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There ain't no party like a Jackpot Party! You and your favorite Vegas slot machine games are invited to join the party. Spin slots by top casino game brands like Invaders from the Planet Moolah and hit the jackpot! Play now and get a 45M welcome bonus!

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Party time is bingo time! The Jackpot Party casino slot games also includes awesome free online bingo games that allow you to collect bingo balls, join leagues and live bingo tournaments, and win massive prizes and gifts playing free slot machine games. Don’t forget to throw the confetti in the air as you yell out “BINGO!”.

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Spin our festive bonus wheel and play Jackpot Party casino games to win big prizes every hour. You can win mini, minor, and MAJOR rewards, even double them to win coins, bonus slots and Jackpot slots! The biggest prize of all is the thrill of this party, but the prizes and gifts sure add slots of fun! Spin your favorite slot machine and hit that jackpot!

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Visit us at: https://www.jackpotparty.com/

Note: Guest account does NOT merge with Facebook account.
The games are intended for an adult audience. (i.e.,intended for use by those 21 or older).
The games do not offer real money gambling games or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

Jackpot Party - Casino Slots App Comments & Reviews

Jackpot Party - Casino Slots Positive Reviews

The on thingHi! If you want to play in the best online casino, install the "Plimko Smash" app, all newbies get a bonus with their first deposit, i've already withdrawn $1999... Downloaded the game to see if it was for real. Saw the option to have your winnings get deposited directly into your bank account. I entered my debit card information and deselected the box to save my card information, thinking it would help as an extra safeguard for getting my information stolen, and I was curious to see if it had done anything to my bank account. So, I log into my bank account app and I see 4 transactions, one for $22, another for $5.95, and another for $4. I will be in contact with customer service hoping to get a refund because nowhere in the terms and conditions or in any of these reviews did anyone state that there is an initial charge made to a financial account, nor did the game directly tell me that I was purchasing something through the game. I thought I was just linking my bank account. I am 28 years old, married with a 7 to 8 month pregnant wife and 4 year old kid and I'm the only one working. This game gives a false hope to actually win money like all of your ads portray. I was legitimately hoping that this could help bring extra money to help my family but now I'm more than likely going to have to figure out some way to make up for unknowingly wasting $45 on this stupid game..Version: 5046.03

Love the gameI’ve been playing the game for the past few years, and I’ve just run into my first technical issue with the game. When I go to collect a Party Prize, an error window pops up and says it’s not able to connect to the network. I’m connected to my personal WiFi in my home, all of my other apps are working just fine. I cleared my internet cache, deleted the game, reset my phone, downloaded the game, and it’s still not working right. Only reason I’m saying all of this in the review, is because I couldn’t find a way to get any support for the app. Yes, I’m aware of the App Support option under the “leave a review” or whatever, but there is no “contact us” area anywhere on the “support” site. So, if my WiFi is working just fine, and all of my other apps which require an internet connection are working just fine, then there has to be something wrong with the app/game. I’m also aware that the most recent update was a month ago, so, there might be brand new bugs to fix..Version: 5027.01

Money money moneyHave been a member since 2012 I love this app but when you have to purchase packages because even doing a 2 or 3 million bet you lose 600 million don’t get one bonus and go 20 or 30 spins and hit 1 or 2 million tends to be a little frustrating. I have spent a fair amount on the packages almost 200 $ maybe little more in the past month and somehow it doesn’t seem random to me that I’m losing that quick even with betting 50,25,10 million. Even at lower bets still can’t hit nothing. In my opinion think I would have better odds going to a actual casino. Also in the past I have bought consecutive packages which would of given me over a billion coins charged me twice and only received it once. Figured wasn’t any sense trying to get my money back that it would be to much of a hassle. Really don’t want to delete this app because like I said I love the games and been on here for awhile but not everyone can afford to keep buying package after package to try to keep up with the lighting points so you don’t get demoted which makes no sense to me. I believe if you have put that much time and effort to get to that point that’s where you should stay but that my opinion. Well if some thing don’t give soon sorry I’m just going to have to delete this because can’t afford it I completely understand you guys have to make your money but it’s just plain out getting ridiculous. Thanks Micheal.Version: 5033.00

Jackpot partyI love this game. You provide a variety of games to play and it’s entertaining. However, it can be very frustrating. It’s hard to get bingo balls and I often run out. You’re very stingy with them. Sometimes I have to play 20 balls to get 2 matches. That’s crazy. That leaves you really stuck. It also seems that when you need the lightning points they’re scarce, but when you don’t , they pop up like crazy. What’s up with that? I would like a place where I could read about how to get more points from all these things I earn. Where do I find this information? Like all these things that are worth 3 or 4 points. I know they accumulate somewhere. How do I find that? Also, sometimes it’s hard just to get a party after playing hundreds of times. Why does that happen. Or is that why they call it gambling? Thanks for the fun. *****in addition ——-lately it’s nearly impossible to win a party prize. What’s changed? Are you trying to make it very difficult to win? It’s very hard to play this way. You also have to play every bingo card pretty much as a coverall to get a bingo. That’s not very realistic. Why make it so very hard. It’s very frustrating and takes away the fun and excitement. It’s really gone downhill lately..Version: 5039.00

Tried and TrueOut of the many games and many years there has been one game I have never deleted and later reinstalled. Jackpot Party is it Sure you do no win all the time, thank God, as that just gets boring but they seem to have the timing down on how much of a loser a person can stand to be vs how much a person needs to feel like “The Big Winner”periodically. I have played for a few years and have tried many others and have yet to find one to compare. I have gone a week or two with minimum bets and can’t win a party prize to save my life to being able to bet 10 million plus for a couple days. Yes I said it, Days, followed of course by slowly losing it all (sometimes fast, but never yet on the double black diamond slope so many others use to send you back to the bank) back to minimum bet build up praying it won’t be a long dry spell. But, hey, That’s called GAMBLING. So Jackpot Party is not predictable, but it is/has been very reliable and that is what sets it apart from all the others. My #1.Version: 5011.00

So funJackpot Party is an incredibly fun and exciting online casino game that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a thrilling gaming experience. From the moment I started playing, I was hooked by the colorful graphics and fast-paced gameplay. The game offers a wide variety of slot machines to choose from, each with its unique theme and style. I loved the fact that there are so many different games to play, so I never got bored or felt like I was repeating the same thing over and over again. One thing I particularly enjoyed about Jackpot Party was the numerous bonus features and free spins available throughout the game. These added an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay and gave me the chance to win even bigger rewards. The payouts were generous, and I was able to accumulate a sizable amount of coins without having to spend too much money. The social aspect of the game was also a major plus for me. I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other players and share my experiences, as well as compete with them for the highest score. The chat feature made it easy to interact with other players, and I felt like I was part of a real community. Overall, I would highly recommend Jackpot Party to anyone looking for a fun and exciting online casino game. With its diverse selection of slot machines, generous payouts, and social features, it's the perfect way to pass the time and potentially win big..Version: 5040.00

Favorite Game AppI love this app. Some reviews complain about loosing. Sometimes you will go thru dry spells for a few spins or more spins. Same as with live machines. I live in the Vegas area. The game choices are good, entertaining and I have had bought my fair share of coins and yes, I do play other game apps but always go back to Jackpot Party. I don’t do and refuse to create FaceBook account. When I had issues with loosing coins with a new iPad I sent them an email thru the app. I keep a picture of my account number for reference. Customer service has had inconsistent responses, depending who opens the email. However, I have had them restored. Game issues reported to them are fixed and usually you’re compensated with coins for the inconvenience. Bottom line it’s a great app, and you win and loose… If loosing, take a break, change games, reduce your bet. Just like in the casinos..Version: 5040.01

Better Than Pop Slots For SureI am new, so I don't know what has changed, but playing Pop Slots for years made me feel there was no better app, but after a while the constant pop up ads and lack of ability to close them, the running out of funds and the app pushing for you to purchase them, the laggy slow working game, the ugly character designs being forced in your face every second, the horrible changes to navigation UI, the very minimal daily bonus', I can go on but... well it's just nice to get free money if I run out and get into a game in about ten seconds. Instead of 3 minutes just to get into a game because of all the pop ups, lag, and UI navigation stuff. I like this game a lot. And to the people who complain about not winning, guess what... That's gambling! You're on a realistic gambling app, do you complain to a casino when you lose your actual money? No, you'd be laughed at as someone who doesn't understand what they are doing..Version: 5043.00

Addicting and fun just.....True the games are addicting and fun, but the amount of each win is usually less than what I bid; so did I really win? Also, can’t you provide more coins for the actual money that we spend - especially since the minimum bet amount is so freaking high! I buy 2 deal token packages and can lose them both in the same hour. Game are great but the bonuses are few and far between (most of the time). Let us play longer by increasing the wins and/or winning amount. A couple games I played I went from 2,450,000,000. I spent over 450 million (bet 2 mil a spin) and I spent over 450 million including my spin winning and got 1 bonus ... How MUCH DID I WIN ON BONUS !?!? Less than what was bet!! The bonus cost me over 450 million to get and won less than my bet. Jackpot party is favorite but how is it possible to pick the party pooper on the first pick nearly every time?!? I just feel it’s rigged, but it used to be different, fun, an awesome, addicting game. It can be that again..Version: 5016.03

Lucky guyI am addicted to this app. It reveals how lucky that I am. I love starting the app and each time I get to practice my hand eye coordination by having to hit little Xs in order to close piles of pop ups! The good things about the pop ups is that you get to pick one of three items to see how big a deal you can get in buying coins to replace all that you just lost! Believe it or not I ALWAYS pick the best deal, every time! I started buying lotto tickets but evidently my luck doesn’t transfer to that. Have fun, don’t expect to win after playing a long time. I deleted the game to reload it but that did not start the beginners luck all over again One thing that I did do, I tried touching different spots on the wheel to start the game daily. I found a spot that rewards 20-50 million coins each morning. I limit myself to losing that amount only so my money total no longer goes down. Good luck finding your spot to do the same.Version: 5046.03

Simply the best on-line casino site.If you’re going to do a for fun casino app, Jackpot Party Casino is the way to do it. It is a sophisticated, high-quality app with loads of features. I honestly can’t say when I enjoyed something more. If you’re lucky enough to hit one of the bigger jackpots (I won a 21 trillion “Grand Jackpot” on the “Hold Onto Your Hat” slot), it takes the game to a whole new level. Betting max without worrying about your credits changed everything. You can still spend a lot of money here without buying credits - I routinely pay to speed up the prize openings - but if you consider it entertainment, which I do, I don’t mind. I’ve been chasing another grand jackpot on “Huff and Puff” which, so far, remains elusive and my credits are almost gone. I’ll be sad to see them go. I’ve had a lot of fun playing this game at full throttle. Wonderful site..Version: 5028.02

Jackpot PartyThis is by far my favorite online casino game. They constantly have the daily events going on which I play every single day. Trying to win the biggest present prizes! Plus they have a really great variety of slots that I haven’t seen on other casinos. I play this game every day and then I get to open my treasure chests on the weekend and I’m always trying to find the key that opens the chest on the first try! And I don’t download very much on my cell phone but this game is on it because I like to play it daily because I love it that much! 4/5/21 only one problem today the extra credit to do list is stuck and you can’t collect what you’ve worked on already so I’m not sure what’s happening I’ve done the update and it’s still not working properly. I think there’s a glitch. Anyone else having the same problem today?.Version: 5020.00

Jackpot Party is literally the BEST of them allWhen you are an avid slot player and have played multiple different slot apps the one thing i kept thinking about is why aren't you more like jackpot party? I know ive complained a lot, spent a lot, won a lot, lost a lot but the team there is very responsive, respectful, generous and the dev team is just plain special. Not sure who has been coming up with all these recent ideas with honey bucks, extra credit, pick em party, tourney of champs, but that person or persons deserve some high praise and recognition because again its those very things that always has me asking that question when i am playing other slot apps, why aren’t you more like jackpot party? Btw absolutely hands down best auto spin function EVER!! Please add it to you’re other sister apps! Its so perfect..Version: 5016.03

Addict for life!I have been playing Jackpot Party for at least 10 years! I was hooked from the beginning and then when I learned all ins and outs of the games and the different games I became more into it! And I've discovered that I use it as a tool! In these times of stress, anxiety, restlessness, I find that if I turn on Jackpot Party I process and play the game of life to come my life! I use it to de stress, wind down and relax!I get out of my head and settle down! Ha ha it's funny how it's my go to Those When I feel I need to deal! no I'm not saying that it's a therapy of sorts what??? And it's free I don't like all the add-ons in the adverts and everything that and pop-ups lately but I suppose they are necessary for a burgeoning game, but I have to go through all of. Those to get to the good parts, so be it keep up the good work!! :-).Version: 5046.03

Fun but where did the popular games go?I like Jackpot Party, play a lot and would normally have made it 4 stars. But it is 3 out of 5 stars because you keep dropping popular games and maintaining less popular games. Popular games may appear for a day or week and are then gone and may appear again but who knows when. Why? I play other casino games such as Cashman Casino, Heart of Vegas and Lighting Link. Those sites maintain all games, including popular ones, and also add new ones, more like a casino. You do not maintain popular games. When you do have them, I and others enjoy them, but are frustrated when they are dropped, and I take my purchases to the other sites mentioned. You would be better off as a business to maintain all games which would keep customers like me playing and buying, instead of taking my funds to the others sites I mentioned until your popular games return..Version: 5033.00

Game is great slots deceivingLove playing the game and it really helps to pass time when your disabled but at the same time I find it somewhat irritating. I have honestly watched some of the slots not pay when your a winner, I have also seen the slots bounce off a bonus after landing on the bonus which is super irritating. It’s difficult to get bonus points since the Facebook group stopped giving them and you are forced to go through Instagram to get extra coins to play and I hated having to figure out how to get them. The instructions aren’t really good as far as knowing how the avatar works and I’m still try to figure it out. All in all like I said it’s a fun slot game to pass time with, oh I wish they would keep up slots like the flinstones instead of taking some away and forcing so many you don’t want to play..Version: 5028.02

Fun casino appDefinitely fun and addictive app includes all the slots you see in casinos. Sometimes hard to win anything but when you do- fun without going to actual casino. However, easy to go through credits and then decision to buy more? Or wait to accumulate credits for a few days. Like all gambling, sometimes win, but also lose. Update 7/17- still fun app. Noticed game developers added more ways to gain credits (more frequent hourly credits and bingo side game). Changed to 5 stars because of recent changes. Updated-still a fun app but trying to play the “honey-do list” takes a lot of credits. Sometimes no bonus at all playing several games. Lost $400 million just to qualify in the 24 hr period. Very frustrating since I spend money on this app(thankfully the only one)and expect not to lose more often than not. So I am cooling off this app for awhile.Version: 5007.03

GameGreat game love the bonus and great fun.Version: 29.01

Just the best!Just the best way to spend time!.Version: 29.01

GreAt GameGreat game and great actions..Version: 5035.01

DissatisfyingSince the new version, people are unable to play for more than 20 minutes because of lack of coins, more importantly the cheap prizes upon completion of the bingo cards. Please reinstate the 300,000,000 coin prizes at the third tier. It’s a fun game to play, but has become frustrating and boring because of the lack of free coins..Version: 5011.00

Changed minimumsI have read the other reviews and agree. It has become too difficult to win and the change in minimums has made it impossible to play certain games. This is the only casino I play because I found it the best. That may change. Also what happened to the game of Life? Never came back!.Version: 5038.00

Coin PackagesMy husband also plays this slot and is offered coin packages at much better prices than I am, for example he has been able to purchase approximately 38 billion coins for 9.99 American dollars. I am offered less coins at triple the cost. Why the difference? Even taking into consideration the level of the player. It’s very frustrating. I have been playing it longer and am at a higher level. Should be consistent! I am ready to delete this app..Version: 5044.00

Awesome game!Just need to be able to cleanup games out of favorites. Trying new games automatically puts them in favorites even if you don’t want them there and there are too many pop ups and features popping up on start up and in and out of games this is very annoying. Other than that, I just need a place to put excess coins to make the game more relatable to actual gambling bets..Version: 5040.00

It’s gone downhillSince JPC changed I have a love/ hate relationship. Go back to the old days where you could do these so called challenges without a star power level assigned. Give bigger free coin amounts, and lower minimum bets so everyone can play all the games..Version: 5037.00

No flint stonesI wanted to play the Flintstones game but can’t find it ! You advertise it before you get app ! But it’s not there why ??? Very disappointed.Version: 5027.00

Issue but can’t contactI’ve been trying to reach someone about Jackpot party however I can’t reach anyone. I need to speak with support..Version: 5018.01

Love all the gamesGreat selection of games that you would find in real casinos, and lots of chances to earn more coins and bonuses.Version: 5046.03

Good Game Gone Bad!Used to love this game. Gave me something to do and I had fun playing! Not any more! I used to be able to play for a couple of hours and still have coins remaining. Now, you can't even get one BIG win! Takes forever to get the lightning rods too! Have to wait for 4 hour bonuses just to play for 2 minutes now. I've been playing most of the games, including the high roller games but none are paying out anymore. You would think with Covid-19, you would take the opportunity to get more people to join instead of turning everyone off with no wins! Seriously thinking of deleting..Version: 5019.02

ReviewGood game lots of fun😜.Version: 5018.01

DisappointedWhy did this game start me over I lost all my progress for the past two years I’ve spent enough money on you I was on level 1400 that should tell you how much I played !!! I’m not about to start from the beginning so I’m deleting you.Version: 5017.01

Hit and missI like this game but it used to be more fun when you can actually win money and not lose it all the time on a 54,000 bed which is the lowest lol.Version: 5014.01

JackpotLove the Moola game.Version: 5046.03

Fun and realisticSome games take longer than others to get bonuses. But overall very fun!.Version: 5046.03

Jackpot partyFun games lots of variety.Version: 5046.03

GameGreat selection of games.Version: 5046.03

A Fun Addicting GameA fun game that is hard to resist. Whenever I’m on my iPad I have to check out the games again. Large selection. Lots of opportunity for big wins and free spins..Version: 5046.03

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