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NOTE: Remastered version from the PC version. A device with at least 3 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly.

Welcome to Circus Baby's Pizza World, where family fun and interactivity go beyond anything you've seen at those *other* pizza places! With cutting-edge animatronic entertainers that will knock your kids' socks off, as well as customized pizza catering, no party is complete without Circus Baby and the gang!

Now hiring: Late night technician. Must enjoy cramped spaces and be comfortable around active machinery. Not responsible for death or dismemberment.

NOTE: Interface and audio in English. Subtitles in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean.


Five Nights at Freddy's: SL App Comments & Reviews

Five Nights at Freddy's: SL Positive Reviews

10/20 mode is impossibleThis game is great. I have every star in the fnaf games, including Sister Location. I have beaten all the custom night challenges in the game, but it's this one challenge that I believe is impossible which is Golden Freddy mode. I've seen people beat this challenge on PC version but I haven't seen people beat it on mobile version. I've seen Markiplier beat this challenge and I keep watching his videos to see how he beats it. Bidybab was a major problem in the mobile version because in the pc version you have to listen to thumping sounds that bidybab makes in the vents, I thought to myself, "Eh that's not a big deal", but then I realized that you can't hear thumping sounds that bidybab makes in the vent, which basically is the signal to let you know that bidybab is about to enter your office and jumpscare you. Apparently you can't hear that auditory cue in the mobile version which makes this challenge much harder. I can't even think of a specific reason on why Scott would just make things different on the mobile version compared to the pc version. Other than Golden Freddy mode being impossible, I still think that this game is amazing anyways. I have all 3 stars in sister location. It really bugs me to ignore that challenge. I know that I'm never gonna beat it on the mobile version so, why bother?.Version: 1.0

A few minor bugs...~Player: Alessandra~I rated this 5 stars just so you can see this.~ So, I got a few bugs on night 3. Night 1 and 2 were just fine, but on night 3...Things were strange. When you try to click the button on Funtime Freddy's Puppet, the puppet doesn't even show up! Well at least for me. Then I have to wait at least 5 minutes and I get jumpscared by the puppet. I continue to try again and again but no matter what I do, the puppet never shows up! Please fix this bug. And another bug is me when trying to click the buttons on Funtime Freddy on night 3. My fingers are sorta big. I sometimes can't click the buttons and it annoys me because I spend a minute or 2 trying to click on the button. Then I found out you have to be at a certain angle just to click the button. But I don't think that's a bug, it's probably just my fingers. But overall, I rate this game a 4 star. The bugs and glitches. make the game less fun! Even the cut scenes and the vampire show thing. I also want to see the mirror thing after you get scooped happen. Even the mini games! I mean, is there even a mini game in this game at all? I'll have to find out. I'm on night 3 so far. Hopefully you update the game and hopefully the bugs and glitches end. Take your time Scott, but try to make the bugs and glitches...not happen anymore..Version: 1.0

Great!This is definitely one of my favorites. I do find that the game is a bit hard but once you learn the ropes it becomes more easy. I do think things like grip could use some work but all other controls work fine by me. I do find watching tutorials are very helpful for passing levels and they help a lot. Overall here are my reasons why this game is a 5 star: great original characters, incredible graphics even on mobile, many interactive and varying levels for each animatronic, the faceplates and the jump scares are terrifying and I still jump at ballora, it has a stunning atmosphere that really makes it scarier, and the fact that this game has a lot of lore packed into it (really I can’t there’s so much to go over in this game). Overall this game is my favorite and apparently many people think that too. I think 4.4 is a correct rating but I still think it deserves a 5 just for the characters. This will definitely be my favorite (jeez I say that a lot but still) there is a crap ton of lore helping with the books too. This is also probably one of the scariest games of the FNaF franchise. The faceplates look amazing again and also I would love to see this game come to vr (but that might be a stretch) thanks for this amazing game Scott I can’t wait for security breach!.Version: 2.0

10/20 Mode is Impossible.This is less of a review and more of something I would like to bring to Scott's attention. I have beat all the other hardest modes on the different FNAFs, so I was ready when SL came out. By the way, of your stuck on night 5, the way I did it was by when baby said to go forward and left, I held the left side of the screen and immediately after tapped and held the middle of the screen. And to unlock custom night in the first place, beat the baby minigame you get when you die sometimes, which I did by watching Cybros tutorial. An easy way to access it is by going on extras and tapping on the side of main menu. After that on night five just hold the right side of the screen and beat ennard. So I was already pretty sure 10/20 mode was impossible because there where no keys to shut the doors or whatever like on pc. That by itself is enough to prove it's impossible, but also bidybab has no sound for when he is about to kill you like it does in pc. Therefor, it is pretty much impossible. The farthest I made it while trying to survive was about 25 seconds when I died to of course, bidybab. Overall though, the game is amazing. Just impossible..Version: 1.0

Love FNaF but...Ok I play FNaF all games like 1 2 3 4 and this one but I don’t get it thank you for updating this game because it was impossible and still on mobile but I still am trying to find out the backstory what is that backstory I know the other backstorys like in FNaF 3 afton got chased by the dead five kids and he went inside the springbonnie and then the sprnglocks went on. And in FNaF 1 when afton killed the kids and stuffed them in the Freddy suit and they want revenge also FNaF 2 is based on the animatronics got replaced by toy animatronics and they get used for parts now in FNaF 4 so what I am thinking is that the nightmare animatronics think that the crying child is the puppet. So the sister animatronics are computers so what’s there backstory I can’t beat night 2 this is my least favorite FNaF game but I like the update so I can see the animatronics dance I think the backstory is that the animatronic named baby killed the little kid from giving her ice cream but I still love it still FNaF is my favorite series of my games. Still Scott I love your games just asking if the girl was aftons son so she died. So sorry that people are copying your games like five nights at candy’s I hate it. But now about the game so why is night 2 so hard it’s just the 2 night..Version: 2.0

Baby’s Night FunThis is By Julia Rittman. Ok, there’s a lot of cool things Scott, Like Baby talking to you and guiding you, The mini game, And the funny thing about this game is the typing pad. It picks funny names, and the jump scares, Are honestly very funny in my opinion. Wat I don’t like (I spell what like that) is the bugs, *MOSTLY* Those things when you in the scooping room, those little guys, when your in the suit, WHY’D ya have to put them in the game?! And they come in and YOU FREAKING have to do those little click-y things and you have to restart OVER AND OVER AGAIN.... But..... Wat I said about the jumpscares are in MY opinion are VERY funny, And one thing that’s super duper hard in this game, The sliding door with the holes in it when your trying to hide, And that door annoys me, BECAUSE let me tell you: you have to freaking press hard and go across the screen and close it and they open it too!!! Plus, you have to move your head and move your head, ALSO when your hiding under that desk, with that door with the holes, it annoys me when you have to press hard and go across the screen and pull, plus moving your head avoiding looking at them. Overall Scott, I love your game!!! Thanks so much for making this game!!!❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.0

Good! Pros Cons and HelpThoughts: This game was good! Though it felt a little watered down from the PC version, it was a strong port. If I had a hardest night, definitely giving it to Night 2 and the Bidybabs, oh lordy that was fun. The Ennard fake ending is pretty difficult if you don't have headphones that separate sounds on the left, right and center. Help: People complain you can't go left and Ennard jumpscares them. If you hold in the middle of the screen, you go forward. If you hold middle and hold left, you go left. DON'T use the flash beacon, or you die. No Funtime Foxy. When you get access denied, you have to beat the cupcake minigame, and you can access it by going to the Extras and clicking torward the bottom by main menu, and an 8-bit Circus Baby appears. Complete the minigame, and you can just hold right to do the Ennard fight. Ennard CAN move silently. None of your mistakes are bugs ;) Pros: Good Controls, Accurate and good detail to PC version, good challenge that is different from the other 4 games. Cons: TV scenes are removed, sound errors, little girl dialogue between nights missing, ability to see A.I. levels during CN. Overall, worth the $3, and with the little minor issues, 4 1/2!.Version: 1.0

Probably the greatest game in the whole series. For parents though.What’s the first thing I think about when I hear the name “Five Nights at Freddy’s”? Freddy himself of course! This game changed the whole series and the lore for me by taking some characters (RIP Chica😔) and adding some totally cool and new ones. The character’s designs have changed and have new and cool Jump-scares. For Parents though. If you’re a parent and are reading this, I would be sure to read these suggestions and warnings. If your a parent then you’ve probably heard your child ask to play the game or they’ve talked about it and told you. Some warnings are that there are some disturbing images such as blood, hung men, and murder. If you are sensitive to your child seeing any of that, then most likely don’t let your child play the game. Other than that, This was a great game and I liked how the “office sequence” as the whole game was broken. I liked playing in other rooms other than the office and I loved how the characters have voices. (RIP Funtime Foxy’s voice though😔) Overall this game was fun and more interactive than the other games in the series. Yay FNaF SL!.Version: 1.0

Incredible but some issues that could be fixedGreat game! Very impressive. Only issues I had was hearing left and right with my headset. I use an Astro headset that is compatible with my phone as well as Xbox, it can work with hearing those ways but it didn't work on fnaf 5 which made night 5's secret ending almost impossible. I emphasize almost hehe I beat it. Anyways the only other thing is when you leave the app even just momentarily the game kinda just freezes where it is and you have to start the app over if you aren't stopped at a checkpoint. Please fix these issues Scotty! But besides that congrats on another huge success! Hopefully still just the start of much more! (Edit) Another problem, bidybab is missing his last sound que right before he kills you. I am clearly hear the extra sound on the pc version. It may seem like a small problem but it makes it nearly impossible to use extra power to check that vent on golden Freddy!!!!!!! Also no one has ever beaten golden Freddy mode sl on ios and proved it!! Please fix the game it may be impossible on that custom night very hard!🐻🦊🐰🐤.Version: 1.0

FNaF: Greatest. Game! EVER!!! Way better than FortniteFNaF is the greatest gaming series I’ve ever played. All of my friends agree with me. But I really don’t like fortnite. I’ve gotta few strategies to help those new FNaF-ers. One: for all nights, only check the prize corner. Two: once you leave the cameras on later nights, immediately put on the Freddy mask. If there’s no one there, check the vents and hallway. If there’s no one there, flip up the camera. 3: if foxy is in the hallway, use the flashlight on him, but only a few flashes at a time. Then do your usual quickly, then flash him again. Continue this proses until he leaves. 4: don’t panic if any of these animatronics are in the hallway: Bonnie, Toy Chica, and Mangle. Those animatronics will only attack from the vents, so if you see them peaking out of the vents in your office, then put on the Freddy head. If Foxy is in the hallway, read tip 3. If you see Freddy or Toy Freddy in the hallway, wait for them to come into your office. Flashing them with the flashlight will delay their movements, so flashing them is recommended. Well, I think that’s all the strategies that you need. Good luck!.Version: 1.0

Best game ever, but....This game really rocks so thanks Scott. Everything is there, but, well not everything, they don’t have the caution tape when you open the elevator door. When you zapped the animatronics and press the light button and they’re there, they don’t move. When baby talks to you at night 2, the conversation is cut too short, she doesn’t talk about her seeing the lonely girl. Ballora music box is cut short, only play the first set toon like it plays the beginning and repeats. You don’t watch the vampire show and eat popcorn so that’s a disappointment. Ballora gets scooped and you don’t see the scooper, and when she does get scooped it does it quick and baby conversation doesn’t play when ballora is in position to get scooped. On night 5 when you press the green button to send baby to the scooping room, the sound of the conveyor belt have it a short time than it cut silence. That’s all but they need arrow keys for when baby leads you the scooping room and trying to get to the other room is hard but it’s a good game but the pc version is way better. It’s worth getting this game..Version: 1.0

A bit too hard maybe?Okay if I’m being honest this is literally the best game ever out there that you could ever buy! It was definitely worth the money that I’ve spent, but maybe it’s a bit too hard? Okay well it’s not hard but on current parts. Maybe like 1 or 2 probably? Like for example night 4, this is the most part I struggled on, well I’m still struggling a lot. Like it confuses me big times. OK. I know what to do but, maybe you could make it more possible for some people to do? Okay well it’s just a bit too hard for me and maybe some other people too. I’ve been stuck on night 4 for ages maybe 3-5 months already? Maybe more if possible. I really just wanna beat night 4 and complete the game or go to the secret room if I’m being honest- but besides that it’s a really good game!! I would give more stars if I could! It’s probably the best game out there ever to be made! I really enjoy playing it a lot!!- and when I say a lot I mean a lot❤️❤️! It’s just night 4 that I struggle on!- maybe if you could change it a bit if possible??.Version: 2.0

GoodThis one took kind of a turn. But it was good. We get to actually move around instead of being cooped up in the office or the bedroom. Even though i do prefer the simplicity of the originals where you’re in the office i do like that you can move around. It brought some variety. I have a some big problem with the custom night though. The buttons in the custom night are too small. The door buttons are fine but the different camera buttons and controlled shock button should be a little bit larger. The worst bit of UI in the game is bonnet’s nose hitbox. It is way too small to hit every time. And it doesn’t help that she can sometimes spawn anywhere in the office. Sometimes she spawns so far to the left it results in an instant kill. Also yenndo will seemingly respawn in the same camera flip that i do to get rid of him although that might be because i pull it up and down too fast. The custom night needs work but the first five nights are pretty good and i haven’t encountered any problems in the game other than those. Thanks for reading..Version: 2.0

I love the game but...This game is amazing and I love it but the littlest thing cause we to give it a four rather than a five. First off I made it to custom night and I’m on the last level and there are two things I’ve noticed. 1: Bidybab Does not make a noise when she is about to attack. On mobile I have to switch between fun time foxy and Bidybab just to get an idea of where she is at. This is super annoying and I believe golden Freddy mode is impossible on all twenty. 2. Sometimes when Funtime Freddy sends out bon bon he doesn’t make a noise. Many of the noises are all mixed up and I think the way Scott made this game was to only have either three noises at the same time. That is just my thought but again it would be a lot easier than it all ready is. I know this is all on pc because I’ve seen people play this game on pc but I don’t know why you couldn’t be able to implement Bidybabs noise in. Again I love this game but by what know this is the only twenty mode that might be impossible as far as I’m concerned. I wish it wasn’t but this like my thousandth time playing the twenty mode and so far it is impossible..Version: 1.0

Epic game, but PLZ FIX BIDYBABThis game is epic, It is a blast to play and got me hooked on the FNAF series. This game adds a lot of fun mechanics yet give you the original style of the first FNAF gameplay with the custom nights. The only reason I didn't give this game a full 5 stars is because of BIDYBAB's issue. With the computer version of the game, Bidybab will make a noise in the vent indicating she's close and you can close the vent minimizing battery loss. Without that vent noise, you have no idea how long until Bidybab will attack, and sometimes she can wait a while before she actually attacks so if you wait with the door down your battery will drain drastically. Having to constantly check your monitor also drains the battery fast so it's like not matter what, you're screwed. This makes the final "Golden Freddy" mode impossible to beat, which is frustrating for an individual such as myself that likes to completely complete games. I get it that this is just the mobile version, but please fix this issue! it would improve peoples experiences!.Version: 1.0

SOME FACTS I KNOW THAT SHOWS HOW MUCH I LUV THE GAME <3I love this game but I play is on computer more, But listen, You see I learned something about the game ( still it’s impossible on mobile ) but anyways I learned that we play as aftons eldest son Micheal / mike AKA eggs Benedict, And His little sister Elizabeth Got killed by circus baby and possessed her and she wanted to leave the place so the animatronics scooped their Endoskeletons skeletons out and made Ennard, He was the voice all along! The one that says Go left go right and stuff, He said it to lead you to the scooping room to scoop you and use you as a skin suit! Again, The thing is when you get the the scooping room it shows that ballora has already been scooped, Thay means your not dodging ballora it’s just ennard leading you to the scooper room and he will jumpscare you if you go the wrong way, ( I’m bad at left and right stuff O^O ) another thing is in another Fnaf you try to survive the nightmares, You play as the youngest Chris, most of us know he died from the bite of 83..Version: 2.0

100 stars amazingAs a FNaF fan, I love playing the games. I have the second on my computer, first on my Nintendo, and this game, SL on my phone. Also as an Afton family fan, I loved hearing Elizabeth’s voice lines in the beginning, and with the end of the circus baby mini game the intro to her death was really cool to see, how it all worked and everything. Honestly my favorite characters are BonBon, Funtime Freddy, and ballora. The detail on everything is amazing. In the room where you give ballora and Funtime foxy controlled shocks I love the three heads and the eyes, as well as the balloon boy doll hanging in the room where you give circus baby controlled shocks. Any FNaF fan would love it, including the hilarious events with the hand unit. It’s really worth a try (or ten) and especially the part where you get stuck on, in my opinion I like the jump scares, and is stuck on the Funtime Freddy and BonBon maintenance room DOWNLOAD THIS GAME if you like lore, hidden secrets and stuff like that this is THE game to download.Version: 2.0

I was very happy.Scott I can honestly say this was my favorite Fnaf game because of the dialogue and moving around and just game mechanics in general. I was a little saddened... having played the PC version... that the little girl wasn't there... it only showed Funtime Freddy on the main screen... you couldn't get Baby's secret story on the third night... and also the vampire Tv show -as I would have liked to look at those pictures... I was a little disappointed especially about Baby's secret story- that was my favorite Easter egg in the PC version by far... but overall I liked the layout and I will definitely dress up as these characters like I've done all the other Fnaf games. (Characters I will dress up as- Ballora, Funtime Foxy, Funtime Freddy, Bon Bon and Bonnet, Ennard "will be difficult but I'll try", Baby, and LolBit "because.... LolBit".) Thank you Scott yet again for another fantabulous Fnaf game... I had a lot of fun playing it and trying to get past the STUPID fourth night even though it was easier than the PC version. Thank you Scott..Version: 1.0

Private Room Problems, but other than that, Five Stars! Please Read this Scott!I love the Sister Location, but in the Private Room, where I survive from Ennard, can you add more power and make the Night shorter, because I make it to 5 AM, but I didn't have enough Power to make it, and please Fix Funtime Freddy and Bidybab on the Custom Night, because the Audio cues for it(?) are really helpful, especially in the vent, and the Bug with Funtime Freddy in the Custom Night is that he can sometimes send BonBon to the office unannounced, thus ending the player's attempt. P.S. I did encounter Yeendo on Night 3, but I couldn't get a screenshot because of the Flash Beacon and he led Funtime Foxy right to me, scaring the crap out of me. This really did happen to me, but only once, after that, I never seen him again, and please make Night 4 harder, but not as hard as Night 4 on the PC version, but pretty hard, because Night 4 was easy on the iOS version, too easy, I would like a greater challenge for it..Version: 1.0

Sister Location Mobile: Great Game, Almost Perfect PortI downloaded Sister Location last night and got through the first three nights with no problem. I was a little disappointed that the popcorn-eating vampire-series-watching segments weren't there, but that's a minor thing. However, the mini game controls are difficult due to the buttons all being clumped together in the lower left corner rather than being spread out more. Also, night 4 is much more difficult than the PC version because you have to tap the tiny bolts and sometimes it doesn't respond due to your large fingers, and you find yourself panicking over all the flashing red lights and forgetting about the approaching minireenas. While reading other individual's reviews, I saw that some people complained about ballora and fun time foxy's shadows not being present on the stage, but they were there for me. Also, somebody said that on night 5 when circus baby tells you to go left it won't let you, but I haven't progressed far enough to see this. I hope that the secret mode/custom night and extras will make up for these several missing pieces/tiny bugs. I also hope that Scott doesn't drop the series and that the final secret cutscene from beating 20 x 10 mode on custom night is teasing a sixth installment to the series. Keep up the good work Scott and don't be afraid to push the mobile version's barriers further..Version: 1.0

Please fix10/20 mode is extremely hard bidy bab doesn’t make a sound when she/he (I don’t know what gender it is.) but the sound it makes means it’s about to enter the office. The only way to win this on mobile is to guess. Overall I rate this game a five star and my favorite part was ennard in the private room. Please get this mode fixed. edit: this is not as much a problem but Freddy very rarely but happens a sometimes and he won’t say bon bon go get him. Or get ready for a surprise. Now that would be a good thing. But bon bon still attack’s you To anyone reading this. Please tell scott that he needs to fix this so he has a better chance of realizing this bug. Edit: if you don’t know how to get to the private room. Get the real ending getting scooped and beat the mini game in extras or just die in the game. And once you have that done immediately head to the private room. (Sorry this is late. I just want to have this bug fixed) please 😭.Version: 1.0

Ty for fnafI love fnaf Scott has done such a good job there is a hole community of fnaf fans me and my friends love fnaf pls keep up the good work Scott! You have done such a good job with the designs of all the characters I love them! My fav character is vanny she is such a well designed character in the game! Pls come out with more games I’m trying to collect all of them! If Scott reads this just to let you know your work is the best. God bless you. Your work has changed my life I never right reviews on games and apps but I just had too with fnaf it’s the best game series ever I love it. You should totally get this game it will be the only game you play for months! 😸😸 I am getting the book series for Christmas 🎄. I’m super exited to read them I love books but mostly fnaf books. Please read this Scott it will make my Christmas wish come true. May you have a very good Halloween and Christmas! <3 remember god loves you and so does everyone in the fnaf community! <3 pls read this Scott!.Version: 2.0

Great game! I love it!This is the best FNAF game I've ever played! I have one request though. Maybe just make the custom night able to custom it myself. Love the game though! If you can't get the game on steam, or you don't want to, I highly recommend that you play this. There are often moments when you can go AFK and still survive. Again, HIGHLY recommend that you get this game. Love it! Also I've been reading some other reviews, and just to answer some questions, to go foreword and left, you hold down on the left side of the screen. And if you're stuck on night 4, wiggle when a minireena is climbing up the suit. That will shake the off. And if you want the secret Enard ending, beat the baby death mini game then on night five, when baby says to go foreword and left (the first time), go forward and right (hold on the right side of the screen to right). But again though, I highly recommend this game to you. Worth the money..Version: 1.0

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! (The baby game is impossible tho)THIS IS THE INSPERATION FOR SO MANY OF MY CHARACTERS!!! I CANT EVEN TELL YOU HOW FRICK’IN GREATFUL I AM!!!! (Funtime Freddy is my fave character❤️❤️👍🥰) But............ there are some things.... night 4 is a little too hard😅... if you could fix it, that would be great!!!!👌 The baby mini game is.... impossible on mobile. Please add at least more time! 🥺anyways.... that’s all.... thank youuuuuu, SO MUCH!!!!! omg.. I’m reading this over and you can tell I’m a 12 year old girl in her room... slowly loosing her sanity. Anyways.... malfesence is one of my characters which is basicly withered Funtime Freddy. There is an entire backstory and I don’t feel like explaining it because I’m super sick right now.... ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ if there were ten stars this would get ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️it doesn’t get 10 because of the problems.... but it is a super good game and the mother of most of the lore!!! Thanks if you read this!!!!.Version: 2.0

The Remastered is Excellent! But...Overall, I really liked the remastered 2020 version compared to the one I played last year. Mobile players really get to feel the same ascetic the PC players get to enjoy. However, there are some problems though. The Circus Baby minigame is a little difficult. The controls are pretty hard to get a hold of. Same with night 4. Now, I personally don’t think night 4 was really hard, I beat it on my second try, but moving the camera to get to the next lock could be much more easier with more sensitive controls. Also, during night 5 when Circus Baby guides you to the scooping room, you could make it more clear how to go forward and left when she tells you to. I literally had to look it up on how to go forward and left on that part. Other than that, the remastered is pretty good, and most of what I said are just little nit picks..Version: 2.0

Great!!I love this game! It’s underrated and and unpopular opinion is that’s it’s the best one. I have came across a glitch though, it might be my phone because it’s buggy but one time when I played the game when it gets to the part you put circus baby in the scooping room it just froze with no talking I could interact with stuff but no instructions until it came to the passcode. Something similar happened, it was on level 5 at the beginning. I was putting what I wanted it was supposed to say “I’ll correct that” but it didn’t it stayed on the dots. I had to exit the app and wait a little bit an order to be able to play it, I don’t know if its my phone or the game but if another review is like this it is most likely the game and I request for you to work on it. But it’s overall good and the first fnaf I’ve played. It’s good quality and not overpriced..Version: 2.0

There’s an issueI love this game! I love the fnaf series’s. But there’s something that bothers me. I play the games on my phone and there’s an issue on night 5 in sisters location. After you put the passcode in baby and take the key card out and you go in Funtime Foxy’s auditorium, you know where I’m going? Well when Circus Baby is giving instructions to cross the room she says stop, go forward, turn left, and so on. Well on the other nights when you cross the Funtime Foxy auditorium, it shows the crawl button, crawl faster button, and the flash beacon button. But on the 5th night where Circus Baby is giving instructions, the buttons stay the same and there’s no turn left buttons or turn right buttons and that’s an issue for people on phones on the 5th night. I would love if you could fix that! I can’t pass the 5th night cause of this!! Thanks for taking your time to read this..Version: 2.0

Ennard is silent and make the night shorterThere is a bug in the private room where Ennard doesn’t make noise when she moves and that makes me want to check the cameras even if she does not move and that makes me lose power so i can not beat it and get the fake ending I can not do it I tried and tried but I keep failing because I have to check the cams and use power heck there are people who made it with 50 percent or more and please make the night shorter at least as short on pc please do it soon because I’m starting to think about cheating and giving me the third star so I can have custom night and I don’t want to do that so please update it soon I just want to beat it normally not cheat so please fix the bug where Ennard doesn’t make a sound when she moves and make the night shorter also I like your new vr game and the gameplay looks amazing can’t wait till it comes out! And please do fix Ennard and make the night shorter..Version: 1.0

Surprisingly Brilliant!Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location has finally hit IOS, even though many doubts were high that this would happen. Scott Cawthon has proved his devotion to impress players by making this game far different from the previous installments. Despite that you are still to be to hunted down by haunted animatronics, new elements were brought in this game (mostly story elements in the PC version), making it a brilliant new FNaF for all to play. Yet, the difference between the PC version and the IOS version is noticeable. Much of the dialogue that created the suspense was taken out. Reduced motion is also found in game, but it's understandable as to why both of these is so. Many story elements were removed as well. Some moments in the nights compared to that of the PC version, were also different in many ways. For example, the encounters with psychotic Funtime Freddy (whom is my favorite) and tricky Funtime Foxy seemed to reach a higher difficulty level than it did in the PC version. Night 4, however, seemed to be much easier for me to complete, as I did so on my first attempt. Moreover, the game has reached a new level of the series that the other installments did not contain. I was very surprised with the overpowering difference this game held compared to the rest, which made Sister Location, IOS version, a surprisingly brilliant installment to the Five Nights at Freddy's series!.Version: 1.0

Gamebreaking flawsLet me start off by saying I love this game, I beat every mode on the PC so was excited for this, but there are so many flaws that make modes like 10/20 impossible, examples being, Bibybab makes zero sound when she/he is right by the vent door, barely does his/her other cues, Freddy will send bon-bon without even saying anything, he said " Get ready for a surprise" so I closed the door heard a bang and opened it, I heard Freddy go to the other room and immediately died from bon-bon, it seems that since the 4th game Scott has either used a different software or the same one but it doesn't support all the different audios playing at the same time, like I don't need ballora's music anymore since he made it a visual thing now(headphones do not help against her it will sound like she is always coming down the middle) I want to beat this game 100%, but I'm starting to wonder if it can even be done..Version: 1.0

Bug in Funtime Auditorium Night 5The update to this game is really great, it adds in the critical features and atmosphere that were missing from the initial mobile version, but there is a fatal and possibly game breaking bug that occurs in Funtime auditorium in Night 5. When Baby tells you to crawl forward and left, there is no button or hint on how to go left ( or right to the private room), I even tried pressing the right side of the crawl button to reach the private room, it didn’t work, and it doesn’t work for the scooping room either. Please fix this bug, the rest of the game runs pretty smoothly, but this part prevents you from getting to either of the endings, if you could add crawl buttons for going left or right, that should fix it. Thank you for reading this (By the way, you all have done a great job of remastering the other Fnaf games too).Version: 2.0

Love it, but I’m deleting it... (Pls read😢)This game is the bomb, Scott your amazing! We all love your FNAF games. BUT! I had completed the game.... and the mini game. So I had 2 stars. (The mini game took me 3 days to complete btw) Then I was going to get the 3rd star. So I was going to continue the 5th night to get to the Ennard night... But I accidentally clicked New night... I played for a bit realizing that I was on night 1!! I was so sad and mad. I had begged my parents for a year! To get this game. I did all my chores and I got it! Now I’m deleting it. I wanted the game just to do the custom night. Now I have to go through the entire game again! Which I’m not doing. So I’m deleting it. Please, if you have one star, then you should be able to go to extras and say! “Go to 5th night” or any night you want to go to! That would be awesome!!! Pls Scott, I know your busy, but please! That would make my week! 🐻🐤🐰🦊❤️.Version: 1.0

Well done Scott#spoilers! This game is amazing and really strays away from the originals but still is very good. I love how the game is all about patience and I also hate it. Like the part in night to after crawling through ballora gallery you have to reboot the system well Freddy is in the room. Mwa, a masterpiece and also, crawling through ballora gallery when you see ballora dance her way in front of you, ugh gave me shivers down my spine. Mainly because this is the first time you actually see one of the animatronics well… MOVING! It was a shocking moment but it was so cool. But, I had a hard time pressing the button under Freddy’s chin because it could not see it that well. The button is very thin and I thought it was some reflection. But Scott! Round of applause and a clap in a half for this game and Mobile port Version..Version: 2.0

Its ok but some bugs here and thereDont get me wrong fnaf is one of the best horror games out there but I have a list of glitches and bugs in this game 1: If you press the home button while handy unit is speaking and you enter back on the game he stops speaking and your just stuck there forever in the elevator. 2: sometimes while doing night 4 the springlocks stop allowing me to wind them. 3: ehen your playing in the secret room on night 5 sometimes when enard moves theres no noise and sometimes when hes not at the door he just jumpscares any way even though hes not there. Finally: on night 5 after sending baby to the scooping room and she tells you were to go sometimes when she says stop and i stop then she just stops talking and i get jumpscared and also when while in the scooping room the scooper doesnt do anything the game just linda freezes you can still move but nothing happens..Version: 1.0

Great game, but...This is an overall great game! There's not all of the dialogue, but I can't really ask too much for a game that came out last week or so. I'm stuck on Night 3, with the Funtime Freddy and Bon-Bon thing. Every time I finish pressing Freddy's face buttons and stuff, the HandyUnit tells me to locate and press the button on Bon-Bon, and he says this about 2-3 times! I know, it's just a reminder, but the thing is, Bon-Bon doesn't even appear! Normally, she's supposed to lurk up on Freddy's shoulders, but the one time that she did appear, I didn't know it and accidentally shined her, not knowing that it was the only time I'd see her! And every time she kills you, you have to go back in Funtime Auditorium, and through Funtime Foxy, which takes up a good 4-5 minutes at the most, and you have to do the Freddy buttons again! Other than that, this game is really good, and I think that this is a great mobile port!.Version: 1.0

Scott please do this pleeeaaaaase🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺See I’m the kids brother who sent Go FNAF.(you know the one who watched me play and is on night 3). So umm..... I really wish that you can put fnaf ucn on iPad and fnaf 6. I’m trying to beat circus baby’s death mini game it’s suuuuuuuuper hard because there’s a disadvantage 🥺🥺. If didn’t know when I get the pink cupcake I get six when I get the blue cupcake I get 4 and when I get the green cupcake I get 3. See I just get a disadvantage please fix it. Also in the extras menu I somehow can’t find the tiny circus baby in the corner also shouldn’t there be a making of ballora. So anyway I really hope that you do this please for me I’m a huuuuuuuuge fan of fnaf I have every single game so please O please for me🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 i need this. Oh and when I beat the mini game can you make it easier to get to the private room..Version: 1.0

Hey Hey SCOTT !!So instead of doing a whole completely FNaF you had to go with this one you had to made this one didn’t you instead of doing A completely new i’m about to make a good point so you should read OK on with the point it would’ve been a lot cooler if William afton daughter eyes were 😈 this color why would you make them look like human beings shouldn’t they be animals like FiveNightsatFreddys1 fnaf 2 fnaf 3 and 4!!! Plus why didn’t you make a fun time let’s eat chicken you had to wait until the six game did you The question is who are we playing as but no you can tell us can you because you are sometimes a troll I specially like the six game Cosmo night is almost done now I will give you 10 we reasons why Sister_Location is sometimes horrible 1. Not so good graphics 2. How come we have to walk all of a sudden 3 there was no office unless you do not listen to baby 4 Who are we even playing as 5 no Funtime chica no Funtime Bonnie but you had to go with bonbon 6 too much talking from handunit 7 Night to you have to go to fun time freddy and you had to secure everything and watch him At the same time 8 The secret ending too much repeating from baby 9 how come it has to be underground 10 you should’ve had a cut scene when the daughter was killed Scott this is all I have to say about the game.Version: 1.0

When will this go on XboxHi Scott I really like your game but I really want to play on my Xbox series S so I’m hoping that you can put five nights at Freddy‘s on Xbox because it’s a really cool game and I love playing it it’s so fun and I wish that you could lower the price of all the five nights at Freddy’s games even Freddy’s I mean five nights at Freddy’s world I forgot the name but can you put that down I really want to play it I keep seeing people play it and it’s really fun to play and I wish I could play it so can you put the price down to 199 or zero 99 that would be good and great because then we don’t have to pay a lot of money for all the games thank you Scott I hope that you like the reveal I’m putting and putting five scars but I really wish that you could put on Xbox soon from your friend Lara.Version: 2.0

REALLY AWESOME, BUT...I was so excited when I saw SL was on IOS. I didn't even question it, I bought it right away. I looked forward to playing through and mainly wanted to get to some of the custom nights. But night 5 seems to be glitches. I'll "fix" Baby and she'll tell me to go back. I do and she says go forward. The first time I attempted I went straight forward and never got told to stop; I ended up hitting the private room and getting "access denied". Not surprising since the mini game only showed up once out of all the deaths with Fred Bear night 2. So attempt after attempt I tried listening to baby, but she never tells me to stop. Even if I just tap the screen to go a little forward and wait, the endo skeleton still gets me. So I don't know what to do. The game itself is great and I'm probably doing something wrong, but it'd be better if I could get to the rest of it!.Version: 1.0

Awesome! Epic! Buuuuuut.....This game is awesome. I've been waiting for the mobile port and finally here it is! But there are some things I think would make this experience a LITTLE better..... 1. The mobile ports voice acting doesn't include some of the acting on PC. Some of this stuff could be helpful, but mainly just side stuff. I think if you add the full voice acting it would be more interesting for new players. 2. The little girl doesn't talk at the start of every night, and there is no enjoying time at home at the end of the night. I think not only it would be fun to add, but also because this causes the real ending to not have the full cutscene. I'm not sure about the fake ending, I'm working on ennards room right now. Man, it's hard :| 3. The frame rate and some other experiences are a little off.....Like the graphic of the flashlight in the parts and service isn't the same, leading you to be allowed to watch bonbon magically disappear off of Funtime Freddy, and apon opening Funtime freddys faceplates, they just magically appear open without it moving at all. 4. Some of the Easter eggs are missing. Not too bad but it would be cool to have Em. That's all I have! Once I get custom night I'll see if there are any problems there. Great game though. DEFENATLY buy!!!!.Version: 1.0

Amazing!I have played all the FNaF games on pc and mobile, and they're all great. When this came out I was really excited because I could play the game in the car 'n stuff. I have a few recommendations, though. Please make it a little better quality and full camera rotation like in pc during some parts of the game it is absent, which makes it a little hard to see sometimes like with Funtime Freddy. Also Ennard's night is EXTREMELY hard because I can't tell which side he's on so I waste more power trying to find him, and he charges me and kills me when I look for him sometimes. Other than that, I found the game to be extremely great and a good port to the mobile devices. Also, for the other players, you can access the baby mini game by pressing to the right of the "main menu" button in the extras screen..Version: 1.0

Scott this is perfectionIve played fnaf 1 and i loved it but this i love even more! Its hard,scary And Fun! I knew i was going to have funtime (get it?) playing this one unlike fnaf 1 because my me and my friend played it on his phone and it was really fun! On something else idk why every rates this 1 star because of under the desk i play this on my ipod which is like the worst device to play this on but i beat under the desk second try no glitches! The first time i did under the desk was because my hands where sweating because this one is more scary then fnaf 1 which is the only other fnaf game I’ve played. But anyways Scott Dont look at the bad reviews. Who cares if this games mobile ver looks like a gamecube game? Who cares if this game is glitchy? those haters just say that so people dont buy the game so you dont fet money. Its good its fun and the SISTER_LOCATION.Version: 1.0

ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGI'm usually not the guy to pick favorites when it comes to fnaf games. But Sister Location was amazing! (Even though I myself haven't completed the game, I'm still trying to get to the second ending. But I still know all the secrets and lore). The ideas and concepts are (I'm about to use the word again...) AMAZING!! It started a new story to piece together little by little, and then only to be left with a cliff hanger in the final secret (the springtrap cutscene) to lead us to Freddy Fazbears Pizzaria Simulator then to end the entire fnaf story in a whole (or at least the Sister Location + Freddy Fazbears Pizzaria Simulator storyline) I love your work and always will... Including: Pogo duck, desolate hope, Chipper and Sons lumber Co., The Fnaf franchise, there is no pause button, and Chubby hurdles (which is halariously amazing and difficult at the same time!) THANK YOU SCOTT!.Version: 1.0

Not my favorite, but decentThe FNaF series started off great... however, I wish it ended with FNaF 4. When SL came out, so did Elizabeth Afton and Circus Baby. She became very famous. Everyone loved Circus Baby. Personally, she’s alright. But then my friends wanted to die by her to become her- anyways, it’s really, really hard, which is why I would try the originals first. I got glitched on Night 3 multiple times. Honestly- Henry is the man. He lit up Circus Baby and ending this. Overall- It’s decent, but FNaF 1 and 6 are the best ones. I wouldn’t recommend it to littler kids, people are... hanged, and shown in this. You also get scooped. Then again, I’m 11. I would have the parent try it first, I would say 10+ (The jumpscares on Night 2 are terrifying, I saw my friend die ;-;) Oh, there is also a death minigame of a little girl being clawed by a killer robot (Circus Baby) That’s all to consider. Team Henry for life!.Version: 2.0

Great GameWell all I can say is that the new update I’m so happy about. I’ve always wanted it to be like PC they even let you change the perspective. I love that feature. The only thing I would like is to make it easier to get to the secret room. I just cannot do it. I’ve held my hand on the forward button and swiped right but it never does go to the room. It just registers as straight and I run into Ballora or Enard. Someone please fix it it used to be so easy. And even before the update 10 20 was hard but I have no idea what it is like. If you ever get a chance if you can please make those two things a little bit easier. All in all a great game well worth 3 bucks. And it runs beautifully. Thanks to Scott and Clickteam for the new update. Good luck with other developments and please keep up the good work..Version: 2.0

Problems her and thereThis is my favorite game out of all of them when I bought it I knew it was worth the money. I had trouble with night2 because I didn't know how to keep bidybap from trying to get you in under the desk, so I recommend to make baby say slide the board to the left,to resist him from getting you. I actually had to get help from my brother to beat night 2. Also next when you do the 8 bit baby mini game the buttons are crammed together so I keep on dying and it's so hard to feed all the kids also I really want to try,the IOS fake ending that would be the best day of my,life. Finally what is the oxygen % for I really,don't get the point of,it so I wondered do you die if you run out,of oxygen so I thank Scott and hope he makes these changes to make the game a lot better than before..Version: 1.0

No effort?Ok I love FNaF and all games made by Scott Cawthon but my gosh, this was one of the best games in the series, and yet it lacked to much to be “fun”. The game was obviously rushed to release for mobile and with rushing comes a messed up game. This game didn’t have very many bugs whatsoever. But it did have a lot missing, the time at home, all of the minor details, the main control spaces looks and interactivity, in the PC virsion all of this is different. There are interesting parts that were left out from this game. What am I most disappointed about? Scott’s laziness on anamatronic animation. I understand that anamating these things are hard but Scott needs to realize more people play his mobile games than the PC version. In conclusion, this game is amazing, but for its mobile port, the effort is lacking, and the games experience is poor. Next time you release a game, Scott, put some gosh dang effort into it? People pay money for these things. -A FNaF Fan.Version: 1.0

Best FNaF game so far with few major flawsThere was multiple bugs I faced on nights 2 and 3 but otherwise it was really good. I am very confused on night 5 when you are instructed to go forward and left which is now nearly impossible since the new update. You used to be able to tap and hold what direction you wanted to go in but now since the two sections are reserved for crawl and crawl fast I have no idea where to tap and hold. I also hate the Circus Baby Mini game because the controls at the bottom of the screen are way too tiny. I thought this update was supposed to fix these things! I do like the fact that you can now move around but you should invert the axis area because on night 4 I kept moving in the wrong direction because of the way I was swiping. Other than those issues, the game is fantastic!.Version: 2.0

How can u do custom nightI can't go straight and left on night five how can we get all three stars.Version: 1.0

Nice gameOverall, the game is spectacular, to go left, you have to hold the top left corner of your screen, and to go right, you have to hold the top right corner of your screen. I hope that helped!.Version: 1.0

NIGHT TWO, THREE AND FIVE TIPSYou can go straight and left in night 5, all you do is hold the left of your screen. Hold the middle of your screen to go straight. And right side of your screen to go right. Not many people know this. And in night 2 their is no danger meter but you can hear when fun time freddy is moving closer. When you are not in the computer rebooting the systems, play the audio before going in so when yu are rebooting it you can hear when hes coming. And in night 3 YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DIE AFTER REPAIRING FUN TIME FREDDY! One of my friends died for no reason and he rage quit and deleted the game even though he was supposed to die. HOPE THIS HELPED.Version: 1.0

You had one jobScott pls make an update adding back baby’s missing lines and adding the TV.Version: 1.0

Omg yassssss it came out yes yes yes thankyou😀😀😀😀Omg yes yas yusss.Version: 1.0

Fix thisScott after I finished all the nights and do the baby mini game I can't get the green cupcake to go to all four kids in the middle area can you make the kids a little closer.Version: 1.0

😩😩😩I want to play but Funtime Freddy to scary 😭😭😭😭😭😭.Version: 2.0

No T.V or Popcorn?Man I love this game but, I can't go home and eat my popcorn or my weird vampire love story television show in my retro house?! Other than that I LOVE this game and I'm so happy it's now out definitely worth the four bucks! ;) Oh yes! I also wanna say I can only run (or walk idk) in the vents and any other time I have to move around. Please if that's not supposed to happen then please fix it..Version: 1.0

Can't turn leftScott I can't turn left.Version: 1.0

Ways Mike (player) Didn’t Have To Die.Number One: he could have just said no to the job. Very simple. 👌 Number two: in the Scooping Room, I’m like 99% sure the Scooper can only go one way. He could have literally stepped over and NOT die 👌 Number three: on night four(is that the night Baby is broken? I’m not sure.) he could have been s m a r t and looked behind Baby and seen Ennard, and when going too the Scooping room, realized that the music Box was not playing, so Ballora was NOT in the room with them 👌 Number four: he could have stayed home and not go back :) 👌 Obviously none of these things can work in the game, but seriously Micheal, you that stupid?.Version: 2.0

Ultimate custom nightGreat but can the next game you release be ultimate custom night both me and my friend want it and we really would enjoy it.Version: 1.0

PLEASE SCOTT, READ THIS!First, I just wonted to say that I love you're game and two, I am in french so sorry for the ortograph in advance. The problem is that in the custom night, Bydibab doesn't do the vent sound, He does the -I don't wont to play hide in seek sound and the -I am gonna find a way in sound but not the one after when He is ready to attack and after kill you, I tried whit the sound in max in my ipad and I didn't er anything, I jus wont to Know if it's normal or if you can do something to fix it. Thank you for you're amazing game.Version: 1.0

I'D LIKE A NEW GAMEI just wanted to say this game is amazing but please add the tv and show the rest of some of the things you missed such as the danger meter , the rest of the control module and the rest of the voice lines I'd also like a new game such as ultimate custom night and making fnaf 5 get better graphics.Version: 1.0

Ummmm…I won the game but I can’t win the mini game soo please make it start with 70 seconds thank you.Version: 2.0.1

Amazing!This game is the exact same as the PC. Minor changes though... Totally worth 4$.Version: 1.0

Make fnaf world on mobilePls.Version: 2.0.1

I need helpDo y’all know how I beat night 3 parts and services with Funtime Freddy, I don’t know where I’m supposed to click when bon bon disappears.Version: 2.0.1

Fun time Freddy is sonicI can’t get past night 2 because when I play the audio 4 Funtime Freddy he within 0.1 seconds he comes right back can u make him slower.Version: 2.0.1

🐻🐻🐻Har har har har har🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻.Version: 2.0.1

Good gameGood game but I keep getting stuck on the part with Funtime Freddy.Version: 2.0.1

AwsomeQuestion. Idk what the circus baby things are called so I’m gonna refer to them all as bob. So when under the desk why can’t you make eye contact with BOB? And what happens if you do?? Also, when I pull it back why doesn’t it work no more??? Is it.. BOBS FAULT?????.Version: 2.0.1

Fun gameSuper fun game! 1 thing tho it needs more save files cause I wanted to keep playing the game but got stuck on night five with circus baby’s part where you navigate Funtime auditorium. I deleted that save cause I wanted to play the game again and clearly I could not do that part. Then I learned how to do this part the next day and could not go back again. The only way was to get there again ): (and I do not want to play night 4 again).Version: 2.0.1

FnafIt’s the best game ever made in history.Version: 2.0.1

TipThis game is amazing.Version: 2.0.1

To hard!On Night 3 I cannot catch on bun bun I tried so many times but not once have I caught that rabbit can you make it easier give it an update maybe?.Version: 2.0.1

Great!I beat night 4 first 2nd try.Version: 2.0.1

The spring locksThe spring locks unwind too fast and too many minreenas or whatever and night 4 is way too long to do this pls do something.Version: 2.0.1

FNAFSLGame is fun but the stupid mini game is hard to come by fix this issue it’s so dam annoying.Version: 2.0.1

Hand puppet doesn’t show upPlease fix the glitch with the Bonnie hand puppet on night 3, it doesn’t show up at all even after I’ve closed the game and redone the night multiple time, I wait in the middle and it just doesn’t show up on either sides or the bottom. Just redownloaded, hopefully it works now..Version: 2.0.1

Great gameMy first jumpscare was Funtime Freddy when I was half way done the tasks.Version: 2.0

SlayFuntime foxy is the best.Version: 2.0.1

MY DREAM GAMEI literally can’t stop playing this game is so FREAKING FUN also great job Scott.Version: 2.0.1

Night 2 tipNight two when you crawl through the gallery you stair at light and stay slow.Version: 2.0

OkI think the first game was better.Version: 2.0

I love this gameSo I'm a huge fan and so when I get to the Funtime Freddy part I CANT FINISH IT love you Scott 🙂🙂.Version: 2.0

Bye Scott 😿We miss you Scott Cawthon….Version: 2.0

I’m stuck on night 2On night 2 it’s not letting me pull the steel thing closed and it’s annoying I’ve kept on trying and trying and I would like some help.Version: 2.0

LolI was eating dinner and then Funtime foxy jump scared me jump scared me and then I had a heart attack and I started laughing.Version: 2.0

Great game but hardThis game is amazing I love FNaF so on pc and when I found out they made port I got so happy it’s just night four is a living hell.Version: 2.0

YaIgnore the fact I’m in 2022 but I love the game Just I was at my friends playing in and almost fell off there couch anyways.Version: 2.0

Night 5Night 5 may seem impossible on mobile since it’s confusing on how to left or right on night 5. HOW TO GO LEFT: Swipe to the left side of the screen (Make sure you continuously Swipe to the left) HOW TO GO RIGHT: Same as Left, continuously swipe to the right side of the screen. (DO NOT FLASH!).Version: 2.0

Please read this and update your game Scott pleaseCan you make the timer 90 or 100 I can’t do it I have been trying from 2020 to 2022 and I’m on ipad please make the timer longer and make it 90 or 100 please thank you for reading this..Version: 2.0

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