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It's time to JUMP for your life! The creators of POCKET GOD bring you an all-new Pygmy adventure.

Be a benevolent deity and help your pygmy scale new heights. Bounce upward, navigate the various types of platforms, and collect as many gems as possible. These gems are not only valuable, but they also give you a sparkly height boost.

However, your pygmy has a secret weapon: the SLAM BOUNCE! The Slam Bounce increases the pygmy's power, speed and height! Tap the screen to frenetically Slam Bounce your way past tricky platforms and brutal obstacles. The Slam Bounce can also break items that contain hidden gems. In the meantime, your reflexes will be put to the test as monkeys chase you, dodos bomb you, spiders cocoon you, and meteors rain down on you. And that's just the beginning!

See how many Oogles you can climb as you're grabbing gems, reaching level objectives and acquiring collectibles for your shelf. If you are signed up with Game Center, an in-game leaderboard will show off your high scores and help you keep an eye on your friends' scores. You also see your friends' score markers on wooden signs as you play the game. As you pass their score, Slam Bounce the sign and break it to find a hidden gem. The more Game Center friends you have, the more gems you can collect as you play! You can also challenge them to Oogle-height competitions!

Use your hard-earned gems to buy Artifacts and Boosts in the store to increase your scores. Also available in the store are background themes and pygmy skins. Defy gravity within the spectacularly spacey Uranus Theme, or fire yourself upwards in the hellishly hot Underworld. Plus, for the first time, you can play as the first ever girl-pygmy from the Pocket God Comics, Sun. You can even play as a zombie pygmy. They each have their own special tricks and animations in the game!

How high can you jump? Find out today! Visit www.boltcreative.com to read our cool blog and get free content!

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Pocket God: Ooga Jump App Comments & Reviews

Pocket God: Ooga Jump Positive Reviews

Difficult but funThe game is a little bit trickier than doodle jump, but it is still a fun spinoff of pocket god.Version: 4.3

Very addictingThis game is super fun and challenging. The perfect thing to play on your phone when you're in the waiting room, on the school bus, or just plain looking for a fun way to pass the time..Version: 4.3

I love itThis game is so fun and addicting even though it has lots of side ads. There's lots of fun to be had within this app with side quests and all other objects from pocket god, overall amazing.Version: 4.3

Pretty good but..This game is very good and addictive but this is just a clone of another popular game called doodle jump which I’m sure a lot of people have heard about..Version: 4.3

AmazingIt's amazing. People say that it is only a page that leads to websites, just wait, it's an ad, then you get to the game..Version: 4.3

Fairly decentIt’s a pretty good time killer but it could be better.Version: 4.3

AddictingThis game was just used to get some extra πŸ’΅. -1 star The game is very addicting making it very good to pass the time βŒ›. +1 star It has other boss type things you need 2 get past, which is better than just a plain old gameπŸ“². +1 star. The store is pretty good with upgrades and everything, but I don't like how u need 2 spend money. I won't - a star 4 tht, just fix this problem. Otherwise the store is pretty good. +1 star. Fun overall +1 star This game is pretty good. I suggest making more avatars. The original game is better, so please work on that game more!!! Thanks 4 ur time and good luck!.Version: 4.0

Old school fun, don't knock it!!I love this game, it has the feel of video games in their inception like Frogger and Lode Runner. It is simple to play, and hypnotic in the best sense. And I truly don't understand why people complain about paying 99c for the original app -please- gamers are artists and need to get paid for their work. Pocket God brings detail in vibrant scenes and challenges that spans all ages. And my favorite feature is punching off other signs when you get high enough to get more gems..Version: 4.0

PLS UPDATE POCKET GOD IM BEGGING YOUI really hope you read this. Everybody that plays the old pocket god game is giving on star now because there saying its boring now that there is no updates PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update pocket god I'm begging you please add girl pigmies (sorry if I spelled anything wrong) Anyway Please update with girls and one new update. Please Just one more update I know you said you were done with pocket god but nobody like the game now PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF THE PIGMIES. Any way Ooga jump is an amazing game keep it up..Version: 4.1

Rad game!While its unfair that I had to pay to get mine, I still really like this game. The action is smooth and the objectives are just hard enough to engage you. It's like most jumpers, and I'm really glad that you added Sun and Nooby. It would be absolutely epic if you added everyone else! (So please do) Like I said, the game is really fun to play and anyone selling it short should reconsider..Version: 4.0

HITI have to say, when Bolt quit Pocket God to make the Doodle Jump copy "Ooga Jump", I was crushed. No more PG, and Bolt is going downhill. First the one-star Journey to Uranus, then this. Then I got the game. Mind. Blown. As a full on PG fan, I say, it's a hit. Good job guys!!! Please, keep updating Pocket God, and Ooga Jump. I'd add more characters, and more upgrades for Ooga Jump too!!! 5 out of 5.Version: 4.2

Surprised!I was a bit skeptical at first thinking just another doodle jump clone. Downloaded it because it was Pocket God and was pleasantly surprised. They have managed to take the generic endless bounce and climb genre and make it feel unique and just as fun, maybe better, than previous titles like Doodle Jump..Version: 1.01

CrashesIt played ok for 2 days now I can't open it and play for more than 5 mins before it crashes. I would have given it 5 if I could play it..Version: 4.1

Great Game!Great jumper that deserves a try. The Slam Bounce is definitely fun and adds to the gameplay, plus, the more people that buy, the more content will be added later on down the road so buy, buy, buy!.Version: 3.0

Stop saying the same thingFor everyone who is saying it was unfair that you had to pay next time read the user end agreement....Version: 4.0

Fantastic!This game isn't just another doodle jump clone, it adds new ideas with classic characters. Please buy this app, it's less than a coffee and it really helps the developers..Version: 3.0

Love this game!!!This game is awesome because you can do the thing called the Slam Bounce and you can actually change skins! Doodle Jump has none of that! So if anybody is looking for a jumping game, this is the game for you..Version: 4.1

Always crashingWhenever i start the game, it always sends me back to the home screen! Plz fix this!.Version: 4.1

Buggy my druggyThere doesn't appear to be a dying animation for when you get sliced in half with feather boost I have a picture of it.Version: 4.2

Fantastic platform jumperHilarious fun with comedy deaths. Great price, excellent developer who update the apps regularly. Get the coin doubler to say thanks. Just buy this Update 3 Great to see the updates keep coming however it looks like the game may be going freemium due lack of sales. Make sure you update and play this version to avoid iAds in future updates. Shame as this is a really fun game :(.Version: 3.0

Rather Entertaining JumperIn an over used genre, it's nice to finally find an extremely fun jumper. It can be challenging at times, but that's just part of the fun..Version: 4.0

Crashing πŸ˜•I love this game so much! I'm addicted. But every time I try to view the power of an artifact it crashes. Please fix this..Version: 4.1

Won't play since update to OS8Fun game, great way to pass time - but since updating to OS 8 it crashes while loading and jumps you back to the home screen. This is happening on an iPad mini, and a new iPhone 6..Version: 4.1

Noooo....Can you at least make some skins and themes buyable with gems? It's annoying that my friends could do that and I have to pay for them....Version: 4.1

THANK YOUOk I can't thank u enough for letting me have ppl for gems this better make your reviews go up and please make an UPDATE FOR POKET GOD and yours truly from a helpful friend 😁.Version: 4.1

ProblemπŸ˜’Me and my brother bought the graveyard. A day after that, it said that we had negative nine hundred gems😭Pls help.Version: 4.1

Bug fixesThere is a really annoying bug where I die out of nowhere. Plz fix.Version: 4.2

AMAZING, but.....You did a super spectacular job, and it didn't use to do this, but now when i get to 35 oogles, the game freezes. Please fix it. P.S... 20 stars.Version: 1.01

AwesomeI love this game it is so fun if your looking at this and haven't bought this game you should buy it now!! 99 cents..Version: 3.0

Lets seeIt's cool needed to fix the very little bugs and also it's just like doodle jump just with oogas so yea.Version: 4.0

Nice gameI've enjoyed it so far, but the title bugs me. Shorten it so it doesn't include the dreaded ... on the screen. Keep the updates coming!.Version: 1.01

THANK YOU!Thanks for fixing the freezing problem on iPod 4g ios 6.1.3! Thank you so much! I love your apps!.Version: 2.0

Freezes after a few jumpsWas working well for a day and now freezes after a few jumps. Please fix.Version: 1.01

AWESOME BUT ADS!!!!!!!Ads. Ads. ads. that is all i get before i play every time i die in the game. Awesome but i want more. i should scream about how terrible the ads are. (well, i am not really gonna scream.).Version: 4.2

Very good jumperWith a lot more variety than doodle jump..Version: 3.0

Awesome!Buy this game! Better than doodle jump by FAR!.Version: 2.0

AdsThere are so many ads in these pocket god games...it's really irritating. I couldn't take it...deleted..Version: 4.1

Amazing game so funI love this game so much it helps pass time and it's fun as hell.Version: 4.0

10x better than doodle jumpAnd it's pocket god!.Version: 1.01

Love itπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ¦·πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΈThis is almost as good as the original.Version: 4.3

DeliciousThis is by far the most scrumptious lasagna I’ve ever had 20/20.Version: 4.3

Love itGreat game.Version: 4.0

AwesomeIf you are a pocket god fan you will like this :D ,.Version: 4.0

πŸ˜”Some points don't make sense on what's going on.... Like how are people supposed to get passed them?.Version: 4.0

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