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Yuka - Food & Cosmetic Scanner Customer Service


Yuka is a free mobile app that allows you to scan the barcodes of food and personal care products and instantly see their impact on your health. A rating and detailed information help you understand the analysis of each product.

When a product has a negative impact on your health, Yuka also recommends similar but healthier alternative products.


Yuka is a 100% independent project : product reviews and recommendations of healthier alternatives are done in an objective way. No brand or manufacturer can influence them in one way or another. Furthermore, there is no in-app advertising. You can access detailed information on our business model on our website (www.yuka.io).


Yuka established a database that contains 700,000 food products and 300,000 cosmetic products.

Each food product is evaluated according to 3 objective criteria: nutritional quality, presence of additives and organic aspect of the product.

The method to analyse cosmetic products is based on the analysis of all the ingredients of the product. Each ingredient is assigned a risk level according to the latest scientific data.

Terms of use: https://yuka-app.helpdocs.io/l/en/article/2a12869y56

Yuka - Food & Cosmetic scanner App Comments & Reviews

Yuka - Food & Cosmetic scanner Positive Reviews

My best friend at the grocery storesYuka makes it so much easier for me to shop for healthy food. The grading system over 100 and the simplified rationale behind the assigned grade makes it easy to understand. Also, the grades classify the products into for categories (excellent, good, poor or bad) simplifying my decision making process to purchase a product or not. The most appreciated feature is the suggestion of better similar products that Yuka makes in the event the product scanned would not be a good choice. I must mention that I appreciate the highlight of hazardous additives. Most of us know very little to noting about the numerous chemicals that we’re being bombarded with by the food industry. Thank you Yuka for calling out loud these harmful substances and educating the user about their eventual effects on our health. I have been telling everyone about Yuka and so far all my friends and family have downloaded this app and have been so excited to tell me about their findings of better food options..Version: 4.17

Love this app!After using this app for a few days, I was so pleased with it that I decided to go premium for the additional benefits. I have scanned almost all of my face and body products and many of my food products. If it is a known product you get a rating based on ingredients, along with a list of ingredients and information regarding known hazards and possible allergies etc…. If the product isn’t known, you can easily submit information by filling in product name, brand, and submitting a few photos of label and ingredients. Also, you get a list of alternatives with better ratings. I don’t know how they do it, but it is quick- like an hour or two. I have been surprised that some of the higher price products I have purchased have some very poor ratings, while their less expensive counterparts have high ratings. If you’re picky about what you put on and in your body (and your kids), I highly recommend this app..Version: 4.17

Id give this infinite stars if i couldI’ve always been extremely cautious about what I put into an on my body I tried looking up certain words I see ingredients that I know aren’t natural and I would have to figure out if it is safe one by one. this app put everything right in front of your eyes it explains every single ingredient in detail and also let you know in a clear and simple way how much of a risk it is for your health (good, low risk, moderate risk) and also says out of 100 how healthy it is for your body. i’ve been wanting to write in a journal every ingredient I can find and if they are bad for you but now I can just pull it up on my phone whenever I need to know! this app is amazing and I truly do hope that they get more subscribers. I will definitely be promoting it on my social media‘s more people need to be aware of the benefits from this app🤍.Version: 4.5

A game changer for meI almost never write reviews, but I had to write a review about this program because it is so good. First, I’ve been on a diet for about nine months. I’ve been focused solely on calories and knew that I was consuming some foods that were probably not nutritious or good for me. Getting the Yuka app serves all of my purposes. Since it takes calories into account — along with many, many other important factors — I can simply buy highly rated foods from the Yuka app and know that I am getting both nutritious and calorie reasonable meals. It has completely altered the way that I buy food. Second, the app is much easier to use than many other apps. I’m sure you know what it’s like to have a very powerful app that is also very difficult to use. Yuka provides tremendous information in a very easy to use and understand format. Third, and finally — and most certainly not least — is the fact that I have contacted customer care on a couple of occasions and their responses have been fantastic! They get back to you within 48 hours (usually much faster) and they are extremely responsive and helpful. I just cannot speak highly enough of their customer care. I cannot recommend this this program highly enough. Very much worth the money and more..Version: 4.18

Great concept, needs a better UIThis is hands down the missing peice to nutrition facts in the modern food/household goods supply. The detailed explanation and source references to common additives is invaluable for distinguishing between "healthy" and safe food and household products. Because the product database is crowd sourced, there are still significant gaps when trying to find data-- but the concept is solid. I would like to see product identification by a SKU/vendor cross reference, as sometimes the same product may appear in multiple stores under different SKUs. The UI needs a lot of work to make quick-referencing products easier. For instance, favorites and my products are isolated lists and should be combined. My products only works if the user scans and enters information themself. I would also love to see an integration with apps like Shipt or Instacart so I can quickly add/filter items I frequently order. Bottom line: This is worth the annual subscription fee; just be patient with the UI..Version: 4.13

The best app ever!!!I never write reviews or rate apps, but I had to for this one! This app is so convenient & helpful, I use it every time I go shopping, I LOVE IT!! I like how it simply says if a product is rated “excellent, good, poor, or bad”… which is very helpful in being able to chose the right products, makes everything so much easier. I also like how it lists the sources where the information can be confirmed, about the ingredients, how they react to our body & what health problems they can cause. I especially love how it also lists recommendations for other better product choices if a product is rated either “poor or bad”… it’s so VERY convenient & helpful! I literally cannot live without this app, it’s the best! Thank you sooo very much for this amazing app, I use it everyday!!! :).Version: 4.11

Love this app so much, but…I’ve had this app for about a year now and I use it constantly, but I’ve noticed lately, that some of the additives no longer have any description as to what their effects are. Some additives just show what they’re used for and what toxicity level they are(example: anti-caking agent, or antioxidant, flavor enhancer, etc..) but they’re hazardous, and at one point the app used to break down what was bad about them and their sources. Like, I know the additives being bad are enough to prevent me from buying the product, but there used to be a lot more information about what they are and why they’re harmful and I found that to be very useful..Version: 4.17

One food rating flawI love this app and I love the section for beauty products! The rating system is great. The one thing that I don’t like however, is the lack of settings on the food side. I don’t like seeing that some of the foods I eat are “poor” simply because the app thinks they are too high in calories. I didn’t download this app for calories I downloaded it to check for harmful additives. I just wish there was a setting to turn off the calorie rating and the sugar rating. There’s no reason my organic coffee creamer is a “poor” food for having 6g of sugar in a tablespoon. I just want to know if there is additives. Maybe something to consider with the next update? Otherwise keep up the good work! I plan on keeping my premium membership active..Version: 4.17

Mind blowing appI have never put in a review for any App! But, felt compelled to do so for this app, as it is a game changer! As a consumer, it is a struggle to find safe products for my family and myself I can feel good using or consuming. This is so straight forward, and easy to use. Finally, I can easily compare products without standing in stores for hours, comparing labels, researching Google etc! So many products I thought were safe, are actually terrible. (The US seriously has to start banning some awful ingredients!) I love everything so far! I also love that it offers alternative products. Truly, thank you to the creator (s)!!.Version: 4.17

Love this appI'm usually to lazy to right reviews, but I had to for this one. Having something this handy to check on items is way too useful. Here in the US, stuff that is regulated in most other countries is common places in our food. To see tge research and chemicals in an easy to see rating is awesome. I've already replaced a half dozen items on our grocery list! Thank you for making this! Is it perfect, no, it does give some odd recommendations every now and then, but is spot on for it's rating. Only thing that would make it better would be to add item recommendations to my shopping list!.Version: 4.17

BEST APP EVER!!!I never really rate apps, unless there’s an issue… OMG this app takes the cake! I love that it can tell me what beauty products have what bad ingredients and even explain them, along with rating the overall product. This saves me SO MUCH time googling ingredients I’ve never heard of when I go to buy a new hair care product or makeup/skincare. I also, love how it does this with pretty much anything else that can be rated like food, etc. I’m trying to eat better foods when I want something sweet or salty due to having autoimmune disorders. **Please: Never change this app, it’s amazing!! To the creator(s): THANK YOU🤗.Version: 4.16

Really love the app!I use this app for food and beauty products and it has really helped me and my family pick better products that are good for us. My only complaint is there have been two times where I’ve searched certain products in the app and they got a good score. But then when I buy that product and scan it, the score is bad. I’ve already emailed about a product that was listed in the app as not having aluminum, but when I bought the product, aluminum was listed on the front of it. So the app is good for scanning the actual product, but not for searching for a product to buy… as of right now. Minor complaint..Version: 4.17

Here’s my reason it did not get 5 stars..For starters the app is great for its intended purpose. Giving healthier alternatives to the food in our fridge or pantry. That aspect works perfectly, but the problem that I have is, The app needs to implement specific stores that have the inventory for these products. I scanned peanut butter and all the alternatives were from Trader Joe’s. I do not shop at Trader Joe’s nor is there one in a 20 mile radius of me. What I do have is Walmart and while I know Walmart is not the healthiest store to purchase food, it’s all I have. Please include a feature that lets me designate a specific store and their products so I can go back to that location and pickup a healthier product..Version: 4.17

Life ChangingI never write reviews but I am blown away by this app. It is very user friendly, informative, and non-biased. My entire family and many friends have downloaded Yuka and since then we have abandoned many products that we thought were fine but are actually full of potentially harmful ingredients. I scan every item with Yuka before I put it in my cart. You can really tell the difference in overall well-being after switching your products over to those that aren’t full of additives, saturated fats, sulfates, exc. 100% recommend!!!.Version: 3.37

Love hate relationshipOk, so I got really excited about this app. Really trying to eat better and be more mindful of what’s going in my body and my families. I do think this is a 2 fold type thing. I love that it gives breakdown of whats in the products (like additives) and why they are harmful. However, like what am I supposed to eat?! Lol almost everything in my house has poor ratings. And i don't feel like I buy a lot of “bad” foods. Be prepared to get poor ratings on things you thought were OK to eat. Definitely a learning process and it does give recommendations on foods that are similar and have good ratings. So this is a love hate relationship..Version: 4.17

Game changer!!This app is amazing especially if you are working to live a health conscious lifestyle. I showed it to my friend and she ended up scanning everything in her cabinets 😂. She was in love w/ the app just like me. The fact that theres access to the information for free is great and their optional membership price is a yearly donation of $8.99 or more that you want to give to help this independent company is a great way to get support. I definitely decided to become a member! Keep up the great work Yuka!!! I’ve been sharing your app w/ everyone..Version: 4.13

Love it but…This app is amazing for knowing what’s in your food/beauty products and finding any harmful chemicals in the ingredients. However, the only problem I have with Yuka is that it rates products based on calories and nutrients, which is only on a scale of numbers so it doesn’t take account the volume of food. A food might be meant for a meal and have 600 calories in it but Yuma will just label it as “bad” even if it’s healthy, which I think can be harmful for some people. Personally, I can just read over that part and focus on the additives, but other than that this is a great app..Version: 4.11

The best app in my opinionI’m always looking for ways to improve my family’s lifestyle and this app did it for me. I literally walk through my grocery store and scan every item I consider buying. I was surprised at some of the things I THOUGHT were healthy are truly terrible for you. I’m too lazy to do the extra research so this is has helped me make more informed decisions without the hassle. It’s incredibly easy to use and informative. Thank you SO MUCH to the creators of this app. This is my favorite app by far..Version: 4.17

One of my favorite appsI am always looking for healthy options and I spend hours in the store reading labels. I often times know what I read on the label but sometimes I have no idea and spend even more time on goggle trying to figure out what an ingredient is or translating a nutritional label. This app does allllllll the work for you. You can save favorites, if you scan something that is bad it suggest better options. The absolute best!! I am not sure who thought of this, but whoever you are bless you!!.Version: 4.17

Life changingThis app literally changed my life for the better. Getting better products for my hair and body is so much harder than you think but not with this app it makes it easy and it also give you recommendations!!!! For similar products!! This app also works the same way with food you scan something you love and it come up with a bad score well here are some healthy options it’s amazing this is a game changer!!! Thank you so much for this app!!!!.Version: 4.17

Literally the best app ever!!!!!!I am so grateful for this app. It literally changed my life! Yuka made it extremely easy to be more environmentally aware of the products we consume everyday. Reading the labels/ingredients of products can be so confusing and time consuming. Yuka rates products on a scale from 0-100 AND it explains why each product got the rating it received. It even tells you what the ingredients mean! Be prepared to get rid of a bunch of products (cleaning products, hair/skin products, food, beverages etc) I also use this app while I’m shopping to ensure I’m selecting the right products. To conclude, I wish I had known about this app sooner. I can’t stop using it. I have to scan everything now😭!!!! If I could give this app more than 5 stars, I would and NO I’m not being dramatic. 10/10. To the creators of this app, thank you!.Version: 4.17

Very informative and easy to use. Please support it to be used in Taiwan!What I like: - it explains everything in a way that even people not an expert in nutrition or chemical field can understand easily. - the database is huge that I can almost find everything so far. - user interface is cute and color tone is also very nice that I enjoy using it. What I wish to be improved: - Taiwan is not supported to use it. What a pity! Cosmetics and life style are super trending in Taiwan now. Please support it soon - When sending mail within App, it requires iOS user to use default Apple mail app. I use gmail all the time and I don’t want to re-install Apple mail only to send the feedback/report problem. Please support send message via installed mail app or within app directly. Well done team! Thank you for making this app!.Version: 3.33

I’m late to the barcode party 🍾I know the barcode business isn’t new, but I love how you guys made it easy and insightful. I was recommended to this app by a YouTuber named “The Truth Is”. He exposes and acknowledges the detrimental effects of our government, cultural icons, and symbols of society. He mentioned your app makes it easy to stay safe from predator companies poisoning us for profit, which is clearly ‘the truth’. Much love to you guys, and blessings to y’all for looking out for the consumer. I pray your pockets stay full 🥂.Version: 4.17

GreatestWe absolutely love this app!! Had to dispose of things that I have used for years, but happy to do it!! I recommend this app to everyone. You will be shocked what is in the food you eat and beauty products you use everyday. First time we went to the grocery store we spent 3 hrs scanning. 😂 Genius App!! Well worth the download. You will not be disappointed!! Interesting is the fact that many of the older and cheaper products are better and cleaner..Version: 4.18

Really neat!!!This app works quickly and makes decisions on food purchases much easier. Remember people: you don’t have to eat only food in the Excellent category. It’s moderation. If something you love falls in the bad category, we’ll don’t eat it everyday. So the worse something is for you, we’ll maybe only once Or twice a month. Get what I mean? Don’t be obsessed with only Excellent rated Items. Remember to live a little! Enjoy the app. It’s really freaking neat!.Version: 4.17

Easy to use, not many paywallsI downloaded this out of curiosity after seeing someone use it on TikTok. I was sure all of the good in-detail parts that I saw in the tiktok would be locked behind a paywall, but it’s not! It lets you scan, as promised, and the recommending better alternatives part that I thought would be a premium only thing is also free! I don’t see any downside to this app, and I’d definitely recommend..Version: 4.17

Love it!Just discovered this a few days ago and I love it! Super quick and easy to know if a product looks good and is worth buying! I enjoy that it’s possible to add a good that the developers had not put in themselves. Gives a sense of that there’s a community working together to help each other make better food choices. Let’s go world! Really looking forward to how this app will improve!.Version: 4.11

So-SoThe idea for the app is wonderful, however the execution is so-so. The app requires that it’s user upload the product ingredients and doesn’t verify its accuracy. Therefore some products may not have all ingredients added, which can’t give you the full scope on how safe the product is or isn’t. Also, when reviewing the same products on competitors sites like EWG, they are not on the same page. It makes me wonder if the app’s information is trustworthy..Version: 4.3

AmazingI’m not one to leave reviews, but I had to for this app. I’ve been on a fitness journey and Yuka has made my life a lot easier in terms of finding the right kind of nutrition. Items I used to think were healthy were actually full of harmful additives. Not only did they find what was risky, but they recommend healthier alternatives. I absolutely love this app. Highly recommend..Version: 4.17

Great conceptHonestly this app is a still developing but the idea behind it, it’s amazing. Most bad reviews are based that some products aren’t available and u can always take picture of ingredients and they review it for u. It’s imposible for an app to know products of all ethnicity of countries. Honestly is a great app and the idea of helping you to read ingredients that u are not familiar with Is definitely a pro. Needs some adjustments but is a development app over time it would be great..Version: 4.9

Best App Ever!I heard about this app through TikTok, and I instantly downloaded it! It has helped realize how important my body is, and further my self-care! Only issue I have with the app is I can’t put what products I already have into the overview charts. Because you have to scan the barcode, when you don’t have, you would have to go in store and scan it. Other than that, love the app!! Hope to keeping using it for years to come!!.Version: 4.11

Your app is almost all I needPerfect performance, comprehensive analysis report. Everything is nice and smooth. But, I which I can add custom ingredients that I’ve just found I’m allergic to. For example, I’m allergic to nickel. It would be nice to add a nickel-free diet category. Also it would be nice if I could add custom ingredients I want to avoid. For example I’m allergic to propylene glycol and ylang ylang. If I could add these to the list of dangerous for me it would help make my shopping easier. Is it possible to implement?.Version: 4.9

Somewhat usefulI like this app for beauty products and such, but I don’t like it as much for food. I do like that it shows all the ingredients for everything, and what’s bad and good and for what reasons. However I have noticed on a lot of the food items? It will mark it down for having too many calories, even if it is a natural healthy product. There are many foods that are very good for you, but are high in calories, but this will mark the item down. Life isn’t all about counting calories..Version: 4.17

Love itThe app is well-made and the content is exactly what we’ve been looking for. I also really appreciate that there are no ads even on the free version, no one would trust an app like this if it was sponsored by specific food companies. We use it every time we’re at the grocery store. After a few weeks we were happy to upgrade to premium..Version: 4.17

The best app ever!!!I have different type’s of hair in some parts, and most of the shampoo and conditioner I use make my hair really dry or hard, I had saw this app on tiktok and decided to download it cause I needed the right type of shampoo and conditioner, I went to Walmart and found a bunch that are great for my hair, this app also does food too, it’s an amazing app and I think everyone should have this!.Version: 4.16

This app changed my lifeVery valuable information about what your putting on/inside your body! I feel like I have a lot more control because it’s so easy to figure out if what you have is bad for you. Just scan or search it’s there and has detailed information about each ingredient good or bad. So much more peace of mind!! Thank you Yuka!!!!.Version: 4.9

NoOkay I keep accidentally deleting my reviews so I’m gonna keep this one short. Most of the time, it’s accurate. But it’s inaccurate way more often than it should be. For example, when I scanned my hair conditioner it reccomended body lotion. Also when I scanned my salted peanuts (the only ingredients were salt and peanuts) it said it was poor. This doesn’t make any sense and I think the product needs a lot of work… but it was kind of fun scanning stuff around my house for no reason lol..Version: 4.11

YUKASo I found this app from tic tok literally last night and let me tell you i have been scanning all the items in my house. Not only does it tell you the rating of health on the item but it gives you recommendations for better use as well. Never found a better app without ads and it’s legit. Definitely download this app you guys will be thankful:).Version: 4.17

!!!This app is amazing I found it shocking to see what items in my household are actually bad for me. I love this Ann’s will be making improvements in my house thanks to this. I would love to see this app expand to other things I think finding out what laundry it wants are good for you to use. But for now i will definitely be using it to frighten out cosmetics and food iteams!!.Version: 4.16

So much funOk so I REALLY LIKE THIS APP. I think everyone should have it and it is pretty fun. Though some times it will say something is poor and it’s because of 50 calories but other than that it’s really cool. My favorite thing about it is it will show you a better option when the app says it is poor or bad. I definitely recommend this app..Version: 4.17

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING APPI’ve probably written 1-2 app reviews in my whole lifetime but this app definitely deserves one. It is amazing, easy to use and full with tons of nutritional information about daily products. Not just that but It recommends you substitutes with higher quality ingredients. Best of all its free version has lots of outstanding features. I 200% recommend!.Version: 4.17

Excellent!I watched a TikTok that recommended this app and it has lived up to all my expectations. It’s easy to use (all you do is scan the barcode) and you’ll be given an easy to understand rating. They also include the specific ingredients you should avoid and have sources linked if you want to check for yourself..Version: 4.10

Very helpfulI honestly use this app every time I go to the grocery store. It helps me make better decisions on the food I am putting in my body. Even if something is not in the database it’s so easy to add a new product. The app uses your camera to analyze the nutritional facts and ingredients. Give it a shot you will be impressed..Version: 4.17

AmazingI always use this app before purchasing any lotions or shampoos etc now because it gives the real facts about what’s in what you’re buying! Even if something says it’s vegan it can still have crazy irritants and other things so this is wonderful to sort out the real from the fake!.Version: 4.6

Great concept!This is preferable to Think Dirty as it is independent. I like to use both thus and the EWG Healthy Living App in tandem, I think that provides a good amount of data. One quick note for Yuka: your app icon is almost identical to Instacart, and also visually suggests that you only cover food. Judging from the graphic I would never guess that you also cover personal care products..Version: 4.17

Merveilleux!Vraiment, c’est un outil tellement précieux pour faire des meilleurs choix alimentaires et cosmétiques conscients! Hâte d’avoir la version Premium au Canada!.Version: 3.22

J’adore!!!Bien hâte d’avoir accès à la version premium pour le Canada. Très pratique pour les produits transformés et les cosmétiques..Version: 3.20

Très bonne application !Super apps qui permet d’ouvrir les yeux sur pas mal de produit ! Je l’ai faite découvrir à des ami(e)s qui ont pu découvrir que la quasi totalité de leurs produits cosmétiques sont dangereux. Je recommande ! PS: l’option « Membre » est actuellement indisponible pour le Canada : « Région non supportée »..Version: 3.17

Super super géniale!!!!!Enfin l’outil que j’attendais des lunes!!! Grâce cet outil j’évite les additifs!!!!.Version: 4.18

Quality check neededI really like this app, and can see its potential value. However, I think more work needs to be done to increase that value and usability. Like others have said, a lot of products are not in the database, which is understandable and will take time to build a large database. However, what I am finding is that there are discrepancies in the listed ingredients of a product in the app. A few items that I have scanned are deemed “bad” because they are (in the database) listed as having “sodium phosphate” amongst other additives. When you look at the actual ingredient list on the packaging, those additives are not listed. Now I don’t know if these were items added by a user but a more thorough quality checks needs to be done before you deem an item as “bad”..Version: 4.0

Gé-ni-al✔️🥬🧄🥖🍌🍐🍳✔️ 🤢🤮🍟🍔🌭🤮🤢 😋🍅😋🥭😋🫒😋🌰😋🥭😋🌯 ✔️🍽✔️🍽✔️🍽✔️🍽✔️🍽✔️🍽.Version: 4.17

Vraiment intéressant!Cette application est géniale et super accessible! C’est là qu’on constate que les produits que nous achetons sont parfois bons, ou pas du tout. J’avoue que j’ai été un peu surprise pour certains produits!.Version: 4.17

AmazingProbably the one of the most useful apps on the AppStore. Amazing what these people are doing. You can decide if you agree with the overall ratings for the products but at least you have the knowledge to make that decision for yourself and your family..Version: 4.17

Excellent!Excellent, par contre je suis obligé d'enlever une étoile pour la création de compte forcé. C'est tout simplement ridicule désolé..Version: 4.17

This is amazing!!!This app is an amazing app and it make my diet ten times fun!!! Please get this!!.Version: 4.17

Bravo !!!Je viens de découvrir cette application et c’est un gros WoW 👌.Version: 4.17

Love this App!!This app is perfect for helping make the right product and food choices! Love it!!.Version: 4.17

Helpful and InformativeThank you for making this app! Often people compare calories but it is important to look at the nutritional aspect as well! I love that it also indicates ingredients that should be avoided because often I am not sure what is acceptable or not! I love this app..Version: 4.17

GénialeQuelle bonne appli. Facile à utiliser, infos fiables. Merci à l’équipe..Version: 4.17

Great appOne of the best app I’ve seen. In a while.Version: 4.17

Great appLooking for the endocrine disrupters and this app does just that!.Version: 4.17

Merci merciJe Viens de découvrir cette application cela rend notre Vie plus facile!!!! Par contre je ne sais pas comment vous avez les ingrédients si nous n’avons pas de code barre sur le Produit Merci.Version: 4.17

Premium depuis peuUne découverte que nous avons adoptée avec mon conjoint au Canada et nous sommes membres Premium depuis peu. Nous avons pris l’habitude de faire notre épicerie avec Yuka et que de surprises avec certains produits!!! Cet outil est vraiment génial pour nous aider dans de meilleurs choix..Version: 4.17

Révolutionnaire !!!La meilleure application sans aucun doute !!!.Version: 4.17

Incroyable applicationEn plus de donner l’avis sur les produits, il recommande des produits similaires qui sont beaucoup meilleurs pour la santé. C’est une de mes applications préférées..Version: 4.17

ExcellentEnfaite n ont peut comprendre ce que l’ont mange! Super bien fait!.Version: 4.17

Thank you so much for this app!I had to leave a review cause this app is amazing. It’s rare that you come across apps that are generally helpful to society but this one’s one of them. I love the thought that people are finally knowing if a product is actually good for them or not. I’ve sworn by my Vaseline lip treat enemy for years now thinking it was the best, but turns out it causes cancer when ingested! Pretty sad, but now I know not to touch it anymore! I’m glad I didn’t go longer without knowing that. Such a helpful app, thank you to the team that developed this..Version: 4.17

Food & Toiletries Chemical Checker appGreat app to check if a product is good or bad..Version: 4.17

Thank youTaking back our health because of you!.Version: 4.17

Wish I discovered this app sooner!I was looking for calories logging app and came across this. I was thinking why not try it out as I am trying to watch what I eat and use. It turns out to be a wonderful app! I am truly grateful that this app is available for free. For those who find having this information makes life scary, you probably need to take another look at what you’re feeding yourself. For those who are scared of information leakage. Not even the biggest firm like apple or google can promise you privacy and data safety. So get real and appreciate a good app..Version: 4.17

ThanksDetailed info on ingredients of products..Version: 4.17

Un bon outil!Un bon outil pour faire des choix!.Version: 4.17

Wonderful!Finally an app that says the truth about our everyday consumables without the influence of any brands..Version: 4.17

YukaThe best app ever. True eye opener!! Love it!!.Version: 4.17

Game Changer!This app is an absolute game changer. It’s amazing for breaking down ingredients in simpler terms and making my consumer purchasing decisions much easier! I’m going to use this religiously..Version: 4.17

Works as intendedI had a hiccup signing up to Yuka and thought it was a fault on the apps fault but it was a gmail error, their team responded relatively quickly though, very efficient! Sometimes the products names or random things will be in French, which is understandable because it’s a French app but it wouldn’t hurt for it to be better optimized, fantastic app..Version: 4.16

Interesting insightsI originally downloaded this while on vacay and it did not work but since returning home it has been. Its really scary to see honestly 😂 all the info is backed by scientific journals, however I think its a user based platform, so do your own research of course! Good way to get grounded with common ingredients found in many products..Version: 4.16

Love it!Have been waiting for something like this for years!.Version: 4.16

Love itReally worth the money.Version: 4.16

This app is amazing!I love this app because how smart it is and how it can scan anything.Version: 4.16

WowC’est génial.Version: 4.16

Fantastic App!!!It makes keeping track of what you’re eating and wearing so very very easy. Waited a long time for an app like this. I am so impressed I actually paid the subscription which is ridiculously small.Version: 4.15

Fantastic App! Amazing Idea!I love this App. I spent an hour walking through my grocery store barcode scanning items just to satisfy my own curiosity. For people who are concerned about what is in various food products, this App is a must have. The interface is easy to use. With time, the database will grow. Love it!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 4.15

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