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Draw anything with a grid 

The Grid method is the easiest way for artists to reproduce, scale up or scale down a reference image you want to transfer to a canvas. 
With a grid you can also adjust a reference image to a different format with different proportions.
Using a drawing grid anytime when you sketch or paint something that requires accuracy, for example still life or a portrait, will sharpen your art skills. 

Select any area of your image as your composition 

Switch between different types of grids: squares, proportional or triangular 

Choose your optimal grid size, colour and thickness 

Convert your image to a sketch to highlight where the lines are
Hide the controls for a clean full-screen view of your composition with the grid on it

Share or export your adjusted picture in the original resolution  

Get it now, unleash your creativity

Sketch Grid App Comments & Reviews

Sketch Grid Positive Reviews

Excellent; grid automatically splits the canvas vertically and horizontallyThis is the perfect grid system for artists. Defining the area over which the grid will be imposed is easily done by a drag button. Pinching the grid increases the number of demarcations. Except for the 3x3 grid, the app applies a centerline grid vertically and horizontally. It's great, but see below. Update: the shape of the picture to grid can be custom sized to any proportion of width to height. However, there is no indication of what the ratio of width to height is in the grid window that is being defined, making it a little difficult to match the cropped picture in the device with the canvas you are using. It would be great if there is a 1.0 number shown on, say, the height axis, and the app shows what the ratio on the width (e.g., 1.3,) and this changes as the grid window is adjusted. Once the shapes of the grid window and the canvas are matched, the grids not being perfectly square would be less of an issue..Version: 1.6

Trick to using this that some don't knowI've noticed that some people reviewing grid drawing apps don't realize that an iPad or iPhone can take a screenshot of the current screen... with your grid over your image! Then you just print it out and you're good to go. This is very much worth the money..Version: 1.7

Works wonders.I’m a professional watercolor artist and use the grid as an easy guide for drawing my underpaintings. Love that it gives the user an aspect ratio so the grid is easily replicated on paper. Can be glitchy sometimes, but nothing an app reset hasn’t ever fixed. This app is a must for my workflow..Version: 1.9

It's okayIt's okay, but two major issues for me. First, it's difficult to select the entire image for your grid. I composed it already, so that's problematic. Second, it doesn't match the rotation of my image in the photo app..Version: 1.7

New version much betterNice simple interface, easy to pan and crop picture. It could be improved by allowing the grid to be positioned as an overlay rather than being fixed in place, but it’s not bad after the recent updates..Version: 1.9

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