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Yuka is a free mobile app that allows you to scan the barcodes of food and personal care products and instantly see their impact on your health. A rating and detailed information help you understand the analysis of each product.

When a product has a negative impact on your health, Yuka also recommends similar but healthier alternative products.


Yuka is a 100% independent project : product reviews and recommendations of healthier alternatives are done in an objective way. No brand or manufacturer can influence them in one way or another. Furthermore, there is no in-app advertising. You can access detailed information on our business model on our website (www.yuka.io).


Yuka established a database that contains 3 million food products and 2 million cosmetic products.

Each food product is evaluated according to 3 objective criteria: nutritional quality, presence of additives and organic aspect of the product.

The method to analyse cosmetic products is based on the analysis of all the ingredients of the product. Each ingredient is assigned a risk level according to the latest scientific data.

Terms of use: https://yuka-app.helpdocs.io/l/en/article/2a12869y56

Yuka - Food & Cosmetic Scanner App Comments & Reviews

Yuka - Food & Cosmetic Scanner Positive Reviews

So helpful with mindfulness!I discovered this app on Tiktok about a week ago and I’m blown away by how much I have learned already. It is so so so helpful for my health journey to be able to see all the ingredients in my diet. People always say not to eat anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce, but who actually has the time to look up all these scary ingredients? This app is doing the work for you and making it a CONVENIENT way to make more conscious choices while grocery shopping. The blurbs of information regarding why an ingredient is bad or good is very easy to understand (in my opinion) and it is giving me a lot to think about in my life. I don’t want to put these things into my body, especially if they can build up and cause problems to me later in life. It’s shocking to see what kinds of things are being absorbed into my body. Packaging and marketing of products can be VERY misleading and I’m glad I have the science in this app to help me when all the choices of products may be misleading me. One thing to note is that it is very important to be reading WHY the products are bad, because Yuka is not only looking at the harmful things but also taking into account nutrition. I don’t mind eating something that’s way too fatty for me (in moderation) as long as it doesn’t have anything harmful :)..Version: 4.21

Amazing! But…I think everyone should have this app. It makes it so much easier to read between the lines of all ingredients. Especially beauty products. I am a scientist and half the time I don’t even know what some of these ingredients are. When it comes to food, I think it is very eye opening to see that just because something is labeled as organic, non gmo, blah, blah… it doesn’t always have the best ingredients. Now to my complain. I don’t buy anything with corn syrup or added sugars. This i already know by heart after going for clean only foods about 10 years ago. However, for someone who is just starting to navigate this confusing world of food, it may be misleading to read that ice cream is rated as poor. Now, hear me out. This was my husband’s thinking when we scanned an ice cream brand at Sprouts. The rating was poor. It said it had high fat and high sugar. According to my husband, ice cream should be fatty and sugary. Can’t argue with that if we are talking about a standard ice cream recipe. In his eyes, there was nothing wrong with the ice cream. The app fails to indicate that the brand contains corn syrup. I think it should be broken down better. The rating is poor because it has high sugar content, but not just any sugar. It has corn syrup. I feel the developers should work more into explaining why a high sugar rating deems a product poor. Not everyone is well versed with the dangers of sugars, real or fake..Version: 4.20

Helpful, but not consistentThey need to put more helpful recommendations and alternatives. It’s very stressful using this app because everything you scan is toxic but they don’t offer enough alternatives for people. They only offer a few and if you cannot locate these brands you’re basically stuck. It would be a lot more encouraging if they gave you many other options to choose from some people have allergies and sensitivities to certain ingredients so the first few products you recommend might not work for them but I do think that an app like this should try to dig a little bit deeper. I pay for premium and feel like it’s not that special. On the other hand I love using this app because it breaks down all of the ingredients which ones are good and which ones are bad, etc. However there are items that I’ve scanned before that have come up as excellent that later on were changed to being poor products and having bad ingredients. The ingredients on the products did not change so I am wondering why the scoring changed it’s very confusing . I t makes me feel like I’m wasting my money every time I buy something that says it’s clean or excellent on Yuka I will scan it a couple months later and it’s now considered harmful? I don’t get it. There are some products that have remained clean and I’m happy about that because that means I won’t have to be replacing them and spending more money to buy new ones..Version: 4.34

Just the startI have to say i really enjoy this app. I'm a licensed cosmetologist/esthetician and of course like to be mindful of the products that I'm using on my self but not only that but also on my clients. This app makes it so easy to break down whats in a product so easily. ive shown everyone i know and even paid for the premium version. (this app is consumer funded. company's do not pay them to say their product is this or that) me being superstitious compared what the app said to what the label of ingredients said and its always right. i know the app is still fairly new and the interface and features it offers outside of just listing ingredients and letting you know if there bad then offering recommendations it doesn't do a whole lot more. I like that it keeps of history of barcode scans, i wish it had a feature to incorporate online shopping. Me personally i dont shop alot in stores and without a physical barcode it makes buying things online still risky. so that could be a cool feature. As well as creating like brands and like ranking them by a collective of what their product scores are. I love this idea of putting the power back in the consumers hands though. knowledge is power, and it starts with our daily habits to really see change. THANK YOU!.Version: 4.24

Yay for Yuka!Some apps are fun, many are useful, and a very few are life-changing. Yuka is one of the latter. I initially used it to scan my previously purchased foods and hygiene/cosmetic products, and now I use it every time I shop. I even became a Premium member in order to look up products I can’t scan (like when I’m shopping online). I have very sensitive skin and have often dealt with contact dermatitis, burning, itching, and other adverse reactions. Being able to find and switch to products that don’t contain potential allergens or harmful chemicals has given me peace of mind and much happier skin. I also like to eat as cleanly as I can, and Yuka facilitates that. It’s a lot easier to simply not buy a food at the store when it’s rated poor or bad, and, if I decide to buy it anyway, it’s a no-brainer to eat it sparingly. It’s amazing and disheartening how many processed foods that claim to be super healthy actually aren’t healthy at all. Needless to say, Yuka has saved me from being deceived and wasting money. In a world full of vendors whose bottom line is financial gain rather than creating and selling safe, effective products, Yuka is an enormous blessing. Thank you, Yuka developers, for putting people’s health above profit!.Version: 4.23

Love this appOk so I just downloaded this app, and fell in love with it. A very close relative of mine has been trying to eat healthy for the past year or so now and feels like nothing was working. I showed her this app, and that many products she thought were healthy were actually contributing to gaining weight, migranes, and even more conditions. She was ecstatic about this app, and next time she goes to the store this app will be with her. I personally love how you get recommendations on similar products that are healthier alternatives. Not only that but I feel much better knowing that what I am going to eat In the future is healthy, and tasty. Some ideas I have for this app are ones that will make it easier to purchase items, for example… let’s say a cereal brand you have been buying products from is not healthy, and you tap on a similar, but healthier alternative, it would make it very convenient if you could tap it and add it to a personalized in app grocery list, for when you go to the store. That way you have a picture of this unfamiliar product along with the name of it. I am very excited to use this app, and hope it will make my future healthier! Thanks a million!.Version: 4.19

BEST APP EVER MADEI have since replaced my deodorant, toothpaste body wash using this. I only buy products it says that are good AT THE LEAST!!! It’s an independent app. There’s no outside push by corporations. It seems and is like the best app ever made because it’s saving us from harmful chemicals, like parabens, sulfates, artificial sweeteners, texturizers, food dyes and soooo much more that is harmful to ingest. When I shop at the local wholefoods, I find MANY products within that store harmful and not everything is perfectly clean there to buy. I share it with people in the store as I’m shopping and with the cashiers. It blows their mind! But then, I see them go straight to their phone and look for it to get it. I usually show people how it works on the spot. These are just strangers and I am telling everybody about it. When I’m at work, and people are eating microwave foods, and what not, scanning those products is all bad and hazardous to eat. Finding typical products that seem to be good for you, actually most name brand products are hazardous for you! I hope everybody gets this app and this doesn’t get shut down. It’s truly a blessing that this exists.🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽 I’m so thankful! 💪🏽❤️🤙🏽.Version: 4.26

❤️❤️ Truly best app and life saver.I love this app so much. User friendly & affordable. 10/10 recommend. Do you know how much excessive phosphate consumption I’ve avoided thanks to Yuka app?? A ton. Shocking to see how many food brands are horrible for your health. I live in a town where cancer is rampant and it seems so many people are dying from it. Just from food scanning through this app alone, I can see why. Cannot thank the people who made Yuka enough. One thing I can add as constructive criticism is the calorie intake part could be excluded. Not saying don’t include the macronutrients of how much something has, but It would be better if the ranking focused solely on hazardous ingredients. For example, It will give an item an undeserved poor rating because it is considered “too caloric” but other than that have clean ingredients 😅 everyone has different weight/calorie goals. We can come to our own conclusion on wether or not something has too many calories based on our life style. So for those who feel guilty for seeing the “too caloric” label don’t feel so bad. Track your own calories and you decide if having a snack is good enough to be included into your day..Version: 4.34

Thank you!In eating plant based foods and fish, I thought I was doing pretty decent. Until I got this app. Yuka is a life saver!! I’ve been scanning everything in my house and I’m shocked! You cannot trust these companies to do right by you. I’ve been throwing stuff away left and right!! I had just gotten a heath scan and my gastrointestinal system is severely off balanced. No wonder!! A family member suggested Yuka the same day. I couldn’t be more grateful for this app. It was right on time. What I love about this app is it tells you why foods are bad and what harmful ingredients do to your body. That is overly appreciated! It also gives you recommendations for better products! I can only imagine the time it took to put all of this together. This here is your best defense against big name companies who care more about a dollar than your health. We are exposed to toxins more than ever now. I was so paranoid about buying food and Yuka has eased a lot of those fears and will assist me in getting my gut health back balanced! It’s definitely worth buying the app and for all the goodies, it’s super inexpensive. Thank you for putting this together! The greatest app yet!!.Version: 4.25

The foods I eat have improved so much because of this appI wish I could say something short and simple where you would try this app. Maybe you’re like me and try to eat healthy but not entirely sure of what you’re putting into your body. Maybe like me you’ve tried some food nutrition apps but find them to be confusing or just out to spam you. Maybe you too think that because the packaging looks healthy, the food is healthy. NOT SO!! I have learned a lot about that from Yuka. This app has really improved my life. Even though I could use it for free, I am so grateful that I donated to them anyway. I want this app to be around for my kids and grandkids so that they can have a better life. I try to tell everyone about Yuka and even demonstrate it to random people in the grocery store. The app and its developers are giving millions of people, tons of easy to understand food data and a chance to really improve quality of life FOR FREE. The app is very fast, easy to use, works just like they describe, and it helps with food choices. Honestly, you won’t regret getting it but your body will regret if you don’t use it..Version: 4.24

Truly Unbiased and UnfilteredWhile I don’t agree with absolutely everything said in the app (I mean, who 100% agrees with anyone one everything), I absolutely love that they CITE THEIR SOURCES! Most articles I find don’t source information or source possibly 2 other studies/articles, but 90% of the original articleis just personal opinion or experience. Sometimes, items will say they contain harmful materials, but READ THE DESCRIPTION! I have found, with my own scans, sometimes the harmful ingredient is only harmful in certain situations, and the product I scanned DOES NOT fall in that category. So the descriptions of these ingredients is, in a sense, a copy/paste, but not in a bad way. This actually means they research and review ingredients, not products. Also, as a personal side note, it is NOT an American website/app, which gives it more credibility, to me. I can’t trust these processed-loving Americans…. If the developers are reading this, I would hope that descriptions for healthy/well-rated ingredients will be introduced as well. I know that comes with more liability, but knowing what GOOD is contained is just as important as knowing what BAD is contained. I think so, at least..Version: 4.26

So Very Grateful For This AppI was blessed to run into a woman at my local Costco. She must have seen me laboring over the exhausting ingredient labels of the variety of items packed into my shopping cart. Due to the very concerning preservatives and additives as well as other unhealthy ingredients being added to the many foods families eat daily I have become diligent (even my 12 year old daughter is the same - We LOVE and appreciate this app so much!). So the woman shares the app and how much she loves it and for the same reasons (very thorough, huge time saver, etc) and shares how easy it is and took it immediately into action scanning am item loaded with additives and some Risky ones too so I immediately put that one back but since I’ve had the app I’ve become more educated and also saddened by what’s being allowed by the FDA, I’m so concerned. But huge thank you to Yuka Website and the app developers. Please keep doing what you do and ALWAYS no matter what keep your integrity 🙏😊♥️ I ended up doing the pro version for 1 year to support this wonderful work you’re doing. Thank you again!.Version: 4.31

Everyone needs this app. So importantI’m absolutely obsessed with this app. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now and have managed to scan all of the foods i usually eat. It so scary how many common household foods have dangerous additives. Lots of food in the USA is banned in other countries cause of how dangerous it is. At first it felt a little discouraging when everything I scanned got a bad rating. But the recommendations helped me realize that there are a lot of healthy none expensive alternatives that taste just as great if not better. I’ve convinced my whole family to download the app so they can see what they are putting in their bodies. It’s crazy how even products that are marketed as healthy have a ridiculous amount of hazardous additives. It is SO important the we understand what we are putting in our bodies. We all want to live long healthy lives and this app definitely helps. This app makes it so easy to know and understand what the ingredients mean and how they effect our bodies. I’m so grateful to have found this app. Thank you YUKA for caring about our health!!!.Version: 4.19

My best friend at the grocery storesYuka makes it so much easier for me to shop for healthy food. The grading system over 100 and the simplified rationale behind the assigned grade makes it easy to understand. Also, the grades classify the products into for categories (excellent, good, poor or bad) simplifying my decision making process to purchase a product or not. The most appreciated feature is the suggestion of better similar products that Yuka makes in the event the product scanned would not be a good choice. I must mention that I appreciate the highlight of hazardous additives. Most of us know very little to noting about the numerous chemicals that we’re being bombarded with by the food industry. Thank you Yuka for calling out loud these harmful substances and educating the user about their eventual effects on our health. I have been telling everyone about Yuka and so far all my friends and family have downloaded this app and have been so excited to tell me about their findings of better food options..Version: 4.17

Helpful but problematicI really like this app! Especially for beauty and body products. However, I don’t love how some foods are rated “bad” just because they are caloric, fatty, or sugary. Most foods can be part of a healthy and well rounded diet, even if they are fatty or sugary. It’s ok to have a treat sometimes as long as it’s not your main source of sustenance. Instead of learning Yuma’s value judgement on the item, I just want to check to make sure there are no additives and chemicals in these products. It told me that an organic dark chocolate bar that had 4 simple ingredients, 3 of which were organic besides the salt, was bad and recommended a non-organic dark chocolate bar with far more ingredients that I couldn’t even pronounce or recognize. I’m sorry but in this case, the more wholesome and organic product is going to win out. Sometimes you just want some dark chocolate, and I don’t need Yuka telling me that it’s bad! I just want it to tell me that the ingredients are healthy and that there are no additives or hazardous materials in it. It also seems like it could be triggering for those dealing with eating disorders or orthorexia..Version: 4.26

The app is good in a lot of ways, but….Basically the app makes a lot of assumptions about nutrition that I, and research of the science of nutrition, don’t agree with. For example, the app will give butter (which recent studies and human consumption for thousands of years have proven it lowers the risk of heart disease and obesity) a low score because of saturated fats and then gives something with seed oils, rampant with oxidized omega 6 which is the fat that clogs your arteries, a higher score. The app also assumes that for example, salt is bad for you. As a ranch hand for a while I understand how dumb of a statement that is. Because if you don’t provide salt blocks to cows they start licking dirt in a desperate attempt to find salt and then die. Salt is a necessary nutrient. Period. Because of all of this, I use the app purely for looking into additives and chemicals, and not for nutritional advice, which an app like this should focus on anyway, because different people need different nutrients, and lots of people are turning to different lifestyle diets to accomplish their goals which according to this app are very unhealthy. (For example I exclusively eat beef, butter, dairy, broccoli, and Diet Pepsi 😂).Version: 4.31

Super Helpful!I really enjoy utilizing this app when i’m at the grocery store and picking out the best option for myself. This app is very helpful in telling you why they rate an item negatively and positively and it’s so simple and straight to the point that I can use that rating to my own discretion. Whether I say no all together on that specific item and look through the app’s recommendations of a similar more positively rated item or want to read through and accept that “yeah maybe it is too sweet but oh well, as long as there aren’t any seed oils and additives… i’ll accept it,” it depends on my mood or the item i’m looking at entirely. I really appreciate this app and how simple and easy it is to use and choose where it matters most. I also love that there is a scanned history for all the old items you’ve scanned before that you can refer back too! I really am enjoying this app, excited for any beneficial updates. I haven’t used the app for that long yet for any suggestions at the moment..Version: 4.27

This app is the best!!!I have had this app for about 6 months now and I love it. I use it to scan all beauty products and foods. I can’t believe I have found so many bad products that I have used for so many years!!!! Terrible!! I suffer from migraines and some other health issues and I believe this app will help me recognize some bad and dangerous ingredients that can negatively affect the kidneys, hormones, fertility and cardiovascular disease. My fiancé thought I was crazy to start using better products because they are more expensive even though they don’t have all the bad ingredients that disrupt your body, but he had me scan his products he uses and he immediately threw them all out when I showed him. I even scanned most of Sephora’s “clean beauty” products and I was so surprised to find that most if not all of their clean beauty products are poor or very bad for you. CRAZY!!!! Thank you for creating this amazing app at such a fair price!!!! It’s literally the best!!!!!.Version: 4.25

Not very accurateThis app has a great design and is easy to use. I love scanning things around the grocery store or around my bathroom, but I find several things very annoying. There are often duplicates of the same exact product and many duplicates that have wildly different ratings - each with different lists of ingredients. One is rated Poor and another Excellent. How is that helpful? I find that the “ingredients scanner” camera feature is horribly inaccurate and doesn’t always pick up/ include what’s really listed (Ingredients can easily be found by searching for the product listed online, how is this not integrated to fix the discrepancies?). Duplicates don’t get flagged and corrected unless you complain - Why isn’t this more automated or at least consistently looked out for? Certain ingredients like Talc and Fragrance (Parfum) are listed as healthy when they are known to have caveats and potentially cause harm. Because of it’s flaws I can’t trust much of what this app tells me which is such a headache. PLEASE consider finding smarter technology or finding a way to hire more people to keep everything accurate..Version: 4.21

Good, few problemsThe app works great for finding healthy products, but I find that it tends to have some issues with the nutritional value. Foods are dropped dozens of points because they are “(a bit) too caloric”. Not everyone is a middle aged obese woman trying to lose weight—as someone who wants to GAIN weight and eat MORE calories, more is better for me (assuming it’s not processed junk). The app also makes some very strange decisions, often rating low and then replacing good foods with ones that are much less healthy but have better ratings (ex: recommending my protein bar with 21g of protein and 190cal that has 2g of sugar and a small amount of additives [according to the app it claims that the bar has 220cal] be replaced with a bar that is 20 points higher but has 210cal, 12g of protein, and significantly higher amounts of sugar and salt [13g of sugar, 260mg of salt]). There is additionally no way to know the exact nutritional information (no nutrition facts label). The app also fails to scan items that have small barcodes, which can be problematic..Version: 4.32

Love this app - 1 missing pieceI’ve been using this app for a little while and I do enjoy it. It definitely brings knowledge to what health conscious ppl should avoid and why. The recommendations are very helpful as well. I think as long as the app updates and improves overtime it will be vital. One thing I did notice is that the app doesn’t notify for industrial seed oils. So I look for them in the ingredients on my own. But would be helpful to integrate this. The seed oils are in nearly everything packaged and one of the biggest reasons for built up inflammation in the body. Would like the app to consider adding a flag or notification for canola, corn, soybean oils etc. With that in mind, it’s going to be very difficult to remove entirely, especially in families with kids that have junk at school or grandma’s. It’s going to come down to more awareness from people to push back on these things to force companies to do better. All that said I do recommend this app. It’s a great tool in the fight against the terribly addictive & bad foods..Version: 4.27

Love this app!After using this app for a few days, I was so pleased with it that I decided to go premium for the additional benefits. I have scanned almost all of my face and body products and many of my food products. If it is a known product you get a rating based on ingredients, along with a list of ingredients and information regarding known hazards and possible allergies etc…. If the product isn’t known, you can easily submit information by filling in product name, brand, and submitting a few photos of label and ingredients. Also, you get a list of alternatives with better ratings. I don’t know how they do it, but it is quick- like an hour or two. I have been surprised that some of the higher price products I have purchased have some very poor ratings, while their less expensive counterparts have high ratings. If you’re picky about what you put on and in your body (and your kids), I highly recommend this app..Version: 4.17

I have a recommendationI absolutely love this app. It helps me make better choices for my health and the health of my loved ones. I do have 2 suggestions though: 1) it would be awesome if you guys can add laundry detergent options as well as beauty. 2) I really wish there was a way for the developers to include where to buy the “excellent” and “good” products. Like when you scan something, and it says “poor” or “bad”, it then suggests a better product, which is great, but it doesn’t say where I can buy it, so it’s kinda leaving me without options, y’know? You’re telling me this product is better for me, okay, but you’re not telling me where I can find it or if it’s near me or if I have to buy it online depending on my GPS location. I think a new feature like that would help IMMENSELY. Other than that, this is one of the best apps on the AppStore in my opinion, keep up the amazing work that you guys do!.Version: 4.31

Fabuleux!!! Fabulous!!!Thank you, Merci!!! my sister told me about this app the other day so I instantly downloaded it and now I’m a barcode monster! I have gone around my house and gotten rid of so many beauty products that are probably the source of all of my allergies! I feel so grateful for the work that you have done and also overjoyed that you are not being led by big companies! Please stay real for the people! I did a little research and realized that you are French and even though I was born in America and live back here now, I spent 15 years in France and that is where a part of my soul resides! Your work is truly appreciated and NEEDED today! I am telling everyone about your app and spreading it on social media. Thank you again for creating this! Everything we do can make this world a better place if what we do is for the good of ourselves and for the good all! It’s so important to bring awareness! Bless you!!.Version: 4.22

Changed my lifeI do my best to be conscious of what i eat and the products i use on my body with the wage i make, but i was absolutely astounded to see how terrible a lot of it still was. we really have no idea what is going into our carts and even if they label ingredients no one is going to spend hours typing in names they can’t pronounce let alone researching the effects they have on us. this app has indefinitely changed my life and my perspective on food and skin care to a whole new level. i’m sharing it with everyone i know because everyone has a right to make educated choices for themselves so that one day companies can change how they make their products. the people behind this app are making a huge difference in the world one item at a time and my partner and i could not be more grateful for their tireless work. thank you a thousand times over. this app means more than you know..Version: 4.21

Best app to come out!This app is so useful a must have for everyone. This app has helped me improve my health by giving me alternatives to foods that contain harmful additives. I use to eat just about anything that is until I downloaded this app. It is crazy how many companies don’t care about the consumers health and will add just about any harmful additive, food dyes, and oils. Now every time I go grocery shopping I scan and know what brands to avoid and which to get. After downloading this app and sticking with my diet of healthy/ organic foods I have to say that I feel younger than my age! I am full of energy and best of all I’m taking care of my health being ! I highly encourage everyone to download this app and see the great benefits of eating healthy yourself. I also encourage those to support the creators and buy premium as they worked very hard and decided to give us this amazing application for free! Thank you Yuka.Version: 4.19

Saving peoples lives one scan at a timeFinding out what is making me sick and others alike for this app. Once you clear just about everything in your home that’s effecting you, your on a new road to better health. Scanning at stores you start meeting people wanting to know what your doing. People are out there with real problems and no answers, me included. Knowledge is key to good health and if we have to scan everything we will do it. Exposing how bad the products we buy now explains the unnecessary suffering. Praying the this app, the people that create this and maintain the information never stray or sell out to the corrupt. Please stay on course and save these suffering people one scan at a time. Thank you for making a difference one scan at a time. I have met so many people, heard their stories and truly understand how important this app has become. Thank you!.Version: 4.24

OBSESSEDI have no idea how a majority of the people I know, including myself have not heard of this app sooner. I had no idea half the things I was using such as hair products, deodorant, and even beauty products were harmful for me. And I am not going to lie, there still are some things I will continue to buy that I am aware are not the healthiest choice for me, such as snacks or beauty products. However , if I can tweak and exchange some things out for healthier products I will and have done so in order to take care of myself better. Because girl I am still gonna eat hot Cheetos 😂😭 but I love and am so OBSESSED with this app. Every time I go to the store I use it to scan to make sure at least the majority of things I get are good for me to use. And what I love is knowing this app is not promoting or trying to bash Brands. It is a genuine app that is just trying to show in detail what each ingredient is..Version: 4.20

Best App for Health Information, Diets and Disease PreventionI am a nursing school educator for almost 20 years. Nursing patient practice twice that long. Teaching illness disease prevention and healthy food choices is probably the one most important single important choices people make above medications, vaccines, health promotion you can use. The foods we eat, artificial additives and chemicals, processed high sugar content is the leading cause of cancers and cardiovascular stroke diabetes hypertension illnesses. And the choices you make to eat nutrition rich diets can give your incredible body support to fight illness naturally better than any supplements. Supplements can help but can never replace good food choices. Your body is a miracle of wonder when you support it with the nutrients to fix, heal, and defend yourself against illness disease bacteria and viruses!! Use this app time you shop and it will be the beginning of a longer healthy life..Version: 4.34

Super helpful & efficient!!The app is super easy to use and there's no limit on how many items you can scan within a certain amount of days much like some other apps I know. I do use this app mainly to choose which skincare and makeup items to use so I love that it's so easy to scan things and find whats good for your skin right away instead of sitting in aisles and reading the ingredients. One improvemnt I would recommend though is adding a feature where the app tells you which skin type the product would have better affects on. Telling you whether or not it would work wonders on your skin type (dry, oily, or combination) would really be a game changer and I think it would just be so much more convinent. Overall, the app is amazing, you do have to pay to be able to look certain products, but that's not a huge issue for me personally..Version: 4.29

Id give this infinite stars if i couldI’ve always been extremely cautious about what I put into an on my body I tried looking up certain words I see ingredients that I know aren’t natural and I would have to figure out if it is safe one by one. this app put everything right in front of your eyes it explains every single ingredient in detail and also let you know in a clear and simple way how much of a risk it is for your health (good, low risk, moderate risk) and also says out of 100 how healthy it is for your body. i’ve been wanting to write in a journal every ingredient I can find and if they are bad for you but now I can just pull it up on my phone whenever I need to know! this app is amazing and I truly do hope that they get more subscribers. I will definitely be promoting it on my social media‘s more people need to be aware of the benefits from this app🤍.Version: 4.5

Great concept, needs a better UIThis is hands down the missing peice to nutrition facts in the modern food/household goods supply. The detailed explanation and source references to common additives is invaluable for distinguishing between "healthy" and safe food and household products. Because the product database is crowd sourced, there are still significant gaps when trying to find data-- but the concept is solid. I would like to see product identification by a SKU/vendor cross reference, as sometimes the same product may appear in multiple stores under different SKUs. The UI needs a lot of work to make quick-referencing products easier. For instance, favorites and my products are isolated lists and should be combined. My products only works if the user scans and enters information themself. I would also love to see an integration with apps like Shipt or Instacart so I can quickly add/filter items I frequently order. Bottom line: This is worth the annual subscription fee; just be patient with the UI..Version: 4.13

Absolutely LOVE this app.This app is a game changer. I love that you can scan foods or cosmetics/beauty products and it will give you healthier options. I found out the majority of my high end cosmetics & hair and beauty products were actually awful and the healthier options are quite a bit cheaper. I love that you can search items as well instead of just having to scan if you get the membership. The membership fee is super affordable. You can personalize gluten/vegan/dairy options. It’s just an all around great app & definitely helps you make better choices. The only thing I wish it included were supplements. It’s honestly a relief feeling like you have a better understanding of what is actually in the things yourself as well as your children are consuming and they explain the chemical and what it does etc. I can’t love this app enough..Version: 4.21

Great Concept…but…Okay. So I love the concept of this app, and I love the countless number of products registered into its database! It has a great ability to spot the nutritional benefits in everything despite the product. However I’m, personally, not a fan of the good/bad ratings that the products are labeled with. It does make things much simpler to categorize, I’m just not too sure it’s a great idea to villainize foods based on the number of calories they have, nutritional info.. so on and so forth. Just my intake on it^^ I also found that some products I’ve done extensive research on, in regards to health, were considered “bad”. When in reality, they were one of the most nutritionally dense foods I’ve ever found! Purely Elizabeth granola for example! I just wonder whether or not this app actually takes into account a products ingredients and not just the number of calories or how many grams of sugar or carbs are in it. Perhaps the ingredient lists need to be updated…? Please do correct me if I’m wrong:).Version: 4.19

AMAZING saves me stress, time, and money.So I’ve had this app for four years now but I never paid for the subscription; it was still doing its justice. I recently pay for the subscription and I love it even more. Now I can just search up any product when I need to. I have contact dermatitis I don’t have to try new products and hope my skin doesn’t flake up, I can literally just search up hair gels and see which products have dermatitis causing ingredients. I am so thankful for this app, it’s honestly made a difference in my life. Also sidenote for the developers, it would be so cool if yuka had a feature where you could filter out certain ingredients from your search. For example if I need a product that doesn’t have Phenoxyethanol I can just filter it out and have the list of products there. Thank you so much for this amazing app❤️❤️❤️.Version: 4.26

So helpful , buu definitely need to update !I absolutely love this app , learning about all the different risks in cosmetics! I would’ve never knew .. buu sometimes it be weird like I scanned a product and then recommend a product that was excellent! then I bought that product scanned it to see what it would say then it said bad ? how you gonna recommend that “excellent “product then say it’s bad ? this app definitely need to review and update and maybe should put all the information of products it’s self ! definitely needs to gain control of the app. And another thing is you scan something n it’s like the totally opposite product, like I scanned facial toner and then it recommended got2 be hairspray ? Definitely needs to get ahold of the problems and maybe add why certain ingredients are poor or bad or risky ? Like okay this is poor buu why ? What don’t that poor ingredient do ? . BUT I MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS APP!.Version: 4.27

My favorite appI use this app daily. I don’t buy anything anymore without scanning it on Yuka first. I have switched almost every product I use on a daily basis: deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, face lotion, hand soap, chapstick, eye liner, toothpaste, etc. I’ve made numerous alternative food choices from scanning products on Yuka first. My wife and I enjoy walking throughout our grocery store and scanning products for fun just to see what’s good and what’s not. My only complaint is that Yuka doesn’t rate certain products like laundry detergent or dishwashing detergent, etc. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t add this being that they’re already rating hand soaps. I wish Yuka would expand to being able to scan all products. I’m working towards eliminating toxic products in my life, but there’s still many things that Yuka doesn’t evaluate. Lots of opportunity still there!.Version: 4.27

Excellent Usability, Imperfect AccuracyThe app itself is absolutely fantastic - lightning fast, intuitive, easy to navigate, and everything else that a great app should be. Really really well-developed. The accuracy side, however, is not perfect. Some items don’t always have the right nutrition facts or additives, so it’s always important to double check the label before making any changes. That being said, the process for submitting a correction is super easy and (I assume) has verification built in. And while the specifics about each product aren’t always right, every harmful additive has sources cited for why it’s bad that are linked in the app. Overall, I couldn’t be much happier with the app, it’s just important to remember that the ingredient lists and nutrition facts aren’t guaranteed to be accurate and should always be checked with the label of the actual product before making a decision about anything..Version: 4.26

Love this app!I saw people using this app on social medias and since im trying to be more conscious about what i pit on and in my body this app has been my best friend when im out shopping and has encouraged me to read the labels more often and on my own! I highly recommend this app for multiple reasons, it could lower the chances of harsher chemicals being used in our everyday products if there sales go down and hopefully help companies stop cutting so many corners. In order to have good works you need healthy workers! So be more consious of your body and take care of it❤️ It will thank you in the long run. Also not only products but making your own diy products made of natural ingredients will cut down costs and skin issues and intestinal issues. Reading lables of healthier products will give you a good example of what ingredients to buy!.Version: 4.28

A game changer for meI almost never write reviews, but I had to write a review about this program because it is so good. First, I’ve been on a diet for about nine months. I’ve been focused solely on calories and knew that I was consuming some foods that were probably not nutritious or good for me. Getting the Yuka app serves all of my purposes. Since it takes calories into account — along with many, many other important factors — I can simply buy highly rated foods from the Yuka app and know that I am getting both nutritious and calorie reasonable meals. It has completely altered the way that I buy food. Second, the app is much easier to use than many other apps. I’m sure you know what it’s like to have a very powerful app that is also very difficult to use. Yuka provides tremendous information in a very easy to use and understand format. Third, and finally — and most certainly not least — is the fact that I have contacted customer care on a couple of occasions and their responses have been fantastic! They get back to you within 48 hours (usually much faster) and they are extremely responsive and helpful. I just cannot speak highly enough of their customer care. I cannot recommend this this program highly enough. Very much worth the money and more..Version: 4.18

Best & Most Important AppNot being much of an app user, this app needs to be on everyone’s “must” list. Why? Because if you care about the foods you ingest or the products you use on your body, not to mention what you give your children and family, this is where to begin saying goodbye to items you thought were fine but learn they are anything but. How our government and food companies can promote products as appearing to be fine, only to learn they contain carcinogenic compounds, chemicals that impact estrogen and liver function, and well beyond is nothing short of alarming. This issue must be brought to the fore via national media and beyond. This team has done far more than develop an app; they are helping consumers to be educated and realize just why we have the health and medical issues we have. Kudos to this incredible team..Version: 4.22

Not That ImpressedThe app does have some useful nutritional info, some of which is not on the product labels, and for that reason alone I will continue to use the app. But I don’t agree with the rating system. The ratings take a “one size fits all” approach, which limits their usefulness. Anything it deems too high in sugar, fat, or salt is flagged as “bad”. For example, it flagged a liquid aminos product I’ve used for years as “bad” because it’s too high in salt. But I’ve never had high blood pressure, so salt is not a problem for me. I also think some fat is necessary in one’s diet. If I were to follow the app’s advice, I’d only eat vegetables and little else. However, I’m a vegetarian with IBS, so I watch my FODMAP intake. I didn’t see this information anywhere in the app. My point is that people are different, so a blanket approach doesn’t work for everyone. Also, a product like Himalayan Pink salt, which is rich in minerals, has a very different effect on the body than ordinary table salt. I tried to add it, but the only 2 salt categories were “table salt” and “sea salt” and this is neither. So I gave up. In addition, there are lots of products not in your database. This is understandable in a new app, but the process to add new products should be less cumbersome. This app is fine for people who know absolutely nothing about nutrition. But everyone should take the ratings with a “grain of salt”..Version: 4.27

Merveilleux!Vraiment, c’est un outil tellement précieux pour faire des meilleurs choix alimentaires et cosmétiques conscients! Hâte d’avoir la version Premium au Canada!.Version: 3.22

I love Yuka, but this is unfairI’ve been using Yuka for years and honestly love it. But there’s something that really annoys me. In the pursuit of finding the best products, you’ll scan a lot of stuff at the grocery store: good, bad, terrible… However everything will count toward the general user score (aka overview), making it look like the consumption habits were very poor. We’re not buying everything we scan lol! Please improve that!.Version: 4.34

Yuka appJe suis devenu grand utilisateur de Yuka depuis un moment deja, toujours étoné sur la qualité des aliments, parfois la même marque en propose des bons et des mauvais. J’avoue que je « contamine » tout le monde autour de moi et on change vraiment nos habitudes suite a votre remarquable service. Grand merci d’un expat français au Québec! Michel Meunier.Version: 4.28

Changed my lifeThis app has made me way more aware of my health and has helped me to continually find higher quality and safer items..Version: 4.24

Very goodI think that it could be improved by making it so stuff that doesn’t have a QR code can also be rated so when you show the camera the front of the product it will be able to identify it and give you a rating otherwise it is amazing 100% recommended this app.Version: 4.34

Great appSince we got this app it has definitely made a difference. Even some things we thought were good turned out to be bad. Very helpful for a healthier choices. :).Version: 4.34

SolidThey have most foods.Version: 4.34

Love itBeen using it everywhere it helps me not be a maniac buying everything or anything. Has no issue with it so far..Version: 4.33

Très bonne application !Super apps qui permet d’ouvrir les yeux sur pas mal de produit ! Je l’ai faite découvrir à des ami(e)s qui ont pu découvrir que la quasi totalité de leurs produits cosmétiques sont dangereux. Je recommande ! PS: l’option « Membre » est actuellement indisponible pour le Canada : « Région non supportée »..Version: 3.17

J’adore!!!Bien hâte d’avoir accès à la version premium pour le Canada. Très pratique pour les produits transformés et les cosmétiques..Version: 3.20

Quality check neededI really like this app, and can see its potential value. However, I think more work needs to be done to increase that value and usability. Like others have said, a lot of products are not in the database, which is understandable and will take time to build a large database. However, what I am finding is that there are discrepancies in the listed ingredients of a product in the app. A few items that I have scanned are deemed “bad” because they are (in the database) listed as having “sodium phosphate” amongst other additives. When you look at the actual ingredient list on the packaging, those additives are not listed. Now I don’t know if these were items added by a user but a more thorough quality checks needs to be done before you deem an item as “bad”..Version: 4.0

Identification des dérivés d’insectesJ’aimerais bien que l’application émette un avertissement lorsque le produit contient des insectes. Sinon, je ne peux vivre sans et je suis abonnée pour pouvoir chercher des produits ! Merci Yuka !.Version: 4.34

Excellent AppI just heard about this app and thought I would check it out. So I scanned a bunch of things around the house and was very surprised that the fact that the majority of things I scanned were listed a few things that weren’t listed. I have a good idea that they’re not good for me anyhow. It is definitely an app. I will use the next time I go grocery shopping. And I would recommend this to anyone that is concerned about what they are consuming or applying to this skin..Version: 4.34

AmazingJust amazing app?!? Nobel prize for this lads!!! This’s “compas” for us living in North America, being poisoned every day with big companies that absolutely don’t care which way they are going to make money. Chip food with a lot of chemicals. Thank you YUKA lads!!!.Version: 4.34

IndispensableMy wife and I shop with our Yuka app in hand. Don’t leave home without it. Great!!!.Version: 4.34

Un incontournable!Quel outil merveilleux pour mieux faire son shopping et, comme le dit si bien Marie, sauver la planète. Allen-Ottawa Canada.Version: 4.34

Amazing app ❤️Free unlimited scan of cosmetic and grocery’s.Version: 4.34

I’m not sure if it’s 100% correctMost the items that say bad because of 1 ingredient but when I search it it says it’s safe for skin..Version: 4.34

Excellente application!Application très utile pour faire des bons choix alimentaires! Je ne peux plus m’en passer!.Version: 4.34

Best app everI used this app daily! It makes it so easy to know what is in your food. Really helps you make good choices at the grocery store.Version: 4.34

Un outil dont je ne me passerais plus!Tellement simple à utiliser. Une mine d’informations pour faire des choix éclairés. 🤗.Version: 4.34

Qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans les produits que vous mangez ?Cette appli vous dit tout presqu’instantanément. 💨.Version: 4.34

LoveeeeeeeI love this app❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it’s probably the best app I’ve used.Version: 4.34

AmazingSo easy to use, chock full of info..Version: 4.34

I loveThis app is so good!!! Please just keep improving and expanding. I use it almost everyday. I hope one day it can include cleaning products..Version: 4.34

Favourite appIf I could have 3 apps on my phone, Yuka would be one! Great work! Been sharing with everyone, even making new friends at the grocery store. Be the saint you want to see!.Version: 4.34

Awesome AppI really like this app. Practical. Fact based. Shared with many friends who are just so grateful that at last they have a way to gauge the relative healthiness of most food and cosmetic products..Version: 4.34

Très satisfaiteSuper, une application indépendante qui nous donne des réponses objectives. Utilisation facile, on peut savoir rapidement si le produit est bon pour notre santé et connaître en détails sa composition. Si le produit est médiocre, on nous suggère un choix santé. J’adore cette appli, elle est toujours à portée de main et me permet de faire des choix santé..Version: 4.34

Incredible performanceI checked more than a hundred items in Costco and I was surprised when I went shopping with Yuka ♥️.Version: 4.34

YukaVraiment un bon guide afin d’améliorer mes choix santé..Version: 4.34

Loving it so far!This app is amazing. The fact that they offer it for free is pretty incredible and that’s why I decided to get the paid version because I see it almost as a donation - I wanted to give money to support Yuka, but now it looks like the paid version is actually really great! With the subscription version I’m able to use it in offline mode (great for travel abroad) and I can search products I’m considering buying without needing to scan a barcode in store. It also let’s me customize dietary preferences, too, which is so handy! If paying for the subscription is not something you can budget then the free version is still excellent! I hope this app continues to get funding and continues to grow because I love it! I’ve recommended it to my friends and family. Thank you, Yuka!.Version: 4.34

Amazing app they just need to be able to scan high protein things and supplementsI love this app for my food and self care products and it works amazingly. However they need to be able to rate high protein and supplements to be a complete app. Besides that this is a must download..Version: 4.34

ExcellenteC’est Yuka maintenant décide si j’achète un produit ou non . Je l’adore.Version: 4.34

Pretty good app needs some more things but yeHOkay so this app is pretty good recommend but i would add more things to scan example: medication and more. most importantly you should make it so if you do not have the item near you, you could get a picture of it and import the picture and still know if its good or not.Version: 4.34

Love YukaYuka has transformed the way I eat. This app is amazing. It rates each product in a very easy to follow method and suggest recommendations. It tells you exactly why certain product is rated low/high. We use it a lot while grocery shopping. For example, if we want to choose between 2 breads we choose the healthier one based on the rating. It also rate beauty products such as make up, shampoo and lotion. I highly recommend this app..Version: 4.34

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