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The fight for the Iron Throne still rages on in Game of Thrones: Conquest.

Westeros is at war. Great houses clash, dragons rule the sky, and the army of the dead threatens the realm. Build your kingdom and forge alliances! Power up your best dragon, command your army, and go to war to conquer new territories. Collect your favorite characters, live out your GoT MMORPG fantasy and rule the Seven Kingdoms! If you like immersive strategy games, this could be the one for you!


Collect Heroes - NEW!
● Collect all your favorite GoT characters, with a range of signature and star skills!
● Summon new Heroes at the Tower of the Hand - free Standard Summon every day!
● Use Noble and Royal Summons to acquire higher rarity Heroes and items.
● 30 Heroes available to collect, from the Mother of Dragons to the Bastard of Winterfell!
● Unlock new Heroes with Relics - earn Relics through Summoning, Events and Offers!

Build Your City & Army
● Become a Lord of Westeros: Build a great house and create your sigil. Gather resources to grow your army and build up your city!

Form An Alliance
● Game of Thrones: Conquest features an innovative alliance structure, unlike anything you've ever seen before in a real-time Strategy RPG game. Recruit your friends as bannermen as you rise in a war to take The Iron Throne!

Raise Dragons
● Dragons have arrived in Westeros and each kingdom has its own dragon egg. Hatch eggs and grow your own dragons! Will you use your great dragon to best your enemies or protect your castle? You decide!

Master Your Strategy
● Master the strategy of an innovative pledge system, recruit bannermen, fight battles with your allies and live out the GoT RPG fantasy of claiming The Iron Throne and winning The Great War.

Conquer Seats of Power
● Conquer 120+ iconic Seats of Power like Winterfell and King's Landing. Defend your strongholds, as each Seat of Power endows you with military and economic upgrades for your kingdom.

Kingdom Vs. Kingdom
● Plan, execute and win against your foes in PVP events, featuring a series of rewards as players compete and defeat each other in battle.

This is simply the best GoT MMO experience available on mobile, combining Strategy and RPG elements to bring you a game like no other.


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Game of Thrones: Conquest ™ App Comments & Reviews

Game of Thrones: Conquest ™ Positive Reviews

Good formula... but too many crashes.There are a million games of this click-and-wait variety, mostly focused around ruling an empire of kingdom or whatnot. Most people find one relating to another one of their interest and invest time into it. I hadn’t found a game of this style that caught my attention until now. I love Game of Thrones, and I like the idle play style of this genre of game, so I though it’d be a great match. And it is... for the most part. It’s easy to find success with a game like this, especially with a big brand attached to it, but I honestly expected a little more from WB as a developer. There are constant crashes that don’t allow me to play the game for more than a few minutes at a time, regardless of if I’m on Wi-Fi or not. That’s really what gets me. I can tolerate most other issues that come with these games, like hackers, micro transactions, and farming other smaller players to death, but none of that matters if I can’t access the actual game for long enough to really play! Honestly, some real time needs to be invested into stability... otherwise it’s a perfectly functional game that I’m sure will do well. If not just because of the branding..Version: 2.1.233354

Great game but NOT secureThe game is fun and addicting. Really feels like game of thrones in a game. I’ve been playing for over a year and made friends in my alliance and the kingdom. The only downside is be careful with your account. It can get stolen and WB can’t even determine the right owner to return it to. I play in now a merged kingdom 548. An account named Adela was stolen by another player. he wrote to WB to get access back to his account and he got it back for a couple days which is great. Then suddenly for some reason WB returned his account to the THIEF! Also to give you an idea of how expensive the stolen account is I wanna add that the stolen account is a K35, great stats, with a fully grown dragon. And if you have No idea about this game—we’re not talking just 5K-25K, these are cheaper accounts. It can be very expensive to play this game to only lose your account like that. If you’re playing for a very long time and have receipts in their system other than your own copies in your game account and card on your payments on pack buying you would expect them to know you’re the real account owner to return the account to. But instead WB returned this owner’s account to the thief! It’s very disappointing when you’re playing and see the stolen account around the kingdom.. the thief is enjoying an expensive stolen account. While the real owner who played in that account for over a year and spent a ton of money on it is empty handed now..Version: 3.5.283521

The ultimate in a money grubbing, broken game.Your choice is simple: Spend little or nothing and be food for others who do pay, spend a small fortune and manage to exist and be food for the big spenders, or be a big spender and find out that the only way to stay there is to keep on spending big. They even have an event called the iron bank, where the ONLY way to make any progress in the event is to directly spend money. I get the pay to win model. Most games have some balance to it. This one has none. Heck, you can spend $33,000 on your account and STILL not get the T30 keep. I know this directly. My choice.. no blame, but have an idea of what you need to spend if you’re going to be a “big dog”. My review isn’t about things costing money. It’s the amount of money, and that EVERYTHING costs money to move on. It also uses the lure and hook model. Everything starts off great.. fast building, fast troops, quick research.. but quickly runs into a wall of must spend. The game is also full of bugs and glitches that seem to only be getting worse with time, not better. The problem with this is compounded with the costing model since one crash at a bad time can cost you real $$. Horrendously expensive garbage..Version: 3.9.370344

This has about killed it for meThe glitches in this game have gotten out of control. Over the past few weeks there have been numerous glitches that effect the play and flow of the game. After a day or two we get a notice saying “ sorry, my bad “ here’s a couple of gold coins (300 or so)The only issue I’ve ever had happened a week ago. I was about to stop playing for the day. I purchased three, 24 hour shields to protect my keep/castle. When I checked back my keep had been ransacked. I emailed the developers about this problem they immediately sent out 50k in gold to rectify the problem. The problem is that I’ve been building this stuff up for months and that amount would replace a forth of what I had lost. I asked only for them to replace what I had lost. Nothing more, nothing less. I was met with a “ we’ve had players take advantage of us in the past, so this is the way we do things now “ I can’t help but feel ripped off. I lost things to no fault of my own and because of what someone else supposedly did I have to just take it and be happy. Tell people up front how great, fun, and challenging this game can be. Then tell them what can and will happen when things go side ways on the developers part. If I had known how this would have been, I would have never started playing this game. I recommend you think long and hard before you start..Version: 1.6.223173

Cold CommunityNot a very welcoming community. I find myself being ignored in chat when I ask questions, and I was kicked out of an allegiance the game keeps bugging me to join in on with no reason or warning given. The game itself is alright but soon I won’t have the gold to keep protecting my city and since apparently we’re not allowed to integrate ourselves with older players I’ll probably give up soon. I don’t blame the devs for this, obviously, but it would be nice if the players themselves would be more open to providing information to newer players, especially where alliances are involved. Why make it open to join if you’re going to remove players for no reason? After joining, what should I be doing to help out? How are we supposed to protect ourselves and join in on the struggle for power if already established players don’t allow it? Even further, they have zero need for players looking to learn beyond attacking and taking resources from vulnerable people scrambling for allies for their own means because they’re already well ahead. Either way, there’s a lot of improvements that could be made in the attitude of the player base and the immense rift in power between new players and older players. I probably won’t pick the game up again after I run out of gold to buy shields, but it’s fun until you do..Version: 2.4.239324

Would give 5 stars but...The game is great the first few days until you get stuck doing the same thing for hours and days at a time, it makes you just want to delete the game, because it’s either you stand still or you spend money, so I kind of feel forced to spend money, which takes away the fun of the game. I need 25,000 dragon lore to continue upgrading my dragon but even though I max out all of my daily quest you only get about 62 dragon lore a chest and you don’t get it in every chest, I feel like the rate of obtaining dragon lore while completing quest should definitely be higher. The game is fun but the high request of money just to progress through the game, makes my need to want to play feel pointless. Like, we can’t even build gear higher than level 1, unless we spend money, if we’re working hard and playing the game we should be rewarded. Then people who spend loads of money on the game team up and take over anything and the people who don’t like to spend money like that or can’t afford to have nothing to look forward to achieving, as if there’s no chance to even be able to complete and they definitely talk like that and are very cocky about it, I just feel like the game is free for a reason and the need to spend money seems forced instead of an option..Version: 2.5.240292

Great game but...I believe that GOT Conquest is a great game but if we were able to send/receive resources to our allies it would much better the game for the players who aren’t always able to afford packs. Also, if the castles along the wall such as castle black and such were unlocked and available to be taken would allow more room for more players to maneuver. We are limited to the seats of power that we currently have but if the castles along the wall were to be unlocked it would be a great outcome in response. And lastly, the only way to obtain steel is either buy it with gold and/or packs or through the tree... if we were able to mine it like we do other resources like food,wood,stone,and iron it would definitely help in crafting. It is very frustrating having to wait sometimes weeks to craft a single gear item , especially when we get up in the levels. Thank you for listening and hopefully those of you in charge of making changes can accommodate some of these requests so the less fortunate players can rise and not be unfair due to financial restrictions. Thank you.Version: 1.8.225694

Love yet hateAddition: IM SICK OF OPENING THIS GAME TO FIND MY SUPPLIES GONE AND MY TROOPS WOUNDED OR KILLED. ITS NOT FAIR TO ATTACK SOMEONE THAT CANT SEFENS THEMSELVES. I CANT EVWN UPGRADE TO THE NEXT LEVEL KEEP BECAUSE I NEED 4+ MILLION FOOD AND WOOD EACH AND EVERYTIME I TURN AROUND ITS BEEN PILLAGED. ITS MAKING ME WANT TO DELETE THE GAME AND BE DONE WITH IT. I’ve enjoyed this game quite a bit. But I have a couple ideas to make it better. First, there needs to be a better way to send a percentage of your troops on a march. Also, it would be nice to have a cue for the marches: so when your troops are on a march and return they immediately go to the next march on the cue. One cue for each march slot. AND allow the marches to battle several targets on one march. For example, if there are two targets next to each other, why would they have to come back to the castle instead of just battling two targets on the same march. Finally, I don’t think you should be able to attack a house if that player is offline. It depletes their troops and supplies and they have no option to defend themselves. Many times I have opened the game to find my stashes gone and my troops wounded or killed. I am not available to play this game 24/7 and I would like it if I didn’t loose everything I’ve built while I’m at work or unavailable. That’s all I’ve got for now..Version: 1.8.225694

Best game I’ve played on mobileSo let just start off and say this game is every good, and better if your in a alliance. I’ve been playing for about a couple of years now and all I can say is “wow” the updates and pretty much everything has gotten a lot better. I have ran into few few problems with this game, and even tho I’m mostly a F2P (free to play) player the amount of gold I get from when other people buy stuff is amazing. one of the best game designs I’ve seen not only do they get a pack but we asa alliance get a little pice of that pack as well. Now I will say as of right now I been running into 1 problem I can’t sign in to my alt accounts it just keeps giving me one account even though I’m on a different Facebook account it still only gives me the option to 1 account even though I know I have a different account on this one. Besides this it’s a amazing game with great graphics, gameplay and fun all around I’ve started off in kingdom 76 then 12something lol Now I’m 392. It’s a good game if you are a hardcore strategist and if you know how to work as a team..Version: 2.11.251187

Teleports n MoneyThis game is fantastic first of all and it’s one of the best ones on the App Store, but there’s one problem TELEPORTS. If you’re in a strong alliance you probably know that you need to teleport a lot, especially when you get attacked and your base gets teleported randomly. We want to have fun with our friends and alliances and if we have to spend money for teleports in order to just get together, that’s messed up, there must be some sort of way to get teleports or some sort of system, people shouldn’t have too many teleports but ally least enough so that if we get attacked and we teleport randomly to space we can go back to our alliances. I understand that you guys made this game for money and I think spending a lot is not wrong for players that want to get stronger, but please, why did you have to make teleports cost? You could make them cost, but please don’t make it so that free play players can’t have fun because they’re not with their alliance. I get that this is a copied game and other games like these have that, but this is the only thing I hate from this game and I mean it drives me crazy seeing a good alliance member get teleported 200 leagues away and now we can’t play together and he has to quit the game..Version: 1.1.214565

Kinda DisappointedOk, first off...this is a really good game. There are so many goals and things to accomplish, and I’m already off to a great start. The reason why I’m giving this game 3 stars is because of the confusion, difficulty, and the major GLITCHING. Every 30 seconds, there’s a glitch, and it’s really annoying. Also, can i mention the chat? I don’t feel like there should be a need for a chat, except for help. A lot of people like doing roleplaying, and it’s annoying. Is there a way for me to turn off chat? Also, I want an easier ya to earn coins. Apparently, I need almost 18,000 coins to upgrade my dragon. 18,000. WAYYYYY to much. That’s what got me. Can you lower that? I also think I would be better if everything won’t be so darn expensive. If I want to upgrade my buildings, I need to pay 30,000 or more wood for the bigger buildings, and for my keep...almost 100,000??! Come on!! I don’t want to spend that, it’s not worth it! That’s the most basic issues of the game, and there are way more. Until the developers can do a little better, I rate this game 3 stars. The game is good too, I really like this game, but I would like it a lot better if these were fixed..Version: 2.6.242675

Value as long as the money is coming in.This game started out great, bought a few packs burned a few keeps. Then slowly I realized that the developers and WB cater to those who spend the most. At first it’s like a great relationship, all her friends like you, you guys gel together. But then she realized you stop spending money on her! Then all her friends think your a piece of crap, not good enough. But you’re still the same guy, just can’t afford to spoil her like you have before. Doesn’t matter, guy down the street has a new credit card with no limit, days are numbered. And then bam, out of nowhere she tells you she’s pregnant with visas baby, and she’s moving out to be closer to her parents. But wait that’s your kid, you paid for it. You help conceive it. You want a part of its life. So you take it to a judge. They look at both sides. Now I remind you this judge is an WB/friend of the misses. They conclude since you couldn’t show them a screen shot all the money you spent on raising this little baby of yours is lost. Thanks a lot WB, worst 1200 I’ve ever spent!!!.Version: 2.9.246570

It’s meh.The game is a lot of fun until your shield runs out, which is when the fun should really start. Rallying with a liege and attacking people from across the map is awesome, but when one dude gets to attack you 25 times in a row and loot everything you own, wound your whole army (which you can’t heal because you have no resources cause he took all of those), and destroy your walls; it kinda blows. This isn’t an exaggeration, last night i got attacked 25 times by a guy who has a power of 649,000 and i have a power of 124,000. Why does that make sense? Now i’m slowly trying to get back my house to what it was, and I won’t be able to even get revenge. He shouldnt be able to attack me 25 times in a row. Do like clash of clans, let him attack me, I lose some troops lose a percentage of my loot, then give me an hour shield before he just comes and attacks me again. I can’t teleport away from him without spending $10, so I’m stuck getting attacked by him. If he attacks me again tonight another 25 times, I will delete this app, I’m not a sore loser, I just want to be able to actually play the game, not constantly pick up the pieces of my destroyed house..Version: 1.12.232427

Love but hateTheirs certain things that should be done to make game play a bit more fair & enjoyable. For example I hate how I was a low level but was able to get attacked by higher levels that are clearly more powerful then me since they have been playing longer that I clearly don’t have a chance against. I also don’t think you should be able to just keep attacking someone an infinite amount of times after you’ve already attacked them, killed their troops and took everything. It’s not easy to rebuild your army’s or inventory that you’ve invested a lot of time play in. & clearly we all can’t play a game 24/7 so I don’t think you should be attackable while not even online seeing as how you can’t even defend yourself. I like playing, but I would enjoy the game a lot more if some of those things were fixed and I think other people would as well. I also don’t like how just to advance you need to actually spend your money. I mean, if that’s what you want to do to advance; sure but their should also be ways in the game that don’t involve having to use a credit quests perhaps..Version: 2.1.233016

Rules/Cost/p2pFirst, fun and addicting game but for the lay person I feel I need more guidance and understanding of rules in all aspects. Second, in order for a person to really upgrade they must rather be extremely patient with nothing more to do or they must spend money on items that are, as I see it, fillers. (Myself I’ve spent more money than I’d care to say). I do understand that the point is for the developers to profit but I do see plenty of abandoned houses everywhere. Maybe bringing the cost down and the rewards up would make for a much more popular and fun gaming experience. Lastly, playing the game I find it’s basically “your” house that you can grow. Is their an option to help others in your allegiance such as your banner men grow with you? Say a person pledges an allegiance and with that you’re not allowed to leave it for a certain amount of time if those in your group helped build up your house or everything that they helped you accomplish would be directly stripped from you and dispersed to the group and you’d start with what you had before entering the alliance. (Fair).Version: 1.1.217196

Number of attacksDon’t get me wrong, this game is very fun and you don’t have to pay money to play. That being said, I do have some issues with this game. 1) the amount of resources it takes to level some of your buildings. In order to level my keep to 13 (and be allowed to level everything else after) is if I get over 6 million food and 5 million wood. That is ridiculous and takes way too long to gather together. 2) the amount of times people can attack you is insane. There’s no limit on how many times one person can attack another and that seriously damages any progress I have ever made. I was about 2 million away from reaching the ridiculous 6 million food when I got attacked about seven times by the same person. Instantly all my hard work was for nothing and I couldn’t even train more troops, send them out to gather, or even heal them because I had no food to spend for it. It’s ridiculous. There should be a limit on how many times someone can attack the same person over and over again, especially those who are higher level..Version: 4.8.529883

Decent GameAs a GOT fan I love it. As a gamer it’s ok, could do with some improvements in its UI. The game is solid and great for a few minutes of downtime throughout your day or played as a full sitting if resource farming..Version: 1.1.214190

Ten thumbs upAwesome fun addictive game.Version: 1.0.213144

Awesome!Very addictive, i usually hate phone bames but this is amazing ..Version: 3.9.370344

A good gameA good game..Version: 4.4.62169

Game of ThronesGreat game!.Version: 1.12.232427

High hopesVery great idea and people have been waiting specifically for something like this. Needs work for acquiring bricks, scholarly fragments. it should be a bit easier to get these.Version: 1.1.214274

My opinion !Perfect for all GoT fans😍😍.Version: 3.6.306149

How good you areGame of thrones is the best app ever. I really love it. Ummm ya ok bye.Version: 3.5.283521

Cool gameI love it.Version: 3.4.274232

Pretty goodThis game is for people who like game of thrones or game of war type games but I would still recommend it to anyone who likes strategy games. The game is still in its early stages but has everything you would expect from this type of game..Version: 1.0.213144

It’s good and bad at the same timeBattle mechanics are horrible when it comes to pvp. Overall the game is great…..but when you can just drop down 5k and you win within the first two weeks. Teleports and paying to win ruin it. The whole point to a war game is to conquer land and move. Teleport negates that. They should also look at implementing honor like evony did so that you think twice when to attack..Version: 4.9.545560

Stick at keep level 20 unless you spend a ton of money.Expensive game packages to move up levels..Version: 5.0.583855

😍Music is so addicting.Version: 4.9.538989

10/10Great game..Version: 4.7.499613

Fun game. Some bugsIf your a fan of strategy and love the show. This game is great. Alliances are a must. Especially if you’re not a spender Overall fun game. As with most it’s geared toward paying players but there is lots to do even if you don’t spend.Version: 4.8.529883

GreatAbsolutely great.Version: 4.7.499613

Great gameLove it.Version: 4.6.489186

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