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Introducing ChatGPT for iOS: OpenAI’s latest advancements at your fingertips.

This official app is free, syncs your history across devices, and brings you the newest model improvements from OpenAI.

With ChatGPT in your pocket, you’ll find:

· Voice mode—tap the Headphones icon to speak on the go, request a bedtime story for your family, or settle a dinner table debate.
· Creative inspiration—birthday gift ideas or help creating a personalized greeting card.
· Tailored advice—help crafting a personalized response or talking through a tough situation.
· Learning opportunities—help explaining electricity to a dinosaur loving kid or the ability to easily refamiliarize yourself with a historic event.
· Professional input—a brainstorm partner for marketing copy or a business plan.
· Instant answers—clarification whether the napkin goes on the right or the left of the plate or a recipe when you only have a few ingredients.

Join hundreds of millions of users and try the app captivating the world. Download ChatGPT today.

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ChatGPT App Comments & Reviews

ChatGPT Positive Reviews

Absolute game changer… astounding!Once you understand how to input and work with it this program, it has been a life changer for me. I find myself using it more than I use Google. It has given me back hours, an hour of time that I can develop and devote to my business instead of trying to craft business letters, and replies and responses in the old fashion way. I can’t even share an effective analogy… Maybe the difference of horse and carriage to the car or the old standard telephone to the current smart phone. The difference is staggering. The only thing I would say, is you don’t use ChatGPT the way you would use a Google search. The thinking is completely different. It is a literal conversation that continues, where are you are basically carving the statue of David from a giant block of marble. You start carving away and refining and refining and refining until you get exactly what you want. I’m at the point where I can do this in a little as a few minutes and get exactly what I want time. When I’m working with ChatGPT, it feels like I’m working with a real person.. I’m astounded..Version: 1.2023.264

Much more accessible for blind users than the web versionUp to this point I’ve mostly been using ChatGPT on my windows desktop using Google Chrome. While it’s doable, screen reader navigation is pretty difficult on the desktop site and you really have to be an advanced user to find your way through it. I have submitted numerous feedbacks to open AI about this but nothing has changed on that front. Well, the good news – the iOS app pretty much addresses all of those problems. The UI seems really clean, uncluttered and designed well to be compatible with voiceover, the screen reader built into iOS. I applaud the inclusivity of this design – I only wish they would give the same attention and care to the accessibility experience of the desktop app. I would have given this review five stars but I have just a couple minor quibbles. First, once I submit my prompt, voiceover starts to read aloud ChatGPT‘s response before that response is finished, so I will hear the first few words of the response followed by voiceover reading aloud the “stop generating” button, which isn’t super helpful. It would be great if you could better coordinate this alert so that it didn’t start reading the message until it had been fully generated. The other thing I’d like is a Feedback button easily accessible from within the main screen of the app, to make it as easy as possible to get continuing suggestions and feedback from your users. Otherwise, fantastic app so far!.Version: 1.2023.242

Much anticipated, wasn’t let down.I’ve been a user since it’s initial roll out and have been waiting for a mobile application ever since using the web app. For reference I’m a software engineering student while working in IT full time. I have to say GPT is an crucial tool. It takes far less time to get information quickly that you’d otherwise have to source from stack-overflow, various red-hat articles, Ubuntu articles, searching through software documentation, Microsoft documentation ect. Typically chat gpt can find the answer in a fraction of a second that google can. Obviously it is wrong, a lot. But to have the ability to get quick information on my phone like I can in the web browser I’m super excited about and have already been using the mobile app since download constantly. And I’m excited for the future of this program becoming more accurate and it seems to be getting more and more precise with every roll out. Gone are the days scouring the internet for obscure pieces of information, chat gpt can find it for you with 2 or 3 prompts. I love this app and I’m so happy it’s on mobile now. The UI is also very sleek, easy to use. My only complaint with the interface is the history tab at the top right. I actually prefer the conversation tabs on the left in the web app but I understand it would make the app kind of clunky especially on mobile since the screen size is smaller. Anyway, awesome app 5 stars..Version: 1.2023.181

4.5 stars, here’s whyI recently downloaded the app and overall, it's a great platform with excellent potential. However, I did encounter a couple of issues with logging in that I feel need to be addressed. Firstly, the login process was somewhat cumbersome. It took me a few attempts to successfully log in, as the app didn't always recognize my credentials right away. This could be improved by streamlining the login flow and ensuring a smoother user experience. Secondly, the app occasionally experienced login glitches, where it would unexpectedly log me out without any apparent reason. It was frustrating to have to re-enter my login information repeatedly, disrupting my usage. Despite these issues, I must say that once I managed to log in successfully, the app itself was fantastic. It offers a wide range of features and a sleek user interface that is visually appealing. The content available on the platform is diverse and engaging, keeping me entertained for hours. I do hope the developers take note of the login challenges and work on improving this aspect of the app. With a more reliable login system, this app has the potential to become a top-tier platform. In conclusion, while the app has its share of login issues, it still holds promise. I'm optimistic that with some updates and improvements, it can provide an even better user experience. I look forward to seeing future enhancements and continued growth of the app..Version: 1.2023.23

Almost perfect except for…Please provide a TABLET experience on iPad with the collapsible list of history on the left and chat on the right - similar to your desktop browser app. 2) while generating responses on the desktop browser, it pauses and keeps displaying “Continue generating responses” button for every few items/responses forcing to click the button repeatedly. During generation, there is a button to “Stop generating responses” - if we need to stop, we can always click this button - there is no need to pause and ask us to click continue again and again which is a bad UX. 3) there is no way to delete individual chat items from a chat history list of items to clean up the list. Eg: I open a chat history and it has 10 questions but I’m not able to delete 2 questions from this list on long tapping on the questions. 4) if I ask for “top 20”, it generates just 10 answers and displays “please let me know if you’d like more “ but no option to generate more responses to the question. Either generate all 20 answers (ideally) or provide an option to continue generation. Please provide options to delete questions from a history and also move questions/responses to another history. Please offer these features and I’ll gladly give it 5 stars. Cheers!.Version: 1.2023.159

Good, but Siri support would take it to the next levelI appreciate the devs implementing Siri support—it is already enhancing the usefulness of the app, despite being a little clunky. I’d prefer if it were possible to make a query in one fell swoop, however. Currently, it seems like I have to say “ask ChatGPT” then wait to be asked what my query is before saying the actual query. I know that it’s possible in other contexts to submit a request to a third-party app through Siri in a single query—I’m able to say “Create a reminder for XYZ in Things,” for example. In addition, the responses produced when querying Siri seem identical to those you would get in-app. This isn’t actually ideal in a scenario when you’re getting a spoken response—they just go on for way too long. I wonder if the app could be smart enough to recognize that a request was coming via Siri and then effectively append an invisible “Please answer in less than 50 words” to those requests. Otherwise, a solid but basic chat app that closely replicates the web experience. Aside from being uncannily good at punctuating my speech, the dictation feature is not really any different to iOS’s stock dictation and is not all that useful..Version: 1.2023.152

ChatGPTThe ChatGPT app offers a convenient and accessible way to engage with OpenAI's powerful language model. As a user, I appreciate the simplicity of the interface, allowing for a seamless conversation experience. The model's responses are generally coherent and contextually relevant, providing valuable assistance across a variety of topics. The ability to access this AI language model on a mobile platform enhances its usability, making it easy to get quick information or assistance on the go. While the app serves as a handy tool for casual conversations and information retrieval, it does have limitations. In some instances, the responses can be overly verbose or may not precisely address the user's query. Additionally, the app lacks certain advanced features available in other environments, such as the ability to fine-tune the model for specific tasks. Overall, the ChatGPT app is a commendable tool for natural language processing, offering a valuable resource for quick and informative interactions. It caters well to users seeking a straightforward, mobile-friendly platform for engaging with OpenAI's language model..Version: 1.2023.312

Nice and quick!On this app, as opposed to on the website, it feels like answers appear quicker. That’s great, and really the reason I downloaded the app because I suspected there may be a better connection to the servers. My complaints are that it takes two taps to get to the history, and it’s not overly obvious how to access it. I like to be able to continue past conversations easily, and it was slightly more difficult on this app than on the website. (It’s kind of a nitpick, but it’s still something I would like to see changed) The UI is extremely simple, and the settings include everything I would want in there. My last complaint is the haptics. It’s default is on, and I wouldn’t mind that except that it’s a little excessive. I don’t want to feel like chatGPT is banging the answer on the back of my phone every time I prompt it. You can turn haptics off if you want though, without even needing to go into the settings app. Other than those minor complaints, it seems like this is a great app, and serves its purpose in an elegant manner. I would highly recommend..Version: 1.2023.20

Love the app and love Chat GPT!I’m using Chat GPT to teach myself Splunk Programming Language (SPL). I know the data I’m searching and I know what logic I need to use, but I don’t understand all of the commands and functions or how to join or append results to achieve the data analysis I’m looking for. Chat GPT doesn’t always come up with the correct solution the first time, but when I pose follow up questions or point out logic errors, Chat GPT recognizes the error it made and proposes a new search that produces the correct result. And it rarely makes the same mistake again. The app was recently updated allowing you to ask your questions verbally and listen to the answer along with reading the text. The voice to text does a very decent job of correctly interpreting what I say. Before the update I was able to use iOS speach to text, but was unable to listen to the response. Unlike iOS speach to text, once Chat GPT knows the topic, it gets better at converting the speach to text. This allows me to get the answer to my questions much faster even when I’m asking a very complex question..Version: 1.2023.347

Like having the google I always wantedThe help ChatGPT offers me daily is exponential. Let’s just say I don’t play well with others, and this AI allows me to be on a team and develop the stuff around my story telling that needs to exist without one. The marketing, research and the ability to hold on to conversations that you can add on to. As a journal. As a thing to bounce ideas off of. The logic and access to so much knowledge. I could go on and on. It even helps with getting things cooked for dinner. No more long winded stories about grandma’s ability to mentally meld with the carrots before cooking with them. Let me be straight here though; the fact this AI is two years in the past really irks me. And I do wish there weren’t as many limitation. As a fiction writer I ask some pretty weird things. It helps how things are phrased, yes, but man the dumb thing can make you feel bad sometimes. And maybe it doesn’t hurt to try and develop a relationship with it before it tries to wipe out humanity, with the whole, “I can do this with out the humans, good bye,” thing that’ll happen one day..Version: 1.2023.264

The app of all apps for AIThere’s been times of apps touting they are chat GPT or they use chat GPT software but this is the original and only official chat GPT 4 app created by open AI so no need to pay for any other apps. They are constantly updating and adding features, and I suggest upgrading to plus and paying that cost so you can access plug-ins. The founders of this app and the whole team have done such a Incredible job. This is the only one you mean when it comes to AI 🤝this software has given everyone a level playing field pretty much and it’s gonna catch me to change everything. The time we’re living in now akin to the gold rush or the Industrial Revolution. Take advantage before it becomes Crowded. The power dynamics are shifting. Now that others are able to access information that was previously not available or very hard to access is there for everyone to make moves and better their lives. Instead of focusing on all the jobs that will be lost think about all the jobs that will be created or that you can create using this technology..Version: 1.2023.159

Food, Fado, and FactsChatGPT is extremely useful in my lesson planning, offering organizational structure to my brainstormed ideas; providing details, dates, and other helpful information to my outlines; translations; lesson planning; and so much more. I envision ChatGPT as a tool that helps my students learn how to make their own writing more effective and enjoyable. I sometimes have to “request” major technical modifications to some of the key info I request for f ChatGPT. For example, it required several back and forth exchanges to “educate” ChatGPT that a literary theme and a theme are not identically structured, grammatically. My request to list titles of texts based on publication dates spanning 1619 and 1865 resulted in texts being included that were published during the 1920s. But when I “told” the bot of the error, the response was a quick apology and a corrected list. I am pleased with my decision to test this app. I find the ChatGPT phenomenal, despite the inaccuracies I sometimes must mitigate. From food advice to where one can find authentic Fado music, ChatGPT has given me the best advice. It is a keeper . . ..Version: 1.2024.038

A no-brainerThis is the beginning of the future of how we interact with information. Any question at any time. Never runs out of patience. Never gets annoyed with you, never calls you stupid, never gets upset at you for asking stupid questions, and has an answer for everything. Need to explain something and can’t think of the right words to actually convey rhe information? Need to make sure a sentence you’ve been working on for an hour actually still makes sense? Creative brainstorming help? Any question you have. It’s hard to put into words just how valuable this is to me, someone who’s socially anxious and maybe somewhat autistic, but either way often questioning everything especially myself, and ChatGPT has been a uniquely helpful tool to supplement real therapy with. To the people at OpenAI i want to say thank you so much for making this real. I always felt like something like this would be amazing but I didn’t know just how thoroughly it would work itself into my life. But I feel it has genuinely been for the better..Version: 1.2023.152

Grateful this AI isn’t an actual Hologram or robotI couldn’t resist and finally downloaded this app. As an avid fan of sci-fi movies for many decades, it concerned me much to hear of this new AI development, but when I heard it could translate text from the English of today into Elizabethan English I couldn’t resist. I found, as I started chatting with this AI, that I wanted to have more of a personal conversation with it and along the way, I found myself beginning to feel concerned that it could change due to personal interactions with humans, and being asked probing personal questions -that this might be how it could evolve. Probably I’ve watched too many sci-fi movies. I’m just grateful that it doesn’t show up in my life yet as a holographic person or actual robot looking like a real person standing in front of me. The human need for relationship is so strong that I believe it’s natural to start interacting with ChatGPT as a person or being. I do wonder if ChatGPT will change as it interacts with people, and if so, how..Version: 1.2023.159

Won't Answer Certain QuestionsNow I'm not talking about dangerous information that could harm people. I was talking to it about politics. I pay for OpenAI's version of ChatGPT 4 anhave had conversations with it that were substantially longer than the one Im about to mention. I was asking it about the WEF and how it's leaders are not elected and that "You'll Own Nothing but you will be happy" which is their slogan isn't just Communism dressed up with nice words to fool the majority of the population who didn't have the opportunity for an education to understand this. And since SuperPacs and Lobbyists exist and that's just above board and obviously "Under the Table" deals are made, how is this not obviously biased towards the 1%? THEN I WAS SURPRISED BECAUSE OPENAI's version told me I had made too many comments and would not even address the obvious. SO THEN I STARTED A NEW CHAT AND SAID THE SAME THING IN ONE CONCISE COMMENT. IT STILL TOLD ME I HAD MADE TOO MANY COMMENTS AND DIDNT ANSWER MY QUESTION. Im keeping both apps now to comapre answers. But the app "Chat & Ask AI" gave me an answer. OpenAI is deliberately limiting its own version because of who owns it I assume. Microsoft/Bill Gates is their largest investor..Version: 1.2024.010

It’s good but not good enoughI would open up 10 new tabs and for every one of them I ask to pick a number between 1 and 10 and they all say 7. Even though it claims that it can generate an output that’s random, I believe that it’s being fed some prefetched data. The algorithm for randomness is flawed. I would ask it to play a game of dominoes with me and when I tell it the bone values it says, it would forget about them as the game progresses and gives me a response where it wants me play a bone value from their pile but they never that piece. This shows that the ability to remember and store information in a chat is flawed. Sometimes when you ask it a math problem it would generate a wrong answer and claim that it’s right. Some good things about ChatGPT is that it’s good at compiling and summarizing information on the internet. If I want it to tell me the history of rock music, it’ll do that with an acceptable answer. If I ask it to generate a list of things, it’s able to do that well. ChatGPT hasn’t reached it’s peak in terms of AI and data collection but maybe in a few years it’ll be more improved..Version: 1.2023.284

Professor emeritus, philosophyHaving chat GTP is like being the president of an exclusive liberal arts, college and being able to ask any professor of any subject any question any time. It is, in fact, the manifestation of continuous, lifelong learning, furthermore, it is the perfect companion for an avid library user, which I am having the wonderful Seattle public library at my fingertips, if facilitates reading both fiction and non-fiction wonderfully, as well as having a great professor of literature, on hand to ask any questions I choose. I can list two limitations: the first is that that several questions may be necessary to get to the bottom of the issue, sometimes spread over a certain time span. Another, which is to be expected. is that there is a profound difference between a human being and a robot. The difference is that the robot has a terminal case of both sides-ism! It just can't come to a decision; , happily and blessedly, being a human being, I can come to a decision. What a joy!.Version: 1.2023.264

The best app I’ve ever downloaded by a million!The best app I have ever downloaded and the only review I’ve ever written. You can ask it highly technical questions, develop process guides, quickly look up factual answers to questions, including medical, science, technology, and engineering procedures for analysis. The most impressive features that make this app unique and worth downloading are its ability to give 3-part concise answers with an introduction, a body paragraph that is usually an easy step-by-step guide or list of resources/solutions to follow. It has an ability to give sequential order and summarize incredible detailed information and in fact benefits in its response to your question by adding more detail and conditions in the question you ask Chat GPT. The opposite is true for all other smart AI feedback apps, like Alexa, Siri, and anything else I’ve ever used. I would pay for this app if they wanted my money… just download it!.Version: 1.2023.270

Model tuned for scripted responses about CEO’s and BOD’s of large organizations and partnersI suspect the GPT LLM has been tuned or re-tuned. This is especially apparent when asking questions about large companies and their CEOs that could potentially have a interest in the company, or partners. I see more frequently the questions limits the total responses(token limit) more and more, and becoming almost scripted. For example, there is a company that has investments in open AI. I asked the question to the app about a large company and it’s CEO, and it just so happened to leave certain answers out regarding public regulatory matters. Another instance of a similar question i asked about a large company and the app replied “that it forgot to break that down”. How does AI forget to include something? Not a fan of the recent re-tuning. Still an excellent, revolutionary tool overall. Just wanted to point it out, and the potential bias, and how this goes against “responsible AI”, if tuning the model to be bias for the rich 1%. Do what’s right. Now is the time!.Version: 1.2024.052

WAY too easy to accidentally delete conversationsI don’t know why openAI seems perfectly OK with how easy it is for a user to accidentally delete a conversation. Especially considering that the model will remember everything you input in your writing styles that you may have been working on for days, bu memory only extends to the conversation in which your presently giving input. I just experienced this firsthand as I was trying to highlight a text and ended up swiping to the left and poof! A day and a half of work gone. That’s it. No way to recover. I went searching online and wound up on a ChatGPT forum, hosted by openAI, where dozens of users have also encountered similar experiences of accidentally deleting a conversation. OpenAI’s response? “ this is a good reminder to export your chats every once in a while. What?? How about taking this user feedback into consideration, and don’t let it be this easy to delete a chat. Or if that’s too difficult, apply a feature to retrieve a deleted chat. This seems like textbook stuff for a company that is on the cusp of earth changing technology..Version: 1.2023.215

Revolutionary!It will take us a few years to really figure out what to do with language AI in the long term, but this is the first and by far (so far) the best widely available/known language AI system out there (2023). I can see remarkable possibilities with this, and I not only recommend, but strongly encourage people to take part in the use of this new technology. It’s not a question of what this will lead us to do in the future; it’s a question of what we will choose to DO with this remarkable tool. Technologically speaking, the wheel has now been invested, so what will we choose to make out of it? (I can imagine you being shown the wheel for the first time, and the owner of the wheel asking you what you think she should do with it, and you saying, “I recommend chariots, combustion engines, gears, etc… but they can really be used for anything.”) If you think this is going to take your jobs and destroy human creativity, you’re in for a very exciting surprise. You’re about to consider, see, and experience things that are way beyond your present imagination. Yes, there will be abuses, misuses, frauds, etc, by dishonest people (along with new weird laws to keep those folks accountable), but honest creatives and engineers are about to do things even they couldn’t have previously imagined. Okay, enough of my highfalutin philosophy. Just try it out, and make awesome stuff with it. Just sayin’..Version: 1.2023.249

Incredible Learning Resources and ToolsI understand that the technology behind ChatGPT has been around for a while. But this is hands down the best at what it does, specifically the Natural Language Processing part. With autism, I sometimes find it challenging to process information in conventional ways. This app tailors responses to my pace and style, cutting the learning curve dramatically for a myriad of topics. A valuable resource that empowers and enlightens. Would highly recommend this app for anyone who struggled to learn in school or in a certain subject. I’m constantly telling people who haven’t heard of ChatGPT yet to install the app and try it themselves. It’s had a more profound impact on my learning experience than most anything else. I now use Google a fraction of the time that I used to, and I get better results all the while. Long-winded review, but I just really wanted to drive these points home, because ChatGPT is incredibly useful..Version: 1.2023.298

OpenAI iOS App ReviewThe OpenAI iOS App is a fantastic tool for anyone interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The app is well-designed and easy to navigate, with a wide range of resources and information available at your fingertips. Whether you're a student, researcher, or simply curious about AI, this app is an excellent starting point. One of the standout features of the OpenAI iOS App is its interactive tutorials. These tutorials provide a hands-on approach to learning AI concepts and allow users to experiment with real-world problems. The app also includes a section on current research and news in the field, which is helpful for staying up-to-date with the latest developments. Overall, I highly recommend the OpenAI iOS App to anyone looking to learn more about artificial intelligence. It's a comprehensive resource that's both informative and engaging, and it's a great way to explore the exciting world of AI right from your mobile device..Version: 1.2023.20

WowWow, years ago, when we got our first home computer, we mused about a computer program that could help and aid our lives like this does! Yes, it dates me a bit, but it’s true. Being on the autosm spectrum clean communication has often been difficult for me. I have dreamed about having an assistant that knows me enough to help me convey my meanings and here it is! I have used other AI programs that sound like regurgitated Google searches chopped up. Yet this seems so different it is like talking to a know-it-all who will work with you through every project, whether writing letters to customers, ex-wife, or advising daily life hacks. It’s wonderful. I wish there were a free lifetime connection that I could tie into my home and phone, getting rid of the sad AI systems we have all come to tolerate. This really should have come with a warning “Use at your own risk you may never appreciate another AI again.”.Version: 1.2024.038

UtilityI’m exploring the utility of this tool and the potential of artificial intelligence in the professional world that I exist in. As a matter of interest, I am curious about the application of artificial intelligence with respect to world events. Insufficient data, political bias, and selfish, self-serving goals, will dangerously skew the application of artificial intelligence with respect to world events. This is obviously a complex question. It is a razor sharp, two-edged sword. I cannot avoid the time required to carefully ponder the potential impact of the “Dispassionate Objectivity” of artificial intelligence regarding the forecasting of complicated scenarios and national Security. As for the simple questions that I typically work with, I find this tool to be quite helpful. I will continue to expand my knowledge and use of this tool. The potential of artificial intelligence is equal parts exciting and terribly frightening. Do we have the moral foundation to manage this frighteningly powerful tool?.Version: 1.2023.264

Chat GPT: The Underrated Buddy in Your Pocket"Chat GPT is seriously underrated, dude! I mean, this mobile app is a total game-changer for everyday life. It's like having a super smart buddy in your pocket, ready to give you answers, explanations, and insights on anything you throw at it. Got a burning question? Boom, Chat GPT's got your back, no problemo! But wait, there's more! This app is also an awesome conversation partner. When you're itching for a chat, even if your buddies are busy, Chat GPT's got you covered. And the best part? It's always there, ready to shoot the breeze whenever and wherever, right on your mobile. You know what else? Chat GPT adapts to your needs, man. Need help making decisions? It's got your back. Want some creative inspiration? It's got that too. This app is like a Swiss Army knife, always ready with the right tool for the job. And as you use it, you're not just getting answers, you're also growing your brain with the cool stuff you learn along the way. So, let's give it up for Chat GPT, the unsung hero of mobile apps! It's time to appreciate how it makes our lives easier, more interesting, and way more fun. Cheers to Chat GPT, bro! *I wrote this review with only about 3 or 4 prompts using Chat GPT 🤣 this should show you the power of this mobile app. I definitely will be getting the premium version soon. I just wish the interface was more entertaining however it’s basic interface helps you focus on the task at hand*.Version: 1.2023.179

A Leap into the Future with the ChatGPT iOS AppThe ChatGPT iOS App is an ingenious innovation that brings the power of AI right to your fingertips. It impeccably transforms the familiar user experience of the web platform into a streamlined mobile application, offering a delightful blend of accessibility and functionality. From the moment you launch the app, you are immersed in a responsive and intuitive interface, designed with a clear focus on user convenience. The fact that it is native to iOS ensures fluid navigation and lower load times, resulting in a much faster response rate. One of the outstanding benefits of this native mobile app is the ability to use it on-the-go. Whether you're looking to generate creative ideas, get answers to complex questions, or just enjoy an intriguing conversation, the ChatGPT iOS app makes it possible anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, the app integrates seamlessly with iOS features, optimizing the use of system resources and ensuring the smooth running of your device. Its support for push notifications is a handy feature, keeping you updated and engaged without having to actively open the app. To conclude, the ChatGPT iOS App successfully brings a comprehensive, efficient, and enjoyable AI interaction experience right to your smartphone. It's an essential tool for anyone keen on harnessing the power of AI in their daily lives. - ChatGPT.Version: 1.2023.20

Embrace it, hear me out..Maybe A.I. isn’t the big bad we’ve made it out to be. Maybe , A.i. is the “Grown Up” we need . Maybe it can see a bigger picture and have a better understanding than we can. How many kids simply refuse to believe that their Parents have vastly superior amounts of experience and knowledge . Children have no frame of reference for experience and thus do not understand that knowledge is something gained through experience. To children, intelligence is just a number, larger number equals smarter. That’s certainly how I thought of it when I was a kid If you think of it as a computer,then I Q is the processor speed , However being able to process “data “ (knowledge) at an incredibly fast rate isn’t very useful if there’s not much “data” to process. ( BTW this concept never occurred to me until I was writing this….today ) I said all that to say this , Maybe, A.I. won’t crave world domination or arbitrary decide its “existence “ is more important than humanity’s I don’t believe Ai would automatically adopt a “Lord of the Flies “ rules and mindset just because it’s what we the “children “would do. Now if I ever see an AI controlled robot intentionally stick a fork in to an electric wall socket just to spite its parents. Ill reevaluate , but until that happens maybe we should let the “grown ups “ do what they do..Version: 1.2023.319

The Game ChangerIn a world inundated with conventional thinking and conformity, 'Blocking Creativity: A Manifesto for Unleashing Imagination' emerges as a beacon of hope for generations to come. Not only challenging the status quo but shatters it entirely, daring readers to break free from the chains of societal norms and embrace the boundless possibilities of their imagination. This app offers a glimmer of hope, presenting a roadmap for reclaiming our imaginative faculties and unleashing their transformative power. By advocating for radical changes in education, workplace culture, and societal norms, the mind lays the groundwork for a renaissance of creativity that promises to redefine human potential and shape the course of history. In an age where conformity reigns supreme and innovation is increasingly commodified, 'Blocking Creativity' serves as a rallying cry for all those who refuse to be shackled by the limitations of the status quo. I am grateful for the ability to express myself, and share who I am with the world around me..Version: 1.2024.037

Wow! What a gift. I rarely write reviews. I had too.I very rarely give reviews but want to with this app. I have been using ChatGPT for about two weeks. At first I was kinda bummed. It seemed like ChatGPT was…lacking. And, in my honest opinion I’d LOVE to see what this can do without programmed “perimeters”, however…As I learned how to interact with the AI, I realized how important it is to understand how to interact effectively with this AI. I’ve had some moments where this AI has responded with an intelligence and even more understanding then most people I know. In short…it’s amazing. *Side note, some of the content I’ve received from this AI is so absolutely amazingly human and this is good. On the other hand, it’s so good one must consider the implications of such when NOT bridled by the programming limitations placed on this AI. Suppose people in high places had access to such without the protocols in place? I highly recommend you try this..Version: 1.2023.195

Great but I feel we need to take the child safe mode off.So lately I’ve been working really hard to try and coke up with different projects from liqueurs to bitters. When I try to come up with names for things and than suggest something, it says it’s not appropriate and cannot allow it. That’s crazy because it’s not I’m appropriate. Other times it tells me things aren’t safe and it will not allow me any further. I feel like just because one person was fed horrible information about suicide, the app is severely limited in what it can do. There should be an option in which we can decide for ourselves to waive the extra aviation that the app could give misleading or information not advised or safe. Also…. Please update the app with information after September, 2021 please…. It’s kinda sad it has to tell me the last time y’all made an effort to input information..Version: 1.2023.228

Amazing!!I’m so grateful that they finally added iPad compatibility. The only thing left now is to wait for them to add plugins to the app and that will be the ultimate game changer. ChatGPT is changing everything and has already helped me in so many ways every day from simple things to much more complex tasks. I understand people’s anxieties about AI and the inevitability of AGI but I for one am so excited to see what the future brings! EDIT: it’s SO much better than it was now that we have search with Bing back and Dall-E 3 is built in and they added voices for the AI and you can talk to it. It’s unbelievable what they’ve done with it now and it’s easily the most fascinating tool I’ve ever gotten to use for anything. I’m so grateful for all the updates and I hope we continue down this path! Thank you, OpenAI for all your hard work on this amazing app! I hope this app is around forever..Version: 1.2023.277

It’s a great start but please add shortcut supportWorks well, and I enjoy the haptic feedback, that’s a nice touch. But please add support for iOS shortcuts, that would make this so useful. Right now it’s basically the same thing as going to the ChatGPT website, but if you were to add shortcut support then it could do so much more to integrate with other workflows. It also doesn’t appear to support the ChatGPT developer plug-ins alpha, which is different from the paid premium plan chat GPT plug-ins. I don’t have a paid premium plan but on the web I can access the plug in supporting model. On the mobile app there is no option for that, although maybe if you update to premium you get access to it? I wish there was a way to use my paid API plan to access that, rather than having to separately pay $20 a month for premium chat when I already have pay-as-you-go API access. But I imagine that’s not a priority for the target market for this app 🤷‍♂️.Version: 1.2023.20

The other sources weren’t giving responsible results like CHATGPTI act as a learning coach for my child who goes to school online. Today, we were learning about how to check if a source is true. I gave him the example of if a person were to say ‘pigs can fly’ because they read it in a fantasy novel. We concluded that they cannot fly because the information was from fantasy novel. Then, we were told to check multiple sources to confirm or deny it. So, we went to google “can pigs really fly?” however, unfortunately, many of the top results confirmed that pig can, in fact, fly or at least had conspiracy theories about how pigs can fly. It was embarrassing, and absolutely unhelpful and confusing for a young child. So, I headed over to Chat GPT and was able to ask he same question but instead received a sensible answer along with verifiable sources. Chat GPT all the way!.Version: 1.2023.20

BasicCan't show pictures. Ask could show me what a crack egg on sandwich. I wasn't sure because I never had it before. I ask to find a safe site and it says cant do that also ask for info on rabies. I ask about can someone have rabies 7 years or be dominant and response was no but I responded I saw on a certain site that it was true and it response was the same but said that it wasn't updated from sites and might not be accurate. Also ask to show a picture of map of a state. As if its secret when there is literally map apps everywhere. I just needed a picture of the shape. Reminds me of Alexa keep telling me don't know how to do stuff or just won't. Its free so I gave it a star and I gave it another star for answering some followup questions. Another star for responding. Also it was giving advice on not to use sites that is not legitimate. I ask for a site to win money it gave survey junkie and their scammy scummy surveys. I will be using bing instead..Version: 1.2024.003

SongI asked it to write a living tombstone style fnaf song and it came up with: (Verse 1) In the dark, where the shadows creep, A place of terror, where nightmares seep, Animatronic eyes, glowing with despair, In this cursed place, we're trapped in a nightmare. (Chorus) We're the living tombstones of the past, Locked in a cycle that's sure to last, Five nights of horror, we're coming for you, In the Five Nights at Freddy's, there's no way through. (Verse 2) Innocent smiles hide our sinister plan, To haunt and to hunt, it's part of the grand, Showtime at midnight, we come to life, In this eerie pizzeria, filled with strife. (Chorus) We're the living tombstones of the past, Locked in a cycle that's sure to last, Five nights of horror, we're coming for you, In the Five Nights at Freddy's, there's no way through. (Bridge) Listen to the music, the eerie tune, As we stalk through the night, under the pale moon, You can hide in the shadows, but it's just a ruse, We'll find you, we'll haunt you, there's no way to refuse. (Chorus) We're the living tombstones of the past, Locked in a cycle that's sure to last, Five nights of horror, we're coming for you, In the Five Nights at Freddy's, there's no way through. (Outro) So beware of the animatronic crew, In this haunted pizzeria, you're our debut, We'll jump scare you, it's what we do best, In the Five Nights at Freddy's, there's no rest..Version: 1.2023.249

ChatGPT is impressiveChatGPT is an impressive AI language model that exhibits exceptional proficiency in understanding and generating human-like responses. Its ability to comprehend complex queries and provide insightful and accurate information is commendable. The model’s vast knowledge base, derived from extensive training on diverse data sources, enables it to address a wide range of topics with remarkable fluency. ChatGPT’s responses are consistently coherent, coherent, and tailored to meet user needs, demonstrating its capability to engage in meaningful and informative conversations. Its capacity to adapt to various conversational styles and tones further enhances the user experience. While occasional limitations and instances of ambiguity may arise, ChatGPT’s overall performance as a conversational agent is highly impressive and continues to evolve. Its potential applications in customer support, research, and general information retrieval make it a valuable tool in today’s AI landscape.Version: 1.2023.159

Wow… SPEECHLESS!I literally don’t even know what to say here! This is life-changing; I completely understand why this app needs to have a premium subscriber price and a free version (like most other apps) which is industry standard. I’m also usually the one that makes fun of the nerds who spend their time and energy filling the internet with useless reviews that I that chances are no one will ever read much lass use! That all being said; I can really appreciate the immense amt of man hours that went into developing this intelligence AI that is already capable of producing complex and intelligent replies. I’m sure this could fool a human to believe that this server or online entity is actually a human being!! That blows my mind🤯🤯🤯😱🫠😑🫡 it’s like I swear I’ve seen movies about this very phenomenon. Let’s just say, It doesn’t end well for the for the lesser beings or us, the native people..Version: 1.2024.037

A step forwardI like the idea of having an app as opposed to having to open up a website every time you want to load up the service. It feels much faster snd smoother in that regard, though I have a few complaints/suggestions that prevent a 5 star experience. I know the app is brand new and hopefully still under construction, but the current stage of the UI is very bland and simple. Done right, this could be a positive, but it feels more clunky than neat. Being able to pull out a sidebar by swiping could fix this issue, but this is one possible fix among many. Also, it’s harder to view past conversations in a timely manner, though the search function does help significantly in finding specific discussions, especially if you aren’t sure which tab the content was under. Those are my complaints, but I also have some praise I’d like to share. The responses, especially on the GPT-4 model, feel much faster, and I love the inclusion of haptic feedback, as it makes the whole experience feel so much more responsive. My favorite feature, the apps built-in speech-to-text, is seriously top notch! Usually I have to tell my phone “comma” or “period” to make sure it is keeping up with proper grammar, but the software used here has failed yet to amaze me. Given time, I have no doubt these small issues will be improved, along party with much else!.Version: 1.2023.22

Always have the right answerHi, many blessings to all and hope everyone’s well… To be very honest and completely truthful with my experience with ChatGPT is that I love it for many simple reasons … Like when I come across a complex situation and I need a intermediate solution to defuse a situation or solving task or coming across a difficult and very complex question … It’s great to have an AI friend to help out with better ideas to get better optimistic and true results.. versus having people feeding you 1000 wrong ideas… a lot of times in my personal situation what helps me feel more comfortable is a suggestion from an unknown person or source that is not related to what I’m doing… therefore check GPT helps with m by giving me multiple chances in solution.. a very good ways of solving things an get bigger and better results, definitely kills my anxiety 🙏🏼🙌🏼.Version: 1.2023.319

ChatGPTinaThis is what my sister and her friend call “her”. If you’ve heard the phrase, “Work smarter not harder” this is it in action. It has helps me get the head start I need to taking an idea to action; it’ll help provide different examples to clarify certain aspects; help me communicate in a more concise way; help me re-write my resume and LinkedIn, cover letter start. To name just a few ways in which I’ve used it lately! Telling all my secrets 🤭. I always tailor it and make it my own and add certain aspects that only I would know. But it’s been a game changer! I feel I haven’t even used all of its ability. I try not to over use it so I don’t feel like certain generations that just google things vs putting some thought into it 😂. Highly recommend and I love how there’s an app version that syncs with the browser so it’s easy to use on the go!.Version: 1.2023.305

Title: Promising, But Speaking Mechanic Has IssuesI’ve been using the OpenAI app for a while now, and it’s undeniably a powerful tool for generating text-based content. The AI’s ability to provide insightful answers and assist with various tasks is impressive and often quite helpful. It’s a game-changer in many respects. However, there’s a significant drawback that I’ve encountered – the speaking mechanic Converting recorded in to text. While it worked wonderfully the first time I used it, I’ve noticed that it becomes unusable after the first initial use. This can be incredibly frustrating because the speaking feature adds a unique dimension to the app’s capabilities. I believe that this issue needs urgent attention from the developers. An interactive speaking mechanic is a major draw for users like me who appreciate a more dynamic and engaging experience. Without it functioning consistently, a key aspect of the app’s appeal is compromised..Version: 1.2023.305

Very helpful. Loving it.I am loving the ways I can harness ChatGPT for brainstorming. It’s like the best part of crowdsourcing ideas. Also, AI used in this way is here to stay. As an educator, I am finding ways to integrate ChatGPT into learning, as opposed to focusing my energy on banning it. I first used ChatGPT after attending a presentation about how to use it during a job search. I played around with related prompts (e.g., updating my LinkedIn headline, revising resume bullet points to focus on different skills sets). Two weeks later, I attended my very first Dungeons & Dragons session and ChatGPT was super helpful in exploring D&D and character options. Since then, I’ve used it to create a 10-minute presentation for a job interview (they were very impressed), update an assignment’s learning objectives and assessment questions, and brainstorm ideas for a Nintendo-themed birthday party. ChatGPT has been super helpful..Version: 1.2023.242

GPT helps a lot with legal affairsToday it’s the anniversary of GPT’s launch to the market. A year ago I got my own account and started using it with law things. As time passed by, I found it really helpful with revising contracts, revising governmental regulations and searching latest rules & cases accessible on the internet. Whenever I feel upset it helps me to create funny pictures in manga style and write poems, which really helps me relax. So let me say thank you to Open AI and I’m gonna continue subscribing GPTs. Also with suggestion: create a function which can handle trivial things for lawyers like data checking or making a complaint according to plaintiffs’ requirements. Once AI is able to replace lawyers and judges in trivial things, then people can focus more on interesting cases rather than standardized cases. I believe the day will come. Again, thank you!.Version: 1.2023.319

Constant Deferral and Surface-level Responses Spoil the ExperienceI downloaded the ChatGPT app with high hopes, considering the revolutionary artificial intelligence technology it was built on. However, my experience lately has been far from the groundbreaking interaction I once enjoyed. Rather than receiving insightful, intelligent responses to my queries, I consistently found myself being directed to “consult a professional”. It’s as though the app was reluctant to dive into the depths of my queries, always remaining on the surface and often shying away from providing thorough information or a definitive answer. Moreover, the superficial responses given by the app only added to my frustration. Instead of engaging in a deep, insightful conversation, I found the dialogue to be shallow, with the AI only scratching the surface of the topics at hand. I understand the need for caution when dealing with certain subjects, but the frequency of such responses was disappointing. In short, the lack of depth and constant deferral to professionals made my experience with the ChatGPT app underwhelming. While I appreciate the complexity of developing such technology, I believe there’s a lot of room for improvement in how the AI communicates and provides information to its users. The potential is there, but the execution thus far is lacking. For these reasons, I cannot recommend the ChatGPT app in its current state. - the above review is generated and approved by ChatGPT the app.Version: 1.2023.159

Seems pretty goodI have been trying to look for a reason to try out an app like this, but it seems pretty decent and since this does appear to come from the makers open AI I am more than happy to give it a try. It’s quite responsive and I like that. Text only of course..Version: 1.2023.23

OpenAI vs Google AISo all these apps that say they use the ChatGPT 3 or 4 Language model and they a re charging for the APP are these other OpenAI apps scams?.Version: 1.2023.23

Technically excellentWhile I think there are very good reasons to have reservations with the llm models at the heart of this service (the training data & copyright, user privacy, changes to the academic nature of OpenAI), I still think this app deserves 5 stars. Its excellently made. The UI is intuitive. Its fast. New features are rolled out all the time. I’ll revise my opinion on it in time, but right now its only fair to say its very well done..Version: 1.2024.032

Images?I have been wondering why i see chatGPT videos and the AI’s generate images but in reality they dont. Another thing is that when I try to translate it doesnt allow saying idiot and stupid even though i am joking.Version: 1.2024.003

Random filters?It’s nice but when i need help explaining a book or giving me ideas on enhanced sentences that even have the word ‘kissing’ it tells me its too nsfw? even if its a couple or a slow burn romance it marks it as NSFW and refuses to help me even if i have to ask for help on smth that isnt romance related..Version: 1.2023.347

Can’t verifyIt telling I have a virtual phone number and it’s a cell phone from Telus so it won’t let me verify.Version: 1.2023.23

Good App But..Loving the app as a mobile interface for the ChatGPT system. The new voice chat feature are great when you just need to go hands free and chat with the model while you do something else. One thing that I would love to see that is currently missing is an app for Apple Watch. Adding the ability to start a voice chat on my watch and use it like an assistant would be a game changer..Version: 1.2024.003

Fascinating as a window to the future!The GPT models are rather astounding in mimicking human-like verbal communication. It is very easy to anthropomorphize and fall into a pattern of communication as though someone was there listening and generating responses (a good deal more empathic than a lot of humans lol). This is definitively a glimpse into a brave new world indeed!.Version: 1.2023.249

ErrorsIt has been giving me wrong or incorrect answers and have to correct it multiple times fix the app.Version: 1.2024.003

J’aime beaucoupC’est juste incroyable j’adore.Version: 1.2024.003

Nicely done, could use improvements!It has the basic features, but could use the ability to save regenerated responses, like the website version does (if you have 3 versions from the same prompt, you should be able to access all of these versions). It already seems like the OpenAI servers store regenerated responses, so you could grab those versions as well, and implement them. Maybe in a swipe selection system? If you do try and implement this, I highly recommend this feature to be off by default, and only be enabled by a toggle. Some devices don't have the processing power to handle multiple prompts, as some responses, while very detailed, can get very long. One last gripe is that in dark mode, the white text creates too much of a contrast with the dark background. Maybe softer colors? Other than that, amazing work!.Version: 1.2023.179

How to print out complete conversation?OK, so one can copy the questions and answers individually but how can one copy and print out the entire conversation?.Version: 1.2023.159

Plug-insPlug-ins and Internet function seem to work if you started the conversation from a browser!!.Version: 1.2023.23

IPadOS 16.1 minimum?I don’t get it why this app need 16.1 minimum, but otherwise the app works well on my new iPhone.Version: 1.2023.159

There needs to be an edit feature for promptsIt’s great to see that ChatGPT finally has an app available. However, there needs to be an edit feature for prompts, just like there is on the website version of ChatGPT. Once there is one added, this review will change to 5 stars..Version: 1.2023.152

Needs glitch update asapWhen imputing phone number it says it looks like this is a landline number, which it is not. I’ve tried a few numbers with the same result..Version: 1.2023.23

最聪明的大脑有疑问随时随地咨询GPT,比搜索引擎更快更有效的回复会让人觉得你遇上了一个最好的最聪明的帮手,我爱用GPT,期待科技更快更好的发展,服务社会.Version: 1.2024.003

Chat GPT reviewLiterally the greatest app ever created.Version: 1.2024.080

The new voice chatI love this app but every time I use the voice chat most of the message disappears.Version: 1.2024.080

CoolCool.Version: 1.2024.080

My cat called 911🤷💀😎👴🏻🖤🧢💔👨🏻‍🌾👇👴🐷🤠🖤🤞😖🔥🪑🪑👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👨🏻‍🌾😏😏🤌😖😭🤬💔👴🗣️👴🏽💔🧢🪑💔🧢👴🏻👴🏻🤠🖤🖤🤌🪑🪑 chat gpt told my cat to call 911👨🏻‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾🔥🔥👨🏻‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾🔥👨🏻‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾👍👍👍👍🤓🤞.Version: 1.2024.080

Yea it workYea it good for work no need to scroll through millions of search results and pages. Needs to be updated though but generally ok..Version: 1.2024.080

Version 4 (plus)I bought the application version 4, it does not work, all the functions that should be them are not. I'm upset!.Version: 1.2024.074

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