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Yuka - Food & Cosmetic Scanner Customer Service


Yuka is a free mobile app that allows you to scan the barcodes of food and personal care products and instantly see their impact on your health. A rating and detailed information help you understand the analysis of each product.

When a product has a negative impact on your health, Yuka also recommends similar but healthier alternative products.


Yuka is a 100% independent project : product reviews and recommendations of healthier alternatives are done in an objective way. No brand or manufacturer can influence them in one way or another. Furthermore, there is no in-app advertising. You can access detailed information on our business model on our website (www.yuka.io).


Yuka established a database that contains 2 million food products and 1 million cosmetic products.

Each food product is evaluated according to 3 objective criteria: nutritional quality, presence of additives and organic aspect of the product.

The method to analyse cosmetic products is based on the analysis of all the ingredients of the product. Each ingredient is assigned a risk level according to the latest scientific data.

Terms of use: https://yuka-app.helpdocs.io/l/en/article/2a12869y56

Yuka - Food & Cosmetic scanner App Comments & Reviews

Yuka - Food & Cosmetic scanner Positive Reviews

Everyone should have this app downloadedWhere to start? I’ve had this app for only a few days now, and have been going around my house scanning absolutely everything and anything. Any food I buy, I now know whether it’s terrible for me, or if it’s a good source of XYZ. Not only is it great for finding what foods to buy, but beauty products as well. The shampoo, body wash, and conditioner I’ve been using I’ve now found is harmful and contains tons of harmful chemicals. Same with my deodorant. The suggestions is just an added bonus, which is great to see what alternatives I should be using. My brother said that since he’d been using my (harmful) body wash, he’s been breaking out with acne. We had no idea why, but we now suspect it was because of the body wash. I’m extremely comforted to know as well that the app is funded solely by the users; the results aren’t swayed by big name brands or companies paying Yuka to alter the results. Honestly, I’m a walking ad for this app now. I’ve shown coworkers, roommates, and my family. I think absolutely everyone should have this app, in a world where the consumer is constantly lied to and misled on the purchases they’re making. Yuka, God bless you. You are doing amazing, amazing work. I’ve never felt so strongly about an app before. The fact that I’m writing this review says a lot to anyone who knows me. Thank you Yuka, you have changed my life forever! 🥕🥕🥕.Version: 4.19

So helpful with mindfulness!I discovered this app on Tiktok about a week ago and I’m blown away by how much I have learned already. It is so so so helpful for my health journey to be able to see all the ingredients in my diet. People always say not to eat anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce, but who actually has the time to look up all these scary ingredients? This app is doing the work for you and making it a CONVENIENT way to make more conscious choices while grocery shopping. The blurbs of information regarding why an ingredient is bad or good is very easy to understand (in my opinion) and it is giving me a lot to think about in my life. I don’t want to put these things into my body, especially if they can build up and cause problems to me later in life. It’s shocking to see what kinds of things are being absorbed into my body. Packaging and marketing of products can be VERY misleading and I’m glad I have the science in this app to help me when all the choices of products may be misleading me. One thing to note is that it is very important to be reading WHY the products are bad, because Yuka is not only looking at the harmful things but also taking into account nutrition. I don’t mind eating something that’s way too fatty for me (in moderation) as long as it doesn’t have anything harmful :)..Version: 4.21

Amazing! But…I think everyone should have this app. It makes it so much easier to read between the lines of all ingredients. Especially beauty products. I am a scientist and half the time I don’t even know what some of these ingredients are. When it comes to food, I think it is very eye opening to see that just because something is labeled as organic, non gmo, blah, blah… it doesn’t always have the best ingredients. Now to my complain. I don’t buy anything with corn syrup or added sugars. This i already know by heart after going for clean only foods about 10 years ago. However, for someone who is just starting to navigate this confusing world of food, it may be misleading to read that ice cream is rated as poor. Now, hear me out. This was my husband’s thinking when we scanned an ice cream brand at Sprouts. The rating was poor. It said it had high fat and high sugar. According to my husband, ice cream should be fatty and sugary. Can’t argue with that if we are talking about a standard ice cream recipe. In his eyes, there was nothing wrong with the ice cream. The app fails to indicate that the brand contains corn syrup. I think it should be broken down better. The rating is poor because it has high sugar content, but not just any sugar. It has corn syrup. I feel the developers should work more into explaining why a high sugar rating deems a product poor. Not everyone is well versed with the dangers of sugars, real or fake..Version: 4.20

Love this appOk so I just downloaded this app, and fell in love with it. A very close relative of mine has been trying to eat healthy for the past year or so now and feels like nothing was working. I showed her this app, and that many products she thought were healthy were actually contributing to gaining weight, migranes, and even more conditions. She was ecstatic about this app, and next time she goes to the store this app will be with her. I personally love how you get recommendations on similar products that are healthier alternatives. Not only that but I feel much better knowing that what I am going to eat In the future is healthy, and tasty. Some ideas I have for this app are ones that will make it easier to purchase items, for example… let’s say a cereal brand you have been buying products from is not healthy, and you tap on a similar, but healthier alternative, it would make it very convenient if you could tap it and add it to a personalized in app grocery list, for when you go to the store. That way you have a picture of this unfamiliar product along with the name of it. I am very excited to use this app, and hope it will make my future healthier! Thanks a million!.Version: 4.19

Everyone needs this app. So importantI’m absolutely obsessed with this app. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now and have managed to scan all of the foods i usually eat. It so scary how many common household foods have dangerous additives. Lots of food in the USA is banned in other countries cause of how dangerous it is. At first it felt a little discouraging when everything I scanned got a bad rating. But the recommendations helped me realize that there are a lot of healthy none expensive alternatives that taste just as great if not better. I’ve convinced my whole family to download the app so they can see what they are putting in their bodies. It’s crazy how even products that are marketed as healthy have a ridiculous amount of hazardous additives. It is SO important the we understand what we are putting in our bodies. We all want to live long healthy lives and this app definitely helps. This app makes it so easy to know and understand what the ingredients mean and how they effect our bodies. I’m so grateful to have found this app. Thank you YUKA for caring about our health!!!.Version: 4.19

My best friend at the grocery storesYuka makes it so much easier for me to shop for healthy food. The grading system over 100 and the simplified rationale behind the assigned grade makes it easy to understand. Also, the grades classify the products into for categories (excellent, good, poor or bad) simplifying my decision making process to purchase a product or not. The most appreciated feature is the suggestion of better similar products that Yuka makes in the event the product scanned would not be a good choice. I must mention that I appreciate the highlight of hazardous additives. Most of us know very little to noting about the numerous chemicals that we’re being bombarded with by the food industry. Thank you Yuka for calling out loud these harmful substances and educating the user about their eventual effects on our health. I have been telling everyone about Yuka and so far all my friends and family have downloaded this app and have been so excited to tell me about their findings of better food options..Version: 4.17

Love this app!After using this app for a few days, I was so pleased with it that I decided to go premium for the additional benefits. I have scanned almost all of my face and body products and many of my food products. If it is a known product you get a rating based on ingredients, along with a list of ingredients and information regarding known hazards and possible allergies etc…. If the product isn’t known, you can easily submit information by filling in product name, brand, and submitting a few photos of label and ingredients. Also, you get a list of alternatives with better ratings. I don’t know how they do it, but it is quick- like an hour or two. I have been surprised that some of the higher price products I have purchased have some very poor ratings, while their less expensive counterparts have high ratings. If you’re picky about what you put on and in your body (and your kids), I highly recommend this app..Version: 4.17

Best app to come out!This app is so useful a must have for everyone. This app has helped me improve my health by giving me alternatives to foods that contain harmful additives. I use to eat just about anything that is until I downloaded this app. It is crazy how many companies don’t care about the consumers health and will add just about any harmful additive, food dyes, and oils. Now every time I go grocery shopping I scan and know what brands to avoid and which to get. After downloading this app and sticking with my diet of healthy/ organic foods I have to say that I feel younger than my age! I am full of energy and best of all I’m taking care of my health being ! I highly encourage everyone to download this app and see the great benefits of eating healthy yourself. I also encourage those to support the creators and buy premium as they worked very hard and decided to give us this amazing application for free! Thank you Yuka.Version: 4.19

OBSESSEDI have no idea how a majority of the people I know, including myself have not heard of this app sooner. I had no idea half the things I was using such as hair products, deodorant, and even beauty products were harmful for me. And I am not going to lie, there still are some things I will continue to buy that I am aware are not the healthiest choice for me, such as snacks or beauty products. However , if I can tweak and exchange some things out for healthier products I will and have done so in order to take care of myself better. Because girl I am still gonna eat hot Cheetos 😂😭 but I love and am so OBSESSED with this app. Every time I go to the store I use it to scan to make sure at least the majority of things I get are good for me to use. And what I love is knowing this app is not promoting or trying to bash Brands. It is a genuine app that is just trying to show in detail what each ingredient is..Version: 4.20

Id give this infinite stars if i couldI’ve always been extremely cautious about what I put into an on my body I tried looking up certain words I see ingredients that I know aren’t natural and I would have to figure out if it is safe one by one. this app put everything right in front of your eyes it explains every single ingredient in detail and also let you know in a clear and simple way how much of a risk it is for your health (good, low risk, moderate risk) and also says out of 100 how healthy it is for your body. i’ve been wanting to write in a journal every ingredient I can find and if they are bad for you but now I can just pull it up on my phone whenever I need to know! this app is amazing and I truly do hope that they get more subscribers. I will definitely be promoting it on my social media‘s more people need to be aware of the benefits from this app🤍.Version: 4.5

Great concept, needs a better UIThis is hands down the missing peice to nutrition facts in the modern food/household goods supply. The detailed explanation and source references to common additives is invaluable for distinguishing between "healthy" and safe food and household products. Because the product database is crowd sourced, there are still significant gaps when trying to find data-- but the concept is solid. I would like to see product identification by a SKU/vendor cross reference, as sometimes the same product may appear in multiple stores under different SKUs. The UI needs a lot of work to make quick-referencing products easier. For instance, favorites and my products are isolated lists and should be combined. My products only works if the user scans and enters information themself. I would also love to see an integration with apps like Shipt or Instacart so I can quickly add/filter items I frequently order. Bottom line: This is worth the annual subscription fee; just be patient with the UI..Version: 4.13

Absolutely LOVE this app.This app is a game changer. I love that you can scan foods or cosmetics/beauty products and it will give you healthier options. I found out the majority of my high end cosmetics & hair and beauty products were actually awful and the healthier options are quite a bit cheaper. I love that you can search items as well instead of just having to scan if you get the membership. The membership fee is super affordable. You can personalize gluten/vegan/dairy options. It’s just an all around great app & definitely helps you make better choices. The only thing I wish it included were supplements. It’s honestly a relief feeling like you have a better understanding of what is actually in the things yourself as well as your children are consuming and they explain the chemical and what it does etc. I can’t love this app enough..Version: 4.21

A game changer for meI almost never write reviews, but I had to write a review about this program because it is so good. First, I’ve been on a diet for about nine months. I’ve been focused solely on calories and knew that I was consuming some foods that were probably not nutritious or good for me. Getting the Yuka app serves all of my purposes. Since it takes calories into account — along with many, many other important factors — I can simply buy highly rated foods from the Yuka app and know that I am getting both nutritious and calorie reasonable meals. It has completely altered the way that I buy food. Second, the app is much easier to use than many other apps. I’m sure you know what it’s like to have a very powerful app that is also very difficult to use. Yuka provides tremendous information in a very easy to use and understand format. Third, and finally — and most certainly not least — is the fact that I have contacted customer care on a couple of occasions and their responses have been fantastic! They get back to you within 48 hours (usually much faster) and they are extremely responsive and helpful. I just cannot speak highly enough of their customer care. I cannot recommend this this program highly enough. Very much worth the money and more..Version: 4.18

Great Concept…but…Okay. So I love the concept of this app, and I love the countless number of products registered into its database! It has a great ability to spot the nutritional benefits in everything despite the product. However I’m, personally, not a fan of the good/bad ratings that the products are labeled with. It does make things much simpler to categorize, I’m just not too sure it’s a great idea to villainize foods based on the number of calories they have, nutritional info.. so on and so forth. Just my intake on it^^ I also found that some products I’ve done extensive research on, in regards to health, were considered “bad”. When in reality, they were one of the most nutritionally dense foods I’ve ever found! Purely Elizabeth granola for example! I just wonder whether or not this app actually takes into account a products ingredients and not just the number of calories or how many grams of sugar or carbs are in it. Perhaps the ingredient lists need to be updated…? Please do correct me if I’m wrong:).Version: 4.19

Easy Answer to What’s Healthier?This app answers the question that I have over and over again standing in the grocery store of “What’s healthier?” It’s a true necessity for me now whenever I shop. I’ve often been so surprised of what foods are actually worse for me since they try to trick you on the label. I’m trying out new foods thanks to the recommendations on the app. The only addition that I wish the app had was a “Comments” type section on each product where users can leave reviews of the food. Yes something may be healthier for you, but is it good? Once I find a good recommendation I often have to leave the app to search elsewhere for reviews of the product before purchasing. It would be nice to have this all on one place on the app. Other than that, thank you for this amazing tool!.Version: 4.19

Love it!A coworker told me about Yuka and I immediately downloaded it to my phone. It just so happened that I was making a grocery store run later in the day. I used the app to help me make some better choices in products. I went home and checked out my shampoos and lotions, oh my! I appreciate the recommendations that are provided when products rate poorly. And it was fun to discover that I have made some very good product choices. I think I will find this app even more helpful when I want to try a new product but am unsure if it is really as good as they make it out to be. Also, it keeps a history of the items you have scanned so you can go back and reference them at anytime. If you are wondering if the products you are buying are as good as they claim, this app is for you!.Version: 4.19

Yuka reviewI just started using this app last week. I found it on Tik tok and ever since I’ve been scanning stuff around my kitchen to see if healthy stuff I had like granola bars were healthy and they weren’t. I wasn’t surprised that most of the stuff I had was rated poor or bad from the app since there is a lot of sugary stuff in my kitchen but now that I’m aware of it I want to prevent myself from buying more unhealthy food so when I go to the grocery store I scanned products to see if it was worth buying and it’s really convenient since it tells you why it’s rated excellent food bad or poor. I love this app!!! And it also prevents me from buying stuff that is marked as “healthy” when it isn’t. There are so many good things about this app I love it so much it’s the best app to exist!!!❤️.Version: 4.20

The best app ever!!!I never write reviews or rate apps, but I had to for this one! This app is so convenient & helpful, I use it every time I go shopping, I LOVE IT!! I like how it simply says if a product is rated “excellent, good, poor, or bad”… which is very helpful in being able to chose the right products, makes everything so much easier. I also like how it lists the sources where the information can be confirmed, about the ingredients, how they react to our body & what health problems they can cause. I especially love how it also lists recommendations for other better product choices if a product is rated either “poor or bad”… it’s so VERY convenient & helpful! I literally cannot live without this app, it’s the best! Thank you sooo very much for this amazing app, I use it everyday!!! :).Version: 4.11

Absolutely brilliantI was in Costco trying to read a very small label to see if product contained seed oils when another customer told me about this app and scanned the product for me. So impressed so went home and downloaded the app. Started scanning my pantry and then my bathroom cabinet. How shocked was I as the bathroom cabinet contents. Worse offenders are the so called natural products and sunscreens especially those targeted at kids. I am now on a mission to share this app with all my friends and family as well as complete strangers I see trying to read labels. So far I have approached 3 strangers trying to read the small print and they have been so grateful that some of them downloaded the app in the store. Thank you for a wonderful app that is so easy to use and really life changing..Version: 4.21

Needs a minor fixI love this app. It has helped me tremendously in making good choices about what I buy, especially being plant-based. My only complaint is when I need to add a product. The app wants me to take a picture of the nutrition label as well as the ingredients. Not all boxes and labels look the same and when I go to take a picture the app creates a little square where you are supposed to fit the labels in. The bad part is sometimes the square doesn’t recognize the actual size of the list of ingredients or the nutrition label. You can’t change the square or adjust the photo so 9 times out of 10 I can’t get an accurate picture. It’s just a portion of the actual label. Super frustrating when trying to add new products. Outside of that, I love the app. Hopefully that makes sense and somehow can be fixed in the future..Version: 4.21

GET THIS APP NOW!!’It is such an awesome app! It’s almost completely free unless you want the extra options of allergy’s and things like that, or vegan and vegetarian things. You can still scan those but it won’t tell you if each product is vegan and all that unless you look at the actual product of that makes sense. Even if you did want that you can pay as little as $8.99 for a WHOLE YEAR! If your allergies aren’t listed you can even request them to add it! It shows you recommendations for food thats rated bad (a better option) it’s just one of the best apps I’ve gotten, I use it pretty much every day, it really surprises you to see what we put in our bodies, especially sunscreens and things like that, that are supposed to be good for us!.Version: 4.20

4 Star - RecommendationsI really like this app and I think it’s a wonderful tool for people like myself, who are trying to be more cognizant about products that we are putting in and on our body. My recommendations to make this app even better is to add “Fragrance” into scoring, as we know that there could be many different chemicals under the label “fragrance”. I think this app could be a lot more informative too by being able to click on all the ingredients and not just some. Although they may not be harmful, it would still be nice to know what they are. I also have found many products that I was unable to search or scan. Maybe make it so you can request a score for a product that isn’t listed? Like I said above, I thoroughly like this app and really like how it gives recommendations and alternatives..Version: 4.20

If you have ANY allergiesYou MUST try this app. Even though there are a limited number of allergies included at this time, the potential is enormous. Even just scanning things quickly to see whether or not they have gluten in them has been a huge timesaver. But what is even better, is that the app provides multiple recommendations for alternatives. For anyone that has had to go on food elimination diet to figure out what they are sensitive to, you know how frustrating is to only eliminate foods and cosmetics with zero help to find alternatives. This app changes that! Please give it a try, and hopefully as more people use the app, the developers will be able to add additional sensitivities and allergens to the list..Version: 4.21

The app I’ve been waiting for!I’ve been wanting to look into every ingredient that’s in everything I have been eating and feeding my family, but realistically that’s impossible. I am so relieved this app was made! It is so user friendly, straight forward and they really make it easy for you to understand. No more guessing what these crazy ingredients are! This app really breaks it down for you and I absolutely love that they give recommendations on other similar products that are way healthier for you. This app changed the way I look at food and beauty products and puts my mind at ease knowing that I’m no longer hurting myself and my family with harmful ingredients that I had no idea were even harming us!.Version: 4.19

Use it all the timeDownloaded two similar apps before this one but neither were as good as this one. i am suspected of having some issues with my hormones so i have been scanning all hygiene products before i buy them and i find that majority of them would’ve messed with my hormones so it’s been extremely helpful. i have scanned a majority of my food products too and it’s been helpful to see where the issues in my diet come from. i actually ended up liking it so much i payed for the premium plan but i love that you don’t have to pay for the entire app to work, just a few features are unlocked with a donation. overall great app, thank you, Yuka..Version: 4.20

One food rating flawI love this app and I love the section for beauty products! The rating system is great. The one thing that I don’t like however, is the lack of settings on the food side. I don’t like seeing that some of the foods I eat are “poor” simply because the app thinks they are too high in calories. I didn’t download this app for calories I downloaded it to check for harmful additives. I just wish there was a setting to turn off the calorie rating and the sugar rating. There’s no reason my organic coffee creamer is a “poor” food for having 6g of sugar in a tablespoon. I just want to know if there is additives. Maybe something to consider with the next update? Otherwise keep up the good work! I plan on keeping my premium membership active..Version: 4.17

Change for the Better of FamilyAs a father making sure food is on the table , I want to make sure it is healthy with out all the crap that our country has done for the profit of a dollar as things to make shelve life last longer with this app you have a in site to what you feed yourself and family . When was the last time you seen bread mold?! Likewise because of what’ is being added and it is not heathy Try this app and add it to yourself and find your own happiness. Live with Non gmo so worth your children future this app will also give you a view of what could be better for your family . I like it I use it and it works..Version: 4.20

Love this app so much, but…I’ve had this app for about a year now and I use it constantly, but I’ve noticed lately, that some of the additives no longer have any description as to what their effects are. Some additives just show what they’re used for and what toxicity level they are(example: anti-caking agent, or antioxidant, flavor enhancer, etc..) but they’re hazardous, and at one point the app used to break down what was bad about them and their sources. Like, I know the additives being bad are enough to prevent me from buying the product, but there used to be a lot more information about what they are and why they’re harmful and I found that to be very useful..Version: 4.17

All time FAVORITE APPI’m very health conscious, and felt I was making the right choices with certain foods in my cupboard. After going through everything I found out that 20% of the items I had were NOT good. I’m now that “weird” person scanning barcodes at the grocery store and Costco. I decided to show my husband some of his choices that he was making have not been good. He asked me for the app which I thought was very funny. I get a text from him from Costco, and he says….”I LOVE this app”. He came home with way healthier choices than before, and he’s a difficult one to win over. Thank you for all of your hard work, and educating me more..Version: 4.20

Its a great app!I’ve been using this app to clean out my makeup routine. I’ve spent too long loving “luxury skincare” that turns out to not have your long term skincare interest. One of my only comments about the app is there are duplicates in the skincare, and they’ll have two different ratings. They may be two different formulas, but it’s hard to tell, and some photos are evident that they're being added by users. One thing I LOVE is that they let you know on products when they’re about to change their formula. This is so important to stay in the know so your favorite company brand doesn’t switch to a cheaper alternative etc etc. 5 stars!.Version: 4.19

Can’t say enough…This app is such a gift…everyone I’ve told about to, is so grateful (even though we are throwing out food and skin products by the bucketfuls). Once you’ve awakened to the sad fact that food and cosmetics can be FDA approved, marked Organic, vegan, GF, etc… and STILL contain harmful ingredients…I’m talking poisons, carcinogens, banned in other countries BAD… it is imperative to have a vetting tool to make informed decisions… I love that the app suggests viable alternatives to poor choices! I literally go shopping with my yuka app and scan like items until I get good or excellent choice..! My friends and I joke if something is bad=YUCKa or Good=YOUKa!!! TY so much for this application and the plethora of information!!!.Version: 4.21

Mind blowing appI have never put in a review for any App! But, felt compelled to do so for this app, as it is a game changer! As a consumer, it is a struggle to find safe products for my family and myself I can feel good using or consuming. This is so straight forward, and easy to use. Finally, I can easily compare products without standing in stores for hours, comparing labels, researching Google etc! So many products I thought were safe, are actually terrible. (The US seriously has to start banning some awful ingredients!) I love everything so far! I also love that it offers alternative products. Truly, thank you to the creator (s)!!.Version: 4.17

I wanted to love this app…This app had me super excited at first… very user friendly and not swayed by big manufacturers! 🙌🏼 however I just recently realized that it does not recognize “fragrance” as toxic or “bad”… so tons of products like body washes, shampoos, lotions etc that contain synthetic fragrance (which if you’ve done any research on this topic you’d know and agree you don’t want that blanket ingredient in anything you use!) are being shown as “good” or even “excellent” when “fragrance” is not regulated and can be hiding thousands of different toxic chemicals… I still give it 4 stars because it is very helpful when scanning food items! I hope they make a change with the way other products are scored though..Version: 4.20

Nice BUTI have tried some of the cosmetic products Yuka gives as alternatives to those labeled as scarce or mediocre. They will certainly be excellent as regards the ingredients, but their effectiveness was very bad ... Another example concerns food: for example Parmigiano Reggiano, known for being the most natural cheese ever, with only 2 ingredients: milk and salt (no preservative or other) rated poor because the fat and salt content is high… it's obvious it's aged cheese!! But in its category it is the best because it does not contain any preservatives or anything else! I like the App, but unfortunately the product ratings are misleading because they are based only on the ingredients contained in the product and not also on its effectiveness or naturalness compared to the type of product. For this I give only 3 stars..Version: 4.19

Great app in general and very user friendly!Kudos to your small team for doing such a great job with this app! I very much enjoy it so far. I would recommend adding a “Rate this app” somewhere within the app to bump up your 5 star ratings, it would also be helpful for users to submit ideas/feedback to help you make the app even better. Free labor force, use it :) One thing I would love to see is the ability to put in diet restrictions. For example if I’m celiac and also allergic to other things, I could put those into my profile. Then as I start scanning food items, you guys could warn me if it contains something I’m allergic to. My sister is the one that’s celiac and it’s always difficult to buy her snacks and food because I’m always worried about buying the wrong thing. She is more careful since she deals with it everyday, but I don’t have any idea since I could basically eat a shoe and be totally fine. I would definitely use that feature if I had it, when picking up snacks at the store. Cheers!.Version: 4.19

A Must HaveI love this app, it’s a simple way to figure out how great a food or cosmetic is and determine if there’s any harmful additives, it’s really simple to use as well. My favorite part, though, is the fact that you’re able to become a premium member. It offers a few more benefits, but the app let you CHOOSE how much you wanted to pay, ranging from $8.99 to $18+ for a year, which is what I love. I like that you’re able to choose how much to contribute, and that you’re still able to use the app just find without being forced to pay. I find this app to be very friendly and definitely worth getting!!.Version: 4.20

Love this appI'm usually to lazy to right reviews, but I had to for this one. Having something this handy to check on items is way too useful. Here in the US, stuff that is regulated in most other countries is common places in our food. To see tge research and chemicals in an easy to see rating is awesome. I've already replaced a half dozen items on our grocery list! Thank you for making this! Is it perfect, no, it does give some odd recommendations every now and then, but is spot on for it's rating. Only thing that would make it better would be to add item recommendations to my shopping list!.Version: 4.17

Have to pay to search and poor swap recsPro: it really does a great job of telling you exactly what in your products is giving it the rating it gives, abrief easy to understand explanation of why and a link to additional information. This app is only free if you have the box in hand and can scan the barcode, otherwise you can’t get information The fact that I have to pay to search for item is ridiculous. I don’t have barcodes for everything i already own, and having to go to the store to scan everything I’m thinking of purchasing is ridiculous. I’d pay for the app as a one time fee for that feature, but I’m not paying a yearly or monthly membership. I also don’t think the recommended swaps always make sense. I scanned a facial moisturizer and it recommended crackers once? Another recommended a moisturizer that is available only in Canada. Scanned a face wash and it recommended a body lotion. It’s also really hard to submit a correction. I scanned a Kristen Ess dry shampoo and the app gave me the rating for a mousse. There’s a button to submit corrections but it’s really difficult to work through..Version: 4.20

BEST APP EVER!!!I never really rate apps, unless there’s an issue… OMG this app takes the cake! I love that it can tell me what beauty products have what bad ingredients and even explain them, along with rating the overall product. This saves me SO MUCH time googling ingredients I’ve never heard of when I go to buy a new hair care product or makeup/skincare. I also, love how it does this with pretty much anything else that can be rated like food, etc. I’m trying to eat better foods when I want something sweet or salty due to having autoimmune disorders. **Please: Never change this app, it’s amazing!! To the creator(s): THANK YOU🤗.Version: 4.16

Here’s my reason it did not get 5 stars..For starters the app is great for its intended purpose. Giving healthier alternatives to the food in our fridge or pantry. That aspect works perfectly, but the problem that I have is, The app needs to implement specific stores that have the inventory for these products. I scanned peanut butter and all the alternatives were from Trader Joe’s. I do not shop at Trader Joe’s nor is there one in a 20 mile radius of me. What I do have is Walmart and while I know Walmart is not the healthiest store to purchase food, it’s all I have. Please include a feature that lets me designate a specific store and their products so I can go back to that location and pickup a healthier product..Version: 4.17

Blind userI heard about this app for helping people who are blind identify products. I had loaded it on my phone and hadn’t stopped to check it out until today. Wow! This has so much helpful information!! I like to make healthy choices and this is a wonderful tool. The app is mostly accessible using my screen reader which reads aloud what’s on my phone screen. I have not figured out how to go to the next scan after I have scanned a product. If anyone can tell me how to do this without closing down the app each time, I would love it! Thank you so much for all of the valuable information that has been put together in this app.Version: 4.20

Love hate relationshipOk, so I got really excited about this app. Really trying to eat better and be more mindful of what’s going in my body and my families. I do think this is a 2 fold type thing. I love that it gives breakdown of whats in the products (like additives) and why they are harmful. However, like what am I supposed to eat?! Lol almost everything in my house has poor ratings. And i don't feel like I buy a lot of “bad” foods. Be prepared to get poor ratings on things you thought were OK to eat. Definitely a learning process and it does give recommendations on foods that are similar and have good ratings. So this is a love hate relationship..Version: 4.17

Incredible App!I love Yuka so much. It entirely changed the way I grocery shop and gave me the tools to be able to decipher what products are genuinely good. It’s also shedding such a bright light on deception in the global food industry. On a micro as well as macro level, Yuka is pushing the bar so much higher. And even more amazing: no ads, no external product marketing, no corruption! I just got the yearly subscription just to support the team. I hope they can continue to keep the app independent and I hope this makes the impact on food that people with too much access to supermarkets/industrial goods need..Version: 4.19

Life ChangingI never write reviews but I am blown away by this app. It is very user friendly, informative, and non-biased. My entire family and many friends have downloaded Yuka and since then we have abandoned many products that we thought were fine but are actually full of potentially harmful ingredients. I scan every item with Yuka before I put it in my cart. You can really tell the difference in overall well-being after switching your products over to those that aren’t full of additives, saturated fats, sulfates, exc. 100% recommend!!!.Version: 3.37

What a blessing!I was told about this app by my hairdresser. Little did I know that the shampoo I was using that was Salon quality was hazardous. I have scanned everything in my house. I struggle with migraines and found that some of my food had additives that can cause migraines. One of which was a healthy fruit popsicle. Don’t be fooled by the labels and what they say. I scan everything!! I have my 80 year old in laws addicted to the app also. Thank you Yuka for increasing our health and knowledge of what is in these products. I absolutely love this app and enjoy sharing it with everyone I know. 💗.Version: 4.21

EssentialI’m a time where companies have gotten off track with what products can contain be it excessive salt or sugar or even dangerous additives, Yuka is essential. Give a good quick overview of the Product you scan and even offers alternative products that are better for you. If your someone who is looking to lose or maintain weight it’s really good. Scan the item you want eat, get the score and check alternatives. I’ve switched from countless products that scored under 20 to ones that now score 80+. This is my go to app at the grocery store..Version: 4.18

Merveilleux!Vraiment, c’est un outil tellement précieux pour faire des meilleurs choix alimentaires et cosmétiques conscients! Hâte d’avoir la version Premium au Canada!.Version: 3.22

J’adore!!!Bien hâte d’avoir accès à la version premium pour le Canada. Très pratique pour les produits transformés et les cosmétiques..Version: 3.20

Très bonne application !Super apps qui permet d’ouvrir les yeux sur pas mal de produit ! Je l’ai faite découvrir à des ami(e)s qui ont pu découvrir que la quasi totalité de leurs produits cosmétiques sont dangereux. Je recommande ! PS: l’option « Membre » est actuellement indisponible pour le Canada : « Région non supportée »..Version: 3.17

Nouvelle idée pour votre super appliRajouter une option pour scanner les objets: chaussures, stylos… Et savoir s’ils sont pas trop mauvais pour l’environnement !!!.Version: 4.21

Quality check neededI really like this app, and can see its potential value. However, I think more work needs to be done to increase that value and usability. Like others have said, a lot of products are not in the database, which is understandable and will take time to build a large database. However, what I am finding is that there are discrepancies in the listed ingredients of a product in the app. A few items that I have scanned are deemed “bad” because they are (in the database) listed as having “sodium phosphate” amongst other additives. When you look at the actual ingredient list on the packaging, those additives are not listed. Now I don’t know if these were items added by a user but a more thorough quality checks needs to be done before you deem an item as “bad”..Version: 4.0

AmazingI always knew the Numbers on the barcode meant something but I didn’t really know what . I usually read behind the boxes of things that I buy but this app has made my life so much easier! wonderful easy to use my boyfriend has it on his cell phone in French and I have it on mine in English! If I could give it more then five stars I would!.Version: 4.21

Tout à fait génial!Je vous suis extrêmement.Version: 4.21

Game changerMake the difference.Version: 4.21

VéracitéSur quoi est-ce que votre avis se base pour déclarer autant de mauvais ou médiocre produits? N’avez vous pas peur que les compagnies vous poursuivent? Je ne sais pas à quel point c’est vrai car le trois quart des contenus des maisons est à jeter???.Version: 4.21

Very goodHonestly awesome whats in your food.Version: 4.21

OkayUsed it for a while and couldn’t scan a lot of things. Also by the images provided it thinks beyond meat is heathy??!!.Version: 4.21

GREAT APP!!!This app is so easy to use and I find it very acccurate.Version: 4.21

Life changingThis app is really good at providing background information for ingredients. The database of products are partially community contributed, including myself. The company does the analysis and research. Don’t pay too much attention of the score, as that’s more or less arbitrary, look at the justifications behind each of those metrics. Some times, they factor in the environmental impact of premium products, which I do not agree. You are rating food or cosmetics for health and safety. Don’t worry about the planet, that’s a whole separate discussion. You have to separate those into different scores and the user can do a mixed integer multivariate optimization problem. If you mix totally different things into one score, that score becomes meaningless. Also, it’s kinda cute that there are a lot of French people using and contributing to the app, and in French too. Good thing it’s easy ti guess what they mean. Is this a Quebec app? Or maybe French Canadians disproportionally pay close attention to healthy living :) One problem I have with the app is adding random Japanese food to the database. I buy Japanese stuff, but I don’t read Japanese. There is no way for me to add the item because I can’t read the brand name, which is often not translated by the importer, and it’s a required field. I usually just come up with a close English approximate based on verbatim romanization. This is a bad practice though, because it can generate duplicates in the database. I hope the app can allow me to capture the item and ask other people to categorize the item, either by community or by out-sourced contractor..Version: 4.21

WoWC’est une belle découverte WoW.Version: 4.21

Maybe add a halal scanner?I love it but i think there should be an update where It could scan the food and say if it’s Halal or not. Other than that it’s a really good app and I would recommend.Version: 4.21

Fiable et facile à utiliser.Je l’utilise dès que j’envisage d’acheter des nouveaux produits..Version: 4.21

L'app est pratique et rapideYuka a ses limits, bien sur, mais aside a savoir quoi acheter dans ces supermarchés où il y a trop de choix pour s'attarder aux labels alimentaires de chaque produit. Bien sûr, l'app a ses limits, not moment lorsqu'il s'agit des calories et desquantités de sucres/sodiums. On a tous besoin de ses nutriments, mais l'app considère que nous cherchons forcément à nous Limite sur ces points là puisque de nos jours, on nous vend des produit avec trop de sels ou de sure... Le véritable point Fort de Yuka, c'est sans doute l'identification de produits potentiellement nocifs dans les produits alimentaires et cosmétiques. Si vous voulez faire plaisir à votre corps, Yuka saura vous aider comme il l'a fait avec moi <3.Version: 4.21

Incredible for hair care products!I was recommended this app by a woman at my black hair care and beauty store and I couldn’t be happier! This app is a must have an I will be using it forevermore. I am so thrilled to know what is in the products we are using. Especially when it comes to black hair care because there are so many toxic and potentially harmful chemicals these companies are using in these products that can disturb hormones or have ties to other health issues like cancers etc. Considering what a great experience I have had, I opted into paying yearly for the pro version so I can look up products and have access offline. Thank you Yuka for bringing this information to our fingertips!.Version: 4.21

Very pleased !Great application.Version: 4.21

Très utileJe l’utilise de plus en plus et je me sens soutenu dans mes efforts de mieux me nourrir. Tous les produits nécessaires sont analysés, de la nourriture aux produits ménagers, cosmétiques et d’hygiène. On nous dit exactement quels ingrédients sont dans ce qu’on achète et ceux-ci se voient attribuer une note. Si ce n’est pas intéressant pour la santé et l’environnement, je le sais donc. En cas de mauvaise note un produit de remplacement est suggéré. Et bien d’autres fonctions! L’application m’est essentiel maintenant! Et c’est en français… dans un français et avec des références connues ici, au Québec. Merci merci aux équipes de Yuka..Version: 4.21

A Must for Your Journey to Good HeathMy girlfriend introduced me to this app and now I scan EVERYTHING before I buy to ensure I’m putting in great food in my body only. I love how the app scans in less than a second and is able to tell me of the item is good or bad for me. My doctor told me I had to lower my cholesterol so having this app is a game changer!.Version: 4.21

Épatant!WoW quelle appli ! Je suis impressionnée par la quantité de produits qui ont la présence d’additifs à risque. Un gros ménage du garde-mangé et de mes produits cosmétiques sont en cours !! Merci pour cette super idée..Version: 4.21

Love this AppIt’s easy to shop with this app. I also love the recommendations it gives for other options of food.Version: 4.21

Inaccurate Calories and Sugar rating.In some cases, this app considers 90-150 calories “too much” and in others, 230-400 “just fine.” Make it make sense Yuka.. not to mention, 5g of protein or less is considered “excellent” and 8g of sugar is “bad.”.Version: 4.21

MerveilleuxTout le monde devrait avoir cette application si formidable, merci encore 🤗.Version: 4.21

Amazing appI live in Canada and this app has been a game-changer for me. I would suggest that the developers try to find a way to differentiate between “added sugars” and “natural sugars” because the app currently does not do that and therefore makes many sugar results inaccurate.Version: 4.20

Such a helpful tool!I spend hours upon hours trying to figure out my gut issues and what I can or can’t digest and why, what I can or can’t use on my skin and what products do or don’t have harmful ingredients. I pay alot of money for “natural” “sulphite free” etc. items and yet still had a major reaction to products like Native anti perspirant. $15 or so I paid for anti-perspirant only to find out there is a reason I broke out in a rash and itch and can no longer use it due harmful ingredients in the “natural” product and here I went completely out of my budget for my health for this. I am so tired of all the hidden ingredients in the products we consume, literally exhausted trying to figure it all out. Yuka gives me the truth on what is being used and the potential health issues associated with them in seconds. Seconds! Thank you Yuka, Thank you..Version: 4.20

Great appVery helpful app and can’t wait to see this grow more! This app breaks down what’s good/bad in food/skincare. Was surprised with certain “healthy” food I ate that aren't healthy at all! Recommended this app to all my friends/family!.Version: 4.20

Fantastic!Love this app and love the personal touch of e-mails with healthy tips, you guys are doing aa amazing job! Obviously takes time to build a database and especially to ensure it’s correct but I see zero issues so far and upgraded just to help out, keep it up Yuka Team!.Version: 4.20

Faire des meilleurs choixTrès utile pour aider à faire des meilleurs choix comme les produits industriels bourrés de chimiques sont très présents dans nos vie. Cette application me permettra certainement d’encourager les entreprises avec des bonnes pratiques et protéger ma santé. Merci.Version: 4.20

Choisir des produits santésEnfin une application qui nous aide à choisir les produits santé en toute connaissance de cause. C’est incroyable de voir le nombre de produits crées par l’humain pour l’éliminer à petits feux de la surface de la terre. Le capitalisme est nocif pour l’humain et la Nature. C’est épeurant. Grâce à Yuka, je sais maintenant quels sont les produits nocifs que j’ai cessés de mettre sur mon corps ou d’ingérer des aliments qui contenaient des bloqueurs endocriniens. Merci et continuez votre travail!.Version: 4.20

ReviewGreat app! Free, easy to use, and super helpful. I did not realize how many of the foods I ate had harmful substances in them. Thank you for making this app!.Version: 4.20

Must have on your phoneGame-changing app if you truly care about what you’re eating. As soon as you scan a food product, it gives you a score (based on 100 points), and clearly breaks down the pros and cons of it, with insightful information. Only issue with this app is that it can become addictive to use… you start scanning everything at the grocery store and in your pantry. Keep up the good work!.Version: 4.20

AMAZINGThis app is truly phenomenal! it has opened my eyes to how disgusting our food and beauty industry has become, allowing for harmful chemicals to go in our products. It’s recommendations, along with an explanation of what each ingredient entails is so amazing. Thank you thank you!.Version: 4.20

Great appI use this app all the time now Thank you!!!.Version: 4.20

La meilleureLa meilleure application!.Version: 4.19

AmazingAmazing app! Lots of great detailed info.Version: 4.19

Petite questionEst-ce que ce sont de vrai données inscrit par des gens qualifié que nous voyons ou ce sont seulement des gens au hasard qui mettent les notes qu’ils veulent ? Je me le demande parce que les photos que je voit ne semble pas être très professionnel et ce sont peut être des gens au hasard qui mettent ce qu’ils veulent..Version: 4.19

Excellent!Great product!.Version: 4.19

BrAvO !Cette application est très BIENVENUE dans le système alimentaire dans lequel nous vivons. SUGGESTION: un GrOs PLUS à ajouter à votre application, vous pourriez aider beaucoup de personnes qui sont dans l’obligation de vivre avec un régime sans GLUTEN, sans LACTOSE et autres. MerCi et bonne continuité à vous TROIS ..Version: 4.19

Invaluable!Using this app with everything we buy! So useful and hard to believe it’s free. Can’t say enough good things about it!.Version: 4.19

Juste WOWMagnifique application! Simple, complète, et HYPER utile! MERCI!!.Version: 4.19

Teview nail polishWhile in superstore i saw a mother and daughter looking at cosmetics … asked if i could dhow them my Yuksa app…so they could make healthier choices! They loved it!.Version: 4.19

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