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NOTE: Remastered version from the PC version. A device with at least 2 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly.

In this last chapter of the Five Nights at Freddy's original story, you must once again defend yourself against Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and even worse things that lurk in the shadows. Playing as a child whose role is yet unknown, you must safeguard yourself until 6am by watching the doors, as well as warding off unwanted creatures that may venture into your closet or onto the bed behind you.

You have only a flashlight to protect yourself. It will scare away things that may be creeping at the far end of the hallways, but be careful, and listen. If something has crept too close, then shining lights in its eyes will be your end.

NOTE: Interface and audio in English. Subtitles in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean.


Five Nights at Freddy's 4 App Comments & Reviews

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Positive Reviews

AMAZING!!!Scott, your FNAF series will always be some of my favourite video games. I admit, I shed a couple (a lot) of tears when I heard that it was over. These games were undoubtedly worth my time and my money from beginning to end. Concerning this app however, I was only slightly disappointed to find that I was not able to experience the lore minigames about the crying child, like the ones in this exact game on the PC. Hopefully someday you'll put that in. Another thing was, when I ran back and forth between doors during gameplay, I kept noticing a series of footsteps that sounded sort of like mine but a little faster and they would travel from left to right and vice versa. They kinda mess with my head when I'm trying to concentrate on all other tasks at hand. I really don't know what they are; if they're a bug or if they belong to Foxy or some other entity. But hopefully, if they ARE a bug, then it will be fixed in the future. If not, I'll just have to figure out about it on my own. Other than these two minor problems, the game was top notch and creepy as heck, just how I love your games. I would easily recommend this game to anyone who loves a good scare. :) keep at it Scott! You're a great man..Version: 1.0

Listen Up! Please read ScottOk, first of all let me just say that this game is AMAZING and NOBODY should be complaining otherwise - Scott did an amazing job in doing a port version of this game. Does it have bugs? Yes - but let's be honest, what game dosnt? Nobody should be complaining about "lag" because it's not lag. Creating a game as big as this with this many animations is more work than it seems - and our small devices aren't exactly super computers so of course the fps will be a bit slow. I would recommend fixing the glitch where you can here your footsteps repeatedly when u walk to the closet or one of the doors - along with the breathing audio. A audio boost wouldn't hurt 😜 But what I'm trying to get at, is that people should stop complaining. Yes their are bugs, but if you were making a game as big as this, I'd like to see YOU make a game 100% perfect with 0 bugs. Scott, I love your work - I hope that one day you can reveal the truth to the games lore such as: who is the purple guy, what is the timeline, and how does everything fit together? Thank your for your time to read this, and I'm giving this game five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️what it rightfully deserves 😄.Version: 1.0

Great finale to the series ScottI remember when the first game came out, I was so scared of it. Then came the next one and I remember hyping it up so much, and it became my favorite game of the 4. When the third game came out, I was like "How many games will this guy make?" Then a few weeks later, a teaser came out of nightmare Freddy, and I was so hyped about this fourth game. I bought it for my PC as soon as it came out. I played the first night at it was probably the best game ever. The jumpscares are super scary, the animations and ambient noises are great, and the story ties up so many loose ends. There are still some things we need to know, like who is the purple man? Anyway, I checked the App Store every day until it came out and it was 11pm when I saw it, so even though it is scary, I played the first night and beat it. The quality isn't too good, and the game is sorta laggy, but I still give it five stars for its great story. Good job on the final FNaF, and I can't wait till Halloween for that special thing that's happening. I'm guessing either the movie or another horror series! That would be awesome Scott! Thank you so much for the great series!.Version: 1.0

Love it and it's amazing and I want to say thisI loved this series but Scott I done research and you left clues that has the number 5 in it and correct me if I'm wrong but I think FNAF 5 will be about SpringTrap since in FNAF 3 at the end if you brighten up the picture in the newspaper, it's shows SpringTrap in the background, what does this mean? It's means FNAF 5 is about what happened to SpringTrap and if he became PlushTrap in FNAF 4 than in FNAF 5 shouldn't it tell how SpringTrap became the Mini game we play in FNAF 4 called "Fun with SpringTrap!" I find this very unlikely that SpringTrap is PlushTrap because what we see in FNAF 3 we see The Purple Guy run from the 5 dead children and get into and the SpringTrap suit and die and because of this if SpringTrap is PlushTrap than what happened to The Body of The Purple Guy? and as we all know That the kid in FNAF 4 is The Puppet, we still don't know what is inside of the box at the end of FNAF 4 which maybe revealed in FNAF 5 but is very unlikely. Maybe FNAF 5 will take place in Fredbear's Family Diner where it all started. We will never know... Until FNAF 5 comes out..Version: 1.0

A little room for improvementDon't get me wrong I love these games the fear of not knowing if the animatronics are almost there you door or not really makes the game fun and the lore is very interesting and well hidden by Scott but in this port there are multiple glitches that are fatal for gameplay I mean you must hear every little thing or else it's game over and one of the glitches is when you run to the door it creates a looping sound of your footsteps making you think that the animatronics are running but it's just a looping glitch witch can throw you off big time. But it's not just about the sound on night 5+ you have to protect yourself against nightmare or Fred-bear witch requires you to look for him almost there your door and react fast witch is hard because when you are running to the door and when you are looking into the halls the game lags and I have a really fast smooth phone so it can't be just me experiencing this and this also makes the game hard for you. But that's really all of the problems that I'm experiencing so I have that Scott can patch these glitches in the next update.Version: 1.0

Wow.What a game. This game is scarier that the first three. Not because the animatronics are scary, but that the atmosphere is scary. Behind you you have to check the bed every now and then, which gives you a feeling that something is going to get you from behind without you knowing, or that when you turn around, you could die. Also, the game for most who don't know takes place in a house, and you are playing a little kid, and the animatronics are in the house with you. There's also no cameras, and when you go to check the door, you fear that something will jump out at you and kill you, ending your game. This is my favorite in the series and is a must get. UPDATE (Night 3): After playing for awhile, the game is still good, it's just that I am hearing multiple footsteps that appear to be mine, but I am not moving. I do not know if the other footsteps are another animatronic or just a glitch. This is the same problem for the door. The creaking happens when it is supposed to but it also happens after you open the door..Version: 1.0

Props for ScottScott when I first played this game series I was kinda scared that Freddy and his Friends were gonna kill me then I realized how much you and your team of game designers worked really hard to make this series perfect and you did but you know what I’m proud of the most? How scary it is because for the longest time I didn’t want anything to do with the games yea it might be weird that I had nightmares about Freddy Fazbear, Chica the chicken, Bonnie the bunny, and Foxy the pirate fox. I guarantee that whatever work you do in the future will be good but It won’t be better then this perfect series. Oh and just a few quick tips for anyone confused with hearing footsteps and breathing: 1: if you’re hearing breathing then it’s either Nightmare, Marion, Nightmare Foxy or Mangle, or any of the animatronics that sneak into the bedroom. 2: If you hear foot steps it could just be Foxy or Mangle running into your closet or it’s Freddy, Foxy, Chica, the cupcake, or Bonnie coming close to you and about to jumpscare you. Anyway that’s all I wanted to say to buh bye! 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕.Version: 1.0

The Scariest Game in the WROLD!!I would just like to say that you put the best work in this fnaf game and i mean it when i first played it i could all ready feel like Freddy him self would get me through the screen and it also surprised me how we all thought Fred bear was golden Freddy but still it is the best game that you have made so far well if you're going to make more games but just saying I love it how the contents of the whole ideal background is happening around the kid like how he was bitten in the frontal love how you showed it like the bite of 87 and also it's I really love is how you put it as like the timeline like the kid you got bitten looks like the puppets and also I think what you were going for was since the kid was damaged on the frontal lobe he sees all these nightmares that's why and if I'm right then can you comment me if I'm right well anyways just saying I really love the game and hope everyone else who plays it loves it to. By the way for the halloween update are you going to make it on ios as well??? :/.Version: 1.0

This game is scary!!This game is the worst/best game ever I love it but it scars the crap out of me I mean fnaf 2 I can play just fine I don't have 1 and 3 but 4 IS JUST SO SCARY I CANT PLAY IT MOST OF THE TIME IM SO SCARF really worst/best worst on the scary best on the scary I like the scary but hate it don't think that makes sense and there is one thing I might add though when I play I can here Bonnie just fine his breathing scars me but if I go to the right door were chica is I can't here her at all and if I could and all I have to do is just turn it up a bit like I said to scary so I just don't have the guts to turn my volume up so it would be nice if chica could breath a bit louder then she dose now still the worst/best game ever I love the scars but hate them keep up the good work and I hope that you will make more fnaf game like 6 and 7 be couse it dose go up to 7 nights but it just said five nights but u know 6 and 7 are just the bonus nights like bonus games so love your work hope to come up with lots more ideas have a good scare :DD:.Version: 1.0

Amazing new experience, with one fault...The five nights at Freddy's franchise has no doubt gotten very huge. This game, overrules all of the 3 other games for very good reasons. For example, the gameplay is different and more interactive, it is suspenseful and engaging, and it also is much more scary than the previous games. After I bought and downloaded the game, I was very pleased. The game was fun, engaging, and suspenseful, like I stated earlier. But, however, there is a huge fault that takes away meaning from the whole game. On the PC version for steam, there are these small, more pixelated scenes in between nights, and before the first night. These scenes show the exact plot of what is even going on, and even reveals a huge secret at the end. The thing that really bugged me, is that these interactive scenes were not on this version for the iOS. I say, if you were to somehow add those into the game for iOS, this would no doubt be pretty much perfect for the gameplay. Overall excellent game, only missing that one huge part..Version: 1.0

AmazingScott we should be saying thank you for this amazing game series you brought to us I remember the very first of the school year you brought us the first fnaf and all we did was talk about it then the second we were so happy and we were racing to see who could beet the 20x10 first then the third at the end of the school year we brought are stuff on the last day of school and all we did was play it and the last day of school are friend was like look on your web site and I saw the nightmare Freddy we were so happy all my friends have stayed in touch and we saw the first one to beet 20,20,20,20 and I did first I was so happy but you have touched all are hearts will your great games it really made my 7th grade school year go buy fast and it was fun with all the free time I had playing FNaF thank you once more I'm in tears right now and I love the picture you have on your web site maybe they are friendly :) thanks you again I'm just in tears buy Scott and thanks once more love you for this series.Version: 1.0

I have all gamesScott don't listen to all the haters I've know about since late 2014 when the second game came out and I've loved the series and I hate to see it go I love the transition doors to vents to sounds and ventilation and camera and now a child omg this is the best game and there is some problems but it doesn't effect my gameplay so I'm ok with it I can't wait for the DLC to come out fredbear did not cause the bite of '87 like everyone is saying I don't know who it is but Fredbear family diner was in 1983 not 1987 so Fredbear did not cause the bite of '87 I think it was mangle and they put his whole head into fredbears mouth and the kid dies even though the phone guy says I'm sorry if I'm off on this "it's amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe" the kid didn't live he died cause when the Fredbear plush and all the other plushies disappear then the kid disappears u can hear the beeping noise implying that the kid died so yes Scott thank you for the awesome games and for the story and that is it..Version: 1.0

Sound problems , difficulty, game optionsThe game is good and all but I can’t ever hear the breathing to tell if the animatronics or at my door even with my head phones on . Night 2 is way harder then it should ever be in any fnaf game as I am able to get past night two in fnaf , fnaf2 , fnaf3, and sister location but can’t get past night two the second time I restarted the game for fnaf4. You know how plush trap lets you skip a few hours . Well getting him to sit on the x is harder then hell to do . There also needs to be option for online multiplier so one person can watch the closet one can watch the bed one can watch the right hall and the other the left hall . There needs to be an option of turning down the difficulty on the animatronics to begin with . And a option where you can hold both doors close at once . I know this sounds like it would make the game to easy but it needs to happen . I would have liked for there to be a option to save Chris before he got bite as well ..Version: 2.0

I enjoy the game but...Now before anyone says anything, I really enjoyed all installments of this series and have dedicated the time to getting the stars for all games. This is one of my favorite game series and I enjoy all the lore. My only complaint with this installment is not the lack of "quality" or the mini games, which I honestly didn't mind. It was the fact we were completely left out of the Halloween update that I was very excited for. I have gone to the point where I still have not seen or watched any videos about the update in hopes it's just coming out late for IOS, which seems to be the ONLY version without the update. It's December 23. I've waited an extra 2 months. I've been extremely patient with this update, and I've been loyal to the games, even so when we found out we would never have the box opened to us, as stated by Scott himself. This was a major let down to me. If you ever read this Scott, then please tell us why we never got the update for IOS? I would have enjoyed to play them very much..Version: 1.0

Best game in the seriesOk so I usually don't write reviews for these games very often, but I had to for this one just because it was so good. I really like the way this has gone, and I had an overall fun experience with it. The reason why I thought this was the best one in the series was because the jumpscares never really got old. I kind of got used to the ones in the other games, but in this one your almost never ready for them. The only one that you can prepare for is the one with Foxy in the closet, but that's pretty much it. I've never relied on sound so much in a game. There was a small bug that I noticed though. Sometimes when I walk up to a door or the closet the footsteps will duplicate, and it can get confusing because I don't know if it's just me, or if it's one of the animatronics. But that was the only bug I noticed. I also noticed that the graphics aren't as good as in the PC version, but it's not really a big deal. This was a fun game, I enjoyed it..Version: 1.0

Bravo ScottMan, Apple should really make it so you can give an app more than 5 stars, because this app truly deserves it. For anyone who hasn't tried out this series, I highly recommend it. In this app, you playing a skill based survival, where if you're not careful enough, you'll get a surprise ;). Some games, the scares get predictable after a while, but this game will manage to scare you even after you've played 100 rounds. I'm always on edge when playing, and it truly is a thrill. This game series not only has terrific gameplay, but has a clever story line that each player can interpret differently. That makes the experience ten times better. How are the animatronics alive? Who plays as the main character? That is all in the story, but is left a bit of a mystery. Scott is a very very very talented man and spends hours making little secrets, which really do make it better. This is the last game in the series, and I wish the best to Scott's future. This game is amazing..Version: 1.0

Amazing game, but there are some bugsI would like to start my review by saying that this game is very amazing, but like with any game there are some bugs needed to be talked about. As a mobile player I would like to say that the game is a bit laggy when you’re constantly running all over the place. Another issue is that it seems that foxy can be a bit buggy too, at times it seems like he just teleports in your room even though you just got rid of him in the hallway. Lastly, I’m not quite sure if this is a bug or it’s just as intended; but when Nightmare Fredbear/Nightmare sometimes laugh your first instinct is to check the bed/closet right? Wrong... when they sometimes laugh they are still in the hallway instead of being on the bed or in the closet. All in all though this game is still great, I hope maybe in the soon future the bugs will be patched. Thank you for the amazing game Scott..Version: 2.0

GREAT JOB SCOTT!!!😀😀😀 And FNAF 4 TipsI got this yesterday and it was hidden on the App Store, And then I found out how to get it... But anyway, AWESOME GAME SCOTT!!! Even though I'm only on night 2 IT'S REALLY GOOD. Oh, and here's some tips for FNAF 4..... 1. On Night 1 make sure you pay most attention to 2AM, 3AM, 4AM AND DEFINITELY 5AM Because that's when the animatronics start to appear 2. When you hear breathing close your door for 20 or 30 or 40 Seconds because even if you don't here breathing they can still be there and then they'll kill you 3. On Night 2 you can hear random footsteps if your at the door or at the bed, That's extra footsteps from the kid that glitch out. 4. I don't think there's a way to get rid of the tips..... The tip that says: "! Warning ! Listen carefully for breathing! If you don't hear breathing, then use your flashlight!" That tip goes away by it self. That's all the tips I got right now, when I get on to later nights, I'll make sure to put up more tips..Version: 1.0

Scary and great but....The transitional animations from door to door are a bit too downgraded. I've also noticed that the graphics look a bit muddy (not in a bad way), kinda like a low-res JPEG. Also, the jumpscare animations are a bit choppy, and I understand a lot of these changes were to compensate for the less powerful devices that the game is running on, but at least preserve the better looking visuals on more powerful devices like the iPhone 6. On the other hand, the sound direction is good to an extent. The breathing noise you are supposed to be listening for are, by the looks of it, not present. This results in a bit of cheap deaths and hinders the scary gameplay a bit. Besides all that, the game is well worth the 3 dollars. It provides a unique gameplay experience that has not yet been seen in the FNAF series, but the downgrades make the game less than it is on the P.C. Hopefully in a future update, more stuff is added, and graphical tweaks are added to make the game look as good as the original. This port as of now gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.0

My favorite FNaF game so far!I absolutely love Five Nights at Freddy's 4! The jumpscares are great and the animatronics are terrifying! I love the "Fun with Plushtrap" and how it lets you skip 2 hours the next night! If you plan to release an update in the future, I have some suggestions. First of all, expand the extras menu. Add jumpscares as one of the items. It has it in the PC, why doesn't it have it in the ios? Second, when playing in the actual game there is a bug where your foot steps seem to lag when going from door to door. This always makes me think there are animatronics in the room when there aren't. And finally, ideas for the upcoming dlc. I think plushie challenges would be really fun in this game! In FNAF 2 it was always really fun getting all the plushies (Yes, even golden freddy). You could also earn toys for your floor and the extra plushies could be on your bed. Keep up the incredible work Scott! I hope you make more FNAF games in the future!.Version: 1.0

FNAF at its best and scariest.This is my favorite horror game. While the first three were pretty scary but this takes the scare factor to it’s maximum. No fnaf game is better, 2, VR and pizzeria sim are overrated, sister location and 1 just aren’t as good, and security breach is way too long! This game is fun, cool and all the more freighting. Best animatronic design by far! This game reminds me of when I was a toddler and I was terrified of the dark, thinking something would jump out and eat me. The fact that you have to listen which means turning up the headphones which make the jumps louder just adds to the suspense. The only complaint is sometimes it’s hard to know if they are breathing or if they laughing is real or fake. But besides those nitpicks the game is basically perfect. It only builds up the suspense more and more then scares you so bad you’ll shoots you all the way to the moon..Version: 2.0

LOVE the game so much but questions for ScottSo I just downloaded this game and it’s super scary, and I keep on forgetting to close the door if I hear breathing. But so far it’s pretty good. Q1: can fun with plushtrap or fun with balloon boy be like a mini game when you finish the game? I think it would be cool to have some mini games at the end. Q2: Whenever I look out the door and try to turn on my flashlight, I can’t turn it on and I’m pressing the turn on flashlight button and it’s not working, so I just get jump scared. Is there like something I need to do for it to work? Q3: Last but not least, Can you PLEASE add fnaf security breach to mobile and/or the ps4? I really want it on mobile and/or ps4 because I have enough money, but my mom will probably say no, so please add it to the list please. That’s all for today, hope your having a good day Scott! Love your fnaf series! Karmyn.Version: 2.0.1

Creepiest FNaF game yet!!! 😄This is amazing. The animatronics in this game are HORRIFYING!!! But sense it is more creepy, it is more FUN. I still say that its creepy enough to give you a really good thrill, but not creepy enough to give you nightmares (lol did you get the joke? "Nightmares"? Like in the game? ....sorry) i was a bit disappointed that most of the 8-bit minigames you see in the PC version weren't in the mobile version... But that is the only negative thing i have to say. i honestly also like the "Fun with Plushtrap" game you play after every night. (PLUSHTRAP IS REALLY CREEPY TOO) there were some times when i really got creeped out/ scared while playing it as well. So still, i can only rate 5 stars, but i wish i could rate 20!!!!!! I love this game!!!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃 i also hope FNaF world comes out on mobile soon... ( i was really glad to see that the FNaF series isnt completely over!!!) WE LOVE YOU SCOTT!!! 🐻🐰🐤🐺.Version: 1.0

The listingI love the game, in fact I think all of the FNAF games are good, but this is the worst FNAF, granted they are all good but this is is to be honest the worst. For lore maybe the best but for gameplay, not so good. I will be at hour 5 and nothing is breathing, so I shine the flashlight and I die, even though no one is there. The same thing can happen but opposite, I hear breathing, I shined my flashlight by accident and, no one is there. I think is Scott want to make more hearing based games (ok, look, I know all game depend on sound but this is on another level) like the new FNAF VR game that’s coming out (I don’t know if hearing is dependent in the game or not I have stayed clear of all the game so I can play it fully when it comes out tomorrow) he will have to try to make the breathing ( or otherwise) much more distinctive than what’s in this game. Before everyone hates me for being like “ Oh, I hate FNAF because it’s to “scary”. I love the game, in fact it’s a lot better than a lot of games, it’s just, sound needs improving..Version: 1.0

Great Work <3This game is so easy but yet so scary which is making it hard for me to play and that is why I nearly had a heart attack this morning…THIS GAME IS SOO AWSOME!!!!! FFFFFF…FFFFFFF…FUDGE I CAN'T EXPLAIN HOW GOOD THIS IS!!!!!! I honestly made my friend jelly I think…Because I am now on night five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I am too scared to play the game now...because idk I think Nightmare Fredbear is on this night because my friend told me but should I see if that THING is on this night because if he is I am gonna just sit in the corner and sob for the rest of my life because THAT WEIRD ANIMATRONIC THING scares the life out of meeeeee!!!! Still love this game though It's amazing I can literally cry right now!!!! I feel like if I didn't have this game…what will I do with my life? (Edit) I am on night 7 but a am so scared to play and the cupcake comes in the room a lot and I have been checking China’s door. Btw love “The Silver Eyes” it’s a great book,.Version: 1.0

Show respect!!!Everyone that reads this and hates this game you should be disappointed because Scott Cawthon made this for you and has worked several hours into making the Five Nights at Freddy's series and he made this for people to enjoy the reason he made this game was only to scare and entertain people and Scott won't care about what haters think he just wants to make a game to entertain and he even created the games in less than 1 year for all of you from Five Nights at Freddy's 1 to Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location because of the game the game has and he is a good mane even if he trolls us sometimes but that is to entertain us while we wait for the release of the game he makes that to entertain us because fans can't even wait for the release so he makes the trolls to entertain them and if Scott reads this you are awesome..Version: 1.0

Amazing! But...Okay, first of all, this was AMAZING. Any glitches I may mention doesn’t mean I hate this. First issue is the footsteps loop. For example, when I was listening for Chica and then, BAM, footsteps. I assumed she was gone. I flash the light, then Jumpscared. I was pretty confused, and the next time, I scaredid it again. Soon I realized it was fake. Or.. Is it the animatronic getting closer? But, on Pc, I don’t believe that happened. Something else is in Night 1 ( The other nights as well, but this is the most confusing one ) if you shine the light on the bed for a long time, Foxy Jumpscares you. I was confused. Foxy shouldn’t appear till Night 2. Also, did Nightmare Freddy even give you his correct Jumpscare? I’m pretty sure he did, but.. On Pc, isn’t it different? No matter what I have to point out, it’s still amazing. But you can improve. However, I still love fnaf and its series. Good luck with the next fnaf series!.Version: 1.0

Awesome!Scott has once again brought the scary, fun-loving world of Fnaf into our minds. Freddy and the gang were always coming to haunt you, but game number 4 has brought it to the max level. This is more of a message to haters than a review (well heck, you don't need a review with 5 shining stars). If you hear footsteps when you are still and think it is a glitch, you are a noob. That's Foxy, guys. Not a glitch. And for the people that hate the lack of animations and lore mini games in the mobile port of the game, News Flash: iPads are not supercomputers! Think about how laggy this would be if we had all that storage in that game! People should appreciate Scotts work on this game a bit more. Lastly, is it possible for Scott to raise the volume of the breathing a bit more. Just a bit. Because Bonnie gives me a hard time. The End.Version: 1.0

Please readI really love this game but I can’t find out how to get Halloween mode on,it is a good game but on mobile devices you can’t do the mini games and sometimes I hear the breathing at the door and it lags and I get killed, and why , why do we have to wait till night 8 for freadbear nightmare freadbear is my favorite anima Tronic and why does nightmare have to crash the game and it “lags” sometimes but really there’s not one game that doesn’t “lag” but if someone would(please) tell me how to get Halloween mode on I would appreciate it(don’t tell me how to do it on a computer please tell me how to do it on an iPad) but really Scott why dose this game have no cameras lots of people have security cameras in there house other than that I give it 5 stars and thanks Scott for making Fnaf it is my favorite game series 🆒💛❤️❤️💸.Version: 1.0

I LOVE THIS GAME, but...I absolutely love this game series. The fourth one is the scariest one yet revealing a lot about the story. The PC version on steam isn't available for Mac. If you are a apple lover and like this series you are missing so much because I feel that you rush and take away a lot from the mobile versions. Now of course being the tech wiz that I am I have converted it to a Mac application. And I am able to play it. But what I am trying to say is that Apple people are missing out on the story, mini games, and Easter eggs. I am rating it four stars for this reason and the fact this version has much worse graphics. But I am not a hater I love this series and hope that you can understand this and maybe change for the next game. (And yes it pretty obvious that you are making another game considering you rushed the mobile versions and some things make even less sense now).Version: 1.0

Awesome game!This game is one of my favorites I've played! I love all the horror and mysteries in the game to. But I have a few things I would like fixed, like how the graphics on the pc version seem like you really took your time and effort in them, but on the IOS version it seems like you just did it really fast and didn't even care. Also their are a LOT of bugs/ glitches. Like I'm constantly hearing the doors being closed when they aren't closing. And the child's footsteps are always bug out at random times. This has made me die many times and I also noticed that their is no Halloween update for IOS. This made me very disappointed and bummed out. But it is a very good game and one of my favorites. Scott, if you do end up reading this please try to fix at least some of these problems. Thx:).Version: 1.0

This game is super fun... but there’s one problemSo I own FNAF 2,3,4,6, UCN and Sister Location and the fourth chapter being on my phone, UCN and the sixth on my PC, and the rest on my switch.. anyways I’m here to say that the game is over all fun and I really like it’s spooky atmosphere... but! There’s one problem, there are way too many stuff to remember and to much stuff to do, I don’t know if it’s just me or I’m bad at the game but anyways all I’m saying that it’s too hard and should be only SLIGHTLY easier, and that also goes for the Sister Locations 4th night, it’s WAY too hard and should be way easier because then it’s just not enjoyable. But it maybe just me bad at the game but I’d really appreciate these changes and it would make my experience a lot better, so if you’re hearing this Scott, please reply.Version: 2.0

Love the game but… (WARNING: IF YOUNG MUST READ BEFORE YOU GET THISSo I love this game. The atmosphere is TERRIFYING. The jump scares made me scream and wake everyone up! (I wake up early) Speaking of jump scares, I am just a kid and I’m still living with my parents and I don’t really like that the jump scares just jump right at you and sometimes you don’t see them coming. But sometimes when you run to the door (At least for me. Hope I’m not the only one) the flashlight just turns on and you don’t even press the button. So yeah. This game is amazing but if you’re young (Unlike me) then maybe just play the first mini game. But, if you’re an older child (Like me) then, you could play the full game without needing an extra pair of shorts/pants wherever you play the game!.Version: 2.0

Fascinating, what they have become.Listen, i love the Five night’s At Freddy’s games and i always will. there is Just, certain problems with it like glitches, bugs,, etc and this is just what I’m writing about for this one. I’m on night four, partially stuck- and what kills me is Nightmare Chica. She makes her encounters difficult and confusing for me, when I’m on the right side and i don’t hear breathing, I turn the flashlight on and she or either the cupcake kills me when I’m vulnerable. breathing only occurs once or twice, but then when I think I’m safe I’m not. the others are easy to handle, whereas Nightmare Bonnie’s breathing is loud but Chica’s is low. not sure if this counts as a bug//glitch or not but if so I’d like it fixed. either that, or i just need to be more concentrated..Version: 1.0

Nightmare bugScott, I love your games so much! They’re literally my favorite. Fnaf 4 was such a good game, and I appreciate the update on it. There’s just one thing that’s really annoying. On 4/20 mode, whenever I close the door on nightmare on time, he always kills me. I know this is a bug because I’m perfectly on time. This is the reason why I still haven’t beaten it. I’ve reached 5 AM many times but I always lose because nightmare randomly kills me. I may sometimes mess up on this part of the game, but not all the time. So please, fix it. Make it so that he kills u 4-5 seconds after the audio queue of his footsteps going either to the east hall or the west hall. That would make it so much better. Otherwise, this is prob the best fnaf game and the scariest. Thank you so much!.Version: 2.0

Perfect!!The first time I played, I hear the clock, it made the night so scary to me. And when I saw nightmare bonnie on the left, I closed my door and I hear breathing. The only downside is that they take longer than expected to go away! He jump scared me and I screamed 😂 then when I got to night 2, I died by nightmare chica because I thought she had left the door. I love how u can move around in your bedroom. I once turned around and saw an Iv bag. I thought the kid was having a nightmare and he's in the hospital?! I don't know why? Maybe he was the victim of the bite of 87. Great game, Scott. Just like always! I hope you could make another game with references to this series, or maybe you could make Five Nights at Freddy's 5?? Or you don't want to. This is your game, Scott. Choose where it will lead..Version: 1.0

Amazing! But needs improvement 😏Hello hello? Hey uh, Scott your games are amazing and are top notch. But the fourth game needs some improvement. Maybe you could add the cut scenes of the bite of 87 victim kid. Thanks a lot for your amazing games! (This next part is for players) this game is intense and hard I recommend you listen closely to my hints. The animatronics stay at the door so freaking long so keep the door shut for at least 30 to 40 seconds. If you hear breathing close the door immediately or face imminent death. Also on later nights check the bed for fredbear's head can be seen flick the light on and off to make it go away. Fredbear can appear on both left and right hallways and in the closet so be wary. That's all I have to offer about this game and until next time, PEACE✌️..Version: 1.0

Another amazing game by Scott :)Another amazing game. It makes me happy to see that this series has come so far. I am proud of Scott for making these games for us, and we should respect him rather than always bugging him about new games. I am a huge friend of this franchise, and I am prod to say that I am amazed it has come this far. Thank you Scott for making such a great game. :) 🐻🐰🐥🐺 About the game itself: This is an amazing game with tones of eerie sounds and jumpscares that always keep my at the edge of my seat. It is so scary and hard! I love how different this game is, with no cameras and free roam! (sort of:) The new characters are so creepy and you have no idea how sacred I was playing this at first! This game leads to so many new theories and it is very confusing! Overall, great game! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝.Version: 1.0

Awesome game just one comment😁Ok, I got this game I think 2-3 days ago and it’s super scary and on night 2 I keep dying from Chica (poor dead child)and if you hear breathing just close the stupid DOOR! It’s so Frik-n hard. I’m always doing this pattern and it’s like (left door, right door, look behind me, go to the closet)but I still D-I-E. I’m not mad, I’m just a little frustrated up it’s still a great game because when you first get on it, I think it’s all the animatronics finding where the child is and I think the animatronic at his parents!!! If I’m right correct me Scott. If anyone hates the game there just weird to me because it’s scary, fun, hard and all kinds of other things but Scott, I’m a fan of FNAF because It’s all scary. Hope you like this comment Scott!!.Version: 1.0

Just One ComplaintSuch a great game!! It really does scare me bad. But if you could just raise the audio cue for the breathing that would be helpful. I'm only on night 2 so far but I've died twice once from Bonnie, once from Chica. The reason for this is I listen for breathing, I don't hear anything so I turn on my flashlight and bam I'm dead just like that. I've got my volume raised pretty high on my earbuds but I still can't hear it. (Besides that just makes it so much worse when they scream) This is a great game and it can, at times, give me severe chills, but it's not really playable since every time I run to the door it's a coin toss whether I'll die or not and I don't really have any control over it. I still do love the game. It's just that there's nothing I can do to defend myself if I don't know whether or not something's there..Version: 1.0

Best fnaf game ever! plus great news!I looked on Scott's page and I been researching on the DLC for the fnaf 4. Apparently the DLC he is making is Fnaf 5! This blew my mind that he is making another fnaf! Inside the DLC you will find the purple guy's part of the story! And also there is gonna be nightmare toy animatronics! It doesn't say where your gonna be prediction you will be a nightguard in fredbears family diner...but anyway fnaf 4 has been absolutely terrifying! And for those who are reading this and hate the lag what?! Give Scott a break! A computer is more different than a phone! It's a mobile version...of course it's gonna have flaws but do I care? No! It's a great game either way! Thank you very much Scott for making these great games!.Version: 1.0

OMG I LOVED IT pls read ScottOk I loved the game great graphics great animatronics great scares...but since the fnaf series is over maybe u could give us a little bit about the lore. I mean all the mysteries u left for everyone makes me wonder I have made my own theory for all of them but in tired of wondering so now u could release the lore to us. Like who is nightmare or the endoskeleton on fnaf 2 or more about the 5 murdered children but what I want to know most is the timeline and every single detail. I'm always on pins and needles to figure out what the truth is and I feel like u don't leave us enough evidence for us to figure it out. Oh and I the whole truth about golden Freddy Bonnie chick foxy Freddy and who caused the bite of 87 and what's in the box at the end of fnaf 4.Version: 1.0

Scott, you need to read this.Dear Scott, you have made an amazing game series about FNaF. I love it. You have inspired me to make a horror game of my own. Your games are fun, scary, and just flat out amazing. Everything is great, it makes you feel like you're actually in the game. You have done an awesome job. I. Love. Everything about your games you make. Hey, maybe you could make more horror games. You're really good at them. I can't wait until the FNaF movie. I hope they make it. Your games will always be put inside the book of great games. FNaF fans and gamers will always support you no matter what. We honer all that you've done to entertain us. Every FNaF fan remeber this: Always have a smile, you are at the face of Freddy Fazbear's pizza. Thanks for reading..Version: 1.0

Tips for Bonnie and Chica (nightmare)Now like in fnaf 1 Bonnie takes the left hall while Chica takes the right hall. Their footsteps sound like they’re walking on gravel, the footsteps will always sound like this when they are walking towards you and leaving. Now it takes a minute for the breathing to come in when you are at the door but, the breathing sounds like wushing (the breathing can be really loud or soft). So if you hear the wushing noise you must close the door and wait for their footsteps then open and check the hallway. You can also hear their footsteps when you are in the middle of the room. Well that’s about, hope this helped! Great game by the way..Version: 2.0

Best Game Series Ever!!! #fnaf5confirmedThank you Scott Cawthon for an amazing game series that has touched my heart in many ways and inspires me to be a game dev just like you and make games that touch people's hearts in the ways that Five Nights at Freddy's has touched me. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in these games. Your work will truly be remembered forever by many people including myself. As much as I hate to see the heartwarming series go, I must say goodbye Freddy I will always remember you and your friends, and I wish you a good night and I hope to see you again soon. " I tip my hat to you. Our story is now told. We are at piece. Now is goodbye. Do not fret. We will live on. In your hearts, we will live on." -Freddy Fazbear.Version: 1.0

Scott, The New LegendOkay, honestly, these games are phenomenal. I don’t just enjoy playing them, I also enjoy watching OTHERS play them. I take FNaF quizzes to test my iq of the games too. Honestly, scarier than all horror games in Roblox if you ask me. I always chicken out and close the game, 🤫😂. This game is awesome, it is very addicting and different from others, make more of this kind with no power so I don’t need to get an instant jumpscare when I do lose power, 😂. Also, when Markiplier said, “Freddy your supposed to protect me!” I don’t think he actually meant it, because you did listen with the new Secuirty Breach out, 🤣. Anyways, thanks Scott for all these FNaF games, your a legend!.Version: 2.0

ScaryYep, its back again! Fnaf reveiws that I make will probaly be the same, so I'll probaly just give out tips. But one thing that I want to say is that the animatronics are nightmarish. So Im going to talk about the game mechanics, one of the most important is to listen for breathing. If you hear breathing at a door, close it! If you flash your light when an animatronic is there he or she will jumpscare you. Also, check the bed every once in a while. If u see weird looking tiny fredles on there put ur light on them until they go away. Also check the closet if u hear running or u see the closet door move. That means foxy is coming for u, when u get to the closet close the door once u flash ur light on him, dont worry if u hear his scream..Version: 1.0

Best of the seriesDear Scott or really anyone who can read this, I love the game but I'm quite dissatisfied with a few minor things. 1. I watched Markiplier play the game and I was absolutely obsessed with it... I would watch every video he had with Fnaf 4. Then the game got released and I got so happy I downloaded it... I then clicked play and it jumped into the game... I was slightly confused because I was sorta hoping on the main part for the story line... So I really hope you'll fix this. 2. I got to the 2nd night and time with plushtrap came... And he didn't move... Then I restarted the game got back to the 2nd night and he didn't move...🤔 That's all I was a little disappointed with but overall an amazing game and series.Version: 1.0

#BESTGAME EVEROMG I LOVE IT!!! MY FIRST JUMP SCARE WAS CHICA ON THE 2ND NIGHT CAUSE I HEARD SOMETHING AND I CLOSED THR DOOR BUT NOT LONG ENOUGH!! There is a bug that when you are running back and forth it sounds like something else is running behind you and I thought it was foxy and I was like "oh crap" LOL! If you're reading reviews on it to see if you should get the game or not get it! It is totally worth it's price! It's so awesome that I would make it even more money!!! If you're into extreme horror games this is the game for you!! Works on my ipod 5 and I heard it also even works on ipod 4!! Not laggy or anything!! Thank you Scott! P.S. I was just reading some other reviews and it seems that the breathing isn't loud enough but, I figured out if you hear noises in the hallway just close the door..Version: 1.0

Louder Breathing but love itTHANK YOU SCOTT😀😀😀.Version: 1.0

Whoa Scott this is creepyI never thought this would be so scary PRO TIP (don’t flash your light at door left and right right away or you can get jump scared! Wait till you hear breathing then shut the door FAST till you hear foot steps again BUT...still listen for breathing!).Version: 1.0

The breathing needs to be louder!I can't get past night two, and the only reason I can't is because of the inaudible breathing. Other than that issue fnaf 4 is an amazing game!.Version: 1.0

Great updateI love how the new update ported basically the exact pc version to mobile, the graphics and over all gameplay is so much better, I really hope you do this with the previous games in the anthology.Version: 2.0

Breathing needs to be louderI can't get past 2nd night it's hard I can't hear the breathing unless there is a error I'm just hoping the next update 1.1 there is a update on the breathing.Version: 1.0

AWESOMEI like the fact that you can now 1. Move 2. See the animatronics move However, the breathing needs to be a bit louder. Otherwise, THIS GAME IS AWESOME!.Version: 1.0

Great, but noticeable issuesGame is great, but... The game is lacking the end-of-night minigames Breathing is too quiet Frame rate drop Nightmare Bonnie and Chica don’t go at the doors until 4 am Jumpscare animations are looped, unlike the PC version of this game However, a solid game overall. 4 stars!.Version: 1.0


LOVE IT 👻💀☠️🎃But plz fix the animations it’s so slow now.Version: 2.0

Make breathing louder plzYou can not hear it at all.Version: 2.0

SoundsI really do enjoy it I just wish they fixed that stupid bug with the breathing and footsteps, basically all the sound effects.Version: 2.0


Make the breathing louderOkay so I’m on night 4 and I keep getting jumpscare because nightmare Chica’s breathing is so quiet at times.Version: 2.0

Needs louder breathing for ChicaBonnie’s breathing is loud, and I can actually hear it, but for Chica, I hear nothing and she’s standing right at the door!.Version: 2.0

Is it footsteps or breathing...?Sometimes I here footsteps but it sounds a bit loud so I flashed my light and I got jump scared. I heard it again and I closed the door for a bit and I went back and I got jump scared again. So I don’t know what to do anymore... I’m on night 2 and I’m pretty sure breathing does not sound like that, But it’s ok Scott. Just make breathing louder or make it sound like breathing. Love the game!.Version: 2.0

How do we access the Halloween content?I’m unsure how to get to the Halloween content, Although it says that there’s Halloween content in my iTunes Store..Version: 2.0

How to hear chica.Chica will come on the right door. Wait for 6 seconds for Chica because Chica holds her breath for you to not hear you.Version: 1.0

Please add the mini games in mobileI like pc five nights at freddys 4 better then mobile because pc has mini games about the actual story if someone never played fnaf 4 before and played mobile it would not make eany sense because if fnaf 4 mobile dose not have mini it does not even have the ending it only has the I’m sorry cutscene so please make an update that adds mini games that would make the game better please Scott please please add mini games please!!! Scott PLEASES SCOTT!!! THAT WOULD BE THE BEST iF YOU CAN ADD MINI GAMES to fnaf 4.Version: 1.0

Wow 10/10This game is amesome! 1. It works on my IPod 4 2. The gameplay is so addictive Thanks you Scott!.Version: 1.0

Good but...So I can enjoy the rest of the game but I have a problem with the cutscenes, they’re all black and won’t show up in my screen, I get the audio and controls, but other than that I am left staring at a blank screen, please fix this..Version: 2.0

My game keeps crashingWhenever something big happens like when all the nightmares are at my door the game glitches out and kicks me out. Same thing with small thing like loading up night 8 idk what is happening.Version: 2.0.2

Fnaf4That cupcake and sent to my but.Version: 2.0.2

BugNightmare in night 8 is bugged and he can kill for no reason pls fix that.Version: 2.0.2

Very enjoyableIt looks simple on the outside but has so many strategies to learn..Version: 2.0.2

100% best game everBreathing is quiet but really god game.Version: 2.0.2

I love this game!I love this game but please make night 7 easier I’m stuck on it because of foxy he instantly enters my closet and I can’t beat it.Version: 2.0.2

TYSM SCOTTThis game is so fun I was playing it with my sis and we ere recording our reactions and seeing how many nights we can make it through,but then we kept getting jump scared but it was still fun, btw TYSM!.Version: 2.0.2

One of the best games everBeat the whole game on phone and even did dlc thank you Scott for everything but can you please make fnaf 3 easier.Version: 2.0.2

Good game but not the best of the franchiseIt is a hard game which I really like good job Scott..Version: 2.0.1

Holy moly FNaFGod dammit This is a horrifying game and that makes it fun and I love the jump scares FNaF is one of the best games for horror I love it🙂 POV:my face after jump scares 😯😦😧😵😶 Me God Dammit nightmare Bonnie.Version: 2.0.1

Pls fix before retiringHow am I supposed to beat nightmare mode if it crashes at 3 am.Version: 2.0.1

9/10 just need louder breathing I can’t get past night 1Oh I forgot this part of the review exists.Version: 2.0.1

I love itIt’s a really really good game my first jump scare was on night 3 it was because of foxy I love it it’s so scary and I like it but my sister is seven and She was horrified because she took my phone when I was sleeping and played the game and now she is forever traumatized.Version: 2.0.1

Can you put fnaf 4 DLC on moble?The game is very good but can you update it so I can do fnaf 4 DLC pls and I’m a huge fan.Version: 2.0.1

It’s ok….I LOVE IT but I can’t get past night one can someone give me tips also I recommend this game if you like scary games (scariest fnaf game thx Scott) I could see myself playing all day but I cannot say others satisfaction. Anyway I like it but I NEED TIPS SO PLEASE WRITE A REVIEW SO I CAN BEAT NIGHT ONE.Version: 2.0.1

And why he ourpleThe best game ever! Lots of jumpscares but you need to fix fredbears breathing.Version: 2.0.1

I can hardly hear breathingI am stuck on night 2 because the animatronics are more active and I can hardly hear them breathe but still a good game.Version: 2.0.1

Scott.Thank you scott for everything..Version: 2.0.1

It is awesomeI love it soooooo much and it is so awsome me and my friends play it together.Version: 2.0.1

Soo scaryI keep getting killed by nightmare bonnie.Version: 2.0.1

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