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The Five Minute Journal uses proven principles of positive psychology to make you happier in 5 minutes a day with the guided gratitude journaling format

“There are plenty of benefits to journaling, whether you take time to write out your full thoughts or just spend a few minutes jotting down the things you're most grateful for every day or lessons you've learned. Five Minute Journal for the iPhone makes this process easy enough to do on the go.” — Lifehacker


Cultivating gratitude can positively impact all areas of your life—from personal growth and emotional intelligence to meaningful relationships and enhanced productivity. A lot of thought leaders practice gratitude (including Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Tim Ferris, and many others), as studies have found it improves health, has lasting positive effects on the brain, and is a key to mental wellbeing.

Practicing gratitude with the Five Minute Journal app brings you a more positive outlook on life and ability to notice wonderful things and capture the life-changing experiences. The key is consistency. With its thoughtful features and a structure to help you focus on what’s good, you will find The Five Minute Journal app to be a great way to start and end your day.


“Not only do I love the simplicity in the design, but the fact that it takes only a minute to update the entries means this is something I’ll actually use. This app really gets you thinking about the positive things right before you start your day.”


– Beautiful, Intuitive Journaling Experience: The Five Minute Journal app has been designed to capture the physical Five Minute Journal experience. Getting around the app is a breeze and adding entries is easy with a guided flow for both your morning and evening entries.
– Easy Journal Entry Navigation: Quickly cycle through previous journal entries by scrolling your timeline or by tapping on a specific date in calendar view.
– Guided Journaling Flow & Prompts: A new guided process to help you get the most from your gratitude journal experience.
– Reminders: Set daily notifications to keep up with a rewarding journaling habit.
– Timeline View: Access previous journal entries and view short daily excerpts. Tapping on an entry leads to a full day review.
– Daily Quotes & Weekly Challenges: Receive daily inspiring quotes and weekly challenges, and share them across social media.
– Passcode Protection: Keep all your journal entries private with secure passcode, Face ID or Touch ID protection.
– Dark Mode: Use your journal in either light or dark mode, which is especially great for late night journaling.
– Compatible With Any Device or platform: Use it on iPhone app, iPad app and Apple Watch companion app.
– Streaks: Track your personal progress and get some insights on positive changes in your life.
– Backup/Export: Easily backup your entries and export all your treasured memories and media to PDF, HTML, Dropbox, and more. You can select a date range or export all of them.


Five Minute Journal App offers an optional monthly or yearly subscriptions with free trials or lifetime license.

Here is what you get when you unlock the Premium:
– Photos and Video: Capture and view your magical moments with a daily photo or video. Attach media to any of your daily prompts.
– Personalized Practice: Create your own custom questions, tailored to your mood and goals.
– Space for Notes: Clear your thoughts and write freely in the new notes section.
– Mood tracker: Check in with yourself, express how you feel, and gain insights into how your emotions influence your days.
– Look Back Reminders: Get reminded of your memories with the “On this Day” feature.
– Timeline Photo View: See a photographic timeline view of all your daily photos.
– Widget: Add a thoughtful Five Minute Journal widget to your home screen.

5 Minute Journal: Self-Care App Comments & Reviews

5 Minute Journal: Self-Care Positive Reviews

Honestly the best and worth the money.You can't put a price on mental wellbeing. I've struggled with horrible depression and anxiety my entire life. Without getting too into it, my husband and I were struggling and even though I take medication that helps, I'm still miserable. I downloaded (6) different 'gratitude journal' apps and disliked them all for a few reasons. Paid for this one, I've only been using it for three days and I love it. It's easily worth the $5 several million times over; no subscription is really cool. The layout and UI makes it easy for even the most depressed folks (like me) to be able to complete this easily and quickly and actually feel better. To me, the little things make this more enjoyable as well. It's easy to type and then press "enter" and it goes to the next number, and it's easy to add a photo. I'd like to be able to add two photos per day but the app is so fantastic the way it is. I usually know within the same day of downloading if I will continue to use an app. This one, I will for sure. Thanks for making it. You're helping people. ♥️.Version: 2.1.1

A great app backed by a great customer support and development team!This is a such a wonderful app and worth every penny! Not only is the app a convenient way to input and review your journal entries, but their team is there to support you in case a problem arises. I recently reached out to their support team because I lost my entries after updating the app, but it ended up being user error (aka my fault). Patricia was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. She say my issue all the way through to a happy resolution. Because I thought I lost my data, I created a new account and started fresh. After finding out my issue was due to a typo, I asked Patricia if there was a way to merge my accounts. After a day or two, she replied saying the developers were able to merge my accounts and I got both my previous and new journal entries combined into one account. I’m so happy I can continue using the Five Minute Journal app with the peace of mind that my data is there and if I have any additional problems, their team stands by their product!.Version: 2.3.1

Beautiful, simple, effectiveNot only do I love the simplicity in the design, but the fact that it takes only a minute to update the entries means this is something I’ll actually use. This app really gets you thinking about the positive things right before you start your day. I recently started cognitive behavioral therapy and one thing I am working on is positive psychology (which I initially thought was super lame and a waste of time). But in just a few weeks, it has brought an awareness to me that has already had a huge impact on my life...this app takes similar concepts of positive psychology and makes it easy/doable to do every day. Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement and this does it. I should also mention that I have downloaded probably 5-10 apps similar to this to compare, but this is by far the best one. Worth the few dollars for sure...also there is no monthly subscription or anything. I refuse to download apps that don’t have an option to just pay once and be done..Version: 2.1

Discover what really mattersHours in social media watching what you think others value and what you should value. That’s where we are now. Used daily as part of your routine, FMJ will accomplish two things. First, you will feel better if your life. There is no entry in the app for complaints or what what went wrong. Those things are still there- but you will be forced to find the positive every day. Second, over time, you will see themes start to emerge. Mainly these will reveal your values. You will probably find that things matter less than friends and family, and that the little things have a bigger impact on you than the big time social media moments that people post. The layout of this app is simple and intuitive. The display and aggregation features allow reflections and self analysis that are easy to use like a collage of all of your photos and extracts of all of your entries. You’ll find themes that make you happy. It’s so simple yet so powerful..Version: 2.1.1

UPDATE - they recovered my files!I reached out to the company after this surprise "upgrade" (aka massive money grab) because I could not access my account. After some malarkey about how I must have created another account (I didn't), they finally sent me a password reset link, only for me to hit the data transfer debacle. HOWEVER, as of this evening, I am in and can see my entries dating back to 2016. I have exported them to my email and now my computer. Chapter closed. The only semi-positive thing I will say about this whole experience is this-if you email the developers, you will (eventually) get a response. You will have to keep at it, and they will relentlessly promote their brand in a way that feels incredibly tone deaf in light of all the trouble and heartache they have caused, but they did eventually fix everything. Will I be keeping this app? Heck no. I'm not going to pay a subscription fee to create my own content only to have it go missing for a week. But I will give credit where credit is due- they at least got my information back..Version: 3.0

Thank you for making this wonderful, easy to use, timeless keepsake, and uplifting activityMy medical doctor could see I was in a rough situation. One of his prescriptions was that I purchase the Five-Minute Journal. He felt it would lessen the pain I was going through, and help me to look on the bright side of things. I went to a bookstore to find it, but they didn’t have it, so I bought a knock off of the five minute journal. It was OK, but it never did what this app is doing for me now.! I use it to center myself, to plan my day, to see the good, and to add momentos and quickly give a sketch of my life. One can easily download their journal entries to a PDF file and more. This app is so easy to use, and it can take very little time to make a daily contribution to a Journal. I love it so much, I’ve already given it to two other people. The price is so reasonable, and is bringing a lot of fun, joy, and comfort to others. Thank you for making such a wonderful app!.Version: 2.4.2

Love itThis is the first time I’ve ever bothered to write a review for an app, but this one is so perfect and helpful I wanted to express my appreciation to the developers. It’s simple, easy, and makes a big difference. I love it. I‘ve been including a “tomorrow’s goals” list in the “what could I have done better” section at the end of the day (so I don’t worry about trying to remember them overnight) - while I’d appreciate having a section for that, I think the fact that it isn’t very modifiable is one of the best things about the app - if it was left up to me, each section would be 50 lines, I’d stress out trying to remember everything, and it would take an hour to write each day. But it only takes a second to fill in 3-5 lines, and there is no stress, but the act of writing things down in an orderly fashion, every day, is very relaxing and it helps me get my responsibilities done more effectively..Version: 2.1.1

I use it dailyI’ve used this app for several years first thing in the morning and part of my bedtime routine. I find it easy to use, though some days I wish for more than 3 spaces to list my gratitudes for that particular day. I love the simplicity of the list and find myself expanding my writing of a gratitude with more detail and have never run out of space to more fully account something important to me. I experienced a weird glitch that required me to sign in for the first time since I began using this app 3 years ago and panicked when I accidentally created new account and didn’t see my list of entries and photos. Once I figured out my actual sign all is back to normal.A friend who also uses the app had the same sign in request that day. The developer responded to my concern in a timely manner. Thank you for an app that simply and powerfully keeps my gratitude practice alive..Version: 2.2.1

Wonderful, life changingI’ve been using this app for only two weeks and it helps me tame my morning / evening anxiety. It’s been a rather rough couple of months, and I genuinely feel like this app has begun to change my life in the past 2 weeks. Every morning I wake up with anxiety (as I have for the past few months) and then before it can flare up I pull out this app to journal and write my daily affirmation - I’m strong, kind, smart, and I can do it! It completely changes my perspective on the day and even my confidence in myself, and it helps me keep a grip on my anxiety and self doubt. I also love the daily pictures function - it’s fun to look for something nice to take a picture of every day and I really enjoy looking back on entries to remind myself of fun times :) Thank you so much for this app!.Version: 2.1

SERIOUSLY CURING MEWhen you just drop everything, just drop the pride, drop the feeling of hopelessness for one moment, the stubbornness to continue being sad...and you just give these logs a chance, it really changes things. I won't detail my exact position, but I'm doing things everyday to just survive, and this was actually one of my first steps in truly dedicating my time and power into getting better and its has helped SOOOO much. You start to see the details and the little or huge value in different things, start realizing what things are better than you thought, whether that be things around you or how you see yourself or other people...anything. The app is really helping me change my life !!! also the one-time purchase is soooo tight !! Makes me feel like they really care c:.Version: 2.1

Simple yet elegantQuick, easy, effective. The most brilliant products are often the simplest, and this one of them. This is an excellent solution for those who wish to journal but perhaps have neither the time, patience, or penmanship for traditional journaling. The morning & evening entries are all subtle exercises in positive thinking, designed to help you approach the day in a cheerfully motivated frame of mind & end it on a positive note. I was rather skeptical of this approach until I experienced positive results from it myself. Now I highly recommend this app without reservation and tip my hat to the makers. Well done! Thank you for adding the cloud syncing feature - I was able to import my journal entries from my previous phone and they have become a valuable time capsule of special memories..Version: 2.1

Works well for meI’m not really a journaler. I have many apps that I’ve tried over the years, and while they are very robust, I’ve always been the weak link. I just don’t keep up with the journals. This app narrows the focus to specific questions, and you can further reduce the scope in the settings to just morning or eve, and limit the questions at those times. I’m currently only answering the daily gratitude question (and only requiring myself to answer 1), and that’s really helped. I plan to add in more questions after I have some consistency and practice, but it’s been several weeks of daily entries, so we are headed the right direction. The interface is great and conducive to using the app-visually pleasing and simple. Works well for me..Version: 1.6

Perfect; well almost!The app is incredible and very easy to use. I needed something like this to get me to journal without feeling like it's a chore. And who likes to carry around a journal and try to keep it private? With this app its always with me and I can set a password to open it. I can take a pic which is incorporated into my journal entry and then prompts steer me to completion in less than 5 mins. The almost perfect...At this time I don't think the journal will switch/flip to landscape view when you turn your IPAD---so when I use my bluetooth keyboard which mounts my IPAD in landscape---the app will open but remain in a locked position which forces me to remove my IPAD and turn it so the home button is at the bottom..Version: 1.6

Really good, a couple things could be betterThis app is a brilliant idea. In the past I used to journal long form, but I just don’t have the bandwidth for that right now. I’m in therapy and have often thought that journaling would be helpful. I get an insight, and I just want to write it down without making a big deal of it. So having a shored entry journal that prompt you seemed perfect. There are a couple things I wish that were different. First, although I allowed notifications, the reminders are not working for me. Second, I wish there was one more section available that was just labeled “Notes” or something. I don’t mind having the prompts, but maybe I want to write something that isn’t relevant to those prompts. It would be so easy just to add a freeform section..Version: 1.6.3

Best App!This app has been a game changer for me. Last year I tried to start a gratitude journal but just didn’t stick with it. While I was using it I really did feel better and had a different outlook on my life though so I wanted to try again and look for an app to help me. This app is so easy to use and keeps me focused. It’s a quick 5 min entry which sets my mind right in the morning and evening. I also quit posting anything on Facebook recently to maintain my privacy but I find posting photos on this app is a good substitute and while I don’t share my journal I still get to look back at my photo memories and remember special days. Thank you so much for making it. This is exactly what I needed!.Version: 2.0.2

New life.I love this app. It helped me to become consistent with my gratitude daily. Before it was sporadic; me thinking about how thankful I was for my life. Now? I do it every single day. And, not only that, I now focus on what I want for my life and in my life. And I focus on things I can do daily to change my life. And it works. I get up every day happy and thankful. I go to bed with peace of mind knowing that all is well. FMJ helps me reflect on my day. It helps me accept the things I couldn’t control and to change the things that I can. No more worry. No more pain. No more fear of the future. FMJ keeps me grounded in this present moment. FMJ was the best thing that I’ve ever spent money on. THANK YOU!!!!!!.Version: 2.1

Minimal time, meaningful impactI’m grateful to the dear friend who introduced me to this during a low time in my life. It has helped me start/end the day feeling more centered, reflective, and grateful. I love several things about it, chief among them: daily photo option; the fact that you don’t feel pressured to carve out a ton of time to check this off your to-do list; and that there’s (seemingly) no character limit for the text fields. I’ve kept my responses in the app brief, anyway, but the mere absence of a “character countdown” is refreshing. Great work to the team who developed this resource and made it accessible by offering it at a very affordable price point. Thank you..Version: 2.4

For your health and...This action alone, of writing down what ur thankful for...what ur grateful for, could save ur life! It’s proven. I myself notice that I calm down from all that makes me anxious, but also notice that my anger and hate towards things that surface when life gets really hard, disappears. How can we harbor those terrible feelings when we are finding gratitude in our days? Yes, that’s the antidote for pain...try it! What a world we’d live in if everyone did this daily! We wouldn’t have to turn on the news to see the violence perpetrated by sad and lonely people perhaps if they could find peace. I know it might not be that simple. But I believe it is! Write your peace..Version: 1.6.3

A Journal for Every DayI have repeatedly tried to keep a brief journal of positive affirmations of my day - both on paper and on my phone. I always have great intentions that seem to pass away after a few weeks. However, this app has solved that issue for me. It asks me a few specific questions every day that have really made me think about what is positive in my life, with the goal of continual improvement. Some days I write a lot, some days not so much, but I have stayed with it. After all, my phone is always with me and the app is easy to use. I've also started keeping the daily photo, which is a great feature..Version: 1.4.2

No way to create your own promptsI decided to try this app because I wanted to focus on gratitude. This one had high reviews but I'm still not sure why this app needs to be $4.99. Aside from being able to upload a photo, there are no options to update the prompts or write in your own. As a result, it becomes a glorified excel sheet to house your thoughts. I think it should give you the opportunity to either swap phrasing on the main questions presented or give you the option to add one or two more personalized statements to track. For example, if you are in a relationship, you could you add something like: Were you your best self as a partner today? That way, whatever is also important to you gets tracked. Otherwise, I am enjoying the app..Version: 1.6.3

It’s almost perfect.For me, this is nearly the perfect journal app. Quick prompts that allow you to be grateful and mentally prepare for your day in the morning whilst also allowing you to reflect in the evening. The picture a day is also something I greatly enjoy. I’ve found a habit in making it a point to take a picture each day of something that catches my interest or means something to me. How fun to be able to look back on your life with a picture a day and a constant reminder to be present in your daily life. It’s been mentioned in so many reviews and it seems the developers don’t intend to add it... however, the only thing this app is missing to me is the option to freeform journal. Though I do understand that the journal is different, I dislike that I have to use a different app entirely to capture those thoughts. There must be some way to fit a free form option in the current user interface in an unobtrusive way. I would even happily pay .99 to 2.99 to unlock it as an added feature. First time journal users, this is the one you’re looking for..Version: 2.1

Helps Focus My RetirementI find I’m busier now that I’m retired and doing what really makes me happy. The 5-minute journal is slowly becoming a habit for me and that’s a really good thing. I’m more positive each morning, I take care of me and move on to “becoming immortal” as this morning’s quote pointed out by helping to make others happy. I’m more observant of what’s going on around me and more satisfied at the end of each day. I’m more hopeful for tomorrow. I find that I’m getting more rest and getting healthier in the process. This is good stuff and it just takes a spoonful of discipline each day; nothing time-consuming just 5 minutes..Version: 1.7

Everything I needed5 minute journal was recommended to me by my counselor. And it’s been a huge blessing. Writing down things you are thankful of morning and afternoon. Three goals you want to get done today, and how you will accomplished that. Are proven success habits of high performance people. I like to do my writing digital so I can keep track of my previous notes more easier with build in search engines. Instead of combing through hundreds of journals not knowing what information is in them. So yes, one of the best $5 bucks you can spend if you will utilize this app on a daily basis..Version: 2.4.2

An app that reminds you of what Apple used to be...This is a luxury brand feeling application, while at the same time being innovative and upgrading the “same ‘ol journal” in ways you didn’t even know you needed or wanted. We all used to say that about Apple with our smartphones. Even though I may have a difficult saying it about the phone, apps like these renew that sense of hope that things will get better for iOS land one day soon. Well done developers. User interface is beautiful, user experience is easily understood, and features are simplistically amazing. Well done..Version: 2.1

Worthwhile until the updateI’ve been using the app for over 3 years now and have been really enjoying it until the latest update! For some reason upgrading made all of my previous journal entries disappear and didn’t give me a years worth premium on my account as promised. I’ve emailed them for support on the issue and have gotten no response. I’m now left with an empty journal where I’m being promoted to pay for adding photos (functionality that was available a week ago). I’m hugely disappointed and am now looking for a new app :(.Version: 3.0.1

UPDATED - [NOT] So disappointed. Lost my entire previous journal** I am happy to report the issue was resolved and they recovered my old entries! Tech support was very helpful and my data is all back. The new app takes a little getting used to but I think it is great (again). ** I am so disappointed in this update. I have been tracking every day and including photos to document your year in gratitude. The update resulted in me losing every entry and all of my work. I have tried to find my work and reached out to the developer but have not had any resolution. Do not upgrade to this if you want to keep your record..Version: 3.0

Great phone appI tried keeping journals for years. Sometimes I journal but then I stop. Usually I would journal to vent about what was going wrong. I love this new journal. I saw the nice bound one and I love nice paper and pens but I wondered if they had a phone app. Sure enough they do. It is easy fill in the blank and I get reminders day and night to fill it in. I think becuz I have my phone w me and becuz you literally can just fill in a few blanks, I have been able to continue. And hopefully as research says, writing about my gratitude twice daily will make for happier daily living..Version: 1.4.2

Love it! A couple features I wish it had..I love this app, I’ve had a hard time finding a good photo journal app and this one is clean, easy to use and I love that you can add a photo- some times though it’s really hard to just choose one photo to sum up an entire day and I really wish you could add more photos to swipe through (like on Instagram- up to 10) and also it would be so great if you could export the content in a printable format (like a pdf) I think it would be so fun to have a booklet with all my entries. I would totally pay to have these features as it would make it so much more valuable to me..Version: 2.3.1

5 Stars!!This app deserves the greatest rating. I have been using the 5 Minute Journal on and off for 2 years. I find myself feeling more positive, mindful, and balanced when I use it regularly. When I go days without using it.. things are really put into perspective for me! I have learned from experience how important practicing gratitude is for me to live a productive and healthy lifestyle. Thank you for such a simple yet creative way to really process the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, while being mindful of the little blessings of that come with being alive..Version: 1.6.2

Data Recovered. Great support. Ready to go.I recently upgrade the app and had a similar scare that many have had where all the data disappeared. Turned out the update queue was significantly longer than expected. It took a little over a day for the data to reappear, but the folks were there to keep me posted throughout the process. Entries going back five years are back in the app without a hitch. Thanks for the attention and support. And thanks to the 5MJ team for getting how important it is to retrieve all those entries..Version: 3.0

Update broke the app and prevents access to old journalThe old app worked well. The new update was released without warning, and I am unable to access my old data or use the new app. It seems like some of the basic tasks, such as importing old data, for the new app were not adequately quality tested. UPDATE: So by looking at the comments in the App Store (not the support from the developer), I was able to overcome the first issue - I’d accidentally created a duplicate account. I deleted the dupe account but now am stuck in an endless “importing” spinning wheel of death. I get that they need a recurring revenue stream but this rollout was terribly managed. UPDATE 2: Import finally completed, but for some reason (maybe I had two accounts without realizing it), it only is about half my entries. So I still had some unexpected data loss, which is annoying. New interface is clean. I got the premium subscription since I get a year free, but I’ll see if I keep it active or just cancel. Raised rating from one to three stars..Version: 3.0

An app so good I’m motivated to write my first reviewI have used the paper version of the five minute journal for years now, and decided to try the app. I was very hesitant to spend the money as I was worried the app wouldn’t have the same feel as putting pen to paper each morning and evening, but with fabulous and simple layout plus the addition of a photo each day, I think it’s even better. It’s much cheaper then the paper version, always with me, sends me reminders AND fits well into a minimalist lifestyle. Thank you for this wonderful app!.Version: 2.1.1

A blessing to my lifeI rarely review apps or products, but this app deserves a good review. I have owned it for many years, but in the last 3 months I have been very intentional about using it and it has blessed my life. I love looking back at the pictures of my days and seeing what I was grateful for. It has built a habit of gratefulness into my life which has put me so at ease. I struggle with anxiety and this has helped me end the day and go to sleep thinking of the positives in my life instead of dwelling on the things I can’t control. Thank you!.Version: 2.0.2

App updateUPDATED REVIEW: After signing in with the correct logon, it took 1 day to sync all my old comments/post and pics. Thank you to someone who posted the developer email and was able to get the fix in the auto response. I wish there was communication prior to this or some type of post to ensure everything is seamless for the transition. I’ll see how it goes with the free 1 year trial and then see if I really want to pay the subscription. Original: Update gone wrong. What’s with this latest version? Says it is updating and downloading information for HOURS..Version: 3.0

Love itLove this app. Total game changer! Well done ❤️.Version: 3.0.2

Updated and not gratefulI have loved this simple little journal and have made daily entries including a representative photo each day for several years now. This morning it is in a new, weird format and all my past entries are gone. Where are they? Have they been deleted? How can I get them back?.Version: 3.0

LoveLove love love.Version: 2.5.2

Beautiful way to start the dayThis App is so great! I love aligning my heart with gratitude and getting in the right mindset every morning. It influences every part of my day..Version: 2.5.2

Great life changing app.So easy and fun to use. Get it..Version: 2.5.1

Titles are for needy peopleIf it was a free app it would be great. It needs a column for what was horrible for your day..Version: 2.5.2

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