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Become Master of the Galaxy! Create and customize your team using characters from every era, including champions from The Mandalorian, Star Wars™: The Rise of Skywalker, and Star Wars™: The Last Jedi™

Engage in turn-based RPG battles, master the Squad Arena, wield Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, join a Guild with friends, and take your strategy to the next level!

Rebel leaders? Imperial stalwarts? You’re free to choose as you construct elite light and dark side teams while collecting heroes and other characters from the Star Wars™ universe. Develop your strategy and make key moves in this epic RPG. Pick teammates with complementary abilities and go to war with unbeatable squads!

Defeat opponents and rise to the top as you dominate the galactic hologames based in a far-off cantina. Improve your combat strategy by upgrading your heroes’ abilities as you play for even more powerful attacks and bigger wins. Then fight other players in Squad Cantina Battles, PvP Squad Arena, and Squad Tournaments to conquer the galaxy.

Make smart, tactical decisions and equip your heroes with cool gear to enhance their damage. Unlock fun abilities to make your team unstoppable as you unleash commanding moves like Luke Skywalker’s Destined Strike, Darth Vader’s Force Crush, and Young Han Solo’s Trick Shot.

Collect iconic starships, including the Millennium Falcon, and massive Capital Ships, like Admiral Ackbar’s Home One, to construct your war fleets. Keep your cool in fast-paced space combat, deploy reinforcements, and turn the tide of battle with the right strategy. Face fun new challenges and compete in the Fleet Arena to test your prowess. Gather unique upgrade materials for characters, available only as rewards for ship battles. Each vessel has its own crew and strategy, adding special skills to individual ships. Recruit powerful pilots to create the strongest armada in the galaxy!

Lead Raids with friends and fight against bosses like the Rancor, AAT Tank, and the Sith Triumvirate when you create a customizable Guild. Collaborate to form a strategy with your Guild in Territory Battles where members unleash their entire arsenal of characters and ships against a progressively evolving battlefield. Show your dominance when you face off in games against other Guilds to conquer territories and top global leaderboards in Territory War.

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Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes App Comments & Reviews

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Positive Reviews

One of the best games i’ve playedI’ve been playing Star Wars GoH for around 2 years and am a ftp player. I just recently rose to level 85 and am finally starting to get some of those great milestone achievements. However, I must warn that to all players who don’t spend money on games, getting good at this particular one is going to take a lot of time and commitment. Leveling up is rather tough once you start to get to some higher levels and many of the people who do spend money can just buy the relatively new hyperspace bundle which gives a bunch of characters and bumps them to max level. Doing that without buying it takes about a year or so if you are staying on top of the daily quests and even then it’s a bit of a stretch. However, once you are st max level the game gets very fun. You can start to built select squads and join guilds to compete in special events. Although everything is much easier by paying (as you would expect), once you get to a certain point it’s still interesting to play and you can compete against those who do pay. The one thing you will probably never get to equal in without paying is your galactic power as it took me over a month just to get my Jedi squad to at least gear 12. To conclude, I definitely recommend this app to everyone as it is very enjoyable with the many features it has to offer. Just remember the commitment you must offer in return to enjoy everything..Version: 0.20.0

Can take over your life but you don't careSo fun and addictive. Can spend hours just clicking around. Great to play free or invest in. Sometimes the app force closes at times that will cost you an opportunity. EA customer support will have you reinstall the game, saying that should fix the issue, but it doesn't. The limit of characters you can type in chat should be increased by 20% & it shouldn't wipe chat after it's 50 lines old. Having to extensively use Discord to chat is both a blessing and a curse. Minor annoyances in an otherwise great game. Would love to see a new beast to fight. Rancor needs a buddy. Great work. Keep it coming. Edit: been playing daily for 3+ years now, multiple accounts. So addictive. Always challenges you to learn more about team composition and choose who to level up. Daily grind is fun and also consumes you. Now - the bad stuff. Capital Games has had time and plenty of chances to improve communications but they don’t. They seem to both love and hate their player base. Each new toon fits into too narrow a team selection, cross-faction theory crafting is not broad enough. New toons are too powerful, a very slippery slope that reduces the game more and more to rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock. CG does not invest a high ratio of their dollars into hiring enough talent and it shows. While a brilliant engrossing game, there are now enough detractors to make veterans quit..Version: 0.20.0

Great game for Star Wars fansI’ve been playing this game for about 6 months now, and I haven’t been able to put it down since. Steady content you can play throughout the day if you’re bored; with deep complexity for long term playing, and a more serious approach if that’s something you’re interested in. Playing with out spending money to advance is definitely possible in this game. All of the pay to win aspects only change the game for you if you’re inpatient. If you want instant gratification this isn’t the game for you. The only thing I dislike about this game is the character packs you can purchase with crystals. The randomness of possible character shards when buying a character specific pack can be pretty bad, ranging from 5 to unlocking the character max level if you’re lucky. For new players who are unaware of this it can seriously ruin the whole experience and dissuade a desire to play more, and for people who do toss some money to EA; buy more crystals/other content in general. Overall though this is a very well made mobile game with great developer support, and fresh new content consistently being released. It starts out very simple, and challenges you to get better as you continue playing. The groups you can join are consistently filled with friendly people who are willing to help you learn and play as well. Perfect for all Star Wars fans.Version: 0.11.2

Capital Games is the greedy Evil EmpireI used to love this game and I still play it, but Capital Games has become an evil greedy empire. The grind has always been exhausting but they keep deliberately making it worse by adding more relic levels, which looks like it might become an annual thing. They just made great characters weaker, like Vader who got a great upgrade recently and they made him and a lot of other characters weaker because they can beat galactic legends and the developers sent out a news letter saying they were doing this so that’s good getting a galactic legend is a huge grind. If you are free to play it would take at least a year, probably more. I’ve played this game for years now and I don’t have one. I’ve watched you tube content creators whale for these and spend a few thousand and up. This game is not fun anymore. Once you get to level 85 it’s grind grind grind grind grind grind and then now and then ad a zeta up a character grind grind grind. It takes months to get a character from zero to level 13. I’m about mid tear in a guild of players who have amazing rosters and none of us have a relic 9 which was just added because the grind wasn’t bad enough. If you’re not willing to spend your hard earned money in huge amounts or work very hard to stand in place this game won’t be for you. The grind is so bad that this game just isn’t fun anymore and most of the community feels the same way, the Wales seem to love it tho, after all, the game caters to them..Version: 0.25.0

Fun gameWhile this game is fun it could be better. They need to add a global chat because right now if you want to chat you can only do it if you’re in a guild or if you make a chat with all of your friends in it. They also need to make it easier to find active guilds & players around your level(I’m in a guild myself already but I’m the only officer in the guild still active and most of the players in the guild aren’t active and I’ve been looking for awhile for an active guild to join but it’s hard to find one. You need to be in an active guild to do the raids because otherwise it’ll take awhile to generate enough raid tokens and raids are the only way other than using your gems to get some of the gear you need for your characters and the harder tier raids, which need like an active full guild to do, is the only way to get character shards for certain units. Also if you want to be able to do some of the events and the ship battles than you’ll have to spend money on gems or packs to get enough shards to not only unlock the unit but to get it to a point where you can use them for all levels of the event(this is especially true for the ships because the only other way would to be only buying 4-5 shards at a time every day for the ship you want from the ship arena store and what it offers changes daily so it can take awhile to get enough shards and therefore by the time you might get enough shards the ship event might be over)..Version: 0.13.0

A Game More Addicting Than FortniteThis game has to be my all time favorite app. It is truly one of the best games I’ve played, definitely the best mobile game I’ve ever played. The game features a satisfyingly plentiful collection of characters from throughout both the canon universe and the Legends universe. The game never gets boring as there’s always something new and always something to work towards. One of the most Interesting things about this game which sets it apart from most games like it, is the fact that you don’t “Have” to pay actual money to progress in the game, though there are many benefits to doing so, either way you’re going to have a really fun time with this game I highly recommend it to not only anyone who loves Star Wars, but to everyone, as this game has something for everyone. This game is also constantly getting new content (i.e. Characters, ships, events, and other features) evolving, growing, adding, and expanding, as Star Wars itself continues to evolve, grow, add, & Expand. I might also add that the game is super addicting in all the best ways, features amazing graphics and most of the gameplay handles like a Pokémon battle, but 100 times cooler, but that’s just the types I’ve Unlocked so far, I am interested to see how ship battles works. In conclusion This game is something everyone should give a try..Version: 0.21.0

Can be FtP but it’s hardThe cash grab is real. It is VERY difficult for ftp players to compete in pvp events. The whales will have the latest new OP toon that is nearly impossible to beat unless you have them too. And, if there is some existing toon that can beat them, the developers nerf them so they can’t. If you have patience, and are willing to accept the fact that you will never be on the top 20 of pvp, then you can still find some enjoyment in this game. I am on this category, but it’s not without frustration. The shard drop rates are actually insulting and should be fixed but they won’t because, you know, $$$$$$$. You can easily do 15 battles and get zero shards. It happens to me and my guild mates regularly. So you’re forced to spend huge amounts of crystals for a pitiful amount of way over priced shards. It really is a slap in the face to the players and tbh will probably be the reason I quit the game. There needs to be a minimum guaranteed amount of shards per attempts, even if it’s 1 in 10! The gear wall is extremely frustrating too, you’ll need 200 or more pieces of a certain type of gear for one toon which are also outrageously overpriced and sometimes may not be available anywhere and also have a horrendous drop rate from battles. AND, you’ll need these for a bunch of characters at the same time too. At any rate, you’ll still enjoy the game if you have a tremendous amount of patience and/or 100’s of $ laying around to dump into the game..Version: 0.15.0

Needs revisionI’ve been playing this game for near three years now. It has been my go to game. However, it’s becoming quite stacked. Beginning game is fun and quick to progress with tons of characters. But, the mid to late game is crap. PVP events are next to hopeless if you don’t spend money on the game in order to obtain gear to match that of other players. The legendary events for “legendary” characters are ridiculously difficult. You need to be in a guild if you want to progress at normal speed to obtain better gear or earn certain “legendary” characters. You shouldn’t be forced to be in a guild if you want to progress. Guilds are touchy and usually led by folks who take this game way too seriously. Guilds requiring use of discord or requiring mandatory participation in all events is absurd. I’ve been in guilds that require you run all incoming “absences” or be kicked. As if this game should require you to call out like you would for a work shift. All characters should be available to be recruited like normal for everyone. And, legendary events should not be as difficult as they have become. If the “legendary” character is that good to begin with then you shouldn’t have to quadruple the attacking rate of the AI team. App games are meant to be casual mini-games. Everything should be equally accessible and leveled starting field for players of all levels. Beginning, mid, late shouldn’t be this stacked against everyone who doesn’t obsess about the game..Version: 0.18.1

New charactersHello, first off I would like to start off by say that I really enjoy this game especially the events and new character events. It really adds to the game and keeps it fresh and I always look forward to new ones! One thing I did notice though is that for almost every boss you fight is also a playable character except for the Jedi temple guards. I know there’s Jedi guardians but it’s a little different. It would definitely be cool to have the temple guards as playable characters to your team. They could be tanks, offer support or protection to other Jedi’s. Another cool character to add would be the grand inquisitor. Attacker, Sith empire, have a spinning lightsaber to block attacks. Some other ones I think would be cool is Ashoka from season 7 of clone wars with her two blue lightsabers, the child from the mandalorian. (He would be with Mando in his beskar armor, similar to how we have Chewie and 3PO. But the child would also be cool by himself.) Hondo Ohnaka, who else is going to score you more credits then him? Okay maybe not a lot for you since he’ll take 80 to 85% of the profits, but how much fun he would be to play as and be put on a team of smugglers. And one more would be Lando from ROTJ and you can have him fly the falcon with Nien Nub in ship battles. But overall just a fun of the game. And recommend it to any SW fan..Version: 0.20.1

Wickedly amazingI have been playing this game for so many years and it never ceases to amaze me with all of the new updates and content. It is always similar to how I would envision the characters to be. The gameplay is very very fun and makes it seem as if I am actually recreating the battles. The only thing I’d say is unfortunate is that once you get into the higher levels it is difficult to find a fair fight in the squad and flight arenas as you need to have a team to even stand a chance. If it is possible to have opponents based upon your characters you are using them it would be much better in my opinion. However I know that most people in the higher ranks of the arenas are going to have op squads, hence the name squad arena. However the battles are amazing and super fun. The energy seems to dissipate really fast though. Maybe it’s just me. Love the game and hope that it is continued to be updated and have more content coming soon. Loved the Jedi Knight Revan update a whole lot. He is beautiful and his robes were done so well it made me want to get him so bad. It is similar with all of the other legendary characters. Very beautiful and very well done nothing looks to be left out. Thank you so much for this beautiful Star Wars game. It’s amazing please keep up the hard, but beautiful work..Version: 0.17.1

The game is alright but...Of course with all free games it's definitely got that pay 2 win aspect going on. Don't get me wrong I haven't spent a dollar on the game so far and I'm level 57, but I do feel like I'm missing out on a lot of aspects, like challenges and special events, because I don't have the characters or resources to do them. In order to get the most out of this game you're going to HAVE to either pay or wait until your maxed, and getting to max without paying is going to take a looooong time. Word of advice for new players or even current players: DO NOT ever buy the data card packs with your gems. They're rigged and I'll share my personal experience with you real quick. Trying to get my mother Talzin character to 4 stars a few weeks ago I bought the clan mother pack which has a chance of dropping anywhere between 5-330 shards for her, I only needed fifteen. I got 7, I was incredibly angry, but I thought it was just bad luck. Today, saving up enough gems again to purchase it, bought it again like an idiot, and this time you know what I got? 5. I got 5 shards for her, the minimum amount you can get. So out of those two data card packs I got 12 out of a possible 660 shards, you tell me that isn't some fishy BS. Oh and those two combined were worth over 2000 gems and I still wasn't able to get my mother talzin to four stars. Like I said the pay 2 win aspect is pretty moderately pressed on you in this game but it's still alright..Version: 0.9.0

Dang near impossible to progress.They must have lowered the chances of getting shards for characters. I’ve been playing this game since about when it came out and there wasn’t much to do (except for a couple months after Disney bought Star Wars). And earlier this year I was able to get a character unlocked and 7 stars after maybe a week and a half or two if I use my energy on it every day. I was actually able to grind for characters. But at some point, I started only getting maybe 1 or 2 shards a day (even spending saved gems to refresh I won’t get any) so I’ve spent dang near all this entire year of 2019 trying to get 2 characters to 7 star. 2 characters. They have been 5 and 6 stars for longer than I can even remember specifically anymore. And when I try to get support. It’s just send an email or post. Nothing happens. But that’s probably just EA. I love this game and I love playing it. But for months upon months all I can do is use all my energy every day and get 1 or 2 shards sometimes getting none. I’ve started just to play other games and forget to come back. If this can’t get fixed I’m gonna quit and I’d recommend new players stay away. You won’t get anywhere and it’ll be a waste of time..Version: 0.17.2

Developers have zero imagination.Truthfully. THEY... didn't come up with Star Wars. THEY... were given an opportunity to work on something that was imagined by other people. THEY... have such a short attention span and introduce "new" content that they then ignore needs updated and upgraded for over a year and counting. They also have an absolutely definitive and obvious cult love for a single faction in this game. How did this get past any quality control? EA isn't paying enough attention to players feedback and alienating half of the Star Wars fans that existed before they ever had a chance to put their grubby biased hands on it. Everyone remember the game Game Genie for Nintendo? Yeah... they put that in the game as a single REBEL character. R2D2 is so powerful in this game, it's a wonder he didn't just solo the clone wars in the movies. They have no idea how to balance meta and instead have a development strategy like checkers instead of chess. Even in checkers they start one side with all King'd checkers and think that's the equivalent of balance. In Chess different strategies have a counter, but you are able to switch strategies the next time around. In this game one side for a period of time, usually lightside, starts with King'd checkers for months and months. It's idiotic!.Version: 0.9.0

The Impossible DreamStar Wars Galaxy of Heroes has all the makings of a great game. Cool graphics filled with key characters of the Star Wars series as well as several new unique ones. It is very challenging gameplay: it is filled with multiple games with daily quests/challenges that is well-designed to peak your interest and capture your desire to continue to play on to attain higher levels. However, there is one glaring problem, the creators make it impossible to advance your characters to attain in adequate level during daily challenges to obtain higher rewards. There is a clear emphasis on having the player continue to spend money to upgrade his army of character. However, upon attaining the highest player levels, the manufacturer has rigged the game play so that you are pitted against factitious other teams that are increasingly higher than your greatest teams’ ability to conquer. Despite advancing your characters to higher levels, each day, you begin knocked down to a lower level and are matched up against other squadrons/units with considerably higher skill sets with advance speeds that destroy your units, thereby hampering your ability to advance. Having read multiple other gamers’ reviews, I am sure that the manufactures are well aware of this, yet have not modified the game accordingly. Unless you are of substantial dispensable financial means, my advice would be to avoid this game..Version: 0.10.1

No longer F2PI have played this game for years now and have been enjoying it so much. I am free to play. When the game first began, it was exciting and fun to level up my favorite characters. The sad truth is, however, that the power creep and monetization of the game has ruined the free-to-play experience. This game used to be so successful because in-game purchases used to give you a slight leg up on the competition. However, the true power in your roster came with time and daily progress. Now, the game is insanity boosted by purchases and makes competing on a free level impossible. It’s sad to see. They think that by doing this they are bringing in big dollars, which they very well may be. But with the latest power creeps in the game, the mass exodus of free to play players is bound to happen. What Capital games fails to realize is that they are cheapening the value of longevity in the game, which imo is not a smart move. Up until Revan broke the game, I would have given the game 5 stars. It’s been almost a year from then, and the creep in power has only grown exponentially. I still play and enjoy, but I don’t recommend this game to any new players. The experience is almost dead. I hope they try to turn it around, but I have a feeling that they are going downhill quickly and just want to milk the whales for everything that they can..Version: 0.17.0

Love but suggestionsThe game play on this is incredible. you don’t realize it in the beginning but after a while you see how much strategy there is. it may take a while but for me it’s worth it. there are a couple things that i think would make this game better. #1 if you guys could set up a section where you can battle your allies, kinda like championship or squad arena but you can specifically battle allies. #2 I think there are a whole bunch of players who could be added in such as starkiller even though the games are now legends he is an amazing character and could bring a lot to the table by bring other characters to add like general kota. you could also add in jaba he would be a support character that would work well with smugglers or bounty hunters. #3 I think that some characters could use a reboot and be improved now that new information has been seen with these characters such as fulcrum ahsoka, she is not a super powerful character but they have said that at this state she is at about the same power level of count dooku, we have also seen her in mandalorian and she is way more powerful then she is in the game. overall though this is my favorite game i have played, it is fun and doesn’t get boring. thank you for reading my review..Version: 0.20.40

HeroesWhen I first got this game I was looking for a Star Wars game because I love Star Wars and I found it. I loved it. I played every day for about six months I love buying new characters in leveling up. Game is awesome because it’s free and there’s no ads and the graphics are great. I would recommend you get this game because you can unlock your favorite Star Wars character and almost every single Star Wars character in Star Wars history. But one downside to that is it takes a while to load To get on. And I decided I’d spend 1300 crystals to potentially get Bo Katan and I only got SEVEN! But after about 10 months I finally started to get a little bored but I still love to geting crystals and finish my daily activities on it. Every month you get a new inbox reward For shards for characters in the first few months I got some really good character that I haven’t already unlocked but after that I started to get shards for Characters I’ve already unlocked. It’s a really good game because it’s free. I was just addicted to it when I was really into it and I still am just not as much. I know nobody will read this but I thought I’d just write a review for it because I really like this game..Version: 0.21.10

Fun but expensive gameI have been playing this game for about 5 years now. Everything is ftp accessible if you wait long enough and if you don’t want to wait there is plenty of ways to spend money. They cater to the top high end player base. I truly feel for someone who starts playing this game now. If you create or join a low level guild because you want to enjoy the game you will eventually run into other aspects of the game on your personal side that you will be blocked or unable to do because you are in a lower guild without paying(relic8 mats) which are required for some of the top end ship and arena characters. Other option is join a top guild and let them do the work for you and contribute zero which will last for a year or more. This has not changed in the last 5 years. The relic 8 hump is just the latest but they have continued to put blocks in place for lower guilds for there members to enjoy the game together or quit there guild to compete in either arenas and not enjoy the guild aspect of the game. Because of this I rated this game 3 stars. 3 stars to be able to play almost all aspects of the game providing you are casual and don’t care about any new stuff coming out ever. Minus 2 for the guild stuff and the locking smaller guilds out because this is a huge part of the game..Version: 0.25.0

Great game just needs somethingThis game is amazing. I love it. But there is a problem with the content in the prequel era. There are barely any clones to use and the ones you can use there are no missions you can play to earn shards for any of them. We need some missions with their character shards as possible rewards. Now let’s look at some new characters. Why not get Wolfe? He has some epic armor and is a great fighter. A few other examples are: Waxer and Boil in their defense of that Twilek planet in the show. Gregor. The Delta squad is definitely one you’d want. Commandos are some of the coolest clones in the series and to not have any is a disgrace. One more thing, we need a neutral faction. Characters like bounty hunters and some droids shouldn’t be made to be only light side or only dark. Bounty hunters aren’t dark side characters, they’re just people who do jobs for money. The madalorian is not a good guy. He’s a complex character not a hero. Greef Karga is not a light side person. This brings me to my main complaint, we need a Neutral faction. A neutral arena so that complex characters like boba and the mando aren’t put into strange teams. Just a few suggestions that I believe would truly improve the game..Version: 0.19.2

Awesome game but could maybe use a few changesFirst I want to say that I really enjoy this game and it’s one of my favorite iPhone games. It’s fun to play and it’s challenging in a fun way. That said I do think there could be a few things to change. First, it would be nice if there was a way to get the characters you get in guild raids and territory battles. I completely get it’s a fun way to get characters and capital ships. However, for people who don’t really like to be in a guild, people who can’t join a guild, or people who aren’t in a good enough one, there is no way you can get iconic characters and ships like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ki Adi Mundi, Han Solo, and the Malevolence. I would completely understand if you made it to where it would be slower to get and max star them but at least it would be possible. Second, I think it would be awesome to at least have an option where you can give the clone troopers phase 1 armor. I get it if you don’t want to make a whole different character, but it would be cool to at least have an option that you can use. Other than that, I really enjoy the game and it is super fun and I would recommend this game to anyone who likes Star Wars..Version: 0.23.0

Good game but pay to win is crazyI’ve been playing this game for a bout a year going on two now . The graphics awesome, sounds amazing, strategy mind blow. PAY To win aspect annoying and crazy . I mean I get they got to make money but come on is almost catered the the one who can afford to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars on it. I know I can’t afford to payout but very tempted to do it . Im level 85 and the gear required to do the upgrades takes a while but this game is grind I get that but some of the drop rates I mean come on dude. I wasted about 300 crystals on try to get my mando to 5 stars today. I simed 15 times and got nothing and that happens every so often. I’m in a awesome guild and I love the characters and lore are so awesome to me as a Star Wars fan I love this game, I wish they could give new players a better start to make the game a little more fair and if they could regulate the drops so you could get one per 10 sims per say that would make it a lot better. Also on the subject please up the ship drops so it takes less Tim to max shard ships please that would be awesome . Over all great game great challenges and great people playing . I mean come on you think I would pass up a chance to hang with awesome Star Wars fans like me come on ! Join the fray! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU. Se you there.Version: 0.25.0

Great game! Here is some things to make it better.First let me start off by saying I’ve been playing for almost 2 years. This game is great and I would recommend this to anybody who is a Star Wars fan and in a heartbeat. There are some things that could be changed to make it better though. To start some people like me don’t spend there ally points the second they get them. Sometimes I have all my points stacked up to 45,000 and that does not make it very easy when you cannot collect more than one bronzium card pack at a time. It takes me 5 to 10 minutes to open them all which is really Boring. If you added a way to open multiple at a time that would be amazing. Second if there was a way to see all of the special events so that you could know exactly what types of characters you need to level up to able to play certain events. For the longest time I had no idea which characters I needed to get to play the R2-D2 event. I finally found out when the event came around again but had no time to prepare. These are just some of the things that I think are minor details but could help a lot. If EA read this it would be great to have this in one of the next updates!.Version: 0.11.2

Please readI love this game. I grew up with Star Wars and its a huge bonding topic in family & friends. Yep, I’m that guy. I love this game because it’s a great way to pass time, and it always keeps me coming back for more. My wife can testify to this game being a ritual for nighttime & in the morning. Lol. I would greatly appreciate a more variety of characters however. I believe more characters from comics, like Darth Revan and others. I would also like to see it being easier for players to get decent characters instead of waiting next month for a single chance to grab shards for that hard to get character. I would enjoy seeing a daily event calendar to give players who do more than just play this game occasionally a few steps up. This game definitely has a huge amount of potential to make millions of dollars. I’ve recommended this game to many friends & family members. Sadly they don’t find it interesting. They & myself would like to see more characters & more opportunities to get shards as well as more to do, even with low energy just to stay busy & chances to gather more credits to level up characters. Thank you for reading my comment and I appreciate EA for a great game!!!.Version: 0.9.0

Uneven gameplayI really enjoy this game. I started playing this game about two and half months ago, and I’ve been hooked. I can’t help my self coming back. The turn based gameplay is really fun, and I enjoy collecting the characters. I also enjoy leveling those characters up. I can’t help myself trying to play everyday to get the daily reward. That being said there’s some major issues. This game is huge pay to win. That doesn’t bother me much, but it gets boring fighting the same squad. There’s also an issue with overpowered characters. I had to sit and watch a battle for about 10 minutes because Kylo Ren was way to powerful for my full squad. It was just Kylo Ren (LV 70) fighting a full squad that were level 50 mind you that couldn’t defeat him because every time I attack he healed twice as much than the damage the squad was doing. This literally went back and fourth until Kylo’s life dwindled down, which like I said took nearly 10 minutes. After three minutes I had to recorded because it was very ridiculous. Another moment like this happened awhile ago before this in which one character wiped out my whole roster of characters. Which had to be a little over 30 characters. All in all it’s really a fun game, but some characters need to be nerfed or balanced..Version: 0.23.0

A F2P with a P2W twistThis game is a lot of fun and a lot of frustration at times. It’s geared to make you run out of stamina or instant win tickets quickly and usually when you are trying to complete something or get the shards needed for the character(s) you really want. It is a constant repetitious grinding but if you enjoy the game and don’t want to spend money, it’s a good game for you. I’m mostly Free to Play (F2P) but have spent money on some of the gear and upgrade deals that pop up every so often. Gearing up and leveling can get expensive. You get crystals (the generic currency for just about everything) on a daily basis by doing the daily quests. If you don’t spend them (good luck) you can amass a good amount but the extra credits, stamina, shards, etc all takes crystals and a lot of them. The max level is 85. It took me about 3 months of doing the dailies EVERY DAY to get there. Personally the work and time put into it feels more like an achievement than spending $100 USD and just having it handed to you. Just keep in mind that it takes time to build your people and to find a good team that works well together..Version: 0.24.10

Let’s Be Honest With OurselvesThis game is killer. Yes, there are micro transactions, but I’ve been playing this game for about a year now and I’ve reached just about the same level as everyone else. I think I hit level 85 about a month or two after I started playing. I will say though this game is all about grinding, let me repeat that, THIS GAME IS ALL ABOUT GRINDING. So it takes a certain level of commitment that I know so some people don’t have, which is completely fine, it’s okay to have other things to do. However, I’ve had a ton of fun with this game especially because of being able to put literally anyone I want into a squad, having regular activities with my guild, the grand arena, and the squad arena. If you are willing to put the time and energy into this game, it will pay you back. When you first start it will take some time to get into the flow of how the game works, the learning curve is quite high but it’s not impossibly hard to master. If you want some sort of pastime on a car ride or every other game you have is boring, also you love Star Wars, this game is for you. It’s not a mindless game, it is a mindful one..Version: 0.18.1

Typical pay to win gameYou can play and enjoy this game as free to play. That being said, the balance of the characters and ships are a complete joke. Every few months a new character/ship or both come out that are miles better than any others currently in the game. As frustrating as that may be, it would be tolerable if it were possible to get them relatively soon without paying large amounts of money, to grind out the requirements(the requirements being to gather certain other new characters/ships that have requirements). The end result is you have a few players who have paid 100s or even 1000s of dollars to compete at the highest level against others who have paid 100s or 1000s, while the rest of the player base who have invested just as much time (over a year for me) have literally no chance of competing against the others in their shard. The stuff that has been a problem since the beginning of the game are still a problem. The only things that change are new, game breaking, unattainable, characters come every few months with a hefty price to gather the first time around. The game design is cool and the fact that it has the Star Wars name makes it fun to play but its unfortunate that it has become so obviously and blatantly a pay to win game..Version: 0.14.1

Great game, but...I really love this game and I’ve been playing for a few years now. It is complex, yet has a good management set up, and is incredibly immersive. The downside to this game, though, is that it is built almost exclusively for the Pay to Play (PtP) players and all the updates they make now further cater to this. Not only is it just that, but, also, the prices for gems and character packs are comparatively high and the money you pay only leads you on to paying more for top-grade gear. Otherwise, you are seriously crippled in what battles you can win - or even play at all. It takes a VERY long time to upgrade characters without the cash and, for someone like me who isn’t out to spend a small fortune every time I see the newest character release, this is discouraging. I wish they would do something to help out the little guys - even if it just meant increasing the character shard farming rate or something. I hope they will continue to make this game better in the future and, if you’ve got either the time or the money to invest, enjoy it for the present as well..Version: 0.20.30

Macro Purchase SystemI’ve been playing for about 2 years now and leader of a guild. This game used to be easy for F2P (free to play) and you could do really well with micro purchases. I never felt it necessary to drop more than 20 bucks at a time. They’ve made a lot of changes and it’s getting harder and harder to be a F2P player. They’ve even unleashed some $60-90+ packs. And have made some of these items required for competing in events. This game was a lot of fun when I was just trying to unlock Darth Vader. Now I need to level up characters I’ll never use and waste resources that I could be using for characters I would use. It all just makes it a little frustrating, knowing that to be competitive anymore, you need to pay—a lot. This frustration is evident within my guild. I’ve had a few players quit because there’s just no way to do really well without paying a pretty penny. I’ve played a lot of other games, but never any as much or as long as this one. Only recently have I honestly thought about not playing anymore, just because of the constant requirement to have this character and that character. And to get that character you need to have this character. And that character is only available in this pack that cost $$..Version: 0.9.0

Fun game, but the publisher hates you.Fun game... but be advised this is an EA published title. And true to form they don't care what you like and what you hate. As long as their whales keep spending money thats all that matters. Dont expect fairness or diversity in choosing your path. There is the meta and the not meta. That's it. There aren't tons of different teams competing at the top. There is the powerful thing that is released to encourage spending. Then there is the new powerful thing that is released, designed specifically to beat the previous thing, to encourage spending. Game is also missing common features other top tier games always have... no global chat. No easy way to talk. No replays. No non-competitive guild arena. Also they've released content specifically designed to squash smaller guilds so the game will condense to all larger guilds. All releases and tactics are designed to encourage spending and not created a balanced game. So with all that criticism said... thats all because its an EA published game. Par for the course. Otherwise what it does offer is well built, mostly non-buggy, fun in the star wars universe. Have played for 2 years and will continue to play. I don't mind the FTP grind. You just have to be honest about your expectations..Version: 0.17.0

CG Developers are simply incompetentSeriously, they pretty much take every game and deliberately ruin it. That’s the only explanation because NO ONE could be that stupid. This game USED to be a strategy game. Now it’s nothing more than a money grabbing game of collecting characters. Every update shows their incompetence by nerfing, and this penalizing, any good ship or character that takes time and resources to level and gear up. Battles are mere coin flips decided at random. Oh what’s that? You theory crafted an amazing team to go against a phase of one of the raids? Yeah, sorry, we will need that too. Oh, what’s that? You have a bunch of great characters and you can climb relatively easy for payouts? No problem, we will just ramp up the AI on the opposing side to go first every time. No big deal. Seriously, I feel sorry for anyone who has been caught up in this game and has spent any money on it. I you want to play this game, just accept it for what it is. It’s a game of collecting characters. Take your time and don’t spend any money. As soon as you think it’s worth it to spend a little money to build any part of your team up, they will surely nerf it soon after..Version: 0.12.1

Love it RE: UPDATEThis game is amazing and addictive! Now that they have worked out the kinks in back to loving it. There is so many events and things to keep you busy during the day. I've been playing for just abiut a year and still no where near being sick of it. Few problems here and there during the updates but usually it's fixed pretty quick. Customer service is amazing too. Always answer the phone and it's an American person. I can understand them and they actually care! I love the game and will probably never stop playing :-) UPDATE: ok so I did stop playing the game for about a year so I could play CSR 2 lol. Got sick of that game and came back to Star Wars. Still a great game. They’ve added a lot of new characters and events. This game is definitely a money game. You can play without in game purchases but you won’t get anywhere fast. I probably wouldn’t even play it if I didn’t already have a loaded account with a bunch of maxed characters :-) I can still use them while I collect the others. If you are already playing a game that you spend money on... don’t download this game unless you want to switch..Version: 0.12.1

I can only give 4 starsI admit it, I love this game. I've played almost a year now. Very addicting. Currently 1.3mil gp. Lots of characters and many things to do. But the fact is the fact. Yep I've spent well over a thousand plus dollars. Playing free, sorry you won't go anywhere, ever. You can't even make a dent in raids. People who say it's great playing free obviously isn't in top tear guilds that their players can solo the raids and such. To truly get anywhere in this game you will have to cave in and spend money on crystals and/or payout cash just to buy the new characters as they come out. If not you will get ate up by all the whales in this game, in arena, galactic war, and ships. Bottom line is people who say they enjoy the game playing free, they do, it's that fun and they think they've actually gotten some where in the game. But not true, unless you spend the dough you don't have much to show for it, period. I'll still play as I can afford to spend, yep makes me sick but I love playing the game and am now in debt to this game. So take the advice from an honest review and continuing player, don't start! Unless you have the cash and constantly put money into it. Your just waisting your time..Version: 0.9.0

Great game but pay to winHonestly this game is really fun and addicting except for the pay to win aspects. Don’t get me wrong I get it’s a company and they need to make money but even if you spend small or big amounts of money (which I seem to regret 4/5 times and I’ve spent over $200 in the last year and a half) you still get very little, it takes a long time to build up your teams and is very satisfying when you make get your characters to gear 12 (currently the strongest) but when you see someone buy a new character and can get them to gear 12 it’s very dissatisfying. I understand it’s a small part of the game’s community that can afford to do this. However even if you never spend a dime and save up crystals, you never really get what you think you’d get. For example it takes 330 character shards to get them to seven stars, they offer a character packs they give you 5 to 330, and more then likely each time you get less than 15 per pack. Which after a few weeks of saving up you just feel robbed and you could have used somewhere way more important. Over all this game is great, the community is great, the developers really care but just get ready to be disappointed if you save up or even spend money..Version: 0.12.1

WowSuper.Version: 0.9.0

Too many paywallsWith every new update the paywalls get worse. Relics, Epic Confrontations, Kyrotech, reducing hard node tries from 8 to 5, reducing events from two days to one... General Skywalker requires insane characters to beat and you only unlock at five stars and have to farm him in a guild store so that by time you can 7 star him he won’t be meta anymore. Absolute garbage. The only updates these days are more choke points and paywalls..Version: 0.17.1

Interesting...Was lots of fun at first, but then they kept introducing new characters which made the old ones obsolete. Felt like I wasted my time over the last two years building up the old characters, but hey, if wasting time is your thing, then this is the game for you ;).Version: 0.9.0

WowEA are incredible You guys easily have the best game out rn.Version: 0.9.0

Long slow decline of a once fun gameI loved this game for the first year I played it, but the company has been moving, over and over again, to make progress slower and to invalidate choices that the players have made in the past. They continue to make announcements that they want to improve the game for new players and alleviate the gear crunch for what are now mid-game items, but then they continue to scale back events that allow players to SLOWLY aquire these items, making it bad for established players, but horrible for newer players to progress.Version: 0.17.1

Expensive in both money & timeWhen you start playing the game, it’s fun and you can progress quickly without emptying your bank account. Once you get to the medium levels and higher, the game quickly loses its luster as you soon realize that you’re either going to spend A LOT of your money or A LOT of your time to just advance a little. And the game is designed to match you up against players that are stronger than you so you’ll want to spend more money just to play. It’s not a lot of fun watching half your squad get obliterated before you’ve even had a chance to take one shot. Personally, I’d say avoid this game like the plague. They’ve spent the money to do the research to know exactly how to get you addicted to the game. And addictive it is. Be aware. Seriously, there are better ways to spend your money and your time. Play at your own bank account’s risk.Version: 0.16.3

Only HonestyI give this Game a three star review because I can’t give a game I spent over $1000 on and even more hours; Lower than that. Not without feeling bad on the person I’ve become. This game is a grind, get that in your head now. You will spend hours to get gear to level up characters who appearances don’t even change. Though it makes sense to how the game was created. Being able to see your progress outside of a coloured circle around your character would probably help with the grind. The game is made up of Starwars Favourite characters. And they don’t short you on that. The amount of versatility that comes with this games team building is unmatched by other apps and other phone RPG’s. There just so much to unlock. I’m saying that obviously not everything is worth an unlock and you can spend so much time and real money on a character that gets phased out in two months. And what I mean by phased out is that teams work on weakness to resistance scale based on factions. Kinda like Pokémon or Magic. These are easier to see and pick up on if you are a fan of Starwars (which you probably are if you’re playing a digital action figure collecting app based on Starwars) The game is layered with gear, mods, and shards that all work towards how your character works and performs. Where shards and gear are straightforward and have static values. Mods are completely random and can contain any number of percentages that completely alter how any character will work. This part of the game is not balanced or even looked after even a little bit. Though mods have very little effect on a characters overall power, it alters the characters abilities such as resistance, Speed, or strength. Greatly. Where let’s say the fastest current character is Moff Gideon at base. But mods can easily cause your Moff to be the slowest character in your rooster. So in saying that, the game becomes a game of bluff rather then that of skill. You want to make your opponent think you have good cards when you really have sh*t. This is not a great concept for a game who relies mostly on in game transactions and in app purchases. For a game that should be playable for kids (based on rating) this game contains a lot of gambling. And it’s with real money for fake money. What I mean by that, is the game literally has over 9 different currencies. Some of which you can spend real money to acquire. Other currency is so expensive you have to buy gems with real money, then use those gems to buy that currency that will allow you to buy a shard. That brings you to going in game and unlocking another currency that’s even more expensive. And the cycle continues. Now, this would be forgivable if when you got that shard or that gear piece you could upgrade. But you will need to repeat that process (I am not lying) sometimes 50 times to get halfway to a gear piece. You sometimes need 5 gear pieces made up of 50 other pieces (not an exaggeration it’s literally 50) to make one big gear piece and you will need to make six of them to go up one gear level. And most gear can’t even be obtained by playing you actually have to spend real money on some pieces. This is easily the most expensive game I’ve ever played. It says free, but you HAVE TO SPEND that $150.00 on the big bundle in order to have any fun in the game in the first year of playing. Otherwise you are grinding months at a time for a moment of satisfying gameplay with the team you worked so hard and spent so much to build. Only to have the game developers make new competent that makes your old team completely and utterly useless. Thank you for staying I hope this helps you with whatever you were trying to accomplish by reading this..Version: 0.21.0

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