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Experience a fresh take on the classic crime-solving board game. Step into new mysteries and use your skills of deduction to find out: Who? With what weapon? Where? Join fellow detectives all over the world. Gather crucial evidence, interrogate suspects, and solve the original murder mystery.

Follow your suspects through the iconic Tudor Mansion, unlocking their motives and alibis as you go. Play by the original rules, or try a new investigation format available exclusively to Clue. Face your suspects in a direct interrogation as you rely on your skills of deduction to get to the truth. Experience the mystery, solve the murder your way and become the detective you want to be!


- THE CLASSIC TUDOR MANSION - The complete ad-free original board game in stunning fully animated 3D. It’s the most iconic murder mystery of all time!

- NEW ULTIMATE DETECTIVE GAME FORMAT - A Clue exclusive for crime enthusiasts - interrogate multiple suspects at once and run your investigation with more freedom and creativity than ever before!

- CASE FILES - Unlock layers of backstory, revealing information about the characters, their motives and alibis. Unlock every clue and earn bonus items, including premium dice and tokens!

- NEW CLUE CARDS - The latest standard gameplay from Hasbro: when you roll a magnifying glass, draw a Clue Card and get free movement to any room, the chance to ask fellow suspects to reveal a card, and more!

- SINGLE PLAYER MODE - Challenge AI detectives. Alter difficulty levels and tailor your investigation.

- ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Join detectives around the world to interrogate suspects, gather evidence and solve the mystery.

- PRIVATE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Interrogate your friends, cross-examine your family, and unravel the truth.


- THE BLACK ADDER RESORT - What happened after Tudor Mansion? Find out in this NEW Crime Scene. How did they come to be at the same resort at the same time? And who murdered Callan Coral?! There’s a storm approaching, and in the tropical heat a new mystery is taking shape.

- MORE TO COME - New Crime Scenes are coming, including characters, case files and more!

CLUE and HASBRO and all related trademarks and logos are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. © 2024 Hasbro.

Clue App Comments & Reviews

Clue Positive Reviews

For some reason can’t click a Star Rating, but I really like it! One small problem, though.The art style and presentation are nice, they remind me of the old Telltale games. The new game modes give a nice change of pace to the classic Clue format, too; Clue Cards cuts the game length practically in half, and the Ultimate Detective mode really adds to the core “logic puzzle” element of the game. I like all of the unlockables as it gives you a reason to play as every character rather than just your favorite every time, but one issue/problem I’ve found is that I’ve run into a goal that I genuinely can’t tell how I’m supposed to achieve (“enter at least 6 rooms in one game”). I’ve tried different player counts and different game modes, and I genuinely can’t tell how I’m supposed to pull it off before someone makes an accusation, so I would really appreciate some advice on that if the devs have any. Also, an offline multiplayer “play and pass” might be nice, but I can see how that might interfere with unlocks..Version: 0.0.17

Noticed some bugs but love the gameThe game is great but it has a few bugs needing to be fixed: -Miss Scarlett always goes first no matter what. The play passes in order around the board. So it always goes Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, and Professor Plum. Always every time. (Start spaces) -Miss Scarlett always starts in between the Lounge and the Hall -Colonel Mustard always starts in between the Lounge and the Dining Room -Mrs. White always starts in between the Kitchen and the Ballroom -Mr. Green always starts in between the Ballroom and Conservatory -Mrs. Peacock always starts in between the Conservatory and Billiard Room -Professor Plum always starts in between the Library and the Study (Characters were not on their original start space. The actual board game has this on the board and in the instructions.) Also, once you make a suggestion in a room you MUST exit it on your next turn and then on your turn AFTER THAT TURN you may re-enter that room. I was able to make suggestion after suggestion without leaving the Conservatory. This is an illegal move. You may NOT enter the same space twice in a single turn and you may NOT pass through or land on another token. I was able to pass through a door blocked by another token and this is NOT allowed. These were the bugs I noticed but other than that I love the game. Am going to enjoy playing it and recommend it to everyone! 5 stars!.Version: 0.0.7

Worth the Wait & Price!Absolutely love this version! I have always been a sucker for classic clue & I love the option to play in different game modes to spice it up. I also love the unlockable content & achievements that weren’t in the previous versions. My ONLY suggestion would be regarding the online matchmaking. I think there should be a constant open game for all 3 game types enrolling (Classic, Ultimate, and Clue Cards) so that people are prone to join any at any time. There are many times I navigate to the matchmaking screen and get discouraged when there are no filling games. I think always having a spot would make people prone to join without having to create a game 10/10 would buy again.Version: 0.0.13

This is great, but prefer classic versionI bought the full versions of this game, as well as the previous classic version. This version has two improvements, one which I have wanted since the first time air used it and suggested several times previously in my comments — the new version shows you which of your cards you’ve shown to which opponents and it’s also easier to mark your cards with clues in the right place because it clearly darkens the space where your clue needs to go. However, I found that I prefer the previous version for a couple of reasons — the graphics are much more beautiful and enjoyable to me and the clue card and other parts of the game are larger and easier to see. I love the game and appreciate all the developers are doing. Just wish they had added the two features to the Clue card in the older version. I would gladly have paid for the upgrade.Version: 0.0.21

Caution: has bugsPros: • graphics and presentation are excellent. • notepad had 3 options - off, default, and automatic. Automatic will track the advanced notation. I like to have it off so I can learn to play the advanced way. Cons: • AI: is not intelligent. One of the bots guessed the all 3 to win. And in medium difficulty every single AI just kept asking the correct selections but no one made an accusation! Finally after all players finished I won by accusation. Post-game I compared our notes every song one had the correct suspect, weapon, and room circled. Logically this tells me they are making the difficulty based on how quickly they accuse. I conjecture that if I had in hard mode it would have accused. When I played clue classic the AI is more of a challenge at medium. Please me the AI more intelligent! • The Notepad is broken. If you manually add your checkmarks and Xs…then exit the program, when you go back to the program you will lose all your manual checks and many of the Xs. The only workaround this bug for now is do not exit the program. I sent a bug fix request to Marmalade. Hopefully this can be fixed in the next update. Because of the reasons I would not advise buying this version until they get the AI and notepad fixed..Version: 0.0.18

The Clue game I’ve always wanted!NOW we’re talking! Loved Clue Classic, but was a bit annoyed that everything was illustrated and had only a little animation for atmosphere. This iteration is what I’ve been waiting for- 3D characters with 3D locations filled to the brim with animation and atmosphere. New play styles and case files/tokens/etc to collect help make this version one to keep coming back to. DLC prices even feel more justified since you genuinely get a good deal of content. Overall this iteration has been a blast, and I’m very excited to see what new locations and characters the team will release in the future!.Version: 0.0.9

Love The New GlowupThe glowup from 2016 to 2023 is really amazing, the character models are really amazing, the graphics are beautiful, the suggestions murder scenes look amazing and have different animation models for each different weapon. A suggestion would I think would be easier is a checklist for the clue files for the tasks where you choose a weapon once, go through every single room once, or make a suggestion every room so you don’t have to go aimlessly every game to go through every room to finish the the task..Version: 0.0.21

Great game- one major issueI love Clue in all its forms but especially these new and different ways to play. Really makes it so much fun! I prefer playing the computer so I can be on my own time and the AI is just not great in any of them. It’s needs to be more challenging to beat them on the hard difficulty. Especially the Clue Cards version- that is awful. The AI opponents don’t even register the weapon, room, or suspect when no one has that card. They will ask for an obviously incorrect weapon the next turn. They also follow each other to rooms for no reason and it’s frustrating. Such a fun concept of a game but soooo boring to play when they make such obvious mistakes on hard difficulty..Version: 0.0.18

Clue at its BestI LOVE this new app as compared to the other version back in 2017. It feels more modern and new and fresh which I love. I especially love the case files which gives us more insight about the case and the suspects themselves, which I love so so much. Music on par (love the OG music). And I also love the ultimate detective mode which is a fresh fun loving version of a classic. All I want to know is when will we get new locations and will there be a possibility of new suspects in different locations?.Version: 0.0.13

Enjoyable refreshThis is one of my favorite games. I love the updates - music, characters, game play. One requested change, the “phasing” that occurs as play moves to a different character is very distracting when trying to update notebook. If that portion of the screen could remain unaffected whilst the game side phases from one player to another, it would be a better experience. Otherwise, looking forward to exploring other features of the game..Version: 0.0.10

LoveI am absolutely loving this newer version of Clue so far. My only wish is that they would add an “ultimate detectives” bundle similar to the previous version, except for new cases. At the moment, there is only one case available for purchase, but I’m sure as more cases arrive, a bundle will eventually come. I don’t for see a point in paying for additional cases individually, so I’ll be waiting until then..Version: 0.0.7

It kind of deceivingI like the game and it has good graphics. It gives you goals to work towards but it is kind of conceiving in the fact that it makes it look like you’re working to open up new boards and you actually aren’t because you have to buy the boards. So you can just pay the money and all the boards would be unlocked anyway so there is no real ultimate goal because either way you have to buy the board to progress to the next board therefore goals are pointless.Version: 0.0.18

Great, but bugsThis game is overall great. But there’s an issue that needs to be fixed. My player never stays in the spot of my last turn. It’s always in a new spot, making game play reliant on other players clues as opposed to having the ability to make my own suggestion. As in, I’ll be working my way up the board towards a room I want to suggest, but then my next turn, I’m placed in a room on the opposite side that I never entered. I enjoy this game so please fix.Version: 0.0.12

New locations?I love Clue, and this app is stunning and very fun to play. I purchased the additional 9 locations which said that those would be available in the future. When will the new locations be available as it sometimes becomes monotonous playing the same two locations. And also I paid in advance. Thanks for the awesome game!.Version: 0.0.23

Updated Review: WELL DONE!I originally posted that the game needed an option to turn off clue card auto-update. That was my oversight, though. I didn’t notice the option already existed in the settings. Now I can say that they game is perfect: the animations are beautiful, and I appreciate the modernization of the characters and music! WELL DONE.Version: 0.0.17

Beautiful gameIt’s clue on the go, what do you expect? If you like clue but hate the frustration of never getting to play with anyone in person, this is for you. The cast of characters are beautifully designed with such distinct personalities. Miss scarlet is my favorite design in this game. Definitely reccomend this, it’s a cult classic board game, but in your pocket. What else can I say..Version: 0.0.10

It’s fun. Just like board gameCan play classic or a couple other versions. Have enjoyed playing with the computer (easy, medium, hard difficulty—hard the computer does actually win sometimes). And playing online with others is fun, too..Version: 0.0.23

Love the updated gameThis is a well-made app! I have been playing the single player version of the game, and am impressed. Maybe some very minor tweaks could be made, but overall this digital version of Clue stays faithful to the original board game..Version: 0.0.20

Fresh take on a classic gameThis game is very well done. I absolutely love the music, scenery, and new modes that this game has to offer! Hope this game gets more updates in the future with more locations to play on. Totally recommend!.Version: 0.0.17

Great game, but can’t save progressThis is a great game, but it gives you an option to log into your Facebook to save your progress. I tried to do that but the loading/buffering sign stays up and won’t progress further. In other words I can’t actually log in to my account.Version: 0.0.10

Challenges don’t workGoals provided in the game don’t recognize when you complete them. And I say this because in one game I had no choice but to complete a goal b/c I could not leave a room for 3 turns (a room that I actually hand in my hand) and when the game was over (which I won) I still did not get credit for suggesting a room 3 times… hmmm.Version: 0.0.18

MehIt's fun and decent and easy to play, just like the board game. However some of the way they're promoting the game makes it seem like you can walk through the mansion and interrogate suspects. Like you can't I understand that, I'm a HUGE Clue fan and have been playing the board game since the 80's. But the way they're promoting it makes it seem like an entirely different game..Version: 0.0.10

Best VerizonThe three d feel is very realistic and fun to see the actions. I love how u can go back into a room u we’re already in. The extra clue mystery game u try to solve outside the game itself is awesome!!.Version: 0.0.22

Needs a few touch upsSide doors to the hall and library were removed making it difficult to get to the hall/study/library/kitchen circuit. The AI likes to sit in the same rooms on low rolls, pulling you back into a room that you just can’t seem to leave. I would not make it possible to just sit in a room and suggest..Version: 0.0.17

Ok, but have to restartSo when you start a solo game and have clue cards divided out it freezes right before game play every time and requires a reset to get to the game. Other than that I’m happy to have found a game I can play without pay..Version: 0.0.16

Excellent but with some minor issuesI love this game, the graphics are awesome and it’s a lot of fun. However, multiplayer/online can be kind of annoying if someone quits or isn’t paying attention. The game just completely freezes and you have to quit and start over..Version: 0.0.18

So far, it’s fineI’ve only just started playing and exploring, and so far it’s fine. Not blowing my socks off yet, but there’s a lot more to explore. I wish I could put in my own user name; seems I’m stuck with some generic handle..Version: 0.0.7

Fun gameEnjoyable app with fun gameplay versions. But it only allows for horizontal gameplay. Unfortunately, that means the score sheet is tiny on the right hand side. Hopefully they update to allow for screen rotation / a horizontal view!.Version: 0.0.22

Excellent Clue gameLove how it looks and plays only wish they had more boards because I’m done with the challenges they had for the first 2 games.Version: 0.0.13

Excellent game!The other Clue game by this developer has been one of my favorites since it came out, and this new version is even better..Version: 0.0.9

Multiplayer IssuesLove this game but can only really connect via single player. Multiplayer is a bust. Can never get 3 people to press READY… not sure if they’re bots or not. Haven’t had a successful multiplayer game launch yet..Version: 0.0.17

New and excitingThe graphics are great. Love the new game options. Having a little difficulty joining online games but seems good overall!.Version: 0.0.7

The best game everThis game has no ads it’s fun so you can guess your self and accuse your self and in the end it shows a picture of the killer go into to jail.Version: 0.0.18

It should be freeSo the match making would be more better.Version: 0.0.17

Apple Pencil BugThe most recent update made it to where you can’t use the apple pencil on the ipad. Extremely unfortunate as some people don’t want to touch the screen with their hands. Please fix this soon..Version: 0.0.20

Great GameThis is a wonderful game. My only problem is having to put my birthday in every time before I play a game..Version: 0.0.10

It’s too bad…Missed opportunity. The interface and gameplay is ok, moves slower than the classic, and i wish it had portrait orientation. But the biggest issue is the awkward woke theme- clearly impacting sales. It’s too bad… for a kids game too..Version: 0.0.14

Amazingly FunIt’s Really Fun and so mystical and takes out my stress and Marmalade Devs thanks for making these games to make people happy and fun..Version: 0.0.21

Still figuring it out, liking itClue took me 3 tries to figure out the rules. I love the strategy here and the collaborative nature of the game..Version: 0.0.18

Fun GameThis is a fun game but I don’t like that the AI players can guess on their final suggestion. Sometimes they win when it was only a 25% chance on the guess..Version: 0.0.23

Changed My MindDidn’t like this version at first but now I love it!!!.Version: 0.0.20

Key Questions?Love this game, but as I am getting the case file goals completed, I can’t get the Key questions about rooms and weapons to work. Please explain these tasks..Version: 0.0.18

Love new charactersIt’s extremely hard to get from room to room. Animation is swoopy and made me a little dizzy. Couldn’t read game card. Love the new characters though..Version: 0.0.13

A Hit 🎯Fav as a kid brings back so many memories. Even better with technology..Version: 0.0.22

New crime scenes please?I played the whole game and I’m thirsty for more. When are the new crime scenes coming? lol.Version: 0.0.20

So far so goodLiking the upgrade from previous version so far.Version: 0.0.20

GameI have fallen in love with this game, but have gotten bored with the same mansion, I've solved all the clues, it would be nice if I didn't have to pay for a new board..Version: 0.0.18

Like the old one betterI love how the team renovates the gaming experience but the 3D animation really gave me a headache..Version: 0.0.20

Older version superior in some ways.The new game definitely is updated in some positive ways. More versions of the game and more dynamic character movements but the older version had more diversity in characters to chose from if you want to chose an avatar that resembles you (no more Asian characters in the new version for example) and the chart where you are mapping things out is much smaller and less user friendly. I also prefer that the old version appears vertically..Version: 0.0.20

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