I am then inundated with club requests. I wish there were 2 ways to play. One for those who want to be club members and one for those who DO NOT WANT TO WASTE THEIR TIME WITH CLUBS AND HAVE TO PLAY THE WAY CLUBS ARE ASKED TO PLAY. I play for enjoyment not to be a club member. I like big fish. I am a member of big fish on my laptop. I purchase games and enjoy playing them my way at my pace. Would rate 5 stars except for the bothersome club invites..Version: 10.8.6

Can’t get helpI have been here for 7+ yrs. ups n downs but the past few months customer service is an F+! They created teams for competition and I think it’s overwhelming. Ppl don’t get team payouts when they are supposed to and then it takes 3+ days to even get an email back from them saying ohhh sorry about that 50 or 100 million you earned. Too bad. Then mysteriously, gold you have purchased is gone, they say well you must have used it. Look at your system and you will know I didn’t. It is just crazy stuff and doesn’t have to be that way. The bigger they get the less concerned they are about the little guy been playing EVERY day for 7 yrs. not just when I’m on a vacation binge or drunken binge or lonely binge. But those ppl spend a ton when on those binges so they come first. Sad deal! A lot of us smaller, consistent folk are getting fed up! Shame on you Big Fish!.Version: 10.5.1

Fun to play, all types of Casino Games, Not just Slots.This app is fun to play. It has all types of Casino Games, Not just Slots. Some of the other games are, Texas Hold-em Poker. Video Poker. Roulette. Black Jack. Even Horse Racing. But Slots is by far the big draw to the app. Pros: Lots of game choices. Texas Hold-em offers a wide variety of table limits to join. A huge selection of Slots to play. Fun way to take a break and play for awhile. Joining a Club has a lot of perks. Cons: The higher your bets are, the faster your out of money (chips). If you get on a “Hot Streak” on a Slot machine and increase your bet, your Hot Streak just about instantly ends. And before you know it, you’re broke. If you do join a Club, most Clubs have weekly requirements to meet. Don’t meet requirements for a couple of weeks in a row, you’re kicked out of that Club. So many people feel the pressure of not wanting to get kicked out and start Buying Chips. And you’ll find that it takes very little time to lose all of the chips you just bought. Once you start buying chips, you’re hooked and will spend Hundreds of dollars a month. Bottom line, it’s a great app if you don’t fall into the buying chips trap..Version: 12.2.8

SLOTSKeeps a guy busy on the down time hahaha.Version: 10.4.2

AwesomeLove it.Version: 10.4.2

••••••Awesome game!!!.Version: 10.4.2

All I want is to be fair, I’m a Senior can’t afford to buy anymoreI’ve played 10 years, would like more wins, but that gambling..Version: 13.4.0

Games seem to be fixed to favor big spendersAwfull of you don’t spend lots of money.Version: 12.3.8

I am NOT enjoying anymoreI am an old customer of BF so my judgement can be quite honest all I do is buy chips and lose it in an extremely short time comparing it with other Game Center or even BF itself in years before.Version: 12.0.3

RéactiverSVP me réactiver mon big fish.Merci.Version: 14.1.2

BradsGreat way to kill time.Version: 14.1.2

FunLove this game. Soo much fun. Just wish that when I win and increase my bet it would pay as if I was betting minimum.Version: 14.0.0

Live events adventure missionsCan’t continue or even finish with the live events adventure missions cause you took away one of the slot games. What gives..Version: 13.4.0

Big fish casinoGreatfun.Version: 13.3.8

Big fishAmazing game.Version: 13.3.8

Time Waster with annoying popups25 popups each time you launch. Who would ever pay a real penny to this stuff is beyond me. The inventory of senseless frames and visual add-on are horrendous. It has games surrounded by a bunch of useless crap..Version: 13.3.8

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